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Organized Audrey's Menu Planning DVD Helps Families Build Meals Together While Saving Money and Time

Organized Audrey's Menu Planning DVD Helps Families Build Meals Together While Saving Money and Time

What's for Dinner? A Menu Planning Home Study Course combines a self-guided workbook with a DVD of the workshop Organized Audrey has taught for more than 15 years. What's for Dinner? can help families save thousands of dollars a year and make dinner-time a manageable, fun, family-focused event.

Minneapolis, MN (Vocus) February 24, 2009

In this down economy many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Cutting down on spending and saving money are top priorities for most households today. Audrey Thomas, founder of Organized Audrey, is known for transforming lives through her organizational presentations and products. She has created a new DVD/Workbook, "What's for Dinner?," which was developed specifically to help families save money and time by more effectively and efficiently planning meals.

What's for Dinner? A Menu Planning Home Study Course combines a self-guided workbook with a DVD of the workshop Organized Audrey has taught for more than 15 years. What's for Dinner? can help families save thousands of dollars a year and make dinner-time a manageable, fun, family-focused event.

"While eating at home on a regular basis has a huge financial benefit, it's also good for the family emotionally. Research continues to show that families who eat meals together are mentally and emotionally healthier," says Audrey Thomas, founder of Organized Audrey. According to William Doherty, University of Minnesota professor of Family Social Science "One of the core predictors of children's well being and academic success is how much time they spend eating with adults."

"Planning your meals and grocery shopping in two, three or four-week increments can save the average family of four $2,000-$2,500 each year," says Thomas. "If you never know from day to day what you're going to eat or you find yourself going out to eat because of lack of planning, this resource is for you."

The DVD workshop and workbook also includes budget planning tools, menu ideas, guidelines for picky eaters, meal calendars and grocery and discount store lists.

Additional benefits of the "What's for Dinner?" program is that it uses favorite meals that families already enjoy and also offers methods to change picky eating behaviors.

The What's for Dinner? DVD and Workbook (http://www. organizedaudrey. com/buy_detail. asp? PageID=4669) sells for $53.95, is available at www. OrganizedAudrey. com]. Transforming Times (http://www. organizedaudrey. com/newsletter. asp), a monthly Ezine containing helpful home organizing tips is an available resource.

About Organized Audrey, LLC
Organized Audrey, LLC trains employees of Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium sized companies, local and state agencies and professional associations through keynotes, workshops and seminars.

The company also provides services in these areas:
 Lean Office consulting services  Home organizing services for residential customers  Educational books, videos and other materials on the topic of organizing

Interested individuals can get additional information by contacting Organized Audrey at 952/944-9470 or by email at: info (at) OrganizedAudrey (dot) com.

LeanOffices. com 
P. O. Box 385234
Minneapolis, MN 55438

Contact: Shelly Chrisman

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Thales Computers PowerPC SBC runs Linux in new AMS High-Availability Naval Console

Thales Computers PowerPC SBC runs Linux in new AMS High-Availability Naval Console

Thales Computers PowerPC SBC runs Linux in new AMS High-Availability Naval Console

(PRWEB) March 25, 2004

Thales Computers, a leader in providing integrated PowerPCä and Pentium-based VME COTS systems and solutions to OEMs and system integrators, has announced that its series of PowerEngine single-board computers (SBCs) based on the latest IBM PowerPC 750FX processor, has been selected by AMS (Essex, England; Rome, Italy) as the processing engines for a new, integrated Compact Redundant Naval Console, the CTI 2000.

Thales ComputersÂ’ PowerEngine series will serve as the central processors in each of the two modules incorporated into the CTI 2000: a Man Machine Interface (MMI) module running under BlueCat Linux and a real-time module running under LynxOS. Both are installed in the same VME rack to provide a compact, high-performance, high-availability management system for naval applications. The CTI 2000 will be the first system deployed as part of a $15 million upgrade of the command and control systems on two Royal Malaysian Navy Laksamana class Corvettes, awarded to AMS in 2002.

