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Integrated ANT+ technology in Sony Ericsson phones Real-time fitness and health monitoring available in ANT+ ecosystem

Integrated ANT+ technology in Sony Ericsson phones Real-time fitness and health monitoring available in ANT+ ecosystem

With its current Xperia range including Xperia ™ X8, Xperia™ X10 mini and Xperia™ X10 mini pro, Sony Ericsson is the first mobile handset manufacturer to make phones enabled with ANT+ interoperability available to the consumer market. Their ability to capture real-time ANT+ sensor data is key in enabling new markets while offering consumers a differentiated solution.

Cochrane, Alberta (PRWEB) January 6, 2011

ANT Wireless ("ANT" http://www. thisisant. com), a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc. today confirms that Sony Ericsson has integrated support for real-time fitness and health monitoring with ANT+ technology. With its current Xperia range including Xperia ™ X8, Xperia™ X10 mini and Xperia™ X10 mini pro Sony Ericsson is the first mobile phone manufacturer to make it possible to connect to a large number of commercially available health and fitness products. This extends the use of the Sony Ericsson phones as it becomes the main hub for the collection, tracking and transferring of personal activities, as well as communication and entertainment

"Without a doubt, reversing trends in chronic lifestyles is a major societal issue and we are committed to being part of the solution," stated Simon Walker, Head of Developer Ecosystem and Account Management, Sony Ericsson. "The interoperable ANT+ products make it easy for people to monitor and track their activity and that, in turn, influences behavior. The phones make this process seamless and fun!"

Sony Ericsson is the first mobile handset manufacturer to make phones enabled with ANT+ interoperability available to the consumer market. Their ability to capture real-time ANT+ sensor data is key in enabling new markets while offering consumers a differentiated solution.

"This is a dynamic time for sport and health," said Rod Morris, Director, ANT Wireless. "To influence behavior, you have to do more than just collect data. You have to be able to process that information into very simple and easy-to-understand feedback so that the correlation between cause and effect becomes obvious to the user. ANT+ sensors combined with Sony Ericsson's phones enable exactly that."

Running on the Android operating system, Sony Ericsson will make the ANT+ connectivity available to developers through a standard application programming interface (API) that developers can access from ANT+ directly.

ANT+ has gained widespread adoption as the digital standard in wireless communication, ensuring efficient, seamless and practical functionality while requiring very little battery life. The ANT+ Alliance is an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. The Alliance facilitates standardized communications, optimized brand value and partnerships with other top tier products.

About ANT / ANT+ (http://www. thisisant. com)
ANT is a proven protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power (ULP) practical wireless networking applications.

ANT+ facilitates interoperability between ANT+ Alliance member devices and the collection, automatic transfer and tracking of sensor data. Applicable in sport, wellness management and home health monitoring, ANT+ (built on the base ANT protocol) defines device profiles that specify data formats, channel parameters and network key. The ANT+ Alliance is an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. The Alliance ensures standardized communications through optimized brand value and partnerships with other top tier products.

The company behind ANT Wireless is Dynastream Innovations Inc. Dynastream was established in 1998 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Garmin. in December 2006. Dynastream is based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, and is a world innovator in the research and development of inertial and wireless technology. http://www. dynastream. com


Unidrugs Marks Another Step Forward in Cheap Healthcare

Unidrugs Marks Another Step Forward in Cheap Healthcare

Unidrugs. com has made it possible for patients to reduce their healthcare costs by availing of cheaper medicines online by making a comparison of various online retailers. Price comparison charts are emailed instantly to patients to be used as reference for savings.

(PRWEB) November 10, 2009

Unidrugs has launched an online service where it enables users to search for the cheapest rates for all types of generic and branded medications. This service was under development for many months and has been finally launched now.

Earlier it was difficult to search for the cheapest price of any drug at various online stores. A user just has to enter a few details and the price comparison is shown in front of him. Thus the user can choose the store that offers the best price.

This innovation by Unidrugs has enabled patients to lower their healthcare costs and avail of the cheapest medicines than anywhere else. No longer does anyone need to go to hundreds of pharmacy sites and search for the best possible prices.

“We also ensure that only the best sellers are shown in our listing,” said Jack, online marketing manager at Unidrugs. Such price comparison services have surfaced up in most other industries like Airline fares, ticket reservations, hotels, cruises and other sectors.

“Now is the turn of pharmacy sector," said Jack, the marketing manager. This launch has been welcomed by users from all over the US. It is important to mention here that more than half of the people do not have any problem searching on the internet for cheaper medicines. Unidrugs has done a good job in bringing something that patients have demanded for years now. It seems like their wait has come to an end and they can hope to save a substantial amount of money by buying high quality but cheap generic medicines online.

You can visit http://www. unidrugs. com (http://www. unidrugs. com) to find out more.

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Traveling? Better Not Forget That Insurance Policy

Traveling? Better Not Forget That Insurance Policy

With every major travel and tourism-related industry in the doldrums as a result of terrorist threats, natural disasters, and rising travel costs, www. travel-medical-insurance-zone. com reveals one travel industry is growing at an astronomical pace as Americans want increasing levels of coverage to feel comfortable traveling.

(PRWEB) February 24, 2005

With the current situation in the Middle East, concerns about possible terrorist strikes against Americans in Europe and Asia, and the recent tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia, many Americans have severely cut back on their international and even domestic travel plans. Travel agencies and the tourism industry have been badly hit this year, and the trend doesn't look like it's going to be reversed any time in the near future.

However, an interview with www. travel-medical-insurance-zone. com reveals that one travel-related industry is doing well in the current economy; the travel insurance industry. Travel health and medical insurance has become a major concern for travelers, either considered a “just in case” measure of security for tourists or a requirement for those who have to fly frequently for business or commercial interests, with an increasing number of searches on the internet for travel health insurance coverage plans and options.

Do you know if your health insurance policy will cover you if you're involved in terrorism-related events, natural disasters, or acts of warfare or large-scale violence/rioting while traveling abroad? Are you looking for supplemental insurance coverage to make your trip more comfortable? www. travel-medical-insurance-zone. com is the answer. They offer medical insurance quotes from multiple carriers and agents to allow you to review your options and speak to qualified travel insurance agents to ensure that your trip is adequately covered, along with a wealth of information on travel medical insurance coverage, plans, and important travel-related medical considerations.

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Robust Start Signals Banner Year for Graphic Design

Robust Start Signals Banner Year for Graphic Design

Powers Design of Wellesley, MA reports a substantial increase in the number of incoming projects in two specific but diverse fields: publishing and professional services. Just within the last three months Powers Design completed the following projects:

(PRWEB) March 25, 2005

A sample of projects recently completed by Powers Design include:

Logo design and collateral branding for the the law firm of Fish and Richardson - Library Services Division. Design of identity/capabilities brochure for Newton based, Sostek Home Health Care, Inc. Design and development of web site (www. jbricedesign. com) for J/Brice Design International - international award winning hospitality interior design firm. Design of marketing package for the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Massachusetts. Design and production of a brochure for Dr. Henry Lerner of Newton/Wellesley Hospital, directing people to his informational web site concerning shoulder dystocia. Design and production of identity/capabilities brochure for boutique executive search firm, Allen Partners. Redesign and launch of web site (www. drpaulpowers. com) to support publication of “Winning Job Interviews!” published by Career Press, Inc. Interior book design for Jenkins Publishing new release “The Mayan Glyph” by Larry Baxter.

Powers Design principal Linda Powers said “Though the last few months have been quite busy, we have an even larger number of exciting projects in the pipeline – which bodes very well for the design industry in 2005.” 

Powers Design – a creative services firm specializing in graphic design and marketing solutions with a 17-year track record of success. Our firm’s capabilities, a partial client list and selected portfolio pieces can be viewed at our web site http://www. powersdesign. net (http://www. powersdesign. net) or call us at (781) 235-5705.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Felten and Associates Chooses Cathy Sherry, CSA to Help Establish Their Local Stuart, Florida Office

Felten and Associates Chooses Cathy Sherry, CSA to Help Establish Their Local Stuart, Florida Office

Felten and Associates chooses Cathy Sherry, CSA to help establish their local Stuart, Florida office.

Stuart, FL (PRWEB) August 24, 2005

Felten & Associates has expanded operations to establish an office in Stuart, Florida and has chosen Cathy Sherry, CSA to help establish their local Stuart, Florida office.

“We have long standing relationships with clients in Stuart,” remarked, Ken Felten, President. “Our business has grown in Stuart to the point where we needed to establish an office that was local to that community. We are most pleased and excited to have Ms. Sherry on board. She has a resume filled with accomplishments in sales and marketing and the professional designations that our clients are seeking.”

Sherry is a Certified Senior Advisor, a Certified TEEM Member; TEEM is a network of financial professionals referred to as the Equity Enhancement Matrix (TEEM); and is licensed to sell life, health care and annuities.

Sherry may be contacted at Felten & Associates, 850 North West Federal Highway, Stuart, FL 34994 (772) 403-5822.

Felten and Associates is a 52 year old company offering employee benefits, personal and commercial insurance solutions, and personal and commercial financial planning and investments. Felten & Associates is headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida and may be reached by calling (772) 231-2828 or online at www. felten. us.


Her-Libido. com Announces Huge Jump In Sales of Green Libido Enhancement Product - Germany Sex Drops

Her-Libido. com Announces Huge Jump In Sales of Green Libido Enhancement Product - Germany Sex Drops

The increased popularity of natural products in general is due to the increased demand for products that are considered green, affordable and made by smaller companies and groups rather than huge corporations. Germany sex drops are a green solution to libido enhancement and well worth considering.

(PRWEB) January 1, 2011

Her-Libido. com has announced a good financial year 2010 due to the jump of their sales of Germany Sex Drops, the green libido enhancement product to increase sex drive of female. Online sales have made up 30% of the company’s revenue since moving online in year 2009. Her-Libido. com attributes the increase in sale to the rapid increase of health concern among general public, i. e. more and more people are going organic and herbal.

