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Privacy Plus Offers Tips on Landing Rental Properties, Helps Renters Find New Lease on Life

Privacy Plus Offers Tips on Landing Rental Properties, Helps Renters Find New Lease on Life

Privacy Plus offers credit tools and services that make renting easier.

Norwalk, Conn. (PRWEB) October 2, 2007

Privacy Plus (http://www. privacyplus-program. com/), a leading security and privacy membership program from Adaptive Marketing LLC, offers members advice and valuable insights on how credit records can affect their ability to rent a property. Even more, Privacy Plus (http://www. privacyplus-program. com/PrivacyPlus_ResourceCenter. html) shares ideas on how renting can be different from home buying -- especially when it comes to the pivotal relationship between renter and landlord.

Unlike a home mortgage, which often ends up as just a financial arrangement between you and a faceless entity these days, when it comes to renting, you and the landlord have to establish a relationship based on trust. Simply showing up with a current bank statement or a letter of reference from a current or past employer just isn't enough. And from your perspective as the renter, a promissory note from the landlord or even a "handshake" agreement shouldn't be enough either -- especially when it comes to structural damages for which you could be liable.

Clearly, the relationship between landlord and renter depends on both communication and documentation. For that reason, Privacy Plus (http://www. privacyplus-program. com/) has a few handy tips on landing rental properties:

-- Put it in writing. If you don't have written proof of your financial past, including past residences, employment records and references, that's a lot like a landlord telling you, "You'll love this place … just take my word for it." Prospective landlords, like prospective employers, need written proof that you're a reliable individual. So before you start looking at places, prepare a resumé of previous living arrangements and employment status.

-- Keep an eye on credit. Landlords can and will run a credit check on you when you try to rent a house or apartment. Plain and simple, the law allows them to use your credit history as a factor in evaluating your application. For that reason, it's probably a good idea to include a copy of your credit report with the rental application. If your credit is especially good, adding a credit report copy could seal the deal. If your credit is only marginal, that kind of upfront honesty and preparedness can also give you an edge over other would-be renters.

-- A promise is a promise? Taking someone at their word doesn't really wash when it comes to any business dealing -- especially real estate matters. Just as a landlord won't accept the fact that you have good credit at your say-so, you shouldn't, for example, accept a verbal agreement to fix plumbing problems. Promises are nice; written documentation helps get the job done.

-- Rent-a-Check. Even if a landlord has property insurance, that just covers the property -- not your personal items. Check up on and protect your investment with renter's insurance, and guard against fire, theft and personal injury.

Renting a house or apartment doesn't have to be a chore. Still, since it directly affects your future, be sure to put in the time and effort needed to make a solid, reliable decision, suggests Privacy Plus.

About Privacy Plus
Privacy Plus (http://www. privacyplus-program. com/) is a leading security and privacy membership program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC (http://www. adaptivemarketing. com/). Headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in membership programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Members may access their benefits at www. PrivacyPlus. com]. With broad online and offline distribution capabilities, Adaptive Marketing offers its corporate client partners effective tools to enhance market presence, strengthen customer affinity and generate additional value through programs such as Privacy Plus (http://www. privacyplus-program. com/PrivacyPlus_ResourceCenter. html).

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morris Publishing Group Uses Caspio to Drive High Traffic, Interactive Applications and Widgets on Florida Times-Union and Other News Sites

Morris Publishing Group Uses Caspio to Drive High Traffic, Interactive Applications and Widgets on Florida Times-Union and Other News Sites

Morris Harnesses the Power of Web 2.0 Through Caspio's Do-it-Yourself Database and Web Application Capabilities to Attract Millions of Interested Readers

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 17, 2008

Caspio, Inc. (www. caspio. com), provider of the leading do-it-yourself database platform for creating web applications, announced today at the Web 2.0 Expo that the Morris Publishing Group has utilized the Caspio Bridge platform to power dozens of popular, high traffic applications on seven of its major news sites, including the Florida Times-Union. Since the beginning of this year, Morris's Jacksonville. com site has driven more than 2 million incremental page views on viewer searches powered by easy-to-build Caspio applications.

Morris selected and has expanded its use of the Caspio Bridge platform based on the ability to create and deploy searchable databases and applications in minutes that otherwise would take days or weeks to put together. For example, just 20 minutes after the state released scores from the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT), the Florida Times-Union was able to post a searchable database of school ratings by county, school and grade. And in another 20 minutes, the site used Caspio to post 10 years of historical data for comparison. The data generated more than 40,000 page views on the first day of posting.

"Caspio gives us the speed to punch out database information onto the site a lot faster than any other development platforms would," said Joe Allen-Black, Digital Media News Editor and avid user of Caspio at the Florida Times-Union. "As a result, we are able to post in minutes lots of searchable, interactive applications and useful widgets that you can't find anywhere else in this region." 

The Jacksonville newspaper site currently features more than two dozen customized searchable databases and applications built on Caspio, including a restaurant guide with a widget to check for health inspection reports; searchable crime and sex offender information for specific neighborhoods; school and voter applications; summer camp finders; and event information such as the annual Gate River Run, the largest 15K race in the nation in which runners split times and finishes are published in near real-time on Jacksonville. com website.

The Caspio Bridge platform reduces the load on Morris' servers by hosting the database information and handling the viewer traffic that results. Morris uses Caspio across six other media sites in the U. S. and is in the process of rolling out Caspio to its remaining websites.

"Morris Publishing Group has really embraced the power of Caspio to boost viewership and resulting advertising and business opportunities," said David A. Milliron, Vice President of Media Services for Caspio. "From the vast array of database-driven applications to the proliferation of useful widgets, the work Morris has done epitomizes a leadership role in driving Web 2.0 interactivity to its expanding reader base."

Today, Caspio powers web applications for hundreds of media sites and more than 70 percent of the Top 100 American newspapers, along with thousands of companies of all sizes in its array of nearly 150,000 customer web applications built to date.

At booth #1434 at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York this week, Caspio is showcasing the newly released version 6.0 of its Caspio Bridge platform, along with a sampling of its customer applications at work.

About Morris Publishing Group
Morris Publishing Group, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Morris Communications Company, LLC, a privately held media company based in Augusta, Ga. Morris Publishing currently owns and operates 13 daily newspapers as well as nondaily newspapers, city magazines and free community publications in the Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and Alaska. For more information, visit our Web site, morris. com.

About Caspio Media Services
Caspio Media Services, a division of Caspio, Inc., offers strategic products and services tailored to meet the needs of newspapers, magazines, broadcast, and other online media. Solutions include the Caspio Bridge wizard-driven framework for rapid database publishing, custom application development, rich community-based applications, third-party integrations such as mapping and data feeds, syndicated databases, reverse-publishing tools, and training services that empower non-developers to quickly capture, publish and manage data online.

About Caspio, Inc.
Caspio Inc. (www. caspio. com) is the world's leading on-demand do-it-yourself web application creation platform. The company's philosophy is to empower business users to create and deploy web databases, forms, and applications easily and without programming. Caspio's on-demand platform replaces coding with intuitive point-and-click wizards, enabling users to rapidly produce web database components for capturing, publishing, and managing data online. Caspio shrinks development time from weeks to hours and from thousands of dollars to a small monthly fee. Caspio's customers range from one-person entrepreneurs to Fortune-500 corporations, digital media giants, government agencies, and educational institutions.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Ceridian Encourages Employers to Address the Needs and Differences of All Generations in the Workplace

Ceridian Encourages Employers to Address the Needs and Differences of All Generations in the Workplace

Human resource management solutions company provides strategies to employers to address the human capital challenges and maximize the opportunities in a multigenerational workforce.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 1, 2005

Ceridian (www. myceridian. com), a leader in human resource management solutions that maximize the value of people, encourages employers to evaluate their organization's level of “generational competence”TM to determine how well they can adapt and develop to meet the needs that make up the needs and differences of the four generations of workers now employed in today’s U. S. workforce.

Organizations throughout the world are in the midst of a significant demographic change - the aging of their workforces. Lower birth rates over the past four decades have resulted in a "baby bust." The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2004-2005 Workforce Forecast estimates that in the U. S. about 22 million new wage and salary jobs will be created in the next decade, while just 17 million people will be entering the workforce. This demographic shift, combined with dramatic changes in organizational structures, information flow and career paths, has pushed workers of different ages into roles of close collaboration and, in many cases, turned aged-based hierarchies upside down.

“While today’s workplace has made great progress in recognizing and embracing differences, until now age has rarely been part of the diversity agenda. Development of a company’s generational competence will become a major factor to help organizations achieve the full contribution of their most talented employees,” said Diane Piktialis, Ph. D. director of work-life services for Ceridian, and lead author of a white paper entitled, “Maximizing Human Capital Assets through generational competence” recently published by Ceridian. The full contents of this white paper can be accessed online at www…[human capital management].

For the first time in history, many organizations have workforces that comprise four distinct generations: Matures (ages 60-78), Baby Boomers (ages 41-59), Generation X (ages 28 – 40), and Generation Y (age 27 and younger). Matures and Baby Boomers make up well over half the American workforce. Generations X and Y comprise approximately 44 percent of the labor market, according to the Department of Labor.

According to CeridianÂ’s research on generational competence strategies, members of each generation bring distinct sets of values, attitudes and behaviors to the workplace, largely as a result of the era in which they grew up. The four generations in the workplace today come to work with different expectations, assumptions, priorities, and approaches to work and communication. If these differences are ignored, they can grow into a source of misunderstanding and conflict, but when appropriately addressed, they create opportunities for collaboration and synergy among the different generations of workers.

