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Importers Can Cut Insurance Premiums with Marine Insurance

Importers Can Cut Insurance Premiums with Marine Insurance

Graham Webster of aba Group discusses the benefits to businesses of a 'stock throughput insurance policy', a comprehensive policy for importing goods and equipment from overseas.

(Vocus) November 20, 2010

Businesses in the North West that import goods should be able to save money on their current insurance premiums by switching to a more effective but relatively unknown policy.

Graham Webster, Managing Director of Lancashire business insurance brokers, aba Group, based in Bolton, says that many businesses should consider a ‘stock throughput insurance policy’ if any aspect of their business involves importing reasonable quantities of goods and equipment from overseas.

Said Graham: “Traditionally, businesses importing from overseas use a combination of policies, one covering the transit and the other the storage aspect of the business. Some businesses also rely on the insurance policies of sea freight companies, road hauliers or other intermediaries to cover the risks, which is very dangerous as their cover will be based on their trading conditions which severely limit their liability.

“However, a type of marine insurance known as stock throughput can provide wider cover often at a much lower cost than a combination of property and marine policies.

He added: “A stock throughput policy is a cradle-to-the-grave policy that covers importers from the dispatch of the goods from overseas, whilst in transit to our ports, transportation to UK warehouses, storage, and then distribution on to UK customers or customers overseas.”

Graham says a stock throughput policy is suitable for businesses from virtually any sector but typically it can benefit manufacturers, distributors (both wholesale and retail), retail stores, importers/exporters, logistic service providers, warehouse/storage companies, and companies involved in sea, air and road transportation. A stock throughput policy covers the transporting, storing, handling, and packaging of raw materials, work in process and finished goods.

Graham added: “Marine insurance is a specialist area and even Manchester business insurance brokers are, therefore, less likely to recommend it to their clients. We have had clients over many years that have benefited from this type of insurance policy so are perhaps more familiar with it than other insurance providers.”

Graham went on: “It is very important that the insurance broker knows the market and the product well; it also helps if the insurance broker knows the industry. Every aspect of a stock throughput policy is negotiated from scratch with the terms, warranties, standards of care, and other conditions in this policy being tailored and worded to meet the client’s needs.”

Aba Group was started in 1993 and employs 10 people. It comprises two companies: aba Risk Management Limited and aba Insurance Services Limited.

Aba Risk Management Limited aims to identify and control areas of risk in a business and to minimise those risks wherever possible by providing a range of risk protection insurance. These may include Risk Management, Health and Safety, Risk Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, Asbestos Reports, COSHH, PAT Testing, Energy Certificates, and HR Assistance and Services.

Aba Insurance Services Limited arranges insurance protection against the risks identified. The company offers advice and guidance to produce a tailor-made insurance programme to protect a client’s business and its assets.

Aba Group has access to around 50 insurers and is part of a network of insurance brokers that gives it extra buying power in order to provide more competitive premiums for clients.

The company provides the following types of insurance including business insurance, building content insurance, Property Owners’ Insurance – Commercial Building Insurance, Residential and Buy-to-Let Insurance, Contractors’ Insurance - specially-designed insurance schemes for businesses in the contracting industry, professional indemnity insurance - businesses and consultants needing liability, Prestige Home Insurance - competitive personal household insurances to protect valuable personal assets, pub insurance and night club insurance - for tenants, managers, landlords, and Company Car Insurance - motor insurance for business vehicles.

It is a member of Manchester Pub & Club Network and The Village Business Association.

For further information about aba Group, please visit aba Group or call 01204 364 842.


Launch of LOCIN, the EU Website on Local Initiatives to Combat Social Exclusion - Locin. info

Launch of LOCIN, the EU Website on Local Initiatives to Combat Social Exclusion - Locin. info

All actors in the struggle against poverty and social exclusion in Europe recognise that the local level is crucial to achieve results in this field. Giving access to a wide range of good practices on the ground is the aim of LOCIN – www. locin. info, the European website on local initiatives to combat social exclusion, which has been officially launched today in Brussels at a European conference gathering the project partners, as well as other relevant actors (NGOs, researchers, institutions). The project has been coordinated by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) and supported by the European Commission (DG Research).

(PRWEB) September 14, 2005

“It is not always easy to tackle poverty at local level, has stressed Fintan Farrell, Director of EAPN. This website will be useful for people who fight against poverty and social exclusion to learn ways to overcome problems they can face, and to exchange on policies and practice on the ground. Given the diversity of experiences, this tool can help to exchange good practices, access valuable research and strengthen our political messages”.

Six EAPN national networks, working with researchers based in universities or research centres, have collaborated to this LOCIN project which has given birth to a freely accessible and multi-lingual Internet platform gathering qualitative information on more than 170 local initiatives, information on national contexts, commented bibliography and references of research centres in six EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy and the UK). The site also provides useful links to NGO, research and policy websites.

Starting up a local initiative

The site has not the ambition to give a comprehensive or thorough picture of the field, but rather to compile examples of good practices by NGOs, municipalities and other institutions. The LOCIN website is therefore designed to identify key elements for the success and sustainability of local initiatives to combat social exclusion. In that sense LOCIN aims to encourage the start-up of efficient initiatives through mutual learning in various fields, such as employment, social work, housing, health, education, training, culture, sport, etc.

The initiatives presented in the website were established to meet the needs of people experiencing poverty in a new way; they are often the direct outcome of the willingness of local residents or activists to work together. Most initiatives are also in close contact with their immediate local neighbourhood, as well as with relevant bodies and grass-root organisations. Several initiatives in the database have been awarded a prize in the context of specific national programmes or the National Action Plans on Social Inclusion.

A participant to the launch conference has stated: “This site is a treasure of information”. According to its promoters, it is definitely a valuable source of information and inspiration not only for NGOs, but also for researchers, policy makers and the media, all over Europe and beyond. In order to develop this tool further, they also expect some additional support from the Commission to make it a reference website and to foster the emerging relationship between the NGO sector and the research world on social issues.

Background information:

Project partners:

•European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) (coordination)

•Higher Institute for Labour Studies (HIVA – University of Louvain) (Belgium – coordination)

•Die Armutsconferenz, Oesterreichische Netzwerks gegen Armut und Sociale Ausgrenzung (Austria)

•Belgisch Netwerk Verenigingen waarin armen het woord nemen (Belgium)

•Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health (Finland)

•Arbeiderwohlfahrt Bundesverband (Germany)

•Institut für Socialarbeit und Socialpädagogik (ISS) (Germany)

•Collegamento Italiano di Lotta a la Poverta (CILAP) (Italy)

•Centro Studi Erasmo (Italy)

•European Anti-Poverty Network UK – NIAPN (UK)

•Lifelong Learning Research Center – University Ulster (UK)

LOCIN builds further and is linked with an earlier database of local initiatives to combat social exclusion, which contains over 700 initiatives: http://locin. jrc. it/en/ (http://locin. jrc. it/en/)

For further information, please contact Barbara Demeyer (project coordinator): tel. +32 16 32 33 33, or Fintan Farrell (EAPN Director): tel. +32 2 230 44 55 – EAPN website: www. eapn. org

Web design and development by www. cailloubleu. com.


Bernie Lumbert to Open Garden of Eden in Baca Grande at Crestone, Colorado

Bernie Lumbert to Open Garden of Eden in Baca Grande at Crestone, Colorado

Bernie, the handsome, youthful real estate promoter has done it again – scored a coup de etat by getting Catherine Eden to come to the Bocca. “She has an extensive background in public health and her name lends itself to the Shangri-La that is called “Heaven on Earth, the big cow at Crestone”.

(PRWEB) March 6, 2005

Although Lumbert had accused Eden of taking bribes in her former slot, and struggled for years to get her canned, they have made up and are going to joint venture the new drive through enema of the people palace, “Kris Kanally’s Kolonics” using a building that was formerly an automatic transmission place combined with a car wash. It has great possibilities; especially in a town, which believes that 90 % of disease originates in the colon.

In a more serious vane, Lumbert noted that he is on track with his predicted property value increase for the Bocca. “We lost 293 lots last year due to consolidation and that has added to the value of the land remaining,” Lumbert said from his winter tipi at Summetville.

The price and the beauty of the location have people from Denver and Santa Fe buying second homes there. This has triggered a more rapid growth than any seen over the past 30 years with even more anticipated.

This community has about 800 full time residents, with a very high percentage of college graduates. The lots are fully developed with underground utilities (water, sewer, electricity, phone) to the lot line and some are on paved streets. “Comparable lots anywhere in the US sell for at least $20,000,” said Lumbert. Real estate brokers confirmed this: “I have nothing within $30,000 of this price range,” said one in Colorado Springs.

For more info, call any real estate person of your choice, or you can Google ‘bacagrande’ for more details on town or Email info there. Lots range from ½ acre, some on paved streets, up to 7 acres, off grid. You can even call 602-337-7115 for maps or more description. Buy to build, or buy to invest, but buy now.

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Alternative and Conventional Medicine is Better Understood with Natural MedicinesÂ’ Comprehensive Drug/Natural Drug Interactions Database

Alternative and Conventional Medicine is Better Understood with Natural MedicinesÂ’ Comprehensive Drug/Natural Drug Interactions Database

Alternative and Conventional Medicine (Wellnut. com) announces its partnership with Natural MedicinesÂ’ Comprehensive Database and its free interactions lookup service on a thousand plus of monographs.

(PRWEB) May 11, 2004

This FREE service to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database "SCIENTIFIC GOLD STANDARD FOR EVIDENCE-BASED, CLINICAL INFORMATION ON NATURAL MEDICINES", provides consumers and health care providers with the most comprehensive, scientifically researched alternative based information on the web.

This otherwise fee based service is exclusively offered free to WellNut. comÂ’s surfers. Visitors will have free immediate access to Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. Consumers will find answers to thousands of natural and conventional medicine questions; on herbs, dietary supplements, sports supplements, minerals, vitamins, brand name products, to include interactions. This database also offers the ability to interact directly with hundreds of other health professionals, and to print Patient Education Handouts.