“For a long time, female libido was being kept under cover. It was believed that the pleasure of the woman did not matter and that they just had to grin and bear it no matter what. Therefore finding a solution to increase sex drive in women was much like finding a needle in a haystack-best found in fairy tales,” states Alicia J., the PR manager of Her-Libido. com. “In this age of female empowerment though, the demand for a natural and effective product to enhance libido is growing stronger and there are many products attempting to answer the call. The few products in the market that did cater to female libido enhancement were dangerous: the most famous one being Spanish Fly. We are glad that we are one of the very few that actually come out with the herbal solution, Germany Sex Drops to help increase sex drive of female.”

How do Germany Sex Drops work? These all natural drops made from melatonin and other herbal ingredients enhance the hormone naturally found in a women's body which in turn increases libido and lubrication production, both of which makes intimacy easier and more fun for the woman. They are drops which are drunk with water, juice, coffee or any drinks and work quickly. Germany Sex Drops is a great one for female libido enhancement, especially for women who do not want to make the rounds of doctors and therapists.

It is just as important in every sense for women to derive sexual pleasure with their partners as it is for men. And yet many women suffer from a low libido and lack of interest; they search for something effective, easy to use and safe. It's time to truly take female libido out of the dark and back where it belongs-as an important aspect of any woman's life. “Her-Libido. com is making the right move to introduce the Germany Sex Drops, an entirely green solution to increase female libido, to the women worldwide by going online in year 2009. Some people even address the Germany Sex Drops as the clean version of Spanish Fly - of the effectiveness and convenience and none of the health concerns,” claims the Marketing Executive of Her-Libido. com, Dennis White.

For more information on Germany Sex Drops, visit http://www. Her-Libido. com

About Her-Libido. com

Her-Libido. com is the marketing arm of Green Solution Marketing for Germany Sex Drops. It is registered online in year 2009. Since then, it keeps giving lots of surprises to the management as online purchase is increasing yearly and it is catching up with offline distribution.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

MilitaryResumes. com Changes Name to CivilianJobs. com and Announces 2007 Job Fair Schedule

MilitaryResumes. com Changes Name to CivilianJobs. com and Announces 2007 Job Fair Schedule

Job fair dates for ex-military seeking civilian jobs are released; events to take place at locations nationwide.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 21, 2007

MilitaryResumes. com, the web site where America’s military connects with civilian careers, announced that it has changed its name to CivilianJobs. com. The company also posted their 2007 Job Fair schedule.

“We’ve simply outgrown our name," said George Bernloehr, COO of CivilianJobs. com. "Due to our client companies’ interest, we’ve added a job seeker publication and job fairs to our services in the past year. We’ve evolved into much more than just a job board for ‘military resumes’ and our company name needed to reflect that expansion. And because we’re so focused on finding ‘civilian jobs’ for military-experienced job seekers, CivilianJobs. com seemed like a natural choice.”

In addition, CivilianJobs. com is announcing their 2007 Military Job Fair schedule. Events will take place on the following dates:

January 25 at Fort Sam Houston, TX February 22 in San Diego, CA (Naval Station San Diego) March 22 at Fort Stewart, GA April 19 at Fort Hood, TX May 24 at Fort Myer, VA (Washington, DC metro area) June 21 in Norfolk, VA July 26 at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH August 23 at Fort Bragg, NC September 20 at Fort Benning, GA October 18 at Fort Campbell, KY November 15 in Jacksonville, FL December 13 in San Diego, CA

The CivilianJobs. com Military Job Fairs were created specifically to offer an improved experience and better results in comparison to traditional job fairs. The pre-matching process, an automated feature that connects job seekers’ skill sets and interest level with employers’ open positions, has proved to be an extremely popular component for employers and job seekers alike.

The Veterans Administration’s Hire Vets First program has previously announced its support of these job fairs.

Employers can find how to participate in CivilianJobs. com Military Job Fairs at www. CivilianJobs. com. Any companies who are targeting to hire from the valuable military-experienced talent pool would be interested in attending.

Attendance at the CivilianJobs. com Job Fairs is free for military-experienced job seekers. All that is required is to pre-register for the event at www. CivilianJobs. com.

About CivilianJobs. com (formerly MilitaryResumes. com)

CivilianJobs. com is the web site where America’s military connects with civilian careers. The site offers employers and job seekers access to an online job board, job fairs, and articles and advice, with each resource focused on military-experienced talent. These services provide employers with the most efficient and cost-effective way to access the ex-military talent pool for candidates with backgrounds in fields such as transportation, maintenance, administrative / finance, healthcare, IT, telecom and law enforcement as well as for positions that require security clearances. CivilianJobs. com is headquartered in metro-Atlanta, GA, and can be found on the web at www. CivilianJobs. com.


Bill Scott

CivilianJobs. com

(678) 819-4183

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The Greenbrier Launches Center for Healthy Living

The Greenbrier Launches Center for Healthy Living

Since 1778, guests of The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV, have availed of the resort's 40,000 square-foot spa, renowned for the healthful benefits of its sulphur waters. In 1948, The Greenbrier Clinic opened, providing state-of-the-art preventive care to resort guests and to visitors. Now, these two prominent entities have joined forces to create The Greenbrier Center for Healthy Living.

White Sulphur Springs, WV (PRWEB) January 25, 2008

Since 1778, guests of The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV, have availed of the resort's 40,000 square-foot spa, renowned for the healthful benefits of its sulphur waters. In 1948, The Greenbrier Clinic opened, providing state-of-the-art preventive care to resort guests and to visitors. Now, these two prominent entities have joined forces to create The Greenbrier Center for Healthy Living. This collaboration blends the comprehensive medical expertise of The Greenbrier Clinic with the luxurious setting and amenities of the resort, in targeted packages designed to address specific issues such as stress management, smoking cessation, weight reduction or simply overall healthier living. Packages pricing for the Center for Healthy Living starts at $5455* for a minimum of four nights and varies depending on length of stay, season and choice of treatments. Packages can be booked by calling The Greenbrier Spa at 304-536-7745 or by visiting www. greenbrier. com.

The Greenbrier Center for Healthy Living experience is fully customized to meet each guest's specific requirements, and to ensure that a plan to achieve the guest's personal goals is well established by the end of the stay. The experience begins with the first call when an assessment of the guest's lifestyle goals is conducted along with a review of the different options available. Each treatment, consultation and evaluation at the Center for Healthy Living can be partnered with any other option such as indulgent spa services, unlimited fitness classes, and even culinary demonstrations, in order to create the ideal package. The Greenbrier Clinic offers aesthetic procedures, including Botox Cosmetic, Restylane, Perlane, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser photorejuvenation, all performed in the luxurious setting of The Greenbrier Spa.

Upon arrival at the resort, guests receive a welcome gift that includes a personal spa journal, a special turn-down amenity such as a lavender sachet or aromatherapy oils and a relaxation CD. They then visit their personal wellness specialist at The Greenbrier Spa at an appointed time, to review the itinerary prepared for their stay and receive a detailed explanation of their about the program. A tour of the spa, fitness area, pool and the Clinic, is also conducted. At The Greenbrier Clinic, a physician will conduct a thorough medical evaluation, including a review of the guest's medical history, personal risk factors and a complete physical examination. Screening studies such as coronary calcium scanning, body composition by DEXA and lung cancer screening are included in some packages.

A typical day at the Center for Healthy Living will begin with a morning hike through the resort's expansive, 6,500-acre property, set in the Allegheny Mountains, followed by a nutritious breakfast. Others can opt to spend the morning in exercise classes such as aerobics and spinning, yoga and Pilates, or water aerobics and lap swimming. Taking advantage of the vast outdoors around them, they can also choose to participate in recreational and fitness options including hiking, tennis, golf, horseback riding, river rafting and swimming among others. Following a light lunch, participants will meet with a clinical psychologist to consult on stress management, mindful eating, or smoking cessation, based on their preferences. Other activities may include wellness lectures, focusing on topics such as nutrition, fitness and lifestyle, or culinary demonstrations focusing on healthy cooking techniques and menu items. After a relaxing evening spent indulging in a sulphur soak or receiving a massage, guests will have an early dinner before retiring for the evening.

All packages include a complete fitness evaluation and nutrition consultation, a lifestyle assessment and comprehensive laboratory testing, physician and psychologist consultations, unlimited use of the fitness center and fitness classes, daily hikes, wellness lectures and spa services. For more information or to make reservations, please call The Greenbrier at 304-536-7745 or visit www. greenbrier. com/healthyliving (http://www. greenbrier. com/healthyliving).

*Gratuities, Taxes and Resort Fee not included.

About The Greenbrier Resort:
Residing on 6,500-acres of lush landscape in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, The Greenbrier is an award-winning resort which has been offering a welcoming home to its guests since 1778. This National Historic Landmark, also known as America's Resort, reopened April 2 after a $50 million renovation project. The Greenbrier Resort is a founding member of the Historic Hotels of America, proudly hosting guests for over 200 years. The Greenbrier's unparalleled history and timeless architecture reflect their commitment to this distinctive honor. The property provides a world-class haven for discerning business guests and sophisticated leisure travelers. Top-notch amenities and services include elegant meeting and event space, fine dining establishments, and access to over 50 recreational activities including three championship golf courses and indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Recently launched is The Greenbrier Center for Healthy Living, blending the comprehensive medical expertise of The Greenbrier Clinic with the luxury of the resort's 40,000 square-foot Spa. For more information or reservations, please visit www. greenbrier. com or call 800-624-6070.

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First Nations Medicine Song Woman Boosts Toronto's Vital Signs

First Nations Medicine Song Woman Boosts Toronto's Vital Signs

The City of Toronto’s “Vital Signs 2006” reports a five year “slow decline in the city’s health.” On November 5, 2006, National Aboriginal Achievement Awards nominee Brenda MacIntyre will kick off Peace Week at the University of Toronto with a welcome prayer and Aboriginal drumming performance. The Juno Award winning "Medicine Song Woman" just may be the CPR – Culture, Peace and Rhythm – that Toronto is looking for.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) October 26, 2006

National Aboriginal Achievement Awards nominee Brenda MacIntyre will kick off Peace Week on November 5, 2006 at the University of Toronto with a welcome prayer and Aboriginal drumming performance.