The CTI 2000 is a collaborative effort between AMS (Rome, Italy), Elesia, Thales Computers, and Primagraphics (Cambridge, UK). In addition to the PowerEngine boards provided by Thales Computers, Elesia developed the high-availability architecture and a high-availability library used in the CTI 2000, and also supplies a PMC Mezzanine Card (PMC) providing enhanced I/O; while Primagraphics is supplying an advanced graphics PMC.

The engineering staffs of all four companies worked together over a two-year period to develop the first naval console based on a PowerPC running Linux. The challenges overcome during development included the migration of the MMI feature from an AIX-based PowerPC to the PowerPC running Bluecat Linux, while simultaneously implementing a new generation of graphics board. The collaborative project has demonstrated the feasibility of developing stable, reliable, high-performance solutions for mission-critical applications, based only on COTS components, open standards, and open-source software.

According to Robert Negre, Thales Computers’ Vice President of Technology, “It’s a major accomplishment to reach the deployment stage in the defense market with a Linux solution. This effort emphasizes the commitment of Thales Computers to implement Linux-based solutions on PowerPC. And equally important, it demonstrates our ability to deliver those solutions rapidly in a collaborative relationship.”

For more information about PowerPC-based board and system solutions for mission-critical applications, please visit Thales ComputersÂ’ website at www. thalescomputers. com, or contact Thales Computers at 1-800-848-2330, fax 919-231-8001.

Please forward all reader service inquiries to lkirby@thalescomputers. com.

About Thales:

Thales is a world leader in professional electronics in three key markets: Aerospace, Defense and Information Technology & Services (IT&S). The Group employs 63,000 people in nearly 50 countries worldwide, and generated revenues of €10.6 billion in 2003.

Thales Computers is the leading developer of commercial and ruggedized VMEbus hardware and software solutions based on PowerPC and Pentium microprocessors. The companyÂ’s products are optimized for a wide variety of applications in military, aerospace, communications and industrial markets and are in active use by customers worldwide, including Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Toshiba, EADS, British Aerospace, Ericsson, Alcatel and the Thales Group. Visit www. thalescomputers. com.

About AMS: AMS is an equal shares joint venture between FINMECCANICA of Italy and BAE SYSTEMS of the UK. AMS is a multi-national electronic systems company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of radar and mission critical command, control and management systems to defense forces and air and maritime traffic management authorities throughout the world. It employs 7,400 people, has a turnover in excess of 1.2bn Euros with a healthy order book of 3.3bn Euros which underpins its ambitious growth plans for the next four years. AMS has an established customer base in over 100 countries.

About Elesia: Elesia is a leading Italian distributor and systems integrator of COTS professional electronics specializing in Aerospace, Defense and Information Technology & Services applications. Elesia’s key role of products & systems engineering expert (H/W &S/W) acting between the manufacturer and large OEMs is a proven guarantee of successful solutions. The Elesia group employs 55 people in 3 different offices nationwide, and generated revenues of over €13 million in 2002.

About Primagraphics: Primagraphics, a specialist supplier of graphics and video display systems for VME, PCI, Compact PCI and PMC formats, is a recognized leader in the radar and command and control markets. Its expertise encompasses radar scan conversion and tracking solutions, as well as compression, decompression and distribution of data (radar and TV video) across wide and local area networks. As well as providing a range of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, Primagraphics designs and manufactures high performance systems to meet specific customer requirements. Founded in 1982, PrimagraphicsÂ’ European headquarters is located at Litlington, near Cambridge, UK. It also has offices in the USA and a network of dealers and distributors worldwide.