Jeff M. Jellin, Pharm. D., the Senior Editor and his staff are the creators of this unique database and has been researching and publishing objective drug information about prescription and non-prescription drugs for many years and they maintain a practice of answering drug therapy-related questions for pharmacists and physicians throughout the United State and Canada. They continually add valuable new information such as safety concerns, new interactions and updated information on hundreds of monographs not to mention thousands of new references are added each year. This invaluable resources has over 1000 plus monographs with subject matter including; Also Known As, Scientific Names, People Use This For, Safety, Effectiveness, Mechanism of Action and Active Ingredients, Adverse Reactions, Interactions, Dosage and Administration, Comments, References, Research Abstracts, Brand Names Listing, "Tell The Editors" form. They also have numerous of updates great searchability, patient education, colleagues interaction; to include you may obtain the book version of this comprehensive database.

WellNut. com also offers its visitor’s late—breaking alternative based news, information and tips, interactive tools, and numerous feature articles on women, men and children’s health and wellness issues among many other topics.

WellNut. com is a privately owned company founded by a health care enthusiast whom is dedicated to bringing public awareness on health and wellness issues through alternative and conventional medicine education.

Sri Maharishi Somanatha(from India, with divine healing powers)to teach people how to heal themselves and others in Dallas on June 9, 2001

Sri Maharishi Somanatha(from India, with divine healing powers)to teach people how to heal themselves and others in Dallas on June 9, 2001

Sri Maharishi Somanatha's intense meditation in seclusion for over 30 years has taken him beyond the superconscious level. He has attained divine powers that allow him to heal people, and communicate subconsciously. Sri Maharishi will be having public programs on June 6,7,8 and a full day healing workshop on June 9 in Dallas, to teach his unique technique to all interested in healing themselves and others. The public lectures are free and open to all. Details on his Dallas program and USA tour are available at the website: www. manoyoga. org

(PRWEB) June 5, 2001

Sri Maha Rishi Somanatha is an advanced self realized master Yogi from India. He has been meditating in seclusion for over 30 years. His intense meditation has taken him beyond the Turiya State (superconscious state), giving him divine powers to heal, subconsciously communicate, read individuals thoughts and look into individuals karmic causes for their problems.

Sri Maha Rishi has recultivated this unique meditation technique known as ManoYoga Meditation, to provide similar results for seekers in todayÂ’s working world and non-aesthetic lifestyle. He has made his lifeÂ’s mission to teach this unique direct approach technique to all serious seekers wanting to attain the benefits of healing themselves, others and reaching levels beyond the superconscious.

Spiritual aspirants, Reiki practitioners, meditators, and natural healers are able to learn how to open their internal channels to fully access and connect with abundant universal and divine energy. "Most natural healers and Reiki practitioners are only experiencing "sparks" of the universal divine energy", says Sri Maha Rishi.

Mano Yoga meditation combines the techniques of breathing exercises and meditation. It can help every individual to obtain good health, constant happiness, longevity and peace of mind. Sri Maha Rishi provides a scientific explanation of how this technique works to heal the body and cure various chronic diseases. Thousands of people all over the world are already reaping the benefits of this technique.

Persistent practice of this technique speeds up the spiritual progress and makes the aspirant attain the higher levels being sought to uplift their soul.

Details of Sri Maha Rishi's USA tour, the Dallas Texas public talks (June 6,7,8) and the one day healing meditation workshop program(June 9)can be viewed at the website(www. manoyoga. org).

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Stop & Shop Alerts Customers to Recall of Hydroxycut Dietary Supplements

Stop & Shop Alerts Customers to Recall of Hydroxycut Dietary Supplements

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, following a recall by Iovate Health Sciences Inc., of Oakville, Ontario, announced it is removing four Hydroxycut Dietary Supplements from sale.

Quincy, MA (PRWEB) May 1, 2009

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, following a recall by Iovate Health Sciences Inc., of Oakville, Ontario, announced it is removing the following four Hydroxycut Dietary Supplements from sale.


The Food and Drug Administration is urging consumers to discontinue the use of Hydroxycut products as they have been associated with a number of serious liver injuries.

Upon hearing of the announcement by Iovate Health Sciences Inc, Stop & Shop immediately removed the items for sale from its shelves.

Customers who have purchased the affected products may return them to Stop & Shop for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Hydroxycut at 1-877-468-2835 or Stop & Shop Customer Service at (800) 767-7772 Monday through Friday from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. for more information. Customers can also visit the Stop & Shop website at www. stopandshop. com.

About Stop & Shop
The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, based in Quincy, Massachusetts, employs more than 59,000 associates and operates 389 stores throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey.

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AlphaMed Appoints Maureen Maher-Dominguez Marketing & Account Manager

AlphaMed Appoints Maureen Maher-Dominguez Marketing & Account Manager

AlphaMed Press has appointed Maureen Maher-Dominguez as Marketing and Account Manager for its print and online journals: The Oncologist®, Stem Cells®, and The Oncologist® CME Online.

Durham, NC (PRWEB) July 8, 2004

AlphaMed Press has appointed Maureen Maher-Dominguez as Marketing and Account Manager for its print and online journals: The Oncologist®, Stem Cells®, and The Oncologist® CME Online.

Maureen comes to AlphaMed Press from Torre Lazur Communications where she was VP, Account Supervisor in Oncology. Maureen began her career in the media department of Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift and subsequently was appointed Medical Media Director of Carrafiello Diehl & Associates. Maureen may be reached by phone (+845.461.8314) or via e-mail (MDominguez@TheOncologist. com).

About AlphaMed Press

AlphaMed Press publishes peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, The Oncologist®, The Oncologist® CME Online, and Stem Cells® .

The Oncologist® was established a decade ago by internationally acclaimed oncologists to support physicians entrusted with cancer patient care. With a circulation of more 21,000, it ranks among the world’s most respected peer-reviewed cancer medicine journals with an impact factor of 3.962.

The Oncologist® CME Online offers peer-reviewed fair and balanced cancer medical educational programs for physicians. Co-sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, there are more than 200 category-1 hours of CME credits available online that cover all aspects of oncology including risk management.

Stem Cells® was established more than two decades ago and has helped to usher in this fast paced field. It covers all aspects of stem cell cells: embryonic and somatic stem cell biology; stem cell genetics and genomics; stem cell-microenvironment interactions; ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic and other tissue-specific stem cells; somatic stem cell transdifferentiation; translational research in tissue regeneration and gene therapies; molecular mechanisms of stem cell transformation in malignancy; and clinical applications. Its impact factor of 5.802 places it in the top five percent of cancer biology journals.

WFD Survey: Increased Workload, Workplace Pressure and Stress are Taking Toll on Workers

WFD Survey: Increased Workload, Workplace Pressure and Stress are Taking Toll on Workers

Half of respondents report decreased employee morale, motivation, and endurance

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 15, 2009

Workloads and associated stress are increasing in the workplace while employee morale, motivation, and endurance are declining, according to a survey of business leaders and work-life experts conducted by WFD Consulting.

Employee stress and workload (http://www. wfd. com) have increased substantially in the last 12 months, according to the survey conducted in March. Eight out of 10 respondents report that managers’ and employees’ workloads have increased, along with employee stress. At the same time, half of respondents report that employee motivation, energy, and endurance have all decreased.

Access the full results of the survey on the WFD Consulting workload (http://www. wfd. com/news/register-wst. html) website.

The demand for immediate action and rapid turnarounds contributes to the escalating work pressure; two-thirds of respondents report an increase in expectations concerning speed of execution. The expanding global workplace also contributes to increased pressure, with about half of respondents reporting that the demands of managing globally have increased.

Fewer than half (45%) of respondents report that workloads in their organizations are reasonable and only one-third (32%) say that their organizations have eliminated most low value, unnecessary work a key factor contributing to workload and overwork. Respondents identify “inadequate staffing to meet work demands” as the biggest factor driving excessive workload. Other factors include “conflicting priorities” and “poor communication and coordination among different functions.”

Forty-four percent of respondents report that their companies have taken action to address workload issues or eliminate low value work. The most common actions include: work prioritization to focus on a few critical needs; process improvement and reengineering projects to shorten cycle times and increase efficiency; and outsourcing of non-priority and low value work.

Organizations that recognize the impact of workload pressure are responding with resources to build employee resilience and help manage stress. Companies are encouraging the use of flexible work options (http://www. wfd. com/products/workarrange. html) and enabling teams to self-manage their workload (http://www. wfd. com/products/workload. html). Many are more actively promoting their EAPs, health and wellness programs, and fitness centers. Another key action has been leadership communication to employees, especially on the financial state of the organization, and support to make use of available programs.

The survey was administered online using SurveyMonkey to work-life, diversity, and talent leaders, business unit heads, and academic experts. The 103 respondents came from a variety of industry sectors, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, professional services, technology, higher education, and governmental and not-for-profit organizations.

WFD Consulting, based in Boston, is a work-life and talent management consulting firm with over 25 years of experience addressing workload and employee resilience issues and implementing successful team solutions at Fortune 500 companies.

Media Contact:
Youme Yai

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


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Free "Thyroid Problems" Book Availble from Andysdiet. com

Free "Thyroid Problems" Book Availble from Andysdiet. com

Andysdiet. com is pleased to announce the release of a free book on the thyroid gland and the effects it has on the body when problems occur.

(PRWEB) July 2, 2006

Many people in the world today are unknowingly suffering from a thyroid disorder. Because thyroid problems tend to appear gradually and their symptoms can be attributed to many "every day" factors such as stress, they can be undiagnosed for quite some time.

Written by the sufferer of an under-active thyroid, caused by the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, this free, short and easy to read book, "Thyroid Problems" outlines many of the symptoms caused by an under-active or overactive thyroid. It also looks at other thyroid disorders and treatments such as Thyroid Nodules.

It is available as a free of charge download from www. andysdiet. com, a web site dedicated to weight loss, health, wellbeing and self motivation.