With Toronto's "Vital Signs 2006" reporting a five year "slow decline in the city's health," the Juno Award winning Aboriginal singer just may be the CPR – Culture, Peace and Rhythm – that Toronto is looking for. Snatam Kaur, Guru Ganesha Singh and Krishan Prakash will be joined by First Nations drummer Brenda MacIntyre a. k.a. Medicine Song Woman who will inaugurate the week's events at 7 p. m., Sunday November 5, 2006 at Great Hall, Hart House, 7 Hart Circle in Toronto.

It is curious that "Vital Signs," deemed the "annual fall check-up on the health of our city," does not contain a single reference to the city's First Peoples, even though Statistics Canada's 2001 Census puts Toronto's Aboriginal population at more than 20,000. Could it be that the heart of Toronto is skipping a beat?

According to MacIntyre, "Drumming represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth and all people. When I sound my drum and voice, I'm spreading Peace from my heart to yours. If we have to create days and weeks dedicated to Peace, you know something's wrong. We need to create a healthy, peaceful environment for our children."

Peace Week is an extraordinary week of presentations, forums, music, art and reflection on the prospects of creating a sustainable culture of peace. Peace Week is for everyone. It is a time for truth, for healing, sharing, and aspiring toward a world of greater peace.

The events of Peace Week are organized and presented by the following individuals and representatives of the following organizations: Hart House Social Justice Committee, Trinity Chaplain, U of T Graduate Students Union, U of T Lutheran Chaplain, U of T Sikh Chaplain, U of T Students Administrative Council and U of T Students of Science for Peace.

Peace Week is presented through the generosity of its sponsors:

 U of T Student Affairs  U of T Students Administrative Council  Hart House  U of T Campus Chaplains Association  U of T Provost  U of T Arts & Science Dean  U of T Provost-Students  Trinity College Chaplain  Franz Blumenfeld Peace Fund  New College Principal  U of T Student Services  U of T Graduate Students Union  U of T Arts and Science Students Union  The Varsity Newspaper  CIUT 89.5 FM  NOW Magazine  Sunder Design  Monika Stoyanova

Brenda MacIntyre, a. k.a. Medicine Song Woman, is a Juno award-winner, National Aboriginal Achievement Awards 2007 nominee, Aboriginal singer, drummer and inspirational speaker. As an inspirational speaker, she teaches empowerment, confidence-building and Aboriginal drumming across Ontario, bringing inspiration through Aboriginal tradition. Brenda's CDs and singles have earned international radio play that includes 3 Top Ten debuts.

Www. BrendaMacIntyre. com 416-519-SONG MySpace. com/brendamacintyre

Sunday November 5, 2006, 7 p. m.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Great Hall, Hart House, 7 Hart Circle

Peace Week Concert featuring Snatam Kaur & Brenda MacIntyre

Free admission. All Welcome.

For further information about Peace Week 2006 at University of Toronto, call 647-868-3966 or visit www. peaceweek. com (http://www. peaceweek. com).

MEDIA CONTACT: Brenda MacIntyre

416-519-SONG (7664) www. BrendaMacIntyre. com (http://brendamacintyre. com)


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UMassOnline Wins 2008 Public Sector Technology Leadership Award : Other Public Sector Finalists in the Mass Technology Council Award Program included the City of Boston, BostonFIRST, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center UMassOnline Recognized for Leadership and Excellence in Business and Technology

UMassOnline Wins 2008 Public Sector Technology Leadership Award : Other Public Sector Finalists in the Mass Technology Council Award Program included the City of Boston, BostonFIRST, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center UMassOnline Recognized for Leadership and Excellence in Business and Technology

UMassOnline Chief Executive Officer David Gray announced today that UMassOnline has been named this year’s winner of the Mass Technology Leadership Council’s Technology Leadership Award among public sector organizations. This coveted recognition, which was announced at the Council’s 11th Annual awards event on October 23 in Boston, honors the region’s leading public sector organization for excellence in business and technology. Other finalists competing for top honors this year included the City of Boston, BostonFIRST, and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

SHREWSBURY, Mass. (PRWEB) October 28, 2008

According to the Mass Technology Leadership Council, the 2008 Mass Technology Leadership Awards program spotlights the companies, people, and technologies that exemplify the best and the brightest in the Massachusetts technology community. The awards are the first and only awards to equally recognize outstanding achievement in the development and implementation of technology. In 2008, the Council received over 160 nominations. A select group of industry leaders and influencers in the Massachusetts technology community serve on the Awards Selection Committee.

"We at UMassOnline are extremely honored by this tribute in recognition of our leading innovations and implementations in state-of-the-art technology in the online learning space," said David Gray, who also serves as the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Services for the University of Massachusetts. "The proper, appropriate, powerful, and useful application of contemporary technology by UMassOnline is, after academic excellence and programming, the most important element in the delivery of a great education to our distance learners."

In 2008, UMassOnline extended its market share leadership among all public and private institutions of higher learning in New England on the strength its innovation, adoption, adaptation, and packaging of online technology. In addition to the application of technology to enhance the distance learning and teaching experience, UMassOnline in 2008 also significantly evolved its marketing and support strategies to parallel the demands, interests and preferences of a 24x7, worldwide constituency that sees the Internet as their mainstream source of news, information, entertainment, and community.

Innovations in web conferencing, advances in digital repository options, a first-of-its-kind 24x7 online support service, a streamlining of our own online presence to achieve a new standard in search engine optimization, the development of an online social media community for the open discussion of issues and ideas among students, faculty and staff… these and literally dozens of other technology-driven enhancements in 2008 have all contributed to accelerating UMassOnline's growth, visibility, reputation, and global reach. This year, in fact, these attributes and UMassOnline's proven technology capabilities led to a groundbreaking agreement with China that positions UMass to become the first foreign university approved to provide online education in China.

So powerful and reliable is UMassOnline's technology and delivery platform that the organization now provides hosting services to 12 other Massachusetts-based public and private institutions of higher learning now using UMassOnline's technology infrastructure in the delivery of their own courseware online.

"In short, UMassOnline's innovative implementation of online technology for learning and teaching enables two significant outcomes that principally inform our mission," said Gray. "UMassOnline brings the University of Massachusetts' premium educational services, optimized and enriched for online consumption, to a world of adult learners increasingly eager for the opportunity to gain the knowledge and prestige associated with a leading American university system; and two, in return, UMassOnline delivers to the University of Massachusetts campuses a new revenue stream -- $36.9 Million in FY08 – unencumbered by the customary investments in plant and equipment that would otherwise be associated with an enrollment and revenue growth of this magnitude within the traditional campus setting. UMassOnline achieves a worldwide virtual campus for the University of Massachusetts; it brings to Massachusetts and UMass a world class student body with ties to the State and the institution that could only be achieved for them with the online opportunity."

UMassOnline's enrollment in fiscal year 2008, during which it provided grants totaling some $300,000 for new program development by UMass faculty, grew two and a half times faster than the national average for online enrollments.

About UMassOnline

UMassOnline, the online learning consortium of the University of Massachusetts, provides the highest quality education offered by the UMass system in a flexible, online format enabling students, professionals, and lifelong learners to take courses anywhere, anytime. With 80 undergraduate and graduate degree, certificate and professional development programs and more than 1,500 courses, UMassOnline offers one of the largest accredited online programs available. Programs span the disciplines for which the University is best known: liberal arts, education, management, nursing, public health, information technology, and other disciplines. For more about UMassOnline, go to www. umassonline. net or visit our blog at www. umassonlineblog. com.

About The Mass Technology Council:

Formed by the powerful combination of Mass Software Council and New England Business and Technology Association, Inc., the Mass technology Council is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting the success of companies that develop and deploy technology across industry sectors. The Mass Technology Leadership Council accomplishes its mission by conducting educational programs and hosting signature events, facilitating networking between industry executives and potential partners, investors, and customers, sponsoring research on the industry, engaging in activities to enhance the quality and quantity of the next generation of technology professionals, advocating in favor of technology policies that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and recognizing industry-leading companies and people.

Online Patient-Physician Communication: Benchmarking Physician Adoption

Online Patient-Physician Communication: Benchmarking Physician Adoption

Research and Markets have announced the addition of the ‘Research and Markets have announced the addition of the ‘’ report to their offering.’ report to their offering.

(PRWEB) December 20, 2003

Strong drivers (e. g., consumer demand, positive pilots, increased security and privacy with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and establishment of guidelines and protocols) currently promote online patient-physician communications (OPPC), but physician adoption remains low.

Key Questions

Which factors prevent doctors from adopting OPPC?

How often are online physicians* planning to use online consultations in the next 12 months?

Which type of payment for online consultations do doctors prefer?

For a complete index of this report click on http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/41724 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/41724)

About Research and Markets Ltd.

Research and Markets Ltd. are Europe's largest resource for market research. R&M distribute thousands of major research publications from the world's leading publishers, consultants and market analysts. R&M provide you with the latest forecasts on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest market trends.

For additional information on ResearchandMarkets. com, their range of reports or their value-added services, visit their web site at http://www. researchandmarkets. com (http://www. researchandmarkets. com) or mailto:press@researchandmarkets. com


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Healthcare Executive Advocates Price Transparency, Consumerism

Healthcare Executive Advocates Price Transparency, Consumerism

Lack of price transparency in the healthcare industry has affected patients' ability to educate themselves, thus driving up healthcare costs, says Travis Gentry, president of Denver-based Financial Healthcare Systems.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 12, 2007

Price transparency in the healthcare industry will become a reality only when patients understand and recognize their out-of-pocket liability prior to treatment, according to Travis Gentry, president of Denver-based Financial Healthcare Systems.

Gentry addresses the issues of price transparency and patient consumerism in a paper entitled "Transparency, Consumerism and the Patient," now available online at www. fhscorp. net.

