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'The Complete Guide for Models' the Popular Book from Top NYC Fashion Photographer, Eric Bean, Gives an 'Insider's View' of the Modeling Industry

'The Complete Guide for Models' the Popular Book from Top NYC Fashion Photographer, Eric Bean, Gives an 'Insider's View' of the Modeling Industry

Eric Bean, a successful fashion photographer working in NYC, gives an "Insider's View" on the modeling industry. His popular book, "The Complete Guide for Models" helps guide models through this tough profession.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 28, 2005

NYC fashion photographer, Eric Bean, gives an "Insider's View" of the modeling industry, in his popular book, "The Complete Guide for Models: Inside Advice from Industry Professionals." The advice comes from his friendships, and interviews with top fashion industry insiders, including successful models and modeling agents, agency owners, casting directors, magazine editors, makeup artists, and health professionals. These experts debunk myths about the profession and try to help a new model navigate to the path of success.

Eric debunks myths about the "sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll" attitude most people have about the modeling industry. "A healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining a long lasting career as a model."

"There are 200 models, all trying to get one job. I'm looking for healthy skin, a beautiful face, and a positive attitude. It's very tough competition out there, you have to stand out as a Star," Eric says. "Not everyone has the height, weight, personality, hard work ethics, or the 'X Factor' to become a supermodel, all those traits all have to blend together to make the ideal model."

Natural beauty is just one trait of a successful model, Eric explains the other 9 traits, along with important information on the business of modeling, in his popular book.

Eric's conversations with modeling "legends" such as model Carmen Dell'Orefice, and Katie Ford, owner of FORD Models, reveals the tough and demanding truths, as well as the amazing rewards of being a model. Eric discusses the long road from "being discovered" to maintaining a long-lasting career.

"Some models start working from the very first week, but for most it takes years of hard work."

He also describes the "behind the scenes" details of a New York City fashion shoot to find out if this business is really for you.

Eric Bean is a fashion photographer who is based out of New York City. Eric started his photography career 20 years ago, working with almost every major modeling agency in NYC and is an expert on the modeling industry. Eric has worked for such distinguished companies as Harry Winston Jewelers, Salvatore Ferragamo, Avon Worldwide, and W Hotels. His online portfolio can be viewed at www. EricBean. com.

Complete Guide for Models: Inside Advice from Industry Professionals
ISBN: 1579905765

Contact Publicity:

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The Christians Walk to Health and Wellness

The Christians Walk to Health and Wellness

Obesity is fast becoming the number one health problem facing the Christian community along with diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Dr. Len Lopez begins teaching from a biblically perspective on how to become healthier this coming year and can be heard on OnePlace. com.

(PRWEB) January 25, 2005

It’s the start of the New Year and Christians like everyone else have made their resolutions – including those regarding health. Maybe your plan is to lose weight. Other goals might include having more energy, starting a workout program or simply reducing or eliminating your medications. No matter what your specific health goals might be, for most of us, losing weight is at or near the top of the list.

As Christians it may be easy to refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco because in the back of our heads we have the verse from 1 Corinthians reminding us that our body is a temple and we should take care of it because the temple is where our Lord and Savior resides. But are we being hypocritical as Christians when we refrain from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, yet have no problem consuming countless amounts of cookies, cakes, candies, chips, donuts, fast food, junk food, and sodas? These substances, while not associated with the same stigma and immediate harm as narcotics and tobacco, only serve to damage or destroy our temple.

I raise this question because recently I came across a university study showing that, as a group, the Christian community is the most overweight population of people. I couldnÂ’t believe what I was reading, but then I thought about it. Whenever there are meetings at my church, we donÂ’t exactly bring the healthiest foods to eat. Pizza, sodas, and desserts are easy to cater and easy to serve your family -- but they donÂ’t do anything positive for our waistlines or our health.

Obesity is fast becoming the number one health challenge today, with two-thirds of our nation overweight and one-third classified as obese. There are so many health problems that are complicated by obesity, including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue, and menopause. Yet Christians seem to look the other way when it comes to food choices and the way these choices affect their bodies.

If we follow Scripture’s teachings, we know that we should be taking care of our “physical temple.” What is the first thing you think of when you think of a temple? I think of a beautifully manicured building that is well maintained and makes a statement. If you follow that analogy, what kind of statement do you present about your temple? No one would dream of housing our Lord and Savior in some rundown, shoddy-looking temple. Remember, Solomon built a magnificent temple that would be worthy to house Him. What kind of temple have you built?

Please don’t think I am asking you to start dieting and exercising to become the next Mr. or Mrs. America, but you need to think. What kind of shape is your temple in? Is it well maintained, beautifully manicured and worthy of Him? Or is your temple plagued by obesity, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, irritable bowel, headaches, allergies, fatigue, menopausal difficulties, and insomnia? The list could go on, and don’t forget that our physical well-being can greatly influence – and even interfere with -- our spiritual walk. So, during this New Year, what are your plans to improve it?

If you have the right plan, you can restore your health, but you need to be aware that there is much misinformation on health and wellness and how the body heals itself. In fact, Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Listen to what people are being told: carbohydrates are bad, fats are bad, and we need to count calories and fat grams. People are looking for a magic bullet that is going to heal all their ailments or get rid of all their extra weight. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist! It’s going to take time, energy and effort to restore your health.

If your New YearÂ’s resolution is to get healthier, lose some weight and do it through a more natural, biblical approach you need to follow the advice given in Scripture. Remember, Jesus ate bread and grains -- those are carbohydrates -- so carbohydrates arenÂ’t the problem. We read in Genesis that we have dominion over all the creatures in the sea and we can eat anything that has fins and gills. Fish is a great source of essential fatty acids, (monounsaturated fats) which are known to be helpful for heart disease, arthritis, and menopause. Olive oil, garlic, aloe, nuts and many other herbs and spices are mentioned for there healing benefits.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, which slow down the free radical production that is linked to cancer, strokes, Alzheimer, Lupus, MS, cataracts, and aging. Moses wrote that we are given every seed-bearing plant to eat. Are you eating more foods that have a positive healing effect, or do you eat more foods that have a negative, destructive effect on your body? It was Isaiah who wrote, “Why spend money on what is not bread…eat what is good” (Isa. 55:2).

It’s your temple and you can choose to do what you want, but if you are doing a good job in your ‘spiritual walk’ and have been lax on your ‘physical walk’ this could be the perfect time to make that transition and apply some of the teaching Scripture gives us on health and wellness.

Dr. Len Lopez is a nutrition and fitness expert, and author of “To Burn or Not to Burn, Fat is the Question.” Dr. Lopez’ approach to health and healing is very simple, “treat the cause – not the symptom.” If you want to learn more about the biblical perspective on health and wellness tune in to “Action Steps for Health” hosted by Dr. Lopez on OnePlace. com or call (972) 458-0099 if you would like to schedule him to speak to your group or church.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

AdMedia Partners Advises Bonnier in Acquisition of Time Inc.'s Time4 Media and Parenting Group Divisions

AdMedia Partners Advises Bonnier in Acquisition of Time Inc.'s Time4 Media and Parenting Group Divisions

Bonnier, a $2.9 billion European media company, announced today the acquisition of Time4 Media and The Parenting Group, 18 consumer magazines, from Time Inc. Combined with World Publications, its U. S. consumer magazine partner, Bonnier is now one of the largest consumer publishers in the United States. AdMedia Partners http://www. admediapartners. com), a New York investment bank serving media, advertising and marketing service businesses, and related online and information services businesses, acted as financial advisor to Bonnier in the transaction.

Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) January 25, 2007

"Bonnier enters into these acquisitions with a long-term strategic vision, unlike the financial orientation of private equity buyers in today's M&A market," says Mark Edmiston, the investment banker at AdMedia who led Bonnier's deal team. "In combining the assets of Time4 Media and Parenting Group with its recently acquired World Publications, it is Bonnier's strategy to integrate these newly acquired titles into a media portfolio that bridges the offline and online worlds."

"As most media companies are struggling to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions caused by the digital revolution, Bonnier sees an opportunity to leverage reader loyalty to the brands across new media," says Edmiston. "Also, it is a positive sign for the U. S. publishing industry, for an established European player like Bonnier to make a commitment to a market of this size and scope."

The official press release is as follows:

Bonnier Magazine Group Buys 18 Magazines from Time Inc.

January 25, 2007

New York, NY - Bonnier Magazine Group and Time Inc., a Time Warner company (NYSE: TWX), today announced that Bonnier will acquire Time Inc.'s Parenting Group and Time4 Media titles. Through this transaction, Stockholm-based Bonnier and its U. S. magazine partner, World Publications, will become one of the largest consumer publishing groups in America, with 40 titles and annual revenue of more than $350 million.

Under the proposed agreement, Bonnier will acquire 18 titles, which will join World Publications' award-winning, market-leading collection of magazines, which include Saveur, Spa and Islands. The expanded portfolio strengthens the company's position among special-interest magazines and increases its new-media opportunities.

Jonas Bonnier, Chairman of the Bonnier Magazine Group, said: "We are extremely pleased to have reached an agreement that elevates Bonnier to the highest echelon of consumer publishers nationwide. The potential synergies between the new properties and World's existing titles -- as well as the corporate and individual growth that it will lead to -- makes the future bright for all of us."

This is Bonnier's third acquisition in the United States during the past year and its first major purchase of a magazine group after its partnership with World.

Terry Snow, CEO of World Publications, said: "These new titles are a perfect strategic fit with World's special-interest magazines and what we excel at -- connecting people with their passions. And I am especially looking forward to working with this talented group of editing and publishing executives. We're committed to building high-quality brands through exceptional editorial products, whether in print or online, and the potential to be the leading multimedia resource in our new and existing special-interest areas is very exciting to us."

