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Holiday Health: Give Get-Fit Gifts

Holiday Health: Give Get-Fit Gifts

Holiday ideas for creative get fit gifts.

Santa Fe, NM (PRWEB) November 24, 2004

‘Tis the season to celebrate -- and a time to eat! Most of us gain a few pounds during the holiday season. With family dinners, holiday parties and gift baskets loaded with goodies, who thinks of staying fit?

Instead of giving a pyramid of chocolate, a basket of tempting treats or a bottle of bubbly this year, why not be different? Give your loved ones a Holiday Health Kit to start out the New Year right.

With so many inexpensive or low-cost fitness products available, itÂ’s easy to combine several items into a customized Get-Fit Gift. Louise Roach, marketing director at SnowPack, a New Mexico-based company that manufactures ice therapy kits, has several suggestions:

“If you have someone on your Christmas list who likes to walk or run, think of items like a pedometer, a gift certificate to your local running specialty store, energy bars, a water bottle, a portable CD player, books on stretching, sunscreen, and lip balm. Plus a SnowPack ice pack just in case they overdo it. Put it all together in a nifty duffel bag and you have a very thoughtful gift.

“Maybe someone you know needs motivation to get up and get going. Why not give a ‘home gym in a bag’? A few suggestions to include are: free weights, a jump rope, resistance bands, workout videos, a yoga mat, a BMI scale, a heart rate monitor, sport drinks, and protein bars. Of course every home gym needs a SnowPack to take care of strained muscles. Then wrap it all up in a bright tote bag for giving.

“Several other themes for Get-Fit Gifts could be biking, hiking and backpacking. A visit to your local athletic store can offer many ideas such as a day pack, water carrying system, socks, hats, compass (or GPS system), utility tool, first aid kit, a spa product and destination books. Consider including a SnowPack + SportCover for post-workout aches and pains.”

SnowPack also offers two Body-n-Ice Kits that make perfect Get-Fit Gifts by themselves. TheyÂ’re a great idea for soccer families and active Baby Boomers, plus everyone in between. SnowPack kits include several SnowPack ice packs and a specially designed SportCover, packaged in a take-along insulated tote for ice therapy on the go. When youÂ’re getting in shape, nothing works better on an achy back, sore knees, and painful legs like a SnowPack.

For more information on SnowPack Body-n-Ice Kits, visit us at http://www. snowpackusa. com (http://www. snowpackusa. com).


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Toronto Facial Surgeon Brings Latest Hospital Techniques to Yorkville Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Toronto Facial Surgeon Brings Latest Hospital Techniques to Yorkville Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Dr. Cory Torgerson, an accomplished Canadian nasal and facial plastic surgeon, has opened a state of the art cosmetic and facial surgery clinic in Toronto. Dr Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery specializes in the latest cosmetic surgical procedures and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Yorkville, Ontario (PRWEB) January 7, 2010

After extensive remodeling, Dr Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery (http://www. drtorgerson. com (http://www. drtorgerson. com)) has opened the doors to their new Toronto plastic surgery clinic. Specializing in advanced facial cosmetic surgical procedures and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, Dr Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery offers a wide range of client services in their newly renovated offices in Toronto's fashionable Yorkville district.

"Our goal in designing our new offices was to create a truly modern medical facility where we could deliver the best quality patient care possible and, at the same time, provide our clients with a welcoming environment that is visually pleasing, discreet and extremely comfortable," states Dr. Torgerson. "Our new 70 Yorkville Avenue location is ideal. It is in the heart of Toronto and is easily accessible by public transportation. As well, there are many fine hotels and restaurants close by that our out-of town patients will find very convenient," adds Torgerson.

Stylish and contemporary, the suites that house the Torgerson cosmetic surgery offices were designed to provide a truly personal and comfortable patient experience. Bright and airy, the facility is filled with open spaces and an abundance of natural light, creating a warm and welcoming ambience. It is decorated in calming neutral shades with modern, yet comfortable furnishings The Torgerson offices feel more like a high end boutique hotel than a medical clinic with onsite operating and recovery rooms. Six balconies that command stunning views of the upscale Yorkville cityscape complete this contemporary urban space. Some of the renovations undertaken to the office space were made with the environment in mind. Office systems were planned to be green and paperless.

In addition to creating a truly beautiful space, the renovations to the medical offices of Dr Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery were planned to enable Dr. Torgerson and his team of well-qualified health professionals to deliver the highest quality of client care possible. Having received advanced training at Canada's most prestigious medical schools and mentorship amongst its academic elite, Dr. Torgerson utilizes the very latest facial surgery techniques at both his Yorkville cosmetic surgery clinic and at the world renowned Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where he treats ENT patients.

"Our Toronto clinic is equipped with all the latest surgical technology, including state-of-the-art 3D imaging system. We are the only place in Canada that has a Vectra 3-D Face Sculptor. By utilizing the most up to date equipment and the latest medical procedures we can ensure that our clients receive an excellent standard of care and safety in all key surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The health and safety of our clients is paramount," says Dr. Torgerson.

Contact Information:
Dr. Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery
70 Yorkville Ave, Suite 31
Toronto ON M5R 1B9
Phone: 647 343 0207
Http://www. drtorgerson. com (http://www. drtorgerson. com)

About: Dr Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Presenting a fresh and modern approach to cosmetic surgery, Dr Cory Torgerson, a well-respected nasal and facial plastic surgeon with advanced training from Canada's most prestigious medical schools, helps clients realize their full natural potential. Conveniently located in downtown Toronto in the Yorkville district, Dr Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery offers an extensive array of effective cosmetic surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments, including face lifts, facial implants, rhinoplasty, Botox and neck liposuction, using the very latest techniques in a modern, state of the art and private cosmetic surgery clinic. To learn more about the many cosmetic facial treatments and procedures provided by Dr Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery or to arrange a private consultation, visit http://www. drtorgerson. com (http://www. drtorgerson. com) or call 647 343 0207.


Friday, May 27, 2005

DogTime. com Endorses California's New Healthy Pet Bill

DogTime. com Endorses California's New Healthy Pet Bill

Measure designed to save thousands of dogs and cats. Tomorrow's annual Spay and Neuter Day is designed to help raise awareness of dogs and cats in our nation's animal shelters. Read the whole story on http://dogtime. com/spay-neuter-bill-end-to-homeless-pets. html.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2008

California is about to make headlines again for leading the way when it comes to innovative social policy. This time, state legislators look to save the lives of thousands of homeless dogs and cats who end up in animal shelters up and down the state. With no place to go, an estimated 800,000 dogs and cats are abandoned in the state each year. About half of those animals are euthanized.

Supporters of the bill, including http://www. dogtime. com (http://www. dogtime. com), say the Healthy Pet Bill will go a long way in keeping pets out of shelters and in good homes; a core mission of http://www. dogtime. com (http://www. dogtime. com), an online pet media organization and premier site for dog people.

"We chose to announce our support of this bill in advance of tomorrow's Annual Spay and Neuter Day to help build awareness of the issue," said DogTime. com CEO Trevor Wright. "Passage of this measure means happier, healthier lives for the cats and dogs of California. Just as the Michael Vick dogfighting case elevated the rights of animals, we believe that this bill will humanely protect our canine and feline friends in a socially responsible way."

Earlier this year, California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine re-introduced the pet friendly measure and a full state senate vote is expected this Spring. When Levine first introduced the bill a year ago, it churned up a political storm. It squeaked through the assembly, passing by a single vote. But, Levine later pulled the bill when it seemed like members of a Senate committee would vote it down.

Records of success are shining a bright light on the bill's future. The euthanasia rate in Santa Cruz, CA has dropped 64 percent since the City's local ordinance was passed.

The idea for the bill came from one California woman's animal rescue work in a New Orleans shelter after Hurricane Katrina. Judie Mancuso of Laguna Beach flew into the city to aid the animal rescue efforts. Once there, she concluded that, for pets, the aftermath might be as bad as the storm.

"When I walked into the shelter and saw that every animal in there was unaltered, I thought, we have a huge crisis on our hands. ... all of these healthy, beautiful, wonderful animals were going to the euthanasia table," she recalls. "I couldn't believe that's how we dealt with the problem."

After several years of full time rescue work and lobbying for the bill, Mancuso says, "It's going to be an honor to make this happen."

For more information on how you can can help and what this bill means, please go to: http://dogtime. com/spay-neuter-bill-end-to-homeless-pets. html (http://dogtime. com/spay-neuter-bill-end-to-homeless-pets. html).

About DogTime:

DogTimeMedia is the largest pet media network, reaching more than 10 million pet lovers through 50 pet sites, including Dogtime. com, the premier destination for dog people. Headquartered in San Francisco, DogTime staff's collective experience includes years of raising dogs, writing about dogs, rescuing dogs, training dogs, walking dogs, falling in love with and having our hearts broken by dogs. DogTime's mission is to keep dogs out of shelters and in good homes by equipping novice and experienced owners alike with all the information needed to make them, and their dogs, very happy. Trevor Wright is the President and Clare Ellis is the SVP of Content and Editor.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

High Impact Sports Participation May Improve Bone Mineral Density in Mature Athletes

High Impact Sports Participation May Improve Bone Mineral Density in Mature Athletes

New study highlights positive influence of sports participation on bone health

Rosemont, IL (Vocus) November 10, 2009

As people age fractures increase and bone health decreases. Recent research has highlighted the importance of exercise and calcium supplements to help prevent these issues. However, a new study published in the November/December issue of Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach reveals that there may be significant gains to be made when mature individuals participate in higher impact athletic activities.

Our study represents the largest sample of bone mineral density (BMD) data in mature athletes to date. My colleagues and I were surprised to see that active adult participation in the high-impact sports had such a positive influence on bone health, even in the most oldest athletes," said Vonda Wright, MD, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The study evaluated 560 athletes who participated in the 2005 National Senior Games (the Senior Olympics) held in Pittsburgh, PA. The average age of participants was 65.9 years old (range 50 to 93). There were 298 women and 289 men who participated in the high impact sports during the games which included basketball, road race running, track and field, triathlon and volleyball. Each Olympian received a Senior Athlete Health Registry Questionnaire with registration materials which requested general medical information. All respondents were then invited to participate in BMD testing via a calcaneal quantitative ultrasound of the heal of their dominant foot. After age, sex, obesity and use of osteoporosis medication were controlled, participation in high-impact sports was a significant predictor of improved BMD compared to those individuals who participated in lower impact sports.