Gentry acknowledges that the publication of provider charges represents a form of price transparency, particularly for self-pay patients. However, those patients only represent a small percent of the population. True transparency, he writes, occurs when patients also understand their out-of-pocket expenses in relation to their deductibles and co-pays.

Gentry addresses two elements - technology and process - that he thinks are necessary for the integration of contracts, charges and benefits. The integration of data from insurance companies and providers will help patients become educated consumers, prompting them to shop for the most appropriate transactions as shoppers do in more traditional marketplaces.

Technology, Gentry writes, should be used in conjunction with process change. Tools available to the healthcare industry include features such as credit scoring and e-cashiering. However, he writes, providers should not rely entirely on these tools to solve issues. Combining process, which creates change, with the correct use of technology, which supports change, will result in a healthcare industry that is ready to provide patients with a positive experience, says Gentry.

Gentry is available to speak at appropriate conferences and events on the topic of price transparency. Please call 303-216-0202.

About Financial Healthcare Systems

Financial Healthcare Systems provides an Internet-based solution to the healthcare industry's challenge of estimating patients' costs and collecting payment at the time of treatment. FHS's software verifies the patient's demographic information, insurance coverage, benefits and credit rating. Serving hospitals, clinics and physician offices, the software also calculates "meaningful" information about a patient's out-of-pocket liability on a real-time basis. For more information or for a copy of the paper, visit www. fhscorp. net or call (303) 216-0202.


Breast Cancer Research and Awareness Supported by Me & Max's New PinkDenim Line: California Fashion House Presents a Unique Fashion Opportunity to Make an Important Statement

Breast Cancer Research and Awareness Supported by Me & Max's New PinkDenim Line: California Fashion House Presents a Unique Fashion Opportunity to Make an Important Statement

Me & Max Fashion House launches 'PinkDenim Line' and honors of beloved and inspirational aunt. Designer Rebecca David creates a unique collection of denim and brocade jackets with 'love and intention' supporting breast cancer research. Me & Max's PinkDenim styles lined with pockets golden generosity. A portion of proceeds from each PinkDenim sale is donated to breast cancer research.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 28, 2007

When fashion designer Rebecca David lost her beloved Aunt Maxine to breast cancer, Ms. David shifted her focus, talent and efforts on creations with a powerful message. David, already a businesswoman turned entrepreneur/designer, now had another mission. She vowed to support the fight against the disease and raise funds for breast cancer research. Rebecca's Aunt Maxine had been a family force and is remembered by all of her nieces and nephews as a vibrant woman with a fiercely independent streak. Ms. David's latest designs from the PinkDenim line reflects her Aunt's personality... very feminine, a little rugged and original. It was Aunt Maxine who inspired Rebecca David to leave her 9-5 job, and it was Aunt Maxine's support, enthusiasm and encouragement that assured David's comfort on the path of her dreams. "You only live once. Do what you love and the pieces will fall into a happier and higher order," advised the wise Aunt.

The new PinkDenim addition to the popular Me & Max denim line is a tribute to Aunt Max.

Ms. David's latest creations honor her Aunt and contribute to the cause... hopefully helping to keep other families from the pain and loss associated breast cancer.

"In honor my Aunt's great spirit, my goal is to embrace what I do best, and find that golden thread which enables me to contribute something substantial and positive to others," explains Ms. David. "The inspiration behind my work, especially the new PinkDenim line at Me and Max is knowing that I am going to help to make a difference. I am part of a movement that is making progress in women's health, and we are speaking in a cohesive voice through fashion, on behalf of women and families everywhere"

Rebecca David launched the new Me & Max PinkLine in late 2006. Since then, 10 percent of all proceeds have been donated to various breast cancer research organizations for fighting the disease though research and improving lives through social services. According to statistics, 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This disease touches so many families and research holds the key to the cure, and one day, hopefully soon, prevention.

Bonnie Miller from Bon Bons Boutique knows her clientele: "They are fashion forward women who make powerful fashion statements: Wearing PinkDenim supports the search for the cure, and my client is very aware. She doesn't have a lot of time to shop, she makes decisions quickly and is always on the move. She is confident and creative, and she wants to quietly demonstrate what she stands for. Her taste is original, and she would rather wear pieces that are not 'off the rack.' She appreciates originality, self-expression, and meaning. The PinkDenim addition to the Me & Max line of jackets gives our shoppers just what they want!" says the shop owner from Los Olivos, CA. "We order and re-order several times a year."

Lee from, Los Angles, CA, says, "I travel a lot for business and pleasure and find my basics can get a bit boring. I love my Me & Max PinkDenim jacket--it streamlines my packing and adds meaning to both my work and play wardrobe. It's like a team jacket -- I'm against breast cancer! But -- this is fashion and not 'in your face'. I think it's an appropriate look for just about any occasion. The PinkDenim jacket, like all of the Me & Max styles are fitted with just the right amount of stretch to give me a feminine silhouette."

All designs from Me & Max are sized for women and feature original Asian Brocade.

Ms. David's jackets have been collectibles since the company put the first line out in 2005.

The newest PinkDenim styles are also available in a variety of sizes and are fashionable and versatile. PinkDenim gives back, supporting breast cancer research and awareness.

Me & Max PinkDenim Jackets are now available in shops from Las Vegas to Nashville, from the Valley just north of Beverly Hills and in fine specialty shops throughout the country and can be ordered at meandmax. com

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Weight Loss Industry Secret Feeds the Cash Cow

Weight Loss Industry Secret Feeds the Cash Cow

By keeping secret an essential element to lose weight effectively, the weight loss industry continues to feed itÂ’s $38 Billion annual cash cow.

(PRWEB) June 18, 2005

By keeping secret an essential element to lose weight effectively, the weight loss industry continues to feed itÂ’s $38 Billion annual cash cow. This is what they don't want you to know.

"Anyone who has ever been on a ‘diet’ and struggled to lose weight knows there’s something missing,” says award-winning NGH board certified hypnotist, author, speaker and trainer, Tom Nicoli. “Comfortable and effective weight loss begins in your mind, not your body,” says Nicoli. Millions of people watched the tremendous success of Tom Nicoli's weight loss program when Dateline NBC reported the amazing results of his work during the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge in 2003-2004.

What anyone wanting to lose weight must know for success:

•What motivates illogical and potentially harmful behavior of overeating and why

•The myths about “diets” and eating less

•How D. E.P. T.H. (TM) plays a crucial role in weight loss… and gain.

•How hypnosis helps you lose weight

•The 8 simple steps to create successful behaviors for weight loss

"Our behavior is directed by our thoughts. Most people think about what they don't want thus continuing to get more of what they don't want," explains Nicoli. "The process for positive, healthy change for personal success is easier than you would imagine."

His book, D. E.P. T.H. of Behavior - The Truth About Weight Loss is scheduled to be released this month and A Better You by Hypnosis in July.

Hypnosis is the safe, natural and expedient way to create healthy change and eliminates the potential harm of pills and "magic bullets" the FDA warns about. Recently Jane Pauley was hypnotized on her show and Matt Damon quit his smoking habit with hypnosis.

Tom NicoliÂ’s hypnosis weight loss programs and his unique concept of D. E.P. T.H. have helped thousands of people in 21 countries achieve personal success. As a trainer he has brought his approach to people around the U. S.A. with tremendous response.

“Weight loss doesn’t have to be a losing battle. There is a safe and proven solution to end the pain and struggle, and it’s no longer a secret, and people want to know!”

Harvard Medical School said, “He speaks with enthusiasm; dynamic and engaging. He is an expert in his field.”

As the founder and director of A Better You Hypnosis, Inc, north of Boston, MA and New England Institute of Hypnosis, his years of experience of helping thousands of people achieve their personal success continues. Tom is the recipient of the NGH Charles Tebbett's Award and the Hypnotism Achievment Award for his work in the honorable profession of hypnosis.

Jordan Rich of WBZ radio in Boston says, "He is a hit with my audience every time he's on."

Tom's effective and proven hypnosis programs and more can be found at www. ProsperUSA. com

To interview Tom or for more information call: 617-605-0443 or email tom@prosperusa. com

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GNC Expands Sexual Health Line with Ultra-premium Divine 9 Personal Lubricant in Top Producing U. S. Stores and Website

GNC Expands Sexual Health Line with Ultra-premium Divine 9 Personal Lubricant in Top Producing U. S. Stores and Website

Divine Corporation dramatically increased retail distribution of its doctor tested and doctor recommended sex lube made from sea algae extract and other natural ingredients through a new relationship with General Nutrition Centers (GNC). Divine 9 is now available in 600 of the top GNC retail locations as well as available on GNC. com. Divine 9(tm) is the Ultimate in Pleasure and Protection(tm).

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 5, 2010

Divine Corporation, a fast-growing natural health products company with a proprietary formula for an ultra-premium personal lubricant, announced today that their namesake product, Divine 9 Water-based Personal Lubricant, is now available at General Nutrition Centers, Inc. (GNC). In addition to promoting and selling Divine 9 within their top 600 retail stores, GNC will also make Divine 9 available on GNC. com. Divine 9 is on the shelves of select GNC stores now and can also be purchased online at GNC. com.

“Divine 9 has very special properties never before available in a personal lubricant,” said Dean Fresonke, CEO of Divine Corporation. “We look forward to working with GNC and helping their customers discover the joy and excitement of using Divine 9. We appreciate how the GNC team came to recognize the unique aspects of Divine products and chose to make Divine 9 one of the very first personal lubricants ever carried in GNC stores.”

Divine 9 personal lubricant retails for $14.99 and is available in a 4 oz bottle with an elegant finger-tip closure. GNC customers should ask for Divine 9 sex lubes by name (some refer to it as Divine No. 9) at their favorite GNC location and request it be rushed from the GNC warehouses if it is not yet on the shelf.