Dick Parsons, Time Warner Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: "This is a smart transaction that advances both the interests of our shareholders and Time Inc.'s future success. This sale and our other recent divestitures are enabling us to concentrate our resources on developing our most strategic and promising opportunities to grow our businesses."

Ann Moore, Time Inc. Chairman and CEO, said: "I am very pleased to have found the right buyer for the Parenting Group and Time4 Media, one that will be able to nurture their specialized titles. This transaction underscores Time Inc.'s commitment to focus our energy, resources and investment on our biggest and most profitable brands. I'd also like to welcome Bonnier to the New York publishing world, which continues to be an active and vibrant industry."

The acquired magazines are as follows: Parenting, Babytalk, Popular Science, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Yachting, MotorBoating, Salt Water Sportsman, Skiing, SKI, TransWorld SKATEboarding, TransWorld SNOWBOARDING, TransWorld MOTOCROSS, TransWorld SURF, ride bmx, QUAD, SHOT BUSINESS and TransWorld business. All editorial, sales and marketing staffs will remain at their current offices, primarily in New York, California and Colorado.

The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval. J. P. Morgan Securities Inc. acted as financial advisor to Time Inc. on this transaction; AdMedia Partners Inc. acted as financial advisor to Bonnier.

About Bonnier

Bonnier (www. bonnier. com) is a 200-year-old company with approximately $2.9 billion in annual revenue. Based in Stockholm, Bonnier has operations in more than 20 countries, including magazine divisions in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Spain. Some of its best-known titles are Illustreret Videnskab, a popular science magazine; I Form, a health and fitness title; and Bo Bedre, a home and garden monthly.

About World Publications

Over the past three decades, World Publications (www. worldpub. net) has grown from a single magazine title into one of America's most successful special-interest multimedia companies. World's magazines continue to garner industry awards for their writing, design, photography and journalistic coverage. The company is also known for producing quality custom publications, television shows, websites, events and marketing programs in all of its markets. The company's headquarters are in Winter Park, Florida, and it maintains offices in New York, Newport, Rhode Island, Santa Barbara, California, and a dozen other locations throughout the United States.

About the Parenting Group

The Parenting Group delivers over 15 million mom impressions and 20 million consumer touchpoints every month to the valuable mom market. Its two flagship brands are Parenting, the nation's premier magazine for moms, and the Babytalk portfolio, which includes the monthly Babytalk magazine and its siblings Babytalk First Months and Babytalk Mom-to-Be. The Parenting Group's other extensions include: Parenting. com; MomConnection, an online research tool; First Moments, a sampling operation; and a custom publishing unit.

About Time4 Media

Time4 Media is a multimedia company serving large, enthusiast audiences via magazines, websites, television and radio programming, feature films and live events. Leading publishers of men's special-interest magazines, Time4 Media titles include some of America's biggest and best-known brands, including Field & Stream, Popular Science, SKI, Yachting, and TransWorld SKATEboarding. The company's 14 consumer and three trade publications, all leaders in their categories, have a combined monthly circulation of nearly 6 million and an audience of more than 33 million. Nine National Magazine Award nominations and four wins over the past four years are evidence of a relentless focus on editorial quality. Related Web properties, including the largest outdoor, action-sports and snow-sports communities online, bring Time4 Media's combined audience to more than 60 million active, passionate enthusiasts. The company's Warren Miller Entertainment division, producers of the largest action-sports movie tour on the planet, serves as a film, video and television production enterprise for all Time4 Media brands.

About Time Inc.

Time Inc., a Time Warner company, is one of the largest content companies in the world. With approximately 150 magazines, it is the largest magazine publisher in the United States and the United Kingdom. Each month, one of out every two American adults reads a Time Inc. magazine, and one out of every 10 visits a company website (more than 19 million unique visitors). Time Inc.'s popular brands and successful franchises extend to the Internet, television, cable VOD, satellite radio, mobile devices, events and branded products.

About Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner Inc. is a leading media and entertainment company whose businesses include interactive services, cable systems, filmed entertainment, television networks and publishing.

About AdMedia Partners

AdMedia Partners is a leading boutique investment bank that provides middle market mergers and acquisitions advisory services to the advertising and marketing, media and related online and information services businesses. Founded in 1990 and located in New York City, the firm has completed over 130 transactions since 1999.

Selected transactions completed by AdMedia Partners include:
  Representing Bonnier AB, a $2.9 Billion European Media company, in its acquisition of major interest in World Publications.

  Representing New Media Strategies and Genex in their acquisitions by Meredith.

  Representing Gruner + Jahr USA Publishing, in its sale of Fast Company and Inc. to Mansueto Ventures L. L.C., an entity formed by Joe Mansueto.

  Representing Grupo Editorial Expansion, Mexico's second largest magazine publisher, to Time Inc., a subsidiary of Time Warner.

  Representing Medical Broadcasting, one of the largest independent interactive healthcare agencies, in its acquisition by Digitas Inc.

  Representing Alexander & Edwards Publishing in its acquisition by Hanley Wood, LLC, a company owned by JPMorgan Partners, LLC.

  Representing What's On, LP, publisher of Las Vegas's leading regional travel and leisure visitor guide, in its partnership with Kellogg Media Group.

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New Online Discount Department Store offering up to 40-50% off suggested retail prices

New Online Discount Department Store offering up to 40-50% off suggested retail prices.

Save up to 40% off suggested retail prices, on most items. Save up to 50% on Monthly Specials. Over 50,000 items to choose from. Sporting goods, musical intruments, camping gear, knives, swords, houseware, gift items and so much more.

(PRWEB) May 31, 2004

New Tazewell, TN resident, Joyce Richey, has created a Discount Department Store online - "Moneyhoop. com". Moneyhoop. com is a site devoted specifically to General Merchandise. Richey's web site provides up to 40% discounts on most items, and a 50% discount on monthly specials.

“Our warehouse carries over 50,000 products. A great place for houseware, gifts, sporting goods, camping gear, cameras, purses, leather clothing, knives, swords, daggers, and so much more. Our list of electronic and photographic parts and items is enormous. If we don't have it, we'll try to find it for you!”

Joyce Richey invites all readers to come and help celebrate the launch of her business, and to check out the great General Merchandise related content on the web site. Simply type "www. moneyhoop. com" into your web browser.

In addition to “Moneyhoop. com”, Joyce has created a website on Low Carbohydrate Dieting. A specific page was added to “Low Carb - How and Why?” (www. deliciouslyhealthy. net), for Claiborne County residents in order to assure their success in changing to a healthier diet.

Franchise Giveaway to U. S. Military Veterans in Every State via Synergy, a Medical Billing, Software Company

Franchise Giveaway to U. S. Military Veterans in Every State via Synergy, a Medical Billing, Software Company

Synergy Healthcare Resources proudly announces the launch of a new franchise giveaway opportunities program to U. S. Military Veterans. Long known as a leader and innovator in medical billing software development, hands on support and training and creative marketing initiatives for independent billing centers, the company wants to give back to our decorated soldiers and help them start up and manage their own franchise.

Valparaiso, IN (PRWEB) May 1, 2009

Looking for franchise opportunities? Parent Company, Synergy Medical Information Systems, decades-long respected, trusted and proven software, support, education and consulting company in the medical billing and revenue cycle management arena announces their franchise GIVEAWAY program through Synergy Franchising Corporation. Synergy will giveaway ONE franchise in each state to a pre-qualified, U. S. Military Veteran candidate.

Synergy has long been known as a leader and innovator in medical billing software development, hands on support and training and creative marketing initiatives for independent billing centers. With nearly four years of research, systems planning, operational development and legal work, Synergy rolled out their full-blown Synergy Healthcare Resources franchise offering and now is extending it to our U. S. Military Veterans in an exciting and rewarding way.

President and CEO, Debra Zandstra-Baker states, "With the change in the economy and new challenges facing healthcare, the Synergy Healthcare Resources franchise was the obvious and natural evolution for us when deciding how best to respond to the unprecedented need for services within the healthcare arena. And with our new franchise giveaway program, we wanted to show our thanks by honoring our U. S. Military soldiers from wars current and past and give them an opportunity to begin a new, rewarding career."

Zandstra-Baker cites Synergy's proven track record in coaching and developing their current, independent clients/owners and franchise's into successful medical billing businesses as the basis of their decision. "We have a valuable, proven system in place that has evolved over more than two decades, which has produced lucrative and independent billing businesses. What is missing in the mind of the healthcare provider is a local trusted name to turn to for their revenue cycle and cash flow optimization needs. For everything from practice management & EMR software, to computer and network support, provider credentialing, A/R recovery, and complete revenue-cycle management, Synergy Healthcare Resources will have the power and flexibility to deliver service excellence, locally and nationally, for the needs and demands of any healthcare business."

The Synergy Healthcare Resources U. S. Military Veteran franchisees will be provided a Franchise Operations Manual, which outlines all aspects of the franchise operation and its franchise opportunities. Proven trade secrets and business development models are taught to franchisees during a 5-day in-house seminar at Synergy Headquarters. Support staff will be available via telephone and internet, along with on-site visits to the franchisee's location. Each Synergy Healthcare Resources franchisee will enjoy a protected territory covering 750 healthcare providers.

For more information on the Synergy Healthcare Resources U. S. Military Veteran franchise opportunity and pre-qualifying criteria, or to obtain a Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD), contact Brian Kazmucha, V. P. Marketing at 800-652-3500 ext. 225.

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Millions Flowing into Medical Real Estate

Millions Flowing into Medical Real Estate

As other commercial real estate sectors suffer, savvy investors like Prudential target healthcare

Minneapolis (Vocus) July 31, 2009 –

Even as other commercial real estate sectors struggle, investors continue to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into recession-resistant healthcare real estate. Recent deals have included $250 million in new debt and $30 million in new equity from Prudential Real Estate Investors (PREI), and a separate effort to create a new $40 million medical real estate investment fund. Those stories were detailed in Page 1 articles in this month’s edition of the Healthcare Real Estate Insights newsletter.