Typical thyroid symptoms range from just feeling under the weather for a prolonged period to a swelling in the neck, palpitations and even bulging eyes. It is extremely important that if a problem exists it is correctly treated as there can be serious consequences if it is not.

If any of these symptoms seem just too familiar then this free eBook will almost certainly be of help.


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Food Goods Launches a New Line of ‘Culinarily-Inspired’ Soft Goods New Company Launches Apparel and Accessories for the Foodie to Wear in Good Health

Food Goods Launches a New Line of ‘Culinarily-Inspired’ Soft Goods New Company Launches Apparel and Accessories for the Foodie to Wear in Good Health

Food Goods, a new company based in lower Manhattan that creates goods for foodies, today announced the launch of its collection of culinarily-inspired T-shirts, canvas market totes and aprons.

(PRWEB) March 23, 2005

Food Goods, a new company based in lower Manhattan that creates goods for foodies, today announced the launch of its collection of T-shirts, canvas market totes and aprons.

The cornerstone of the collection is the Food Goods T-shirt line with its whimsical and witty imprints. Smile-inducing phrases such as “marinate overnight,” “I dig beets” and “lightly toasted” show not only the wearer’s knowledge of food, but also a delicious sense of humor. Imprinted on 100% cotton, American Apparel pigment dyed shirts, Food Goods’ tees offer a fashionable, colorful way to express your love for food and wine. Other favorites include “I like sweet corn,” “arugula rules,” “deep fried” and “get your Rhône on.”

In addition, Food Goods offers other culinarily-inspired items such as canvas market totes printed with phrases such as “eat local produce,” “garden fresh” and “all natural ingredients;” a perfect solution for the environmentally conscious shopper. The “the cheese stands alone” chef’s apron will delight the passionate cook, and the collection of baby tees (“tater tot”) will delight the passionate cook-to-be.

“We love the food and wine business and the people in it,” said partner Staci Strauss. “We came up with Food Goods to celebrate the industry and create food-inspired clothing and accessories that are intended be worn in good health.”

“If it’s true that we are what we eat, then it may be that we wear what we are,” said Craig McCord. “The food industry has so many delicious terms that should be commemorated, and we wanted to do that with a smile.”

Food Goods™ is a line of culinarily - inspired soft goods such as t-shirts, aprons and tote bags that featuring words and phrases that appeal to people with a passion for food and wine. The company was founded by Staci Strauss and Craig McCord in 2004 to celebrate the food industry, and is based in Lower Manhattan. Food Goods offerings will expand in mid-2005 to include other items such as hats, sweatshirts and cutting boards.

More styles and information can be found online at www. foodgoods. com.

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To The Point Design Studio Has the Answer to the Time Crunch of the Holiday Season

To The Point Design Studio Has the Answer to the Time Crunch of the Holiday Season

Do you find that year after year the holidays sneak up on you and you find yourself with no time? To The Point Design Studio helps provide the answer to the Time Crunch of the Holiday Season.

Moorpark, CA (PRWEB) October 7, 2005 –-

Time is a truly finite commodity. Once it is gone you can never get it back. Everyday, we each are given the same amount of it and we all feel the pressure. With the growing demands of work and family, how do we manage this limited resource each day?

Particularly during the holidays, everyone wishes they had more hours in the day, with shopping, holiday decorating and parties with family and friends. To The Point Design Studio (www. tothepointdesign. com), one of the featured companies for the 4th year in Bird Talk Magazine’s 2005 Holiday Gift Guide (November issue), helps consumers manage their time by making shopping easier. Bird Talk Magazine’s 2005 Holiday Gift Guide features 43 different online companies offering pet bird-related products for the busy holiday shopper.

With gas prices at all time highs, why drive to the malls and fight the crowds. With shipping right to the doorstep, consumers are turning in droves to online companies like To The Point Design Studio and others featured in Bird Talk Magazine’s 2005 Holiday Gift Guide to find that special gift for the pet bird lovers on their Christmas shopping list.

Lisa Walsh, artist and co-owner of To The Point Design Studio said she was very honored to be once again featured in Bird Talk Magazine’s 2005 Holiday Gift guide. She went on to say, “Everyone wishes they could find one or two places for all of their holiday shopping and we want to be their one stop location for gifts designed with the pet lover in mind.”

To The Point Design Studio is a family owned and operated internet business in Moorpark, California established in 1998. We reproduce the original artwork of Lisa Walsh on t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, baby items, Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings, mousepads and more. Lisa’s artwork is unique in that she uses the detail and labor intensive dotting technique known as Stippling or Pointillism made famous by French Impressionists most notably the artist George Seurat. Visit www. tothepointdesign. com to see the holiday 2005 release “Sleigh Ride” and more than 90 other designs featuring pet birds, dogs, cats, dolphins and sea turtles available in over 10 different holiday themes featured on 28 different products.

Owned and published by BowTie, Inc., BIRD TALK Magazine is the leading, authoritative periodical targeting bird enthusiasts in the United States. For more than 20 years its name has been synonymous with being the “voice” of proper bird ownership. The magazine’s mission is to be the complete source of information regarding pet bird selection, healthcare, behavior, nutrition and training. BIRD TALK is dedicated to entertaining its readers with stories promoting the special bond between pet birds and their owners, while informing readers of the latest developments in avian research, laws, clubs, shows and all other facets of the rapidly changing avicultural community.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

MediSend International Announces Upgrade of its Award-Winning Warehouse Management Software

MediSend International Announces Upgrade of its Award-Winning Warehouse Management Software

The Warehouse SCM is a secure, web-based perpetual inventory and supply chain management solution, designed especially for MediSend's unique inventory, shipping and fulfillment processes.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) March 15, 2007

MediSend International, a global supplier of humanitarian medical aid, supplies, equipment and educational services, announces an upgrade of its award winning warehouse management software. The Warehouse SCM is a secure, web-based perpetual inventory and supply chain management solution, designed especially for MediSend's unique inventory, shipping and fulfillment processes. The application is a cross-functional approach to managing the movement of raw materials into MediSend, and the movement of finished goods out of the organization to the international aid recipient. New features include:

Services-Oriented Architecture -- A new Services-Oriented Architecture allows MediSend to build new functionality for Warehouse SCM faster and cheaper with loosely coupled, platform independent components. They have also exposed core functionality as customer-facing web services, allowing Warehouse SCM to integrate tighter on both sides of the value chain with suppliers, third-party logistics and recipients.

Agnostic Warehouse Management System - An item profile agnostic framework providing goods movement, storage and order processing functionality throughout the warehouse. The new framework reduces carrying costs, promotes FIFO selection and allows for multiple product types such as pre - configured, palletized and BOM.

Wireless Functionality -- Vastly increased productivity with wireless handheld devices for batch picking, staging, loading and general goods movements. The new wireless functionality drastically reduces order costs, processing times and provides for greater control and accountability.

Virtual Warehouses -- Support for virtual warehouses anywhere in the world. Quickly setup virtual warehouses to control, manage and process  products and shipments at remote MediSend or partner locations. Virtual warehousing allows for the staging, distribution and processing of products and orders utilizing flexible, revolving locations.

Biomedical Equipment Processing -- Complete module for the receipt, tracking and repair of biomedical equipment -- provides for the tracking of labor, parts, diagnostics and workflow of biomedical equipment.

"We've put quite a bit of hard work into the new release of this software," said Jeff Douglas, CIO of MediSend International. "The new SOA framework and web services will allow us to react quicker to customer needs with an associated lower TCO. We've also added some concrete functionality with the wireless handheld devices that has immediately provided a positive ROI."

"We are very excited about the possibilities that this new version affords us," said Nick Hallack, CEO of MediSend International. "The development team has delivered a product that will allow us to provide medical relief quicker, more efficiently and at a lower cost. This provides a significant impact to not only our recipients, but also to our suppliers and sponsors as well."

MediSend was a recipient of the 2006 CIO Award for excellence in achievement in IT.

About Medisend International:

MediSend International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, humanitarian organization that provides medical aid and education to people in need in developing countries worldwide. MediSend's global mission includes the distribution of medical supplies and equipment in long-term medical aid programs, disaster-emergency medical relief campaigns, and educational programs in Biomedical Equipment Repair and Healthcare Management. MediSend International has distributed more than 590 shipments of medical supplies and equipment, valued at over $72 million dollars to needy communities in 93 developing countries.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Illinois Resident to Compete in National Contest for $1.0 Million in Cash and Prizes

Illinois Resident to Compete in National Contest for $1.0 Million in Cash and Prizes

McHenry County resident Suzie Esche-Donner joined thousands of Americans in a quest for a healthier and happier life. It didn’t hurt that there was a handsome incentive attached – over a million dollars in cash and prizes.

Fox River Grove, IL / Whippany, NJ (PRWEB) June 30, 2005

McHenry County resident Suzie Esche-Donner joined thousands of Americans in a quest for a healthier and happier life. It didn’t hurt that there was a handsome incentive attached – over a million dollars in cash and prizes.

“Just four months ago, I was the mom that stayed away from school functions and public gatherings afraid that I would embarrass my children,” says Esche-Donner.

Nearly 6 out of every 10 adults in the U. S. are overweight. More alarming, this malady now ranks as the 2nd leading cause of preventable death. The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Vital and Health Statistics study only confirms the growing problem.

In January 2005, TRIMSPA challenged men and women, who no longer wanted to be part of the startling statistic, to take action and lose weight through an open invitation to join the Million Dollar Make-Over Challenge. Over 7,000 people were inspired to enter the contest and after three rounds of judging, including public voting, only eight contestants were selected as finalists.

Esche-Donner will join the other finalists at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in

Hollywood, FL this July to compete for the grand prize, but only one man and one woman will become Challenge Champions.

The week affords contestant competition and will award various prizes, including: 3 Dodge Vipers, $100,000 and $32,000 annuities, makeovers and spa treatments, as well as lavish events like the tropical Welcome Party, “Oscar - style” Grand Finale Gala, and the Anna Nicole Smith Party at club Passion!