About Divine Corporation
Divine Corporation is dedicated to making intimate situations as enjoyable as they possibly can be. Intensive research has created a line of personal lubricants that use safe, natural ingredients that customers love. Divine personal lubricants are The Ultimate in Pleasure & Protection™. Count on Divine Corporation to continue to bring you innovative new products which you can trust to be simply the best. www. divinetimes. com


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pima Medical Institute's Efforts in Albuquerque Helps Animals, Children and Seniors

Pima Medical Institute's Efforts in Albuquerque Helps Animals, Children and Seniors

What started out as a random act of kindness blossomed into a joy-filled effort that benefited animals, children and senior citizens throughout Albuquerque, thanks to the efforts of students and staff at Pima Medical Institute, 2201 San Pedro NE, Bldg 3, Suite 100 in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) March 29, 2007

What started out as a random act of kindness blossomed into a joy-filled effort that benefited animals, children and senior citizens throughout Albuquerque, thanks to the efforts of students and staff at Pima Medical Institute, 2201 San Pedro NE, Bldg 3, Suite 100 in Albuquerque.

The idea for the random acts of kindness started when the Respiratory Therapy students at the college decided they wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day by doing a good deed. They received permission to hold a bake sale and donated the proceeds to an Emergency Fund for disadvantaged students at Pima Medical Institute.

Then, Holly Woelber, campus director of the Albuquerque campus, attended a conference at an Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools conference in California. While she was there, she won a cash prize that was earmarked by ABHES for students to perform "Random Acts of Kindness". The students were to come up with ideas for kind acts and implement them. PMI's corporate office matched the $125 Woelber won upping the ante to $250.

The various classes at the Albuquerque campus submitted their ideas for kind acts and the following three projects were chosen: donating towels, blankets and toys for the animals at the Northeast Animal Control Center; providing small gifts and interacting with members of a nearby nursing home, and purchasing toys, stickers and books for the children at the University of New Mexico Children's Hospital.

"The response we had to this project was so heartwarming," said Woelber. "One of our students told us of her interaction with a 91-year-old woman. When she offered her a tote bag to decorate, the woman thought there was a fee and said she didn't have any money. When the student told her it was a gift, the woman smiled and decided to decorate one. The student said the woman's smile and laughter was inspirational. Whether it was a child, a senior citizen or a furry friend, the students said they knew they made a difference in the person or animal's life, even if it was only for a couple of hours. It was a great project and one I hope will inspire others to do the same."

Pima Medical Institute is one of the premier medical career colleges in the western United States. The privately owned, accredited school provides students with a well-rounded education embracing theoretical classroom studies, as well as on-site training at medical facilities that mirror the working environment they will pursue after graduation.

The career college has been serving students since 1972, with campuses in: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Mesa and Tucson, AZ; Denver and Colorado Springs, CO; Seattle and Renton, WA; Las Vegas, NV and Chula Vista, CA. Additional information is available at http://www. pmi. edu (http://www. pmi. edu) or by calling 1-888-442-5998.


After the Hurricanes: Long Term Disaster Assistance Programs

After the Hurricanes: Long Term Disaster Assistance Programs

As a company based in Boca Raton, Florida, CreditGUARD of America, Inc. feels the pain and anguish that most of these people suffered due to these hurricanes. As a result, we have compiled and listed some of the disaster relief programs that are designed to provide assistance to residents in various disaster areas.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) November 14, 2005

After hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma ravaged the coastal regions of the U. S. many people are still unable to find their grounds and get back to normal lives. The damage caused by these hurricanes to people’s homes, livelihoods, automobiles and personal belongings have amounted to billions of dollars and many who lost all or most of the above find it extra difficult to get their lives back to normal.

As a company based in Boca Raton, Florida, CreditGUARD of America, Inc. feels the pain and anguish that most of these people suffered due to these hurricanes. As a result, we have compiled and listed some of the disaster relief programs that are designed to provide assistance to residents in various disaster areas.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA)

The United States Department of Labor has initiated several programs to assist residents whose earning capabilities are lost or interrupted as a direct result of a major disaster and for those who are not eligible for regular state unemployment insurance. The Department of Labor coordinates the DUA with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and State Workforce Agencies to effectively distribute funds locally.

Florida residents can obtain information about DUA and State Unemployment Insurance by visiting http://www. floridajobs. org/unemployment/uc_emp_claims. html (http://www. floridajobs. org/unemployment/uc_emp_claims. html) or by calling 1-800-204-2418. The website offers various information on applications, filling, eligibility and other general information. The website also allows applicants to file a claim online.

Alabama claims can be filed by calling 1-866-234-5382 or 1-800-449-2035.

Louisiana applicants may file a claim by visiting www. laworks. net or by calling 1-800-430-8076. Applicants can also visit any Louisiana Job Service Center.

Mississippi claims can be filed by calling 1-888-844-3577 or by visiting any office of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

Disaster Housing Assistance Program

The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is coordinating with FEMA and other local authorities to help families displaced by the recent hurricanes to locate temporary and long-term housing. HUD’s relocation specialists’ work closely with the state and city administrators throughout the U. S. to locate any available housing resources and assign displaced families to those locations of their preference and availability. HUD also provides rental relief for most of these families who are trying to get back on their feet and award rental relief on a case-by-case basis. For more information on housing assistance programs please visit http://www. hud. gov/ (http://www. hud. gov/) or call 1-888-297-8685.

FEMA Disaster Food Stamp Programs

Usually a week or so after the disaster, FEMA officials set up food stamp programs across the disaster areas for victims who are unable to purchase food items due to loss of income. Residents who do not qualify for regular food stamp programs will qualify for the disaster food stamp programs if the resident lives in a designated disaster area. To apply, applicants should bring their photo identification card as well as their social security card. For more information call 1-800-621-FEMA or visit www. fema. gov.

Disaster Mental Health Resources

Disasters such as what we experienced this year can have far-reaching effects into our emotional lives making rebuilding extremely difficult. Survivors who lost family members, homes, personal belongings and etc may face a greater risk of mental instability due to grief, stress, uncertainty and disrupted living conditions caused by these hurricanes.

To help out these individuals, many town, city and statewide community groups are set up in most of these disaster areas to provide mental health counseling. In the workplace, you may be able to get assistance from your human resources department or through your company's Employee Assistance Program. To find such mental health programs please visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Resources http://www. mentalhealth. samhsa. gov/publications/allpubs/NMH02-0139/default. asp (http://www. mentalhealth. samhsa. gov/publications/allpubs/NMH02-0139/default. asp).

CreditGUARD of America, a non-profit credit counseling company, is dedicated to helping residents get through this difficult time by providing credit counseling and financial education to those affected by the recent hurricanes. Please visit our web site at www. creditguard. org or call 1-800-867-0406 for a free consultation with a certified credit counselor.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this press release, please email Nemal Perera nemal@creditguard. org.

U. S. Department of Labor home page – Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Retried from http://workforcesecurity. doleta. gov/unemploy/disaster. asp (http://workforcesecurity. doleta. gov/unemploy/disaster. asp)

** U. S. Department of Housing home page – HUD’s response to hurricanes. Retried from http://www. hud. gov/news/katrina05response. cfm (http://www. hud. gov/news/katrina05response. cfm)

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Innovation Upholds Consumer Interest in Sanitary Paper Products, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc

Innovation Upholds Consumer Interest in Sanitary Paper Products, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Growth in the world sanitary paper products market is driven largely by increased demand for ultra-hygienic, upscale, and high profile products.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) September 4, 2008

Sanitary paper products consist of paper-based absorbent hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult incontinence management products, kitchen towels, toilet papers, facial tissue wipes, moistened/scent-impregnated wipes, and other paper products including the recycled varieties. Sanitary protection and diapers segment are expected to witness a downturn in fortunes in sync with the drop in the number of menstruating younger women and declining birth rates. Manufacturers in both the segments will continue to leverage product innovation as a tool to widen their product's appeal. Conversely, incontinence products will benefit from this demographic shift as number of aging population is set to increase markedly, generating rapid growth opportunities. Growth potential in the sanitary paper products market (http://www. strategyr. com/Sanitary_Paper_Products_Industry_Market_Report. asp) varies with product, but a common thread running through the length and breath of the industry is the influence of product innovation and competent merchandising in sparking overall growth.

Changes in the demographic structure of the consumer base for sanitary protection products has irreversibly altered the prospects and market opportunities for players in this space. Declining birth rates, especially in North America, and Western Europe, has led to a slowdown in baby diaper sales. However, this demographic feature expands opportunities for adult incontinence products, such as, disposable adult diapers. The aging population in most markets is translating into increased opportunities for players in the paper based adult incontinence products market. In the developing countries, however, population of young females aged between 15 to 30 is on the rise, given the relatively higher percentage of young individuals in the population mix, thereby resulting in expansion of the sanitary pads, and tampons market.

Over the years, aging population and increasing number of alternative menstrual products have reduced demand for sanitary napkins. Confronted with a shrinking consumer base, manufacturers in the sanitary napkin market (http://www. strategyr. com/Sanitary_Paper_Products_Industry_Market_Report. asp) are focusing on sophisticated designs such as ultra-thin pads and lightly scented maxi-pads to push value sales. For instance, smaller, discreet and pocketable packaging has helped lift sales of sanitary napkins. Moreover, consumer usage of sanitary pads for light-to-moderate incontinence needs, has to some extent, mitigated the blow of adverse demographic changes. Tampons category has witnessed new verve thanks to effervescent product innovation in the increasingly sought-after plastic-applicator segment as younger women demand plastic over traditionally popular cardboard.

World diaper market (http://www. strategyr. com/Sanitary_Paper_Products_Industry_Market_Report. asp) is driven by generational change and rising living standards. Despite being the largest category in the nonwoven hygiene products market, falling birth rates are causing a damper on sales of diapers in developed nations such as Western Europe. In order to uphold market share, manufacturers are increasing the pace of innovation by focusing more on convenience, comfort, better protection and absorbency. Recovery, recyclability, and biodegradability will remain key issues within the diaper industry, with increasing emphasis on improving the waste fiber content and reducing non-degradable materials in the product mix.