Microsoft Selects the WellMed Health Hub™ for its 60,000 U. S. Employees and Dependents

Microsoft Selects the WellMed Health Hub™ for its 60,000 U. S. Employees and Dependents

Utilization high as employees manage personal health information using secure online tools and resources

(PRWEB) May 24, 2002

Portland, OR –– WellMed, Inc., a health communication company, today announced its selection by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) to integrate its online health and benefits technology to drive a comprehensive employee health portal called MicrosoftHealth. This portal was launched in March and provides Microsoft employees and their dependents with personalized, secure, online health management information and resources. MicrosoftHealth is accessible internally and externally and enables employees and their families to easily:

•  Identify health risks

•  Enter and safely store personal health information

•  Access interactive health improvement programs

•  Access Microsoft health benefits information

•  Search for medical information from a variety of credible sources

MicrosoftÂ’s selection of the WellMed platform was based on the flexible customization it provides. Following a comprehensive examination of WellMedÂ’s proprietary technology, policies and procedures, Microsoft gave WellMed high scores on security and privacy.

“Privacy and security are a top concern for Microsoft,” said Tom McPherson, Health Benefits Manager at Microsoft. “Following a thorough audit confirming that WellMed’s platform met our standards, we are now able to offer meaningful online resources to help our employees better manage their health.”

WellMed’s platform – or Health Hub -- was developed to help self-insured employers like Microsoft increase the quality of care and services they provide while controlling escalating health care costs. The Health Hub provides a secure online health communication platform that aggregates self-reported health information, integrates it with client systems based on the company’s business rules, benefits, guidelines and third-party health resources, then following proprietary analysis, communicates with clients and individuals to guide them in achieving their health-related objectives. With the WellMed Health Hub, Microsoft can easily modify its existing health programs to more effectively meet employee needs and bring about positive behavioral change within the organization.

Bringing health and benefit resources online further illustrates MicrosoftÂ’s commitment to its employees and their families, while paralleling WellMedÂ’s vision of delivering secure, intuitive online heath care solutions.

“Microsoft recognizes the importance of empowering people with the tools and information they need to effectively manage their health,” said Craig Froude, chairman and CEO of WellMed. “Aligning with WellMed is a natural extension of that philosophy. Microsoft is committed to maintaining the leading position in its industry, which means their employees will have the most comprehensive and sophisticated health information and communication capabilities available to them.”

The WellMed Health Hub

The core products and related applications that make up the WellMed Health Hub include:

•  Personal Health Manager™ -- The interactive dashboard for individuals that contains a comprehensive suite of online health assessments, condition information and personalized, relevant health resources to elevate the userÂ’s ability to effectively manage health issues on a daily basis.

•  Personal Health Insight™ -- The decision-support control panel that clients use to analyze aggregate health data in real time, address population health risks, proactively implement preventive programs, and communicate directly with individual users.

•  Personal Health Connect™ -- The secure communication tool that facilitates online dialogue between individuals and providers, thus enabling more streamlined and effective individual health management.

About WellMed

WellMedÂ’s award-winning online products and services enable individuals to make informed decisions about their health while providing client organizations with business intelligence to proactively address costly health care issues. Organizations that purchase WellMedÂ’s solutions include self-insured corporations, health insurance companies, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and national retailers. WellMed, Inc. is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with regional offices in Seattle, Atlanta, Austin and Boise.

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Jerry Schranz

CPRi Communications, Inc.

370 North Street

Teterboro, NJ 07608

201-641-1911 Phone ext. 14

Jschranz@cpronline. com

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DoctorDirectory. com Launches Free SpecialtyLink -- TargetedPhysician Directory Search Tools for Health Web Site Publishers

DoctorDirectory. com Launches Free SpecialtyLink -- TargetedPhysician Directory Search Tools for Health Web Site Publishers

(PRWEB) January 13, 2000

ASHEVILLE, N. C., Jan. 11 -- DoctorDirectory. com, Inc., the world's most complete and user-friendly physician directory, has unveiled a SpecialtyLink feature which offers niche web site publishers targeted entry by medical specialty into the listing ofmore than 500,000 physicians nationwide.