“An organization’s viability depends on its ability to hire, retain—and gain the full contribution of—the most talented employees across the generations,” said Piktialis. By instituting human capital management processes, designing benefits and employee effectiveness services, and tailoring talent management to address the needs and earn the engagement of employees of different generations, an organization is taking steps toward generational competence.”

To ultimately seize the opportunities of a multigenerational workforce and achieve generational competence, Ceridian encourages employers to understand and build awareness of generational differences; study how different generations interact, use products and access services within the enterprise; leverage generational understanding to identify market opportunities and to improve marketing, product development, customer service and management practices; and design projects to provide opportunities for cross-generational collaboration.”

Ceridian was the nation’s first provider of fully integrated EAP, work-life and wellness services. Today, Ceridian’s EAP and work-life services are utilized by more than 25,000 organizations worldwide of all sizes in virtually every industry. In 2003, the company received the ‘Business of the Year Award for Exemplary Business Programs’ from the American Society on Aging and in 2004 and 2005 it won the ‘Caregiver Friendly Award.’ Ceridian also recently gained accreditation from Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services, an international, independent, not-for-profit accrediting body of social and behavioral healthcare services. The Mature Market Resource Center also awarded Ceridian the 2004 World Wide Web Mature Media Award in recognition of its innovations in elder care and retirement planning educational services.

About Ceridian

Ceridian is changing the world of work by enabling companies to be free to succeed in their core business through its suite of innovative human resource management solutions that include payroll and compensation, staffing, compliance, HR administration and employee effectiveness. Ceridian Corporation (NYSE: CEN) is an information services company serving businesses and employees in the United States, Canada and Europe. For more information about CeridianÂ’s comprehensive array of human resource solutions, visit www. myceridian. com or call (800) 729-7655.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moms in the San Diego Area Do Pilates While Babies Socialize

Moms in the San Diego Area Do Pilates While Babies Socialize

A group of over 80 moms in the San Diego area meet twice a week to do Pilates while their babies socialize.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2006

One of the first things new moms here when they give birth is, “Make sure to nurture yourself too.” One new group working to find the balance between stimulating baby while nurturing oneself is “Moms and Tots San Diego Meet Up.” The group is comprised of over 80 moms of babies born in 2005 to 2006. They meet twice a week at a gym called “California Health and Fitness Center” to do Pilates while their babies socialize.

The workout takes place in an upstairs room, away from onlookers and other foot traffic. They gather in a circle, placing their babies in the middle of the circle with toys and the babies keep each other company and occupied, while the moms break a sweat doing a low-intensity calorie-burning workout that sculpts their bodies slim while helping them to lose weight and inches. The group is comprised solely of moms with other babies, so if a baby starts to fuss, the mom can stop her workout and tend to her baby without the fear of annoying or interrupting anyone.

Another great thing about this program for new moms is the prices. One session is only $6.00, or a monthly pass is only $30.00. These prices make the workout easy to afford and keep the new moms from feeling like they cannot attend because it’s too expensive.

To find out more about this program, or to join this group of moms, please write Jwd21@aol. com, subject line: Pilates. Start living healthy today.


Globoforce Further Expands Global Merchant Network in China

Globoforce Further Expands Global Merchant Network in China

Globoforce ex*change now offers clients 2,000 global and street-level local merchants and reward options in 130 countries; China-based employees gain greater and more meaningful reward choices

Southborough, Mass. and Dublin, Ireland (Vocus) May 12, 2010

Globoforce, the world's leading provider of global, strategic employee recognition solutions (http://www. globoforce. com/corporate/eng/about-us)], today announced that Globoforce ex*change(SM), its global merchant network (http://www. globoforce. com/corporate/eng/what-we-do/merchant-network. html)], has surpassed 2,000 global and street-level local merchants and other reward options across 130 countries. As part of this growth, Globoforce has further expanded its reach in China. The expansion is designed to meet the growing needs and regions of the Company's current and future clients' employee recognition (http://www. globoforce. com/) programs and remain at the forefront of the global economy.

Globoforce ex*change is based on the company's core philosophy of giving employees a customizable, individualized award experience based specifically on their location. The network is a SaaS technology platform that houses all global merchant options, helping clients easily and cost-effectively manage global merchandise selection, redemption, and delivery within their Globoforce strategic recognition and rewards program. Today, Globoforce ex*change encompasses more than 2,000 big-box and small business retailers, department and specialty stores, restaurants, and travel and hospitality merchants, as well as other reward options including charities, for its current 1.7 million users worldwide. With more than 25 million reward options, the network represents the world's largest selection of rewards.

In 2009 and 2010, Globoforce has seen many of its clients increase their business activity and personnel within Beijing, Shanghai, and the greater China region. As a result, the company took its core rewards strategy and fulfillment one step further by hiring a dedicated rewards and customer service team in China. Together alongside its China-based team, Globoforce worked with clients to add even more highly desirable merchant options from both local Chinese and globally-known, trusted, and popular brands.

Examples of new additions include:
 Joyo. com – online retailer with wide selection of books, music, videos, and electronics  Rainbow Department Store (Tianhong) – a leading department store  Suning Appliance – electronic appliance retailer  Watsons – health, well being, and beauty products retailer

"A reward is only as good as the merchant that can redeem it. That's why we made the strategic decision to build the largest and most localized merchant network in the employee recognition industry in order to offer the most individualized experience possible,” said Derek Irvine, Head of Strategic Consulting and CMO, Globoforce. "With our further growth in China, we are helping our clients further engage their increasing China-based employees by embracing their specific cultural and consumer preferences and upholding a workplace culture of appreciation and thoughtfulness. Our expansion, driven by our local relationships, also ensures that we will continue to offer a wide array of choices for employees with locally-relevant and personally meaningful reward options right where they live and work.”

Globoforce ex*change is designed to make an employee recognition program seamless for global, enterprise-level companies. As with all other Globoforce-covered countries, the merchant network in China follows the company's same core principles and platform, giving both clients and employees the following advantages:
 Motivational, aspirational, and equitable rewards that appeal to every generation, style, and culture.  Street-level local merchants comprised of relevant brands and stores that elicit passion among employees.  Worry-free logistics, including transaction and sales tax compliance as well as guaranteed border-crossing with no additional customs, duties, or shipping charges, which are unavoidable for typical US and UK-based employee recognition providers.  Socially and environmentally-responsible reward systems enabled by Globoforce's minimal shipping costs and small carbon footprint (due to its efficient gift card delivery model).  Multi-lingual options for all global, national, and local brands and stores, including two forms of Chinese language: Traditional and Simplified.  Unique, high-value small businesses, giving employees the opportunity to be true participants in their own local economy by supporting the shops and stores around the corner from where they live and work.

About Globoforce
Founded in 1999, Globoforce is the world's leading provider of strategic employee recognition solutions for enterprise-level companies. Through its easy-to-use, on-demand software, Globoforce helps HR and company leaders recognize and engage employees, transforming how a company's culture can be strategically managed globally. A private corporation, Globoforce is co-headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland. To learn more, please visit www. globoforce. com or the Company's blog at http://globoforce. blogspot. com/ (http://globoforce. blogspot. com/).

Media Contacts:
Kevin Mullins
Globoforce Public Relations
+1 508-229-1543

Daisy Wall
Tier One PR
+1 404-695-0195

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TrygTech Announces Linux-based Board Support Package (BSP) for Topaz i. MX25 CPU Module

TrygTech Announces Linux-based Board Support Package (BSP) for Topaz i. MX25 CPU Module

TrygTech software combines with the Device Solutions Topaz i. MX25 CPU Module to help OEMs bring consumer and industrial electronic products to market at lower cost.

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) August 27, 2010

TrygTech, a leading provider of software and hardware solutions for enabling embedded systems, has announced the release of their Linux board support package (BSP) for Device Solutions Topaz i. MX25 CPU Module.

The Topaz i. MX25 CPU Module combines a powerful Freescale i. MX25 ARM based 400 MHz processor with flash memory, Ethernet PHY, and a Freescale power management IC making it perfect for the automotive, Industrial, and general embedded markets. The Device Solutions Topaz i. MX25 CPU module comes in a development kit which is ideal for evaluating the i. MX25 and prototyping new designs. The TrygTech release of the Linux BSP allows developers to get these prototypes up and running quickly with optimized performance.

“We are very pleased to have TrygTech develop the Linux board support package for us,” says Martin Welford, CEO of Device Solutions Ltd. “TrygTech has a deep technical knowledge of embedded devices and knows how important it is to optimize a BSP in order to have designs to run at full performance levels. They also provide a very high level of support and documentation which allows engineers to focus their efforts on their own end-product development.”

“As embedded system developers ourselves, we understand designers’ need for a Board Support Package that correctly interfaces the specific hardware to the specific operating system,” says Julie Trygstad, Vice President of Engineering at TrygTech. “We’ve seen clients struggle with sub-optimized support and documentation, causing them to lose time and incur cost in developing additional low-level code to get their devices to run. The goal of TrygTech is to assure that it’s done correctly the first time. We do that by providing the level of documentation needed by the design engineers.”

Additional information and ordering instructions for the TrygTech Linux Board Support Package for Device Solutions Topaz i. MX25 is available at http://www. trygtech. com/products/topaz. php (http://www. trygtech. com/products/topaz. php). Links and documentation for the Device Solutions Topaz i. MX25 are also available on that page.

About TrygTech

TrygTech’s software and hardware designs seamlessly connect smart embedded devices with business intelligence solutions. Using these designs, device OEMs deliver products with smaller footprints, faster boot times, longer battery life, secure connectivity, and real-time performance. TrygTech solutions are used in mobile devices, home/industrial automation, network appliances, healthcare solutions, kiosks, and advanced technology applications. For more information, visit www. trygtech. com.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fortis Health ranked first in the individual medical insurance market based on market share

Fortis Health ranked first in the individual medical insurance market based on market share.

