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Pet Obesity Expands in U. S

Pet Obesity Expands in U. S.

Nationwide study finds half of dogs and cats now overweight or obese, an increase from 2007. In the U. S., over 44% of dogs and 57% of cats are now estimated to be overweight or obese according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). The second annual National Pet Obesity Day Study conducted in October, 2008, found that from 2007 to 2008, the number of overweight dogs and cats increased by 1% and 4%, respectively.

Calabash, NC (PRWEB) February 10, 2009

In the U. S., over 44% of dogs and 57% of cats are now estimated to be overweight or obese according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (http://www. PetObesityPrevention. com) (APOP). The second annual National Pet Obesity (http://www. PetObesityPrevention. com) Day Study conducted in October, 2008, found that from 2007 to 2008, the number of overweight dogs and cats increased by 1% and 4%, respectively.

"Pet obesity continues to emerge as a leading cause of preventable disease and death in dogs and cats. Our pets are in real danger of not living as long as previous generations and developing serious and costly diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and other largely avoidable conditions," states lead researcher Dr. Ernie Ward.

Obesity rates in cats were highest at 17.8%; dogs were slightly better with 9.6% classified as obese. Approximately 39.6% of all cats and 34.7% of dogs were classified as overweight by a veterinary healthcare provider.

According to the study, 7.2 million dogs are estimated to be obese and 26 million overweight. The number in cats is higher, with 15.7 million estimated to be obese and 35 million overweight.

"These numbers, 33 million dogs and 51 million cats that are overweight, represent a huge problem for everyone. Excess weight causes or contributes to many painful and debilitating conditions. Just as we've become a nation of couch potatoes, our pets have become a nation of lap potatoes--and that's not good for anyone," replies Dr. Ward.

Older animals had a higher incidence of being overweight; 52.1% of dogs and 55% of cats over age seven were found to be overweight or obese.

"This is a particularly concerning discovery for veterinarians. Extra pounds in older pets amplify any pre-existing conditions and complicate treatment. We're seeing more and more diabetes, respiratory, and arthritic conditions in older pets as a direct result of obesity. These are often chronic, incurable, and generally preventable diseases. Pet owners need to understand that a few extra pounds on a dog or cat is similar to a person being 30 to 50 pounds overweight," says Dr. Ward.

Pet owners with heavy pets accurately reported their pet's weight status when asked by veterinary healthcare providers; 71.5% of owners with overweight or obese cats identified their cat as overweight or obese, and 60% of dog owners agreed with their veterinarian's assessment of their dog's weight.

"This tells me pet owners know their pet is too heavy. It's up to veterinarians to help pet lovers get their pet back to a healthy weight," responds Dr. Ward.

Smaller breeds of dogs had more trouble with their weight than larger breeds. Breeds such as Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Yorkshire terriers were more likely to be classified as overweight than Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, or German shepherds.

"Smaller, indoor-only dogs tend to have more trouble maintaining a healthy weight because they don't get adequate exercise. Unfortunately, these are also the dogs we're seeing a high number of weight-related disorders in," says Ward.

The second National Pet Obesity Awareness Day study was conducted using data collected by 95 U. S. veterinary clinics in October, 2008. In all, 669 dogs aged 1 to 16 and 202 cats aged 1 to 19 were evaluated. Approximately 10% of dogs were classified as obese and 35% as overweight. Approximately 18% of all cats were rated as obese and 40% as overweight.

For additional information on the study, please contact Dr. Ernie Ward or visit www. PetObesityPrevention. com.

About the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (http://www. PetObesityPrevention. com) (APOP):
APOP was founded in 2005 by Dr. Ernie Ward to promote awareness of the dangers of pet obesity to veterinary healthcare providers and pet owners. APOP is not affiliated with any pet or veterinary company or corporation.

Dr. Ernie Ward, President Association for Pet Obesity Prevention
DrWard (at) SeasideVet (dot) com
Http://www. PetObesityPrevention. com (http://www. PetObesityPrevention. com)


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ON Networks Presents New Dinner with the Band Episodes: Featuring Tokyo Police Club

ON Networks Presents New Dinner with the Band Episodes: Featuring Tokyo Police Club

Canadian indie band Tokyo Police Club hits the virtual stage in June with its debut performance on Dinner with the Band (www. dinnerwiththeband. tv), a new Internet TV show hosted by New York City chef Sam Mason. The perfect mash-up of indie music and designer recipes, Dinner with the Band gives fans a personal, first-hand look into the lives of some of the industry's hippest up-and-coming bands.

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) June 18, 2007

 Mason serves up Tex-Mex food, including migas and avocado margaritas, in a nod to the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas where he first heard Tokyo Police Club play. The band, which hails from Toronto, has been described by EYE Weekly as "undeniably catchy and raw, marrying danceable hooks with talk of robot masters and global emergencies, providing an upbeat soundtrack to our troubled times."

On the heels of a live performance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Tokyo Police Club plays intimate renditions of "Nature of the Experiment," "If It Works," and "Be Good" on Dinner with the Band.

The band follows previous Dinner with the Band guests that include hip hop mastermind El-P and indie rock band Pela.

Mason, former pastry chef of New York's famous WD-50 and proprietor of the soon-to-open contemporary dining and cocktail parlor Tailor, hosts Dinner with the Band in his apartment, usually in a t-shirt and jeans, bringing a casual, non-intimidating approach to his dishes that stimulate the palate as well as the dialogue.

Dinner with the Band is one of several new programs being introduced by ON Networks, Inc. (ON). It is also one of just a few original, professionally produced Internet TV shows selected by iTunes as a featured podcast and a featured video for Apple TV. Like all ON Networks shows, Dinner with the Band is broadcast-quality video content originated in high-definition.

To share a Dinner with the Band video, simply select the desired episode at www. dinnerwiththeband. tv and click on the "chain" icon in the player control bar. There, you can view the embedded HTML player code, which can be copied and then pasted onto any web page.

Dinner with the Band can be watched anytime, anywhere at www. dinnerwiththeband. tv. There, viewers can subscribe to receive notices about new Dinner with the Band episodes as well as get other program information and updates from ON. Other shows available at www. onnetworks. com are: Austin Connoisseur, Budget Health Nut, Cocktails on the Fly, Golf Tips, ON Dating, Stump the Chef and Zen Living.

About Sam Mason

Sam Mason, formerly the pastry chef at WD-50, is one of the most creative pastry chefs in America today. Having honed his craft at some of the most prestigious kitchens of the times including Palladin, Union Pacific, and Atlas, Mason has truly been able to shape his aesthetic culinary vision, combining molecular gastronomy with innovative ingredients to produce desserts that continually surprise the palate. He is opening a new restaurant, Tailor, in Manhattan in Summer 2007. Capturing the spirit of old-world New York with urban sensibilities, Tailor is fashioned to become a destination for modern merrymaking and culinary exploration. For more information, visit www. tailornyc. com.

About Diabolik Productions

Dinner with the Band is produced by Diabolik Productions, LLC, which is comprised of brothers Darin and Greg Bresnitz. Created by Darin in 2005, Diabolik Productions serves to bring together his two passions, food and music. Darin has spent the last five years working as a producer for various networks, including UK Foods, The Austin Music Network, Current TV and the Food Network. Greg Bresnitz has spent the last seven years working in the independent music community, developing a solid background in event planning and new media marketing, having founded the New Media department for World's Fair. He recently completed his second year as event coordinator for the widely successful independent PLUG Music Awards. The brothers live and work together in Brooklyn, NY.

About ON Networks, Inc.

ON Networks is changing the way television shows are created, distributed, consumed and monetized. It's a new media company for the digital generation, delivering high-definition content on-demand across the Internet and new networks like IPTV, digital cable and iTunes. With original series for every pastime and pursuit, ON's short-form, weekly videos satisfy the growing demand for relevant, smart and entertaining programming that is available when, where and how viewers want to watch it. Join the growing ON community at www. onnetworks. com.

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Young Guns Make China Open a Success

Young Guns Make China Open a Success

The China Open is a young tournament – and it is young players who are putting it on the tennis map.

(PRWEB) September 27, 2005

The China Open is a young tournament – and it is young players who are putting it on the tennis map.

One week after Spanish superkid Rafael Nadal was crowned menÂ’s singles champion, 18-year-old Maria Kirilenko of Russia captured the womenÂ’s crown.

Tournament director Ekkehard Rathgeber was delighted with the performances of tennisÂ’ new generation at the Beijing Tennis Centre.

“Nadal played some fantastic tennis in the first week – which was to be expected because he was the top seed and the world No.2,” said Rathgeber.

“Kirilenko’s victory was more of a surprise, because she wasn’t among the favourites, but she really came of age during the women’s event. This was her maiden WTA Tour title and I’m sure it will be the first of many – she is one of the rising stars of world tennis.”

It was just the second edition of the China Open, which has a 10-year commitment to Beijing, and Rathgeber felt there were many positives to emerge from the two-week event.

“We saw some great tennis, two marvellous finals and we crowned two worthy singles champions,” he said.

“We were also delighted by the displays of China’s rising band of women’s players. Sun Tiantian’s second-round victory over Serena Williams will live long in the memory and, in Sun and Peng Shuai, China had two representatives in the quarter-finals.

“The fans really got behind the home players and gave them tremendous support. Personally, I do not think the day is too far off when a Chinese player wins the women’s singles here.”

In addition, the China Open was a great success off the court, according to Rathgeber, who is also Chief Operating Officer of tournament co-organiser TOM Group Limited, an associate of Hutchison Whampoa.

“The organisation was an improvement on last year,” he said. “We got very positive feedback from the ATP and WTA – indeed the ATP’s tournament supervisor, Ed Hardisty, congratulated us on a very successful week.

“Nadal has gone on record as saying he likes Beijing, he enjoys playing at the China Open and he fully intends to return next year, as does Kirilenko.

“Attendances were also an improvement on last year. Tennis is gradually gaining a foothold in China and fans here are still learning about the game, but they have been extremely enthusiastic these past two weeks.

“That is not only good for the China Open, it is good for Chinese tennis. As a result of this tournament, we expect more and more young people to take up the sport – the future is very bright.”

China Open officials had a busy second week due to a succession of injury pullouts.

Lindsay Davenport withdrew with a back injury on the eve of the tournament, Venus Williams pulled out with a sore knee after her second-round match and top seed Maria Sharapova had to retire during her semi-final against Maria Kirilenko with a recurrence of the pectoral muscle injury that disrupted her summer.

In addition, Serena Williams suffered ankle problems during her defeat by Sun.