The Chicago-based healthcare real estate firm, Lillibridge, recently obtained $250 million in debt with a variety of sources, and secured $30 million in equity from PREI, which is part of Prudential Financial Inc. (NYSE: PRU). The debt was used to refinance existing medical properties, while the fresh equity – PREI’s fourth venture with Lillibridge – is earmarked for additional medical real estate acquisitions and new developments.

“We continue to acquire and develop even in these tough times and we have an equity source that believes in the management team and the assets that we’re buying and developing,” Lillibridge CFO Joe Kurzydym told HREI.

Meanwhile, Nashville, Tenn.-based developer Oman-Gibson Associates says it is looking to raise $40 million from investors, and then leverage new medical real estate developments and acquisitions in the 40 percent to 50 percent range. As a result, the fund could invest up to $80 million to $90 million in healthcare real estate.

“We believe this allows us to take advantage economic conditions that exist today,” Tom Gibson, one of the firm’s principals, told HREI. “Healthcare is still viewed as a counter-cyclical play, and the markets that we’re going after – in the $1 million to $10 million range – are still relatively easy to finance because of the size. Many of the banks and institutions are shying away from mega-deals and the smaller deals obviously pose a lot less risk for both investors and banks. We think this is an opportunity for our company and the investors in the fund to take advantage of that.”

This month’s edition of HREI also includes coverage of the recent 2009 Medical Office Buildings (MOBs) and Healthcare Facilities Conference in Philadelphia, which was presented by BOMA International.

One BOMA MOB conference report focuses on equity investment in healthcare real estate. It features a panel discussion with Jeff Piehl of Cushman & Wakefield, P. J. Camp of Shattuck Hammond Partners, Clint Hinds of Kennedy Associates, Doug Ray of Seavest Inc., Dave Boitano of Nationwide Health Properties and Brian Mutchler of Harrison Street. The article provides an inside look at one of the biggest MOB deals ever.

Another extensive BOMA MOB conference article focuses on the capital market environment for healthcare real estate. It includes a panel discussion with John Winer of Seavest, Al Pontius of Marcus & Millichap, Malcolm Sina of DASCO Cos., Jim Moloney of Cain Brothers and Jeff Cooper of Savills LLC. The article explains why debt and equity capital remains more available for healthcare real estate than most other sectors.

Additional content in this month’s edition of HREI reports on recent medical office building (MOB) sales and leasing transactions, new outpatient and inpatient developments, and more.

For a complete copy of the current edition of HREI™, or for information regarding these articles or healthcare real estate in general, qualified media professionals may contact Murray W. Wolf, Publisher and Founding Editor, at (952) 746-4405.

About Healthcare Real Estate Insights

Launched in January 2003, Healthcare Real Estate Insights has come to be recognized as the most trusted source of news and trend information in the healthcare real estate development, financing and investment industries. This monthly, national, B2B newsletter offers sophisticated players the most comprehensive coverage in the industry available anywhere. For more information, please visit us at www. hreinsights. com.


N. J. Foundation Floodvent Company, Smart VENT Inc. hires a Delaware ManufacturerÂ’s Representative

N. J. Foundation Floodvent Company, Smart VENT Inc. hires a Delaware ManufacturerÂ’s Representative.

Smart VENTÂ’s mission is to provide technical information and support for your Foundation Flood Venting needs and issues. Harry can answer your questions on: Codes, insurance, liability, FEMA, ICC, installation and design.

(PRWEB) September 12, 2003

N. J. Foundation Floodvent Company, Smart VENT Inc. hires a Delaware ManufacturerÂ’s Representative. Smart VENTÂ’s mission is to provide technical information and support for your Foundation Flood Venting needs and issues. Harry can answer your questions on: Codes, insurance, liability, FEMA, ICC, installation and design.

Harry was born and raised in Delaware. He graduated from Salesianum High School; and went on to matriculate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Notre Dame-South Bend, Indiana. A member of the 1966 National Championship Football Team at Notre Dame, Harry’s competitive nature and ‘drive’ adds to the ‘Team’ goals already implanted at Smart VENT.

Prior to entering the business world, Harry taught and coached football at West Chester University, University of Maryland, and Georgetown, DelawareÂ’s Sussex Central Senior H. S.

Harry is also certified to present our “Lunch and Learn” training session. The objective is to explain Foundation Flood vent codes and the rules that govern them. His AIA presentation is a free service, offering architects and professionals a one-hour Health Safety and Welfare Continuing Education Service (CES) credit. Call Harry directly to schedule a Lunch and Learn session in your area.

As Flood Insurance premiums rise and FEMA pushes to enforce the codes, the solution that is certified to meet all of the FEMA and Building Codes is Smart VENT.

Three models in two sizes are available. Our Duel Function (Louvered) Model # 1540-510 is designed to Mitigate floodwater while providing ventilation that automatically opens and closes with temperature. This model would be used where both ventilation and flood mitigation is required, and where cold weather could freeze pipes.

The Insulated Flood Only Model # 1540-520 is also certified to mitigate floodwater, but is insulated to protect pipes from freezing temperatures. This model would be used in a conditioned space, a garage, vestibule, or office, where ventilation is not required.

The Overhead Door Model # 1540-530 is designed to install into a garage door. It can be supplied in the Insulated Flood Only or Duel Function model. This unit would be used where there is no room for vents on an exterior wall.

Sizes include 8” x 16” covering 200 Sq/Ft per unit and 16” x 16” that covers 400 Sq/Ft per unit.

Harry can be contacted directly @ 302-475-2812 or visit his website @ www. vjdoors. com or harry@smartvent. com

Smart VENT Inc. 20 Warrick Ave. Glassboro, NJ. 08028.

For more information visit: www. smartvent. com or: Call 888 628-4115 or Fax to 856 863-8408

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Equine Medication from the Center Pet Pharmacy: Leading Pet Pharmacy Now Supplying Horse Medications

Equine Medication from the Center Pet Pharmacy: Leading Pet Pharmacy Now Supplying Horse Medications

The Center Pet Pharmacy, America's most comprehensive pet medication supplier, is excited to further expand the large nature of their selection by now carrying healthcare products for horses.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 4, 2009

Though already distinguished from their competitors by having the world's most comprehensive selection of pet medicines, Center Pet Pharmacy is proud to announce they now can supply their customers with medications and other health care products for horses.

Horses can be afflicted with a variety of maladies, and owners know that keeping their horse healthy is not only keeping a noble animal healthy, it is keeping a beloved friend healthy. Furthermore, if a horse care product exists, Center Pet Pharmacy can provide it. From breathing aids, bandages, bone/joint care, and wormers, to wound care, nutritional supplements, and fly and pest control, Center Pet Pharmacy is the place to go for every equine health need.

And not only does Center Pet Pharmacy supply standard prescription strength horse medications, they are also a compounding pharmacy capable of mixing medicines for whatever strength a horse needs to maintain peak condition and optimal health. Different horses prefer different tastes, and Center Pet can create medicines in a variety of flavors, like caramel, tangy apple, butterscotch, and licorice, to make the process of medicating horses go smoothly.

Center Pet Pharmacy carries only quality medications for the most discriminating horse owners, while keeping their costs competitive. This combination of competitive costs and expansive selection makes Center Pet Pharmacy the one stop shop for horse medications as well as any medications for any other type of pet. Visit their website at CenterPetPharmacy. com to learn more.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

The KoamTac KDC Product Suite Becomes the First “Grand Slam” of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

The KoamTac KDC Product Suite Becomes the First “Grand Slam” of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

KDC barcode scanners now support Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad and Windows Smartphones.

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) August 4, 2010

KoamTac, Inc. announced today the release of the KTSync® keyboard wedge and application generation software for the KDC line of barcode scanners. KDC barcode scanners now support Bluetooth barcode data collection directly to stock and custom applications on all major Smartphones: including Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. This new release also introduces improved data formatting, an “out-of-box” stockroom inventory program, and easy to use SDK’s to allow seamless integration of Bluetooth or batch barcode scanning into small and large enterprise applications where mobility, convenience and reliability are required.

The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions of KTSync® are now available from Apple App Store. The KDC200i and KDC300i are the only Bluetooth scanners certified by Apple® as “Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod” accessories, and support not only HID Bluetooth profile but also Made for iPhone Bluetooth profile enabling two way communication between KDC and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Blackberry and Windows Mobile versions of KTSync® can be downloaded from www. koamtac. com/support (http://www. koamtac. com/support). The Android version is currently available to strategic partners only with a general release scheduled in September, 2010.

“What’s most exciting about this product is its absolute versatility and convenience,” said Palmer Renninger, VP of Sales for BarcodeGuy. com, an authorized KoamTac partner. “It connects to your cell phone, iPad/tablet or PC seamlessly, giving you fast, reliable barcode scanning with a form factor you can wear around your neck, tuck in your pocket, or wear on the back of hand using optional KDC custom glove with built in trigger button.” He added, “With a 30ft range via a high speed Bluetooth connection, you can scan data into your phone while it’s on your belt, purse or desk and the program will direct the user to perform the specific data entry task assigned to him via the OLED display on the KDC. There’s a tremendous interest from iPhone and iPad users because the KDC line also allows them to switch between the scanner and the soft keypad quickly by pushing a button.”

The KDC lines allows enterprises to integrate fast, reliable barcode data collection to their mobile workers’ handset of choice and are a logical choice for the transportation, field service, retail, warehousing and healthcare industries without the cost or complexity of traditional mobile computers.