DoctorDirectory. com's new SpecialtyLink feature provides a valuable resource to existing publishers of health-related and other topical sites by allowing their users to conveniently access the physician directory information at one or more of the 200 medical specialty levels. For instance, a women's health site could offer the directory of OBGYN physicians; a children's or family site could use the Pediatrics specialty directory; a site related to breast cancer could provide their users with the directory for Oncology and OBGYN.

More than 1,300 websites are now linking to the Company's health provider directories to improve their site's content and SpecialtyLink will make it even more convenient for users to find the information they seek. It's easy to link under the program: Webmasters only have to 1) click downto the specialty of their choice at DoctorDirectory. com, 2) copy the URLlisted in the address field of their browser of their targeted market in the directory, and 3) paste that URL on their Web Site, labeled with the title of their choosing, thereby creating a targeted direct SpecialtyLink physician search tool from their page. Users then begin their search at the targeted level of DoctorDirectory. com, but can still back up for a general search or to switch specialties at will if required. User will also be able to access information from the Company's HospitalDirectory. com and HealthPlanDirectory. com properties through the link to DoctorDirectory. com. 

Webmasters and medical product sites may also take advantage of DoctorDirectory. com's co-branding opportunities. These co-branded directories are customized links that maintain the look and feel of the local sites, with their font, size and color, while offering the services of DoctorDirectory. com's comprehensive healthcare provider directories.

"SpecialtyLink is a unique tool which allows DoctorDirectory. com todprovide niche Web publishers with healthcare provider search tools that are tailored to their sites' content. The SpecialtyLink tool improves their content, as well as their users' experience," said David K. Barker, CEO. "This linking tool works with and is in addition to our City/State Linkprogram which allows sites to link to DoctorDirectory. com using specificgeographic criteria."

Webmasters can email

Admin@doctordirectory. com with linking questions.

DoctorDirectory. com, Inc., provides consumers and practicing physicians with the fastest, most comprehensive, user-friendly "point-and-click" physician directory and related health provider directories on the Internet. DoctorDirectory. com, Inc. is a closely held private company that currently publishes four online directories; Doctordirectory. com, Hospitaldirectory. com, Healthplandirectory. com, and Healthnewsdirectory. com.

Administrative, database management and sponsorship/marketing offices are based in Asheville, North Carolina:(828) 255-0012. DoctorDirectory. com, Inc., 32 Broadway, Suite 200, Asheville, NC 28801.

Panorama Software And Aim Retail Partner To Provide UK Retailers With Advanced Desktop Analytics

Panorama Software And Aim Retail Partner To Provide UK Retailers With Advanced Desktop Analytics

AIM RetailÂ’s in-depth industry knowledge combined with Panorama SoftwareÂ’s powerful technology - delivering web-based access to business critical data across the retail enterprise.

Toronto, Canada; Hull, UK (PRWEB) August 20, 2004

Panorama Software, a recognized innovator of business intelligence (BI) solutions, and AIM Retail, specialists in providing IT solutions to the retail sector, today announced their partnership to address the need for effective provision of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to executives, merchandisers, buyers, managers and distribution personnel within retail organizations.

The first result of the partnership is AIM RetailÂ’s Reflex Analytics, which brings the capabilities that have long been associated with complex, expensive business intelligence solutions firmly within the reach of the SME retailer. By working with retailers to highlight and resolve the many issues surrounding critical areas such as wastage, basket analysis, promotional performance and forecasting, Reflex Analytics delivers real competitive advantage and improved overall profitability.

Reflex Analytics is based on gaining a thorough understanding of specific business requirements and delivering business analysis directly to the desktop. Powered by Panorama, this powerful analytical toolset unlocks the vast quantities of data that already exist within many retail organisations and delivers focussed, actionable information directly to the user - whatever their role within the retail organisation.