(PRWEB) February 27, 2004

Research and Markets announces the addition of the Fortis Health Business Intelligence Report to its offerings.

Fortis Health, a subsidiary of Fortis, is ranked first in the individual medical insurance market based on market share. Fortis Health is comprised of Fortis Insurance, John Alden Life Insurance Company and Fortis Benefits Insurance. Fortis Health provides health insurance for over one million people nationwide and has revenue of over $2 billion.

Fortis Health offers a diverse portfolio of products to meet its members' changing health insurance needs including individual medical, small group, medical savings accounts, short term medical, student select, international and PBM through Medco Health. Fortis announced its intention in September 2003 to effect an initial public offering of shares in its U. S. insurance operations. It is anticipated that this initial offering will take place during the course of 2004.

This BusIntell Report provides Industry Overview/Trends, Company Overview, Corporate Strategy (including Strengths/Weaknesses), Internet Activities, Company Executives, Financial and Membership Information, detailed Lines of Business, and Sources.

For a complete index of this report click on http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/45834 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/45834)

About Research and Markets Ltd.

Research and Markets Ltd. are Europe's largest resource for market research. R&M distribute thousands of major research publications from the world's leading publishers, consultants and market analysts. R&M provide you with the latest forecasts on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest market trends.

For additional information on ResearchandMarkets. com, their range of reports or their value-added services, visit their web site at http://www. researchandmarkets. com (http://www. researchandmarkets. com) or mailto:press@researchandmarkets. com

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics Opens Southern California Facility for Invacare

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics Opens Southern California Facility for Invacare

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics “OHL”, a nationally recognized third party logistics provider headquartered in Nashville, TN, announced today the opening of its first California facility. Located in Rancho Cucamonga, the 100,000 square foot operation opened in November and will provide dedicated distribution and transportation services to Invacare. The distribution operation was relocated from an OHL campus in Sparks, NV. Invacare is the industry leader in the $6-billion market for home medical products, manufacturing and distributing the world's broadest product offering to approximately 15,000 independent, home medical equipment (HME) providers. The operation will create 20 to 25 new jobs.

(PRWEB) January 9, 2004

“The move to Southern California is part of OHL’s strategy to complete a national network of logistics hubs to serve our client base,” says John Peddie Chief Operations Officer for OHL. Peddie also adds, “additional clients are requesting services in Southern California and OHL will continue to focus growth efforts in Southern California with existing and new clients with expectations of doubling our presence in 2004.”

OHL provides logistics services for more than 400 clients spanning 12 million square feet of distribution space throughout the U. S. The network of strategically located logistics campuses was a key point in Invacare selecting OHL. “OHL provides flexibility within its network” says Darrel Lowery, VP North American Logistics for Invacare, “and when our logistics needs changed, OHL was able to provide flexibility by relocating our distribution facility from Sparks to Rancho Cucamonga.” “OHL utilized trained employees from the Sparks operation to complete a smooth transition,” adds Lowery. OHL also provides distribution and transportation services to Invacare in Plainfield, IN and Dallas, TX.

About Ozburn-Hessey Logistics

In 52 years, OHL has grown into a national, full-service logistics provider. OHL’s supply chain solutions include warehouse management, material handling, temporary staffing, and transportation management services. Ozburn-Hessey Logistics’ real estate subsidiary, ProVenture Commercial, offers development, brokerage and building management services. OHL developed SynapseTM, an industry-leading warehouse management system and has completed integration to Transyndä, an industry leading transportation management system. OHL has 2,000 employees and operates warehouse/distribution facilities in 25 cities across thirteen states.

About Invacare

Invacare is the global leader in the $6-billion home medical product industry. The company conducts business in more than 80 countries around the world and has the largest distribution network in the industry. The product line has expanded dramatically to include all types of equipment and supplies used for home health care.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bay Area Company Delivers the "Good" in Children's Entertainment -- Respect and Manners Delivered Via Positive Characters, Stories and Songs

Bay Area Company Delivers the "Good" in Children's Entertainment -- Respect and Manners Delivered Via Positive Characters, Stories and Songs

Positive Stories and characters which playfully teach life-based skills to young children zero to six. Company focuses on providing a parental tool to help instill good behavior in young children. IAG Media Inc. offers new products that deliver the "good" in Holiday gifts this year. Company offers "Less packaging, more fun" seal of approval in all products.

Marin, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2008

IAGmedia, Inc. launches -- delivering products that help instill good behavior in young children before they even reach the classroom. The Company infuses the principals of 4-H (head, heart, hands, and health) into each storyline and character, providing parents with products that playfully teach respect for self and family, and inspire contribution to community in young children.

"Discipline is difficult for parents today because it's considered an action resulting from a wrongdoing, and not guidance to help young kids build positive character," says company founder Stephanie Rach. "Our stories are full of music, mishap, humor and adventure, but deliver a relevant message that helps inspire positive action and manners …at any age."

The Company's goal is to help today's parents feel confident about setting parameters and expectations on their kids. Respectful behavior is the first priority.

"Research shows that children as young as 18 months can understand a message so let's positively reinforce a good message …and make it fun," Ms. Rach says. "All stories offer life-skills lessons and each is delivered in rhyme or a playful character, providing a positive connection between parent and child. "

The Company's product line includes:
Into the Great Outdoors DVD/CD/BOOK SET www. intothegreatoutdoors. com: an animated and live action adventure that teaches kids respect and manners through nature. Kids join Chipper on a song-filled journey, learning rhyme-filled lessons like "you can play, but don't stray," and the importance even the smallest creatures have on the environment. Includes DVD, 52-page Story & Activity book plus CD. Retails $24.95.

Beyond the Moon with Luna storybook: Luna discovers life beyond the moon is filled with more than giving milk and happy "moos." With the support of Chester, a wise ol' frog, Luna gains the confidence to take her first leap and discover she can go beyond her own expectations. Girls will gain confidence to leap for what they dream and learn to encourage others wanting to do the same. Retails $14.95. www. beyondthemoonwithluna. com.

Get Ready to Fly activity set -- helps young travelers earn their wings! From what to pack, to check-in, boarding, flying and landing, young kids are introduced to the over-stimulating experience of airports, and learn to be courteous flyers. Includes story activity book with crayons, plush, Pillow"back"Pack with front pocket for travel treasures. Retails $34.95. www. getreadytofly. com.

Sing-along/Read-along the first two books launch with vibrant illustrations and lyrics to dance, sing, or snuggle up to before naptime or bed. All Together Now and A Balloon Passes By feature the music of James K, a Bay Area musician often likened to Cat Stevens. Retail $18.95 each.

Additionally, the Company offers all natural sun sticks, T-shirts and merchandise which help parents reinforce the positive messages each character and storyline provides. IAGmedia supports each product with its "Less Packaging, More Fun" seal of approval: delivering quality products in minimal packaging using green standards in manufacturing. Over 90% of its products are made in Bay Area, California.

To learn more, please visit www. iagmedia. net or call 415-271-9603.


Tossed is Shaking up the South

Tossed is Shaking up the South

Upscale salad concept opening restaurants in Atlanta, Houston and south Florida.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 15, 2006

Tossed, an upscale quick-casual salad franchise with a cult following that started in New York City and was hailed by the New York Post as “the granddaddy of the salad movement,” will open locations in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and Houston, Texas by the end of this year. Additional lease negotiations are underway. This is in line with Tossed’s plans to reach 200 locations by the year 2010.

The Palm Beach Gardens location, set to open in November, will be a corporate affiliate location and serve as the new store prototype. It will have a new look and be completely paperless using an advanced POS system from Aloha. Tossed worked with Metro Design, a West Palm Beach-based design firm, to create a fresh look which can be easily replicated in a variety of restaurant markets. “A great deal of effort and creativity were expended to create a restaurant which had corporate design integrity, however, is affordable to construct in any local,” said Pete Russo, President of Metro Design. “Colors and finishes were selected to have a “punch” of intensity.”

Because the original Tossed opened in 1998 to 45 minute lines and was exalted by New York Magazine as “the place to get a salad,” it was important that all future locations be designed to handle traffic, which peaks at lunch and dinner. “Simply having a large restaurant to accommodate peak times is not necessarily the most efficient use of space. Emphasis on flexibility and comfort assure that the maximum number of patrons would be able to dine comfortably at any time of the day,” Russo explained. The goal of the redesign was to freshen the look, improve traffic flow and ensure that Tossed’s design would be a success in any market.

Tossed customers can choose from a selection of specialty salads but more than half of customers choose to create their own, selecting ingredients from a menu that features five different lettuces, more than 70 “Toss-Ins” and over 20 types of dressings. The menu includes whole wheat, fat-free crepes, sandwiches, soups, smoothies and desserts. Tossed has the distinction of being the world’s first online salad bar, a service launched in 2000 that allows customers to create and order a salad from their laptop by logging on to www. tossed. com. Time Out New York described Tossed as “a restaurant that serves heaping salads on big plates, Tossed offers stylish seating and hip sounds.”

The first of 19 Tossed locations in Atlanta is slated to open on October 15th in Alpharetta, GA. Bob Russell, Operations Director for the Atlanta investment group, will be overseeing the project and is excited about bringing the concept to fellow Atlantans. “There are a lot of folks out there who never use their kitchen. Atlanta has a young thriving market with a lot of density and growth. The Tossed concept has Atlanta written all over it,” Russell said.