“It was unfortunate, but it was just coincidence,” said Rathgeber. “All the players tried their best. Venus Williams completed her match even though she had the injury and Maria Sharapova wanted to continue and only stopped when the pain became too much.

“Lindsay Davenport notified us of her withdrawal before the tournament in accordance with WTA rules. And Serena Williams showed great determination to complete her match even though she was suffering from an ankle injury.

“We have to show understanding in these situations. These players are professional athletes – their health is their livelihood and we can’t expect them to play and run the risk of aggravating an injury.

“Injuries aside, it was a tremendous two weeks. The tournament is now a fixture in the international tennis calendar and is progressing year by year. We’re already looking forward to 2006.”

About TOM Group

TOM Group Limited (HKSE stock code: 2383) is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. A leading Chinese-language media group in the Greater China region, TOM Group has diverse business interests in five key areas: Internet (TOM Online); outdoor (TOM Outdoor Media Group); publishing; sports; and television and entertainment across markets in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In each of the areas it operates, TOM Group has secured market leadership. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group has regional headquarters in Beijing and Taipei, and 3,400 employees in over 20 cities.

Released by Two Up Front on behalf of TOM Group Limited, co-organiser of China Open 2005.

# # #

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Diabetes For Dummies®, 3rd Edition, Reports on the Latest Developments in the Field

Diabetes For Dummies®, 3rd Edition, Reports on the Latest Developments in the Field

The bestselling guide is now filled with new, essential information for knowing whether you or your loved one suffers from this chronic but very treatable disease.

Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) July 31, 2008

Ever since the first edition of "Diabetes For Dummies" was published in 1999, the book has been a major resource for those with diabetes and their loved ones, as well as drug company representatives and researchers trying to find a cure. Since the previous edition, more than 2 million additional people have been diagnosed with the disease. Unfortunately, a large number of them are children.

To update the book and provide the best medical care for his patients, author Alan L. Rubin, MD, has followed the latest developments closely. Among the many findings, readers will discover new explanations for the complications of eye disease, kidney disease, nerve disease and heart disease that develop when diabetes is not controlled.

"Diabetes For Dummies, 3rd Ed.," (http://www. dummies. com/WileyCDA/DummiesTitle/Diabetes-For-Dummies-3rd-Edition. productCd-0470270861.html) explains how the increasing number of overweight and sedentary children has led to a much higher prevalence of diabetes in young people than ever before. Since complications develop after ten or more years of uncontrolled diabetes, there may be a significant number of young people with blindness, kidney failure and even heart attacks in the next decade. "Diabetes For Dummies, 3rd Ed.," covers the three major, but reversible, problems that lead to damage to the body:
High blood sugar (glucose), through a variety of mechanisms that are explained in the book, may damage just about every organ in the body - especially the eyes, kidneys, nerves and heart.

Solution? Start with lifestyle change and, if necessary, add medications to bring the blood sugar down into a range that is as normal as possible.

High blood cholesterol damages the arteries and can lead to heart attacks, strokes and blockage in the arteries of the legs and feet. Solution? Start with lifestyle change and add medications if necessary to bring the total cholesterol and the bad cholesterol down, while bringing the good cholesterol up.

High blood pressure damages the arteries and adds to the damage in the kidneys and heart caused by high blood sugar and high cholesterol. Solution? Start with lifestyle change and add medications if necessary to lower the blood pressure to less than 120/80.

The book covers both new developments for managing weight and tried-and-true methods for weight loss. It includes an in-depth discussion of exercise (how much you must do and the most helpful types of exercises), new information on the positive effects of resistance training (weight lifting), and a comprehensive discussion of all available medications with particular emphasis on Dr. Rubin's own experience using them. 

"Diabetes For Dummies, 3rd Ed.," provides information and tips on the latest products and devices that can help the person with diabetes control blood sugar. Not every new device will help lower blood sugar. Dr. Rubin has tried them all and offers not just his opinion, but also those of leading experts in the field. Unfortunately, in many instances, such experts have a conflict of interest; they receive funding from the device maker or are paid to lecture for them. Dr. Rubin has no such conflict of interest and can be trusted.

In typical For Dummies® (http://www. dummies. com/WileyCDA/) fashion, the book concludes with "The Part of Tens," including ten ways to prevent or reverse the effects of diabetes and ten diabetes myths debunked. Since diabetes in one person affects all members of a family, Dr. Rubin also provides ten ways to get others to help you. The appendix supplies a mini-cookbook made up of recipes from great restaurants and the best web sites for further details about diabetes. A handy "Cheat Sheet" in the front of the book lists the most critical information and where to find much more throughout the book.

About the Author: 
Alan L. Rubin, M. D. is a physician with an active diabetes practice in San Francisco, California. After "Diabetes For Dummies," now available in 14 languages, Dr. Rubin published "Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies," "Thyroid For Dummies," "High Blood Pressure For Dummies," and the recent "Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies." With the exception of the last book, all are in second editions and have been bestsellers.

Diabetes For Dummies®, 3rd Edition
By Alan L. Rubin, M. D.
ISBN: 978-0-470-27086-8 / $21.99 U. S. / August 2008

About For Dummies®:  
With near universal name recognition, more than 150 million books in print, and more than 1,300 topics, For Dummies is the world's bestselling reference series. With loyal customers around the globe, For Dummies enriches people's lives by making knowledge accessible in a fun and easy way. Described by the New York Times as "more than a publishing phenomenon, but a sign of the times," For Dummies span every section of the bookstore, covering everything from health to history, music to math, self-help to Spanish language, technology to travel, and more. The Dummies brand has expanded into new products and categories with language audio sets; and an extensive licensed product line, including art sets, craft kits, GPS navigation, fitness and hobby DVDs and more. For more information, visit Dummies. com. For Dummies is a branded imprint of Wiley.


Cable Still Dominates in Top Ten Markets, According to a Special Report from SNL Kagan and MediaBiz

Cable Still Dominates in Top Ten Markets, According to a Special Report from SNL Kagan and MediaBiz

New report analyzes subscriber locations, dominant distribution methods, multichannel penetration rates and MSO trends market-by-market.

Monterey, Calif. (Vocus) May 11, 2010

SNL Kagan (http://www. snlkagan. com/), in partnership with MediaBiz (http://www. mediabiz. com/), has released a special report on the U. S. multichannel video market, which analyzes subscriber counts, penetration and operator performance nationwide and by market.

According to the report, the multichannel video market expanded from 97 million video subscribers at year-end 2008 to 99.9 million as of year-end 2009; however, performance was mixed among the three distribution categories. Cable subscribers slipped from 62.6 million to 62.1 million, while DBS subscribers had a healthy increase from 31.3 million to 32.7 million. Telco showed the biggest gains, with video subscribers growing 65%, from 3.1 million to 5.1 million.

The analysis shows that cable is still the dominant provider in the top ten markets in the U. S., with the highest relative market share in Boston at 74.9%. DBS has its highest share in Atlanta, with 43.4% of the video market, while telco’s strongest foothold is in Dallas-Ft. Worth at 14.1%.

The multichannel special report will be available at SNL Kagan’s booth (#2220) at The Cable Show 2010 (http://2010.thecableshow. com/), May 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

SNL Kagan provides comprehensive information on the multichannel industry, ranging from cable MSOs, satellite operators and telco video providers, to cable TV programming and technology. In strategic partnership with MediaBiz, SNL Kagan now offers geographic multichannel data, such as basic and digital subscribers by provider for the top 10 cable MSOs, DBS subscribers by provider and telco subscribers by TV provider. To learn more or to subscribe, contact SNLKaganSales(at)snl(dot)com or 866.296.3743.

About SNL Kagan
SNL Kagan, a division of SNL Financial LC, is a comprehensive resource for financial intelligence in the media and communications sector, including the broadcasting, cable, entertainment, motion picture, telecom, wireless, satellite, publishing and new media industries. The SNL Kagan suite of products integrates breaking news, comprehensive data and expert analysis into an electronic database available online and updated around the clock. For more information, visit www. snlkagan. com].

Visit the SNL Press Room (http://www. snl. com/SNL-Financial/Home/Media. aspx) to learn more about resources available to members of the media.

SNL Contact
Monica Jenkins
Press Relations Manager

SNL Financial
One SNL Plaza
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Other office locations:
Ahmedabad, India; Arlington, Va.; Boston, Mass.; Boulder, Colo.; Islamabad, Pakistan; Jersey City, N. J.; London; Monterey, Calif.; New York


AIM Motivational Seminar's brings Connecting Native Circles Men¡¦s & Women¡¦s Conference To the White Mountains

AIM Motivational Seminar's brings Connecting Native Circles Men¡¦s & Women¡¦s Conference To the White Mountains

Rekindling the Spirit, Blending Wisdom, Culture and Spirituality into our lives.

(PRWEB) April 12, 2003

July 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2003

White Mountain Apache Hon-Dah Resort, Casino and Conference Center

Keynote Speaker Howard Rainer (Taos Pueblo)

Will speak on:

Rekindling the Spirit, Blending Wisdom, Culture and Spirituality into our lives. The conference will focus on peace weaving for healing in the home, workplace and community by strengthening our wisdom, cultures, and spirituality. More than 30 inspiring topics will be presented by nationally recognized Native teachers.

The workshops will:

Explore new strategies and skills for keeping peace at home and in the workplace

Build workplace skills and enhance confidence

Powerfully inspire, motivate and lead others

Celebrate vibrant health and well being

Rekindle and strengthen the Spirit

$395.00 per participant (Includes dinner and entertainment)


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IntelliSoft Group Announces Version 9.0 Enhancing and Improving IntelliCred Software

IntelliSoft Group Announces Version 9.0 Enhancing and Improving IntelliCred Software

IntelliSoft Group has released Version 9.0 of IntelliCred suite. IntelliSoft Group is a leading provider of medical credentialing software. Version 9.0 offers many new features and benefits that enable healthcare professionals to be more efficient in their credentialing tasks.

Nashua, NH (Vocus) March 3, 2009

ISG Group, doing business as IntelliSoft Group, has announced the release of version 9.0 of their IntelliCred medical credentialing software. IntelliSoft’s suite of software products automates the processes that are vital for all healthcare organizations and their practitioners.

“The new version of our credentialing software provides greater functionality and features, while maintaining the same ease of use that IntelliCred is known for,” stated Mike Aha, director of development. “These updates and improvements allow medical staff services professionals the ability to perform credentialing tasks at a higher level of efficiency.”

