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KOMPAN, LA84 and NIKE to Build Eco-Friendly FREEGAME Courts

KOMPAN, LA84 and NIKE to Build Eco-Friendly FREEGAME Courts

KOMPAN, Inc. KOMPAN has teamed up with NIKE and LA84 to introduce the multisport concept of FREEGAME using Nike Grind surfaces to communities throughout parks in the City of Los Angeles.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 10, 2008

Tacoma, WA (PRWEB) December 10, 2008 – KOMPAN, Inc. has teamed up with NIKE and LA84 to introduce the multisport concept of FREEGAME using Nike Grind surfaces to communities throughout parks in the City of Los Angeles. FREEGAME is a new concept to the recreation market and can be used for soccer, volleyball, basketball, field hockey or any game players create.

Patrick Escobar, Vice President of Grants and Programs for the LA84 Foundation, stated, "The LA84 Foundation and Nike have a goal to improve 84 sports facilities in the Los Angeles area in the next couple of years. We share the commitment to provide the opportunity for youth in Southern California to have a quality sports experience.” Escobar continues, “In addition to good coaches and equipment, youth should have safe, adequate facilities to play the sport of their choice. The FREEGAME court provides an environment where youth can concentrate on skill development and play. We are pleased to be working with KOMPAN to bring FREEGAME courts to communities in Southern California.”

Alicia Procello Maddox, Corporate Responsibility Manager of Nike West stated, “At NIKE we understand that at the heart of sport is play. With the LA84 Foundation, we’re helping to bring to communities in Los Angeles a fun, eco-friendly, multi-sport solution that makes everyone an athlete and let’s people play. Nike Grind surfaces, utilizing recycled shoes, represent NIKE’s innovation for considered design and an important part of our commitment to sustainability. Combining NIKE Grind and FREEGAME creates a sports arena that is as good for the athletes as the environment they play in.”

Tom Grover, President of KOMPAN, Inc. added, “KOMPAN’s commitment to building healthy communities through sustainable play is at the core of our company. KOMPAN products are built using non-toxic, recyclable materials, in compliance with the most stringent environmental standards.” Grover continues, “FREEGAME’s multi-sport concept gives all athletes, regardless of age or ability, a place for sport and play – a combination that energizes everyone’s time at the park and helps build a healthier community.”

The first FREEGAME court has been completed at the Algin Sutton Recreation Center and was dedicated with the help of the community and Mexican soccer star, Jorge Campos.

Mark Mariscal, Superintendent of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Pacific Region stated that, “We’re using the FREEGAME court to run young (ages 4-8) youth soccer clinics and a league for ages 5-15. The FREEGAME court is heavily used for basketball pick up games seven days a week. The court provides a safe environment for recreation activities. Projects including FREEGAME are an asset to the Department and are well received by the communities we serve. This type of public-private partnership sometimes is the only reason we are able to make park improvements such as this court.”

About The LA84 Foundation
The LA84 Foundation is endowed with surplus funds from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Its mission is to serve youth through sport and to increase knowledge of sport and its impact on people’s lives. The LA84 Foundation supports a wide array of youth sports programming. We award grants to youth sports organizations within the eight southern most counties of California. We also conduct our own youth sports and coaching education programs, a number of which have become models for similar programs nationwide

The LA84 Foundation operates the largest sports research library in North America, the Paul Ziffren Sports Resource Center. It is a state-of-the-art research facility and learning center dedicated to the advancement of sports knowledge and scholarship.

The LA84 Foundation is a private nonprofit institution. The Foundation has committed more than $177 million to accomplish its mission since 1985. To date, two million boys and girls, and more than 1,000 youth sports organizations throughout Southern California have benefited from the endowment. They will be joined by many more in the years ahead. For more information, visit http://www. la84foundation. org (http://www. la84foundation. org).

About NIKE Reuse-A-Shoe Program
As part of Nike's commitment to reducing its environmental impact, the Reuse-A-Shoe program has provided Nike Grind recycled material to nearly 300 sport and playground surfacing projects donated by Nike programs in communities around the world – in addition to the thousands of commercial projects completed by our surfacing partners. By partnering with Nike's social responsibility programs, Nike has added an innovative, sustainable focus to important community-building projects from their own backyard of Portland, Oregon, to inner cities, small towns and rural areas in nearly a dozen countries.

For more information on Nike's responsibility initiatives, as well as details on community support programs and to apply for a Bowerman grant, visit http://www. nikebiz. com/responsibility (http://www. nikebiz. com/responsibility).

KOMPAN, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sustainable commercial playgrounds and multi-sport athletic equipment. KOMPAN specializes in designing unique, age-appropriate, and high quality recreational products that combine the highest environmental standards and exceptional play value. KOMPAN offers unique and challenging products for every stage of development. For more information about KOMPAN, our products and our environmental stance, please visit our website at www. kompan. com.

Terra Moreland
Kompan, Inc.
(800) 426-9788
(866) 943-6254 - fax
Www. kompan. com


Marathon Health Appoints Jerry Ford Chief Executive Officer

Marathon Health Appoints Jerry Ford Chief Executive Officer

Marathon Health today announced that Jerry Ford has been appointed chief executive officer of the company.

Colchester, VT (PRWEB) February 20, 2008

Marathon Health, a leading innovator of onsite corporate health services, announced today that Jerry Ford has joined the company as chief executive officer. Ford brings to Marathon Health an extensive senior management background in healthcare information technology, process improvement, and customer experience management.

Most recently Ford was CEO and president of an Accel-KKR owned company (Systems & Software) where he guided the senior leadership team to apply operational efficiencies and core values that led to improved customer satisfaction and overall business performance. Prior to Systems & Software, Ford spent 15 years at IDX Systems Corporation where he most recently served as vice president of operations responsible for more than 300 large complex healthcare delivery system customers. Ford emphasized employee growth and development to focus his organization on providing proactive customer-centric care as the means of exceeding financial objectives for customers and for his organization. A certified Green Belt, Ford believes in the appropriate and relevant application of Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies to achieve continual process improvement.

“Marathon Health is in the business of changing the way employers and their employees think about healthcare benefits,” said Richard E. Tarrant, founder and chairman of Marathon Health and former founder and chairman of IDX Systems Corporation. “Our mission at Marathon Health is to help lower the cost and improve the quality of healthcare by giving employers and employees the tools and support they need to be responsible for their own health and healthcare. Jerry understands the healthcare dynamic and as CEO will ensure that we are able to help employers meet the serious healthcare challenges they are facing today.”

“While technology and health plan design changes have made an impact on improving the delivery of care in our country, the vast majority of the burden of the problems in healthcare rest squarely on the shoulders of our nation’s employers,” said Ford. “This opportunity to return to healthcare and join an innovator in the field of onsite health services is a chance for me to help address our healthcare issues head on, and perhaps most importantly, to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.”

Ford joins Marathon Health and the management team that had been an integral part of the success of IDX Systems Corporation, which was transacted to GE Healthcare for $1.2 billion. Additionally, Ford joins Charles D. Reuter, president of Marathon Health, who is responsible for sales and marketing with his primary focus on growth strategies and product development initiatives. The executive leadership provided by Ford and Reuter favorably positions Marathon Health for achieving its strategic objectives of delivering integrated onsite health centers to large employers nationwide.

About Marathon Health
Marathon Health offers a proven solution for helping employers reduce the total cost of healthcare. Our approach integrates the best practices of onsite primary care, health assessment with risk identification, coaching and advocacy, and disease management for high-cost chronic conditions. Together, these services create a unique worksite health program. The Marathon Health solution produces superior results in terms of reducing the risk profile and preventable claims costs for the employee population, resulting in a much higher ROI.

At Marathon Health, we support our unique onsite health services model with robust technology including our eHealth Portal with consumer medical content, interactive diet and fitness tools, and a personal health record, portable from carrier to carrier, and owned by the employee. Our technology is built around a sophisticated clinical decision support tool called Problem Knowledge Couplers, affording providers and patients alike the data required for a complete problem oriented health record and a tailored plan of management options for all risks and conditions. www. marathon-health. com.

For further information, please contact:
Tracey Moran, Director of Marketing

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company
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Sunflower Founder and CEO First to Ship Home-Grown Produce

Sunflower Founder and CEO First to Ship Home-Grown Produce

“Farm fresh from the grocer’s backyard” sounds like a pretty good ad for a supermarket chain, but in Mike Gilliland’s case, it happens to be the literal truth. Gilliland, CEO and founder of Sunflower Farmers Market is the only supermarket mogul to start a backyard farm to augment the produce stock in their 27 stores across the West and Southwest. Welcome to Sunflower Farm. It fits in with the idea that proved to be Sunflower’s genesis in 2002: why shouldn’t regular people be able to afford healthy food, too?

Boulder, CO (Vocus) October 17, 2009

“Farm fresh from the grocer’s backyard” sounds like a pretty good ad for a supermarket chain, but in Mike Gilliland’s case, it happens to be the literal truth. Gilliland, CEO and founder of Sunflower Farmers Market is the only supermarket mogul to start a backyard farm to augment the produce stock in their 27 stores across the West and Southwest. Welcome to Sunflower Farm. It fits in with the idea that proved to be Sunflower’s genesis in 2002: why shouldn’t regular people be able to afford healthy food, too? The farm is small right now but the idea is not. Growing his own food helps Gilliland do the two vital things to Sunflower’s business model: control quality and lower costs to keep prices down and customers happy.

This idea is catching on, as Sunflower has grown 270 percent at the same time other supermarkets are failing. All this helps Gilliland to achieve his own vision of success, as Sunflower celebrates its “Lucky Seven” seventh anniversary. It’s more than luck and it’s more than a platform for profits. Gilliland has launched a campaign to fight childhood obesity, created a “Smallest Winner” weight-loss competition among his customers and employees and is selling 130,000 reusable fabric grocery bags with proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to find a cure for breast cancer.

Gilliland started the farm last year in back in Longmont, Colo. He remodeled the home on property and is now living there, watching his first set of crops begin to come to fruition! The whole family is part of the farm fresh philosophy. Most recently his kids bought him a pair of baby goats for his birthday.