Russell has owned casual dining restaurants in the past and has also worked for Sodexho in their healthcare department. Now, Russell will marry his two experiences to oversee Tossed in Atlanta. “At Sodexho, we worked to dispel the myth that hospital food can't be good food. I believe that Tossed will do the same for salads,” he explained. Russell was first introduced to the concept while visiting NYU with his daughter and dining at Tossed. “I saw the potential for Tossed in Atlanta immediately” he said “not to mention dozens of other cities.”

Houston, for example, is another ripe market for the Tossed concept, according to Bryan Sansbury, CEO of Sansbury Investments, who will open seven restaurants in the Houston area by 2010. The group’s first location is scheduled to open in the “Energy Corridor" of Houston on December 1st. The group hopes to eventually open as many as 20. “Market research found that many people just want to grab a salad but they were finding the choices to be limited when it came to high-quality ingredients and the ability to have personal input in an upscale fast-casual setting. We began researching concepts nationally and Tossed quickly emerged as the front runner,” Bryan explained.

Bryan’s brother, Trent, will serve as the Operations Manager overseeing the day-to-day operations. Trent worked as a manager with the Pappas Restaurants, specifically with the Pappasitos concept and was looking to stay in the food service industry but with greater ownership. Now, he will be able to put his restaurant franchise experience to use to benefit himself and the rest of his family with Tossed.

According to Eric Schmitt, Tossed CEO, Palm Beach, Houston and Atlanta were definitely target markets. Eric says Tossed has long-term potential for 1,000 U. S. restaurants. They are also looking toward D. C., Detroit, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, Phoenix, Cleveland, Philadelphia, St. Louis, the Carolinas as well as Northern and Southern California in addition to other major metropolitan cities where Tossed would be embraced as a place where, according to Chef Magazine, “a customer can have the salad of his dreams.”


Friday, May 22, 2009

South Florida Credit Union Makes Getting A Mortgage Through A Credit Union Simple

South Florida Credit Union Makes Getting A Mortgage Through A Credit Union Simple

With credit union mortgage rates typically lower than most bank, Tropical Financial Credit Union is helping members with their affordable mortgages and easy applications.

Miramar, FL (PRWEB) December 5, 2010

Tropical Financial Credit Union, a South Florida credit union, is making it easier for potential homeowners getting a mortgage through a credit union rather than traditional banks. Credit union mortgage rates are typically lower than traditional financial institutions; and with lower rates come lower monthly payments. The credit union continues to help their members achieve financial success with their loan programs.

“For many months we have seen the country face difficult financial times and as it begins to rebound, it has become a prime opportunity for many families to own a home. Getting a mortgage through a credit union with low mortgage rates can save potentially hundreds of dollars a month which leads to thousands over the life of the loan,” said Helen McGiffin, Chief Lending Officer. “We were there before this crises happened helping our members, and we’ll be here in the future continuing to provide financial products ensuring members the best possible financial health.”

About TFCU:
Tropical Financial Credit Union has been offering quality products for customers for 75 years. This fully accredited South Florida credit union is open for all residents of Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Sarasota counties in South Florida. Members are now able to open a checking account online, They continually expand and offer free online banking, the best car loan rates, mortgage rates through the credit union and other deposits and loan products. As always, they continue to offer free individual and business checking in Florida throughout their branches and for all their members. For more information, please visit http://www. tropicalfcu. org.


Terralever's Online Marketing Strategy Helps Sundt Construction Flex Its Online Muscle, Increase Web Presence

Terralever's Online Marketing Strategy Helps Sundt Construction Flex Its Online Muscle, Increase Web Presence

Terralever, the Leader in Online Marketing Strategy, Helps 119-Year-Old Sundt Construction Increase its Web Presence With an Innovative New Web Site Design

Tempe, Ariz. (PRWEB) May 6, 2009

Terralever, the leader in online marketing strategy (http://www. terralever. com/capabilities/strategy), is taking Sundt Construction, Inc.'s (http://www. sundt. com) web presence to a new level with an interactive project portfolio and completely rebuilt Web site.

With more than a century of experience in large-scale construction projects, Sundt is no stranger to the business community. However, the company saw the need to leverage new online marketing strategies to increase its web presence (http://www. terralever. com/capabilities/marketing-and-advertising).

After conducting a comprehensive, full-scale strategy engagement, Terralever found that Sundt's potential customers desired local, relevant experience for their construction projects. That created an opportunity to rebuild Sundt's Web site in a way that would clearly set it apart.

"Our findings needed to be reflected in Sundt's new Web site," said Andy Richter, Managing Partner at Terralever. "Our challenge was creating an online presence that met the needs of Sundt's clients, but also remained consistent with the company's established brand image."

Richard Condit, Chief Administrative Officer for Sundt said, "Sundt's partnership with Terralever was the reason we were able to produce what we believe is a unique and differentiating Web site. Our goal was to have a site that customers and those seeking employment with Sundt would say 'that's exactly what I was looking for'. We believe that Terralever helped us to accomplish that goal and in the process they helped us to incorporate some unique features like our Project Explorer."

Terralever created a user-friendly, searchable project portfolio for Sundt. This platform was inspired by the online portfolios typically seen in the creative sector, and enabled Sundt to showcase their innovative qualities. Terralever's User Experience team chose to present Sundt's varied work experience in a fully interactive portfolio built entirely in Adobe Flex. The first-of-its-kind Project Explorer portfolio is labeled Featured Projects and divided into two views - location and market - allowing visitors to choose their search method, and quickly and easily find what they are looking for. The Project Explorer provides immediate access to simple, clean, functional information, and an instant snapshot of Sundt's experience.

Charlie Boyd, Corporate Director of Business Development and Marketing Administration at Sundt Construction, Inc. said, "Revamping our internet marketing strategy is part of our ongoing branding efforts. We are always looking for the best ways to communicate with our customers and prospects, and provide them with a unique experience. Terralever's approach was spot on. By implementing innovative solutions Terralever is helping us to truly differentiate ourselves online. "

About Terralever
Terralever is an award-winning interactive marketing agency (http://www. terralever. com/capabilities/marketing-and-advertising) and technology services firm that delivers online marketing solutions for growing mid-size to Fortune 2000 companies. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with offices in Tucson and Los Angeles, the growing firm specializes in online marketing strategy, custom Web site design (http://www. terralever. com/capabilities/design-and-development) and development, rich internet applications, search engine optimization and email marketing. For more information, visit http://www. terralever. com (http://www. terralever. com).

About Sundt 
Employee-owned Sundt Construction, Inc. provides design-build, general contracting, and construction management services for public and private projects throughout the United States. The firm specializes in educational facilities, government buildings, parking structures, healthcare, office buildings and transportation projects. Founded in 1890, Sundt is the 62nd largest construction company in the United States. In 2007, the firm was named "One of the Best Places to Work" by the San Diego Business Journal. For more information, visit http://www. sundt. com (http://www. sundt. com).


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Improving Patient Care in the NHS Using NLP

Improving Patient Care in the NHS Using NLP

The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is making a significant effort to improve patient care. Phil Morley, Account Director for the performance support team in the NHS is using NLP techniques to help Chief Executives in the NHS meet and exceed their performance targets and improve patient care.

(PRWEB) March 23, 2005

Focusing on providing a better health service is an ongoing objective in the NHS. This includes improving access to the correct service at the right time and place, upgrading the patient experience, respecting the patient’s dignity, improving the overall quality of services and setting realistic performance targets. This is a significant challenge within a period of rising patient expectations and limited budgets.

Phil Morley is Account Director for the performance support team in the NHS. He and his team are responsible for providing support and interventions to all the Chief Executives of Health Organisations who have not reached their performance targets. He is keen that the goal of improving ‘patient care’ is at the forefront of meeting performance targets.

He approached PPI Business NLP, a bespoke provider of training specializing in problem solving, communication and widening peoples’ understanding and horizons. He felt that NLP would enable him to give a extensive tool-set to his Chief Executives as to how they could meet and exceed their targets. The NHS funded Phil to complete his NLP practitioner and master practitioner accreditation.

Phil discovered that he is now in a position to offer his NHS clients a more extensive tool set to achieve their targets. He is able to provide useful suggestions on relationships and behaviour as well as process, systems and strategy. Having studied NLP his listening skills improved. “I now listen with my eyes as well as my ears, it makes a tremendous difference to my effectiveness” confirmed Phil. “I am able to use language and questions to interrupt and expand peoples thinking. It’s all surprisingly easy”

Specific NLP techniques that Phil found particularly useful were state, anchoring and logical levels. State is where you consider the best emotional and physical state to access for any intervention, anchoring enables you to access that state at the appropriate time. Logical levels is an approach that enables the client to consider the impact and dependency of the environment, behaviour, skill level, beliefs and individuals identity on any suggested change.

Phil chose PPI’s modular training because the company came personally recommended and he appreciated their exploratory approach – explore different options and find out what works. He also liked the company’s unique business and organisation background and that their seminars were accredited by Richard Bandler.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was introduced by Richard Bandler and John Grinder as a tool for personal development 30 years ago. It is continually assessing and developing frameworks for understanding attitudes, it models successful performers and provides techniques for improving thought processes and communications skills. Business NLP draws on these studies which can be used in different environments.

Clients of PPI Business NLP include Abbey, Accenture, ACCA, Argos, AstraZeneca, Barclay’s, Birmingham University, BT, BAe, Centrica, ODPM, the PM’s Strategy Office as well as the main public services.

PPI's website www. ppimk. com has had over 380,000 hits over the last four years demonstrating the interest in Business NLP. Further news releases are available from www. nlp-pr. co. uk.