Some of the new features include:
 The ability to store provider photos in your database  Re-credentialing and verifications can be done by less time consuming batch processing  New dashboard features provides information at the users fingertips, allowing for custom options that appeal to each user  Enhanced reporting capabilities on all standard reports, with less data entry required  Ability to store printed applications as images, and attached images are more easily identifiable  Support of the Vista Operating System

The new version of the software supports SaaS, Web and Client Server deployments. IntelliSoft offers a wide variety of medical credentialing software solutions that meet all NCQA, Joint Commission, and URAC credentialing standards. Version 9.0 and its enhancements provide greater flexibility within the software, providing cost effective and time saving results.

An industry leader since 1997 with over 450 customers in the U. S. and Puerto Rico, IntelliSoft Group is a nationwide supplier of automated credentialing and innovative provider management solutions, offering a wide variety of products. IntelliSoft Group’s high-tech software streamlines the medical credentialing process, meeting the demands of today’s healthcare professional. For more information, please contact us at 888-634-4464, or online at www. intellisoftgroup. com.


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<a href="http://www. mentalhealth. org" onclick="linkClick(this. href)">www. mentalhealth. org</a> COMMENDED FOR MAKING THE WEB MORE INTERESTING


(PRWEB) February 18, 2000


February 15, 2000


Farra Trompeter

Ftrompeter@health. org

(301) 770-5800 ext 5036

Www. mentalhealth. org COMMENDED FOR


The Center for Mental Health Services' Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) has just received the “Critical Mass Award”. This award recognizes sites that make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit.

Www. mentalhealth. org received the Critical Mass Award for being a great site, with excellent design, clever original graphics, and informative and entertaining content that is presented well and easy to access. Bill Darling congratulated KEN for being “A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.”

Take a look at www. mentalhealth. org today and see why so many people are counting on KEN for information on a variety of issues, including anxiety, school violence, depression, and HIV/AIDS.

### -

AdvancedMD Software Names Tech Veteran, Christopher J. Bijou, as Executive Vice President of Sales : Executive to Drive Growth of Software as a Service for Medical Practice Management Industry

AdvancedMD Software Names Tech Veteran, Christopher J. Bijou, as Executive Vice President of Sales : Executive to Drive Growth of Software as a Service for Medical Practice Management Industry

AdvancedMD® Software, the leader in software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for medical practices and medical billing services, announced that it has appointed Christopher J. Bijou, 41, as the company’s executive vice president of sales. In his new role, Bijou is responsible for inside, field-based and channel sales operations. Bijou is part of the executive management team, reporting to Eric C. Morgan, CEO.

SALT LAKE CITY (PRWEB) December 17, 2008

Bijou joins AdvancedMD following an 18-year career in the enterprise software and software-as-a-service industries. Bijou's most recent position was senior vice president of sales at UCN, Inc. (Nasdaq: UCNN), the market leader in on-demand contact center software. Prior to UCN, Bijou spent six years with Oracle Corporation (Nasdaq: ORCL), rising from Siebel senior account manager responsible for hosted and on-premises CRM sales, to senior director of sales for the Oracle CRM product line in the U. S. and Canada. At Oracle, Bijou was recognized as the top account salesperson after his first year and every subsequent year was recognized as top regional manager.

Prior to Oracle, Bijou worked for EDI Technologies, a digital imaging company, first as a partner responsible for a nationwide sales force for the consulting division of the business, and later as CEO where he was recognized in 1996 as one of the top 100 executives in Utah.

"Chris has a proven ability to build successful world-class sales organizations that consistently perform at a high level," said Morgan. "This appointment rounds out our management team to take the company to the next level. We intend to accelerate our sales growth leveraging Chris' strength as a senior leader as well as his experience in software sales."

Bijou has been part of the SaaS movement since its beginning with Oracle/Siebel. "We were ahead of the market and proved the validity of on-demand CRM software," said Bijou. "Salesforce. com (NYSE: CRM) then came along to become a nearly $4 billion giant in the hosted CRM space. Another SaaS pioneer, UCN, proved the model and has become the call center industry leader."

"We now see healthcare professionals adopting SaaS at an incredible rate because it is affordable and scalable for medical practices of all sizes," added Bijou. "AdvancedMD's medical office software is not only the market leader, but the most proven technology. It is poised to be the next Salesforce. com for healthcare – as evidenced by Inc. 500's recognition of AdvancedMD as one of the fastest growing companies in America."

About AdvancedMD Software

AdvancedMD® Software, Inc., is the leader in software-as-service (SaaS) applications for medical practices and medical billing companies. AdvancedMD's multi-tenant, Web-based platform offers a complete solution for billing, scheduling and practice management resulting in immediate ROI. Real-time electronic eligibility verification, automated claim scrubbing prior to submittal and rejection recovery features combined with integrated clearinghouse functions improve successful claims to over 95%. A single Web-based login eliminates the hassle of logging in and out of remote-office databases to manage multi-provider practice master files. Central billing office capabilities enable unified management of remote workers and distributed offices. The subscription-based service offers free technical support, world-class security, and fully HIPAA-compliant accessibility. For more information please visit www. advancedmd. com.

Cut Your Energy Costs Upward to 90 Percent; Prevent Asthma, Mold and Other Allergies Created in Your Home Environment

Cut Your Energy Costs Upward to 90 Percent; Prevent Asthma, Mold and Other Allergies Created in Your Home Environment

Energy Wise Healthy Home Media Productions LLC in partnership with WTVI PBS, Charlotte announces the release of their new series, Energy Wise Healthy Home. This 26-part television series will document the construction of an innovative 7,800 square-foot energy-efficient and healthy home. Airing will begin on PBS stations nationwide June 2004, please contact your local PBS station to get listing information.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) April 1, 2004 -

– Energy Wise Healthy Home will explore the most up-to-date technologies that lower utility bills, improve personal health and reduce damage to the environment. With help from the countryÂ’s top energy experts and products from leading suppliers this series will showcase energy-efficient building methods and materials that can cut energy bills by up to 90 percent. It will offer solutions to problems like childhood asthma, allergies and toxic mold reactions.

Each week, Energy Wise Healthy Home will follow, step-by-step, the construction of a home that will incorporate the most revolutionary and hi-tech solutions to two growing concerns for todayÂ’s homeowners; the high environmental, social and financial costs of energy waste and the negative health effects of poor home construction.

Special segments will also be included to examine environmentally sound lifestyle choices like ultra low-emission automobiles, new energy sources and sustainable urban design. These segments will aide in promoting energy efficiency and healthy living ideas in existing homes through home improvement.

Energy Wise Healthy Home will be certified by the Energy Star Program of the U. S. Department of Energy and by The American Lung Association as a “Health House.” Researchers from the Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and other authorities on energy-efficient and healthy building standards are consultants to the series.

You may log on to www. ewhh. com for more information. A monthly companion publication, Energy Wise Healthy Home Magazine, is planned.

Tune in to a new issues oriented series on PBS to find out more regarding hot topics happening today in relation to home construction, remodeling, rising energy costs and a healthy home environment.

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Royal United Hospital Reports Faster Report Turnaround and Improved Service Levels with WinScribe Digital Dictation

Royal United Hospital Reports Faster Report Turnaround and Improved Service Levels with WinScribe Digital Dictation

Both the Histopathology and Radiology departments work under intense pressure on a day-to-day basis, running to tight deadlines in stressful situations. Due to the nature of the work, it is crucial that all reporting is undertaken as efficiently and accurately as possible; cancer reports for example, need to be turned around in 24 hours.

London, UK (PRWEB) January 25, 2007

Since installing WinScribe Digital Dictation software, the Royal United Hospital, Bath reports improved report turnaround time and increased staff productivity.

Both the Histopathology and Radiology departments work under intense pressure on a day-to-day basis, running to tight deadlines in stressful situations. Due to the nature of the work, it is crucial that all reporting is undertaken as efficiently and accurately as possible; cancer reports for example, need to be turned around in 24 hours.

With an increase in the volume of work from 200,000 reports to 220,000 per annum and substantial backlog reductions, it is estimated that the WinScribe solution has contributed to a 10% increase in productivity, as well as a 10-15% increase in reporting efficiency and 5-10% increase in secretarial efficiency due to greater clarity of dictation and fewer interruptions. Turnaround targets are being met as well as essential 24/7 working requirements.

With WinScribe reports are available faster and on screen at outpatient consultation resulting in immediate diagnosis being given person to person. With the rapid turnaround of biopsies the patients can be booked in for outpatient slots earlier enabling the 2 week cancer diagnosis to be met.

Not only is WinScribe enabling RUH to turn reports around more quickly than when it relied on old tape systems, there has been no need to employ more full/part time secretaries as they are working more efficiently, despite an increased workload.

Lucinda Payne Johns, Laboratory Manager commented:

"The WinScribe digital dictation software seemed simple to use and certainly looked as if it would save the department a considerable amount of time and money. Our main concern is providing the best possible service to our patients whether directly or indirectly. Being able to transcribe quickly and efficiently means that we can provide our results in a significantly reduced time frame."

The benefits to the Radiology and Histopathology departments have been so significant that it is now anticipated that the solution will be rolled-out as an enterprise-wide solution to the rest of the hospital.

About WinScribe

WinScribe is a world leading provider of digital dictation software supporting business requirements for digital dictation, transcription, voice recognition, and workflow management. First developed in 1995, WinScribe has offices in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Switzerland, with more than 100 sales partners in over 25 countries supporting more than 300,000 users worldwide. WinScribe is fully customisable to meet the needs of a number of significant vertical markets including Legal, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Transcription, Insurance and Government sectors. www. winscribe. com

Http://www. winscribedictation. co. uk/uknews/2007/24Jan07.asp (http://www. winscribedictation. co. uk/uknews/2007/24Jan07.asp)


Weight Loss Market Trends – Convenience Is Key

Weight Loss Market Trends – Convenience Is Key

ChicWeightLoss. com releases new website in time for 2006. Most Americans know that weight loss can be healthier by their choice of activities and eating habits. However, few of them are aware that they can actually reverse weight gain and achieve their target weight using two simple plans.