The farm will triple in size next year and already grows arugula, bok choy, cabbage, collard greens, peppers, radishes, squash, turnips and various lettuces. The expansion will include a wind - and solar-powered greenhouse.

Gilliland started Sunflower Farmers Market in 2002 after building Wild Oats Market into a success story and selling it to Whole Foods.

About Sunflower Farmers Markets
Sunflower Farmers Markets (http://www. sfmarkets. com) is a rapidly growing chain of full-service grocery stores offering consumers the highest quality natural and organic products at the lowest possible price. The company, founded in 2002, is a pioneer in developing the emerging value segment of the natural and organic foods retailing industry. They have remained true to their motto “Serious Food…Silly Prices” since the market’s inception. The company has 27 retail stores located throughout Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Texas (operated as Newflower Farmers Markets).


Thursday, December 30, 2004

Health Club Members Now eSign with Interlink Electronics

Health Club Members Now eSign with Interlink Electronics

One of the top US health clubs is now capturing their members' electronic signatures on consent forms and contracts using Interlink's ePad LS and IntegriSign software.

Camarillo, CA (PRWEB) September 3, 2008

One of the top health clubs in the United States has chosen Interlink Electronics, Inc. [OTC:LINK. PK] as its electronic signature (http://www. interlinkelectronics. com/esign) technology provider. The chosen solution includes Interlink's IntegriSign esigning software and ePad LS, a multi-functional electronic signature capture device. New club members can now esign consent forms and contracts, as well as electronically enter additional data ― such as email and phone number ― with the ePad LS on-screen keyboard and PIN-pad. The 100 percent paperless transaction results in a more efficient and error-free process for both club members and staff.

"Interlink's ePad LS and IntegriSign software enable organizations to fully leverage their esignature investment by using the technology to drive revenues and cut costs," explains Rod Vesling, Senior Vice President, eTransactions with Interlink Electronics, Inc. "Organizations can cross-sell more effectively by presenting relevant products or services on the ePad LS's color LCD screen. They can also capture customer information electronically and eliminate the need to re-key information shared verbally or on paper."

About ePad LS:
The ePad LS is a full-color LCD, multi-functional electronic signature (http://www. interlinkelectronics. com/esign) capture device ideal for customer-facing applications where full disclosure, data capture, and cross-selling is important. Key features and benefits of the ePad LS include:
Scrollable content enables customers to read through instructions, disclaimers, affirmation text, and more to ensure they make informed decisions before accepting or esigning. New on-screen keyboard and PIN-pad features allow input of vital customer information such as user ID, phone number, or email address. Full-color, targeted cross-marketing messages, ads, and special offers can be displayed at any time during the signing process to help capture additional business. Check boxes, selectable options, response buttons, etc. make it easy for customers to follow the on-screen process. As with all members of the ePad Family, ePad LS comes bundled with Interlink's IntegriSign Desktop esignature (http://www. interlinkelectronics. com/esign) software. About Interlink Electronics Inc.:
Interlink Electronics, Inc. [OTC:LINK. PK] provides the financial services industry as well as the healthcare and government sectors with the electronic signature platform needed to eliminate paper from critical business processes. Interlink's complete solution, which includes esignature software, hardware, and services, allows organizations to implement end-to-end electronic processes no matter where the signing takes place: in-branch, in-the-field, online, or mobile. Interlink Electronics is also known for its family of MicroNav products, powered by the company's patented Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology and integrated in handheld consumer electronics devices. Headquartered in Camarillo, California, Interlink Electronics, Inc. also has offices in Japan, Hong Kong, and China. www. interlinkelectronics. com/esign (http://www. interlinkelectronics. com/esign).

For additional information, please contact:
Nathalie Benoit
Interlink Electronics
Nbenoit @ interlinkelec. com

All registrations and trademarks are properties of their respective owners. IntegriSign is a registered trademark of Interlink Electronics, inc. This release contains forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. The following are among the factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements: business conditions and growth in the electronics industry and general economies, both domestic and international; lower than expected customer orders; delays in receipt of orders or cancellation of orders; competitive factors, including increased competition, new product offerings by competitors and price pressures; the availability of third party parts and supplies at reasonable prices; changes in product mix; significant quarterly performance fluctuations due to the receipt of a significant portion of customer orders and product shipments in the last month of each quarter; problems or delays in reporting our results of operations to the public; and product shipment interruptions due to manufacturing problems. The forward-looking statements contained in this document regarding industry and review trends, industry product and technology acceptance, product mix and future business activities should be considered in light of these factors.


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WinScribe Announces Microsoft Gold Partner Certification

WinScribe Announces Microsoft Gold Partner Certification

WinScribe, one of the fastest growing suppliers of digital dictation software, announces its Microsoft Gold Partner certification.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 1, 2007

WinScribe, one of the fastest growing suppliers of digital dictation software, announces its Microsoft Gold Partner certification.

Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of Microsoft's Partner Certification program and have advanced access to engineering and software resources, allowing WinScribe to ensure seamless integration with Microsoft products while delivering advanced functionality.

Matthew Weavers, Chief Executive Officer says achieving this high level of certification is a great achievement for the WinScribe team and a strong endorsement for WinScribe.

"Microsoft Gold Certification undoubtedly gives WinScribe an advantage over our competitors, but more importantly assures our customers that the WinScribe solution has met the highest standards set by Microsoft," says Weavers. "With a Microsoft certified partner you know you're getting the knowledge, skills, and commitment to help implement technology solutions that match your exact business needs."

Greg Allen, Chief Technology Officer, applauds the globally recognized Microsoft partner status for not only enhancing WinScribe's reputation, but providing extensive resources for delivering state-of-the-art technology.

"WinScribe's skilled development team is working in partnership with Microsoft to build best of breed workflow management applications. Microsoft's Partner Program rewards these efforts with increased access to Microsoft services, support and marketing resources ensuring their investment in our technologies is maximized," explains Greg.

About WinScribe

WinScribe is a world leading provider of digital dictation software supporting business requirements for digital dictation, transcription, voice recognition, and workflow management. First developed in 1995, WinScribe has offices in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Switzerland, with more than 100 sales partners in over 25 countries supporting more than 300,000 users worldwide. WinScribe is fully customizable to meet the needs of a number of significant vertical markets including Legal, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Transcription, Insurance and Government sectors. www. winscribe. com

For further information contact:

Lucy Farrington


Www, winscribe. com


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Montrose Travel Informs Why You Deserve a Vacation: They're Good for People, Good for the Country, They're Affordable, and Well-Deserved

Montrose Travel Informs Why You Deserve a Vacation: They're Good for People, Good for the Country, They're Affordable, and Well-Deserved

A well-chosen vacation, according to mental health experts, offers significant benefits such as relaxation for health, reconnecting with loved ones, and self-discovery. Montrose Travel offers the best vacation deals to fulfill this necessary 'Vacation Prescription.' Side effects will include stimulation of the U. S. economy and returning rejuvenated!

Montrose, CA (PRWEB) July 2, 2009

Need a break to reconnect with family and loved ones? Need a chance to relax and think about 'what's next?' Yearn for permission to go on vacation? Montrose Travel offers significant reasons and ways to schedule some well-deserve time away.

Health experts like Dr. David Hubschmitt, a New Jersey-based psychologist specializing in depression, says that a well-deserved vacation is essential therapy during hard times. "A well-timed vacation may offer significant benefits for mental health. The relaxation provides a much-needed change of gears in a time-starved society, and may be an ideal time to reconnect with loved ones traveling with you. For those traveling alone, vacations may lead to a higher level of self discovery," Hubschmitt said.

This summer, Montrose Travel (http://www. montrosetravel. com/) has some special offers to urge people to take the vacation they have earned, can afford, and deserve. By doing this, people will even be helping the economy get back on its feet.

By teaming up with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) from June 8 through August 31st, more than 23 member cruise lines (http://www. montrosetravel. com/cruises. html) will offer unprecedented - and probably never to be seen again - values and prices as part of this special "You Deserve a Vacation" promotion.

For land vacations (http://www. montrosetravel. com/vacations. html), one can take advantage of packages with complimentary nights, resort credits, kids stay free, and much more, all at prices not seen for over two decades! All of the special offers are available at Montrose Travel.

"There comes a time when you have to say 'enough is enough ' with the fixation on all the bad news, the worries and the anxiety. We really need to be good to ourselves in order to deal with the stress and there's no better way to do that than to take a break and totally shift gears," said Joe McClure, President of Montrose Travel. "Everybody's working awfully hard to get through these challenges and we need to give ourselves permission to take a vacation. It's therapeutic and even puts money back into the economy. And, with the incredible travel offers that we are seeing right now, what better time could there be to get some 'vacation therapy?'

Here is a sampling of some of the best offers available at Montrose Travel. Restrictions apply:
Regent Seven Seas Cruises (http://www. montrosetravel. com/rssprofile. html) is offering free Air and free Unlimited Shore Excursions. Plus, guests sailing in upper suite categories (MS-C) receive free Roundtrip Business Class Air. On all Europe 2010 voyages, save an additional $1,000 per guest. Princess Cruises (http://www. montrosetravel. com/princess-cruises. html) is offering a free upgrade to a balcony stateroom on select Winter/Spring 2010 cruises - Savings up to $1,400 per couple! Book and deposit a 2009 Globus Fall Foliage vacation or air-inclusive European Vacation and save $200 per couple. At Disneyland® (http://www. disneywebcontent. com/portal/site/csa-dlr/?SiteID=4692), you can get 2 extra hotel nights -- plus 2 extra days of Theme Park admission -- free with the purchase of a 3-night Walt Disney Travel Company vacation package with 3-Day tickets. For more information about all the "You Deserve a Vacation" special offers, visit Montrose Travel at 2349 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020 or online at www. montrosetravel. com], or call 1-800-MONTROSE (666-8767).