There are two Bluetooth models: the KDC200 (less than two cubic inches in volume and weighing only 1.2 ounces) has an integrated laser scan engine for reading all popular linear barcodes and the KDC300 (less than four cubic inches in volume and weigh only 1.9 ounces) utilizes industry-leading Adaptus® Imaging technology from Honeywell, enabling high-performance omni-directional reading of linear and 2D barcodes, postal codes, and optical character recognition (OCR) codes. On a fully charged battery both Bluetooth models are able to scan and transfer barcodes for several days with Bluetooth connection enabled, consigning the single-shift batteries and their space-taking chargers to history.

“As Smartphones and tablets become the “device of choice” for each enterprise’s mobile professionals, Bluetooth barcode scanning becomes an essential business tool in diverse application areas", said Dr. Hanjin Lee, CEO and founder of KoamTac, Inc. "As competition in the mobile device market heats up, companies with mobile device fleets will upgrade their applications and devices to leverage ever increasing capabilities at lower and lower costs. KoamTac is committed to support all major mobile device platforms. So if and when you change your Smartphone, you won’t have to change your barcode scanner."

About KoamTac, Inc.

KoamTac’s products are the world’s smallest and lightest barcode terminals on the market supporting V2.0+EDR Class 2 Bluetooth, 1” OLED display, rechargeable battery, and maximum 4MB of memory for storing 100,000+ product database in traditional batch data collection applications. Bundled KTSync® keyboard wedge and application generation software enables barcode scanning integration without modification to most line-of-business applications. For additional information, contact us at www. koamtac. com.

Contact: Hannah Chae, hnchae(at)koamtac(dot)com, +1-609-734-4335

Adaptus is a registered trademark and property of Honeywell International Inc (NYSE: HON); Android is a registered trademark and property of Google Inc (NasdaqGS: GOOG); Bluetooth is a registered trademark and property of Bluetooth SIG; Blackberry is a registered trademark and property of Research in Motion Limited (NasdaqGS: RIMM); KDC and KTSync are trademarks of KoamTac Inc.; Mircosoft Windows is a registered trademarks and property of Microsoft Corporation (NasdaqGS: MSFT); “Works with iPhone” means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards; "Made for iPod" means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards; "Made for iPad" means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPad and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards; Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards; iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U. S. and other countries.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Insurance Care Direct To Emphasize Individual Insurance

Insurance Care Direct To Emphasize Individual Insurance

Health Insurance Provider Insurance Care Direct is focusing on individual insurance to keep up with small business.

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 28, 2009

Health insurance provider Insurance Care Direct http://www. insurancecaredirect. com/ (http://www. insurancecaredirect. com/) has poised itself to focus on the expanding individual insurance market with a set of policies specifically designed for people that have started their own business.

Recognizing the change in the employment picture as more and more people start their own businesses, Insurance Care Direct has decided to place more focus on this aspect of their already prosperous company. They understand that along with those who have decided to start their own firms, there are a growing number of people who no longer have coverage through the work place.

They stress that individual health insurance coverage that's offered at Insurance Care Direct http://www. insurancecaredirect. com/ (http://www. insurancecaredirect. com/) will have all of the other features that have made their other policies attractive to people looking to get the best in coverage.

Customers that look to get their individual insurance through Insurance Care direct will still get to liaison with the health insurance agents that make up the staff. These are still the professionals that are licensed and the ones that will be able to help with all the regulations and restrictions in the state where you live.

Insurance Care Direct has long been known for its innovations in the health insurance field and have extended their expertise to the individual insurance they supply. This is where you'll be able to find the free health quotes that will help you to get the best health insurance quotes online. With individual health insurance, the process is simple at Insurance Care Direct http://www. insurancecaredirect. com/ (http://www. insurancecaredirect. com/).

Getting the individual health insurance quotes that you need starts with clients filling out a form that will give the national carriers the information they need. Afterward, the individual health insurance quotes come back to your computer and you can apply online and save.

Insurance Care Direct was formed with the intention of providing the best health insurance for the American public. Their move to emphasize their individual insurance departments is only part of their commitment to this mandate.


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The Search for Free ebooks ends here. We have created a downloadable Directory of all possible resources to enhance your business online.

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BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine Announces the 2009 Green Product Award Winners

BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine Announces the 2009 Green Product Award Winners

The 16 winners were judged on their green and sustainable attributes, including but not limited to energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and/or health and comfort.

Washington, D. C. (PRWEB) November 17, 2009

BUILDING PRODUCTS magazine announces the recipients of the second annual Green Products Awards (http://www. ebuild. com/articles/1116870.hwx) contest. The 16 winners were judged on their green and sustainable attributes, including but not limited to energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and/or health and comfort. Each product also was evaluated on its innovation and overall value to residential construction professionals employing green building practices.

The Green Product Awards (http://www. ebuild. com/articles/1116870.hwx) were open to all categories of residential building products, materials, and technologies introduced between January 2008 and April 2009. The award winners represent the best new products that contribute to green-built homes and that bring the most value to builders, remodelers, or architects, or their clients.

The 2009 BUILDING PRODUCTS Green Product Award winners (http://www. ebuild. com/articles/1116870.hwx) are:

1. The Dow Chemical Co. - Styrofoam SIS  
2. The Dow Chemical Co. - Thermax Wall System
3. Trane - XL20i Communicating Air Conditioner 
4. Mitsubishi Electric Co. - Mr. Slim M-Series MSZ-FD/MUZ-FD Systems 
5. Osmose - Osmose MicroPro
6. Broan-NuTone - Broan Ultra Silent Humidity Sensing QTRE100S Fans 
7. American Clay Enterprises - Enjarre
8. Benjamin Moore & Co. - Natura Paint
9. Cosentino - Eco by Cosentino
10. Serious Materials - SeriousWindows
11. IceStone - IceStone Durable Surfaces
12. Kichler Lighting - Design Pro Discs
13. Lutron Electronics Co. - eco-minder dimmers
14. Whirlpool Corp. - Resource Saver Refrigerator
15. DaVinci Roofscapes - DaVinci EcoBlend
16. Big Ass Fans - Element 

“The winners of the annual Green Product Awards represent great options that pros can implement as part of a sustainably built home,” said Jean Dimeo, editorial director for BUILDING PRODUCTS and ebuild. com. “These products and materials offer innovative features, eye-catching aesthetics, ease of installation, or other valuable benefits to the contractor or the consumer.”

Manufacturers submitted a comprehensive application for each product to BUILDING PRODUCTS magazine, and the entries were reviewed by a select panel of judges including builders, remodelers, and architects. Products were evaluated on their own merit, rather than in competition to other entries.

The second annual Green Product Awards will be featured in the Fall 2009 issue of BUILDING PRODUCTS magazine and on the magazine’s Web site, ebuild. com (http://www. ebuild. com). The winners also will be posted on ecohomemagazine. com (http://www. ecohomemagazine. com), a sister Web site to ebuild.

Published quarterly, BUILDING PRODUCTS is the premier information source for builders and remodelers searching for what's new in building materials and products. 50,000 high-volume builders and remodelers count on BUILDING PRODUCTS for up-to-date information on the newest and most innovative products in the industry.

About Hanley Wood
Hanley Wood, LLC, is the premier media and information company serving housing and construction. Through four operating divisions, the company produces award-winning magazines and Web sites, marquee trade shows and events, rich data, and custom marketing solutions. The company also is North America’s leading publisher of home plans. Hanley Wood Business Media (Washington, D. C.), publishes 30 award-winning residential and commercial construction titles, including BUILDER, REMODELING, CUSTOM HOME, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION and residential architect. Hanley Wood Business Media also offers the construction industry’s foremost collection of Web sites, including BUILDER, REMODELING, and ebuild, the comprehensive online guide to building products, as well as the largest collection of house plans online through ePlans. com and Dream Home Source.

Founded in 1976, Hanley Wood is one of the ten largest B-to-B media companies in the United States. Hanley Wood is owned by affiliates of JPMorgan Partners, which uses CCMP Capital Advisors to manage this investment.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

TSRL Inc. Gets New Look From Wagner Design Associates

TSRL Inc. Gets New Look From Wagner Design Associates

Ann Arbor, Michigan - Wagner Design Associates, a marketing solutions provider, has recently completed new branding materials for TSRL, Inc. Marketing items include a re-designed website and capabilities brochure.

Ann Arbor, Michigan (PRWEB) March 12, 2009

Therapeutic Systems Research Laboratories (TSRL), Inc. is a privately owned oral drug delivery specialty firm focused on R&D efforts to enhance the oral absorption of investigational and marketed compounds. They have developed a variety of patented technologies for improving oral absorption of drug candidates, including prodrug and carrier technologies as well as time and rate controlled delivery systems.

Wagner Design created an informational website http://www. tsrlinc. com (http://www. tsrlinc. com), to give target audiences a thorough overview their services and technologies. In addition, Wagner developed a capabilities brochure and inserts that highlight the company's mission - to be the preeminent drug delivery firm offering the highest quality platform technologies and services to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

"Wagner Design Associates provided us with high quality products and close personal interactions during the development of our marketing materials," said Elke Lipka, TSRL's Vice President of Business Development.

With over 20 years of experience, TSRL, Inc. conducts its research in a 5,200 sq ft facility in Ann Arbor, MI and consists of professionals with broad experience in chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, in vivo animal model, PK/ADME, toxicology and formulation R&D.

Wagner Design Associates is an advertising and graphic design firm providing a full range of design and communication services including corporate identities, print collateral, advertising, and websites. The award-winning company provides marketing expertise to various regional and national industries in the high tech, health care, financial, retail and academic sectors.

Kathy Roeser-Nordling  
Wagner Design Associates LLC 
T: 734.662.9500  
F: 734.662.6590 

Elke Lipka


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Negligence Lawsuit Filed Against Two Northern California Healthcare Facilities in Birth of Brain-Damaged Child

Negligence Lawsuit Filed Against Two Northern California Healthcare Facilities in Birth of Brain-Damaged Child

Lawsuit contends child would have recovered normally had resuscitation been done correctly and immediately. Suit filed The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel and Associates--one of the nation's most successful medical malpractice firms. The firm specializes in birth injuries and brain injuries.