Their monthly newsletter from www. nlp-newsletters. co. uk goes out to over 3000 subscriber’s world wide. Their Business NLP blogs can be assessed from www. nlp-blog. co. uk

They will be running their NLP business practitioner seminar in California in the fall of 2005 www. ppi-nlp. com.

# # #

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morehead Webinar Presents Company's Approach to Driving Physician Retention

Morehead Webinar Presents Company's Approach to Driving Physician Retention

Morehead shares research, best practices and proven model for driving physician retention.

Charlotte, N. C. (PRWEB) November 18, 2008

The human capital research firm Morehead will host a webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008 at 1:00 p. m. Eastern time titled "Driving Physician Retention through Engagement."

Retaining skilled, engaged physicians is critical to the success of health systems across the country. Patient, employee and physician satisfaction, as well as quality of patient care, are significantly impacted when physicians leave an organization or when they are not aligned with the organization's mission, vision and values. Physician shortages and increased competition in the marketplace compound the problem. These factors and others are driving organizations to make physician retention a strategic priority.

Brad Morton, vice president of Business Development, and Trevor Byrd, senior associate of Research and Development, will present the hour-long webinar. Morton and Byrd will share Morehead's research that reveals the importance of physician engagement in driving physician retention. They will also share a proven model for measuring what matters to physicians, as well as best practices for communicating, partnering and building trust with physicians.

To sign up for the free hour-long webinar, visit http://moreheadassociates. com/events/contents_event77.html (http://moreheadassociates. com/events/contents_event77.html).

About Morehead:
Morehead delivers human capital Surveys, Metrics and Solutions that enable leaders to (1) target and focus human capital initiatives, (2) prioritize systemic change, (3) inform work unit interventions, and (4) align employees with business strategies. Morehead's clients include healthcare providers, financial institutions, government agencies, universities, service providers, and manufacturers. For more information, visit www. moreheadassociates. com.

Media Contact:
Wanda Craig
800.849.2292 x5515
Wcraig(at)moreheadassociates. com

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


“Health Forum” to Feature Coastwide Laboratories - Green Seal Cleaning Chemicals that Protect the Environment

“Health Forum” to Feature Coastwide Laboratories - Green Seal Cleaning Chemicals that Protect the Environment

Coastwide manufactures high performance cleaning products that are both environmentally friendly and affordable.

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 25, 2005

Platinum Television Group is pleased to announce the selection of Coastwide Laboratories for its innovative, educational television series Health Forum. This company will be featured in a segment on “Doing Our Part for the Environment” in the Models of Excellence series.

Headquartered in Wilsonville, OR, Coastwide Laboratories is a leading regional manufacturer of commercial cleaning chemicals and is committed to help save the environment. Established in 1937, Coastwide Labs has distribution centers and offices throughout Oregon and Washington and serves a market area extending from the Canadian border to northern California.

For over 60 years, Coastwide has manufactured high performance cleaning products that are both environmentally friendly and affordable. They are on the cutting edge of green cleaning technology with products that can be manufactured, transported, stored, used and disposed of in ways that will protect our environment, and they use resources to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations. To that end, Coastwide recently introduced their Sustainable Earth® Cleaning Products line which is based on the three E’s of sustainability: Equity, or fairness in ensuring that people work with healthy products, Environment, or safe products for our planet, and Economics so that end users can afford to use the products. To this list Coastwide would add a fourth E – Effectiveness – meaning that Sustainable Earth® products must work as well or better than conventional products.

The Sustainable Earth® line of cleaning chemicals, which uses soy and sugar-based ingredients, is the first one in the country to receive both Green Seal certification and to be authorized to display the EPA DfE (Design for the Environment) logo. It also was selected as the 2003 BEST (Business for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow) Business Award winner for Product Innovation by the city of Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development and the U. S. Green Building Council.

CoastwideÂ’s wide variety of state-of-the-art products can be ordered via their Internet-based information and ordering system, the Premier Pages. This program provides personalized pages that have 24-hour, password-protected access on both PC and Macintosh platforms and provides many useable features including product ordering for an unlimited number of users, customized and real-time usage reports, and account contact information.

Coastwide also provides training and technical services.

For more information, see www. coastwidelabs. com

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beacon Street Girls Declare 2007 'Year of the Sleepover!' MySpace Has Not Replaced the Sleepover as the Favored Method for Cementing Friendships

Beacon Street Girls Declare 2007 'Year of the Sleepover!' MySpace Has Not Replaced the Sleepover as the Favored Method for Cementing Friendships

A new survey conducted by B*tween Productions, home of the Beacon Street Girls books, products and website, finds that even with a plethora of new technology at their disposal, sleepovers remain the favorite way for girls to connect with their friends.

Lexington, MA (PRWEB) February 16, 2007

A new survey conducted by B*tween Productions, home of the Beacon Street Girls books, products and website, finds that even with a plethora of new technology at their disposal, sleepovers remain the favorite way for girls to connect with their friends. Based on this information, the company is declaring 2007 "The Year of the Sleepover" and extending its line of sleepover-related products.

"Sleepovers play an important role in creating and supporting deep, lasting friendships among preteen girls," said Addie Swartz, Founder and CEO of B*tween Productions. "Recognizing this, we made sure that sleepovers play an important role for the Beacon Street Girls. For example, in Worst Enemies/Best Friends, the first Beacon Street Girls book, the five main characters find a special place to call their own, bond at a sleepover, share confidences, create treasured memories and become close friends."

This data is particularly interesting in light of another recent survey (from Duke University) which has gained national attention by documenting that adult Americans report having fewer and fewer friends. According to the survey, there is a one-third drop in the number of people with whom the average American feels comfortable discussing important matters. Meanwhile, social networking sites like Xanga and MySpace are opening up new avenues through which kids can increase their number of casual acquaintances.

The BSG Super Sleepover Survey Shows Technology Hasn't Replaced Old-fashioned Fun

The 2007 BSG Super Sleepover Survey conducted by B*tween found that sleepovers remain incredibly popular among preteen girls. Of the more than 500 girl respondents between the ages of 9 and 13, 92 percent have slept over at a friend's house, with more than two-thirds of the girls having sleepovers at least once a month. Twenty-six percent sleep over at least once a week.

In addition, the majority of girls in this age range are even more likely than their mothers at the same age to sleep over at a friend's house or have that friend to their home. This is counterintuitive in the face of technological advances and the growth of social networking sites like MySpace.

"With all the talk about 'friending' and online interaction, not to mention busy schedules and over-programmed kids," states Swartz, "you might think that today's girls have stopped having real-live friends. For tween girls, sleepovers remain an important part of being a true friend."

While a variety of activities are on the agenda, almost one-fifth say their favorite sleepover activity is "telling stories and talking 'till all hours." Setting up a home spa comes in a close second. A fashion show is also among the favored activities.

 92 have slept over at a friend's house with 26 percent sleeping over at least once a week.  More than three-quarters of the respondents started sleepovers when they were 9 or younger.  More than half of the girls surveyed claim that they have more sleepovers than their mothers did at their age. One-quarter admitted that they were neck-and-neck with mom in the sleepover department.  Most important thing they pack in their sleepover bag -- that special "stuffed" friend.

New Sleepover Kit Offers Sleepover Ideas

Currently, one of the top sellers for the Beacon Street Girls is its award-winning black velvet sleepover bag, recently named one of the top tween toys for 2006 by Learning Express. For the spring 2007 season, the Beacon Street Girls are extending their line of sleepover related products, adding the new Super-fabulous BSG Sleepover Kit, complete with the BSG sleepover activity book, toiletry case and more. The BSG Super Sleepover Handbook gives girls party ideas, recipes for sleepover snacks, a list of top sleepover movies and special sleepover games.

In addition, any sleepover veteran worth her popcorn salt knows that she needs to bring her own personal care products to the pajama party. Now she'll be able to buy Beacon Street Girls body care products, including body wash, lotion and sprays at select high-end specialty stores. The new body care products are specially formulated for young, sensitive skin, using natural and herbal ingredients. They come in five fun scents and are never tested on animals.

About B*tween Productions

The Beacon Street Girls brand (BSG) provides great books, cool gifts, and a safe and interactive online world designed to celebrate the potential in every preteen girl. The brand was specifically created to empower "tweens," those girls between the ages of 8 and 13, who are "between toys and boys." Shaped by leading experts in adolescent development and current research on how to positively impact girls' self-esteem, the Beacon Street Girls offer a fresh, exciting and healthier media alternative to today's MTV-style world. Super fans in 74 countries and their parents have embraced the Beacon Street Girls as role models who are "just like me."

Beacon Street Girls books are available wherever books are sold. Beacon Street Girls products are available at independent book and gift stores nationwide and online at http://www. beaconstreetgirls. com (http://www. beaconstreetgirls. com)

Editorial Note: Survey data and images available

# # #

New Employee Benefits Research from Hay Group

New Employee Benefits Research from Hay Group

Our experts distill issues and outline practical strategies related to health savings accounts, Medicare Part D prescription drug benefits, the new Pension Relief Bill and pension cash-out rules, and common age discrimination challenges.

(PRWEB) May 26, 2004

PHILADELPHIA (May 25, 2004) Hay Group is pleased to announce the latest issue of the "Hay Benefits Advisor" is now available to download free of charge on www. haygroup. com.

The Benefits Advisor is the quarterly publication from Hay's U. S. Benefits Practice targeted at HR and line executives that covers "hot" issues in employee benefits, with a focus on new and proposed legislation and regulatory guidance. It's written in a non-technical style that enables non-lawyers to understand the issues and what needs to be done.