About Montrose Travel:
Celebrating 52 years in business, Montrose Travel, a family owned travel management company, has grown from 14 employees in 1990 to more than 150 today and is now firmly established as a Top 50 Travel Management Company and a Top 5 Host Agency nationwide at $110 million. Montrose Travel strives to provide the highest quality services and most complete leisure, corporate and group travel management solutions for its customers and home-based travel agents (http://join. mtravel. com/). Growth has been solely out of the reinvestment of profit and positive cash flow. Montrose Travel will be here tomorrow to back up our promises of today! Montrose Travel can be reached at 1-800-MONTROSE (666-8767) or by visiting Montrose Travel's website. Visit Montrose Travel's Corporate Division at their corporate travel (http://www. montrosecorporatetravel. com/?utm_source=email_hm_06_22_09&utm_medium=email_hm&utm_term=corporate_travel_txt_06_22_09H&utm_content=hm-html-version&utm_campaign=1799-PCWB389) website, or call 1-(800) 766-4687. Home-based independent agents may visit MTravel's website, call Andi McClure-Mysza at (800) 870-5799, or email her at andi (at) montrosetravel (dot) com.


Consona Corporation Launches New Chinese Web Site

Consona Corporation Launches New Chinese Web Site

Web Site Follows Recent Growth and Acquisitions in China; Created to Better Serve and Support Chinese Customers

Indianapolis, IN (Vocus) May 4, 2009

Consona Corporation, a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes, announced today its new Consona web site for the Chinese market, www. consona. com. cn.

The new web site showcases Consona's commitment to the Chinese manufacturing market, which has been served by Consona's Intuitive ERP (http://www. intuitivemfg. com/Product-Tour/ERP/index. htm) and Cimnet Systems ERP solutions (http://www. cim-sys. com/Solutions/Solutions. aspx) for years. Recent growth through acquisition has expanded Consona's presence in China in order to better serve and give direct localized support to its existing customers and their operations.

"I'm thrilled we now have a channel that will help us better communicate with our Chinese-speaking customers and the Chinese-speaking manufacturing market," said Scott Malia, general manager of Consona ERP. "It's a great way to keep them informed about the ongoing progress we're making with our solutions."

Upon entering the new site, visitors have the ability to use an online communication tool that allows interested parties to engage in direct chatting and Q&A with product experts. The site also supplies updated company, product, and event information, along with access to the company's latest whitepapers, case studies and webcast videos, all in Chinese.

Visit the new site at www. consona. com. cn.

About Consona Corporation
Consona Corporation (Consona, formerly known as M2M Holdings Inc.) is a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes. Consona is dedicated to becoming a valued business partner by helping each and every customer continuously improve business processes over time. Toward this mission, Consona invests in the people, processes, technology and tools needed to provide its customers with a unique combination of customer care; product fit; a broad range of consulting, IT and business services; and industry expertise. Consona serves more than 4,500 customers worldwide and across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, health care, high tech, and local government. Battery Ventures and Thoma Bravo jointly own Consona. For further information, visit consona. com, e-mail info @ consona. com, or call (888) 8 CONSONA.

Mitch Briggs 
Consona Corporation
Direct: (317) 249-1620 
Mobile: (317) 829-4210 
Mitch. briggs @ consona. com

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Franciscan Sisters Feature Jayme Dawicki's "Here I Go" As Their 'Welcome To Summer' Song For College Students

Franciscan Sisters Feature Jayme Dawicki's "Here I Go" As Their 'Welcome To Summer' Song For College Students

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Jayme Dawicki's "Here I Go" as their encore 'welcome to summer' song for college students, a free download at the 'Franciscanized World' vocation page http://www. fscc-calledtobe. org.

Green Bay, WI (PRWEB) June 5, 2009

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Jayme Dawicki's "Here I Go" as their encore 'welcome to summer' song for college students, a free download at the 'Franciscanized World' vocation page http://www. fscc-calledtobe. org (http://www. fscc-calledtobe. org).

The subtle melodic stylings of the Milwaukee singer-songwriter have been compared to Sarah Bareilles, the Beatles and Ingrid Michaelson, and can be heard on her new CD, "Shatter Queen". Recently nominated 2009 WAMI's (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Album of the Year and Pop Artist of the Year, Dawicki has performed for at Summerfest, and recently has had 4 of her songs used on MTV's The Real World: Hollywood! Jayme performs as a soloist and with a group of fabulous backing musicians. "Here I Go" has been one of the most popular songs on the Franciscanized World discernment site.

Regarding the origin of "Here I Go", she reflected "…I traveled to Seattle to meet my producer and get a feel for the studio that I would be staying at for two months. As I got on the plane to return home, this idea for a song about new beginnings and an exciting journey popped into my head. I brought this little snippet of a tune to the table when we started pre-production work for the CD, very raw and rough, but we knew it had to be included on the disc."

"It is a song about having courage and strength to accomplish your goals. It's about the unknown and the possibility of greatness. Most importantly, this song represents that moment where you realize that everything you've dreamed of is coming true." 

"Upon listening again to this song I realize that it is for me as well, Jayme's lyrics, are so filled with the stuff of my life: contemplation of God's love through the ocean, through all of creation, along with wonderful energetic action of going forward with the ministry of outreach that Jesus has entrusted to me through my community of Franciscan Sisters!" said Sister Mary Ann Spangers

"We want to present our life as a viable option. Personal invitation is always best; however, we became convinced that real conversations can begin by using the language of images and music," said Sr. Julie Ann Sheahan, OSF, Directress of Vocations for the Franciscan order.

Established in 1869, the Roman Catholic Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serve in Catholic health care, education and parish ministries throughout the United States.

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ER Doctor Fights Food Poisoning with an Innovative Restaurant Grading Program

ER Doctor Fights Food Poisoning with an Innovative Restaurant Grading Program

As an Emergency Department Doctor for nearly three decades, Dr. Harlan Stueven saw patients suffer and die from food poisoning. So he created a new website, DiningGrades. com, the first and only rating system empowering the consumer to grade a restaurant’s cleanliness and hygiene. If the consumer gets sick from dining out, they can report the event to the health department and to the participating restaurant.

Fairplay, CO (PRWEB) December 9, 2010

As an Emergency Department Doctor for nearly three decades, Dr. Harlan Stueven saw patients suffer and die from food poisoning. So he created a new website, DiningGrades. com, the first and only rating system empowering the consumer to grade a restaurant’s cleanliness and hygiene. If the consumer gets sick from dining out, they can report the event to the health department and to the participating restaurant.

Food poisoning is a bigger problem than people realize!

The Center for Disease Control estimate there are 5000 deaths, hundreds of thousands of hospital admissions, and 87 million persons sickened by food borne illness per year at a cost of nearly 3 billion dollars. Studies show a staggering 44 % of this epidemic is traceable to restaurants.

Consumers rely on Public Health inspections, done infrequently and sometimes only once a year to ensure hygienic compliance. Tragically, the Center for Science in the Public Interest reports 66 percent of restaurants had high-risk food safety violations. Violations cause food poisoning.

Consumers dine out and witness unclean food preparation, sloppy serving, dirty tables or silverware and are served food improperly cooked, contaminated or not fresh. But who do they tell?

It is tempting to walk away taking no action, but now, that experience can be rated from a cleanliness and hygienic perspective, using a copyrighted system, on DiningGrades. com. The questions are simple yes or no, are assigned a demerit and are objective. The demerits generate a grade. Grades from every rating are continually merged. It is fast and easy to rate a restaurant. Beginning to end, it takes less than 2 minutes.

DiningGrades. com is also available as an iPhone application. The GPS feature finds the next clean dining location, provides comments about cleanliness from other diners and helps make online reservations. When finished dining, it is easy to rate the restaurant at the table.

By rating a restaurant, consumers learn what to watch for, and there are critical things to look for.

The FDA Food Code has over 50 inspection items. Many can be observed outside of the kitchen.

Selected Food Code items, as well as important medical hygiene standards, are part of the grading system and grades do make a difference. The LA restaurant hygiene grading program generated a 13.1 percent decrease in the number of food borne disease hospitalizations.

DiningGrades. com makes it easy to report a food poisoning event.

The CDC estimate that nearly 38 million Americans get ill yearly after restaurant dining.

Our pastor’s father died from contaminated seafood.
A friend’s father got hepatitis and still suffers years later.
A pharmacist’s spouse was hospitalized and nearly needed dialysis.

Unfortunately many events are not reported.

Now consumers can anonymously report those events on DiningGrades. com. The report is then emailed to the respective State Health Department for investigate and to participating restaurant promoters as an early warning of potential epidemic.

DiningGrades. com is concerned about food handler education.

DiningGrades. com has affiliated with Bruce Kress, who has 35 years experience as a Restaurant Inspector. He is certified by the National Restaurant Association as a ServSafe instructor. Through this affiliation, Dining Grades is offering educational programs to restaurants designed to improve food handler hygiene.

DiningGrades. com monitors food recalls.

In the past months there have been many food recalls including: alfalfa sprouts, fresh spinach, ground beef, breakfast cereals, solid white tuna, a nationwide egg recall and more.

These recalls have affected virtually every region of America.

While these reports were in the media, some of these products may still be in the kitchen. Recalls are posted on the DiningGrades. com Facebook page. Friends and family will want to know.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, major metro media and lawmakers are calling for a universal restaurant cleanliness grading system. LA and NYC have been leaders in creating a letter grade. These systems are a critical step by governments, but DiningGrades. com has created a new, innovative, dynamic restaurant grading system that empowers the consumer to watch for cleanliness and hygiene. If there is a poisoning event, DiningGrades has a mechanism to report it to the health department and to participating restaurants. DiningGrades. com is joining the fight on food poisoning.