To see if Suzie is chosen as Challenge Champ, log onto www. trimspa. com after July 24, 2005 to see the final results.

About TRIMSPA, Inc.

TRIMSPA Inc., headquartered in Whippany, New Jersey, is the maker of TRIMSPA® X32, the leader in weight-loss supplements. TRIMSPA® X32 is the “Official Weight Loss Product” of the Hawaiian Tropic®, Mrs. America and Mrs. World Pageants. TRIMSPA Inc. is a supporter of various high-profile celebrity events, such as the American Music Awards, Critics Choice Awards, and more. TRIMSPA, Inc. is an associate sponsor in the NASCAR® Busch Series racing circuit through Braun Racing and an associate sponsor of the USAR Hooters® ProCup Series, Southern Division, through Junior Motor Sports. The company has worked with numerous charitable organizations including the Millennium Women's Foundation, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation®, American Cancer Society®, and Make-A-Wish Foundation®. For more information about TRIMSPA Inc. and its other products visit www. trimspa. com or call 1-800-TRIMSPA.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Self Check-in Kiosk from HealthWare Systems Streamlines Patient Entry Processes

New Self Check-in Kiosk from HealthWare Systems Streamlines Patient Entry Processes

HealthWare Systems, a leading provider of innovative software solutions to improve workflow processes within the revenue cycle, today announced the release of ActiveKIOSK™, its self check-in kiosk for use by hospitals and healthcare providers.

Elgin, Illinois (PRWEB) January 21, 2010

HealthWare Systems, a leading provider of innovative software solutions to improve workflow processes within the revenue cycle, today announced the release of ActiveKIOSK™, its self check-in kiosk for use by hospitals and healthcare providers.

ActiveKIOSK simplifies patient check-in, provides wayfinding information, populates electronic wait lists for each area and allows hospitals to streamline the workflow of its receptionists and registrars, leaving them time to concentrate on other integral parts of the patient check-in and registration process. Through ActiveKIOSK, the hospital is provided with real-time oversight, which can help identify bottlenecks in specific registration areas throughout the day and across the entire facility or system.

“ActiveKIOSK lets patients use a touch-screen interface to check in, provides methods for managing an electronic wait list with advanced queuing and routing options and offers instructions and wayfinding maps to the patient, all from the same system,” explained Steve Gruner, President of HealthWare Systems. “It can even be linked to our ActiveTRACK™ module, giving hospitals the ability to measure patient wait and registration times and manage them more effectively to improve patient satisfaction.”

HealthWare Systems’ ActiveWARE™ product suite offers product solutions to address the many business and operational challenges in healthcare by proactively managing, retaining and accessing patient information, from registration to billing to collection. In addition to securely capturing accurate information, ActiveWARE maximizes revenue integrity through reduced denials, underpayments and outstanding days in A/R.

About HealthWare Systems
Founded in 1998, HealthWare Systems creates, develops and integrates innovative software solutions to improve workflow processes within the revenue cycle. By significantly reducing rework, our front-end focused systems make it possible for hospitals to concentrate on quality of patient interaction and improve a patient's personal experience. Designed to prevent denials and underpayments by "getting it right the first time," our solutions enable a provider to clinically and financially clear a patient prior to providing services. Deficiencies or exceptions are prioritized and managed proactively throughout the entire patient encounter. The net result is a comprehensive electronic financial record that can assist in workflow automation across the entire revenue cycle, resulting in a positive return on investment in the shortest possible amount of time.

For more information on HealthWare Systems, please visit http://www. healthwaresystems. com (http://www. healthwaresystems. com) or call 877-362-7772.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Body Tub to be Unveiled at Washington Home and Garden Show

The Body Tub to be Unveiled at Washington Home and Garden Show

A unique luxury bathing experience at home

Shepherdstown, West Virginia (Vocus) March 13, 2008

The bathtub can be viewed as a sanctuary, a retreat, an escape, a place of relaxation. While available in different shapes and sizes, bathtubs typically fit a certain mold … until now. A new twist in bathtub design, The Body TubTM was created to provide a comfortable, luxury bathing experience in the privacy of your own home.

Designed by professionals and crafted with care, The Body Tub is the perfect blend of form and function, personalized to fit the natural curves of the human body. The Body Tub is completely customized based on your body and your preferences, limited only by your imagination. It can be created in any size or shape with tile, stone, marble or granite. They also offer a close-to-custom acrylic design, available in two standard adult body sizes which can fit into any standard bathtub space. All Body Tub products have lighting, aromatherapy, air jets, whirlpool jets, and heating options available.

In addition to comfort, The Body Tub also provides numerous health benefits. The combination of warm water and soothing jets helps relieve muscle and joint pain, while colored lights and aromatherapy aid in stress reduction. Having the body in perfect alignment can help relieve back and neck pain.

This unique product will be unveiled at the 48th annual Washington Home and Garden Show in Washington, D. C., March 13-16 at the Washington Convention Center. “I really want to bring the pampered spa experience home to the average person,” stated Scott Greeno, creator of The Body Tub. “I am pleased to be unveiling the product at the Home and Garden Show.” To learn more about The Body Tub and the many options available, visit http://www. thebodytub. com or call (301) 789-9322.


CardioCareLive, the Largest Virtual Congress on Cardiovascular Disease, announces May and December Online Events

CardioCareLive, the Largest Virtual Congress on Cardiovascular Disease, announces May and December Online Events

Continuing Medical Education from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Available Tuition-Free to Primary Care Physicians and Specialists from Any Computer

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 27, 2010 –

CardioCareLive (http://www. cardiocarelive. com/en_CA/guest/refcode=Press), the innovative online congress presented by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, today announced dates for its 2010 educational series: May 11th to 13th and December 7th to 9th. CardioCareLive was created for cardiologists, primary care physicians and other healthcare professionals interested in the latest breakthroughs in treating cardiovascular disease.

CardioCareLive 2010 will be the second edition of a groundbreaking new educational format and the world’s largest online virtual congress for clinical professionals treating cardiovascular disease. The event will feature live streaming video lectures, panel discussions and case presentations, an exhibit hall and the ability to interact with faculty and other participants in real time.

This year’s CardioCareLive Continuum Learning Series will focus on “Translating Science into Practice: Recent Advances Across the Spectrum of Cardiology Care,” a live online CME (Continuing Medical Education) program, offered under the auspices of Johns Hopkins. The educational program will enable physicians to attend highly interactive virtual sessions with many world-renown experts. Past speakers include Roger Blumenthal, MD, Professor, Division of Cardiology, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Peter Libby, MD, Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Clyde Yancy, MD, Medical Director of the Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute.

Thematically, CardioCareLive 2010 will emphasize diagnostic methodologies for assessing patient risk, case studies in patient management and panel discussions and Q&A sessions that highlight new pharmacological and device treatments on the near horizon. Key research themes to be covered include:
 Cardiovascular risk prevention and the use of cardioprotective therapies  Chronic management of atherosclerosis  Acute coronary syndromes  Risk factor assessment in cardiology care  Management of atrial fibrillation  Management of heart failure  Advances in Multi-Modality Imaging and Devices in Cardiology

“The Johns Hopkins Office of Continuing Medical Education recognizes the needs of time-constrained healthcare professionals to stay current on the most compelling information in cardiometabolic patient care,” said Roger Blumenthal, MD, Professor, Division of Cardiology, at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “Based on the stellar faculty, content quality and success of the 2009 event, we are delighted to once again be working with PlatformQ to leverage the latest video streaming and internet technologies to provide a new level of interactivity for physicians’ continuing medical education and professional development. The CardioCareLive Continuum Learning Series is supported by educational grants to Johns Hopkins and is tuition-free for healthcare professionals who must remain abreast of the latest scientific advances in this fast-moving field. Johns Hopkins will also provide CME credits, required in forty states, for physician licensure.” To view a complete list of speakers, agenda, or to register now for free (http://www. cardiocarelive. com/en_CA/guest/app-registration/refcode=Press), visit http://www. cardioCareLive. com (http://www. cardioCareLive. com).

ABOUT CARDIOCARELIVE (http://www. cardiocarelive. com/en_CA/guest/refcode=Press)
CardioCareLive (http://www. cardiocarelive. com (http://www. cardiocarelive. com)) is a virtual medical congress produced by PlatformQ and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine which takes place entirely online. CardioCareLive enables healthcare practitioners and others interested in understanding and managing patients with cardiovascular disease to learn, connect and interact in real time. CardioCareLive offers Continuing Medical Education at no cost and delivers all the benefits of a physical conference, with live keynote presentations, lectures, peer networking and an exhibit floor, from the convenience of a computer.

CardioCareLive and PlatformQ are trademarks of PlatformQ, LLC. All other trademarks or service marks are property of their respective owners.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Prelert Raises $3.75 Million in Series A Funding

Prelert Raises $3.75 Million in Series A Funding

To Expand Sales of Industry’s First Automated Incident Cause Analysis Solution

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 8, 2010

Prelert (http://www. prelert. com) today announced that it has raised $3.75 million in Series A funding from Fairhaven Capital Partners and Sierra Ventures. Prelert will use the funds to expand sales of their Incident Cause Analysis software, the first product to automatically find the causal chain of events behind business affecting IT service incidents.

In today’s world, degradation of Information Technology services can bring severe financial consequences to enterprises and service providers. New technologies being deployed in data centers, such as virtualization and resiliency, add layers of complexity that act to obscure how IT components interact to provide a service. Identifying the cause of business affecting incidents consumes enormous time and resource as dozens of expert personnel undertake the error prone process of examining hundreds of gigabytes of log files, events and telemetry data. Meanwhile, IT projects stall, financial performance is degraded, corporate reputation is damaged and business risk increases.

In response, Prelert has developed its Incident Cause Analysis solution that reduces MTTR (mean time to repair) in these complex infrastructures by 90%. Prelert’s engineers have extended highly advanced pattern detection algorithms, developed initially for DNA sequencing of the human genome and for speech recognition in national security applications, to quickly and accurately analyze terabytes of incident telemetry data. Unlike behavioral analysis solutions, Prelert self-learns the inter-relationships between the various components of an IT environment that interact to provide a service. Users benefit by eliminating time spent manually analyzing output from management systems and chasing unrelated events.