This issue's highlights include:

1. In Health Savings Accounts: Beyond the Hype, we explain why the new tax-favored HSAs are not the solution to skyrocketing health care premium costs for most employers or employees.

2. In our other big story, New Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit Creates Choices for Retiree Drug Plan Sponsors, we offer specific strategies for using the newest Medicare benefit to reduce retiree medical plan spending.

3. In Pension Relief Bill Enacted: Provides 2-Year Fix for Interest Rates, we give you a rundown on what the new law (the Pension Funding Equity Act of 2004) means for your pension contributions and PBGC premiums.

4. Two articles (New IRS Retroactive Benefit Payment Rules and IRS Requires Disclosure of Relative Value of Benefit Options) guide you through the steps you must take, as a defined benefit pension plan sponsor, to comply with new IRS rules on benefit elections and distributions.

5. New automatic pension cash-out rules require sponsors to set up rollover accounts. Get the early read on what's required - possibly as soon as December 2004 in DOL Proposes Rules to Implement Automatic Rollovers of Mandatory Distributions.

6 We update you on the age discrimination challenges to cash balance and retiree health plans. . . and other benefits news.

The newsletter can be downloaded from the home page of www. haygroup. com. For more information, please contact Dario Priolo at (215) 861-2563.

About Hay Group

Hay Group is a global organizational and human resources consulting firm. We help our clients -- Boards, CEO's, Executives, and HR Managers -- on virtully all aspects of their people-related business issues. We work with nearly three-quarters of FORTUNE'S "Most Admired Companies", as well as many mid-sized and non-profit, public institutions, and governments. We have over 2,200 employees working from 73 offices on 38 countries.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pacific Bariatric Performs 10,000th Procedure

Pacific Bariatric Performs 10,000th Procedure

Surgeons at Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group (PBSMG, http://www. pbsmg. com) and Scripps Mercy Hospital recently performed their 10,000th bariatric surgical procedure. This milestone has been reached by only a handful of bariatric surgery programs in the world.

San Diego (PRWEB) July 5, 2007

Surgeons at Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group (PBSMG, http://www. pbsmg. com (http://www. pbsmg. com)) and Scripps Mercy Hospital recently performed their 10,000th bariatric surgical procedure. This milestone has been reached by only a handful of bariatric surgery programs in the world.

Surgeons with the practice have been performing weight-loss surgery on adult and adolescent patients at Scripps Mercy Hospital since 1993. As a result of outstanding aftercare programs and support groups, patients at Pacific Bariatric see a success rate of slightly higher than the national average.

"This is a tremendous achievement for our practice, and we are proud of our continued legacy of caring and commitment to our patients," said Laurence Tanaka, M. D., F. A.C. S., surgeon at Scripps Mercy Hospital and Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group. "This accomplishment helps to reaffirm the trust our patients have in our ability to safely offer them the best quality services available today."

Surgeons at PBSMG (http://www. pbsmg. com (http://www. pbsmg. com)) have recently started using LAP-BAND®, an adjustable gastric band designed to reduce the stomach's capacity, thereby restricting the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. The procedure does not require stomach cutting, stapling or gastrointestinal re-routing to bypass normal digestion and can be removed at any time.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 66 percent of U. S. adults and 17 percent of U. S. children are overweight or obese. Morbid obesity is closely correlated with a number of serious conditions that severely undermine the health of overweight patients, including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Bariatric surgery or other medical interventions are often the only long-lasting weight loss solution for clinically obese individuals.

Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group, Inc. and Scripps Mercy Hospital are nationally designated by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery as a Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery. Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group, also known as Hillcrest Surgical Medical Group, Inc., has an 80-year tradition of surgical excellence and leadership in San Diego County. For more information, visit http://www. pbsmg. com (http://www. pbsmg. com).

Established in 1890 by the Sisters of Mercy, Scripps Mercy Hospital serves the San Diego and Chula Vista communities. With 700 licensed beds, more than 3,000 employees and 1,300 physicians, Scripps Mercy Hospital is San Diego's longest established and only Catholic hospital. With two campuses, Scripps Mercy Hospital is the largest hospital in San Diego County and one of the 10 largest in California. For more information, visit www. scripps. org.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Higher Education Chief Financial Officers Deliberate Economic Impact and IT Investments at CFO Conference

Higher Education Chief Financial Officers Deliberate Economic Impact and IT Investments at CFO Conference

Industry experts discuss IT trends, economic challenges, and results of CFO survey at Jenzabar CFO Conference in Boston

Boston, MA (Vocus) December 3, 2008 -

Jenzabar Inc. (www. jenzabar. net)], the leading provider of software, services and strategies for higher education, announced today that in a survey conducted by Jenzabar, higher education CFOs identified growing budget constraints as their top concern. Jenzabar discussed financial concerns, major technology developments, and economic challenges affecting higher education at its recent Jenzabar CFO Conference, held in Boston on November 21, 2008, and featuring speakers Kenneth C. Green from The Campus Computing Project and Michael K. Townsley of Stevens Strategy, who addressed CFOs from institutions of higher education.

Jenzabar held a CFO conference at the Harvard Club of Boston for client executives who also attended the 2008 MIT Sloan CFO Summit. In support of the conference, Jenzabar surveyed chief financial officers from a sample of higher education institutions across the US. The survey provided topics of discussion for the conference including the as-yet unknown impacts of the financial crisis and current economic climate.

The survey found that the top concern for CFOs, regardless of institutional type, was increasing constraints on institutional budgets. Other top concerns varied depending on the type of institution where the CFO serves--whether public or private institutions, research universities, small undergraduate colleges, or community colleges--but included the need for more effective fundraising, increased competition for students, and rising healthcare and energy costs. Almost half the institutions in the study noted that they are currently engaged in both cost-cutting programs and active plans to increase revenue.

During the Jenzabar conference, keynote speaker Kenneth C. Green, Founding Director of the Campus Computing Project, spoke about major shifts in IT and emphasized that higher education is a service industry. Continuous developments in technology have raised the level of expectations of students, faculty and administrators and increased pressure on institutions to provide the same services students experience as consumers in other aspects of their lives. "Every day as consumers we use IT-based online services," Green said. "It is important to acknowledge that institutions of higher education are here to serve and should make institutional investments that reflect an Internet economy."

Mike Townsley is a Senior Consultant at Stevens Strategy, a management consulting firm that specializes in higher and secondary education, and also the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and a professor of business at Becker College in Worcester, Ma. Townsley spoke about the economy from a financial perspective and discussed credit, home equity, family income, and their affects on a higher education institution's tuition, investments, and overall financial planning. "Expanding target markets, creating partnerships, and building cash reserves are some of the strategic approaches to coping with the economic downturn," Townsley told the group.

The conference concluded with a roundtable discussion among CFOs and Jenzabar executives focused on actions that can be taken to help institutions keep their investments aligned with their unique mission and goals. It was suggested that among the areas CFOs can influence to achieve stronger financial performance are productivity within business and administrative offices, the number of online versus in-classroom courses offered to students, utilization and understanding of data analysis and administrative systems, and creating new ways to help students pay tuition or find funding.

"The economic climate poses a major concern for higher education leaders and their administrative staffs," said Robert A. Maginn, Jr., Jenzabar Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "The Jenzabar CFO Conference was designed to support our client institutions in determining the proactive financial measures that can be taken now to help them stay in a strong financial condition, so that when the economy flourishes again they will be well-positioned for greater success."

About Jenzabar, Inc.
Jenzabar, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise software and services developed exclusively for higher education. With more than 35 years of combined experience offering technology solutions to colleges and universities, Jenzabar is the trusted partner of choice to more than 700 campuses worldwide, including private liberal arts, state, and community colleges and business, medical, law and other graduate schools. Jenzabar is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with regional offices located across the United States. For further information, please visit www. jenzabar. net.

Carina Ganias
Public Relations Specialist
Jenzabar, Inc.
617-492-9099 ext. 365

Jenzabar, Jenzabar. com, i3 and Total Campus Management are trademarks or registered trademarks of Jenzabar, Inc. All other company/product names and service marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Integrative Research Releases "Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters" Online Immune Support Game and Report

Integrative Research Releases "Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters" Online Immune Support Game and Report

Integrative Research releases "Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters" immune support game. February and March have the highest incidents of influenza according to official government statistics. Studies have shown proper immune system support may reduce incidences of the flu. Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters and the accompanying report helps educate the player on flu and germ threats and proper immune system support.

Little Valley, NY (PRWEB) February 26, 2008

In Beta Force -- The Flu Fighters, (www. TheFluFighters. com) you are the captain of the USS Beta Force, a ship traveling through the blood system, as you travel throughout the system you encounter immune system components and germs. It is your job to recognize which objects are the immune system components and which are the germs and destroy the germs before they hit your ship and drain you of your energy and to allow your immune support components to pass, so when they hit your ship your energy is increased.

If players last long enough, they qualify for a free report that details the inner workings of the immune system that includes tips on how to boost and maintain it naturally. As Chris Kochan, founder of Integrative Research and game developer stated "I needed a method to get this information out to the public. Many people don't really understand how their immune system functions and what they can do to safety boost and maintain it." He went on to further state; "By the time we reach the age of 21 we start to lose our ability to fight off infections and diseases, to cope with the everyday onslaught of germs. That's what the report is for, to learn how to boost and maintain our immune system naturally, but you have to earn it by staying alive long enough in the game."

The game teaches players what specific immune support components do as well as what germs do. The report details easy steps anyone can take to safely boost and maintain their immune system.

Creating the game was challenging, it had to be small enough so players on dial-up could still download it quick, but detailed enough to create a good visual and audio effects.