Yelm, WA (PRWEB) January 3, 2006 -–

Kami Resources Inc, the market research firm that operates ChicWeightLoss weight loss diet website on the Web has just released its weight loss site that specializes in educating and motivating people on good nutrition, healthy eating and wellness to improve overall health and happiness. To change your body for the better, learn more about our two simple plans, receive free tips, recipes, programs, articles and more; go to www. ChicWeightLoss. com

Overall Weight Loss Market Trends

1) Convenience Is Key…

What this weight loss website is packaging and promoting right now is essentially convenience. They offer weight loss diet convenience products geared toward working men and women that have little time for demanding weight loss diets that require exercising and strenuous routines. This eliminates some traditional obstacles that diet program have long faced. You don’t have to drive to weekly meetings or to the center to pick up your diet food. There are no embarrassing weigh-ins. You can order anonymously, online, 24/7. Apparently, that’s a winning combination for many dieters.

2) Findings – Online Dieters…

Kami Resources Inc examined a sample of 19,674 dieters that completed the online survey, from August 1 to November 15. Following are several key findings:

Method - Most dieters overall are do-it-yourselfers—estimated by many at 70%. This is the number one preferred diet program format. High blood pressure is the leading medical condition affecting online dieters. Headaches and migraines combined also rank high on the list. Nearly 41% of online dieters have special foods needs, sensitivities, or allergies. Diet Budget - An overwhelming 62% wants to spend less than $250 on a diet plan. However, there was a notable shift to spending more on a diet plan. The share of online dieters willing to pay $500 or more rose. This may signify that as the diet season matures, dieters get more desperate and want results.

3) New Year Weight Loss and Fitness Resolutions…

Every New Year, millions of Americans flock to the gym to start working on their weight loss and fitness resolutions. Determined, focused, and diligent, they all claim that this is the year they will take off the weight. Sadly, although 30% of Americans say their top New Years Resolution is to lose weight and exercise more, 77% say they’re carrying it over from the previous year. ChicWeightLoss is set to make these statistics a thing of the past, by helping people stick to their new weight loss and fitness resolutions.

4) Diet Pay-Per-Click Ads Get More Expensive, Competitive…

Www. ChicWeightLoss. com analysts noted that throughout the year; that bids on many popular weight loss key words increased. It’s now more expensive to run paid search campaigns. New weigh loss diet websites will find it more difficult to break through and be noticed. In addition, major systems such as Google raised the price of ads significantly by moving the minimum bid from 5 to 10 cents per click.

About ChicWeightLoss. com/AboutUs

Www. ChicWeightLoss. com is operated by Kami Resources Inc, an Independent Market Research of the Web since 2001. ChicWeightLoss is a new weight loss website providing the latest Health and Wellness articles. This site is in its early stages of development and is rapidly being updated daily with great content.

Contact Information:

Curt Landberg

ChicWeightLoss. com/KamiResources Inc.


Www. ChicWeightLoss. com

# # #

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tennis Players Need the Right Shoes and Proper Foot Care to Stay in the Game

Tennis Players Need the Right Shoes and Proper Foot Care to Stay in the Game

Like all people who play racquet sports, tennis players are at risk for developing overuse injuries and other problems such as stress fractures, tendonitis, black and ingrown toenails, heel spurs, blisters and bunions, corns and calluses.

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) June 23, 2005

Since the early days of tennis, technological improvements in equipment and playing surfaces have resulted in play that places tremendous stress on players' feet. In addition, since the game requires constant movement: forward and backward, side-to-side, running, jumping, lunging, and sometimes stumbling, which can lead to foot injuries and other problems, special attention to foot care is needed to keep players in the game for a lifetime.

According to Lorenzo Hyland, an amateur tournament tennis player who says he intends to play tennis the rest of his life, selecting the proper shoes is the single most important way to protect feet from injury. He says, "If my shoes are too narrow, my bones crunch together, and that's very painful. The one thing that has been difficult is finding exactly the right shoes that are long enough so that my toes don't bash into the front when I stop quickly, but not so long that I move around in them. This takes some testing and experimenting. Combine that with shoes that can take the abuse of a good serve and you really have something."

Tennis shoes designed specifically for the sport provide stability for side-to-side movement. They're heavier and stiffer than running shoes and support the toes for stop-and-go motion. C. J. Buck is an expert on problems related to feet and is also an avid tennis player. CEO of Princeton, New Jersey-based Xenna Corporation, which distributes foot care products, Buck says, "Comfortable, well-supported shoes made for the surface we usually play on is critical, but so is the need for comfort. Tennis shoes can be hot and stiff. I prefer the lasts as soft as possible and plenty of arch support."

Like all people who play racquet sports, tennis players are at risk for developing unsightly feet. Xenna's NonyX® Nail Gel and CalleX® Dry Heel Ointment address the problems of yellow, discolored toenails and dry, cracked heels. Many podiatrists recommend the natural enzymes found in acid-free CalleX Ointment for soft, supple heels and to exfoliate thickened areas. Newly patented, CalleX has been shown in consumer studies to significantly reduce thick, dry, flaking skin and cracking on soles and heels within 15 to 30 days. Diabetic-friendly, CalleX moisturizes dry, rough or flaky skin, and exfoliates and thins thickened areas, while leaving normal skin unaffected.

Xenna's patented, podiatrist-recommended NonyX® Nail Gel was developed to provide a solution to the problem of yellow, dark or discolored nails. Buck says, "NonyX Gel is a topical, easy-to-use gel that breaks down and removes keratin debris - the discolored, yellow or thick granular buildup under nails which is the actual source of nail discoloration. It softens keratin debris using natural ethanoic acid, and permits it to be scraped out from under the nail, beginning after about four weeks. Once keratin debris is removed, NonyX Gel keeps nails looking clear and attractive with regular use."

According to Buck, "In addition to comfort, most people are also concerned about whether or not their feet look attractive, whether playing tennis or just relaxing at the beach or pool. Tennis is a lifetime sport, but as we get older, our feet need more attention to stay nimble on the court. Thousands of people who've used our products have regained their confidence and are simply ecstatic to be able to show their bare, healthy-looking feet in public!"

NonyX Nail Gel can be purchased in the footcare section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs, Drug Emporium, Brooks and most Medicine Shoppe drugstores. You'll also find it at HEB and Brookshire grocery stores, through podiatric physicians, independent pharmacies and online at www. drugstore. com and www. xenna. com. CalleX Dry Heel Ointment is now available in the footcare section at Longs Drugs, from podiatric physicians and online at www. drugstore. com and www. xenna. com. To order NonyX Nail Gel or CalleX Dry Heel Ointment online, find a store near you or to view clinical photos, click on www. xenna. com.

# # #

Smart Cards Improve Patient Care, Business Performance at Memorial Hospital

Smart Cards Improve Patient Care, Business Performance at Memorial Hospital

CardLogix Teams With LifeMed (TM) For A Smart Card-Based EHR.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2010

Irvine, CA - August 23, 2010 – CardLogix (http://www. cardlogix. com/), a leading manufacturer of smart cards and software for Healthcare Informatics, and S. M.A. R.T. Association, Inc., a supplier of smart card solutions for Healthcare, announced today that Memorial Hospital of North Conway, New Hampshire, has successfully implemented the S. M.A. R.T. Association LifeMed™ solution for streamlining patient registration. The LifeMed Electronic Health Record (EHR) card utilizes a CardLogix smart card, and features the following benefits: 1). Streamlines patient registration and eliminates the paper process, 2). Quickly and accuratly captures and processes patient data and medical history, including insurance eligibility, 3). Creates a single record that starts at registration and unifies all hospital departments for continuity of care, 4). Ensures a secure record that can’t be misused, containing data that is protected with advanced encryption, 5). Maintains a single, unified source of related patient information, such as non-hospital providers, and 6). Provides real-time integration into Insurance Accounts Receivable generation

Legacy Systems Enhanced
Lawrence Carbonaro, Director of Purchasing and Patient Access at Memorial, says that the LifeMed patient smart card and software has enabled the hospital to maintain a zero-tolerance policy regarding patient record errors, while at the same time improving their business efficiency. “The card integrates essential, yet disparate, data systems within Memorial to connect records, share data, and update data on a real time basis”. Carbonaro adds that rather than disrupt and replace legacy systems (AllScripts, GE Centricity, CPASI, etc), the LifeMed solution improves them by helping them work together, saving money and redundant effort. “We are able to leverage and augment our existing systems with the LifeMed platform, while generating an ROI inside of one year”.

Documented Study Results
Since implementing LifeMed, Memorial Hospital has realized the following results: 1). Duplicate medical records and record errors were reduced from 7% to less than 1%. 2). Admissions went paperless and wait time has dropped from 22 minutes, to less than 3. 3). Press Ganey patient satisfaction increased 10% within 60 days. 4). Administrative Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) were reduced from 21 to 16. 5). Insurance receivable wait time went from 55 days to 42 days

About CardLogix Corporation

CardLogix is a leading manufacturer of smart cards and software for the Healthcare industry, providing critical smart card technology to Informatics applications where cost management and excellent patient care are vital. The company works with governments, businesses, and partners around the world in National Health and ID programs, hospitals, and remote/rural medicine. For more information, please visit www. cardlogix. com (http://www. cardlogix. com), e-mail sales(at)cardlogix(dot)com, or call (949) 380-1312.

About S. M.A. R.T. Association, Inc.
S. M.A. R.T. Association, Inc. is the U. S. healthcare industry leader in integrating Identity Management using
Its LifeMed™ Patient Smart Cards Solution into the healthcare workflow; providing instant, secure and private information exchange between caregivers, medical facilities, and patients. LifeMed™ Patient Smart Card, Identity and EHR/HIE Solution meets Meaningful Use requirements and helps CMIOs and CIOs bridge existing technology gaps while enhancing existing EMR and disparate HIE systems. Learn more at www. smartassociation. com (http://www. smartassociation. com/) or call (800) 564-7627.

CardLogix Corporation
Cathy Clemensen
+1 949 380-1312


Sunday, June 20, 2010

New, Improved ISA-TEST GF, from iSatori Technologies, Contains Somatrin for Even More Muscle, More Strength, and More Sex Drive

New, Improved ISA-TEST GF, from iSatori Technologies, Contains Somatrin for Even More Muscle, More Strength, and More Sex Drive

New, improved ISA-TEST™ GF, from iSatori Technologies, now with clinically tested Somatrin™, manipulates all three anabolic hormones in men to dramatically raise the body's natural testosterone, reduce estrogen, and now boost human growth hormone factors--for even more muscle mass, more strength, and more sexual drive.

Golden, CO (PRWEB) March 28, 2009

More Muscle Mass. More Strength. More Sexual Drive. These are the three primary reasons men around the world seek natural ways to raise their testosterone.