UW Olympian Erik Miller One of Six Locals to Qualify for World Indoor Rowing Championships

UW Olympian Erik Miller One of Six Locals to Qualify for World Indoor Rowing Championships

Former University of Washington rower and 2004 Olympian Erik Miller of Renton was one of six rowers to qualify for the World Indoor Rowing Championships Saturday at Ergomania, the Northwest Indoor Rowing Championships.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 2, 2005

Former University of Washington rower and 2004 Olympian Erik Miller of Renton was one of six rowers to qualify for the World Indoor Rowing Championships Saturday at Ergomania, the Northwest Indoor Rowing Championships. Over 300 rowers from colleges, high schools, rowing, health and fitness clubs and the public participated in the annual competition at the Center House on the Seattle Center campus.

Miller, 30, a spare on the 2004 U. S. Olympic Rowing Team and winner of eight world-level rowing medals as a U. S. National Team athlete, met the time standard for the World Indoor Championships Feb. 13 in Boston along with Onna Poeter, 18 of Colorado Springs, Col. who only took up the sport in September and Jennifer Cromwell and Kelly Amsler of RedmondÂ’s Sammamish Rowing Association. Other qualifiers include Luanne Mills, the defending 60-69 age category world indoor champion and Robert Meenk, 43, of Seattle. The indoor rowers will now have the opportunity to accept an invitation to the Feb. 13 event in Boston.

Ergomania is in its 18th year and is sponsored by the Seattle Center, Concept2, The Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, Whirling Girl Water Sports Jewelry and SeattleÂ’s Pocock Rowing Center (www. pocockrowing. org)

Miller clocked a 6:22.7 to defeat Sam Brown by over 25 seconds over 2,000 meters in the masters men’s singles. Chris Hofman, a masters rower from Seattle’s Pocock Rowing Center finished third. “This is the first time I’ve met the qualifying standard for the indoor world championships,” said Miller who is a volunteer coach at the University of Washington. “It’s pretty important to go to Boston to compete against the best in the world. I’m excited.”

The junior womenÂ’s singles was won in 7:15.9 by Poeter who is attending college in Tacoma. She was followed by Sammamish rowers Cromwell and Amsler. All three indoor rowers met the time standard for the Boston regatta. Sammamish rower Kari Stenbakken, a member of the 2004 U. S. Junior National Rowing Team finished fourth. In the womenÂ’s veteran B singles, Mills, 66, of Seattle qualified for her third trip to the World Indoor Championships with a 8:02.1. The Olympic View Elementary School teacher is a three-time member in her age group of the U. S. World Indoor Rowing Team.

In the menÂ’s senior singles, Robert Meenk, 43 of Sound Rowers outlasted David Saxen of the Pocock Rowing Center and Alen Erickson of the Everett Rowing Association to earn an invitation to the Boston regatta. MeenkÂ’s time of 6:31.3 was over five seconds ahead of Saxen.

In the boys junior singles Everett Rowing AssociationÂ’s Dave Goulet and Matthew Wheeler of the Oregon Association of Rowers finished in a dead-heat to share the event title with a time of 6:32.7. Gustaf Gordon finished 7.1 seconds behind followed by Bronson Shafer of Sammamish. The top 16 finishers in the event earned spots at SundayÂ’s identification camp for the 2005 U. S. Junior National Rowing Team - the first stage in the selection of the U. S. junior boys team that will compete this summer at the World Junior Championships in Brandenburg, Germany.

In other indoor rowing action, Lia Pernell, of Pocock and member of the U. S. womenÂ’s four that finished seventh at the 2004 World Rowing Championships, won the womenÂ’s open singles with a time of 6:57.4. She was followed by PocockÂ’s Ruth Stiver who clocked a 7:00.0 over 2,000 meters on the rowing ergometer. PocockÂ’s Samantha Twardowski won the lightweight event in 7:15.1. In the menÂ’s collegiate event, Spokane rowers Patrick Haffey, David Hinshaw, Nathan Wilson and Benjamin Foledy swept the first five positions followed by Dave Worley of Washington State University. Haffey clocked a 6:17.6 for the win.

Since its inception in 1988, the indoor regatta series has evolved from a winter-time competition for collegiate rowers whose rivers had frozen over, to an international competition with popularity among recreational athletes who have never been in a rowing shell, to collegiate level rowers and Olympic champions. In 2004 over 7,500 indoor rowers participated in 50 indoor regattas throughout North America. A rowing ergometer is a stationary indoor rower with sliding seat and an oar handle affixed by a chain to a bicycle-style flywheel. Considered the preferred training and testing apparatus for Olympic caliber rowers, rowing ergometers are simple for non-rowers to master and are found in most leading health and fitness clubs. Anyone with an interest in participating in Ergomania should contact the Pocock Rowing Center at 206.328.0778 or visit www. pocockrowing. org.

About Concept2

Based in Morrisville, Vermont, Concept2 is the world's leading manufacturer of indoor rowers. The unique design of Concept2's new Model D Indoor Rower provides one of the most effective cross-training workouts available. By engaging all muscle groups, rowing challenges the cardiovascular system like no other activity can. To view an animated rowing ergometer and learn more about the benefits of indoor rowing, click on http://www. asp (http://www. asp) or www.

About the George Pocock Rowing Foundation

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation serves as a catalyst and a national model for the development and growth of rowing for all ages and abilities. The foundation was founded in 1984 and is named for the late world-renowned shell-builder George Pocock. Its facility, The Pocock Rowing Center on Seattle’s Portage Bay, is home to over 400 Seattle rowers and six rowing clubs. The George Pocock Rowing Foundation provides public learn-to-row classes, rowing opportunities for “at risk” children in the community, meeting space for community events, and sponsors men and women training for the U. S. National Rowing Team. www. pocockrowing. org

# # #

Patricia Winston Announces Newly Launched Direct Sales Home Based Business Opportunity Providing Strategic Leadership Training and Development

Patricia Winston Announces Newly Launched Direct Sales Home Based Business Opportunity Providing Strategic Leadership Training and Development

Recently launched direct sales company removes entrepreneurs from the boundaries of the national mainstream economy, gives introduction to global marketplace offering leadership training and development programs, a hybrid compensation model that pays now, again and still again; and 100% Money Back Guarantees to part-time or full time home based business opportunity seekers.

Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) October 1, 2007

Patricia Winston, CEO and Founder of RESHAPEYOURDESTINY. COM invites entrepreneurs to review the newest direct sales home based business opportunity (http://www. reshapeyourdestiny. com) for 2007. The new programs promise a faster start through savvy current marketing strategies, both online and offline, three products that deliver leadership course material anywhere in the world shipped via private courier and accessible online via computer.

Expect to see what's never been done before in leadership training and development. The course material offers, eye popping audio visual experiences through DVD's, CD's, and Text Scripts from 9 hours of audio and visual presentations plus 14 highly successful experts to guide and coach weekly to connect the dots on the "Mind, Body, Spirit" triangle on live teleconferences. Successful completion of this program will provide a renewed sense of life purpose, better health, refreshed relationships. There's absolutely no risk as the programs have 100% Money Back Guarantees.

Patricia says, "These programs fit perfectly into what is needed today - Leadership - to correct the lack in our current national economy and take back control of our lives. Today's economics see M & A's making the news daily - Mergers and Acquisitions. Big Corporate deals - where a few "make out like bandits" and the many get left "holding the bag." Downsizing, loss of jobs - and the only option is to make a lateral move career wise or learn something completely new - many start over. People must become savvy and wealthy to beat this situation - both can be done at once by marketing powerful leadership training and creating over the top income results. When someone makes more money than they need to live on their options open up - and the real education begins - they start to have Clout! Real Clout."

The new hybrid compensation model pays immediately, upon a direct sale to the customer, again when a customer upgrades to two more products and again when team members make sales. The residual aspect of the hybrid direct sales compensation model promises to be more lucrative than has been seen in network marketing companies in the past 100 years.

In a market where more and more individuals are looking for a way to work from home in a legitimate home based business (http://www. reshapeyourdestiny. com) and to get started quickly, this new company and its programs is the answer. Patricia says, "No longer do individuals who want to enter the Internet Marketing arena have to have a background in marketing on the Internet to be successful. The training system, via RESHAPEYOURDESTINY. COM, takes care of that. I'm helping people just like me establish a very profitable homebased business (http://www. reshapeyourdestiny. com) with excellent income. We're helping folks get started, make money and feel good about their life again."

The online and offline marketing system via the international outreach of ReshapeYourDestiny. com, provides an excellent opportunity to work from home (http://www. reshapeyourdestiny. com). Replicated web sites are available for a quick start and internet advertising and business building training is a mouse click away.

If you would like to learn more about Patricia Winstons' leadership training (http://www. reshapeyourdestiny. com) programs at ReshapeYourDestiny. com and/or contact Patricia about this home based business opportunity (http://www. reshapeyourdestiny. com), please see the information below.


Sunday, December 26, 2004

Brayton Purcell to "Blow the Whistle on Asthma" for the American Lung Association

Brayton Purcell to "Blow the Whistle on Asthma" for the American Lung Association

The law firm of Brayton Purcell is proud to be a lead community sponsor in California for "Blow the Whistle on Asthma," the American Lung Association's signature fundraising event on September 29, 2007, to promote awareness of asthma.

Santa Rosa, CA (PRWEB) August 9, 2007 -

The law firm of Brayton Purcell is proud to be a lead community sponsor in California for "Blow the Whistle on Asthma," the American Lung Association's signature fundraising event to promote awareness of those who struggle to breathe. On September 29, 2007, Brayton Purcell employees and other participants will form teams and walk three miles around beautiful Spring Lake in Santa Rosa, California to support the American Lung Association in the fight against asthma.

Asthma is an inflammation of the respiratory airways, causing wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Nearly 4,000 deaths are attributed to asthma annually. An estimated 22 million Americans currently suffer from asthma.

Participants in the walk will have the opportunity to bring attention to this devastating chronic illness and make a difference. The money raised will help to provide lifesaving education, research and funds necessary to better control asthma and ultimately find a cure.

The three-mile walk begins on Saturday, at 10:00 a. m., September 29, 2007, in the Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa, California. Registration starts at 9:00 a. m. If you are interested in being a part of a great cause, "Blow the Whistle on Asthma" is an event that you should not miss! See the American Lung Association of California web site at www. http://santarosaasthmawalk. kintera. org (www. http://santarosaasthmawalk. kintera. org) for information about how you can participate.