The game starts out slow, allowing the players the opportunity to discover which objects are immune system components and which are germs, however it quickly picks up the pace. "So far no one has been able to last more then three minutes, including me" Kochan stated. The game has a wide variety of visual indicators that allow one to determine friend from foe and if one destroys more immune system components then germs, he will fail to score. It also contains some secret keyboard options that when activated will allow players to prolong the length of the game and protect themselves. However, players will have to discover those on their own.

About Integrative Research: Integrative Research is a health research firm dedicated to identifying and disseminating issues in the areas of health science that are generally unknown to the vast majority of the general public and providing answers to those issues. To play "The Flu Fighters" visit: www. TheFluFighters. com


Friday, May 15, 2009

NIH Stem Cell Guidelines Should Be Modified, UCSF Team Reports

NIH Stem Cell Guidelines Should Be Modified, UCSF Team Reports

A UCSF team, led by bioethicist Bernard Lo, MD, recommends that the National Institutes of Health ethics guidelines for embryonic stem cell research be modified to better protect the rights of individuals donating egg or sperm to patients undergoing in vitro fertilization.

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) February 19, 2010

A UCSF team, led by bioethicist Bernard Lo, MD, recommends that the National Institutes of Health ethics guidelines for embryonic stem cell research be modified to better protect the rights of individuals donating egg or sperm to patients undergoing in vitro fertilization.

The recommendation is reported in the February 19, 2010 issue of Science.

Third parties frequently donate sperm and egg, or “gametes,” for patients attempting to create embryos in the in vitro fertilization clinic.

Under current practice in the United States, gamete donors sign a form giving the IVF patient unrestricted legal authority to determine how to dispose of any embryos that may be leftover following fertility treatments. Donor banks and IVF clinics are not required to brief gamete donors about the various options for disposition, which include donating the embryos for stem cell research, thereby enabling scientists to derive new human embryonic stem cell lines; discarding the embryos, or donating them to other IVF patients.

While many state, national, and international scientific committees and agencies have recommended that third-party gamete donors give official “informed consent” for stem cell research with embryos remaining after infertility treatment, the NIH did not stipulate this requirement in its guidelines issued in March 2009. As these guidelines determine which human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines may be studied under NIH research grants -- which are expected to play a growing role in funding stem cell research -- the ethical implications are significant, says Lo, chair of the UCSF Gamete, Embryonic Stem Cell Research Committee, members of which published the Science paper.

“We urge the NIH to revise its guidelines to require that gamete donors be advised that embryos containing their sperm or egg could be used for embryonic stem cell research, before they grant dispositional authority over embryos to the IVF patient,” he says. “Because some gamete donors may not approve of embryonic stem cell research, we consider this the ethically appropriate position.”

In their paper, the team recommends a process that is less complex than the detailed “informed consent” process carried out when IVF patients donate embryos for research. They suggest the disclosure to gamete donors may be made through oral discussion or brochures before donors sign a form authorizing the IVF patient to determine the disposition of embryos.

Importantly, says Lo, the gamete donors’ instructions would not disrupt the IVF process. IVF patients would learn of a gamete donor’s restrictions in advance of selecting embryos for IVF treatment, and could select other gamete donors if not satisfied with the donors’ disposition restrictions.

The recommendation is consistent with that of the National Academy of Sciences and the International Society for Stem Cell Research says Lo, a member of the ethics committee of the ISSCR, and the co-chair of the Standards Working Group of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

“It would be highly desirable to have consistency among standards and regulations,'' he says. ''If such harmonization were achieved, many university Institutional Review Boards and other research oversight bodies would likely allow NIH-eligible human embryonic stem cell lines to be used for any otherwise acceptable hESC research.”

“It’s critical that we consider all parties involved in the creation of embryos and honor their wishes,” says co-author Arnold Kriegstein, MD, PhD, director of the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCSF.

“The field of human embryonic stem cell research offers enormous promise for patients suffering from devastating diseases. We want to build this field on an ethical foundation of which we can be proud.”

Exceptions to the guideline could be justified for hESC lines already in existence if there were strong scientific reasons to use the cell lines and the third-party gamete donor had granted rights to the IVF patient to determine disposition of the embryos.

Other co-authors of the study were other members of the UCSF Gamete, Embryonic Stem Cell Research Committee: Lindsay Parham, an analyst in the Program in Bioethics; Marcelle Cedars, MD, professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive health and director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology; Susan Fisher PhD, professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences and director of the UCSF Human Embryonic Stem Cell Center; Elena Gates MD, professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences, and director of the IVF Tissue Bank; Linda Giudice, MD, PhD, chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences; Dina Gould Halme, PhD, formerly of the UCSF School of Medicine Dean’s Office; William Hershon JD, Disability Rights California; Radhika Rao JD, University of California, Hastings College of the Law; Clifford Roberts, DVM, interim associate vice-chancellor for research; and Richard Wagner MA, associate director, Human Research Protection Program.

UCSF is a leading university dedicated to promoting health worldwide through advanced biomedical research, graduate-level education in the life sciences and health professions, and excellence in patient care.

Related links:
Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCSF
Http://stemcell. ucsf. edu/ (http://stemcell. ucsf. edu/)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Sole" Work Provides Hope for Breast Cancer Cure

"Sole" Work Provides Hope for Breast Cancer Cure

The four-person team from Pima Medical Institute, 3770 Citadel Drive North in Colorado Springs received an unusual challenge when they signed up for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on June 28 and 29 in Keystone Resort in Summit County -- the promise of more money and another teammate.

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) June 15, 2008

The four-person team from Pima Medical Institute, 3770 Citadel Drive North in Colorado Springs received an unusual challenge when they signed up for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on June 28 and 29 in Keystone Resort in Summit County -- the promise of more money and another teammate.

Dick Luebke Jr., the CEO of the Colorado campus as well as eight additional Pima Medical Institute colleges throughout the west, said that if the team reached at least half of their goal of $1,800 per person, he would chip in the remaining half of their amount and join them on the 40-mile walk.

The PMI team of Roy Nevels, Jason Price, Karin Pippin and Kim Foley used their CEO's promise to generate pledges. A pink T-shirt with a cartoon caricature of Luebke and the message: I helped send Mr. Dick Luebke Jr. to Keystone, Colorado has been very popular with students, faculty and staff.

The destination walk will be divided into two days with a 26.2 walk on Saturday and 13.1 miles on Sunday. Although the distance and high altitude will be challenging, walkers will be treated to unparalleled views of the surrounding Rockies.

In addition to providing leading research teams in their fight for a cure for breast cancer, proceeds raised from the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer will be used to help medically-underserved women and men can get the medical care they need. Most of the money raised in Colorado will be used in the region, with a special emphasis on reaching low-income, elderly and minority individuals and those with inadequate health insurance.

"It is nearly impossible to talk to someone who has not lost a friend of family member to breast cancer," said Pippin, the Placement Assistant at PMI in Colorado Springs and Team Captain for the Pima Breast Supporters. "I'm very pleased to be involved in this effort. And for those who don't feel up to walking 40 miles, feel free to drop off a donation at our campus in Colorado Springs, or call me at 719-482-7462 for donation information. We still need help to reach our goal."

The Colorado Springs campus has programs for Dental Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomy Technician and Veterinary Assistant.

PMI is one of the premier medical career colleges in the western United States. The privately owned, accredited school provides students with a well-rounded education embracing theoretical classroom studies, as well as on-site training in allied health facilities within the community. This gives the student the opportunity to function in a working environment.

PMI has been serving students since 1972, with campuses in: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Mesa and Tucson, AZ; Chula Vista, CA, Seattle and Renton, WA; Las Vegas, NV; as well as Colorado Springs and Denver. Additional information is available by calling their toll free number, 888-442-5998 or online at http://www. pmi. edu (http://www. pmi. edu).

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Crystal™ Deodorant Climbs Aboard the Un-Road Trip

Crystal™ Deodorant Climbs Aboard the Un-Road Trip

Car-less Journey Across the Country Inspires Others to Re-Think Toxins

Burlingame, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Crystal™, the popular safe Un-odorant™ that prevents body odor naturally, is raising its hands in support of an inspiring journey known as the Un-Road Trip. The brainchild of adventurist Boaz Frankel, the Un-Road Trip, is a 10 week criss-cross throughout the United States and Canada using any mode of transportation, with the exception of a car, in effort to promote use of alternative transportation to better the environment.

Frankel has put Crystal to the test for almost two months and more than 10,000 miles into his journey. Whether it's a grueling 50 mile bike trek, dusty camel ride or jarring pogo stick hop across a city, one thing never changes: Boaz always smells fabulous.

"My Crystal Deodorant has been the one constant I count on each day of this journey, "explains Frankel. "While I may not know how I am going to run fast enough to catch the next train four miles away with only a half hour to spare, I do know that Crystal keeps me smelling fresh without harmful chemicals once I arrive."

Crystal™ products contain no aluminum chlorohydrate and are hypoallergenic. Composed of mineral salts which form a topical layer on the skin, Crystal makes it impossible for bacteria to thrive. In effect, Crystal products are the equivalent of "un-odorants" which prevent odor naturally, rather than deodorants that mask the odor.

"As a sponsor of Boaz and his Un-Road Trip, Crystal is supporting an effort that inspires others to care for their environment and their health by omitting unnecessary toxins," says Larry Friedberg, the new Vice President of Marketing at Crystal. "This is the philosophy we have championed with our deodorants for 25 years."