It is clear that not every mature adult can participate in high-impact sports, especially those with hip or knee osteoarthritis. However, this study suggests that high-impact sports can play a significant part in healthy bone aging. With a multi-part approach and the appropriate use of high-impact exercises individuals may be able to make greater strides against bone loss than the current treatment strategies imply," said Wright.

Published bimonthly, Sports Health is a collaborative publication from the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM), the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM), the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), and the Sports Physical Therapy Section (SPTS). Other organizations participating in the publication include the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM). For more information on the publication or to submit a manuscript, visit www. sportshealthjournal. org. For more information on this press release, please contact Lisa Weisenberger at lisa(at)aossm(dot)org or 847-292-4900.

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A Veteran & Caregivers' Resource

A Veteran & Caregivers' Resource

WiseHealth, Inc. has already demonstrated initial success in supporting veterans and their caregivers by providing them with facilitated communication and social networking tools on the website VeteranCaregiver. com. Launched in May, to coincide with the enactment of The Caregiver and Veteran Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010, VeteranCaregiver. com has confirmed the potential of public agencies acting in concert with private enterprise to ease many of the transition and ongoing veteran issues that have existed for decades.

Annapolis, MD (PRWEB) July 27, 2010

WiseHealth, Inc. has already demonstrated initial success in supporting veterans and their caregivers by providing them with facilitated communication and social networking tools on the website VeteranCaregiver. com. Launched in May, to coincide with the enactment of The Caregiver and Veteran Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010, VeteranCaregiver. com has confirmed the potential of public agencies acting in concert with private enterprise to ease many of the transition and ongoing veteran issues that have existed for decades.

Though Veterans Service Organizations and federal agencies vary on particular veteran priorities, there is unanimous consistency in support for the veterans’ caregivers. It is clear that if the daily dedication of these caregivers did not exist, the VA system would struggle even more under the added burden needed to provide additional caregiver services to the veterans under their care. Sara Shaw, spouse and caregiver of Army Specialist/E4 Coban Shaw who was wounded in Iraq and suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and periodic paralysis says, “VeteranCaregiver. com understands that the caregiver is the ‘heartbeat of the family’ and that so many of us struggle with few resources and geographic isolation. The immediacy of response available on the site is essential at that low moment.”

In 2010, nearly one million veterans will transition from the military into the veteran population. Walter Schmidt, a Vietnam veteran who is also a Veteran Service Officer on Long Island, NY contributes daily to VeteranCaregiver. com and describes his own caregiving situation: “As a tetraplegic with only partial use of my right arm and hand, if it were not for my wife... I am unable to perform any of the activities-of-daily-life without significant help. Did I mention that she is an Angel? Caregivers are the backbone of the veterans’ world”.

Linda Kreter, CEO of WiseHealth, Inc. created VeteranCaregiver. com to support and personalize the caregiver experience. “There are thousands of caregivers from WWII through the current Iraq/Afghan conflicts, who deserve support and recognition. Our online technology provides the connection, but it is people -- peers and professionals -- that guide families and coordinate essential individual efforts. My colleague, Pat Rowe Kerr of Missouri, recently facilitated a female veteran’s experience in a Military Sexual Trauma (MST) situation with compassionate process and intervention. At other times, simple peer support reduces anxiety, depression and suicide. A growing network of 24/7 supportive care helps these remarkable caregivers, even as the VA works diligently to adjust to the evolving veteran population.”

"Our goal is to enhance their quality of life and ensure no veteran or their caregivers ever stand alone.”

For more information on VeteranCaregiver. com or to schedule an interview with Linda Kreter, please call 410-777-5214 or email at info(at)wisehealth(dot)com.

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Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions Licenses Patent Portfolio to Renaissance Lighting

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions Licenses Patent Portfolio to Renaissance Lighting

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions and Renaissance Lighting have completed a licensing agreement that provides Renaissance Lighting with access to Philips’ patents, enabling Renaissance Lighting to offer its own intelligent LED lighting products, as well as to use Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions’ core technology in other new product development.

Burlington, MA and Herndon, VA (Vocus) March 25, 2008

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions (http://www. philips. com/), the new entity formed by Philips’ acquisition of Color Kinetics (http://www. colorkinetics. com/), and Renaissance Lighting (http://www. renaissancelighting. com/) have completed a licensing agreement that provides Renaissance Lighting with access to Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions’ worldwide patent portfolio. The agreement enables Renaissance Lighting to offer its own intelligent LED lighting products (http://www. renaissancelighting. com/index_EVO. php), as well as to use Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions’ core technology in other new product development.

The global license agreement ends litigation previously brought by Color Kinetics against Renaissance Lighting and will apply in all markets covered by Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions’ patent portfolio.

"The lighting industry is undergoing dramatic change as LED sources influence the design of completely new products and applications, particularly when combined with digital intelligence," said Bill Sims, CEO, Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions.

"The power of our patented inventions makes it possible to customize environments with light as never before, and we continue to grant access to these inventions in part to help fuel greater adoption. We believe that Renaissance Lighting has a unique approach to color mixing that complements our own core method, and the combination should result in some powerful products."

"This licensing agreement moves Renaissance Lighting another step closer to its goal of becoming an important player in the solid-state lighting space," said Renaissance Lighting CEO, Barry Weinbaum (http://www. renaissancelighting. com/index_RL. php? t=board&w=ceo). "The realization that we have acquired immediate access to global patents and the global markets they represent is a huge reinforcement of our strategy to expand Renaissance Lighting’s footprint and customer base while rapidly increasing shareholder value. We are being positioned to bring the advantages of LEDs and the dynamic impact they will have on the future of architectural lighting design."

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions’ patent portfolio focuses on a range of digital technologies and methods of controlling LED sources for a variety of lighting applications and environments.

Renaissance Lighting’s own patented lighting systems (http://www. renaissancelighting. com/index_AP. php? t=applications) are utilized by architects and space designers using a technique which blends light from multiple LEDs (light-emitting diodes) in order to produce an elegant, pure single light source. The company’s environmentally green technology integrates internal sensors which constantly monitor and adjust light output and color. These same sensors have the ability to activate sleeper LEDs that compensate for the gradual degradation of a fixture’s original LEDs during their 50,000- to 70,000-hour life span.

About Renaissance Lighting
Renaissance Lighting (http://www. renaissancelighting. com/), headquartered in Herndon, VA, produces highly creative lighting products delivering exceptional appearance, superior efficiency, and glare-free illumination for all architectural applications. The company’s innovative approach to product engineering and design is supported by 25 patents including its optical and feedback control technologies.

About Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions
Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions (http://www. philips. com/), the new entity formed by Philips’ acquisition of Color Kinetics, transforms environments through new, dynamic uses of light. Its award-winning lighting systems and technologies apply the benefits of LEDs as a highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and inherently digital source of illumination - reinventing light itself as a highly controllable medium. Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions also enables widespread adoption of LED lighting through OEM and licensing partnerships in diverse markets. The company is headquartered in Burlington, MA with offices in the UK and China. More information is available at www. colorkinetics. com.

About Royal Philips Electronics
Royal Philips Electronics (http://www. philips. com/global/index. page) of the Netherlands (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is a global leader in healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle, delivering people-centric, innovative products, services and solutions through the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Philips employs approximately 123,800 employees in more than 60 countries worldwide. With sales of $36.8 billion (EUR 27 billion) in 2007, the company is a market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems, energy efficient lighting solutions, as well as lifestyle solutions for personal well-being. News from Philips is located at www. philips. com/newscenter (http://www. philips. com/newscenter).

Color Kinetics is a registered trademark of Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Renaissance Lighting Contact:
Joe Arimond
ECI Communications
Joseph. k.arimond @ ecicommunications. com

Philips Media Contact:
Felicia Spagnoli
Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions
Felicia. spagnoli @ philips. com


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A Gift of Healthy Lighting for the Holidays

A Gift of Healthy Lighting for the Holidays

Healthy lighting is a gift that keeps giving well beyond the festive season.

(PRWEB) December 5, 2003

December 2, 2003 As the holiday season rapidly approaches many shoppers struggle to find unique, thoughtful gifts for family and friends. Verilux®, Inc. The Healthy Lighting Company™ offers a practical solution to holiday shopping dilemmas with healthy lighting fixtures that give the gift of better vision.

HappyEyes Lamps produce Natural Daylight spectrum light, the spectral equivalent of sunshine. The eye works most efficiently in balanced light and because the eye doesnÂ’t have to strain under a HappyEyes Lamp users enjoy doing the things they love for longer without eyestrain or fatigue. HappyEyes fixtures increase contrast while reducing glare, making them ideal for the unique needs of maturing eyes.

The HappyEyes series includes the HappyEyes Floor Lamp, the HappyEyes Desk and Reading Lamp and the new HappyEyes Clamp Lamp. Every HappyEyes fixture features a flexible gooseneck for complete versatility and the ability to direct task lighting to where itÂ’s needed most. HappyEyes bulbs are cool-running for maximum comfort and the lifespan of 5,000 hours is nearly five times longer than an ordinary light bulb. State-of-the-art electronics guarantee flicker-free operation for the lifespan of the fixture.

HappyEyes Lamps are available directly from Verilux by calling 1-800-211-7775 or online at www. healthylight. com. Christmas delivery is guaranteed if orders are placed by December 19, 2003.

Founded in 1956, Verilux, Inc. specializes in naturally balanced, visually efficient lighting solutions for better vision, health and well-being. A leader in wellness lighting technology, Verilux lighting products closely simulate natural light while incorporating ergonomic design features for maximum versatility and ease of use.

Verilux, Inc - Winner of the 2003 Gold Connecticut Quality Improvement Award for Innovation.