Unfortunately, there are numerous "testosterone-touted" products that provide more unwanted side effects than results (e. g., prohormones). Others that have dubious histories when it comes to safety (e. g., pro-steroids). And the most controversial of testosterone boosters, anabolic steroids, are surrounded by a storm of negative media attention, are illegal, and possess their own set of negative, possibly irreversible, side effects.

"In 2005, iSatori introduced our original clinically proven ISA-TEST to help men elevate their own natural levels of testosterone," shares Stephen Adele, CEO of iSatori Technologies (http:/www. isatoritech. com). "Not surprisingly, this prohormone-free, natural product was met with great enthusiasm, and it even won the Golden 'Seal of Approval' from Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle magazine for safety and efficacy. In addition, our clinical study showed that men using Isa-Test, after only three weeks, raised their bioavailable testosterone by 143%, reduced their "female-hormone," estrogen, by 43%, and it was as safe as the placebo in all health markers."

"But while ISA-TEST has remained a very popular product due to its quality of ingredients, strong science, and real-world results, we recently discovered a new ingredient complex, Somatrin™, that could fill in the final component for total anabolic growth with zero side effects." Adele continues, "In one study, Somatrin was shown to increase growth factors by 140%. While Testofen [as also found in ISA-TEST] exhibited similar anabolic and anabolic activities, for increasing testosterone and lean muscle mass, comparable to the 'real deal' synthetic, injectable testosterone. In fact, users experienced a remarkable 98.81% increase in Free Testosterone. And thankfully, it does this without shutting down the body's natural production of testosterone (like steroids and prohormones do), so you can use ISA-TEST for as long as you'd like."

"The science led the way, and we knew we had to update our popular ISA-TEST formula, but not just with any ingredient," adds Shawn Wingate, Operations Director at iSatori. "We searched for something totally unique and backed by legitimate clinical research. That's why we chose the new Somatrin ingredient complex to help raise the third, and probably most important, hormone responsible for anabolic muscular development--human growth hormone factors."

The new ISA-TEST was formulated using the exclusive Rapid Bio-Diffusion Delivery System™, so according to Wingate, ISA-TEST starts working from the very first dose to raise testosterone levels, naturally.

As Adele explains, "More muscle mass. More strength. More sexual drive. It's what all guys want more of… and, with new ISA-TEST™ GF, it's all within your reach now. The new and improved ISA-TEST GF is the world's only formula designed to manipulate all three critically important hormones to jack up testosterone, crush estrogen… and now, with clinically tested Somatrin, to spike your growth hormone levels."

To learn more about the all-new ISA-TEST GF and to get your Free sample (while supplies last), call 1-866-688-7679 or visit http://www. iSatoriTech. com (http://www. iSatoriTech. com). ISA-TEST GF is now available at progressive retailers nationwide, including GNC, Vitaminshoppe, VitaminWorld, and online at Bodybuilding. com

Retailers interested in carrying ISA-TEST should contact Europa Sports, America's largest sports nutrition distributor, at 1-800-447-4795, or visit www. EuropaSports. com

About iSatori Technologies:
Based in Golden, Colorado, iSatori Technologies was founded in early 2002 by Stephen Adele to provide clinically tested nutritional products and is the only company dedicated to providing complete dietary and exercise solutions for building a better body and living a healthier, richer life. iSatori's life-enhancement and weight-loss supplements, such as Isa-Test, Lean System 7®, Energize®, MX-LS7™, Curvelle, and the all-new Morph are available in over 31,000 retail stores nationwide, including GNC and online at drugstore. com, as well in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy. iSatori recently received the industry's NBJ Gold Award for Growth in Small Companies category. For more information about iSatori and their scientifically proven products, visit their website at http://www. isatoritech. com (http://www. isatoritech. com), or call one of their fitness experts at 1-866-688-7679.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Psychologist, Dr. John Townsend, Brings a Unique Group Leadership Coaching Program to Dallas with a Holistic Approach to Professional Growth

Psychologist, Dr. John Townsend, Brings a Unique Group Leadership Coaching Program to Dallas with a Holistic Approach to Professional Growth

Dr. John Townsend, author of the best-selling book Boundaries and his latest book Leadership Beyond Reason, is seeking leaders in and around Dallas to mentor in his leadership coaching program. Until now, this program was only offered in Southern California. It goes beyond the typical disciplines of leadership coaching and explores the vital areas of life that are impacting leaders' effectiveness and success in both their professional and personal life. Townsend will also be speaking in Dallas on November 14 on leading successfully during tough economic times.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 27, 2009

Dr. John Townsend (http://drtownsend. com/), author of the best-selling book Boundaries and his latest book Leadership Beyond Reason: How Great Leaders Succeed by Harnessing the Power of Their Values, Feelings and Intuition, is expanding The Leadership Coaching Program (http://drjohntownsend. com/blog/leadership-coaching-program/) that he currently leads in Southern California to Dallas. Ten professionals, selected through an application and interview process, will meet as a group one day every month to go beyond the typical disciplines of leadership and explore the vital areas of life that are impacting his or her effectiveness and success in both their professional and personal life.

As a psychologist, Townsend brings a fresh perspective and approach to leadership coaching. The program consists of:
Teachings by Dr. Townsend on key leadership and life principles

Small groups, in which members connect and share on a deeper level

Working groups, in which individual members receive personalized group attention to help them bring their businesses to the next level

Individually-developed homework assignments to implement action steps for significant professional growth goals

Individual time between sessions with Dr. Townsend to accelerate change and enhance decision making

A structured support and progress checking system for continued growth between monthly sessions, including meeting with Dallas executive coach, Elaine Morris

The leadership coaching program provides training experiences for the executive that add value for all skill sets. One of those skill sets is emotional attunement. Research indicates that there are objective payoffs for understanding feelings in business. Townsend states, "Emotions and feelings have an important role within the function of leadership. They are a signal, an indicator of some reality that may need your attention. When you understand how to use them, feelings can be a helpful tool in producing the results you want."

For example, anxiety in the workplace is common, especially during these uncertain economic times. Leaders often feel stressed and have a low sense of control over their circumstances. Anxiety is an uncomfortable emotion, so leaders tend to try to reduce or ignore it. The problem with this approach is that anxiety in the workplace may mean there is reason for feeling out of control, such as an economic reality. Leaders need to acknowledge their anxiety and realize they may be trying to control what cannot be controlled (a global problem), and instead put their focus into controlling what they can (their day-to-day tasks, employees, and mission). Focusing on what one has choices in can reduce anxiety.

CEOs, executives, managers, or entrepreneurs interested in being considered for membership on the team should contact Elaine Morris (elaine (at) drtownsend. com / 214-244-2592) to schedule a personal interview with Dr. Townsend. Applicants can also fill out this form (http://drjohntownsend. com/contact-form. php). Meetings will begin in January 2010.

On Thursday, November 12, 2009, from 12:00--1:30 p. m. Townsend will speak at the Bent Tree Country Club in Dallas. He will discuss the six keys that today's leaders are using to create success during tough times. Attendees at this professional growth luncheon will receive a copy of his hardcover book, Leadership Beyond Reason. Admission to the luncheon is $35.

Also, November 13-15, Dr. Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud will be conducting a Boundaries Boot Camp (http://store. cloudtownsendstore. com/bobocada. html) in Dallas based on their best-selling Christian book Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No, to Take Control of Your Life. Boot Camp attendees will learn how to set healthy personal and professional boundaries, communicate directly and clearly, have healthy confrontations, and reduce stress.

Those interested in the coaching program, luncheon, or boot camp or in scheduling an interview with Dr. Townsend may contact Elaine Morris at elaine (at) drtownsend. com or 214-244-2592.

About Dr. John Townsend
Dr. John Townsend is a clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, and best-selling author. He has been helping leaders, organizations and individuals on six continents make changes and exceed their goals through team and key executive coaching, corporate consulting, training workshops, and speaking for more than two decades. He has written or co-written 21 books, totaling 5 million in sales, including the best-selling book Boundaries and most recently Leadership Beyond Reason: How Great Leaders Succeed by Harnessing the Power of Their Values, Feelings and Intuition. He is also the co-host of the nationally-syndicated radio talk show New Life Live. www. drtownsend. com


Friday, June 18, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Washington, Lincoln, Genetics, and More--New Twists On Old Tales

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Washington, Lincoln, Genetics, and More--New Twists On Old Tales

ATLANTA (PRWEB) July 24, 2005

Why was George Washington infertile? Why did Napoleon grow breasts? Why was Abraham Lincoln so tall and skinny? What did King George III and Dracula have in common?

These questions and more will be answered at the 2005 national conference of The American Association for Klinefelter Syndrome Information and Support (AAKSIS), “Klinefelter Syndrome—A Neverending Story,” to be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, ATLANTA-AIRPORT, from Friday, July 29 thru Saturday, July 30, 2005.

Dr. Nathaniel Robin, Medical Geneticist at the University of Alabama and expert in the ethical issues of genetic testing and research, will explore why historic figures, whose physical characteristics included infertility, tall stature, and gynecomastia, are suspected of having Klinefelter syndrome.

Other Conference Speakers:

Neuroscientist, Jay Giedd, M. D., Chief of the Brain Imaging Unit at the National Institute of Mental Health; researcher of brain development in Klinefelter Syndrome; spearheaded research on the adolescent brain; featured in such TV presentations as The Secret Life of the Brain (PBS) Inside the Teenage Brain (Frontline, PBS), Secrets of the Teen Brain (cover story, Time Magazine, May 10, 2004).

Endocrinologists, Wolfram E. Nolten, M. D., Associate Professor, the University of Wisconsin, and recognized expert in Klinefelter Syndrome; Luciano Kolodny, M. D., HealthPartners of Minneapolis.

From Emory University--Paul Fernhoff, M. D., Director of Clinical Genetics and head of the Georgia newborn screening advisory task force; Neil E. Lamb, Ph. D., Director, Center for Medical Genomics; Jeannie Visootsak, M. D., F. A.A. P, Assistant Professor and Developmental Pediatrician.

Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon, Michael Bermant, M. D., Virginia, nationally recognized expert in gynecomastia;

Carin V. Hopps, M. D., Assistant Professor of Urology, Chief of Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery, and Director of Male Infertility/Sexual Medicine, Medical College of Ohio.

Author and psychologist, Daniel L. Davis, Ph. D.; latest book, Your Angry Child, A Guide for Parents.

Nicole Tartaglia, M. D., Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics, UC-Davis Medical Center, M. I.N. D. Institute.

Additional speakers addressing issues of education, therapy, and advocacy will also present.