About the American Lung Association
The American Lung Association is the oldest voluntary health organization in the United States. The nonprofit organization is funded by contributions from the public, along with gifts and grants from corporations, foundations and government agencies. The American Lung Association has many different programs and strategies for fighting lung diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The mission of the American Lung Association is to prevent lung disease and promote health.

About Brayton Purcell
Besides sponsoring "Blow the Whistle on Asthma," Brayton Purcell has been active in local and national causes, supporting groups such as the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the Alzheimer's Association, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization and the Novato Human Needs Center. Local activities have included sponsoring these fundraisers: Two Rock & Roll Bike Trek (American Lung Association), Bowl for Kids' Sake (Big Brothers, Big Sisters), Relay for Life (American Cancer Society), and Labor Day at the Lake (City of Novato). In 2005, Brayton Purcell received awards as Business of the Year from the Rotary Club of Ignacio and from the Novato Chamber of Commerce.

For over 24 years, Brayton Purcell has helped clients protect their legal rights in the face of devastating losses such as illnesses, injuries, and harm to family members. The law firm enjoys a national reputation for the high quality of its personal injury and product liability work. For more information about Brayton Purcell's legal practice and community involvement, call 1-415-898-1555 or visit the firm's web site at http://www. braytonlaw. com (http://www. braytonlaw. com)


Saturday, December 25, 2004

Career Management Center LLC Acquires Pilgrim Solutions

Career Management Center LLC Acquires Pilgrim Solutions

(PRWEB) March 23, 2002

Georgetown, Mass.-- March 21, 2002 - Career Management Center LLC (CMC) acquires Pilgrim Solutions.

Strategic acquisition positions Career Management Center (CMC) as a Leader in the Career Management Market. This acquisition extends their leadership by assuring reliable, highly available hosting of their job placement (CoolJobsViaWeb. com) and e-learning (LearnViaWeb. com) platforms. In addition to creating a whole new revenue channel for the company.

Pilgrim Solutions is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in southern Massachusetts. Pilgrim Solutions has been a leader in getting business on the Web by providing Internet consulting, web design, and web site hosting. They specialize in helping small-medium sized businesses get online and take advantage of what the Web can do for them.

Pilgrim Solutions offers comprehensive packages that take care of all the complex and confusing elements of creating a web site. They go beyond just designing the web site by configuring many third party elements for their clients and guiding them through the entire project.

According to Paresh Amin, CEO and Co-founder of Career Management Center LLC, ``this acquisition create a win-win solution for both companies and for any current and future customers. It opens up a whole new level of service offerings possibilities.''

Under the Career Management Center (CMC) Company, Pilgrim Solutions will now be created as a new division called HostingViaWeb. com. From a service and support perspective nothing will change for the current Pilgrim Solutions customers. They will now just be able to access additional service from the parent company.

About Career Management Center LLC (CMC)

Career Management Group, LLC, offers comprehensive career management services around career placement and career development complemented with advanced technology. We are forging new pathways for both indivuals and organizations in these areas. Driven by the current challenging demographic, economic and social realities of our times, our mission is to serve both individuals and organizations in exploring new pathways for growth. We're committed in providing the greatest value proposition and ROI to our customers and clients in terms of career management. Our approach is to deliver effective, empowering and enabling tools and platforms based on advance technology. REAL SOLUTION – REAL RESULTS!

Our company is made up of the following divisions: LearnViaWeb. com, CoolJobsViaWeb. com and HostingViaWeb. com. More information can be found on the web at: http://www. CMCViaWeb. com (http://www. CMCViaWeb. com).

About LearnViaWeb. com

LearnViaWeb. com is the leading provider of e-learning solutions to small-medium sized companies, colleges, individuals and families. LearnViaWeb delivers fast, effective and affordable business and technical training through its powerful E-Learning Platform. LearnViaWeb. comÂ’s complete array of e-learning solutions are tightly aligned with strategic business objectives and employeeÂ’s career objectives by provide a highly engaging learning environment and including a powerful skill assessment tools to measure learning effectiveness and return on investment (ROI). LearnViaWeb. com offers empowering e-learning solutions that use a self-paced format, which accommodates all levels and schedules allowing training to be conducted anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. More information can be found on the Web at http://www. LearnViaWeb. com (http://www. LearnViaWeb. com)

About CoolJobsViaWeb. com

CoolJobsViaWeb. com is the leading provider of e-job placement solutions to the following sectors: Information Technology (IT), Healthcare and General Employment. CoolJobsViaWeb. com is a B2B and B2C exchange bringing valuable job placement services to both professional/skills works and employers. More information can be found on the web at: http://www. CoolJobsViaWeb. com (http://www. CoolJobsViaWeb. com).

About HostingViaWeb. com

HostingViaWeb. com is the leading provider for managed shared or dedicated virtual hosting solutions. HostingViaWeb. com provides a vararity of hosting packages and options to meet the needs for small to medium sized companies. Other services include web development and design, web site marketing and e-commerce services. It is also the core foundation that supports and assures quality to all the Career Management Center (CMC) product and service offerings.

More information can be found on the web at: http://www. HostingViaWeb. com (http://www. HostingViaWeb. com).

For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Paresh Amin

CEO and founder

Career Management Center L. L.C.

CMCViaWeb. com


Pamin@cmcviaweb. com

San Antonio Black Magazine to Participate in National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, May 5, 2004: Teens Nationwide Will Take Online Quiz

San Antonio Black Magazine to Participate in National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, May 5, 2004: Teens Nationwide Will Take Online Quiz.

Tens of thousands of teens nationwide are expected to participate in the third annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, May 5, 2004. The purpose of the National Day is to focus the attention of teens on the importance of avoiding too-early pregnancy and parenthood. On the National Day, teens nationwide are asked to go to www. teenpregnancy. org or www. teenpeople. com and take a short, scenario-based “quiz” that asks young people what they would do in a number of sexual situations.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 20, 2004

The National Day is sponsored by the nonprofit, nonpartisan, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and National Day founding partners, TEEN PEOPLE magazine and TeenPeople. com.

San Antonio Black Magazine's particiption this year, expands their program held last year at the Carver Library in San Antonio. This year a larger panel of speakers is planned along with musical entertainment to speak about abstience and safe sex. In addition, more than 115 prominent national organizations have signed on as official National Day partners and related events are planned in hundreds of communities across the country.

Why a National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy? Despite significant progress during the past decade, 35 percent of teen girls become pregnant at least once before age 20 and the vast majority (78 percent) of teen pregnancies are unintended.

Making a Difference: Nearly 300,000 individuals took the National Day Quiz in 2003. A survey of the some of the teens that participated in the 2003 National Day indicates:

· 57% of teens said that the National Day Quiz made the consequences of sex more real to them

· 70% said the Quiz mad them think about what they would do in such situations

Support for the National Day: National Day partners include a diverse group of over 115 prominent national organizations, including:

C Health sector leaders (American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, National Medical Association)

C Education leaders (National Education Association, National School Boards Association)

C Businesses (Procter & Gamble, CandieÂ’s Foundation, P. S. I Love That)

C Media powerhouses (TEEN PEOPLE and Teen People online)

C Teen websites (YouthNoise. com, Teenwire. com, gURL. com, kiwibox. com, go-girl. com)

C Fatherhood and male involvement groups (National Fatherhood Initiative, National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families, National Organization of Concerned Black Men)

C Faith-based groups (National Coalition of PastorsÂ’ Spouses, Presbyterian Church USA, National Ministries Division, National Council of Churches, Justice for Women Working Group, Covenant House, United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries)

C Other prominent national organizations (National Council of LaRaza, Child Welfare League of America, National Conference of State Legislatures, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Jack and Jill of America, National Parenting Association, Goodwill Industries, Afterschool Alliance, National Association of Police Athletic Leagues)

About San Antonio Black Magazine

San Antonio Black Magazine is a community news and events magazine, committed to commumity awareness and empowerment.

About the National Campaign: Founded in 1996, the National Campaign is a private, nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the well-being of children, youth, and families by reducing teen pregnancy. The organization's goal is to reduce the teen pregnancy rate by one-third between 1996 and 2005.

About TEEN PEOPLE: TEEN PEOPLE is the first pop culture magazine for guys and girls that focuses on stars, style and substance. With an editorial mix covering celebrities and entertainment, fashion/beauty and real teens and their accomplishments, TEEN PEOPLE has become one of the fastest growing launches in publishing history. TEEN PEOPLE is also a National Magazine Award winner for General Excellence and #2 on AdweekÂ’s Hot List for 2002. Launched in January 1998, with a guaranteed circulation of 500,000, TEEN PEOPLE increased the guarantee to 1.6 million with its February 2001 issue.

For more on the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregancy, Contact: Bill Albert, 202-478-8510

For more on San Antoio Black Magazine's Program, visit www. sablack. com

FK Marketing Selects MonaVie to be Its Exclusive Home Franchise Program

FK Marketing Selects MonaVie to be Its Exclusive Home Franchise Program

FK Marketing Group brings MonaVie and its 19 ways to better health to the marketplace by providing training and support to its team members via high tech and high touch.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2006

FK Marketing, a lead generation and global sourcing company, today announces the promotion of MonaVie to be it's exclusive home franchise program.

MonaVie, MonaVie Active, and MonaVie Active Gel, the latest line of health improving Functional Beverage from Monarch Health Sciences, is a delicious blend of 19 nutritional fruits, including White Grape, Nashi Pear, Acerola, Pear, Aronia, Purple Grape, Cranberry, Passionfruit, Banana, Apricot, Prune, Kiwi, Blueberry, Bilberry, Camu Camu, Wolfberry, Pomegranate, Lychee, and Acai.

The main ingredient, Acai, is found only in the Amazon Rain Forest, has received rave media coverage, including segments on NBC, CBS, and is also featured on Oprah. com as the #1 super food.