Media Contact:

Heather Leary, Public Relations

Verilux, Inc. The Healthy Lighting Company™

P: 250-385-2285 E: hleary@shaw. ca

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O. Berk Company Announces its 2010 Custom Mold Promotion

O. Berk Company Announces its 2010 Custom Mold Promotion

O. Berk Company, a packaging leader in providing solutions for the beauty and personal care, pharmaceutical and healthcare, food and beverage, and household and industrial industries, announces its 2010 Custom Mold Promotion, which enables customers to design a one-of-a-kind, distinctive packaging solution for their unique packaging product.

Union, NJ (PRWEB) April 30, 2010

O. Berk Company, a packaging leader in providing solutions for the beauty and personal care, pharmaceutical and healthcare, food and beverage, and household and industrial industries, announces its 2010 Custom Mold Promotion, which enables customers to design a one-of-a-kind, distinctive packaging solution for their unique packaging product.

O. Berk’s experienced team of engineers and designers can evaluate a customer’s packaging ideas, provide an impressive array of creative concepts and technical options, and then work with an extensive network of manufacturing resources to ensure that a customer’s vision becomes reality. O. Berk’s decorating division also has exceptional decorating and labeling capabilities to add eye-appealing colors and graphics to the entire surface of any custom package.

O. Berk’s 2010 Custom Mold Promotion includes custom mold design and development, at no cost to the customer, with a required one million-bottle order commitment, per year, for two years. In addition, there is no waiting to earn tool credits and custom molds can be ready in six weeks.

O. Berk Company Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Joel Simpson, explained, “The O. Berk 2010 Custom Mold Promotion allows our customers to design and create the perfect HDPE, LDPE, PVC or PETG plastic resin container when a one-of-a-kind packaging solution is the only one that will work for their special product. Customers who have taken advantage of our custom mold capabilities in the past have been extremely pleased with the reception their product has received on store shelves.”

O. Berk Company, with four locations on the east coast, provides complete packaging services and solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetic, personal care, food and beverage, and household and commercial industries, with stock and custom plastic and glass containers, caps, pumps, sprayers, along with labeling and decorating services.


Steven Nussbaum
Director of Marketing

O. Berk Company
3 Milltown Court
Union, NJ 07083
Phone: 908-851-9500 


Congress Should end tax Breaks for Polluters, Invest in Green Economy

Congress Should end tax Breaks for Polluters, Invest in Green Economy

Conservationists, public interest groups call on Congress to cut $20 billion in wasteful spending: It’s more important than ever to invest in a green economy – creating green jobs and protecting the air and water that keep us healthy. A coalition of public interest groups and conservation and wildlife organizations make the case for what Congress can do to create jobs and strengthen key environmental programs, all while cutting wasteful spending by nearly $20 billion per year.

Washington (PRWEB) January 28, 2010

As President Obama calls for fiscal restraint in domestic spending, a coalition of conservation and wildlife organizations echoed the call and released a “Green Budget” report today outlining what Congress can do to create jobs while strengthening key environmental programs -- including cutting wasteful spending by nearly $20 billion per year.

“We heard President Obama and we recognize the need for the federal government to tighten its belt, which is why we’re calling on Congress and the administration to eliminate wasteful spending,” said William H. Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society – one of 34 organizations that sent 2011 spending recommendations to Congress in the form of its “Green Budget”. “The president and Congress have some tough decisions to make but we believe sound economic and environmental policy go hand-in-hand. So while frugality is key, we must continue to invest in the kind of environmental initiatives that create jobs and protect our natural resources.”

The wide-ranging spending cuts indentified would save billions of dollars per year by ending tax breaks and other giveaways to the oil and gas industry and other big polluters that are enjoying record-breaking profits. For example, closing the loophole that lets big corporations write off oil and gas production would save $13.3 billion over nine years. Cutting taxpayer subsidies for dangerous and expensive new nuclear technologies would save more than $220 million in 2011 alone. Congress could also save billions in subsidies to corporate agribusinesses that destroy land and pollute our water and instead invest in cost-effective programs like conservation, nutrition and deficit reduction. The savings outlined in the Green Budget are just a sampling of the ways our tax dollars subsidize pollution and could instead be invested in environmental protection and clean, renewable energy.

“Last September, President Obama pledged to end subsidies to fossil fuels,” said Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica. “The Green Budget provides him a way to start delivering on that promise. There’s no reason billions of our taxpayer dollars should be going to ExxonMobil and other polluting corporations. Eliminating these giveaways will unleash resources we can use to build clean energy jobs and a stable, healthy future for our country.”


Seniors Taking Care of Seniors Program Takes off

Seniors Taking Care of Seniors Program Takes off

The shortage of health care para-professionals is openeing doors for seniors to learn a skill to take care of their own; caring for other seniors just like them who need love and compassion provided by a caring hand.

Inglewood, CA (PRWEB) April 27, 2005

De Gruy & Associates, a minority woman owned consulting business based in Inglewood specializing in geriatric education, care management and other services, today announced a new training program to equip seniors with critically needed home caregiving skills.

Dr. Sheila De Gruy, President of De Gruy & Associates stated “that the numbers of seniors that have reached the age of 65 years and older has more than doubled since the early 50’s and is equal to 35 million people. Because of the serious need for additional caregivers to care for loved ones and other community seniors the Seniors Taking Care of Seniors program was launched.”

Dr. De Gruy has long recognized the many important contributions that seniors have given and can continue to give to our local communities. Although the program will be a non-state certified program, it is being offered to seniors who want to learn the basic care-giving skills that can give them added income and self-gratification.

Some of the areas that will be covered through the training are: Toileting, personal hygiene, diet and nutrition, symptom and medication monitoring, bed making, incontinence, immobility, transfers, fall prevention, assessing vitals and more.

“I understand the frailties and the physical limitations that seniors have but I believe they have a lot of life left and much to give. The key to the care is for each senior to acknowledge their limitations and only take on a patient that they can physically handle.”

“Seniors know people in their families, neighborhoods and churches that need these services, now they’ll be able to give help and remain active as it is meant to be, “said Dr. De Gruy.

Although this is a new program there has been numerous inquires and community interest. The training program is opened to seniors who have a desire to learn these skills and to serve those in need. Most families canÂ’t afford the services through an agency that generally charges anywhere between $15-$20 per hour for this type of assistance. Seniors will be able to offer their services to their friends, family members, neighbors and churches for a negotiated fee between them and the patient which will benefit them both and be affordable.

We are in a unique position to change some of the misconceptions society has in relation to the “uselessness” of our seniors. The need they will fill is priceless. Families will be able to get some respite at a price they can afford. Bonds will be formed between senior and senior and because of the help being offered, the growing number of elder abuse cases will decrease. Elder abuse is a product of frustration and frustration comes from feeling you don’t know what to do. If you give people a viable solution to a problem society benefits. It’s a win-win situation.

The cost for the training is less than $75.00 for 16 hours of training and will cover the training, handouts, certificate of completion, testing and any text book to be used. Those wishing to continue and take a state certified course will be given a referral to local schools.

For additional information, please call De Gruy & Associates at (310) 671-1816.

De Gruy & Associates was founded in 2004 by Dr. Sheila A. De Gruy, who has over twenty five years in health care management as administrator for some of the communityÂ’s well known home care agencies.

For More Information, Contact: 

Dr. Sheila A. De Gruy or

Jocelyn Coatney at

De Gruy & Associates

(310) 671-1816


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Euro Puppy Forms a Partnership with Egy Puppy to Meet Rising Demand for Quality Dogs in Egypt

Euro Puppy Forms a Partnership with Egy Puppy to Meet Rising Demand for Quality Dogs in Egypt

Dog lovers in Egypt can now visit Egy Puppy's upscale dog accessory store in the heart of Cairo to purchase premium dogs from Euro Puppy with the help of a local representative.

(PRWEB) January 13, 2011

Euro Puppy - the international company that offers only the highest quality of purebred puppies and dogs to satisfied customers from over 80 countries - , has set up a new joint venture with Egy Puppy, the first and so far the only specialized dog accessory store in Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians had a special relationship with their dogs as early as 6000 B. C. Greyhound and Saluki dogs were used for hunting and kept as companions. Ancient Egyptians treated them as real members of the family and the favorite ones were often mummified and buried with their owners.

These ancient breeds are still alive today, but there is a new demand for other breeds in modern Egypt. The German Shepherd is wanted for its intelligence, Labrador Retrievers and French Bulldogs are the favorites of families and large breeds such as the Newfoundland, Caucasian and Neapolitan Mastiff are sought for their guarding abilities.

Euro Puppy has taken action to satisfy this demand and started offering quality European puppies in Egypt in partnership with Egy Puppy, lead by CEO, Mr. Mahmoud Aladin Ibrahim.

"On top of delivering puppies to our customers homes, we offer premium dog food, professional grooming service and all sorts of accessories related to high quality dogs. We are proud to be the official and sole representative of Euro Puppy here in Egypt, because this insures that our customers only get premium quality dogs from the champion lines of Europe." explains Mr. Ibrahim. When asked why he chose "Enhancing dog breeds in Egypt" to be their slogan, he continues: "Beyond importing quality dogs from Europe, we want to create an awareness of responsible dog ownership and the beauty of owning high quality purebred dogs here in Egypt. I think we are making a real contribution to fulfilling Euro Puppy's mission."

Thanks to Egy Puppy, buying and caring for a quality purebred puppy in Egypt has never been easier. If ancient Egyptians had had the chance to get European dogs so easily, archeologists would probably find more than just a few breeds mummified today.

About Euro Puppy

Euro Puppy is widely recognized as the most reputable source of purebred puppies and dogs from the champion lines of Europe. A dedicated team of dog lovers, Euro Puppy is committed to bringing only high quality, healthy and well-bred puppies to its customers around the globe; including the Middle East and now Egypt. Over the 10 years of its existence, Euro Puppy has built solid relationships with respectable breeders of exceptional lines and with happy customers on all five continents, it has become the premier provider of quality puppies around the globe. Euro Puppy celebrates its 10th birthday with special offers throughout 2011. Visit http://www. europuppy. com and join the celebration!