“Prelert has proven its ability to reduce the time it takes to identify and document the cause of service disruption incidents by 90%,” said Rick Grinnell, Managing Director of Fairhaven Venture Capital. “Their product has broad applicability across a diverse set of environments, including market data systems, Web-based applications, internal network applications, and online banking systems.”

“We are excited to be backing a company that will redefine the way enterprises and service providers handle business affecting incidents,” said David Schwab, Managing Director of Sierra Ventures. “The Prelert team is a veritable ‘who’s who’ of successful entrepreneurs from the network, systems, security and service management industry.”

“We are proud to be backed by such premier investors such as Sierra Ventures and Fairhaven Capital,” said Mark Jaffe, Co-Founder and CEO of Prelert. “With a mission to make sure our customers never again spend days chasing down the cause of business affecting incidents, it’s a great asset to have such powerful backers.”

About Fairhaven Capital Partners.
Based in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, is a venture capital fund dedicated to a thesis-based approach to investing in North American technology companies. This approach focuses investment efforts on markets where emerging companies and technologies can create significant value in three to five years. The Fairhaven team is focused on themes in the consumer, enterprise, financial services, materials, media infrastructure and security markets. Fairhaven is currently investing out of its second fund of $250 million.

About Sierra Ventures
Sierra Ventures is a private venture capital firm focused on investments across all areas of Information Technology. We work with entrepreneurs and management teams to originate and build new companies into large, profitable businesses. Since 1982 Sierra has raised nine venture funds with over $1.5 billion in committed capital. Some of the firm’s investments include 360Commerce (acquired by Oracle), Active Software (acquired by WebMethods), Centex (acquired by MFS), AuthenTec Inc., ConvergeNet (acquired by Dell), FatBrain (acquired by Barnes & Noble), Frontbridge (acquired by Microsoft), Greenplum (acquired by EMC), Healtheon (merged with WebMD), Interact Commerce (acquired by Sage), Intuit, MakeMyTrip, Micromuse (acquired by IBM), OnAssignment, OnLink (acquired by Siebel), Opalis (acquired by Microsoft), Quinta (acquired by Seagate), StrataCom (acquired by Cisco), Simplify Media (acquired by Google), Sourcefire, Sychip (acquired by Murata), Teradata (acquired by NCR). Since 1982, Sierra has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world begin—and grow—successful technology companies. We leverage the Sierra Franchise to provide strategic and operational support including the largest CIO Advisory Board in the industry to achieve profound success for all our investments.

About Prelert
Prelert is an IT incident management software company whose mission is to enable large enterprises and service providers to eliminate long duration service disruptions of mission critical applications. Born in 2008 out of Promethyan Labs, which was founded in 2008 by technologists behind Micromuse Netcool & Riversoft, (now core to the IBM Tivoli suite), Prelert’s management has grown to be a ‘who’s who’ of experts assembled from the network, systems, security and service management industry. Prelert’s Incident Cause Analysis software leverages outputs from existing management tools to reduce the time it takes to identify the causal series of events behind business affecting service incidents by 90%.

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Thyroid Hormone Analogue for Treating High Cholesterol

Thyroid Hormone Analogue for Treating High Cholesterol

An international team of investigators at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, the Karolinska University Hospital and Institute, and The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research tested a substance called Eprotirome in patients with high cholesterol.

Manhasset, NY (Vocus) March 11, 2010

An experimental thyroid drug reduces cholesterol without the troublesome side effects experienced by some people on statins, according to a study published today in The New England Journal of Medicine. An international team of investigators at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, the Karolinska University Hospital and Institute, and The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research (http://www. feinsteininstitute. org) tested a substance called Eprotirome in patients with high cholesterol.

Following 189 people with high cholesterol over a three-month period, they observed that it lowered cholesterol levels without the classic thyroid risks to the heart and bone. The study was supported by Karo Bio in Sweden, a company that is developing the drug for its cholesterol-lowering effects.

Over three decades, Irwin Klein, MD, an endocrinologist at the Feinstein Institute, has been at the forefront of researching the connection between thyroid and heart health. It seemed that people with underactive thyroid glands also had high cholesterol levels. These high cholesterol levels were dramatically reduced with thyroid hormone replacement. But the problem in using thyroid hormone for cholesterol lowering is the side effects of an overactive thyroid gland: people can become anxious and have heart palpitations, muscle weakness and bone thinning.

Scientists spent years trying to develop thyroid analogs that lowered lipids without unwanted side effects. American scientists, including Dr. Klein and John D. Baxter, MD, a senior member of The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, have been working with Karo Bio scientists to solve this problem. They landed on one in particular that lowered cholesterol without any of the problems with the traditional thyroid medicines. Phase I studies showed the drug safe.

In the current Phase II study, they reported that it was both safe and effective in lowering cholesterol. What is not known from this study is whether this lowering of cholesterol will ultimately protect patients from heart disease. Dr. Klein said he thinks it may work to reduce cardiovascular disease. “Every percentage that you lower cholesterol, you lower the risk for heart disease,” he said. “High cholesterol is the single most modifiable risk factor.” About one in three people have cholesterol levels that are higher than the national guidelines set by federal agencies.

Jens Kristensen, a scientist at Karo Bio and the lead author on the study, and his colleagues also found that the experimental medicine lowered a cholesterol product in the blood called lipoprotein A, which is damaging to the heart. There are no available medicines that lower lipoprotein A and Eprotirome lowered the levels by 33 percent.

Since cholesterol lowering is a surrogate marker for heart disease, the scientists will have to conduct other studies to test whether it does in fact reduce heart disease. The next phase of testing must include larger numbers of patients. If the results hold, it could ultimately be used as an alternative to statins. A small percentage of patients can’t take statins, either because they don’t work to lower cholesterol for them or they suffer from unrelenting side effects such as muscle pains, myopathy and tiredness.

About The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Headquartered in Manhasset, NY, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is home to international scientific leaders in cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, sepsis, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, human genetics, neuroimmunology, and medicinal chemistry. Feinstein researchers are developing new drugs and drug targets, and producing results where science meets the patient, annually enrolling some 10,000 subjects into clinical research programs.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winners Announced in Weed Science Society of America’s Annual Awards Program

Winners Announced in Weed Science Society of America’s Annual Awards Program

During its recent 50th Annual Meeting, the Weed Science Society of America honored nearly two dozen individuals from academia, government and private industry for outstanding contributions to the field of weed science.

Lawrence, KS (PRWEB) March 1, 2010

Nearly two dozen individuals from academia, government and private industry were honored recently by the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) for outstanding contributions to the field of weed science.

The annual awards were presented during WSSA’s 50th Annual Meeting, held recently in Denver, Colorado.

“The individuals honored are scientists who are making a significant mark on the profession,” says Dr. Lori J. Wiles of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, this year’s chair of the WSSA awards committee. “They are informing our understanding of weeds, developing environmentally sound and cost-effective management techniques, and pioneering best practices.”

With support from sponsors BASF, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont Crop Protection and Syngenta Crop Protection, WSSA presented awards in 10 categories to the individuals listed below:

FELLOWS AWARDS, for WSSA members who have been part of the organization for at least a decade and have made substantial contributions to the field of weed science.

Jill Schroeder, Ph. D.
Professor of Weed Science, Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Joan A. Dusky, Ph. D.
Associate Dean for Extension and Agriculture Programs Leader
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Krishna Reddy, Ph. D.
Research Plant Physiologist and Lead Scientist for Crop Production Systems
USDA-ARS Crop Production Systems Research Unit
Stoneville, Mississippi

OUTSTANDING RESEARCH AWARD, presented to a WSSA member whose original, creative work has made an impact on the weed science field.

Jodie S. Holt, Ph. D.
Professor of Plant Physiology and Chair of the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, California

OUTSTANDING INDUSTRY AWARD, honoring the professional achievements of a WSSA member employed in private industry.

Janis E. McFarland, Ph. D.
Head of Regulatory Affairs, NAFTA
Syngenta Crop Protection
Greensboro, North Carolina

OUTSTANDING GRADUATE STUDENT AWARD, presented to an individual who has made a notable contribution to weed science as a student and has excellent potential for additional contributions.

Vince Davis, Ph. D.
Soybean Extension Specialist
Department of Crop Sciences
University of Illinois
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

OUTSTANDING EXTENSION AWARD, presented to an individual exhibiting excellence in weed science extension activities.

William G. (Bill) Johnson, Ph. D.
Professor of Weed Science
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana

OUTSTANDING EARLY CAREER WEED SCIENTIST AWARD, presented to an early career member demonstrating originality and creativity and making a notable contribution to the field.

Jason Norsworthy, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas

OUTSTANDING PAPER AWARD, presented for an article in the journal “Invasive Plant Science and Management.”

“Hybridization between Invasive Populations of Dalmatian Toadflax (Linaria genistifolia subsp. Dalmatica) and Yellow Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris).” Invasive Plant Science and Management 2:369-378.

Sarah Ward, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Plant Genetics, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

Caren Fleischmann
M. S. Candidate
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

Marie Turner, Ph. D.
Ph. D. Candidate and Research Assistant
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

Sharlene Sing, Ph. D.
Research Entomologist
USDA-USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station
Grassland, Shrubland and Desert Ecosystems
Bozeman, Montana

OUTSTANDING PAPER, presented for an article in the journal “Weed Science.”

“Importance of the P106S Target-Site Mutation in Conferring Resistance to Glyphosate in a Goosegrass (Eleusine indica) Population from the Philippines.” Weed Science 56:637-646.