Beverly Hills, CA (Vocus) September 23, 2010

The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel and Associates announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the Alameda County Superior Court, Case No. RG10514283, against Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley, Calif., and East Bay Perinatal Medical Associates, Oakland, Calif., and several employees of both facilities, for negligence (http://www. fagellaw. com) that resulted in the birth of a brain-injured child.

Tiger Wang was born at 1:33 pm on March 28, 2010, to mother Jie Chen Wang, who was an MBA student at UC Berekeley, and who graduated in June 2010. The baby’s father, Wenbin Wang, is a civil engineer with a master’s degree from China.

According to court documents, prior to the birth and immediately after, there were several complications that the lawsuit contends were not handled properly and were below an acceptable standard of care.

During the labor and delivery, Jie Chen was under the care of a certified nurse midwife employed by East Bay Perinatal Medical Associates. The midwife was aware of a prolonged labor, and was with the mother in the hours leading up to delivery. During the last two hours before delivery, there were abnormalities on the fetal monitor (http://www. fagellaw. com/Information_Center/Birth_Injury. aspx) that required notification of an obstetrician. Had that been done, contends court documents, the baby would have been delivered by c-section much sooner than he was.

“The rapid heart rate, alternating with decelerations in the heart rate, required the nurse midwife to have an OB/GYN present at that time,” said Dr. Bruce G. Fagel, the family’s attorney. “We believe that due to the prolonged labor and the heart rate fluctuations, delivery should have occured by c-section by 1 pm at the latest. It is our contention that an earlier c-section delivery would have prevented the injuries suffered by Tiger Wang.”

Additionally, Tiger Wang had breathing problems at birth and, according to his pediatrician, lacked oxygen for more than 15 minutes. The lawsuit also claims that clinicians failed both to intubate quickly and to suction efficiently, which caused a drop in oxygen to his brain. The lawsuit says it is believed that the newborn would have recovered normally despite his problems at delivery had resuscitation been done correctly and immediately.

Tiger Wang was transferred to Children’s Hospital Oakland for a brain cooling procedure (http://www. fagellaw. com/Information_Center/Brain_Cooling. aspx), which must be done within six hours of birth and is becoming a more prevalent and effective treatment for brain-damaged newborns. This treatment was started at 6 pm on the date of birth and completed three days later on March 31. Generally, effectiveness of the brain cooling procedure is not known for a couple of years. Tiger Wang was discharged from the hospital on April 6 with a diagnosis of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), a brain injury due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

About Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel and Associates

The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel and Associates is one of the nation’s premier medical malpractice plaintiff firms, and only handles medical malpractice cases with an emphasis on birth and brain injuries. Dr. Fagel is a lawyer who is also a licensed medical doctor.


Love Canal and the Hyping of an Eco-Scare

Love Canal and the Hyping of an Eco-Scare

At today's Earth Day celebrations, environmentalists will likely point to the clean-up of the toxic waste dump at New York's Love Canal as one of their biggest victories. But was there really a terrible environmental menace to combat at Love Canal in the first place?

(PRWEB) April 24, 2004

At today's Earth Day celebrations, environmentalists will likely point to the clean-up of the toxic waste dump at New York's Love Canal as one of their biggest victories. But was there really a terrible environmental menace to combat at Love Canal in the first place?

When federal officials announced the completion of the clean-up last month, the New York Times called it the end of a "toxic horror" that had burned children and pets and caused birth defects and miscarriages. Most scientists who have reviewed the Love Canal over the past two decades, however, have concluded that the evidence for such dire effects is flimsy.

Democrat Hugh Carey, who turned 85 on April 11, was governor when Love Canal first hit the news in 1978, and I talked to him recently about the version of events popularized by the Times and others: "It's just dead wrong." Carey says that a flawed study suggesting higher disease rates near Love Canal, combined with crusading local activists, created unwarranted fear. "We checked here and there and everywhere and couldn't find any key indicators of contamination."

Says Carey, "There wasn't a single case of a fatal illness or even a serious illness" attributable to the dump, according to the best-qualified scientists who examined the evidence. Nonetheless, newspapers near Love Canal repeated anecdotes about residents' diseases. "Almost daily things would come out, then people read the articles," says Carey. "People obviously get exercised about their children, and they became aware that the school was sitting on a former dump."

Congress pointed to Love Canal as evidence of widespread eco-catastrophe in America. "They needed something to hang Superfund on," says Carey of the expensive toxic clean-up law launched under the Carter administration. "Every morning I'd turn on the TV and see the Attorney General on there pushing the Superfund." A chief proponent of Superfund was then a young member of the House of Representatives, recalls Carey: "I know Al Gore and we're friends, but he was way off base, saying every morning, those people are dying up there and the state's not doing anything."

New York officials had little choice but to begin relocating the families near Love Canal and cleaning up the site, given the hysteria that had been created. "There are two kinds of pollution -- environmental and political," laments Carey, who has watched many groundless scares over chemicals play themselves out in the media since then. "Where does it end? What's next? Shoe polish?"

Carey says what bothers him most is the charge that state government failed to act, in particular any suggestion of negligence by state Health Commissioner Dr. David Axelrod, who gathered scientists to review the data from Love Canal, and state Transportation Commissioner Bill Hennessy, who was in charge of the relocation. "It was Hennessy who said, Governor, you're going to have to get the people out of there because they're so frightened now...These people were getting sick, not because of what was in their basements but because of what was in their heads."

Carey says needless environmental wrangles still happen: "Witness the fight between Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and GE, which is still in litigationÂ…the famous PCBs." He also fears political grandstanding over the clean-up at Ground Zero. "The EPA has found essentially that the place is safe, and I'm hearing parties say 'We don't like that report, we want another one,' and you keep compounding those, it'll make development more difficult." Carey worries that government's standards for environmental purity have become unrealistically high. "When will it ever be clean? Clean to whose satisfaction, when the state's own health department doesn't want to move into a building at 50 Church Street because they may be affected by construction contamination?"

Carey notes that we've gotten far more sensitive to any perceived environmental threat. "Once you say 'cancer-causing,' the horse is out of the barn...We hear the word 'chemical' and there's an immediate sensitivity." Carey doesn't blame the public but a system where media hype and lawsuits run ahead of the science, needlessly stoking our anxieties even in times of relative safety. By contrast, he remembers when the air of Brooklyn was rank with the smell of refineries and when New York's populace faced graver health threats: "When my ancestors arrived, my grandmother had seven children, but only three survived; the rest had diphtheria, smallpox, and so forth."

Carey wonders if some less-politicized body might be formed to assess environmental and health risks, perhaps a private organization along the lines of Underwriters Laboratories. "Can this highly technical society set forth a system with scientists who set parameters for what's really dangerous?" Unfortunately, as in the case of Love Canal, our environmental policy often gets made in the heat of the moment, in reaction to crises, with expensive and over-politicized results. That's a sobering thought to keep in mind amid the hubbub of Earth Day festivities.

Mr. Seavey edits HealthFactsAndFears. com for the American Council on Science and Health and is writing a book called Conservatism for Punks. This piece also appeared in the New York Sun.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lauriston Crockett of TNT Brands of Dallas, Texas Gains Promotion to Vice President of New Product Development

Lauriston Crockett of TNT Brands of Dallas, Texas Gains Promotion to Vice President of New Product Development

After working 1 1/2 years with TNT Brands of Dallas, TX, Lauriston Crockett is promoted to Vice President of New Product Development through hard work.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 26, 2006

Last week TNT Brands, Inc. of Dallas Texas promoted Lauriston Crockett to the position of Vice President of New Product Development. The well-deserved promotion was awarded due to Crockett’s diligence to fulfill a job well done in securing new product and driving projects to completion.

Climbing up the corporate latter has not been a new thing for Crockett. From his first job as an interim loan officer in a large mortgage company, he found that hard work paid off. Crockett became the youngest branch manager of the 100 year-old mortgage department managing a staff of 8 loan officers, all the while keeping a 4.5 million dollar pipeline personally.

Crockett’s impressive resume of experience and leadership includes creations of billards franchizes, where he worked with celebrity talents; working with the Governor of Louisiana in salvage companies that cleared water ways in the state; creating advanced fishing technology, selling his products on Home Shoppers Network; executive director and host of the made for TV show, “15 Seconds,” a show that dealt with the issues of domestic abuse; a fitness advisor and trainer with certificates from Cooper Clinics and Parker College of Chiropractic; a designer of restaurants, such as Hurricane Jacks in Carrollton, Texas; and handling financing for the Showcase of Homes in Dallas.

Meeting Mr. Eddie Vakser of TNT Media and TNT Brands a year and a half ago, Crockett was hired. Immediately he went to work, bringing in the National 7-Eleven account for TNT Brands to help launch the Wrestling All Star Energy Drink. “We are very pleased with the way Lauriston has come into this business—he jumped right in there and made things happened,” says Vakser, Sr. VP of Product Development. Crockett has had great success in this competitive market by bringing Circle K and many other chains into the Wrestling All Star Family. Last week he signed the Walmart stores of Dallas, Texas district 106. Crockett is also working with TNT Media as an executive producer in the infomercials field launching new products for the TNT Family.

TNT Brands, Ltd. is dedicated to developing and providing high-end consumable nutritional and health products for worldwide distribution. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company specializes in providing unique energy drinks and specialty products and services to wholesalers, distributors, brokers/dealers, integrators, and resellers. TNT Brand’s experienced team hand-selects every product and service that they provide to ensure their clients are getting the best of the industry. TNT Brands, Ltd. is a majority women-owned company. For more information, visit www. TNTBrands. com.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Computer Merchant Ltd. (TCM) Demonstrating Strength and Agility of Response in Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Staff Augmentation

The Computer Merchant Ltd. (TCM) Demonstrating Strength and Agility of Response in Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Staff Augmentation

Health care organizations want to demonstrate "meaningful use" and collect government incentives in time, yet budgets don't allow for full time headcount additions. TCM can help with staff augmentation.