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Flowtonics Provides Real-time Oil Analysis on DiMora Motorcar Volcano V16 Engine

Flowtonics Provides Real-time Oil Analysis on DiMora Motorcar Volcano V16 Engine

$2 Million Natalia Luxury Automobile is First to Use this Breakthrough Technology

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) March 10, 2008

Flowtonics, pioneer in the field of inline fluid quality sensors and real-time data analysis, announced today that its systems will provide continuous oil quality monitoring for the DiMora Motorcar Volcano V16 engine, the powerplant driving the American-made $2 million Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan.

The backbone technology of the Flowtonics FS-3 sensor is a patented technique that measures changes in electrochemical properties of the oil caused by contamination and oil breakdown. Advanced analysis and classification algorithms built into the sensor translate raw measurements into meaningful, actionable results provided to the driver's utilizing Azentek's Atlas on-board computer in real time.

"The Volcano V16 engine puts out 1200 horsepower. We need to be absolutely certain that the engine oil is maximizing its properties 100 percent of the time," said DiMora Motorcar Founder and CEO Alfred DiMora. "The Flowtonics system gives the Natalia driver that confidence. It also can detect contaminants in the oil, providing an early warning system of possible future problems. This is a real innovation in preventive maintenance."

Flowtonics Executive Vice President Johnny Cooper noted the significance of becoming a Technology Partner with DiMora Motorcar. "The Natalia SLS 2 is the first production automobile to depend on the Flowtonics in-situ fluid quality sensor and analysis system. This emphasizes Mr. DiMora's leadership and commitment to influence the automotive industry to embrace the advanced real-time monitoring and prognostic technologies available today."

Mr. Cooper went on to note the beneficial impacts of accurate engine oil quality information in reducing operating costs and protecting the environment. "Flowtonics can deliver car owners the truth about their fluid health versus the mathematical guess now used to schedule oil change intervals. If the oil is still performing properly, don't pay for new oil and don't cause a disposal problem with the old oil."

The Flowtonics FS-3 sensor not only monitors standard changes in fluid quality as it ages, but also distinguishes between various contaminants (coolant, water, fuel, soot) to uncover and diagnose engine problems and help avoid irreversible engine damage. Flowtonics FS-3 line of sensors are being developed for markets including fleet truck operations, industrial heavy equipment, marine, agricultural equipment, and the oil industry.

The Natalia SLS 2 pushes the limits of technology to provide the most exquisite and exclusive automotive experience for driver and passenger alike. It is also intended to serve as a showpiece and educational tool illustrating the endless innovation of companies across America. "It was a pleasant surprise to find that Flowtonics is based in Rochester, New York, my own home town," added Mr. DiMora.

About Flowtonics
Headquartered in Rochester, New York, with sales offices in North America and Europe, Flowtonics LLC is bringing to market the most advanced, low-cost, real-time fluid quality technology for motor vehicles. Combining years of research and development in the areas of diagnostic and prognostic equipment health management, in-vehicle computing, and advanced telematics, Flowtonics smart sensor systems can be scaled to fit specific customer initiatives to lower total cost of ownership. The patented sensor technology reaches beyond simple two-dimensional interrogation methods, using built-in intelligence to provide meaningful information that customers can act on.

Flowtonics uses advanced condition-based maintenance technology to benefit customers across a broad industry range, and can deliver high volume, high reliability, high quality custom products around the globe to satisfy the toughest customer requirements. Flowtonics is positioned at the leading edge of the challenging competitive world of real-time sensing, whenever and wherever fluid quality matters. For more information, please call 585-239-6025 or visit www. flowtonics. com.

About DiMora Motorcar
Based in Palm Springs, California, DiMora Motorcar crafts automobiles designed to exceed expectations for safety, performance, technology, ecology, beauty, comfort, and luxury. We are the first to reveal the design, production, and testing of our automobiles via the Internet so that people around the world can participate in--and learn about--the process.

The founder, CEO, and driving force behind DiMora Motorcar, Alfred J. DiMora, produced two of America's finest luxury automobiles, the Clenet (as owner) and the Sceptre (as co-founder). When President Reagan declared 1986 the Centennial Year of the Gasoline-Powered Automobile, Mr. DiMora's Clenet was selected as the Official Centennial Car. As a result, he and the Clenet were honored at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Michigan. He also founded Starbridge Systems, Inc., where he developed the FPGA supercomputer. Using his technological and automotive backgrounds, Alfred DiMora blends the two worlds together to create this new experience in automotive history, the Natalia SLS 2. For more information about our products and how your company can become a Technology Partner of DiMora Motorcar, please visit www. dimoramotorcar. com.


Sex::Tech 2009 Speakers Announced

Sex::Tech 2009 Speakers Announced

Sex::Tech 2009 - Focus on Youth is all about marketing to youth to engage them in making change around sexual health - how to educate, inform and inspire youth to make good decisions about their own lives.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2009

Distributive Networks and Buckworld One are two of the powerful acts planned to present at Sex::Tech 2009 (http://www. sxtechconference. org (http://www. sxtechconference. org)). Hosted by Internet Sexuality Information Services (ISIS) (http://www. isis-inc. org (http://www. isis-inc. org)), Sex::Tech 2009 will bring together researchers, academicians, healthcare professionals, technology companies and youth and youth advocate groups, for a two-day event packed with new research and insights on sexual health and technology.

Distributive Networks, creator of the text message initiative that anchored President Obama's historical campaign, will present case studies addressing the use of technology for social change. Buckworld One, an electrifying theatre production group from Southern California, will bring together hip hop, spoken word, the use of digital media and krump dancing, to offer a provocative view into the world of the African American "exburb" youth community.

Sexually transmitted diseases are among the most common infectious diseases in the U. S. today, especially among our youth, escalating the need for innovative education and prevention solutions. The theme of Sex::Tech 2009 is Focus on Youth. Viral marketing, use of mobile tech, and pop culture/media influence are a few of the topics planned for discussion at this year's event.

Additional featured speakers at Sex::Tech 2009 include:
 John Santelli, Columbia University  Sheana Bull, University of Colorado  Mitchell Tepper, Morehouse School of Medicine  Philip Massey, UCLA School of Public Health  Marion Howard and Melissa Kottke, Emory University

To register for the event, visit: http://www. sxtechconference. org/register. html (http://www. sxtechconference. org/register. html). For information on sponsorships, contact Gabriela Aranda at (877) 665-2250 or gabriela (at) isis-inc (dot) org.

About ISIS
ISIS, Inc., based in Oakland, CA, is a nonprofit organization working locally, nationally, and internationally to develop innovative sexual health resources through technology and effective collaboration among corporate, public, and nonprofit sector partners for awareness, education and prevention programs that improve people's lives. For more information visit: http://www. isis-inc. org/ (http://www. isis-inc. org/).


Friday, May 20, 2005

Churchill Downs Incorporated and LRA Worldwide to Conduct Mystery Shopping Program at all CDI Facilities

Churchill Downs Incorporated and LRA Worldwide to Conduct Mystery Shopping Program at all CDI Facilities

Churchill Downs Incorporated, the parent company of legendary Churchill Downs racetrack, has partnered with LRA Worldwide, Inc., to design and execute a “mystery guest” secret shopping program at its racetrack and off-track betting (“OTB”) facilities in 2006.

Horsham, PA (PRWEB) January 30, 2006

Churchill Downs Incorporated (“CDI”), the parent company of legendary Churchill Downs racetrack, home of the Kentucky Derby, has partnered with LRA Worldwide, Inc., to design and execute a “mystery guest” secret shopping program at its racetrack and off-track betting (“OTB”) facilities in 2006. LRA, a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (“CEM”) solutions, will customize a “mystery guest” inspection protocol to measure compliance with CDI’s particular guest service requirements, and will hire, recruit, train and monitor the team of consultants needed to properly measure the CDI guest experience.

The “mystery guest” initiative comes on the heels of a coordinated effort between CDI and LRA to create and implement a more consistent, favorable guest experience at all CDI properties in 2005. These efforts resulted in the INSPIRE service model that is now the focus of all CDI associate orientation and training. The INSPIRE program was designed to create a base platform for guest service delivery across a set of diverse properties. The INSPIRE title itself was a play on the iconic Twin Spires that rise above the Churchill Downs racetrack.

“LRA helped us create a guest service delivery model that was truly unique,” explained Laura Botner, CDI’s director of marketing. “The INSPIRE program provides us with assurance at the corporate level that the optimal guest experience is being clearly defined and articulated, while taking care not to diminish the individuality of each property. Who better to develop a flexible and innovative quality assurance ‘mystery guest’ program than the trusted partner who helped develop our guest service vision to begin with?”

In the past three years, LRA has exponentially grown its client base in the sports and entertainment industries. In addition to CDI, LRA works with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, The PGA TOUR, Troon Golf, and the National Basketball Association, as well as a number of stadiums, arenas and ballparks throughout the country on various CEM projects.

“This is the natural evolution of our work with Churchill Downs Incorporated on the INSPIRE program and we are very gratified that they have chosen LRA to help fulfill our shared vision of the CDI guest experience,” said Bush Bell, an LRA vice president and the project manager leading the effort. “At LRA, we are firm believers in the old saying ‘what gets measured, gets done,’ and the mystery guest program will help facilitate the adoption of the INSPIRE program at the track and OTB outlet level.”

“We have committed to making our guests the focus of everything we do at Churchill Downs Incorporated,” said Tim Scott, senior vice president of marketing for CDI. “With that in mind, LRA, with its proven CEM methodology, has been an ideal partner. We anticipate that LRA will continue to help guide our future guest-focused initiatives.”

About Churchill Downs Incorporated:

Churchill Downs Incorporated, (“CDI”) headquartered in Louisville, Ky., owns and operates world-renowned horse racing venues throughout the United States. CDI’s six racetracks in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Louisiana host many of North America’s most prestigious races, including the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks, Arlington Million and Louisiana Derby. CDI racetracks have hosted six Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships. CDI also owns off-track betting facilities and has interests in various television production, telecommunications and racing services companies that support CDI’s network of simulcasting and racing operations. CDI trades on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol CHDN and can be found on the Internet at www. churchilldownsincorporated. com.