Francis Kwang, chief executive officer of FK Marketing, said, "It took us exactly 6 months of research to conclude that MonaVie is a league of its own in the home business networking industry. We've evaluated well over 100 different opportunities, from product value to compensation plan, from top management team to customer service representatives, even marketing materials and product packaging; MonaVie stands on its own in every category."

He continued, "...3 to 5 years ago, we had a wave of Internet Marketing systems being developed. Many home business owners jumped onto the Internet looking for that dream automated system to plug-in to. Unfortunately, the lack of fundamental business relationship building as well as training and support, many literally watched their businesses disintegrated shortly after. What we do best is to show our team members the system of building their businesses the Old School way locally, while using high tech and high touch methodology to build their businesses online without boundaries. And no..., we are not talking about power-line systems or auto-responder systems with a set of pre-written messages.... We know what the masses want. They want real people, real teamwork, real system, and a real, reliable company that they can count on for years to come...."

MonaVie is currently opened in the USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and Japan.

Please contact MonaVie independent distributor below if you have any questions or want additional information.

More information can also be found at: http://www. AcaiBerryEnergy. com (http://www. AcaiBerryEnergy. com)

For More Information Contact:

Francis Kwang


Http://www. fkmarketing. com (http://www. fkmarketing. com)


Friday, December 24, 2004

SecureKlip Keeps Purses Off Tabletops Helping to Stop the Spread of Bacteria

SecureKlip Keeps Purses Off Tabletops Helping to Stop the Spread of Bacteria

The New Answer to the Age-Old Question; Where do I put my purse? SecureKlip, holds belongings securely off floors and tabletops, reducing the spread of bacteria from the bottoms of purses. SecureKlip's patent pending design with its unique theft deterrent retention tip is a simple solution for establishments concerned with reducing theft, tripping hazards and bacteria cross contamination from women's purses.

Laguna Niguel, CA (PRWEB) May 8, 2007

With recent E. coli outbreaks in restaurants, fast food chains and on store shelves, millions of dollars are being spent on the improvement of systems to safeguard foodborne illness, yet there has been little to no mention of how restaurant companies and government regulators can combat the one known source of bacteria that walks through the door every day in every establishment, large or small, in the world. Half of the population is carrying harmful bacteria around with them everywhere they go, on the one accessory they wouldn't leave home without - their purse.

"If you really pay attention, you'll notice that women will place their purse in one of three places when they sit down for a meal; the back of their chair, the floor, or on top of the table where they are eating," says Cathy Wood, co-founder and president, SecureKlip, Inc. SecureKlip is a new patent-pending, molded plastic device that can be installed under tables and bars to give women a place to hang their purses. "With so few options, it's natural to want to keep your handbag with its valuable belongings close and secure; however, what most people don't realize is what the bottoms of those purses are carrying around and how they are putting themselves and anyone with them at risk," Wood continues.

According to recent investigative reports, everything from E. coli, the deadly pathogen responsible for numerous deaths; staphylococcus, a food poison and the cause of toxic shock syndrome, and hepatitis, to fecal contamination from handbags set on the floors of restrooms were found on the vast majority of purses that were swabbed in random tests. The problem is so pervasive that in one recent study of 50 purses in a local mall by a health team in Atlanta, one in four purses were found to contain E. coli, with a wide range of serious pathogens found on almost every purse tested.

"We developed SecureKlip as a lifestyle device, to add a new level of comfort and security to a customer's experience," adds Bob DePew, SecureKlip's co-founder and product designer. "We have since found that the benefits go far beyond comfort and convenience." Basic hygiene, keeping purses off of floors and tabletops is one of the important benefits that Wood and DePew have found are not only important to customers, but to restaurant owners combating the pervasive issue of bacteria that is being linked to foodborne illnesses. SecureKlip is a simple and relatively inexpensive solution for establishments concerned about bacteria from the bottoms of purses sitting on tables where food is being served.

In addition to reducing the spread of bacteria, SecureKlip's patent-pending design also features a unique retention tip that acts as a theft deterrent. Unlike an ordinary hook that might fit under a bar, it takes a deliberate action from the rightful owner to first pull down the "klip" and then lift the purse off. SecureKlip also benefits establishments by keeping bags and purses off of floors alleviating tripping hazards.

SecureKlip will be featured at the upcoming National Restaurant Association (NRA) trade show in Chicago as one of the featured Hot New Products to see. You may visit them at the show at Booth #890, or on their website; www. secureklip. com.


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Oversight Systems Corporate Fraud Survey Finds Sarbanes-Oxley Effective in Identifying Financial Statement Fraud

Oversight Systems Corporate Fraud Survey Finds Sarbanes-Oxley Effective in Identifying Financial Statement Fraud

Few feel the heightened push for institutional integrity and fraud prevention by business leaders will continue in the long-run.

ATLANTA (PRWEB) November 3, 2005

Oversight Systems Inc. today announced the findings of the 2005 Oversight Systems Report on Corporate Fraud, a survey of certified fraud examiners. The report explains that most fraud examiners view Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) as an effective tool in fraud identification, though few think it will change the culture of business leaders.

The survey results (available as a free download at www. oversightsystems. com/survey (http://www. oversightsystems. com/survey)) indicate that 65 percent of respondents feel SOX has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” in identifying incidences of financial-statement fraud. Only 19 percent of those surveyed found SOX to be ineffective or serve to prevent fraud identification.

“This report is full of positive news but foreshadows a real need for continued vigilance among executives toward intuitional fraud,” said Patrick Taylor, CEO of Oversight Systems. “SOX legislation and the intense focus on corporate scandals have helped battle this type of white-collar crime, but professionals seem to be worried that the C-suite might quickly lose interest in policing corporate fraud.”

Although respondents agree that SOX serves to identify fraudulent activity, they do not feel the recent cultural change among U. S. business leaders toward institutional integrity and fraud prevention in the wake of account scandals will stick. Only 17 percent feel there will be a shift among business leaders to institutional integrity and fraud prevention for the foreseeable future. The remainder of respondents possess a more stark outlook, reporting that interest in such actions will fade in the next five years (39 percent); that vigilance has already begun to fade (32 percent); or that there has been no change among business leaders (12 percent).

“The pendulum of corporate culture and attitudes toward integrity swings back and forth,” said Dana Hermanson, Dinos Eminent Scholar Chair of Private Enterprise at Kennesaw State University. Hermanson is also an advisor to Oversight Systems and co-author of the COSO-sponsored research report Fraudulent Financial Reporting: 1987-1997. An analysis of U. S. Public Companies. “We could see very little corporate fraud in the next seven or eight years, but then another boom-and-bust economic period could ignite another wave of financial scandals, which would lead to further accounting and governance reforms.”

The State of Institutional Fraud

While corporate vigilance toward fraud prevention has increased at least temporarily, fraud examiners said fraud is a bigger problem today than in the bubble market of 2000. Two-thirds of respondents (67 percent) said institutional fraud is more prevalent today than five years ago. Only seven percent think fraud is less prevalent, while the remaining 26 percent of respondents feel there has been no change in the amount of fraud.

Participants were asked to select the three forms of institutional fraud that present the greatest risk to companies. Respondents identified conflicts of interest (63 percent), fraudulent financial statements (57 percent) and billing schemes (31 percent) as most threatening. Examples of fraud that garnered at least 20 percent support were expense and reimbursement schemes (29 percent), bribery/economic extortion (25 percent) and inventory and non-cash asset misuse (20 percent)

“The risk of financial statement fraud is real and not going away,” Hermanson said. “However, the perception of increased fraud may stem from Sarbanes-Oxley’s effectiveness in uncovering weaknesses in internal controls and the potential for fraud. SOX compliance gives auditors and executives a better position to evaluate a company’s financial reporting system. Instead of only inspecting the outcome, financial reports, SOX forces companies to understand the financial reporting process as well. And like the manufacturing quality movement of the past, SOX pushes companies toward monitoring each step in the process to drive out errors and weaknesses.”

Stopping Institutional Fraud

When asked to identify the measure most effective in preventing or deterrent institutional fraud, 41 percent of professional fraud examiners identified the need for a strong tone from the top of the organization. Visible prosecution was the next most popular response garnering 22 percent support, followed by internal controls and technology-enabled monitoring, each receiving support from 17 percent. Manual quarterly audits and government regulation received only minimal support, earning two and one percent, respectively.

However, when asked what single change would result in the greatest reduction of domestic institutional fraud, opinions were more mixed. An employer pressing charges against employees who commit fraud garnered the most support with 39 percent. The trend of prosecution continued with 32 percent of respondents identifying convictions and hefty sentencing as the next most popular response. Moreover, an additional seven percent would like stiffer laws to increase corporate transparency.

“Stiff penalties and thorough prosecution send a strong message to employees. First, employees are less likely to go along with rogue executives who orchestrate financial reporting schemes. Second, a company’s prosecution of fraudulent employees establishes the corporate attitude that fraud will not be tolerated,” Hermanson said.

The Role and Views of Fraud Examiners

Survey participants report that SOX has altered the role of fraud examiners. Nearly all participants (95 percent) explain that their duties have changed with the implementation of SOX legislation, with 47 percent reporting that fraud examiners play a major role in the management of corporate integrity. Additionally, nearly one-third (29 percent) of respondents felt their work in fraud detection has become secondary to SOX compliance.

In recent years it seems white-collar crime has been a staple of the evening news. Enron, WorldCom and Martha are just a few of the high-profile names with which Americans have become all too familiar. When asked, the majority of professional fraud experts felt these well-known defendants should have been found guilty of the charges against them. The percentage of respondents who thought the following executives are guilty of the charges against them is listed below:

 John Rigas, Adelphia Communications – 95 percent  Jeffrey K. Skilling, Enron – 95 percent  Kenneth L. Lay, Enron – 96 percent  Richard Scrushy, HealthSouth – 93 percent  Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia – 72 percent  L. Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco International – 96 percent  Bernard J. Ebbers, WorldCom – 97 percent

Identity Theft Update

Identity theft is one of the more prevalent forms of fraud known by the average American. A February 2005 Federal Trade Commission report states that for the year 2004, the commission received more than 635,000 reports of consumer fraud and identity theft, with identity theft accounting for 246,570 of the complaints (39 percent).