Norwell, Massachusetts (Vocus/PRWEB) January 21, 2011

In his letter of December 27, 2010, Dr. David Blumenthal, the National Coordinator for Healthcare Information Technology, pointed out that starting January 3, 2011, eligible professionals and eligible hospitals could apply for Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentive programs. These programs can yield up to $44,000 from Medicare, or $63,750 from Medicaid for physician practices. Hospitals may receive “millions of dollars for implementing and meaningfully using certified EHR technology.” Right now TCM is assisting organizations from Regional Extension Center-approved implementation firms for physician practices to the largest teaching hospitals in the largest US cities.

TCM is recruiting and providing consulting staff on contract for these organizations to reach the point where they can self-certify meaningful use and receive the incentive payments.

TCM is the natural choice for healthcare providers seeking new vendors of seasoned consultants and the ability to revise current systems and processes to meet new regulatory requirements. Since its inception over 30 years ago, TCM has demonstrated the ability to respond to urgent client and industry market demands coupled with exceptional customer satisfaction. TCM’s proprietary database contains over 6 million IT professionals, enabling delivery of a broad spectrum of seasoned IT professionals for client projects and staff augmentation requirements. TCM is recognized as one of the premiere privately held IT staffing and solutions firms in the United States, and stands ready to help the healthcare industry meet its stringent and time-sensitive Federal compliance mandates.

In a recent interview, John Danieli, President/CEO and founder of TCM, said “TCM has a long history of IT support in the healthcare industry as well as many other private and government sectors that have faced demanding challenges, and has never failed to deliver the highest quality resources available in the labor market today.” TCM’s database currently has thousands of IT consultants that are experienced project managers, business analysts, application developers, and clinical implementation and integration specialists. These seasoned consultants are experienced with Allscripts, Athenahealth, Greenway, and many other systems for physician offices. For hospitals, TCM consultants are likewise experienced with some certified in Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Siemens, and McKesson systems, among others.

By providing contract healthcare IT staff, TCM supports the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) for New York State and for several other states. In the Federal healthcare IT marketplace, TCM handles desk-top programs at the headquarters of the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs and many other agencies.

Daniel Webster, Senior Vice President, has taken the lead in TCM’s current initiative in its healthcare practice. He is very knowledgeable of the specialized needs under HIPAA 5010, ICD-10, and Stage 1 Meaningful Use of EHRs. Contact him by phone at 800-617-6172 or by e-mail at dwebster(at)tcml(dot)com

For more information about healthcare IT staffing from TCM go to http://www. tcml. com/employers/staffing_services/healthcare_it_staffing/.

# # #

Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) Names Denise Bradley Executive Director

Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) Names Denise Bradley Executive Director

New MoAD executive directory Denise Bradley will lead the only museum of its kind to explore humanity's origins, movements, adaptations and transformations.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 3, 2005

The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) today announced that V. Denise Bradley, who played a leadership role in the largest exhibition of contemporary art from Africa ever shown in Europe, is MoADÂ’s newly appointed executive director. The museum is scheduled to open in downtown San Francisco in late November.

Bradley most recently served in London as AFRICA REMIX Liaison Officer at the South Bank Centre, where she developed an integrated marketing and programming model that generated large and diverse audiences. In that capacity she worked closely with numerous art galleries, the Museum Kunst Palast in Dusseldorf, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Mori Museum in Tokyo. Her career also includes developing global licensing strategy for key Warner Bros. consumer products. She also worked at Walt Disney International, and graduated from Stanford University and the Harvard Business School.

MoAD’s Grand Opening festivities begin with a free community preview on Saturday, November 26 and run through Friday, December 2. Visitors will begin their experience at MoAD’s Mission Street entrance with the spectacular “Girl from Ghana” photo-mosaic based on a photograph by Chester Higgins and created by Robert Silvers – a two-storey high dramatic image comprised of more than 2,100 photos donated by people from around the world. As of Dec. 3, MoAD is officially open to the public.

Located in Yerba Buena Gardens’ Cultural District, where both a new Contemporary Jewish Museum and a new Mexican Museum are planned – MoAD will occupy the first three floors of the new $200-million, five-star St. Regis Hotel and luxury condominium complex. Its space also will extend into the third floor of the San Francisco’s historic Williams’ Building.

MoAD just successfully completed Phase I of its “Heritage Campaign,” and has raised $5.4 million since August 2004. The remaining goal of the Campaign is $15 million over the next five years. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, which has been an important partner in developing and constructing the Museum, will continue to support the Museum’s operations over the next 12 years.

Major corporate contributors to date to MoAD include Catholic Healthcare West, Wells Fargo Bank, Ronald MacDonald House Charities, The Koret Foundation, Hewlett Packard, The Hearst Foundation, Carpenter & Company, and PG&E. Heritage Campaign Chair, Dr. Ernest Bates, chairman of American Shared Hospital Services, and Venture Capitalist Arthur Rock and his wife, Attorney Toni Rembe, are the largest individual donors.

# # #

Saturday, September 16, 2006

See Dirt Run! ™ Inc. of Germantown, MD. to Donate Services During PWNA’s Clean Across America Week

See Dirt Run! ™ Inc. of Germantown, MD. to Donate Services During PWNA’s Clean Across America Week

Power Washers of North America member See Dirt Run! Inc. volunteers services to local non-profit organization On Our Own of Maryland.

Germantown, MD (PRWEB) July 22, 2006

See Dirt Run!™ Inc. of Germantown, MD, a local power washing company specializing in wood restoration and wood preservation, will be contributing their time, workers, and materials to non-profit organization On Our Own, located in Gaithersburg, MD., during the week of July 24-31, 2006. The team from See Dirt Run!™ Inc. will clean and restore the wooden front porch and back deck located at 434 E. Diamond Ave., in Gaithersburg, MD. See Dirt Run! ™ Inc. will wash the exterior wood surfaces using environmentally friendly cleaners. The company will then seal the exterior wood porch and deck to protect them against UV damage and the elements. The cleaners and sealers are being donated by Extreme Solutions Inc. of St. Louis, MO., a manufacturer of products specifically designed for wood restoration professionals.

See Dirt Run! ™ Inc. is located in Germantown, MD., and has been in business since 1999. The company specializes in wood restoration and preservation, and is an active certified member of PWNA. See Dirt Run!™ Inc. is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, and operates under MHIC License # 86481. http://www. seedirtrun. com (http://www. seedirtrun. com)

Non-profit organization On Our Own is in need of the service in order to maintain the property’s code compliance and to help secure grant monies needed to keep the center open. On Our Own of Maryland is a state-wide mental health consumer education and advocacy organization that promotes equality in all aspects of society for people who receive mental health services and develops alternative, recovery-based mental health initiatives. http://www. onourownmd. org/ (http://www. onourownmd. org/)

The Power Washers of North America is the recognized leader in developing and communicating the highest standards in ethical business practices, environmental awareness and safety through continuing education and active representation of the membership. Power Washers of North America (PWNA) is a nonprofit trade association committed to communicating the highest standards in ethical business practices, environmental awareness, and safety through continuing education and active representation of the membership. http://www. pwna. org (http://www. pwna. org).


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Road of Life and City Year Collaborate To Keep Columbus Kids Healthy an Innovative Pilot Program Brings Cancer Prevention Education to Columbus Public School Students

Road of Life and City Year Collaborate To Keep Columbus Kids Healthy an Innovative Pilot Program Brings Cancer Prevention Education to Columbus Public School Students

In a unique pilot program, two Columbus nonprofits have teamed up to bring cancer prevention education to Columbus Public Schools.

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) December 1, 2005

In a unique pilot program, two Columbus nonprofits have teamed up to bring cancer prevention education to Columbus Public Schools.

City Year, a national community service organization, and Road of Life, which supports cancer prevention, have joined together to deliver Road of Life's cancer prevention curriculum to students at Hubbard Elementary School and Linmoor Middle School. City Year's Corps Members, aged 17-24, are trained by Road of Life staff to deliver the curriculum during after-school tutoring programs.

The cancer prevention curriculum, which encourages a healthy and non-smoking lifestyle, is the primary program of Road of Life, the only nonprofit in the U. S. to focus exclusively on prevention for children. Conservatively half of all cancer deaths could be prevented, according to the American Cancer Society. “In light of [that fact] we all must do more with the information we have right now to save the next generation from the cancer epidemic we face today” says Road of Life founder Rob Emrich “Research is extremely important, but much more needs to be done in the field of prevention. The key to developing a healthy lifestyle is to develop good habits early in life."

The Road of Life curriculum is being produced in cooperation with a review board of teachers, health experts, and child development professionals, and has received glowing reviews from teachers and students alike.

Both City Year and Road of Life are encouraged by the early evaluations, and both organizations look forward to a strong partnership in the future.

For more information about this pilot program, and to find out how you can get involved in keeping kids healthy, visit www. roadoflife. org or www. cityyear. org/sites/columbus/ (http://www. cityyear. org/sites/columbus/ )


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jazzy Vegetarian Radio Celebrates its Milestone, One-Year Anniversary with Musical Superstar Jim Brickman

Jazzy Vegetarian Radio Celebrates its Milestone, One-Year Anniversary with Musical Superstar Jim Brickman

Jazzy-licious! Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, blends a passion for vegetarian cooking with a taste for jazz through her popular radio show. This week, Jazzy Vegetarian Radio celebrates its milestone, one-year anniversary!