Klinefelter Syndrome, 47XXY, the most common of the sex chromosome variations, is said to occur in 1 out of 500 males. Estimates say that 65% of those with the disorder have not been identified. Persons with 47XXY, who are not diagnosed, fail to receive the medical care needed to offset related medical problems and health risks.

In individuals with Klinefelter, there is an extra X chromosome. Rather than the normal male chromosome pattern, 46XY, it is 47XXY. The exact cause of 47XXY is unknown.

Klinefelter Syndrome puts one at an increased risk for autoimmune disorders, type II diabetes, thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, leg ulcers, depression, and dental problems. The risk of breast cancer in men with Klinefelter Syndrome is 20 times greater than in the overall male population.

In young boys, there is an increased incidence of speech delay, attention deficits, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, and gynecomastia or swelling of breast tissue during puberty.

Generally, men with Klinefelter Syndrome are infertile, but recent advances in fertility treatments have made it possible for Klinefelter men to become biological fathers.

Washington, Lincoln, and company provide profiles based upon physical observation. Outward appearances and characteristics can suggest a diagnosis of Klinefelter Syndrome, but relying solely on visible traits is a mistake. Clues are often subtle. The key to diagnosis and treatment is a complete understanding beyond what meets the eye.

For additional conference information, go to http://www. klinefelter-ohio. com/conference%20title. htm (http://www. klinefelter-ohio. com/conference%20title. htm)


The American Association for Klinefelter Syndrome Information and Support is a 501c(3) non profit organization. AAKSIS is a national volunteer association with the mission of education, support, research and understanding of 47XXY and its variants, collectively known as Klinefelter Syndrome.

Statistics suggest that there are thousands of 47XXY individuals in the United States alone. Many remain undiagnosed. Current and accurate information about 47XXY required by those confronted with a new diagnosis is often unavailable. A major goal of AAKSIS is to raise awareness of the condition among medical professionals and the general public.

AAKSIS works with its professional advisors to present an annual educational program aimed at providing the latest information and research to this community and anyone interested in learning more about the condition.

AAKSIS is governed by a Board of Directors and is assisted by a Professional Advisory Board.


Proactol™ Voted for the 2nd Year Running as One of the Top 5 Ways to Naturally Lose Weight

Proactol™ Voted for the 2nd Year Running as One of the Top 5 Ways to Naturally Lose Weight

For the second year in a row Proactol has appeared as one of the top five ways to lose weight naturally. In fact news of Proactol™'s various campaigns and success stories has been featured in an array of publications across the globe.

Nottingham, UK (PRWEB) January 29, 2009

It cannot be disputed that Proactol™ has proven itself time and time again for providing its customers with a 100% natural route to weight loss. (http://www. proactol. com/weight-loss. php)

Barely having celebrated their 2nd anniversary, Proactol™ - for the second year running - has been voted by successful slimmers and dieticians for being one of the 5 top natural ways to diet in 2009 and has been featured in a leading online newspaper, The Telegraph.

An incredible achievement for such a short space of time.

As Katie Downing-Howitt, Product and e-marketing Manager of Proactol™ explained:

"At Proactol™ we have always prided ourselves for being one of the few dietary supplements available that can offer its customers a natural route to weight loss. So to have this achievement recognised is incredible, and something we wanted to instantly reward our customers for. That is why we have launched this campaign. To say a big thank you for all their support."

Featured alongside easy to follow exercise routines, dietary changes and group support networks, Proactol™'s ability - as a natural fat binder (http://www. proactol. com/howitworks. php) - to reduce consumer's dietary fat intake by 28% earned it a place in their feature.

This is not the first time that Proactol has been featured in a top newspaper, who have recognised and acknowledged Proactol™'s reputation. Proactol™ has also been featured in the Daily Express, the New York Times and just a few months ago in Florida Style magazine.

So to celebrate this success and say thank you to their customers, Proactol™ - for a limited time only - are offering all Telegraph readers the chance to receive a 10% discount when they next order Proactol™.* All they need to do to take advantage of this offer is enter TELNY9 when they come to the order page.

*when they order Proactol™ packages of 4 months and above

The Non-Surgical route to weight loss

Made from the cactus Optunia ficus-indica, Proactol™ is a clinically proven herbal supplement that is 100% natural, side effect free and has been found to:

Bind up to 28% dietary fat intake
Curb your appetite and food cravings
Reduce your calorie consumption by 150 calories per meal

And medically backed by the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, Proactol™ can also offer consumers a range of other natural health benefits that can make their journey to weight loss even easier: increased joint flexibility, energy levels and less aches and pains.

As Aurora Barker, Practicing Nurse explains:

"Through the use of Proactol™, weight loss can be achieved that helps reduce the risk of further complications while enabling physical activity. The product is naturally sourced and helps us to eliminate fats from our diet before they are absorbed. Even better, the product helps us to feel full faster, reducing the amount of food we eat."

Through a combination of healthy eating, exercising daily and taking 2-3 Proactol™ supplements after every meal, many of Proactol™'s customers have managed to achieve a natural weight loss of 1-2lbs every week.

To become one of Proactol™'s next success stories and receive their 10% discount, simply visit http://www. proactol. com (http://www. proactol. com) or alternatively call a member of their team using a local telephone number.

About Proactol™

Dedicated to offering their customers the best in weight loss results, Proactol™'s recent appearance in the Telegraph is just further testament to their reputation for being a natural weight loss solution.

In fact news of Proactol™'s various campaigns and success stories has been featured in an array of publications across the globe. Discussed in the Daily Mail, Florida Style Magazine and the Denver News, Proactol™ has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is possible to achieve the body you have always wanted without having to resort to surgery. Reaching your weight loss goals is possible.

For More Information

Interested in receiving a sample or are looking for a weight loss product for publicity purposes? Please feel free to contact Katie Downing-Howitt on +44 (0) 115 9708449 or on her email Katie@proactol. com.

USA & Canada: 1-800-388-9957

United Kingdom: 0115 979-8449

Australia: 1-800-046-194

International: 044-115-979-8449


Cross-Country Multi-Media Exhibit for Affordable Family Health Insurance to Go on Display in U. S. Capitol Building

Cross-Country Multi-Media Exhibit for Affordable Family Health Insurance to Go on Display in U. S. Capitol Building

Display includes 1,000+ photos, handwritten notes and video of families from across the country who want affordable health care reform; View online at http://www. icareforhealthcare. org

Washington, D. C. (PRWEB) October 19, 2009

Over 1,000 portraits and handwritten notes from families in Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Colorado and California pleading for affordable health insurance will be on display at the U. S. Capitol Building on Tuesday, October 20 from 4:00 p. m. to 6:00 p. m. The exhibit can be viewed online at a new interactive website http://www. icareforhealthcare. org (http://www. icareforhealthcare. org), where viewers can watch powerful video testimony, read through hundreds of photos and handwritten notes from families, email their Members of Congress, and add their name to a wall of supporters who want affordable health care for all families.

Titled 'Bearing Witness: A Pilgrimage for Health Reform,' the exhibit has traveled across the country over the last month collecting professional-quality photos and video from families in states that are important to passing health care reform this year.

"As Congress continues negotiating over the vital details of health reform, faith leaders from PICO National Network, an alliance of 1,000 congregations nationwide, are working to ensure that Congress gets the details right around affordable health insurance for families (http://www. communitycatalyst. org/doc_store/publications/four_hr_priorities. pdf)," said Rev. Cory Sparks from Lafayette, LA, where the exhibit made a stop in early October.

In an email to supporters last week, Gloria Cooper from the San Diego Organizing Project announced the launch of ICareForHealthCare. org, saying, "We want everyone to visit this website and click the 'add your voice' button to join our movement. We have seen these pictures, and read all the stories, and are convinced that once someone spends time on this site, they will become believers that we need to come together now to make family health insurance affordable."

The exhibit has made stops in San Bernardino, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA; Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; New Orleans, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; Lafayette, LA; and Orlando, FL on its way to Washington, D. C. It will make stops in New York City and Little Rock, AR as it makes its way back across the country.

PICO National Network is a coalition of 52 faith-based organizations comprising 1,000 congregations and representing one million families nationwide. http://www. piconetwork. org (http://www. piconetwork. org)


Jacuzzi Spa Division Donates $1,000 To Special Olympics North America

Jacuzzi Spa Division Donates $1,000 To Special Olympics North America

The world's largest hot tub manufacturer donates $1,000 to the Special Olympics North America headquarters.

Chino, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2004

In celebration of the 2004 Summer Olympics and for the more than one million spirited participants of the Special Olympics, Jacuzzi Spa Division recently donated $1,000 to the North American headquarters of the Special Olympics in Washington, DC.

“The Special Olympics celebrates life and provides individuals with an opportunity to compete in positive and healthy games,” said Jonathan Clark, president of Jacuzzi Spa Division. “It is an honor to contribute to the mission and goals of the Special Olympics.”

After receiving donation requests from the Southern California and Heartland, Illinois, chapters, Jacuzzi Spa Division contributed $1,000 to the North American headquarters. “We felt a contribution to the headquarters would allow the Special Olympics to allocate funds to as many chapters as possible throughout North America,” said Clark.

Jacuzzi Spa Division believes and recognizes the need to give back to the community, and has previously contributed to the Kids Wish Network™, regional Muscular Dystrophy affiliates, the Boys & Girls Club and the Burt Children’s Center.

About the Special Olympics

Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the Special Olympics is an international organization that provides people with intellectual disabilities with continuing opportunities to realize their potential, develop physical fitness, and experience joy and friendship. There is no cost to participate in the Special Olympics. For more information, please visit www. specialolympics. org.

About Jacuzzi Spa Division

Jacuzzi Spa Division belongs to the financial portfolio of Jacuzzi Brands, Inc., a global manufacturer and distributor of branded bath and plumbing products for the residential, commercial and institutional markets. Jacuzzi Spa Divisionis the hot tub industry leader in innovation and design, and is the world’s largest hot tub manufacturer of Jacuzzi®, Sundance ®, Swift River™ and Imperial Spas™. All Jacuzzi Spa Divisionproducts meet strict ISO 9001 standards, and are available in more than 1,000 specialty retail locations and in more than 80 countries worldwide.