PanoramaÂ’s suite of business intelligence solutions extends the power of MicrosoftÂ’s BI platform allowing companies to leverage existing IT investments and information to improve business results. Informed business decisions can be made to improve stock availability, increase margins, reduce stock-holding and mark-downs and respond to competitive challenges. The companyÂ’s flagship BI solution, Panorama 4.0, extends the value and reach of business intelligence to all users - making BI a part of everyday operations.

Commenting on the partnership, Peter Hunt, Managing Director at AIM Retail, said “The Panorama solution is a vital addition to our Reflex portfolio of end-to-end management systems. Not only does it provide us with an integrated BI toolset, it also enables us to deliver stand-alone analytics applications to those retailers utilising other vendor solutions.”

Richard Day, EMEA Channel Manager of Panorama Software said “AIM has a deep understanding of the retail sector in the UK. The addition of a Panorama-based solution extends their portfolio of products and services. I am very pleased to welcome them as a Panorama Partner.”


Panorama Software, a leading innovator of business intelligence solutions, helps global organizations unlock the hidden value of their information assets to improve business performance and results. By extending the Microsoft Platform through integrated business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions, Panorama ensures that decision makers at all levels and functions can easily analyze data, quickly create and distribute reports, and proactively measure performance. With offices throughout North America and EMEA, Panorama supports a global customer base in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, healthcare, telecommunications and life sciences, and maintains more than 100 partners in 30 countries. More information is available at www. panorama. com.


The development and support of retail solutions has been AIM's business for over 30 years. Working in close partnership with many of the UK's leading retailers, we have developed an unrivalled understanding of the retail sector and the part technology plays in supporting the retail enterprise. 

At AIM we believe that IT should support and assist the business, not place constraints upon it; our experience has taught us that to provide clear business benefits we need to understand both current practices and future strategy. In order to ensure our solutions match your unique and individual trading requirements, it is vital that we gain a detailed understanding of your business and specific requirements.

As a result we work in partnership with retailers to provide IT solutions based on clearly identified goals and expectations.

Our clients range from well-known national retailers, including Sainsbury's, House of Fraser, WHSmith, The Co-op Group and The Body Shop, to smaller regional retailers such as Housing Units, Hyper Value and Notcutts. More information can be found at www. aimretail. com.

All trademarks and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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ABMS Appoints Richard Hawkins, MD, FACP as New Senior Vice President for Professional and Scientific Affairs

ABMS Appoints Richard Hawkins, MD, FACP as New Senior Vice President for Professional and Scientific Affairs

American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), the organization overseeing the certification of physician specialists in the United States, has appointed Richard E. Hawkins, MD, FACP, senior vice president for professional and scientific affairs. Hawkins will assume his new duties Feb. 1, 2009. Along with his other responsibilities, Hawkins will provide leadership to ABMS and its various committees to help promote the science of ABMS Maintenance of Certification® and certification in context of advancing physician assessment programs.

EVANSTON, Ill. (PRWEB) December 12, 2008

For more than 20 years, Hawkins has been involved in various initiatives to assess and evaluate physician quality and competency. Currently, Hawkins is the vice president for assessment programs at the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) in Philadelphia – one of nine ABMS Associate Member Boards that partner with ABMS because they, too, focus on improving the quality of medical education and the physician accreditation process. In addition, Hawkins serves on the ABMS Committee on Oversight and Monitoring of Maintenance of Certification (COMMOC), which is responsible for receiving and reviewing reports from ABMS Member Boards about its MOC programs and confirms compliance with the MOC guidelines. The committee also provides recommendations and guidance to the Member Boards regarding program development and implementation.

"We are so pleased that Richard has joined our organization," said Kevin B. Weiss, MD, president and CEO of ABMS. "This is an exciting time at ABMS as we advance several new initiatives designed to improve the quality of U. S. healthcare. Through his work with NBME and serving on the ABMS COMMOC committee, Richard thoroughly understands the board certification landscape, MOC, and the ABMS mission," Weiss said.