Bloomingdale, NJ (PRWEB) November 18, 2010

Jazzy-licious! Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, blends a passion for vegetarian cooking with a taste for jazz through her popular radio show, television show, website, and books. This week, Jazzy Vegetarian Radio celebrates its milestone, one-year anniversary with a visit from the best selling solo piano artist of our time, Jim Brickman. He'll chat about his new CD, "Home," and we'll feature the single, "Thank You," featuring American Idol's Matt Giraud.

If there's a soundtrack to vegetarian cuisine, well, it's gotta be jazz, with its adventurous phrasing, spicy combos and intuitive flair. Laura Theodore, the "Jazzy Vegetarian," thinks so too, and she wants everybody to know that the mingling of her two great passions is something everyone can relate to. Every Wednesday, at 1PM (EST), the charismatic Theodore hosts “Jazzy Vegetarian Radio,” sharing her easy, delicious recipes and eco-chic tips for living green every day. The show speaks to mainstream Americans, dedicated vegans, and non-vegetarians alike. Each week Laura welcomes a “green” celebrity guest to share sustainable lifestyle ideas, nutritional advice, and healthy recipes. The Jazzy Vegetarian Radio show has built a solid relationship with its dedicated listeners and the Jazzy Vegetarian Website is a popular online destination for vegan recipes and sustainable lifestyle ideas. You'll hear some great music along the way!

Laura is a popular radio and television personality, author, chef, award-winning recording artist and actor, and creator of the “Jazzy Vegetarian.” She is the author of "Vegetarian Cooking for Every Day" and she is the host of the "Jazzy Vegetarian Television Show" on MiND TV in the greater Philadelphia area. Laura has made guest appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, USA, Public Television and America’s Talking Network. She has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, People, JazzTimes, Variety, Dallas Morning News, and Time Magazine, among others. As a jazz singer and songwriter, Laura has recorded six solo CDs, including her award-winning disc, “Tonight's the Night.” She has toured the country performing at numerous major events such as; Night of 100 Stars, Fire & Ice Ball, and The American Film Awards. Laura Theodore is the “Jazzy Vegetarian” lets jazz it up!

For more information please visit: http://www. jazzyvegetarian. com
For bookings and press inquiries: info(at)jazzyvegetarian(dot)com
For information about Laura Theodore's CDs, please visit: http://www. lauratheodore. com
To listen: http://www. jazzyvegetarianradio. com


Woman's World Magazine's Describes In-Home Body Wrap Recipe

Woman's World Magazine's Describes In-Home Body Wrap Recipe

In a recent article, Woman's World Magazine listed a 3 ingredient body wrap recipe. WrapYourselfslim. com has been providing body wrap recipes like this for over 4 years to do-it-yourselfers.

(PRWEB) May 23, 2005

In a recent Woman's World Magazine entitled "Hollywood's hot new FAT-MELTING BODY WRAP! Try it at home!", three natural ingredients to create a simple in-home body wrap were listed. The articled explained that you can do your own Spa body wrap in the comfort of your own home inexpensively.

Body wraps have been offered for years by health spas, fitness spas and franchised facilities. Some reported spending as much as $150 for this treatment. After a wrap, spa clients have reported that their skin felt softer, their skin felt tighter, experienced a diminished appearance of cellulite and even a loss of inches. Results varied for each person.

Danielle Sims of WrapYourselfSlim. com has been an advocate of making simple body wrap formulas at home for over 4 years. She provides an ebook titled "Wrap Yourself Slim: Body Wraps Exposed" which contains recipes, instructions, and other supporting information to successfully acheive a spa-style body wrap. The book has been available online since October 2000 and has been very popular among health enthusiasts and "do-it-yourselfers".

Danielle says:

"It's wonderful that more and more, people are realizing that they can acheive the same spa body wrap inexpensively at home with a minimum of three simple ingredients. When I first came out with my book in 2000, it was not that well known. Now we are seeing articles in mainstream magazines."

About ten years ago, Danielle explored her library of alternative health, herbal books, and aromatherapy books and created a blueprint for making her own body wrap formulas. She discovered that some of the natural supplements on the market possessed the same benefits as the body wrap formulas.

"I have always enjoyed creatin and preparing my own cosmetics, lotions, and potions so this was just one more thing that I wanted to learn how to do. It was years before I realized that I can provide others with information to make their own body wrap too." says Danielle.

Wrap Yourself Slim gives detailed information on the body wrap process as well as giving the reader recipes or "formulas" for making them at home. This book describes the readily available natural ingredients that are used in tese body wrap formulas. It contains a quick reference chart that lists each ingredient and charts their properties related to body wrap benefits.

The book is only available via the internet as an electronic book. Two easy to read formats are available; PDF and an executable webpage version. This format allows instant access after purchase. The reader is able to print the book or read it on their computer.

You can find out more information on Wrap Yourself Slim: Body Wraps Exposed at http://www. wrapyourselfslim. com (http://www. wrapyourselfslim. com).


Aussie Innovation is Transforming Conflict into Cooperation

Aussie Innovation is Transforming Conflict into Cooperation

Australian Pip Cornall knows that humans can make peace a possibility with a unique method called Conferencing. Pip, who is the director of Community Peace Making (CPM), says he is delighted to bring conferencing to the Rogue Valley. “Conflict Management is a key business skill for the twenty-first century and conferencing is at the cutting edge,” he says.

Talent, OR (PRWEB) February 10, 2006

Australian Pip Cornall knows that humans can make peace a possibility with a unique method called Conferencing. Pip, who is the director of Community Peace Making (CPM), says he is delighted to bring conferencing to the Rogue Valley. “Conflict Management is a key business skill for the twenty-first century and conferencing is at the cutting edge,” he says.

Conferencing is helping American businesses, non-profits, schools and communities transform conflict into cooperation. Transformation, a key word in conferencing, occurs as participants transform the nature of their relationship from adversarial to collaborative in the facilitated process as they search for the best solutions.

The hidden costs of conflict to US businesses are enormous and include lost productivity, reduced decision making caused by poor communication, power struggles between employees and management, morale and motivation problems, theft, damage, harassment and discrimination, violence or threats of violence, sabotage and undermining. Modern businesses need a conflict management plan which incorporates the latest methods.

Because conferencing transforms conflict it is very cost effective; it can also be used in a preventative capacity; to prevent future disputes from arising, saving money down the line.

So what is conferencing? It is a unique process that deals effectively with conflict among groups of up to 40 people. Developed in Australia and New Zealand it is essentially a facilitated conversation among the community of people affected by a given dispute, communication breakdown, management styles, harassment or other workplace tensions.

In a single session, participants share their views on what has happened and how each person has been affected. They then draw on their personal knowledge of the situation to arrive collaboratively at an outcome. In the process, participants change the nature of their relationships to each other, from conflict to cooperation.

In Australia after September 11 there was a lot of anger against Muslims so CPM facilitated a conference designed to breakdown stereotyping between religious leaders, politicians and communities members in Australia. It was cleansing to acknowledge our biases and we all left the conference feeling lighter. Needless to say this level of truth telling forged many wonderful friendships but at CPM we realized the value of bringing our out into the light and have incorporated this element into conferences when appropriate.

CPM has since expanded the bias and stereotyping methodology which we incorporate in conferences when appropriate. It enables people to move past limiting beliefs and communicate in more authentic ways. This is healthy in a workplace or community group and it has the potential to change group dynamics and workplace cultures in a positive manner

Who can benefit from Conferencing? The application is broad says Pip and in the last ten years we’ve seen the Australian model successfully applied to businesses, industry, government departments, schools and community groups, non-profits, sporting organizations, the Juvenile Justice System and the armed services. More recently years the model has been exported to and adopted widely by Canada and the UK. Pip says, “I gain faith in humanity each time I facilitate a conference because I witness ordinary people attain peaceful resolutions to nasty conflicts."

Community Peace Making, facilitates conferences, mediates disputes, and gives training workshops in Australia and USA on communication skills, gender reconciliation, violence and harassment prevention. Pip, the director of CPM, is a conference facilitator with an Australian Department of Juvenile Justice in their acclaimed restorative justice programs. He presents workshops to high profile athletes (including Olympians) within the Australian Sports Commission and uses conferences to resolve existing harassment related disputes.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

March is National Professional Social Work Month

March is National Professional Social Work Month

Social workers inspire community action, play valuable role in supporting people with disabilities and their families

(Vocus) March 8, 2010

Professional social workers believe there are no limits to human potential, and they serve others to help them lead rewarding lives, according to the National Association of Social Workers, which is celebrating National Professional Social Work Month in March. Recognizing the critical role of social workers for people with disabilities and their families, Allsup, a nationwide provider of Social Security disability representation services, joins nonprofit and community groups, and government agencies to honor the profession.

Nearly one in five, or 20 percent, of more than 600,000 social workers in the United States work in medical and public health settings, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They provide practical problem-solving expertise that benefits people at all stages of life, health and ability.

Allsup professionals routinely interact with social workers who demonstrate their dedication to creating and supporting programs that respond to human needs, such as homelessness, physical and mental disability, poverty, mental illness and other issues. Social workers are employed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, drug treatment clinics, schools, nursing homes, disaster-relief agencies and other organizations.

Through education—79 percent of active practitioners have master’s degrees in social work—and hands-on experience—96 percent provide direct client services—they make a wide range of contributions throughout their careers. “Others may think and talk about problems, but social workers do something to change the systems that perpetuate them,” said Elizabeth J. Clark, NASW executive director. “Social workers help Americans succeed.”

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Social Workers Inspire Community Action.” Individuals and families can find more answers to their questions through the NASW’s Web site HelpStartsHere. org. The site also offers the “National Social Worker Finder” to help people find licensed social workers where they live.

Allsup salutes the National Association of Social Workers and other groups for showcasing the integral contributions of social workers in local communities. Free posters highlighting National Social Work Month are available through Allsup to hospitals, clinics and other community groups by calling Karen Hercules-Doerr at (800) 854-1418, ext. 5770.