For more information, please feel free to visit www. jacuzzibrands. com.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Activist to Hold First Ever CHICAGO SOCIAL FORUM 31 January 2004, Jones High School, 606 S. State St., 9am-6pm

Activist to Hold First Ever CHICAGO SOCIAL FORUM 31 January 2004, Jones High School, 606 S. State St., 9am-6pm

The Chicago Social Forum is a daylong event that will bring together people from different movements, organizations, campaigns and struggles for democratic discussion, debates and building solidarity. A "movement of movements," we seek to create on ongoing center for activism that can educate, organize and mobilize our diverse campaigns for social justice as well as involved individual people on a range of issues. Forty three different workshops will be offered from affordable housing to the war in Iraq. Please see www. chicagosocialforum. org for a complete list of speakers and workshops

(PRWEB) January 29, 2004

The Chicago Social Forum will include reports from participants in the World Social Forum in Mumbai (Bombay), India, where 80,000 people gathered from January 16-21 (see www. wsfindia. org). We take inspiration from the World Social Forum, which attracted more than 10,000 people to Brazil at its first meeting in 2001. Two years later, some100,000 attended, from across Latin America and around the world.

Who: Speakers include Dr. Calvin Morris: Community Renewal Society; Njoki Njehu & Soren Ambrose: 50 Years is Enough; Dr. Quentin Young: Physicians for National Health Plan; James Thindwa: Chicago Jobs with Justice; Mary Zerkel: American Friends Service Committee; Saskia Sassen: University of Chicago; Dave Ranney: Hemispheric Social Alliance; Amhed Shawki: International Socialist Review; Carl Davidson: Chicagoans Against War and Injustice.

Sponsoring Organizations: ADAPT, American Friends Service Committee, Anderson Neighbors for Peace, Beyond St. Leonard’s, Campaign for Victims of Police Torture & Wrongful Convictions, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Center for Economic Research and Social Change, Chiapas Peace Housing Project, Chicago Africa Initiative, Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, Chicago Independent Media Center, Chicago Media Action, CSA Learning Center, Coalition to Protect Public Housing, Community of Uptown Residents for Affordability & Justice, The Coordination of Mexican Organizations in the Midwest, Earth Charter Chicago, ECOVIDA, Eighth Day Center for Justice, EnlacesAmerica, Freestyle Collective, Genewise, Gingarte Capoeira, Haymarket Books, Hype Park Committee Against War and Racism, Illinois Coalition, Against the Death Penalty, Illinois SOA Watch, Inside Out Art Studio, Insight Arts, The International Coalition of Mexicans Abroad, National Writers Union – Chicago, The New Chicago School, Open Book Peace Project, Quad Productions, Queer to the Left, Rogers Park Community Action Network, University of Hip Hop, University of Illinois-Chicago Campus Antiwar, Voices


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HRmarketer. com Introduces Centralized Media Relations Functionality to its Marketing and PR Software

HRmarketer. com Introduces Centralized Media Relations Functionality to its Marketing and PR Software

New features enable marketing and PR professionals to centrally manage, track and report on media and analyst outreach campaigns

Capitola, Calif. (PRWEB) June 25, 2010

HRmarketer. com announced new functionality to its on-demand marketing and PR software that enables communications professionals to centrally manage, track and report on media and analyst outreach activities.

HRmarketer. com is the most widely used online marketing and public relations service in the human resource industry (http://www. hrmarketer. com/home/about_features. htm). Currently, marketing and PR professionals can distribute press releases, send pitches and monitor editorial calendar inquiries directly from its media database, which profiles thousands of journalists, analysts and bloggers covering the HR, workforce and benefits markets.

Each profile includes the journalist's preferred contact method, specific coverage areas, social networking accounts and an up-to-the-minute listing of their "Tweets." Detailed editorial calendars are also shown for their related media outlets.

The new media and analyst relations feature (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=iAKLonOLMiQ) allows customers to centrally track their outreach activities, including press releases sent to the respective contact, pitches and inquiries. For added functionality, customers can track follow-up activities with scheduled reminders that can be seamlessly added to the user's personal Outlook, iCal or other third-party calendar software.

New collaboration features make it easy for multiple marketing team members to manage outreach activities in a single account and run detailed activity reports organized by type of outreach and the status of various activities. Additionally, by leveraging HRmarketer. com's e-clipping service, companies can identify and track media placements and coverage for their business or client.

"Many of our public relations customers use several stand-alone applications for their media and analyst outreach, which can be cumbersome to manage," said Elrond Lawrence, vice president of media relations for HRmarketer. com. "This new functionality helps our customers to use HRmarketer. com as a centralized hub for their media relations campaigns."

About HRmarketer. com
HRmarketer. com is a product of Fisher Vista LLC, a marketing software and services firm focusing exclusively on the human capital and healthcare industries. HRmarketer. com has helped over 700 human resource and employee benefit service providers plan, manage, execute and measure their marketing and PR. The service includes information databases, news distribution, campaign management and measurement tools to help HR vendors get increased visibility, Web site traffic, sales leads and improved search engine rankings.

Media Contact:
Elrond Lawrence

This press release was distributed through PR Web by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


Holistic Practitioner Featured in African-American Professionals Journal

Holistic Practitioner Featured in African-American Professionals Journal

Dr. John A. Casey, M. D. of International Health and Beauty is gaining acclaim in his practices, as featured in The Network Journal.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) June 22, 2008

Dr. John A. Casey, M. D., M. D.M. A., O. M.D. of International Health and Beauty, who combines Western medicine with alternative therapies, was recently featured in The Network Journal. The New York magazine is dedicated to educating and empowering Black professionals and small business owners.

The article, "A Holistic Approach to Healing," explains his practice and the alternative ways he uses medicine and the use of herbs and Oriental practices to find more effective treatments. Casey, M. D. also asks each new patient to provide their medical records so he can study the conventional treatment methods and provide a more holistic approach to healing the ailment. Many of his patients turn to this approach when they have exhausted their medical options and are still suffering with the illness.

While studying medicine in Dominica and Sri Lanka, Casey, M. D. learned unconventional ways of medicine. "'I walk a fine line as both a medical doctor and a naturalist,' he told The Network Journal writer Antoine B. Craigwell. "' With my training in Western medicine, I'm unable to let it go completely for Eastern or natural medicine. To me, the conventional training in anatomy goes counter to many natural practices.'"

Dr. Casey has taught health sciences at the Borough of Manhattan Community College in New York City for the past 20 years as well as anatomy and nutrition at York College in Jamaica, N. Y. With the help of his wide, Dr. Casey was able to serve more than 1,000 patients in 2007.

For the full article, go to http://www. tnj. com/archives/2008/february2008/table_contents. php (http://www. tnj. com/archives/2008/february2008/table_contents. php).

About International Health and Beauty:

Dr. John A. Casey, M. D., M. D.M. A., O. M.D. of International Health and Beauty combines Western medicine with alternative therapies with the use of herbs and Oriental practices to find holistic approaches to treat illnesses. Most of his work is done through telephone consultations and he tries to find a middle ground between conventional and traditional medicine to best suit his clients.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Aura Cacia® Aromatherapy Introduces New Shower Tablets

Aura Cacia® Aromatherapy Introduces New Shower Tablets

Effervescent Tablets Offer Alternative to Aromatherapy Bath Soaks

Urbana, Iowa (Vocus) March 5, 2009

Most consumers are familiar with the expansive selection of aromatherapy bath soaks. Now America's leading aromatherapy company brings the benefits of true aromatherapy to the shower as well. Aura Cacia (http://www. auracacia. com/)® Aromatherapy Shower Tablets are now available for consumers who prefer showers or don't have the time to enjoy an aromatherapy bath experience.

Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Shower Tablets come in three delightful aromas -- Relaxing Lavender, Purifying Eucalyptus, and Reviving Peppermint. Each package contains three shower tablets and has a suggested retail price of $6.99. The new shower tablets -- made with 100 percent pure, organic essential oils -- are also free of synthetic fragrances, colors, and color stabilizers.

"Now anyone can enjoy the luxurious aromatic escape of a bath with the convenience of a shower," says Steve Shriver, Aura Cacia's vice president. "Portability is the other primary feature of the shower tablets," he adds. "The tablets are small enough to easily pack into carry-on bags and suitcases for travelers."

One effervescent shower tablet and a warm, steamy shower will offer the ultimate aromatherapy experience -- filling the entire bathroom with a strong aroma that will relax, revive, or purify the body, mind, and spirit. "Consumers will enjoy the simplicity of placing the one ounce tablet on their shower stall floor, which allows the essential oil vapors to cling to the hot steam that occurs naturally during a shower," Shriver says.

Note to editors: Product samples are available upon request.

Aura Cacia® Aromatherapy
Aura Cacia® provides aromatherapy products made with 100 percent pure essential oils. Aura Cacia fulfills consumers' desires for comfort, health and safety in bath and body care products by combining the benefits of aromatherapy with practical products that can be used every day by the whole family. Aura Cacia is a socially conscious brand that respects the natural environment and champions the purity of its product line. Find out more about Aura Cacia at www. auracacia. com.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op(TM)
Founded in 1976 and based in Norway, Iowa, Frontier Natural Products Co-op(TM) offers a full line of natural and organic products under the Frontier, Simply Organic®, and Aura Cacia® brands. Products include culinary herbs, spices and baking flavors; bulk herbs and spices; and natural and organic aromatherapy products. Frontier's goal is to provide consumers with the highest-quality organic and natural products while supporting and promoting social and environmental responsibility. For more information, visit Frontier's website at www. frontiercoop. com.

Media Contact:
Steve Krusie
(319) 227-7996 ext.1359
Steve. krusie (at) frontiercoop (dot) com

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BioSculpture Technology Weighs In with the Cinch It® Program to Trim U. S. Waistlines and Health Care Costs

BioSculpture Technology Weighs In with the Cinch It® Program to Trim U. S. Waistlines and Health Care Costs

BioSculpture Technology introduces the Cinch It® Program to help America's obesity problem. An increased waist to hips circumference ratio is associated with an increased risk of insulin resistance and hypertension. BioSculpture Technology offers special purchase and leasing arrangements for medical program participants and has instituted a referral system for patients seeking treatment.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 28, 2008

BioSculpture Technology introduces the Cinch It® Program to help America's obesity problem. An increased waist to hips circumference ratio is associated with an increased risk of insulin resistance and hypertension.

The company's patented Airbrush Liposculpture® twin cannula system is particularly suited to safely removing large volumes of fat, either in an outpatient setting in multiple sessions, or as in inpatient in very large single sessions. The kinder, gentler design spares both patients and surgeons the battering ram effect of thousands of cannula passes, permitting more rapid and controlled fat removal, less bruising, and shorter convalescences.

BioSculpture Technology offers special purchase and leasing arrangements for medical program participants and has instituted a referral system for patients seeking treatment.