Hawkins received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and completed his residency and internship at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Va. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in internal medicine with a subspecialty in infectious disease.

About ABMS

Now in its 75th year, American Board of Medical Specialties is the pre-eminent medical organization overseeing physician certification in the United States. It assists its 24 Member Boards in their efforts to develop and implement educational and professional standards for the evaluation and certification of physician specialists. ABMS Member Boards provide physician certification information to ABMS for its certification verification service programs. ABMS is recognized by the key healthcare credentialing accreditation entities as a primary equivalent source of board certification data for medical specialists. Patients can visit www. abms. org or call toll-free 1-866-ASK-ABMS to see if their physician is board certified by an ABMS Member Board. For more information about ABMS visit www. abms. org or call (847) 491-9091.

The 24 Member Boards that make up the ABMS Board Enterprise covers over 145 medical specialties and subspecialties include: American Board of Allergy and Immunology, American Board of Anesthesiology, American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery, American Board of Dermatology, American Board of Emergency Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Medical Genetics, American Board of Neurological Surgery, American Board of Nuclear Medicine, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, American Board of Ophthalmology, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, American Board of Otolaryngology, American Board of Pathology, American Board of Pediatrics American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Board of Preventive Medicine, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Radiology, American Board of Surgery, American Board of Thoracic Surgery, and American Board of Urology.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

HEALTHPOINT Signs International Deal, Expands Reach to Greater China Region via Schmidt Scientific-Taiwan Licensing Agreement Schmidt to Manufacture, Sell Trizenol® Skin Asepsis Technology in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China

HEALTHPOINT Signs International Deal, Expands Reach to Greater China Region via Schmidt Scientific-Taiwan Licensing Agreement Schmidt to Manufacture, Sell Trizenol® Skin Asepsis Technology in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China

HEALTHPOINT, Ltd., a Texas-based market leader in infection prevention, tissue management, and dermatology products, has announced an international licensing agreement with Taipei-based Schmidt Scientific for Schmidt to manufacture and market HEALTHPOINT’s infection prevention products Triseptin® and Actiprep®. Based on HEALTHPOINT’s patented Trizenol® technology, a fast-acting and persistent topical antiseptic technology, the products are widely used in the U. S. in the fields of surgical scrubbing and patient preoperative prepping.

(PRWEB) March 20, 2002 -

Based market leader in infection prevention, tissue management, and dermatology products, has announced an international licensing agreement with Taipei-based Schmidt Scientific for Schmidt to manufacture and market HEALTHPOINT’s infection prevention products Triseptin® and Actiprep®. Based on HEALTHPOINT’s patented Trizenol® technology, a fast-acting and persistent topical antiseptic technology, the products are widely used in the U. S. in the fields of surgical scrubbing and patient preoperative prepping.

Schmidt, an international organization specializing in the sale and service of products and equipment for healthcare, science and industry, will manufacture and market Triseptin, a brush-free surgical scrub, and Actiprep, a patient preoperative skin preparation, to medical institutions in the Greater China region. Additionally, Triseptin will be marketed to consumers as an antibacterial hand and body wash under Schmidt Group Practice Company, an affiliate of Schmidt Scientific Taiwan.

The combined market for the products in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and PeopleÂ’s Republic of China is an estimated 1.23 billion people and nearly 70,000 hospitals.

“Triseptin and Actiprep raise the standard of care for surgical scrubbing and preoperative skin preparation,” said H. Paul Dorman, HEALTHPOINT Chairman and CEO. “We are delighted to have Schmidt as our partner to take the technologies into this extensive market.”

“This agreement forms a firm foundation for HEALTHPOINT to extend its innovative skin asepsis technology and products as well as to provide a platform for future growth in the Asia Pacific region,” said Jay Nisbet, Director of International Business Development for HEALTHPOINT.

“Schmidt Scientific Taiwan Ltd. is very pleased to be HEALTHPOINT’s partner in Greater China,” said Henry H. Lee, Chairman and CEO, Schmidt Scientific Taiwan. “We believe there is significant market potential for innovative skin asepsis products.”