Intensive marketing activity buttressed by increased media spending and diverse uses of tissues has led to a gradual evolution of this commodity-based product to one increasingly driven by demand for greater convenience and comfort. The toilet paper market is the most dynamic tissue product segment driven by innovation in toilet rolls, pack sizes, promotions and brand loyalty. Toilet paper products include standard, colored, scented, patterned, ultra soft, moist varieties, hypoallergen varieties and highly sophisticated versions enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Consumer penchant for bulk package sizes is predominantly evident in this segment, with manufacturers moving from traditional 4-roll packs to 12-roll and 24-roll packs.

Disposable panty liners and diapers have been disapproved by environmental groups for their negative environmental impact, particularly their contribution to landfills. Presence of dioxin, a by-product of the paper-bleaching process in some disposable paper products such as pads, tampons is seen as a threat to consumers' health. In view of rising environmental awareness and health consciousness, environmentally friendly features are becoming increasingly popular across all disposable paper product segments.

The report titled "Sanitary Paper Products: A Global Outlook" published by Global Industry Analysts Inc., provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. The report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry, a cross-sectional comparison of top players in the international space, and a sneak peek into the major product segments that make up the industry. The discussion on the global market is punctuated with 18 market data rich tables, which capture dollar sales by region/country, and player market shares by company across product market verticals, such as, Sanitary Napkins, Infant Diapers, Facial Tissues, Paper Towels, Wipes, Incontinence Products, and Toilet/Bathroom Tissues, among others. The US market is quantitatively evaluated with 31 invaluable tables, which capture major brands, sales, and retailing channel practices among key product categories i. e. Toilet Tissue Paper, Facial Tissues, Paper Towels, Sanitary Napkins/Panty Liners, Adult Incontinence Products, and Disposable Training Pants, among others.

Other markets briefly discussed, and covered include Canada, Mexico, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, Rest of Europe, Asia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Middle East, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco, among others. The report also offers a recapitulation of recent mergers, acquisitions, and corporate developments in addition to an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 159 companies worldwide.

For more details about this research report, please visit http://www. strategyr. com/Sanitary_Paper_Products_Industry_Market_Report. asp (http://www. strategyr. com/Sanitary_Paper_Products_Industry_Market_Report. asp).

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.:
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) (http://www. strategyr. com) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world's largest market research publishers. The company employs more than 700 people worldwide and publishes more than 880 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers a range of more than 60,000 smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Telephone 408-528-9966
Fax 408-528-9977
Email press @ StrategyR. com
Web Site www. StrategyR. com


Job Search Expert Predicts Healthy Growth for Jobs in San Francisco

Job Search Expert Predicts Healthy Growth for Jobs in San Francisco

President of San Francisco-based staffing firm sees opportunities, especially in the financial services job market.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2007

Award winning, women-owned boutique staffing firm Innovations PSI is witnessing an attractive job market with more quality job positions currently available than qualified candidates to fill them.

Reflecting the kinds of opportunities of jobs in both the San Francisco Bay Area and California in general, Innovations PSI, President Paula Todd said that, "In the financial services sector in particular, San Francisco continues to be a robust job market, with more job growth to date in 2007 then we have seen in previous years." Todd said that this demand cuts across the spectrum of skill levels, from executive and investment banking jobs, hedge fund jobs, private wealth management, to receptionist and administrative jobs.

Long considered one of the most desirable cities for job placement as well as lifestyle, San Francisco benefits from both its proximity to Silicon Valley as well as its vibrant financial markets.

About Innovations PSI
Innovations PSI was recently recognized as one of the top 100 women-owned businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. This award was recognized at an award ceremony Wednesday, September 10, 2007 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

Innovations PSI is a San Francisco based boutique staffing firm specializing in financial services placement including hedge fund jobs, investment banking jobs (http://innovpsi. com/services. htm), private wealth management, administrative jobs, receptionist jobs and executive jobs (http://innovpsi. com/services. htm). For more information visit: http://www. innovpsi. com (http://www. innovpsi. com)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beringea Invests $1 million into Healthcare Robotics Pioneer

Beringea Invests $1 million into Healthcare Robotics Pioneer

International private equity and investment banker Beringea invests $1 million into InTouch Health, Inc.

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (PRWEB) July 13, 2003

InvestCare Partners Limited Partnership (“InvestCare”), a healthcare private equity fund managed by Beringea, LLC, has made an equity investment of $1 million in InTouch Health, Inc., a California-based leader in remote presence technology for healthcare providers. Dr. Jonathan Sackier, Senior Managing Director of the Farmington Hills, Mich.-based Beringea, announced the deal today.

“This is a company we have been interested in for some time. (InTouch Health founder and CEO) Dr. Yulan Wang is an accomplished entrepreneur and a world-renowned authority on robotics in healthcare,” remarked Dr. Sackier. “He essentially pioneered the surgery robotics industry. Now, he’s leading InTouch Health's efforts to develop robots to address the healthcare crisis of staff shortages, rising costs, and an ever-increasing demand for services by our aging population.”

Dr. Sackier will join the board of directors of InTouch Health.

Applications for InTouch HealthÂ’s innovative medical technology include remote patient monitoring by experts in other parts of the country and shoring-up scarce nursing resources. There are currently over 400,000 unfilled nursing positions in the country.

The investment marks the 13th addition to the InvestCare portfolio. InvestCare provides equity to medium-sized, privately owned healthcare businesses located in the United States. Unlike many other funds that are backed exclusively by large institutions, InvestCare's limited partners include a handful of major healthcare systems, widely respected physicians and successful entrepreneurs. Granting access to more than 60 hospitals and 6,000 medical professionals, Beringea offers portfolio companies both needed capital and high-level industry access. Beringea's European presence also provides meaningful assistance to firms undergoing or planning for international expansion.

About the Crisis in Senior Healthcare Support

There is a demographic crisis in healthcare. Over the next 10 years the number of elderly age 85 and over will grow 38%. The number of seniors requiring healthcare support will double. Already today there are over 400,000 unfilled nursing positions causing healthcare providers across the country to close wings or risk negative outcomes. Over the coming years, the declining ratio of working age adults to elderly will further exacerbate the shortage. In 1950 there were 8 adults available to support each elder 65+, today the ratio is 5:1 and by 2020 the ratio will drop to 3 working age adults per elder person.

About InTouch Health, Inc.

InTouch Health, Inc. is a privately held development stage company based in Santa Barbara, CA., founded by medical robotics pioneer Yulun Wang, Ph. D. InTouch Health provides technology solutions which dramatically increase the effectiveness of healthcare professionals. The company is addressing the impending demographic crisis in senior care support, by pioneering the use of Remote Presence in healthcare with its "Companion" system. Through a proprietary communications and mobile robotic platform, caregiving experts are projected to another setting where a patient or caregiver is located to provide care, coach and train staff, or monitor healthcare services. The InTouch Health solution leverages the time and expertise of healthcare professionals across multiple care facilities, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery. For more information on the company, visit www. intouch-health. com.

About Beringea

Beringea, LLC is an international private equity and investment-banking firm. BeringeaÂ’s clients include a number of local, national and multi-national organizations drawn from a broad spectrum of industries. The firm is the manager of InvestCare Partners, a healthcare venture capital fund and the Global Rights Fund II, an entertainment and media venture capital fund. For more information on the company, visit www. beringea. com.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

DNA Genotek Sample Collection Kit Selected by Prometheus for MyCeliacID™ Genetic Test

DNA Genotek Sample Collection Kit Selected by Prometheus for MyCeliacID™ Genetic Test

DNA Genotek announced that its Oragene®•DNA product has been selected by Prometheus as the sample collection kit for MyCeliacID™ a saliva-based genetic test dedicated to celiac disease. Oragene•DNA is ideal for this type of genetic testing service as it solves sample collection challenges inherent with traditional collection methods which are often too costly and invasive.

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) August 18, 2009

DNA Genotek, a leading provider of superior biological sample products, today announced that its Oragene®•DNA product has been selected by Prometheus as the sample collection kit for MyCeliacID™, the first saliva-based genetic test dedicated to celiac disease.

MyCeliacID is a highly specialized DNA test that detects genes specific to celiac disease (DQ2/DQ8) and provides an estimate of an individual's risk of developing the disease. Celiac disease affects nearly 3 million Americans but only about 100,000 are diagnosed. Diagnosis of celiac disease can be challenging since symptoms may seem like many different diseases. Laboratory tests may help doctors diagnose the disease so that patients can take steps to manage their diet and prevent complications.

MyCeliacID is available in most parts of the U. S., Canada and Mexico and can be ordered online at www. MyCeliacID. com. In order to complete the test, a MyCeliacID kit, which includes the Oragene•DNA sample collection device, is sent to an individual's home where they provide a small saliva sample and return the sample via mail to Prometheus' CLIA certified lab for analysis. Test results can be accessed online via a secure link, usually within 7 days from receipt of the saliva sample.

Oragene•DNA (http://www. dnagenotek. com/products_oragene. htm) is ideal for this type of genetic testing service as it solves sample collection challenges inherent with traditional collection methods. Traditional methods are often too costly and invasive, or do not reliably provide enough high-quality DNA to enable the determination of the underlying genetic cause of health conditions like celiac disease. Oragene•DNA offers easy and non-invasive self-collection of saliva samples from large numbers of individuals and delivers high quality DNA.

"One of the challenges for us was how to make a test that is easily accessible to individuals who are searching for information about their condition," said Tim Schofield, Product Manager, Diagnostic Marketing at Prometheus. "Blood was not a viable direct-to-consumer option and we couldn't achieve the quality and reliability necessary to meet our stringent requirements with buccal swabs. We believe the ease-of-use and high-yield results of Oragene•DNA made it the natural choice for our MyCeliacID genetic test."

"Prometheus' selection of the Oragene•DNA product is an exciting validation of our mission to deliver high-quality sample collection products that satisfy the rigorous requirements for such testing," said Ian Curry, President and CEO, DNA Genotek, Inc. "Prometheus values the simplicity and ease-of-use of the Oragene•DNA kit and we are very pleased that they have selected it for their MyCeliacID offering."