The U. S. obesity prevalence increased from 13 percent to 32 percent between the 1960s and 2004. Sixty-six percent of U. S. adults were overweight or obese in 2003-2004. Abdominal obesity as measured by waist circumference and the waist to hip ratio is an independent predictor of mortality.

Marginally increased waist circumference is strongly associated with prevalent hypertension in normal-weight and overweight adults. Abdominal obesity as measured in females as a waist circumference greater than 35" and in men greater than 40" is a risk factor associated with the metabolic syndrome which is associated with insulin resistance and coronary artery disease.

Patients and surgeons alike benefit from the kinder, gentler tube-within-a-tube design of the Airbrush Liposculptor® which spares both the battering ram effect of thousands of cannula passes. The Airbrush® permits more rapid and controlled fat removal, less bruising, and shorter convalescences. Since the cannula does not get hot, there is no risk of burns. In contrast to some alternative modalities, fat cells are removed in addition to fat so the tendency of recurrence is lessened and the opportunity for metabolic and physiologic impact is increased.

The goal of the program is to achieve a safe and reliable improvement in the waist to hip ratios of affected patients with Airbrush® twin cannula assisted liposuction and to document any corresponding reduction of blood pressure, metabolic improvement, skin contraction, or postoperative exercise or dietary lifestyle change.

BioSculpture Technology offers special purchase and leasing arrangements for medical participants and has instituted a referral system for patients seeking treatment.

You may find more information about the Cinch It® Program online at www. biosculpturetechnology. com/cinchit. htm (http://www. biosculpturetechnology. com/cinchit. htm)

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kirkland Performance Center November 2006 Performances

Kirkland Performance Center November 2006 Performances

November at Kirkland Performance Center is more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey with our great Presented Artists: - Lingo dancetheater, Relatively Real, November 4 - Carmona Flamenco, November 10 - Peter Brook’s The Tragedy of Carmen, Seattle Opera Young Artists, November 11 - Tingstad and Rumbel, November 17 - Uncle Bonsai, November 18 - Christmas from Dublin, starring the Three Irish Tenors, November 25 & 26

Kirkland, WA (PRWEB) October 11, 2006

November at Kirkland Performance Center is more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey with our great Presented Artists:

Lingo dancetheater, Relatively Real, November 4 Carmona Flamenco, November 10 Peter Brook’s The Tragedy of Carmen, Seattle Opera Young Artists, November 11 Tingstad and Rumbel, November 17 Uncle Bonsai, November 18 Christmas from Dublin, starring the Three Irish Tenors, November 25 & 26 Plus, savory fare as always from our Partnered Artists:

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra premieres Jimmy Heath’s The Endless Search Part of the 2006 Earshot Jazz Festival, November 5 StoryBook Theater, The Frog Prince, November 11-19 The Comedy Underground 27TH ANNUAL SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL STAND-UP COMEDY COMPETITION, November 24 Jim French Productions Imagination Theatre™, November 27

Kirkland Performance Center presents:

Lingo dancetheater – Relatively Real

Artistic Director KT Niehoff

Date/Time: November 4, 8:00pm

Reg Price: $21 • Sr $19 • Youth $10 • Group $19

“Dancing with a voracious do or die ethic.” Seattle Weekly

The Eastside debut of a symphony of movement from the Seattle-based interdisciplinary performing ensemble. Relatively Real explores the relativity of identity and perception through androgyny, alter-ego, voice, and sound. Multi-media projections, a dynamic, mobile set and the seven athletic performers create an atmosphere of mystery and transformation.

Program includes World of Arts educational outreach.

Stanislas & Linda Julien and Kirkland Performance Center present:

Carmona Flamenco

Date/Time: November 10, 8:00pm

Reg Price: $25 • Sr $22.50 • Youth $10 • Group $22.50

In the large tablaos (cabarets) of Madrid and Sevilla, flamenco shows feature both a large cuadro (flamenco group) with group numbers and a small cuadro of soloists that perform the atraciones (attractions – featured soloists only). Carmona Flamenco has taken these attractions and modified them to feature the distillation of contemporary flamenco: the song, dance, guitar and cajon (percussion). Part of KPC’s Art of the Guitar series.

Dr. Phyllis Bagdhi, Dr. Kennan Hollingsworth and Kirkland Performance Center present:

Peter Brook’s The Tragedy of Carmen

Presented by the Seattle Opera Young Artists

Date/Time: November 11, 8:00pm

Reg Price: $22 • Sr $20 • Youth $10 • Group $20

“The opera production presented each year by Seattle Operas Young Artists Program is invariably a delight...” Pippa Kiraly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Chosen through national auditions, these singers come to study and perform with Seattle Operas Young Artists Program. They will perform a concert adaptation of Bizets world-famous opera, Peter Brooks The Tragedy of Carmen.

Steve & Mary Brown and Kirkland Performance Center present:

Tingstad and Rumbel

Date/Time: November 17, 8:00pm

Reg Price: $23 • Sr $20 • Youth $10 • Group $20

2003 Grammy Award-winning American Acoustic duo, Tingstad & Rumbel return to KPC for another melodic holiday concert. Tingstad & Rumbel established their legacy as the leading guitar and woodwind duo in the country after the immediate success of their debut album, The Gift. Imaginative and innovative, this evening performance is full of classically inspired music and holiday favorites. Part of KPC’s Art of the Guitar series.

Kirkland Performance Center presents:

Uncle Bonsai

Date/Time: November 18, 8:00pm

Reg Price: $25 • Sr $22.50 • Youth $15 • Group $22.50

If the Vienna Boys Choir had only three members and sang Woody Guthrie/Stephen Sondheimesque compositions about a guy named Doug, they might sound a little like Uncle Bonsai. Seattle folk-pop darlings Ashley OKeefe, Arni Adler and Andrew Ratshin return to KPC for a concert filled with exquisite three-part harmonies, samurai-sharp lyrics and ironic, quirky humor about hapless love, endless TV, and other wonders of the modern world.

Artist Sponsors: David Gibson, Gary & Linda Henderson

David Gibson and Kirkland Performance Center present:

Christmas from Dublin, starring the Three Irish Tenors

Date/Time: November 25, 8:00pm & November. 26, 1:00pm

Reg Price: $34 • Sr $30.50 • Youth $15 • Group $30.50

Celebrate the holidays with a genuine Irish Christmas! Direct from the Emerald Isle and filled with songs of the season such as “The Little Drummer Boy”, “Adeste Fideles”, “Silent Night” and “O Holy Night”, Christmas from Dublin is full of the warmth, charm, and music which enchants audiences throughout the world. Features The Three Irish Tenors: Ciaran Nagle and Brian Dunphy from Riverdance The Show, and Anthony Norton from La Scala Milan.

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra premieres:

Jimmy Heath’s The Endless Search

Part of the 2006 Earshot Jazz Festival.

Date/Time: November 5, 3:00pm

Reg Price: $33 • Sr $28 • Youth $22 • Group $29

NEA Jazz Master and world-renowned saxophonist/composer Jimmy Heath comes to town for the premiere of his suite for jazz big band, The Endless Search. This new work has been commissioned by the SRJO through a grant from Meet the Composer, and is written in three movements. Heath is famous as a writer and sideman for Dizzy Gillespie, J. J. Johnson, and Miles Davis, and as leader of his own group, The Heath Brothers. An event of national importance no jazz lover should miss!

StoryBook Theater presents:

The Frog Prince

Date/Time: November. 11, 11:00am & 1:00pm

November. 12, 1:00pm & 3:00pm

November. 18, 11:00am, 1:00pm & 3:00pm

November. 19, 1:00pm & 3:00pm

Reg Price: $8 • Sr $8 • Youth $8 • Group $7

StoryBook Theater opens its ninth season of musicals for very young audiences with their own wacky version of The Frog Prince. The familiar fairytale is set in the wild, wild west, where they grow things big—like cactus, frogs and promises. Princess Honey has to find a miracle to save the ranch from the clutches of the awful landgrabber, Duke. Instead she finds a very large frog. The frog offers to help—but only in exchange for a promise.

Recommended for ages 3–9 and the entire family. School matinees available – please contact Studio East at 425-827-3123 for details.

The Comedy Underground presents:


Date/Time: November 24, 8:00pm

Reg Price: $25 • Sr $22.50 • Youth $18 • Group $22.50

Hundreds of comedians audition each year to compete in this $15,000 event! The Comedy Underground conducts a national talent search for outstanding comedians who come to the Northwest to participate. The field gets whittled down from 30 to “The Funniest 5” who compete in the Finals on the KPC stage.

Not recommended for youths under 13.

Jim French Productions presents:

Imagination Theatre™

A Double Feature “Movie for Your Mind”

Date/Time: November 27, 7:30pm

Reg Price: $8.50 • Sr $8.50 • Youth $8.50 • Group $7.50

This is the 34th year of production for Jim French’s radio dramas. Today, French’s plays can be heard any hour of the day or night in almost every part of the world, featuring the nations best radio actors. Imagination Theatre is broadcast from over 130 radio stations in the US and Canada. Four times each year the troupe comes to KPC to record a pair of new plays.

All KPC tickets are subject to a $1.00 service fee. Senior prices apply to adults aged 62 and older and youth prices apply to anyone aged 25 and younger with valid ID. Group discounts are available to any group of 10 or more.

About Kirkland Performance Center

Kirkland Performance Center provides cultural enrichment by offering a home for the presentation, support and promotion of the performing arts. Located in downtown Kirkland, this 402-seat theatre hosts more than 250 music, theatre and dance performances each year from acclaimed regional, national and international artists. In addition to presenting performing arts, KPC conducts educational outreach programs through “A World of Arts”, a program designed to bring visiting artists into the classrooms for in-depth workshops. KPC also hosts a variety of community programs, including the King County Library Lecture Series and “Kids-at-Play,” an opportunity for students to perform in a professional setting at KPC. For more information and to review upcoming performances, please visit www. kpcenter. org.

The 2006-2007 Season is made possible in part by 4Culture, ArtsFund, The Boeing Company, Cascade Vista Convalescent Center, Conover Insurance, Evergreen Healthcare, Frontier Bank, Livingood, Fitzgerald & Alskog, Mama Lucia’s Italian Kitchen, Northwest Aerials Gymnastics & Dance, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Poncho, Software 21,Standing Ovation, Target, Univar USA, Vander Hoek Windows and Doors, Washington State Arts Commission, Woodinville Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Woodmark Hotel on Lake Washington, Western States Arts Federation and generous support from The City of Kirkland

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