Triseptin and Actiprep represent the latest technology introduced in the field of surgical skin asepsis since the introduction of chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) in the 1970s. (CHG was heretofore recognized as a leading active for surgical scrubs and patient preparation for surgery.) Triseptin and Actiprep are composed of three key elements: a fast-acting, broad-spectrum antimicrobial active ingredient — ethyl alcohol; emollients with surfactants to condition the skin and remove dirt and organic debris; and a preservative system to help prolong the antimicrobial action of alcohol.

Triseptin is the only brush-free surgical scrub with a water-aided formula; water helps removes dirt and organic debris between operative procedures. Other traditional preoperative asepsis products require scrubbing, often with a surgical scrub brush, for five or ten minutes, but Triseptin requires only two 90-second applications and no brush due to its unique surfactants and long-lasting persistence — differences important to a surgical staff that traditionally scrubs multiple times daily.

Actiprep, heralded as a “quick and easy” patient preoperative skin preparation, conserves valuable time in the operating room. Its three main ingredients — like Triseptin’s — provide 24-hour efficacy. According to HEALTHPOINT, doctors, nurses, and other operating room personnel formerly were limited to a “scrub and paint” product that required three or four minutes to apply and three times that long to dry. Actiprep, via a single application, takes under a minute to apply and about a minute to dry — a total prep time of less than two minutes.

Both Triseptin and Actiprep are effective against multi-resistant microorganisms as well as viruses and gram negative and gram positive bacteria. The products have demonstrated superior efficacy and persistence in thorough in vivo studies in accordance with the U. S. Food and Drug AdministrationÂ’s Tentative Final Monograph for Healthcare Antiseptic Drug Products for surgical scrubbing.

Since its inception in 1992, HEALTHPOINT has established a strong domestic U. S. presence in the research, development, and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs, and medical devices for infection prevention, tissue management, and dermatology. The companyÂ’s aggressive research and development efforts have taken unique technologies to the market, setting the pace for a highly trained field sales organization that is expanding across North America and beyond.

“We’re an energetic, dynamic organization,” said Mr. Dorman, “and we look forward to taking our products and services to new markets around the world.”

HEALTHPOINT, a DFB Pharmaceuticals, Inc. affiliate company, is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

DFB, through its affiliate companies, contract partners, and branded marketing organizations, provides technology-driven products, outsourcing services and licensing opportunities for the healthcare industry worldwide.

DPT Laboratories, Ltd., another DFB affiliate, is a contract pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing services company with facilities in San Antonio, Texas, and Lakewood, New Jersey. DPTÂ’s headquarters are in San Antonio. 

Schmidt Scientific Taiwan Ltd. (SST) is a value-added distribution company that markets high quality and technology-based products in the medical and electronics fields. SST has operations in Taiwan and China.


Knowlagent Employees Serve Lunch to Area Homeless

Knowlagent Employees Serve Lunch to Area Homeless

Employees kick-off second year of service to MUST Ministries, serving lunch to local homeless population

Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) April 3, 2010

A group of Knowlagent employees kicked-off the company’s second year of service to MUST Ministries on Tuesday, March 23, serving lunch onsite to shelter residents and other members of the area’s homeless population.

MUST Ministries is a local non-profit organization in Marietta, GA, that provides shelter and services to local homeless, as well as mentoring programs and day services to individuals and families in need including food, clothing, medical and financial assistance.

Knowlagent is committed to serving lunch at MUST once a quarter. This latest day of service begins another year of supporting the organization and the populations it serves.

“Service is a priority at Knowlagent – both to our customers and to our community,” said Matt McConnell, Knowlagent CEO. “It is an important part of our culture. Our employees are eager to give back and excited to continue this tradition with MUST Ministries. In addition to benefiting our community, it makes us stronger as a company.”