Shiv Shankhar Kaundun, Ph. D.
Lead Herbicide Resistance Biologist
Jealott’s Hill International Research Center
Bracknell, United Kingdom

Ian Zelaya, Ph. D.
Project Team Leader
Jealott’s Hill International Research Center
Bracknell, United Kingdom

Richard Dale, MSc.
Molecular Biologist
Jealott’s Hill International Research Center
Bracknell, United Kingdom

Amy Lycett
Jealott’s Hill International Research Center
Bracknell, United Kingdom

Patrice Carter
Ph. D. Student
Department of Cardiovascular Research
University of Leicester
Leicester, England

Kate Sharples, Ph. D.
Leader of the Herbicide Biokinetics Team
Jealott’s Hill International Research Center
Bracknell, United Kingdom

Eddie McIndoe
Consultant Statistician
Jealott’s Hill International Research Center
Bracknell, United Kingdom

OUTSTANDING PAPER, presented for an article in the journal “Weed Technology.”

“Selecting for Weed Resistance: Herbicide Rotation and Mixture.” Weed Technology 23:363-370.

Hugh J. Beckie, Ph. D.
Weed Scientist
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Center
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Xavier Reboud, Ph. D.
Co-director of the Division of Plant Health and the Environment
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Dijon Cedex, France

OUTSTANDING REVIEWERS AWARD, presented for excellence in the review of articles for WSSA journals.

Joe Yenish, Ph. D.
Extension Weed Scientist
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington

Wesley Everman, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Specialist
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

About the Weed Science Society of America:
The Weed Science Society of America, a nonprofit scientific society, was founded in 1956 to encourage and promote the development of knowledge concerning weeds and their impact on the environment. The Weed Science Society of America promotes research, education and extension outreach activities related to weeds, provides science-based information to the public and policy makers, and fosters awareness of weeds and their impacts on managed and natural ecosystems. For more information, visit http://www. wssa. net (http://www. wssa. net).


Sensei Mobile and Web Based Wellness Programs To be Demonstrated at Health 2.0 By Sensei President and CEO

Sensei Mobile and Web Based Wellness Programs To be Demonstrated at Health 2.0 By Sensei President and CEO

Dr. Bob Schwarzberg To Be Part Of The 'Ix and Health 2.0 - Synergies or Tensions?' Panel Discussion. Dr. Schwarzberg will be demonstrating both Sensei's Mobile Weight Loss Program and their My Diabetes Guide.

Boca Raton, FL (Vocus) April 24, 2009

Sensei Inc., a pioneer in mobile and Web-based wellness solutions, announced today that Dr. Bob Schwarzberg, the company’s President and CEO, will demonstrate Sensei’s product offerings during the discussion 'Ix and Health 2.0 - Synergies or Tensions?' at the Health 2.0 conference. The event is taking place at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA on Wednesday April 22, 2009 at 1:45 pm.

In addition to highlighting Sensei for Weight Loss and My Diabetes Guide, Dr. Schwarzberg will share his views on the promotion of health through various forms of wireless technology and its impact on consumers. Sensei's web-based and mobile weight loss program (http://www. sensei. com) illustrates the opportunities that exist for mobile devices and how they can be used for health promotion in a person-centric environment. Sensei's mobile and web-based weight loss program transforms a consumers mobile phone into a virtual weight loss coach. The program illustrates the ability of mobile devices to engage consumers in a meaningful way and empower them to improve their health and wellbeing.

“Health 2.0 is a wonderful platform for us to demonstrate Sensei’s easy and effective mobile weight loss program (http://www. sensei. com),” stated Schwarzberg. “This conference will be full of doctors, clinicians and other important members of the health and wellness industries that understand the importance of technology and its role in helping people live a healthy life. I look forward to seeing and hearing my colleagues’ reactions to the Sensei products.”

About Sensei
Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Sensei Inc. is a developer of innovative mobile and Web-based solutions that motivate and empower consumers to take charge of their well-being. Sensei was formed in 2005 by Humana Innovation Enterprises, a subsidiary of Humana, Inc. (NYSE: HUM). For further information about Sensei, call 561.208.4480 ext. 208 or visit http://www. SenseiCorp. com (http://www. SenseiCorp. com).


The Chopra Center Enlists Global Commitment for Personal Empowerment and Mind-Body Healing

The Chopra Center Enlists Global Commitment for Personal Empowerment and Mind-Body Healing

Chopra. com's Annual Commitment List brings together thousands in their commitment to creating positive change in their relationships, health, personal finances, and spiritual lives in 2009.

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2009

The mind-body healing (http://www. chopra. com) center, founded by Deepak Chopra, M. D. and David Simon, M. D., today announced that it has received an enormous outpouring of commitments from its global online community, responding to The Chopra Center's call to post their personal commitments for 2009.

Each January, chopra. com invites bloggers throughout the world to make a clear, specific commitment to positive change for themselves and for the planet. This includes personal transformation and mind-body healing (http://www. chopra. com). The goal is to create a critical mass of individuals focusing their energy on transformation, healing, and growth.

"The world is undergoing a profound shift as more and more people realize that all change and transformation is brought about by our thoughts, intentions, and our attention," said Chopra Center co-founder and acclaimed author Deepak Chopra.

"By publicly declaring our commitments and sending them out into the world - whether through chopra. com or by other means - we set the organizing power of the universe in motion," Dr. Chopra said.

"At a time when many are coping with stress (http://www. chopra. com), economic uncertainty and fear, the empowering step of placing a thought into the tangible world we live in can help to make a desire one's destiny," said The Chopra Center's medical director and co-founder, David Simon, M. D.

"Commitments touch every part of life, from David Simon's guidance in his book 'The Ten Commitments,' to Tony Robbins's concept of the ten millimeter shift, to Wayne Dyer's 'Power of Intention'; if you can take what's inside and bring it into the real world, from that moment forward, everything changes," said davidji, The Chopra Center's lead meditation teacher and master educator.

As word of chopra. com's annual commitment list has spread, individuals from cities and villages around the world - including places as far flung as South Africa, India, Australia, Mexico, and the United States - are posting their intentions and commitments on the Chopra Center's commitment webpage (http://www. chopra. com/mycommitment09).

The posts include specific intentions such as quitting smoking, getting out of debt, and improving relationships, but all of the commitments come down to this: the desire for happiness, mind-body healing (http://www. chopra. com), love, peace, security, coping with stress (http://www. chopra. com), and purpose in life. For example, Karla Refojo in Topanga, California, writes, "I commit to cultivating integrity and clarity in my self expression, and to communicating consciously, honestly and lovingly to others in and through all that I do."

Across the globe in Dubai, Sudeshna Ghosh posted his commitment to be "a more tolerant, understanding and patient person, and to doing more to make the people I care about, happy."

In Denver, Colorado, Nina said, "It's amazing when you open up to your desires by committing to fulfill them, how your whole being seems to shift and perception of the world and people around you significantly changes... I think making a commitment to the integrity of my word will catapult me into realizing the infinite possibilities for my life and the difference I deeply desire to make in the lives of others."

To read more inspiring commitments and post your own commitment for 2009, visit The Chopra Center here (http://www. chopra. com/mycommitment09).


New Brain Workout Software Program Sharpens Multitasking Abilities, Memory : Brain Center America Introduces Memory & MultiTasking Booster

New Brain Workout Software Program Sharpens Multitasking Abilities, Memory : Brain Center America Introduces Memory & MultiTasking Booster

Multitasking is essential in today’s fast-paced world, but our brains are not naturally wired for this ability. Fact is, doing two or more things at the same time often feels like a four-letter word. But with the right training, experts say, multitasking can be fun and require less effort and stress. That’s a message Stephane Bergeron, MD, chief executive officer with Brain Center America (BCA), wants to send as he introduces BCA’s new Memory & MultiTasking Booster, the world’s only computer software program that trains the brain to simultaneously perform multiple tasks more easily and effectively.

MIAMI (PRWEB) December 11, 2008

Memory & MultiTasking Booster, scientifically developed by BCA's international team of physicians and brain specialists, is the only brain stimulation software on the market that trains the brain to easily master the art of multitasking. It's considered the best-validated scientific tool available.

The innovative and fun brain-training exercises challenge and stimulate the brain with the help of an advanced artificial intelligence system that continuously personalizes the training to users' skills. This new program strengthens multitasking abilities and boosts the broadest and most significant range of memory types, helping users, among other things, to improve their ability to recall names and faces. Moreover, it is designed to increase brain speed and memory by 20% after only a few hours of training.

"Memory & MultiTasking Booster is the ideal solution for anyone seeking to improve memory, become more efficient and productive, and enjoy total mind-body health," said Bergeron, the physician who led the team that pioneered the program. "Our newest program speeds up thinking, reduces work-related stress, and improves fluid intelligence, resulting in greater efficiency at work, school and in everyday life. We are committed to provide innovative, practical brain fitness programs that offer quick results and meaningful benefits for people of all ages, but are also fun and easy to use."

Memory & MultiTasking Booster is part of BCA's complete suite of brain fitness programs, which includes the NeuroActive Program. The new NeuroActive exercises the entire brain to produce a sharper, more youthful mind by enhancing 16 brain functions, including memory, speed, concentration and ability to recall faces, names and information. BCA is now offering both for $99 as a special holiday promotion. Sold separately, NeuroActive retails for $95, and Memory & MultiTasking for $69. Both are available in English, Spanish and French.

Added Bergeron: "Our programs are the only ones on the market that train the entire brain and continuously adapt the training in response to changes in the users' skills. Just like it's necessary to train the entire body and change the level of intensity of the workouts to ensure effectiveness, it's also critical to train the entire brain and adapt the intensity of the training."

Scientific research proves that the brain, at all ages, has significant potential to acquire new knowledge and skills with proper training and exercise. Known as neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, that recently discovered ability to change and map new neural pathways, stimulate new cell growth, and deliver better blood flow and oxygen to the brain is at the heart of Brain Center America's groundbreaking software systems, which aim to improve short - and long-term memory functions and speedy analysis of situations and information, as well as to enable users to regain long-lost abilities.