The 2005 Oversight Systems Report on Corporate Fraud reveals that 22 percent of respondents think the justice system must get tougher on the identification and prosecution of identity thieves. Additionally, 19 percent believe that the federal government needs to pass national identity-theft-protection legislation and another 19 percent feel regulators and consumers must work together to manage consumer information.

Some respondents believe that individuals are the first and most important line of defense. Taking ownership of one’s own personal information was identified by 16 percent of respondents as the best way to reduce identity theft.

About the 2005 Oversight Systems Report on Corporate Fraud

A total of 208 certified fraud examiners participated in this survey, conducted at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) 16th Annual Fraud Conference and Exhibition. Dedicated to reducing business fraud world-wide, the more than 34,000 members ACFE make up the world's premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Survey participants include anti-fraud professionals such as internal auditors, independent auditors, law enforcement officials, investigators and management consultants.

This study follows the August release of the 2005 Oversight Systems Financial Executive Report on Risk Management, which found that CEOs are placing a greater emphasis on risk management, although many companies are struggling to implement the necessary changes. Also recently released was the 2005 Oversight Systems Financial Executive Report on Sarbanes-Oxley, which found that nearly half of financial executives feel the biggest issue related to compliance is the need to maintain the morale of the employees responsible for compliance. All these research studies can be downloaded for free by visiting www. oversightsystems. com/survey (http://www. oversightsystems. com/survey).

About Oversight Systems, Inc.

Oversight Systems is the leading provider of independent, continuous monitoring solutions for real-time transaction inspection. By combining the expertise and experience of security, fraud, audit and enterprise software development professionals, Oversight Systems ensures the quality of financial processes, strengthens the control environment and automates controls for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. For more information, visit www. oversightsystems. com.


Camera-ready charts and graphs of the findings from the 2005 Oversight Systems Financial Executive Report on Corporate Fraud are available by contacting Brian Moran by phone at 404-920-2039.


More to Life Than Credit Scores: Bills. com Suggests Five Steps to Well-rounded Financial Health

More to Life Than Credit Scores: Bills. com Suggests Five Steps to Well-rounded Financial Health

Bills. com President Ethan Ewing reminds consumers that there's more to life than a credit score, and suggests five areas of personal finance for individuals to hone for true financial health.

San Mateo, Calif. (PRWEB) August 6, 2008

Money, debt, mortgages and credit scores have dominated the headlines for months -- but Bills. com President Ethan Ewing reminds consumers that there's more to life than a credit score, and suggests five areas of personal finance for individuals to hone for true financial health.

"These days, it's easy to imagine that our financial lives are all about credit scores," Ewing said. "But when making any financial plans, you'll do well to remember that your money is in the service of your life."

Consider these five categories, Ewing said, to create a well-rounded financial plan.
 Credit: No doubt about it, credit scores are extremely important. Good credit can help buy a home, get a car, land a great job or rent that perfect apartment. Poor credit can mean your dreams must be put on hold. Fortunately, good credit is within reach. Pay all bills on time; charge only the minimum to credit cards, and pay the balance off each month. Do not risk a home mortgage by skipping payments or paying late. For many people, finding a good system to keep track of bills -- such as setting up online bill payment -- can help ensure all payments are made on time, which will boost a credit score almost effortlessly.

 Debt: "There can be no financial freedom while you are in debt," Ewing cautioned. "Still, not all debt is created equal. Debt that you incur for expenses such as buying a house, getting an education or even obtaining reliable transportation is not all bad." Most Americans, however, have a serious problem with consumer debt. Americans carry median credit card debt of $6,600 -- meaning they owe amounts equivalent to 14 percent of the U. S. median household income of $48,200. Total U. S. consumer debt (excluding mortgage debt) is $2,558 trillion dollars. Striving to eliminate consumer and credit card debt will make a tremendous difference in personal finances as well as personal outlook.

 Budgeting: What are your spending, budgeting and saving habits? Do you live within your means? Do you even know where your money goes? In March 2008 (the most recent data available), the personal saving rate in the United States was 0.2 percent of income. In actuality, that figure easily could be negative if saving was financed by borrowing. And only a minority of Americans keep track of how much they spend and where they spend it. For help in developing a simple budget, download the free Bills. com Personal Finance Budget Guide.

 Wealth: In the past, many people could be guaranteed a pension from an employer. Today, most retirees must rely upon their own savings. Add the uncertainty in today's economy, and having a nest egg is more important than ever. Most experts recommend an emergency fund that will cover about six months of living expenses. Saving that much can be intimidating. "Arrange for small amounts -- or as much as you can afford -- to be automatically deducted from your checking account each time you get paid," Ewing suggested. "You'll find the savings add up quickly." In addition, take advantage of any retirement plan your employer offers. Contribute the maximum to benefit from tax savings now and retirement savings tomorrow.

 Life Plan: What are your overall life and financial goals? Where are you in your financial life cycle? Money means nothing if it isn't helping you get where you want to go. Every year or so, evaluate your plans for the future. Be sure your actions are in line with your stage of life, and make sure your financial plans will help you reach your goals.

To help Americans understand their answers to these important questions, this year Bills. com launched a free online quiz called Bills IQ. Upon completing the test, consumers receive a grade and a percentage score - their Bills IQ. Consumers can see their answers and receive specific tips tailored for their financial issues, and can compare their scores to those of other test-takers. To take the test, go to http://www. bills. com/IQ (http://www. bills. com/IQ).

About Bills. com (www. bills. com)
Based in San Mateo, Calif., Bills. com is a free one-stop portal where consumers can educate themselves about complex personal finance issues and comparison shop for products and services including credit cards, debt relief assistance, insurance, mortgages and other loans. As the online portal to Freedom Financial Network, LLC, the company has served more than 40,000 customers nationwide since 2002 while managing more than $1 billion in consumer debt. Its RSS feed is available at http://www. bills. com/news_releases/ (http://www. bills. com/news_releases/).

In 2008, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Bills. com as the No. 3 fastest-growing U. S. company on its Hot 100 list. Bills. com also was named a finalist as "most innovative company" in the American Business Awards in 2008. Company co-founders and co-CEOs Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh were named to the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal's "40 Under 40" list in 2008, and are recipients of the Northern California Ernst & Young 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Change:healthcare Helps Displaced Employees Immobilized by High Cost of Healthcare

Change:healthcare Helps Displaced Employees Immobilized by High Cost of Healthcare

Cost transparency firm change:healthcare has a prescription that will significantly ease a downsized employee's healthcare and financial distress.

Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) March 11, 2009

The disappearance of 3.6 million jobs since December 2007 - and more than 1.7 million in the last three months - is enough to make anyone ill. But the additional loss of healthcare coverage and the unpredictable cost of medical care can not only make you sick, it can put your financial future in the Intensive Care Unit.

Cost transparency firm change:healthcare has a prescription that will significantly ease a downsized employee's healthcare and financial distress. 

The web-based company is underscoring that resources which can reduce the cost of a person's healthcare are available free-of-charge to the recently severed and current employees as well as general consumers. 

"Job loss is a frightening thing to both employees who are let go, as well as those who remain," says Christopher Parks, CEO of change:healthcare, a Health 2.0 firm that helps employees and consumers make better, money-saving healthcare decisions. "When layoffs occur, one of the single largest concerns employees have after food and shelter is their healthcare. But there are ways employers can provide healthcare help to their dislocated employees, as well as those that remain on staff, with little or no cost."

For starters, access to change:healthcare's website costs tools and information resources (www. changehealthcare. com)] is completely free and directly accessible to all consumers. The site allows anyone to view the cost of medical services, providers and pharmaceuticals in their area, based on actual medical claims, so they can see where less expensive alternatives can be purchased. The site is a wealth of information but becomes more personal when companies in the area, as well as consumers, input their own medical claims to gain a picture of how their purchases compare to other options.

The website is typically used by companies to help employees make more value - and quality-driven healthcare purchases. Some companies have realized potential savings of 30-40 percent in their healthcare costs since using the site,

Other free resources available to displaced employees include ratings and social networking tools that give users a way to confidentially rate, share and compare the quality of their experiences with physicians, providers, costs and medical issues. 

A series of downloadable, practical information sheets that better guide consumers in dealing with real-life healthcare issues, including "Negotiating large medical bills (http://www. myhealthcareiskillingme. com/2008/10/handling-a-large-medical-bill/)," "A guide to COBRA (http://www. myhealthcareiskillingme. com/2008/10/cobrawhat-is-it-do-i-need-it/)," "Choosing a Health Plan (http://www. myhealthcareiskillingme. com/2008/10/tips-for-choosing-a-health-plan/)" and "Asking a Doctor about Generics to Cut Prescription Costs (https://www. changehealthcare. com/docs/Generics. pdf)" is also available free-of-charge.

Additionally, the company's recently released book, My Healthcare is Killing Me: A Survival Guide for the American Healthcare Consumer, which was an early #1 health read at Amazon. com, can be downloaded (www. myhealthcareiskillingme. com) at no cost. Written by change:healthcare's CEO and COO, the tongue-in-cheek book helps demystify the American healthcare system so readers can better understand and navigate it. The book is loaded with tips for saving healthcare dollars.
"We're focused on bringing greater transparency to our healthcare system and making information and resources like these available to people currently going through great trials is at least one way we can help," Parks said.

About change:healthcare, inc.
Change:healthcare, inc. (www. changehealthcare. com) is a technology company dedicated to helping people save money and make smarter healthcare consumer decisions. The company's information and internet-based solutions are available to third party administrators, healthcare providers, medical bill adjudicators, consumers and employers interested in controlling healthcare costs by engaging their employees in making informed healthcare choices.