About LRA Worldwide, Inc.:

LRA Worldwide, Inc., headquartered in Horsham, PA, is a leading consulting, training and research company that specializes in Customer Experience Management (CEM). LRA helps companies and brands design and deliver the optimal customer experience across all key touch points using an integrated suite of services that measure and improve service quality, customer satisfaction, employee performance, loyalty, customer advocacy and profitability. LRA specializes in “operationalizing the brand” – turning brand promise and customer strategy into operational reality. LRA’s tactical CEM practice areas include Customer Experience Strategy Design, Standards and Practices Development, Organizational Development & Training, Customer and Employee Research and Quality Assurance Mystery Shopping; these are either deployed together in a strategic manner to continually monitor and improve the customer experience or deployed individually to address a specific client tactical need. LRA has deep sector expertise in the automotive, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, leisure & real estate, retail, consumer goods & services, sports and entertainment, and travel and transportation industries. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www. LRAworldwide. com.

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Senator Dunne Ready to Transform VT Lt. Governor's Office

Senator Dunne Ready to Transform VT Lt. Governor's Office

Senator Matt Dunne is running for the Vermont Lt. Governor's office. In an interview on Vermont Viewpoint Online (a non-partisan internet political program available in podcast format) Dunne talks about healthcare costs, how to encourage new jobs in VT, energy issues, used tires, Darfur, and why he is opposed to long-term sentencing for child sexual predators.

St. Albans, VT (PRWEB) June 22, 2006

In an interview on Vermont Viewpoint Online, Senator Matt Dunne says that the Office of Lt. Governor is what you make of it. Dunne is running for the position of Lt. Governor of Vermont. He currently is serving as a senator from Windsor County. “I am really excited about the opportunity of taking the additional time and the state-wide position, representing all Vermonters, to help transform the office into an office of action,” stated Dunne to interviewer Don Lewellen.

The top issues, according to Dunne, are creating an environment that will foster new jobs, especially for the young people to encourage them to stay in Vermont, and jobs for the returning Vets, and healthcare costs. Dunne believes that the Catamount Healthcare Program was a small first step but that it needs to be addressed from a budget perspective next; that the legislature should look at how the reimbursement of services is done.

Also in the discussion mix are the areas of what to do with used tires, energy conservation (including building or rebuilding schools to a high energy efficiency standard), Dunne’s stand on long-term sentencing of child sexual predators, his vision of how to encourage young people to attend college in Vermont and not come out of that experience with a huge debt, and the situation in Darfur and what we can do about it.

This interview on Vermont Viewpoint Online can be heard in a podcast format or directly from your computer by accessing www. goodpoliticsradio. com/vt (http://www. goodpoliticsradio. com/vt) and looking for the blog titled “Matt Dunne-Candidate for Lt. Governor”. Vermont Viewpoint Online is a non-partisan political radio program on Good Politics Radio Vermont, and represents all points of view, all parties, all candidates and all citizenry. If you have a political issue or campaign you would like for us to feature in our political podcasts, please contact us at 802-527-0494.

Dunne is facing Rep. John Patrick Tracy in the Democratic Primary in September for the position of Lt. Governor. The winner of the primary will then face incumbent, Brian Dubie in the November election.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005



Humor and Laughter are essential to making your organization or place of business, happier, healthier and more productive. It pays to laugh. 30

(PRWEB) January 30, 2002

Motivational Plus

Mike Moore

193 Balmoral Dr.

Brantford ON Canada


Ph. 519-753-0702

Mikemoore@motivationalplus. com

Http://www. motivationalplus. com (http://www. motivationalplus. com)

 YouÂ’ve Got to Laugh

Speaker Motivates with Humor and Laughter

 Â“What more could I ask for than to help people enjoy life and achieve their untapped potential?” asks Canadian motivational speaker and humorist Mike Moore

 Moore spends his time speaking to businesses, professions and community organizations across Canada and the United States on using humor, appreciation and praise to bring out the best in people. “ The only thing stopping us from reaching the heights is the belief that we donÂ’t have a ladder,” he says.

 Moore, a published writer and cartoonist believes in the power of laughter to motivate and promote wellness. “ I have written two books and a manual on the subject. All of them involve healthy doses of humor and laughter and are in demand. People today are hungry for laughter.”

 His latest book on the humor and health connection is called “ Light Up With Laughter” and is available from his website http://www. motivationalplus. com (http://www. motivationalplus. com). It includes a section on humor in the workplace which is his most frequently requested presentation. “ When employees are happy morale improves, they perform better and are more productive,” Moore believes.

 It is in the best interest of every business and organization to invest heavily in the health, happiness and well being if its people.

Moore can be reached at http://www (http://www). motivationalplus. com


HSN Celebrates National Craft Month with Top Brands, Designers and Special Giveaways

HSN Celebrates National Craft Month with Top Brands, Designers and Special Giveaways

Interactive Multichannel Retailer Showcases New Crafts, Sewing and Scrapbooking Products from Provo Craft, Singer, Brother, Griffin, and Designer Anna Griffin During Special Month-Long National Craft Month Event

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) March 1, 2010

Interactive multichannel retailer HSN kicks off today a month-long series of special scrapbooking, crafts and sewing shows to celebrate National Craft Month in March. Throughout the month, exciting new products from some of the biggest names in the business, including Provo Craft, Singer, Brother and Anna Griffin, will debut on HSN and hsn. com.

“As part of our strategy to become the premier destination for crafts, we will be offering during this special event something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced crafter or just getting started,” said SVP of Merchandising Nancy Caplan. “HSN will celebrate the month with exceptional offers and giveaways, as well as free shipping on all National Craft Month purchases for HSN credit cardholders.”

Over 30 hours will be dedicated to crafts throughout March with fixed programming on most Monday’s (with the exception of March 22nd, crafts will be held the following day). On March 1, Singer Sewing starts the celebration with an exciting array of embroidery accessories and tools, such as the state-of-the-art Singer Professional 5 Thread Serger Machine at a special event price of $599.

Scrapbooking takes center stage on March 15 when acclaimed designer Anna Griffin (http://www. hsn. com/anna-griffin-crafts-at-hsn_at-1962_xa. aspx) introduces new ingenious paper designs on HSN and Die Cuts with a View (http://crafts-sewing. hsn. com/die-cuts-with-a-view_c-ct_a-2496_xc. aspx), brings more card-making crafts and scrapbooking innovations to HSN’s customers. Additionally, Provo Craft, one of the top scrapbooking brands in the business, will return to HSN with its highly popular Cricut cutting machine for those who may have missed out during its last appearance in January.

For show times and more information on these and other exciting crafting events, log on to www. hsn. com.

About HSN
Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, HSN is a leading interactive multichannel network and retail destination, offering a curated assortment of exclusive products and top brand names to its customers. HSN incorporates experts, entertainment, inspiration, solutions, tips and ideas to provide an entirely unique shopping experience. At HSN, customers find exceptional selections in Health & Beauty (e. g. M. Asam, Carol’s Daughter, Coty, FranBrand, FusionBeauty, Andrew Lessman’s Procaps, Lancôme, Perlier, Serious Skin Care, Wei East, ybf Beauty); Jewelry (e. g. Heidi Daus, Grayce by Molly Sims, R. J. Graziano, IMAN Global Chic, michaeLisa, Noir, Amedeo Scognamiglio, Tori Spelling, Signature Statement Serena Williams); Home/Lifestyle (e. g. Nate Berkus, Bissell, Colin Cowie, Dyson, Todd English, GreenPan with Thermolon, Emeril Lagasse, Joy Mangano, MoMA Design Store, Wolfgang Puck); Fashion/Accessories (e. g. American Glamour Badgley Mischka, Curations with Stefani Greenfield, Sam Edelman, Loulou de la Falaise, Chi by Carlos Falchi, Diane Gilman, “Timeless” by Naeem Khan, Adrienne Landau, Sharif); and Electronics (e. g. Canon, Gateway, GE, HP, JVC, Kodak, LG, Sony).

A leader in transactional innovation, HSN is the only retailer offering live streaming video on three screens: TV network, which broadcasts live to 93 million households in the US in HD 24/7; hsn. com, which ranks in the top 30 of the top 500 internet retailers and features 15,000 product videos; and mobile via its iPhone application. HSN customers are also able to shop via HSN’s live in-flight shopping experience, which launched in late 2009. HSN, founded 32 years ago as the first shopping network, is an operating segment of HSN, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSNI).

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Neura. net Alerts Neurology Professionals to Neurodegenerative Disease News, Resources

Neura. net Alerts Neurology Professionals to Neurodegenerative Disease News, Resources

Neurology professionals now have access to a valuable new online resource with http://www. neura. net, a comprehensive online portal that provides a range of information on degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 4, 2006

Neurology professionals now have access to a valuable new online resource with http://www. neura. net (http://www. neura. net), a comprehensive online portal that provides a range of information on degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease.

By offering research reviews and coverage of scientific congresses, commentaries on clinical issues, and patient education materials, Neura. net is becoming one of the leading online resources for neurodegenerative disease information. Neura. net’s extensive content offers healthcare professionals knowledge and awareness to help them better care for their patients with these illnesses. Site content includes:

 Neura: Perspectives on CNS Disease Management, a Professional Digest: Online and archived issues of Neura: Perspectives on CNS Disease Management, a quarterly publication for practicing neurologists that includes articles related to research and treatment of CNS diseases.

 Congress Coverage: Timely reporting from major neurological meetings, both in the US and abroad.

 Nurse Network: Resources for neurological nurses who care for patients with neurodegenerative diseases. The offerings include MS Scan: Your Eye on the MS Literature, as well as a comprehensive audio/slide kit and updated monographs on disease-specific nursing practice.

 Downloadable Patient Materials: Educational publications that give patients valuable information on living and coping with neurodegenerative disease, including Making Strides: Perspectives on Living With MS, a quarterly newsletter for people with MS and their families and caregivers.

Neura. net also includes links to related scientific publications, government resources, and major neurodegenerative meetings.

Neura. net and its publications are developed, reviewed, and overseen by an editorial board of well-respected experts, including healthcare professionals from the country’s leading medical centers.