About Brain Center America

Brain Center America (BCA), with headquarters in Florida, is the United States division of Brain Center International, the Canadian neuroscience company that developed and launched the NeuroActive Program in Canada in 2007. It develops innovative computer software programs designed to improve memory, concentration, energy and total mind-body health with brain-training exercises. Created by physicians and brain specialists, the patent-pending software is the only one of its kind that targets 16 vital functions throughout the entire brain and deploys advanced artificial intelligence to customize training to the users' skills and generate maximum gains in minimal time. The company's products are sold on its Web site, through Amazon. com and at a growing number of online and traditional retail outlets. For more information, visit www. braincenteramerica. com or call toll free (888) 780-BRAIN (2724).

Editor's Notes: Interviews, photographs, product samples and demos are available upon request.

MULTIMEDIA GALLERY http://www. businesswire. com/cgi-bin/mmg. cgi? eid=5851062 (http://www. businesswire. com/cgi-bin/mmg. cgi? eid=5851062)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Website Makes Holistic Therapy Accessible for Everyone

New Website Makes Holistic Therapy Accessible for Everyone

Joyce South is a massage therapist and has been practicing holistic healing for 21 years. Through her website and blog, www. LiteAndJoy. com and www. LiteAndJoyBlog. com, respectively, she is letting people know when it's okay to skip the doctor and find the strength within yourself to heal naturally.

West Jordan, UT (PRWEB) August 30, 2008

"I have had numerous physical health problems since I was six weeks old," said Joyce South. "They didn't know what to do with me because no matter what all of the books said, I didn't fit the protocol. It seemed that all doctors could do was give me medicine for my symptoms instead of solving the problems.

"My aunt started suggesting things in holistic health care and with her assistance, I started finding more possibilities for improving my health," she continued.

With 21 years of holistic experience under her belt, South has taken her knowledge of alternative healing practices online in the form of www. LiteAndJoy. com. The website acts as a way for people to get familiar with holistic healing; natural practices that have not been marred by malpractice lawsuits or sponsorship from drug companies, practices that tend to box people into categories.

"In all of the years that I've been working with people, I have found that there's not a 'one-size-fits-all'," South said. "I may have 10 people with the same problem and I'll need 10 different solutions to help them through it."

Outlined on her website, South suggests methods of massage therapy to help with stress and pain, as well as solutions for other issues such as weight loss, acne, anxiety and panic attacks. South intends to add more products as she finds ones which are reliable.

"I looked at the worst problems that I have suffered from for many years and found many answers for them," said South. "As I studied our products, as well as others, I started seeing the end result which is helping people. This website is definitely something that I love being a part of."

To build relationships with the internet community at large, South also developed a companion blog, www. LiteAndJoyBlog. com. "I want to reach out to people and get more information out there," she said. "There are so many ways of attacking a problem… I like to go out and find those other possibilities."

Though she is promoting the culture of holistic health care, South doesn't completely dismiss traditional medicine: "I don't have anything against the medical profession; I'll tell people to go to the doctor if they need to and get all the information that a doctor can, but they should know that there more possibilities out there."

In a world where people are given limited options -- not only about their health, but everything in general -- Joyce South is giving people to take control of one aspect of their lives via www. LiteAndJoy. com, and it happens to be the most important aspect -- personal health.

About the Company:
Lite and Joy (LiteAndJoy. com) is owned and operated by Joyce South, who has been practicing holistic healing for 21 years. South is a massage therapist with an emphasis on Cranio Sacral Therapy. She has laid down her knowledge on various health issues on her website earlier in 2008. Lite and Joy also has a companion blog, LiteAndJoyBlog. com

Contact Information:

Joyce South
Www. LiteAndJoy. com
(801) 255-9654

IePlexus, inc.
Www. iePlexus. com

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Eating Out Increases the Risk of Stomach Illness -- New Daily Detox Remedy May Help

Eating Out Increases the Risk of Stomach Illness -- New Daily Detox Remedy May Help

Zion Health (www. zionhealth. net) has announced today the release of a revolutionary daily detox tablet called Kanwa Minerals that helps neutralize contaminants from unhealthy foods. Kanwa, commonly sold in powder form is now available in tablets for more convenient and speedy use for people on the go.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2010

Zion Health; www. zionhealth. net has announced today the release of a revolutionary detox tablet that can be consumed daily to neutralize contaminants from unhealthy foods. Stomach illnesses caused by food are on the rise in the United States, in part because Americans like to eat at restaurants. “At least one quarter of American adults eat fast food everyday, and one out of every eight adults has worked at a fast food restaurant some time during his or her life.”- CBS Health Watch, Eric Scholsser. Numerous scientific research has shown that a unique type of clay called Calcium Montmorillonite also known as Kanwa helps detoxify the harmful effects of eating contaminated foods. Kanwa commonly sold in powder form is now available online at www. kanwaminerals. com in small size convenient tablets for people on the go.

Avoiding eating contaminated food in a fast food restaurant may be almost impossible for fast food lovers. The FDA reported fast food restaurants were found out of compliance at 31.2% for poor personal hygiene and 21.9% for contaminated equipment. “Food borne diseases cause approximately 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths in the United States each year.”- Center for Disease Control, Atlanta Georgia. The FDA claims 48.3% of restaurants surveyed maintained improper temperature control which is critical to preventing the growth of bacteria. Kanwa tablets can be easily consumed with a soda or milk shake after a fast food meal to help offset the negative effects of food borne illnesses.

Most detox remedies are in powder or liquid form that are used to treat illness once it occurs. Kanwa tablets serve as a detox remedy that is advised to be taken before a person gets sick. The pharmaceutical industry uses kaolin clay in liquid form to relieve intestinal diarrhea and stomach pain. Pepto - Bismol, made from white clay is also commonly taken in liquid form to calm stomach irritation and heart burn. MIT research concluded Kanwa or Calcium Montmorillonite clay absorbs positively charged particles or toxins many times its own weight. The minerals of Kanwa in tablet form contain a high concentration of detoxifying minerals that work effectively to help absorb toxins trapped in the stomach, colon and small intestines.

President, Haim Zion states, “Eating in a restaurant will always impose some health risk. Fast foods are touched by at least ten different hands, and it only takes one person who forgot to wash their hands to make you sick. Kanwa tablets are not a quick fix remedy but can be consumed daily to help deter the effects of eating contaminated foods." The recommended dosage for tablets is doubled for adults suffering from chronic ulcers, stomach pain or diverticulosis. Ran Knishinsky, author of The Clay Cure Book describes the minerals of Kanwa to gently detoxify poisonous elements trapped in the digestive organs. Kanwa, now in tablet form allows consumers an easier, and faster alternative for preventing illness.

Kanwa may be purchased online at www. kanwaminerals. com and select Health Food Stores in the U. S., Canada, and Korea including Endless Herbs/ Maryland, Staff of Life/Santa Cruz, Apple Health Foods/San Carlos, Inside Asia/Sausalito, Andy’s Market/Sebastopol, Grasshopper Health/Chicago, Canyon Market/San Francisco, Vitamin Express/California, Thom’s Natural Foods/ San Francisco, Fremont Natural Foods/California, Wilner Chemist/New York, Kim’s Galleria/ Seoul Korea, Tutti Frutti/Ontario, and Marks Pharmacy/Vancouver.

PHONE: 650-877-7330 x251
EMAIL : Alisa(at)zionhealth. net


February Designated the Official Month of Giving Back

February Designated the Official Month of Giving Back

The Halo Effect asks the world to make a difference one day at a time

Toronto, Ontario (Vocus) February 2, 2010

Launching today, The Halo Effect (http://www. halo. infinity-pr. com) is a social movement encouraging people worldwide to do one good deed every day for 28 days and share their experiences with others.

Unlike random acts of kindness, The Halo Effect is about forethought. Planning 28 things that people can do as individuals or in groups each day takes the focus off themselves and directs positive energy towards others.

Halo Effect founder Leanne Bucaro was inspired by an African ritual that encourages 29 days of kindness, and believes February is the perfect month to demonstrate the power of giving back. “February is the month with a heart around it – it’s a month of love – it has Valentines Day. As Canadians, we are opening up our borders and our hearts to neighbours worldwide for the 2010 Olympic Games. At a time of year when most are experiencing the winter blues – The Halo Effect is nourishment for the soul.”

The Halo Effect is not about money, but instead simple ways to make a difference one day at a time. Whether it is visiting a senior’s home, shovelling a neighbour’s driveway or bringing a warm blanket to a homeless person, think of ways that you can give back one day at a time. Giving does not have to be monumental; even small, personal gestures can make a big impact on the lives of others. Call a friend and really listen when you ask, “how are you?”

According to Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, ER physician and CEO of Wellpoint Health Services, not only can The Halo Effect benefit those you choose to help, it can also improve the way you feel. “It has been my observation as a physician that good deeds and charitable acts seem to assist an individual in finding physical, emotional and perhaps spiritual balance. Giving time to help others may have health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, regulating heart rate and boosting mood stability, which in turn can lead to a more happy and fulfilled life.”

“Anyone can take part in The Halo Effect,” explains Leanne Bucaro. “We encourage people to share their progress and describe how helping others makes them feel… blog, tweet or Facebook about your experiences, tell co-workers, family. Imagine the possibilities.”

The Halo Effect challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to the world around you. Join the movement, spread the word. Visit www. halo. infinity-pr. com for more information and start planning your 28 good deeds today.

Media Enquiries:
Lizzie Nawn
Tel: 905 257 5555

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Book Chronicles One Woman's Quest for the Answer to the Eternal Question "Why Am I Here?"

New Book Chronicles One Woman's Quest for the Answer to the Eternal Question "Why Am I Here?"

Deciphering Amber by Dot Dickinson leads readers on the journey to enlightenment revealed through Gnostic teachings, secret societies and the hidden Gospel of Thomas.

Springville, AL (PRWEB) June 21, 2008

Inspired by author Dot Dickinson's real life experiences, Deciphering Amber is the remarkable story of one woman's search for her physical and spiritual identity.