Contact: Frank Limpus
Phone: 615-668-9938

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Genedata Releases Patent Analysis Software Jointly Developed with DSM

Genedata Releases Patent Analysis Software Jointly Developed with DSM

Genedata Phylosopher® Biological Data Management System Advances Freedom-to-Operate with Addition of New PatentExplorer Intellectual Property Assessment Module

Basel, Switzerland (PRWEB) July 28, 2010

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, today announced the release of PatentExplorer (http://www. genedata. com/products/phylosopher/modules/patent-sequence-data-management-analysis. html), an interdisciplinary software tool for assessing the patent situation of novel biomolecules and targets. Part of the Genedata Phylosopher® biological data management system, PatentExplorer integrates patent information to provide a comprehensive and structured analysis of patented biomolecule sequences, related claim information, and freedom-to-operate. This facilitates intellectual property evaluation from both a business and a biological standpoint. PatentExplorer was developed in close collaboration with DSM, a leading global life science company with major research programs in enzymes, nutrition, and biotechnology, to streamline DSM's global R&D activities.

"Today's industrial biotechnology market is driven by innovation. Securing the intellectual property of life science research at DSM is crucial in order to retain a competitive advantage," explained Dr. Wim de Boer, Intellectual Assets Manager at DSM. "We chose Genedata (http://www. genedata. com) to help us develop an integrated platform to manage our project intellectual property information because Genedata has significant scientific, technical and business experience and this has been a key factor in the success of this joint development project."

"PatentExplorer integrates directly into DSM's global genome sequence information management system, which is based on the Genedata Phylosopher (http://www. genedata. com/products/phylosopher/genedata-phylosopher. html? L=0) software platform," said Dr. Hans Roubos, Senior Scientist Bioinformatics at DSM. "It provides direct access to the most recent patent information in the context of DSM's in-house genomics research data, which gives much appreciated transparency to decision making."

PatentExplorer's primary applications are in the development of novel enzymes and engineered proteins (http://www. genedata. com/innovation/strain-development. html), as well as freedom-to-operate assessment support. The software can handle commercial data sources as well as publicly available patent information. Genedata's proprietary GeneIndex technology is pivotal for the automated and systematic integration of the often disparate and duplicated DNA, RNA and protein patent sequences.

"We are excited about our successful collaboration with DSM, a long-term partner (http://www. genedata. com/company/customers. html? L=0) of Genedata and one of the most innovative leaders in the industrial biotechnology sector," noted Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. "With the addition of the PatentExplorer module to our well-established Genedata Phylosopher system, we have addressed a major need for biotechnology and biologics research projects. We now offer PatentExplorer to a wider market to facilitate comprehensive and timely investigation of intellectual property across complex R&D programs in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry."

About Genedata
Genedata transforms data into intelligence with a portfolio of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, which spans target, lead and biomarker discovery. Used by a majority of the world's top 50 pharmaceutical companies and leading research organizations, Genedata Phylosopher®, Genedata Screener®, Genedata Expressionist®, and Genedata Analyst™ make research data accessible and understandable, enabling scientific discovery that fights disease and improves health worldwide. Founded in 1997, Genedata is privately held, with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, and offices in Japan, Germany and the US. www. genedata. com.


Bioforce Solutions Announces New Director, Direction

Bioforce Solutions Announces New Director, Direction

Newton Mass.-based Bioforce Solutions is expanding its work in the field of multi-site clinical trial consulting services. The company has hired a director of clinical monitoring services to assist in its mission to provide consulting services to biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device organizations.

Netwon, MA (PRWEB) October 2, 2004

Dr. Richard Ferraro was recently named Director of Bioforce SolutionsÂ’ newly formed Clinical Monitoring Services practice.

Dr. Ferraro will oversee the companyÂ’s continued expansion in the field of multi-site clinical trial consulting services. A seasoned practitioner and clinical researcher, Dr. Ferraro will help the company grow its already extensive consulting services portfolio. Bioforce Solutions specializes in providing consulting services to Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device organizations.

Dr. Ferraro has been involved in the Massachusetts clinical trial industry for almost 30 years as an investigator, educator, project manager and director of business development for some of the regionÂ’s most influential organizations.

Bioforce Solutions drew Dr. Ferraro’s interest because of the company’s standing in the field. “Bioforce Solutions has a reputation for providing high quality service,” he said, adding that he is particularly impressed with Bioforce’s employee screening procedures and the quality of the people involved.

Dr. Ferraro received a biology degree from Fairfield University. He went on to obtain a DoctorateÂ’s in Dental Medicine from Tufts University; a MasterÂ’s in Public Health from Yale Medical School and a MasterÂ’s in Education from Harvard University.

His experience in clinical trials and research began in 1965 at Yale and carries forward through each successive decade. Utilizing this experience and knowledge, he became the founding Director of the Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation at the MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Founded in early 2000 by Michael Morgan, the Newton-based firm provides professional consultants to assist in pharmaceutical and medical device trials. Bioforce Solution employees act as clinical project managers, clinical monitors, clinical data managers, regulatory affairs experts, bio statisticians, and medical writers, for many of the top Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device firms.

Michael Morgan, the President and CEO of Bioforce Solutions said, “This addition allows Bioforce Solutions to sell larger clinical trials teams and offer a real cost–effective alternative to companies that have been tied down with the traditional CRO models. The sponsor companies will be able to employ teams of clinical project managers and monitors from Bioforce Solutions with shared resources management. Our strength is providing highly-qualified resources with therapeutic area expertise while allowing the client to retain or share project management.”

Dr. Ferraro was selected for the position because of his intimate knowledge of the field. “He has a broad understanding of the operational, educational and business development side of clinical trials,” explained Morgan.

For his part, Dr. Ferraro is looking forward to developing a top-notch professional practice to ensure the success of Bioforce Solutions’ full-press expansion into clinical trials monitoring services. “This furthers (Bioforce Solutions’) concept of a team approach to drug development,” he said. He intends to place a strong emphasis on ongoing staff evaluation and training to make sure already well trained research professionals stay on top of changes in the rapidly evolving field. “What can make us unique is evaluation, training and education.”

For more information on Bioforce Solutions, call (617) 527-6300. Bioforce Solutions can be found online at www. bioforcesolutions. com.

Summary Background For Dr. Richard Ferraro


1958 B. S. Fairfield University (Biology)

1962 D. M.D. Tufts University (Dental Medicine)

1966 M. P.H. Yale Medical School (Health Services Administration)

1973 Ed. M. Harvard University (Organizational Behavior/Curriculum Development)

Postdoctoral Training

Internships and Residencies:

1962-1963 Intern in Oral Surgery, Yale-New Haven Hospital

1963-1964 Resident in Oral Surgery, Yale-New Haven Hospital

1965-1967 Research Associate, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery,  Oncology

1971-1972 Fellowship in Health Care Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Harvard Medical School, Center for Community Health and Medical Care

1972-1973  Intern, Office of Guidance and Career Planning, Harvard University

Pharmaceutical/Clinical Research:

2003-2004   Consultant, Business Development, ProMedica Clinical Research Center Inc., Boston.

1997- 2003 Director, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation, Boston.

1996-1997  Interim Associate Director, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation Boston.

1994-1995 Site Director, Future HealthCare Inc. Framingham, Mass.,. (Phase II-IV Clinical Trials; Physician Recruitment and Training)

1993-1994 Project Manager, Medical Technical Research Associates Inc., Brighton, Mass.,

(Phase II-IV)

1992-1993 Director, Business Development, Medical Technical Research Associates Inc. Brighton, Mass.

1981 Associate, Regulatory Affairs, AB Haessle Pharmaceutical, Molndal, Sweden.

1975-1992 Principal Investigator, Medical Technical Research Associates Inc./Consumer Product  Testing Service, Brighton, Mass.

1974-1975 Research Associate, Astra Pharmaceutical, Worcester, Mass. (Data analysis)

1965-1967 Research Associate, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery (Oncology), New Haven, Conn.


1996-1998 Consultant/Monitor – Phase II-IV Clinical Trials. Independent Contractor.

1996-1997 MGH/Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston (IRB Member)

1996-1997 Millennium 3 Research, A Division of Arc Ventures Inc., Rush Presbyterian Medical Center, Chicago, Ill. (SMO Planning)

1995-1996 Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Inc., Ridgefield, Conn. (Pharmacovigilence)

1989-1990  Brigham and WomenÂ’s Hospital, Boston (Medical device)

1984-1985 National Patent Development Corporation, New Brunswick, N. J. (Medical device)

Medical Technical Research Associates Inc., Brighton, Mass. (IRB Member)

Hospital Appointments:

1976-1979 Dental Consultant, Massachusetts General Hospital, Office of Community Affairs, Boston

1974-1979 Assistant to the Director for Program Development, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston

1974-1979 Dental Director/Clinician, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston

1971-1973 Project Manager, Health, Inc./ChildrenÂ’s Hospital Medical Center, Boston.

Instructor, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Department of Surgery, New Haven, Conn.

Academic Appointments:

1996-1998 Clinical Associate Professor, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston

1996 Adjunct Faculty, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston

1978-1979 Associate Project Director, Boston University, Graduate School of Dentistry, Boston

1977-1979 Associate Professor, Boston University, Department of Public Health and Community Dentistry, Boston.

1976-1979  Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor, Forsyth Dental Center, School of Dental Hygienists, Boston.

1971-1983 Assistant Clinical Professor, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Department of Dental Care Administration, Boston.

1967-1971 Assistant Professor, Tufts University, Department of Community Health and Social Medicine, School of Medicine, Boston.

1967-1971 Assistant Professor, Tufts University, Department of Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Boston

1965-1966 Instructor, University of Bridgeport, Department of Biology, Bridgeport, Conn.

Licensure and Certification:

1962 National Board Examination

1962 Connecticut Dental License

1967 Massachusetts Dental License

1976 Board Eligible in Dental Public Health

1984 University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business (PPO and Managed Health Care) Certificate


1964-1966 Traineeship, US Public Health Service

1966 Fellow, American Public Health Association

Contacts: Michael Morgan

Bioforce Solutions Inc., President, CEO

(617) 527-6300, Ext. 1744

Amy Theophile, Marketing Manager

(617) 527-6300, Ext. 1006

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