"I'm very proud to be involved in Neura. net,” said Patricia K. Coyle, MD, Neura editor-in-chief, and professor and acting chair of neurology, State University of New York at Stony Brook “This is a unique and multidimensional source of information for neurologists, and for health care professionals interested in neurology. Neura. net provides high-quality cutting-edge information, but translates it to make it easily understandable."

Neura. net can be accessed online at http://www. neura. net (http://www. neura. net). The site is supported by an educational grant from Teva Neuroscience and Eisai Inc.

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Monday, May 16, 2005



Due mainly to slow, yet steady, increases in the demand for products that utilize electromechanical switches, a period of flat growth should be ending, and a global rebound should occur for the consumption of many switch types, according to John Gordon, VDC's switch market analyst. Gordon goes on to say, "This is forecast to happen starting sometime in the first half of 2003 as demand slowly penetrates many vertical markets in the United States, Great Britain, France, China, and several other major country markets globally."

(PRWEB) September 19, 2002

Natick, Massachusetts - The global switch market has grown by over $800 million since 1991, and will reach US$ 3.3 billion in 2002. The exhibit below portrays shares of the global switch market by major regional market for 1991, compared to 2002. With regard to the three main market regions of the global switch market:

The Asia-Pacific region's share of global switch consumption has fallen from a high of 42.9% in 1996. Much of this decline is a result of the Asian economic crisis of 1997 and Japan's prolonged recession.

The global share of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has fallen since 1991, but has increased in share since 1996, at the expense of Asia-Pacific share.

Consumption of switches in the Americas (North, South and Central America), as a percentage of the global market, has increased since 1991. This increase in share coincides with the United States' unprecedented decade of growth as well as increased regional trade through NAFTA.


1991 Total: US$ 2518.1 Million

EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa): 30.0%

Americas (North, South and Central America): 31.0%

Asia-Pacific: 39.0%

2002 total: US$ 3335.7 Million

EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa): 27.0%

Americas (North, South and Central America): 36.0%

Asia-Pacific: 37.0%

To view the entire press release including charts go to

Www. vdc-corp. com/components/press/02/pr02-33.html (http://www. vdc-corp. com/components/press/02/pr02-33.html )

Due mainly to slow, yet steady, increases in the demand for products that utilize electromechanical switches, a period of flat growth should be ending, and a global rebound should occur for the consumption of many switch types, according to John Gordon, VDC's switch market analyst. Gordon goes on to say, "This is forecast to happen starting sometime in the first half of 2003 as demand slowly penetrates many vertical markets in the United States, Great Britain, France, China, and several other major country markets globally." In its recent study, released in September 2002, VDC forecasts the following for the global switch market:

A recovery in demand for switches is expected for the Americas after a relatively flat 2002. Switch consumption is expected to rebound and grow at 3.6% during 2003. After this time, demand will level out and finish the forecast period growing at a healthy 3.2%.

After a growth rate of -4.2% during 2001, switch consumption in the EMEA region will grow at an increasing rate each year through 2006.

Switch consumption in the Asia-Pacific region will continue to be volatile. Cyclical oversupply will cause the market to dip dramatically in 2003/2004, before returning to a normal, level growth rate.

According to forecasts found in VDC's newest research: The 2002 Global Switch Market Intelligence Service, worldwide consumption of switches will total US$ 3,335.7 million in 2002 and is forecast to reach US$ 3,748.0 million in 2006, growing at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 3.0%. The forecast period will be characterized by three distinct phases:

An adjustment period, with little or no growth, will run until the end of 2002.

A recovery period, during which demand for switches will bounce back in many countries and applications, will occur in 2003.

A cyclical dip in the growth rate will follow as a result of an oversupply of switches coming from the Asia-Pacific region. This dip will correct itself and average growth will round out the end of the forecast period.

For in-depth and ongoing coverage of the global switch market, the reader is invited to visit VDC's website at www. vdc-corp. com or call VDC at (USA) 508.653.9000 to learn more about this important series, and other reports and services available.

September 2002



VDC is a technology market research and strategy firm. We have over 30 years of experience in providing market research, strategic analysis and consulting services to technology companies worldwide.

VDC offers its clients a wide variety of research solutions tailored to meet their strategic business needs. These include highly customized consulting engagements, ongoing research services and select industry investigations. Through our considerable industry contacts, we also provide services related to acquisitions and the generation of key account leads.


Report Availability

Www. vdc-corp. com/components/annual/01/br01-27.html (http://www. vdc-corp. com/components/annual/01/br01-27.html )


For further information regarding the "2002 Global Switch Market Intelligence Service" contact:

John Gordon, Senior Analyst

Jgordon@vdc-corp. com

Marc Regberg, Senior Vice President

Msr@vdc-corp. com

If you would like to subscribe to more VDC updates go to: www. vdc-corp. com/subscriptions (http://www. vdc-corp. com/subscriptions)

Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day Celebrated Across the Globe

Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day Celebrated Across the Globe

Dog lovers from Australia to Zimbabwe register participation - cash prize contests still underway.

King, NC (Vocus) July 10, 2009

Tongues and tails were wagging on Friday, June 26, as businesses across the country and abroad participated in Take Your Dog To Work Day® (TYDTWDay®) created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) and presented by BringPetsHome. org, a charity committed to pet care (http://www. bringpetshome. org/) for animals in need, and FetchDog, your destination for dog supplies (http://www. fetchdog. com/Shop).

Participants are still encouraged to take part in the official 2009 TYDTWDay photo and video contests. Photos uploaded to the Professional Pooch Gallery at www. takeyourdog. com will be judged by a third-party panel and the winner will receive $500 cash, $500 donated to a shelter of his or her choice and a FetchDog prize pack valued at $200.

Videos may be uploaded at the TYDTWDay Facebook page (http://www. facebook. com/video/?oid=139298105334) and the winner of the video contest will receive a FetchDog prize package valued at $100; three random registrants will be selected to receive $25 FetchDog prize packages. Both contests end July 31, 2009.

“At a time when the need to promote pet adoption is at an all-time high, we were thrilled to see businesses rally their employees and local communities for such a worthwhile cause,” says PSI President Patti Moran.

In all, more than 120,000 visitors explored the official TYDTWDay site, www. takeyourdog. com, to learn more about becoming involved with the 2009 campaign and contests. Businesses in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe hosted events to celebrate dogs and promote pet adoption.

"We commend the remarkable participation by employers in this year's TYDTWDay promotion,” stated Claire Fisher, Head of Marketing for BringPetsHome. org. “On behalf of all of our animal shelter and rescue partners, thank you for your support in finding homes for and bettering the lives of homeless pets." BringPetsHome. org offers pet lovers the opportunity to leverage every day online purchases at their favorite retail stores to raise money to help shelters care for homeless pets – at no additional cost to the shopper.

One such participant was Laura Croker, senior manager of internal communications at Hitachi Data Systems in California. The company celebrated with week-long festivities, including a pet fair and boutique, pet photos and talent show, as well as a raffle with proceeds going to local pet-related charities.

“About 40 employees brought their dogs to work and even more stopped in for the pet fair and talent show,” Croker said. “Even co-workers without pets were smiling and having a good time. The event brought a really happy energy to the office that day.”

“Finding homes for dogs is an endless job and a wonderful, charitable cause,” said Susan Chaney, editor of Dog Fancy Magazine. “What better way to spread the word about dogs’ value to their owners and to our society than by taking them to work with us? We applaud all the companies and organizations that have opened their doors to these amazing creatures – whether it is for one day or all year long.”

Beth Stultz, TYDTWDay event spokesperson, acknowledged that social media played a big role in the success of this year’s event. “The buzz over this year’s event was unprecedented,” Stultz said. “Since TYDTWDay is predominantly an online campaign, Facebook and Twitter users, as well as bloggers, played significant roles in helping spread the word about how businesses could plan an event to support this cause.”

This year’s event marked the tenth anniversary of the day and the 2009 campaign was bolstered by participation from partners, Dog Fancy magazine and Petfinder. com.

To learn more about Take Your Dog To Work Day, register your participation or enter the photo or video contests, visit www. takeyourdog. com. The 2010 event will take place on Friday, June 25.

About Pet Sitters International:
Established in 1994, Pet Sitters International (PSI) is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, representing more than 8,000 independent professional pet-sitting businesses in the United States, Canada and abroad. PSI provides members with access to affordable bonding and liability insurance and educational resources such as PSI’s Accreditation Program, The Pet Sitter’s WORLD magazine and PSI’s annual Quest for Excellence Convention. PSI provides pet owners with The Pet Owner’s WORLD magazine and thepetsitblog. com. For more information, visit www. petsit. com, home of the Official Pet Sitter Locator™ or visit the PSIStoreOnline to select from more than 2,000 pet sitter and pet owner products.

About FetchDog. com:
FetchDog was created to offer passionate dog people a place to find the highest-quality dog supplies, including dog beds (http://www. fetchdog. com/shop/dogbeds) and pet gates (http://www. fetchdog. com/shop/doggates), credible advice on their dog's health and wellness, and an online community of fellow humans who love their dogs. More than just a shopping site, FetchDog. com has thousands of ad-free pages of deep information about health issues, training, behavior, breed selection, puppy care and dog adoption. Always current and fresh, FetchDog. com also has dog features and news stories, expert and celebrity blogs, world-class dog photography, games, videos and community-oriented centers for hundreds of dog breeds.

About BringPetsHome. org:
BringPetsHome. org is a non-profit animal charity that helps care for animals in shelters. Their mission is to support animals in shelters until they find permanent, loving homes. BringPetsHome. org offers pet lovers the opportunity to raise money for animal shelters simply by shopping online at their favorite merchants, and provides a platform to connect with other animal enthusiasts in the online community. BringPetsHome. org donates 100 percent of the money raised to animal shelters, helping homeless pets directly by paying for food, shelter and medical treatment.