In Deciphering Amber, a young woman named Mary Ellen is abducted from outside her workplace. Mary Ellen manages to escape from her captor; only while fleeing, she suffers a head injury and ends up in the hospital with amnesia. With no memory, no name and no home, what can she do? Assuming the name Amber, she seeks refuge in a woman's shelter, where she makes a friend who helps her find the courage to rebuild her life and introduces her to a group dedicated to self-exploration and spiritual awareness.

Dickinson examines reincarnation, meditation, and the hidden gospels through her characters, attesting to the historical accuracy of the information presented.

Cleverly combining truth with fictional elements of mystery, romance, and drama, this touching story stresses the importance of meditation, a practice that expands personal consciousness to include mystical experiences and brings valuable health benefits.

Imparting valuable life lessons on friendship, love, and forgiveness, Deciphering Amber will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered "why am I here?"

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at dot@dotdickinson. com or through the author's website www. dotdickinson. com. Deciphering Amber is available for sale online at Amazon. com, BookSurge. com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
Dot Dickinson, a native of Brilliant, Ala., resided in Birmingham for many years before moving to her mountain home near Springville. She founded a magazine, Alabama Singles, which was distributed throughout the state of Alabama for many years. Dickinson is also the author of Action-Reaction: A Powerful Parenting Model.

The views and opinions expressed in this press release do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of BookSurge or its affiliates.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Patented CalleX® Dry Heel Ointment Meets Distribution Goals

Patented CalleX® Dry Heel Ointment Meets Distribution Goals

Xenna Corporation (www. xenna. com) announced today that its patented CalleX Dry Heel Ointment is meeting its distribution goals and will be in most major drugstore and mass retail chains by this summer. The diabetic-friendly, enzyme-based, acid-free ointment was formulated to soften and thin thickened areas on soles and toes and exfoliate dry, cracked heels. CalleX Ointment offers a triple benefit - heel softening, foot moisturizing and fast-acting exfoliation of rough, flaky or thickened skin on heels and soles.

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) March 18, 2008

Xenna Corporation (www. xenna. com) announced today that its patented CalleX Dry Heel Ointment is meeting its distribution goals and will be in most major drugstore and mass retail chains by this summer.

The diabetic-friendly, enzyme-based, acid-free ointment was formulated to soften and thin thickened areas on soles and toes and exfoliate dry, cracked heels. CalleX Ointment offers a triple benefit - heel softening, foot moisturizing and fast-acting exfoliation of rough, flaky or thickened skin on heels and soles.

Used by podiatrists, CalleX (www. callexointment. com) is targeted to women 35+, Baby Boomers and seniors.

CEO Carol J. Buck reports that CalleX Ointment is different than similar products because it contains patented, natural, exfoliating enzymes, and is acid-free. "We made CalleX Ointment as natural and gentle as possible. In addition to being acid-free, it is also free of parabens, colorants, lanolin and artificial fragrances," says Buck.

CalleX Ointment contains natural enzymes which exfoliate ONLY dry, hardened skin, leaving normal skin unaffected, while its petrolatum base moisturizes and rejuvenates dry, cracked heels.
CalleX Ointment softens and exfoliates thick, dry or flaking skin on soles and heels within 15 to 30 days and is lightly fragranced with refreshing, natural peppermint oil. It is sold in a 1.75 oz. jar, a one to two month supply.

Buck adds, "To be competitive as a small, personal care company, we must develop and distribute products that are unique, effective and, ideally, diabetic-friendly. We're excited that CalleX Ointment continues build a brand-loyal franchise among consumers and remains one of the fastest growing brands in the exfoliating/moisturizing segment of foot care, according to IRI data."

Xenna's foot care line also includes all-natural NonyX® Nail Gel (pronounced non-x) for clear, healthy-looking toenails (www. nonyx. com). NonyX Nail Gel is an exfoliant of discoloring keratin debris under the nail. Like CalleX Ointment, NonyX Nail Gel was developed and patented using a formulation that focuses on the exfoliation of excess keratin -- the protein contained in toenails, fingernails, hair and dry, hardened skin -- for a more attractive appearance. In addition to being natural, Xenna products are never tested on animals.

CalleX Dry Heel Ointment is also money-back guaranteed, and can be purchased in the FOOT CARE section at Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, most Wal-Mart Supercenters, TARGET, Snyders, Longs, Duane Reade, Kerr Drug, Giant Eagle, HEB, BI-LO, Bruno's, many other grocery stores and most Medicine Shoppe pharmacies.

NonyX Nail Gel is money-back guaranteed, and can be purchased in the FOOT CARE section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Wal-Mart, Meijer, TARGET, Snyders, Longs, Duane Reade, ShopKo, Kerr Drug, Giant Eagle, HEB, Bruno's, Hannaford, many other grocery stores and most Medicine Shoppe pharmacies.

Online, both are also available at http://www. xenna. com (http://www. xenna. com) and the websites of most retailers carrying the products.

Xenna Corporation is a privately held, certified woman-owned corporation based in Princeton, New Jersey. Established in 1996, Xenna (www. xenna. com) develops and distributes patented products for skin, hair and nails.

For more information on Xenna Corporation, go to www. xenna. com, or contact Carol J. Buck, CEO at info@xenna. com or tel. 800-368-6003.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meta to Demonstrate Cost-Effective Closed Loop Medication Safety System at HIMSS ARRA Era Conference

Meta to Demonstrate Cost-Effective Closed Loop Medication Safety System at HIMSS ARRA Era Conference

Meta, a supplier of comprehensive medication safety information systems for the healthcare industry, announced today that it is taking part in the upcoming HIMSS ARRA Era conference to demonstrate its closed loop medication safety system, MetaCare Enterprise™.

Floral Park, NY (PRWEB) December 1, 2009

Meta, a supplier of comprehensive medication safety information systems for the healthcare industry, announced today that it is taking part in the upcoming HIMSS ARRA Era conference to demonstrate its closed loop medication safety system, MetaCare Enterprise™.

Themed 'Takin' HIT to the Streets,' the conferences on December 4 in Dallas, Texas and January 15 in Chicago, Illinois are designed to highlight technology product and service solutions for hospitals and health systems to address funding qualification for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Meta will be presenting its unified, closed-loop patient safety and medication management solutions that offer exceptional medication safety alerts while providing real-time, organization-wide access to all necessary medication administration information.

“Meta is excited to present our high quality, affordably priced software products to hospitals at the HIMSS conferences,” explained Sal Barcia, CEO of Meta. “We are uniquely positioned to offer high quality clinical products that leverage our 20 years of experience in medications at prices that larger competitors cannot offer.”

Meta’s complete suite of enterprise patient safety solutions helps reduce medication errors and improve patient outcomes while reducing overall costs. In addition to combining powerful order entry capabilities with application appropriate clinical screening and documentation features, the Meta suite is one of only a handful of such products that is truly integrated with one common database. Meta’s products fully meet best practice standards, providing significant return on investment (ROI) and great value for its customers.

A limited number of spaces are available for those who would like to view this presentation over the Internet. Please contact Meta at 800-768-1920 for more information.

About Meta
For nearly 20 years, Meta has been developing software solutions that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the healthcare industry by providing innovative and comprehensive clinical information solutions to hospitals and other healthcare enterprises. Organizations seeking excellent products backed by highly motivated and committed support have chosen Meta for the best solutions at reasonable costs. For more information, contact Meta at (800) 768-1920.


Feminism Comes of Age

Feminism Comes of Age

The first sex toy home party company started by a woman celebrates their 25th year in business.

Kresgeville, PA (PRWEB) January 16, 2009

In 1984, a first class stamp was 20 cents, a movie ticket was $2.50 and the average woman was considered 'frigid.' Women had little validation when it came to matters of personal fulfillment with their sexual self and relationships (http://www. fantasiahomeparties. com/why_host. html). The ability to learn about and then shop for sexual enhancements products was limited to the male dominated world of adult bookstores. This lack of options motivated business owner Rina Valan to start Fantasia Home Parties, a home party service showcasing personal items for women.

Fantasia Home Parties is not only the longest and first of its kind in continual operation, but it is one of the first founded by a woman.

"The need for available information and healthy choices was overwhelming, and I wanted to provide a classy and sensible solution for women even though the concept was taboo," Valan said. Sex Toy Parties (http://www. fantasiahomeparties. com/why_fantasia. html) were labeled "lingerie parties" back in 1984, and the majority of the subject matter was lacey nighties and teddies. According to Valan, the availability of products was highly limited since there was no real demand in the market. "Women weren't the main purchasers of sex toys at the time, we were a completely untapped customer base."

Fantasia Home Parties started making waves in the sex toy industry and reasonable selections of products were finally starting to come around. "I had to beg manufacturers to make plus-size lingerie, never mind get a vibrator with some appeal." The main event of the time was the dawn of a new product, 'Man With Bear' vibrating toy. Although it's no longer in production, Samantha from HBO's hit "Sex and the City" (http://corporate. fantasiahomeparties. com/Products/Default. aspx? cid=121&pid=111) would have never experienced the Jack Rabbit without this trail-blazer. The first of its kind, 'Man With Bear' was a product designed for a women to use sexually. In today's market this basic design is still quite prevalent among best-selling sex toys.

Twenty five years later, Valan's office is a sea of toys for everything imaginable and even some things you wouldn't imagine. "There are so many choices now it can be overwhelming, but it makes me really glad to see just how far we've come in making our sexual health a priority."

In today's marketplace, sex toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Glass, stainless steel and silicone have made debuts within the past 10 years. "Women have taken control of their lives and aren't intimidated by their sexual well-being (http://www. fantasiahomeparties. com/about2.html) needs anymore," Valan said. It's the most significant change she has seen in her 25 years of business. "We now openly embrace our sensual selves while still maintaining our privacy and self respect." As the Fantasia Home Parties motto states: 'Our business is your pleasure!'

In honor of their 25th year, Fantasia Home Parties is holding a year-long birthday celebration for women across the United States. Find out more on Fantasia Home Parties by visiting their website: Fantasia Home Parties (http://www. fantasiahomeparties. com)