National Association of Social Workers
Gail Woods Waller 
(202) 336-8236 
Http://helpstartshere. org 

Karen Hercules-Doerr
(800) 854-1418, ext. 5770
Http://www. allsupcares. com


Dental Equipment Donated to Pima Medical Institute Includes Intra-Oral Camera

Dental Equipment Donated to Pima Medical Institute Includes Intra-Oral Camera

Dental Assistant students at Pima Medical Institute, 9709 3rd Ave, NE in Seattle can see smiles from the inside out due to a donation from a local dentist. In addition to the AcuCam Intra-Oral Cameral System, the career college received a Harvey, a special unit used for sterilizing large volumes of equipment from the dental clinic of Maurine MacHugh, D. D.S.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 17, 2006

Dental Assistant students at Pima Medical Institute, 9709 3rd Ave, NE in Seattle can see smiles from the inside out due to a donation from a local dentist. In addition to the AcuCam Intra-Oral Cameral System, the career college received a Harvey, a special unit used for sterilizing large volumes of equipment from the dental clinic of Maurine MacHugh, D. D.S.

The AcuCam Intra-Oral Camera system allows students to take a look inside a patient's mouth via a slender rod that houses a video camera. The rod is inserted in the mouth cavity and may be maneuvered to get various real-time images of what is inside the mouth. The images are displayed on the unit's monitor and can be frozen and printed in color on the attached photo printer.

"We are thankful to Dr. MacHugh for her generous donations, as well as her Dental assistant Brenda Carpenter, a 2003 graduate of our DA program, for suggesting PMI as the lucky recipient of the equipment," said George Borchers, campus director of the career college. "It just proves that the relationships we have with our students goes beyond graduation."

In addition to the Dental Assistant program, the Seattle campus offers career training for Health Unit Coordinator, Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, Radiography, Veterinary Assistant and Veterinary Technician.

PMI is one of the premiere medical career colleges in the western United States. The privately owned, accredited school provides students with a well-rounded education embracing theoretical classroom studies, as well as on-site training at medical facilities that mirror the working environment they will pursue after graduation.

PMI has been serving students since 1972, with campuses in: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Mesa and Tucson, AZ; Denver and Colorado Springs, CO; Seattle and Renton, WA; Chula Vista, CA and Las Vegas. Additional information is available at http://www. pmi. edu (http://www. pmi. edu).


Monday, September 11, 2006

Do Tea Drinkers Prefer Milk? Results from a Poll of U. S. Tea Drinkers

Do Tea Drinkers Prefer Milk? Results from a Poll of U. S. Tea Drinkers

Almost 70% of tea drinkers use milk when having a cup of tea, indicates a poll by teadog. com, an Internet tea retailer.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 25, 2006

teadog. com polled 219 tea drinkers and found that 69% use milk in tea and 31% prefer tea without milk.

The high percentage preferring milk reflects the British influence on tea and on US tea drinkers. Tea with milk first became popular in England in the 17th century. Tea drinkers thought porcelain cups would crack if tea was poured directly into the cups, so cold milk was added first.

Some tea drinkers prefer lemon, which was introduced in England by Queen Victoria.

Other then water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. In the US, tea ranks as the 6th most popular beverage.

For the past several years, tea has experienced a resurgence. “Whether it is black, green, red or white, tea is full of antioxidants and very healthy. For example, red tea, or Rooibos, helps reduce nausea and white tea may prove to be even healthier than green tea,” said Heidi Klingele, VP of Tea and Health at teadog. com.

Teadog. com

Teadog. com is an Internet retailer of fine teas from around the world. teadog. com offers tea from England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Russia, US, Sri Lanka and other countries. teadog. com specializes in tea and tea accessories. For more information, visit http://www. teadog. com/shop. html (http://www. teadog. com/shop. html)

Press Inquiries:

Paul Gerst

Teadog. com

9678 Atherton Dr

Dallas TX


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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Twelve Hull Barrett, PC Attorneys Selected by their Peers for Inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® 2011

Twelve Hull Barrett, PC Attorneys Selected by their Peers for Inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® 2011

Twelve Hull Barrett, PC attorneys have been named in the 2011 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®, a national guide of the country’s top attorneys.

Augusta, GA (Vocus) September 14, 2010

A national guide of the country's top attorneys, The Best Lawyers in America® 2011 (Copyright 2010 by Woodward/White, Inc., of Aiken, S. C.), has recognized 12 attorneys from Hull Barrett in 13 legal specialties.

Since its inception in 1983, Best Lawyers has become regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence. Best Lawyers is based on an exhaustive peer-review survey in which more than 39,000 leading attorneys cast around 3.1 million votes on the legal abilities of other lawyers in their practice areas. Since lawyers are not required or allowed to pay a fee to be listed, inclusion in Best Lawyers is considered a remarkable honor. Corporate Counsel magazine has called Best Lawyers "the most respected referral list of attorneys in practice." Attorneys are voted into practice areas entirely as a result of the votes they receive from their peers. The subspecialties listed after their names are based on information from a variety of sources.

Douglas D. Batchelor, Jr.—Government Relations and Health Care Law (Augusta & Evans, GA)

Mark S. Burgreen—Tax Law (Augusta, GA)

James B. Ellington—First Amendment and Labor and Employment Law (Augusta, GA)

George R. Hall— Personal Injury Litigation, Legal and Professional Malpractice Law (Augusta, GA)

William F. Hammond—Tax Law (Augusta, GA)

R. E. Hanna, III—Public Finance and Real Estate Law (Aiken, SC)

David E. Hudson-- First Amendment Law, Bet the Company, Commercial and Personal Injury Litigation (Augusta, GA)

James V. Painter—Medical Malpractice Law (Augusta, GA)

Patrick J. Rice—Bet the Company, Commercial and Personal Injury Litigation (Augusta, GA)

F. Michael Taylor—Personal Injury Litigation (Augusta, GA)

William H. Tucker—Real Estate Law (Aiken, SC)

James S. V. Weston—Medical Malpractice Law (Augusta, GA)

Hull Barrett, PC is a full service law firm with 29 attorneys firm wide. The firm is engaged in a general civil practice providing a broad range of legal services with an emphasis on general litigation, trials and appeals; securities and corporate law; mergers, acquisitions and public offerings; local government law and eminent domain actions; health care; computer and technology law; internet ventures; trademark and copyright law; taxation; public finance; commercial real estate; construction law and disputes; employment law; banking law; insurance law; trusts, estate planning and probate; First Amendment and media law and environmental matters. Hull Barrett represents a broad client base of major corporations, small businesses, professional entities, financial and lending institutions, local governments, public authorities, public utilities, railroad companies, insurance companies, health care institutions and individuals.

For more information on Hull Barrett, PC, please visit http://www. hullbarrett. com


Saturday, September 9, 2006

Effective and Healthy Alternatives to Modern Medicine for Back Pain and More

Effective and Healthy Alternatives to Modern Medicine for Back Pain and More

More and more people are avoiding the harmful side effects of modern medicine in search of healthier long term remedies to back pain. Massage therapy has become one of the most popular and effective alternatives.

(PRWEB) May 25, 2005

Recent surveys show that many people are moving away from modern medicine. Rather than turning to doctors whenever they are ill, more and more people are seeking natural cures and preventative healing techniques, as an alternative to the unknown or harmful side effects of modern drugs. All too often doctors prescribe drugs that provide temporary relief from ailments but do not address the cause of the problem.

One of the fastest growing alternative healing methods is massage therapy. Massage therapy has been proven to be more than just a feel good relaxation technique. Studies have shown that regular massage can greatly improve peopleÂ’s health and reduce the likelihood of future complications. Massage therapy works to cure the bodyÂ’s imbalances and prepares the body to naturally fight disease and injury.

Massage therapy does have its draw backs. The average cost of a visit to a professional massage therapists is a 100$ per visit. Multiply this by once a week visits and massage therapy can be very costly. Luckily there are cheaper methods of receiving the benefits of massage. Companies such as Premier Massage Chairs. org www. premiermassagechairs. org offer massage chairs that deliver high quality shiatsu massages at a fraction of the professional price. PremierÂ’s latest chair, the PHP-2026 www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2026.html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2026.html) uses advanced body scanning to deliver a tailored deep tissue massage that provides all of the benefits of a professional massage for under one dollar a massage. Premier Health Products has also created the worlds first anti-gravity massage chair, the PHP-2022, designed to reduce cardio vascular strain. www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2022.html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2022.html )

Premier Massage Chair. org also offers free massage chair fitting advice to guarantee that you will get the best possible massage. www. premiermassagechairs. org/recommend-a-chair. html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/recommend-a-chair. html )

Studies show that 80-90% of health complications are stress related. Massage therapy has proven to be one of the best stress reduction techniques as well as a great way to improve the bodyÂ’s physical mechanisms. Massage greatly improves circulation which increases the flow of oxygen into joints and tissues.

Massage therapy also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system which is the bodyÂ’s mechanism for fighting and removing toxins and impurities. Massage therapy causes the release of pain relieving endorphins which are your bodyÂ’s natural substitution for pain reducing drugs. Regular massage has also been proven to shorten the recovery time of injured joints as well as loosen muscles and improve the bodyÂ’s range of motion.

Studies show that recovery times from injury, surgery and illness are greatly reduced with the help of regular massage. Improved circulation from massage increases the flow of vital nutrients to troubled areas and strengthens the immune system. Overall, regular massage reduces your bodyÂ’s risk of injury and illness and bounces back quicker when problems do occur.

To give your body the attention it deserves visit www. premiermassagechairs. org for the highest quality massage chairs available. Whether you purchase the top of the line PHP-2026 www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2026.html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2026.html) or the anti gravity PHP-2022 www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2022.html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2022.html) you will undoubtedly feel better in a hurry.

Ben Harvey

Director of Public Relations

PremierMassageChairs. Org


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