About Dog Fancy Magazine:
Dog Fancy is the world’s most widely read dog magazine. It is devoted to the care and enjoyment of all dogs – purebreds and mixed breeds alike. Every month it educates, enlightens and entertain its readers, providing them with engaging, accessible information they need to be responsible dog owners. Since its inception, Dog Fancy has inspired, informed and entertained readers with award-winning editorial. Features include expert advice on selecting the right dog, training, health and grooming

About Petfinder. com:
Petfinder. com is an online, searchable database of more than 300,000 adoptable pets from more than 12,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Visitors can search by breed, age, size, gender and location to find the pet that fits their needs. Since it was founded in 1995, Petfinder. com has helped more than 12 million pets find permanent homes. Entirely ad supported and free to both shelters and users, Petfinder. com was named one of TIME magazine’s 50 Best Web Sites of 2008.

Contact: Beth Stultz, Event Spokesperson
E-mail: beth(at) petsit. com
Phone: (336) 983-7747

Contact: Terry Chance, Marketing Director
Phone: (336) 983-2991
E-mail: terrychance (at) petsit. com


Senior Care Mall, New Senior & Caregiver Resource

Senior Care Mall, New Senior & Caregiver Resource

Senior Care Mall, a new senior and caregiver resource, provides products, resources, and services that makes life for seniors and caregivers more comfortable, easier, and safer. The owner a Registered Occupational Therapist Tracey Kiley knows very well the challenges of caring for her own children, along with caring for two aging parents.

Norton, MA (PRWEB) March 17, 2010

If you are a caregiver you understand the stress and sometimes the guilt that comes with that title. In a 2004 report by the National Alliance For Caregiving, it was estimated that there are over 44 million unpaid caregivers in the United States. Tracey Kiley, OTR Occupational Therapist and Owner of Senior Care Mall http://www. seniorcaremall. com (http://www. seniorcaremall. com), a new online resource for caregivers and seniors, is well aware of these stressors.

The business was started by healthcare professionals who understand the stress that caregivers and seniors have. "My education and experience for the past 15 years has focused on maintaining or increasing the level of an idividuals independence." “The seniors want their independence, and the caregivers are concerned for the seniors safety.” "This makes for an interesting conflict at times." “Understanding that others may be having the same challenges can be very comforting. It is amazing the stress levels for the "sandwich generation" and for caregivers as a whole. “ says Tracey.

Tracey has two parents both of whom are in there 80's, and two daughters ages 10 and 13. "The challenges can certainly create alot of stress. It's very important for people who are a part of this sandwich generation to understand that while caring for their younger family and at times their parents, that they're not alone and there are plenty of resources out there." Tracey states.

To help provide peace of mind Senior Care Mall has an online community that provides two way communication and support. Seniors and caregivers can spend time chatting in the online chat rooms at anytime day or night, or leave a message on the community message board if they choose. "This community area is a great place to share ideas, concerns, and solve problems that others may have as well." says Tracey

Along with an online community Senior Care Mall also offers hundreds of products, resources, and services that can help provide peace of mind and make life safer and easier as well. The categories are listed in a problem solution manner. Caregivers or seniors can scan the categories on the left of the web sites home page and click the areas of concern. For instance their is a Bathroom Shop, Mobility Shop, Diabetes Shop, Incontinence Shop, Emergency Shop, as well as many others. It makes the Senior Care Mall (http://www. seniorcaremall. com (http://www. seniorcaremall. com)) website very easy to navigate.

Millions of caregivers and seniors find themselves in challenging situations. Senior Care Mall is uniquely positioned to help be a valuable resource for these individuals. Tracey Kiley is also uniquely qualified "Because of my education, work experience, and life experience, I feel privilidged that I can help other caregivers and seniors." says Tracey.

With the aging of America, and the need for independence and safety in the home, Senior Care Mall is a valuable and needed resource. You can visit Senior Care Mall via the web http://www. seniorcaremall. com (http://www. seniorcaremall. com). You can also call them @ (508) 868 2801. Their email address is admin (at) seniorcaremall. com.

Tracey Kiley OTR/L
Senior Care Mall
PO Box 289
Chartley, MA 02766
(508) 868-2801

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Property Firm Johnson Fellows Opts for BigHand3 and Saves Thousands

Property Firm Johnson Fellows Opts for BigHand3 and Saves Thousands

Johnson Fellows, the largest specialist retail property agency outside of London, has forecast it will have saved thousands in administrative costs within the next few months following the implementation of BigHand’s Digital Dictation software earlier this year.

London, UK (PRWEB) October 16, 2006

Johnson Fellows, the largest specialist retail property agency outside of London, has forecast it will have saved thousands in administrative costs within the next few months following the implementation of BigHand’s Digital Dictation software earlier this year.

The property firm initially moved over to digital dictation due to the increasing repair and maintenance costs of their old analogue tape based systems. They began, however, by piloting a basic digital dictation system. The system, which on the surface appeared to be similar to sophisticated systems such as BigHand3, actually hindered workflow by losing dictations. It was also unable to cope with the property firm’s basic requirements within document management.

Susan Hanson, Johnson Fellows’ Office Manager, who championed the switch to BigHand3, commented:

“We realise now that the cheaper digital dictation system we trialled wasn’t even a patch on BigHand3. Dictations went missing and the users were irritated by the fact that recordings could not be edited and were often incomprehensible. BigHand3 on the other hand is completely reliable and flexible. It was customised to fit our needs as a property firm, which is important because we work differently to other professions, such as the healthcare and legal sectors, who also utilise digital dictation.”

“Our secretaries can now receive dictations within seconds of it being recorded, with the date and time it needs to be done by clearly visible, allowing them to prioritise their work accordingly. Workflow has been smoothed completely and there is no need to recruit temporary administrative staff.”

“We project we will completely save the £9,500 we spent on temporary administrative resources last year which is an immediate, visible return on our investment. It was a false economy to go with the cheaper system because it was nowhere near as good as BigHand3. The clarity the system provides in dictation sets it apart from all other systems we have looked at. I really cannot sing BigHand’s praises highly enough!”

Other returns gained via the implementation of BigHand3 include an increase in productivity by 16%, as four extra surveyors are now dictating without an increase in secretarial resource and, therefore, at no extra cost to the company. This may well increase their customer service levels and consequentially increase the profitability of the property firm. In turn they now have more time to focus on their core business functions such as property surveying.

Http://www. bighand. com (http://www. bighand. com)


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Giant Easter Bunny Promotion Pays Off For Businesses With Increased Traffic

Giant Easter Bunny Promotion Pays Off For Businesses With Increased Traffic

Business of all types use Easter Holiday Giveaway to promote loyalty and family traffic.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) February 27, 2010

Holidays are the ideal times for retail stores to promote holiday specials with seasonal traffic. Because Easter does not generate sales like the money-making holiday, Christmas, what better way to reach out to new customers, generate traffic and increase sales than a giveaway?

A popular website, http://www. BagwellPromotions. com (http://www. BagwellPromotions. com), offers promotional items year round for all kinds of businesses. They begin generating sales for their Giant Easter Bunny in early January. The sales for their 8-foot hanging Easter Baskets filled with toys and prizes begin to pick up early in the year as well.

According to John Bagwell, President of Bagwell Promotions, the family style restaurants are the largest purchasers of the promotion, although it works well for any business that caters to people with small children. Other business that use the program include traditional retail stores, car dealers, rent-to-own stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, credit unions and banks and health care providers such as dentist and doctors.

Many businesses use the program year after year. "We've had people purchase the program for over eight years," says Bagwell.

When planning early for promotions, business owners should verify that all tools necessary to hold a successful giveaway are included. Bagwell Promotions makes giveaways easy by including entry blanks to document contact information of the participants, a registration box, colorful posters to promote the contest and a press release packet.

Business owners can use promotions year round as mailing list generators, collecting vital information about customers for marketing purposes, such as a customer retention or prospect tool.

Easter sales for Bagwell Promotions have been so strong that a new Website, http://www. easterpromotions. com (http://www. easterpromotions. com), has been created exclusively for their Easter promotions. In addition to the Easter Bunny and Easter Basket promotions, Bagwell Promotion offers Easter bags, imprinted Easter eggs, Easter stress toys and small stuffed animals. Many items can be imprinted with a logo, company name or message.

About Bagwell Promotions:
Bagwell Promotions offers over 500,000 imprinted promotional products from 4,100 suppliers such as coffee mugs, pens, flashlights, magnets, ID bracelets, key chains and an assortment of apparel.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Lose up to 7 kg by 19th of June, and Change Your Shape, Boost Your Vitality and Trade Stubborn Body Fat for Lean Muscle

Lose up to 7 kg by 19th of June, and Change Your Shape, Boost Your Vitality and Trade Stubborn Body Fat for Lean Muscle

This program is so simple it threatens the entire weightloss industry.

Queensland, Australia (PRWEB) April 21, 2005

At last 20 years of medical research has revealed the safest most effective way for people to lose weight, maintain their best shape and keep the vitality of their youth.

Are you sick and tired of being insulted and told: "to lose weight all you have to do is eat less and exercise more?" Did you suffer from hunger and energy loss when you tried to improve your appearance in the past?

We have some great news for you...

Dr David Heber, professor at the UCLA Department of Medicine - has just published a best selling book detailing the findings of over 20 years of obesity management and the results are startling. They are so revolutionary that they threaten to turn the weight loss industry on its head.

In fact what he discovered is even helping even normal weight people to reshape themselves and improve their vitality. The difference between what Dr Heber says and what so many other "weight loss experts" claim is that his theories have been proven in clinical studies involving thousands of volunteers. That's right! His suggestions for helping you to take charge of your own weight management are based upon studies some of which showed a 75% success rate.

No program ever before has shown that degree of success in clinical studies.

Due to the alarming rate of obesity in the world, now for the first time ever Dr Heber is taking this type of groundbreaking information directly to you, the consumer instead of simply writing it up in a medical journal and hoping that your local doctor reads it and tells you.

In a world of dietary fads and "one size fits all" pseudo-miracle diets, the L. A. Shape Diet is the most effective, easy-to-follow, scientifically sound dietary plan you'll find.

So what makes the L. A. Shape Diet different from all the other programs out there?