About DNA Genotek:

DNA Genotek focuses on providing high-quality biological sample collection products. The company's lead product, the Oragene•DNA Self-Collection Kit, is the easiest way to collect and preserve large amounts of DNA from saliva. Oragene•DNA's reliability and ease-of-use have resulted in rapid adoption at top-tier health research institutions globally, including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, and Johns Hopkins. DNA Genotek markets its products worldwide and has established a global customer base in over 85 countries. For more information about DNA Genotek, visit www. dnagenotek. com

### Launches New Blog Launches New Blog

Since June 2008, has been a viable internet force, providing well made and affordable air purifiers. Now, the website has recently added a new blog to its many features.

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) March 25, 2009

It only took short period into his relocation to South Carolina when Dr. Jesse Jacobs developed an allergy to his new surroundings. To counteract this, Dr. Jacobs purchased an air purifier and, as a result, his health began improving. These days, Dr. Jacobs is trying to help other people improve their personal health with his own website, www., which specializes in the same air purifier that he purchased.

"We have different air purifiers that can help with a myriad of problems," said Dr. Jacobs. "Whether it's pet dander or smokers nearby, these air purifiers can do wonders for a person's health." specializes in EcoQuest air purifiers, a longstanding manufacturer whose breakthroughs with UV air purifiers and compact air purifiers have made clean air possible and affordable for millions of people.

Recently, Dr. Jacobs has taken an interest in specializing in purifiers to combat MRSA (otherwise known as a Staph infection).

"As I was updating the website, I wanted to focus on having purifiers that would decrease the dangers of MRSA," said Dr. Jacobs, who launched the site in June 2008. "The site is constantly going through changes as the technology grows, but the overall focus is the improvement of peoples' health."

In order to keep up with the site's changes, as well as the ever-evolving technology of health products, Dr. Jacobs started a new informational blog, www. CleanAir365Blog. com.

"Through the blog, we hope to educate people about the positive aspects of an air purifier and how they'll relate to problems such as MRSA, bacteria, viruses, mold, pet odors, allergies, asthma and basic consumer education.

"Before someone purchases an air purifier, it's good to find the one that would suit their needs best," said Dr. Jacobs.

As the environment changes and allergies and illnesses become more prevalent, owning something like an air purifier will no longer be a luxury, but a necessity. Dr. Jesse Jacobs is doing his part to ensure that people have the right to clean air through affordable means and a wide selection.

About the Company: is a part of Interior Environmental Applications, which is owned and operated by Dr. Jesse Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs has plans on introducing the EcoQuest brand to schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

Contact Information:
Jesse Jacobs
(803) 802-7722

IePlexus, Inc.
Www. iePlexus. com

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AmeriPride Tax Group Receives Accreditation from the Southland Better Business Bureau

AmeriPride Tax Group Receives Accreditation from the Southland Better Business Bureau

The Los Angeles Better Business Bureau recognizes AmeriPride Tax Group's commitment to customer service with official BBB Accreditation.

Santa Ana, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2010

AmeriPride Tax Group (http://ameripridetaxgroup. com/Services/ameripride-tax-group-services. html), a leading provider of tax planning, preparation and help, today announced that it received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) (http://ameripridetaxgroup. com/About-Us/better-business-bureau-accreditation. html).

“Accreditation by the BBB is a significant milestone for our organization,” said Victoria J. Burns, AmeriPride Tax Group managing CPA. “It is third party verification of our commitment to customer service.”

AmeriPride Tax Group received the accreditation from the Better Business Bureau’s Southland office, which serves the Southern California region. The BBB is the authority on trust in the marketplace and has been setting and upholding high standards for ethical marketplace behavior since the 1920s. BBB accreditation is a highly sought after honor earned by elite businesses who adhere to the BBB standards for quality, reliability, and trust.

AmeriPride Tax Group’s commitment to superior service is evidenced by testimonials from clients such as Calvin Casey (http://ameripridetaxgroup. com/Testimonials/calvin-casey. html). Mr. Casey lives alone. He received a very aggressive notice of wage garnishment that would have left him with just a few hundred dollars on which to live. After paying his rent, he would have had nothing left to buy food, pay for utilities or put gas in his car to get to work. The stress was negatively impacting Mr. Casey’s health until he asked AmeriPride Tax Group for help. Acting quickly, the company released the wage garnishment in time to save his current paycheck.

“In late July I received a notice of wage garnishment from my employer,” wrote Mr. Casey. “I notified Victoria J. Burns of AmeriPride Tax Group of the situation. The response was great. Victoria had the situation under control and had me back on track that same day. Victoria even checked on me on her own time to make sure my health was okay … I finally feel someone is on my side and I have peace of mind.”

AmeriPride Tax Group is dedicated to helping people regain and maintain control of tax matters. They provide professional tax planning, advice and support for current and back tax issues involving sales taxes, payroll taxes, and excise taxes as well as state and federal taxes for businesses and individuals.

About AmeriPride Tax Group
AmeriPride Tax Group provides protection, peace of mind, and results to taxpayers seeking permanent solutions to IRS, state, payroll, sales and excise tax issues. Employing a team of tax professionals, including certified public accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents (EAs) and attorneys, AmeriPride Tax Group evaluates every situation to determine the best course of action. Offering strategic tax planning, tax preparation and help for specific tax problems, AmeriPride Tax Group is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is an active member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS) and the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).

For more information or to access free tax education resources visit www. AmeriPrideTaxGroup. com or call 888-265-3418 today.


USC Physician Featured in New Podcast Warning Parents about Alarming Rise in Infant Head-Shape Deformities

USC Physician Featured in New Podcast Warning Parents about Alarming Rise in Infant Head-Shape Deformities

In the fight against flat-head syndrome, the "Move Around Baby" podcast highlights positional plagiocephaly concerns and new TOTS method of prevention.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 12, 2007

In a new podcast available for free downloading, University of Southern California physician Dr. Ricardo Hahn warns parents about the alarming rise of infant positional plagiocephaly, a head-shaping deformity, and crucial prevention measures that parents can take to protect their babies' health. 

Dr. Hahn's Move Around Baby podcast is available for free downloading on iTunes and for streaming at Dr. Hahn's website www. drplagio. org.

The release of Dr. Hahn's podcast marks the launch of the educational campaign called Move Around Baby that aims to educate parents, pediatricians, and anyone else involved with infant care about the seriousness and alarming rising frequency of positional plagiocephaly and the easy steps people can take to prevent the deformity in infants.

"I decided to produce a podcast to help me shout loud and clear to all parents and members of the medical community that positional plagiocephaly is a rising problem, a very serious condition that we can no longer dismiss," said Dr. Ricardo Hahn, who has been nicknamed "Dr. Plagio" by his patients' parents. "The good news is that positional plagiocephaly can be prevented in 99 percent of possible cases. The plagiocephaly preventive techniques are easy, effective and inexpensive. The only hurdle is education."

Positional plagiocephaly is caused by continuous pressure on one part of a baby's skull, resulting in a misshaping of their head. Plagiocephaly is usually characterized by a flattening of the back of an infant's head. Often, the ears of plagiocephalic infants become lopsided, with one ear positioned closer to the face and the other positioned closer to the back of the head.

Dr. Hahn, a USC internist and the former Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, says that many of his infant patients with Plagiocephaly experience developmental delays. However, there have been no long-term scientific studies of the disorder.

Today, one in 20 infants experiences Positional Plagiocephaly according to the May 2, 2007 report in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Twenty years ago, only one in 300 babies suffered from Positional Plagiocephaly.

The sharp increase in plagiocephaly began after 1992 when parents were told to that help avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), babies should be placed on their backs, not their stomachs, for sleep. However, Dr. Plagio does NOT suggest deviating from AAP's recommendations of back sleeping, and he explains why and what parents should do in the podcast.

The podcast is part of Dr. Hahn's ongoing public education program about Positional Plagiocephaly, its research, opinions and state of the art medical tools and treatment. Visit www. drplagio. com for a complete rundown and to read Dr. Hahn's tips for prevention of Positional Plagiocephaly.

Dr. Hahn is interviewed by Ronnie Loaiza, for SA Stewart Communications, Inc. Loaiza is also a professional broadcast journalist, who has produced and anchored international news for major media outlets. Visit the SA Stewart Communications website at www. sastewart. com.

About Move Around Baby and Dr. Plagio

Move Around Baby is an educational campaign that aims to educate parents, pediatricians, and anyone else involved with infant care about the seriousness and alarming rising frequency of positional plagiocephaly and the easy steps people can take to prevent the deformity in infants.

The cornerstone of the Move Around Baby approach is TOTS, a series of four easy to remember preventative techniques parents can employ to help mitigate positional plagiocephaly. Components of the educational campaign include the website www. drplagio. org], free podcasts, and television and press interviews.

Move Around Baby was initiated in 2007 by Dr. Plagio (aka University of Southern California past chair of Family Medicine and family physician Dr. Ricardo Hahn). Dr. Plagio is on a mission to reduce the incidence of plagiocephaly by educating parents how to position their child to avoid deformity. Dr. Plagio spearheaded the movement to overcome what he sees as a general under-playing by the medical community on the dangers of positional plagiocephaly while being pre-occupied with the overriding imperative to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). By integrating Dr. Plagio's TOTS into the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations for preventing SIDS, parents can also prevent positional plagiocephaly 99 percent of the time.

Dr. Hahn is a board-certified family physician in practice at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

Prior to joining the faculty at USC in 1995, Dr. Hahn held faculty positions at University of California San Francisco, University of Michigan, Medical University of South Carolina, and the University of Tennessee in Memphis. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Hahn earned an undergraduate degree and a Master's degree in Preventive Medicine at University of Washington, Seattle before attending medical school there. He completed a residency in Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston as well as a fellowship in Emergency Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

The Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering (AMI) at USC recently obtained FDA clearance for a Plagiocephaly Prevention Device. AMI provides intellectual property management, engineering, marketing, regulatory expertise to USC faculty members who are innovators.

For more information, please visit www. drplagio. org.