In April of 2009, Boaz Frankel set out on an Un-Road Trip. He's criss-crossing the United States using every mode of transportation except for car. He'll be traversing dozens of states by kayak, bicycle, dog sled, scooter, hot air balloon, horseback, Segway™, hang glider, fishing boat, crop duster, and whatever else he can find. He'll be documenting the whole journey right here, on this website. You'll be able to track him in real-time through daily, (and sometimes hourly), blogs, photos, and videos at http://www. unroadtrip. com (http://www. unroadtrip. com)

French Transit, Crystal's parent company, was founded in 1984 by Jerry Rosenblatt. The introduction of the company's renowned Crystal Rock deodorant immediately put French Transit on the map as an early innovator of all natural personal care products that were free of harmful chemicals. Since that time the Crystal family has grown to more than 20 products, including Crystal Body Deodorant™ Stick, Crystal Body Deodorant Spray, Crystal Foot Deodorant Spray and the new Crystal essence™ line.

Crystal is committed to developing products that support its customers' desire to protect their health and the planet on which they live. Crystal has not and never will test its products on animals and is a supporter of Leaping Bunny and PETA and donates generously to cancer fighting causes.
Crystal products are available worldwide in over 20,000 stores, as well as online at Amazon. com, Drugstore. com and http://www. thecrystal. com (http://www. thecrystal. com).

Kathleen Williams 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HCG Diet Direct - Who Should Consult a Professional Before Using HCG Based Diet Programs

HCG Diet Direct - Who Should Consult a Professional Before Using HCG Based Diet Programs

HCG Diet Direct publishes “Who Should Consult A Professional Before Using HCG Based Diet Programs”. HCG Diet Direct’s homeopathic HCG weight loss formula is effective and safe but some participants are advised to consult their doctor before beginning an HCG based diet.

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) November 15, 2009

HCG Diet Direct publishes “Who Should Consult A Professional Before Using HCG Based Diet Programs”. While HCG Diet Direct’s homeopathic HCG weight loss formula is appropriate and effective for those trying to lose weight, there are a few situations and health conditions that call for advice from a professional before beginning an HCG diet.

Who Should Consult A Professional Before Using HCG (http://www. hcgdietdirect. com/) Based Diet Programs
1. Fitness instructors or active individuals: High levels of exercise are discouraged on the diet. Low levels of activity can be sustained on the very low calorie diet (500 calories) in combination with the HCG, but higher levels will kick the body into starvation mode and compromise success.
2. Current and/or past cancer patients – consult your doctor first.
3. Individuals with stroke or heart conditions – consult your doctor first.

Homeopathic HCG weight loss (https://www. hcgdietdirect. com/secured/) formula offers the same results as the HCG injections (average weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per day). The formula is taken orally 3 times daily in combination with a very low calorie diet (500 calories). The diet is beneficial to anyone who would benefit from losing weight, but does require moderate to low activity levels for the course of the program (25 to 40 days). The formula comes with no known side effects, but individuals with specific health conditions that are under direct guidance from a physician should discuss the introduction of the program before starting the regimen.

Jenny Boynton of HCG Diet Direct responded, “The homeopathic HCG weight loss formula is an all natural, gentle re-introduction of a natural element. HCG is produced naturally in the human body. It already knows its physiological place and it gets in there and does its job. It’s as simple as that.”

To get further information on HCG Diet Direct or the HCG Diet get in touch with Jenny Boynton at info(at)HcgDietDirect(dot)com or by phone at: 1-602-330-7655. Or you can visit HCG Diet Direct at their website at www. hcgdietdirect. com.

Jenny Boynton
HCG Diet Direct
Www. hcgdietdirect. com
Phone 1-602-330-7655

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Balanced Nutrition - A New Approach

Balanced Nutrition - A New Approach

A website breaks away from the current trend of fad diets and miracle pills to help individuals plan complete balanced meals using their favorite foods.

(PRWEB) December 1, 2004

It seems that people will sacrifice anything to look and feel better. Consumers pour billions of dollars each year into the latest fad diets and miracle pills. Most of us know personal horror stories of friends that tried the latest fad, only to end up with some kind of health problem, and only temporary success. Most of us know the true path to success. Unfortunately, planning and following a balanced diet seems to be so difficult to achieve in "real life".

Vitabot claims to make that path easier to follow. Most of us can't afford a private nutritionist to personally plan meals each day that supply balanced nutrition at the correct level of calories, and most of us find it difficult to follow a published list of foods that forces us to radically change our eating habits. The website, http://www. vitabot. com (http://www. vitabot. com) works with its members from day to day, planning balanced meals from lists of its members' favorite foods.

Users of Vitabot create lists of foods that they enjoy eating. Vitabot then works like their own private nutritionist, helping them combine those favorite foods together into meals that provide balanced nutrition at the correct level of calories. By helping its members plan balanced meals using foods that they enjoy eating, its members can succeed by changing only certain aspects of their diet, not completely changing everything. By acting as a personal guide, Vitabot makes the path to success easier to follow.

Vitabot stays clear of fad diets, instead holding its users to nutritional standards backed by the vast majority of scientific research. The nutritional requirements applied by Vitabot are defined in standards published by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science.

The focus on balanced nutrition from real foods has prompted health clubs throughout the United States and Canada to add this meal planning service to their websites to help their members eat better and achieve results. The service also allows the health clubs to appeal to a wider market and distinguish themselves from their competition. (http://www. vitabot. com/web/page_health_clubs. html (http://www. vitabot. com/web/page_health_clubs. html)) The focus on balanced nutrition has also found appeal within corporate wellness programs trying to reduce costs resulting from poor employee eating habits.

The service is offered to individuals by monthly subscription. Health clubs pay a fixed monthly fee to provide the service to all members as a part of their standard membership.

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Visiderm Inc's New Skin Cancer And Melanoma Monitoring System Now Available Through CheckMyHealth. com, A Premier Health Test Kit Provider

Visiderm Inc's New Skin Cancer And Melanoma Monitoring System Now Available Through CheckMyHealth. com, A Premier Health Test Kit Provider

Visiderm, Inc., a Crown Point, Indiana company announces the Visiderm Skin Monitoring System is now available through CheckMyHealth. com, a premier health test kit provider.

Crown Point, IN (PRWEB) January 2, 2005

Visiderm, Inc., a Crown Point, Indiana company announces the Visiderm Skin Monitoring System is now available through CheckMyHealth. com, a premier health test kit provider.

CheckMyHealth. com, a provider of quality self - administered health check test kits and monitoring systems was started in 2003 to make health testing more accessible to the public and provide everyone the opportunity to conveniently, privately and safely monitor their health. CheckMyHealth. com searches out the best self-administered tests and monitoring kits and makes them available through their website. CheckMyHealth. com product offerings include at home prostate, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, and allergy test kits, as well as carpal tunnel and skin cancer systems. All are safe, convenient and accurate.

The Visiderm Skin Monitoring System is a patented, educational, health monitoring kit that improves personal awareness of changes in moles and pigmented skin spots that may signal skin cancer and melanoma and the immediate need to see a dermatologist. Sequential recordings create historic documentation and a comparison method that can alert the user to changes in moles or skin spots.

"Visiderm brings a new category to CMH's health check product offerings. With recent recommendations by medical experts to include "Evolving" (mole changes) to the list of skin cancer warning signs, Visiderm is a valuable addition to the public's skin cancer fighting arsenal. We are pleased to join CheckMyHealth. com's growing list of top-quality health monitoring and test kit products" says Melanie Christy, president of Visiderm, Inc.

Visiderm is a registered trademark of Visiderm, Inc.

Visiderm was established in 2001 by Melanie Christy, the inventor and patent holder of the Visiderm Skin Monitoring System to manufacture and market this unique healthcare product. Ms. Christy has over 25 years experience in the healthcare communications industry.

Press Contact:

Melanie Christy


Visiderm, Inc.

P. O. Box 712

Crown Point, IN 46308

Phone: (219)689-7623

Fax: (219)757-3893

Email: mchristy@visiderm. com

Website: www. visiderm. com


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Stars of MotoGP & WRC to attack the SuperSpecial at Day of Champions

Stars of MotoGP & WRC to attack the SuperSpecial at Day of Champions

Day of Champions, the annual British MotoGP opener at Donington Park organised by transport charity Riders for Health to raise money for their life-saving programmes in Africa, will once again feature the thrilling HotBuggy Challenge with another all-star line-up. MotoGP stars Jeremy McWilliams and Nobuatsu Aoki, motocross world champion Jamie Dobb, truck-racing world champion Steve Parrish, Rizla SuzukiÂ’s Niall McKenzie & Paul Denning, and the driver that will be hard to beat, 2003 World Production Rally champion Martin Rowe are all promising a blistering spectacle.

(PRWEB) July 11, 2004

The arena, The HotBuggy Park – developed from what was the 4x4 track at Donington and now features a gravel-surface— is a rally-style stage laid out by world-renowned track designer and Rallyschool expert Bill Gwynne.

“We were so inspired by the success of last year’s Day of Champions that we have worked really hard to do even better this year”, enthused Bill who will also be demonstrating how HotBuggy karting is a serious step forward for off-road motorsport.

To top the excitement EurosportÂ’s very own MotoGP commentator Toby Moody will, without doubt, be whisking up frenzy with the microphone.

The HotBuggy, a single-seat, high-performance kart designed by leading WRC engineers and powered by a 600cc motorcycle engine, produces 100BHP and weighs only 350KG (thatÂ’s a similar power-to-weight ratio as a WRC car!).

Martin Rowe says of the vehicle, “The HotBuggy is great! The performance gives you a real idea of what it’s like to be behind the wheel of a factory-spec rally car. They’re lightweight, responsive and powerful, totally exhilarating to drive and highly entertaining to watch.”