Its based on solid scientific research. Strange as it may seem, most weight control programs are designed and promoted by people who lack clinical evidence to back their theories up. Some of them aren't even medical professionals. You wont have to focus on calorie counting. Calories do matter in any weightloss program, but they are only part of the issue. They food types you eat and how you can use those to fire up your metabolism and how much fat you burnare equally if not more important. We will show you how to focus on much easier factors for lasting success. We think of it as fun, simple and magical! You will actually trade your fat in for lean muscle. Most weight loss programs result in the loss of lean muscle mass and a loss of form. This program does exactly the opposite. You wont get hungry on this plan. Most people struggle to eat as much food as they have to in order to lose weight the L. A. Shape Diet way. If you always failed before because you got hungry, then this program is for you! You wont lose your pep and vitality on this program. The problem with calories restricted diets is that you lose your energy as you restrict your food intake. Thanks to the revolutionary science behind the L. A. Shape Diet, most people wind up eating more food not less and as a result don't experience this problem. (by switching food choices you can get all the nutrition you require to fuel your body and feel great while reducing your calorie intake.) We can show you how to keep the weight off and maintain your loss. The biggest challenge for dieters is not to lose the weight, but to keep it off after the loss. One of the clinical studies undertaken using the L. A. Shape Diet techniques showed 75% of subjects had maintained their losses for a full 2 years, when the study ended. The L. A. Shape Diet offers easy, simple solutions for busy people. Most people wind up eating what they can cram into their busy schedule. This results in poor food choices that all the Diet Recipe books in the world wont solve. We will show you exactly how you can eat the right "fast food" for you so that you still can lose or maintain your weight wherever you are in total comfort and convenience. The L. A. Shape Diet is heart friendly. So many of the new fad high protein diets actually increase your cholesterol and are high in saturated fats. This program is lower than any other in saturated fats and in parts is endorsed by the American Heart association. The L. A. Shape Diet program really works!

Weight-loss testimonialsStarvation only leads to yo-yo dieting. Its bad for your health and will not provide you with a long term solution. Our program will allow you to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off without endangering your health. "After wearing a size 12 for so long, it's a wonderful feeling to put on a size 4!"* "I tried everything to lose weight," says Tonya J.. "I walked three miles a day, skipped meals, cut back on fat and calories-but nothing worked! I'd even been a slave to aerobics, to no avail. One of my biggest problems was retaining fluids.""It got to the point I couldn't even get my wedding ring on!" "I hated the way my stomach always looked big, no matter what clothes I wore or how I tried to stand and hold it in," says Tonya. "A friend of mine introduced me to the program, but I didn't believe it would work for me.""I lost a whole pant size the first month!" The Thermojetics® Weight-Management Program is so easy and the results are so amazing! The products eat away the inches-and my water retention problem quickly subsided. As my body got thinner, my energy went up-and I wasn't even exercising!""After wearing a size 12 for so long, it's a wonderful feeling to put on a size 4!" "Eventually, my husband tried the products too-and lost 30 pounds (12kg)," says Tonya. "Every once in awhile we have to pinch ourselves to make sure everything that's happened is really true!" You Will Soon Laugh At Your Weight Problem -- If You Follow This Plan

In just a few short weeks you'll start thinking about new outfits because your present ones will be getting too "baggy".Imagine how you'll feel as you see tangible, measurable evidence that you're losing weight and slimming down. positive that you see with your own eyes when you look in the mirror. (not only will you see it, but so will your friends and family. Everyone will be dying to find out your secret!).You will be free of weight-loss "yo-yo-ing", -- no up/down effect. You get to your ideal weight - and maintenance is almost automatic. No matter what you've tried in the past, this could well be the last weight loss diet system you ever try because this is a body shaping program.

Here Is Why the L. A Shape Diet Can Work For You:Your Own Personal Coach:We did exhaustive surveys to determine why so many people fail at all the other diets, and one of the biggest factors cited was the lack of personalized support. With our program you will get your own personal coach who not only personally uses the L. A Shape diet techniques but has also been trained in how to help you get the results you need. In studies the L. A Shape Diet Way has been proven easier to follow:In all the studies undertaken by Dr Heber, he found over time that weight control subjects remained more faithful to his system than any other method of weight control. That means you are more likely to be able to follow this program than anything else you might try. Fits today's hectic lifestyle:Have you ever heard someone with weight problems say: "I am too busy to watch what I eat. I don't have the time to take care of that type of thing."? The problem with other "diets" is that they assume working men and women have easy access to wholesome weight sensitive snacks and meals. Last time we surveyed a wide range of working folks, most only had access to a couple fast food joints down the street from their office and a vending machine and precious little else for food during the day. They didn't have the time to prepare the perfect weight loss lunch pack for work and they didn't have the time to drive far to a more wholesome venue so they wound up munching on whatever they could get. Sound familiar?

We will show you exactly how you can eat the right things with zero preparation at work during the day at the office or at home and always stay on track. And they taste good too!

We will show you how to eat real, delicious regular foods to keep your hunger at bay, allowing you to safely and effectively lose the extra weight.

Get started now with customizing your own free profile the L. A. Shape Diet way and begin your weight loss re-education.

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Luggage Gallery Announces the Grand Opening of Its New Travel Lifestyle Boutique, bodymindtravel

Luggage Gallery Announces the Grand Opening of Its New Travel Lifestyle Boutique, bodymindtravel

A new retail concept that combines the best luggage and travel accessory brands with high quality wellness products that enhances the travel experience.

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 1, 2006

Luggage Gallery, an established retailer on Miami Beach for over 29 years, unveiled its first travel concept store, bodymindtravel, on February 10, 2006. The boutique introduces a new Lifestyle Retail Concept to the market by combining the premier luggage and accessories brands with wellness products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Bodymindtravel targets both those consumers who travel the world and those who prioritize a healthy lifestyle. You can expect to find the highest caliber of luggage brands including Tumi, Victorinox, Hartmann, Brics and Kipling, alongside a unique selection of products that range from skin care, aromatherapy, candles, yoga accessories, bamboo fiber clothing, books, music, games and the boutique’s signature brand aimed at enhancing the travel experiences of you and your families.

Owner, Raja Chatani, is committed to ensure that his customers travel wisely and safely, by offering a carefully chosen selection of body, mind and travel wellness essentials. Raja brings to this concept a profound appreciation for the art and science of travel and the importance of wellness.

His retail sales and manufacturing experience in Florida and the Caribbean, his knowledge of the travel consumer needs from 20 yeas in the luggage retail business and his diverse background and travel experiences uniquely position him for launching this new concept in South Florida. He is committed to provide the best that the travel and wellness industries have to offer, Raja, his wife, and daughters’ extensive world travels have led them on quest to find unique and well-made products that “nourish, protect, and enlighten. “ And Journey continues.

Bodymindtravel is located at 1655 James Avenue in Miami Beach at the corner of Lincoln Road. Store Hours are Monday-Saturday 10:00AM to 8:00PM. Sunday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For more information, contact bodymindtravel at (305)532-2307, or visit www. bodymindtravel. com

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TEAM 1500 Says George Washington Would Have Frowned Upon the American Dental Association

TEAM 1500 Says George Washington Would Have Frowned Upon the American Dental Association

On his 275th birthday, George Washington would not have been pleased with the recent actions of the American Dental Association. Washington battled oral health problems all his adult life. Undoubtedly, says TEAM 1500, a non-profit coalition, Washington would have fought on behalf of the average dental patient and the patient's right to receive safe, effective treatments. The ADA is trying to push through new guidelines that would setback the dentistry profession to the era of the Revolutionary War, TEAM 1500 contends. "The ADA aims to help a few rich dentists at the expense of many hundreds of thousands of dental patients," TEAM 1500 says.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 15, 2007

If George Washington were alive to celebrate his upcoming 275th birthday, he most certainly would frown upon the American Dental Association and its recent actions to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of fearful and anxious dental patients.

That is the view of TEAM 1500, a non-profit coalition of dentists and other healthcare professionals who feel that the ADA has lost its focus on the public's oral health and instead is catering to a tiny group of powerful, self-interested dentists.

President Washington lost his first tooth at age 22 and by the time Washington was inaugurated as our nation's first president in 1789, he took the oath of office with only a sole intact tooth.

During his lifetime, Washington went through nine different dental practitioners, each of whom yanked teeth. "Crossing the Delaware, by comparison to tolerating oral pain, was a luxury cruise for our first Commander in Chief," says Dean Rotbart, director of TEAM 1500.

While serving as President, Washington wrote in his diary on January 18, 1790: "Still indisposed with an aching tooth and swelled and inflamed gum." Even after Washington had lost all of his teeth, he was vexed by the pain caused by ill-fitting dentures, which in his case were made of hippo ivory.

Had Washington lived in our times, he no doubt could have saved his teeth -- painlessly and without anxiety. That is, TEAM 1500 says, if the American Dental Association wouldn't block President Washington's right to pursue the happiness that more than one million other dental patients have discovered results from treatments with safe, effective oral conscious sedation.

"How ironic that the ADA is trying to push through new guidelines which, if approved, would effectively relegate hundreds of thousands of modern-day Americans back to the oral health practices of Revolutionary America," observes Rotbart. "'Yankee' was never meant to refer to dental patients."

According to TEAM 1500, newly proposed guidelines by the ADA would effectively prevent most fearful and anxious patients from receiving treatment from their family dentists and instead force them to seek out higher-priced, specially trained dentists.

"Guess who is pushing the ADA to take these ill-conceived actions?" Rotbart asks. "Of course, it is the tiny group of dentists who the new guidelines would favor at the expense of the vast majority of dentists and their patients."

As the nation celebrates President's day, TEAM 1500 asks Americans to consider how George Washington suffered due to poor oral health and asks that the ADA reconsider its proposals to foist such misery upon large sectors of the American public, especially those who are poor or live in rural communities (with limited access to specially trained practitioners).

"The fact that George Washington is frowning in so many portraits reflects the oral pain he had to endure," Rotbart says. "If our first President had had access to oral sedation dentistry, the father of our nation might well have gone down in history not just for his veracity but for his toothy grin."

TEAM 1500, the Trust for Equal Access Medicine, is a non-profit coalition of more than 1,500 independent healthcare providers who are dedicated to making quality medical and dental care available to all Americans.

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