For Move Around Baby:
Sally Stewart
Mobile: 310.480.5108

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Friday, May 14, 2010

AthletiCo Opens Physical Therapy Center in Highland Park

AthletiCo Opens Physical Therapy Center in Highland Park

AthletiCo Physical and Occupational Therapy, an Illinois and Milwaukee-based provider of rehabilitation services, will open its newest physical therapy center at 799 Central Avenue in Highland Park at the beginning of November.

Oak Brook, IL (Vocus) November 1, 2010

AthletiCo Physical and Occupational Therapy, an Illinois and Milwaukee-based provider of rehabilitation services, will open its newest physical therapy center at 799 Central Avenue in Highland Park at the beginning of November. AthletiCo Highland Park’s services will include Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Work Rehabilitation, and Golf Rehabilitation.

Kevin Makey, PT, MSPT, PES, who has spent the last two years as a Facility Manager at an AthletiCo managed center in Glenview, will serve in the same capacity at the new Highland Park facility. Makey began his career at AthletiCo’s Evanston location after graduating from Ithaca College with a Masters in Physical Therapy in 2003.

“I have been with AthletiCo for almost seven years and have worked exclusively on the North Shore, both in Evanston and Glenview, so I’m excited for this new opportunity,” says Makey. “I know that Highland Park has a great reputation for friendly people, excellent schools, and a close knit community.”

Makey grew up in Buffalo, New York, and became interested in physical therapy after witnessing its benefits first-hand as a kid. On separate occasions, he suffered a broken arm and sustained a knee injury that required surgery. Physical therapy was needed in both cases and Makey’s positive experience rehabbing from the injuries motivated him to pursue it as a career.

What Makey enjoys most about being a physical therapist is that it allows him to help people achieve their goals, whether that means walking up and down stairs or returning to the field for a big game. He is passionate about the game of golf and spent three years heading AthletiCo’s Golf Fitness Program. He possesses the knowledge and expertise to lead golf-specific rehabilitation training and exercises, which will be a cornerstone of the new Highland Park facility.

“I am excited to open AthletiCo Highland Park and provide premier physical therapy and rehabilitation services to the citizens of Highland Park and the surrounding communities,” says Makey. “Through the use of individualized treatment plans, we will work closely with each patient to assist them in reaching their unique rehab goals. AthletiCo is eager to join this great community and provide orthopedic rehabilitation services to the citizens of Highland Park.”

AthletiCo Highland Park
799 Central Avenue, Suite 210
Highland Park, IL 60035
Phone: 847.681.8720
Fax: 847.681.9020

Since 1991, AthletiCo has been the proud provider of rehabilitation, fitness, and performance services to many professional teams, performing arts companies, endurance programs, golf associations, volleyball clubs, high schools, colleges, and events in Chicagoland and Central Illinois.

AthletiCo provides orthopedic rehabilitation including physical and occupational therapy, work rehabilitation, performing arts rehabilitation, women’s health therapy, spine control, pediatric physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and athletic training. Expanded services include performance enhancement, fitness center memberships, golf fitness, endurance, nutrition, and massage therapy.

AthletiCo accepts all indemnity, PPO, POS, and WC plans including BC/BS, Humana, Medicare, Aetna (PPO/HMO), PHCS, UHC (PPO. HMO) and many others. As a courtesy to our patients, we verify insurance coverage.

AthletiCo Toll-Free Injury Hotline 877-ATHLETICO (1-877-284-5384)
Http://www. athletico. com

CONTACT: Leah Cybulski / Marketing Manager
630-575-6267 / lcybulski(at)athletico(dot)com


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bush Administration Dismantles Public Safeguards at Behest of Special Interests

Bush Administration Dismantles Public Safeguards at Behest of Special Interests

New report on special interest groups' influence in the Bush Administration.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) May 27, 2004 -

– Today, the Center for American Progress and OMB Watch released a comprehensive report on behalf of the Citizens for Sensible Safeguards coalition that details the Bush administration’s record of dismantling protections for public health, food safety, the environment and corporate responsibility at the behest of special interests.

As documented by the report – Special Interest Takeover: The Bush Administration and the Dismantling of Public Safeguards – crucial safeguards have been swept aside or watered down; enforcement efforts have been curtailed; and emerging problems are being ignored, as the administration squelches information and scientific findings that suggest a need for action.

“This agenda puts narrow special interests over the broader public good,” said John Podesta, president and CEO of the Center for American Progress. “The administration is littered with ex-lobbyists who are now writing the rules to benefit their former special-interest employers. With these foxes guarding the henhouse, the public is at significant risk.”

To take one example from the report, the U. S. Department of Agriculture, led by administration officials with close ties to the meat industry, ignored repeated food safety violations at a Pennsylvania Wampler Foods plant.

In 2002, Listeria-contaminated turkey meat from the plant killed eight, sickened more than 50, and caused miscarriages and stillbirths, prompting the largest recall in U. S. history.

“People’s lives are at stake,” said Gary D. Bass, executive director of OMB Watch. “Over the last 30 years, public safeguards have significantly improved the safety of our food, workplaces, and highways, and the quality of our air and water. These safeguards have saved thousands of lives and prevented countless injuries and illnesses. Yet instead of building on past successes, the Bush administration has reversed course.”

Consider the administrationÂ’s decision to roll back clean air standards for aging coal-fired power plants. In the late 1990s, EPA discovered that these plants were widely violating Clean Air Act requirements to install modern pollution controls. However, as discussed in the report, the Bush administration halted efforts to compel compliance and expanded the loophole that allowed plants to avoid their clean-air obligations in the first place.

“Children for generations to come will suffer as a result of the administration’s environmental policies,” said Carol Browner, former EPA administrator and board member of the Center for American Progress. “Power-plant pollution is linked to severe neurological disorders and childhood asthma, among other problems. Yet when it came time to choose, the administration sided with energy interests over the health of our children.”

The Citizens for Sensible Safeguards coalition, chaired by OMB Watch, formed in 1995 and, through the remainder of the 1990s, beat back a string of regulatory “reform” bills that sought to prevent new public and environmental safeguards. Since then, coalition members have actively worked to spotlight special-interest influence over the executive branch. The report represents a compilation of their efforts.

To view the report and accompanying brochure, see the Center for American Progress Web site, www. americanprogress. org.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Five Star Rating for UniversityOfHealthCare Bioterrorism Program

Five Star Rating for UniversityOfHealthCare Bioterrorism Program

Foreword Reviews gave the UniversityOfHealthCare Bioterrorism Certificate Program a five star book/CD review rating. UniversityOfHealthCare provides online, CD, and book training programs.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 13, 2004

Los Angeles, CA. Foreword Reviews gave the UniversityOfHealthCare Bioterrorism Certificate Program a five star book/CD review rating.

This program contains seven parts, also available individually, on the major diseases of bioterrorism:



*Hemorrhagic Viruses





These programs are available in the following formats:

--Web-based on the UniversityOfHealthCare website at www. uohc. com/courseentry. htm (http://www. uohc. com/courseentry. htm )
--CD-ROM or Manual/CD-ROM combination at www. atlasbooks. com/uohc (http://www. atlasbooks. com/uohc )
--Group licensing for a corporate Learning Management System

All of these programs are nationally accredited for nursing contact hours and EMS credits through CECBEMS. They are designed to be useful for anyone, but will be most useful to those in health care delivery and response, public health, government, and pharmaceutical companies. The intention of the series is to improve the public health system by educating providers and enabling the public to understand critical information on each disease.

The unabridged review is reprinted below.

UniversityOfHealthCare is a total e-learning solutions provider for management and healthcare. Its services include implementation of a learning management system, consulting, hundreds of web-based courses, and manual and CD publishing. For example, it has unique series on Bioterrorism, JCAHO and OSHA compliance, HIPAA training, Leadership, and much more.

The UniversityOfHealthCare website is www. uohc. com and the CD catalog is at www. uohc. com/CDROMs. htm (http://www. uohc. com/CDROMs. htm). That page has a link to slide shows of screen shots from the courses. Group sales: sales@uohc. com.


The Team at UniversityOfHealthCare

321 N. Larchmont Blvd., Suite 715

Los Angeles, CA 90004

For appointments with the CEO to discuss group sales: Call Judy at 866-864-2266

In the wake of September 11, 2001, bioterrorism has become a term with widespread use, though the history of biowarfare dates back to the fourteenth century. Little was then known about how germs caused disease; the stench of corpses was thought to spread infection, so dead animals and plague-infested corpses were catapulted over castle walls as a means of attack.

Bioterrorism and biowarfare have come a long way since then, though the idea is still the same: To immobilize the enemy through disease, whether it be plague or smallpox or viruses that cause hemorrhaging. The modern use of biowarfare agents such as anthrax began with World War I and continues on into the present day.

The UniversityOfHealthCare's Bioterrorism Certificate Program sets out to identify the major agents of bioterrorism, including anthrax, botulinum, and tularemia. Botulinum toxin is the most poisonous toxin known - a single gram could kill one million people if dispersed properly. In a much lower (and safe) dose, botulinum is used under the trade name Botox.

Identifying seven major types of bioterrorism in all, in this thorough manual and CD, each type is then examined in detail. Information is provided about the organism itself, how it is transmitted and how it can be prevented, how it can be diagnosed, and how and why it could be used in bioterrorism. For instance, anthrax is a bioterror threat because it is often fatal in small doses, is odorless and invisible, is easily available, and can travel hundreds of miles before losing potency.

The manual here is provided as a quick reference to important points, while the CD includes graphics, audio, and video that greatly enhance the learning experience, along with offering periodic quiz questions that allow users to test their knowledge. The CD also invites the user go further by taking a graded exam at the end of the section on each disease. If users pass the exam, they will be taken to a page where they can print out their certificate. There is also a cumulative exam, which leads to the general Bioterrorism Certificate.

The language here can be a bit arduous, though a helpful glossary is provided before each chapter to aid the lay person. Timely and thorough, Bioterrorism Certificate Program will open the eyes of those unaware of the deadly threats of bioterrorism and, even more importantly, will educate those that can do something about it.