Knowlagent and its employees are long-time supporters of MUST. In 2009, employees served lunch one day each quarter onsite at the organization’s Marietta shelter. In addition to serving hot meals, employees also provided 200 sack lunches to be distributed to shelter residents who need lunch during the workday.

In December, Knowlagent employees decorated the shelter and dining room and provided winter hats and gloves to those in need. In October, they held a transportation drive, collecting and delivering bikes, strollers and money for bus tickets to shelter residents in need of transportation. Employees also stocked the organization’s food pantry with canned goods, peanut butter and toiletries. In July, they painted the Marietta shelter so that it could accommodate additional residents.

About MUST Ministries
MUST Ministries is a faith-based organization ministering to persons in need in Cobb and Cherokee counties. MUST has created programs that are models for dealing with core problems in the community including recovery from homelessness and substance abuse, job preparedness and placement, housing for the mentally ill, summer lunches, and health programs. For more information, visit http://www. mustministries. org (http://www. mustministries. org).

About Knowlagent
Knowlagent is the only talent management software solution specifically developed to meet the unique training, coaching, and hiring needs of the 10 million call center agents around the world. By automating traditional call center management processes, Knowlagent’s solutions for training, coaching and hiring enable clients to hire the right agents and make them better by pushing training and communications when call volumes are low. Knowlagent’s solutions are on-demand, easy to use and require no capital expenditures. Over 200,000 agents and managers around the world use Knowlagent’s talent management software solutions every day. For more information, call 888-566-9457 or visit us online at http://www. knowlagent. com (http://www. knowlagent. com).


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Birdstep Technology and Auriga Forge a New Strategic Partnership

Birdstep Technology and Auriga Forge a New Strategic Partnership

Birdstep Technology, Raima Division, developers of the popular embedded database managers RDM Embedded and RDM Server, have partnered with Auriga, Russia's leading outsourcing R&D service providers. This new partnership opens up many opportunities and provides additional benefits for customers of both companies.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 30, 2009

Birdstep Technology (OSE: BIRD), which offers state of the art embedded database technologies, today announced their strategic partnership with Auriga Inc., one of Russia's leading outsourcing R&D service providers with nearly 20 years of expertise. This partnership brings together the high-quality embedded database technologies of Birdstep Technology and the embedded software development expertise of Auriga.

This strategic partnership opens up new opportunities for both companies and provides additional benefits for customers. Auriga brings nearly two decades of experience in delivering embedded solutions for a wide range of devices and can now offer Birdstep's RAIMA technology, expanding their range of cost effective solutions. This partnership will fill the need of many Auriga customers who require an efficient and reliable data management system. Birdstep Technology acquires an excellent opportunity to improve its relationship with its clients gaining the ability to offer additional database design, customization, and optimization consulting.

The Raima Database Manager (RDM) Family offered by Birdstep Technology, Raima Division, provides high-performance, real-time embedded databases for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices that can interoperate with other systems over a wide range of platforms and interfaces. These solutions are designed for today's complex, interconnected application-specific systems, providing developers with a high availability solution that enables information to be securely managed. Auriga has gained comprehensive experience in delivering innovative and cost effective solutions in such areas as mobile systems, avionics, healthcare and finance. Raima database technology allows the building of optimal product solutions for mobile database management, financial and enterprise systems, and increases performance on systems familiar to Auriga business domains, such as medical applications.

Auriga Business Development Director Gennadiy Mahov comments: "Entering into a partnership with a company like Birdstep Technology, a recognized leader in the area of real-time and embedded databases, is a remarkable event for our company. Adding Raima technology capabilities to Auriga R&D services will expand the range of optimal solutions for data storage and data processing for business and life critical embedded and real-time applications, and thus enforce our commitment to delivering efficient embedded solutions to our clients - ISV and OEM companies".

"We are very satisfied with this new partnership with Auriga, which brings world class development competence into our partner eco-system. We will not only address customer's specific needs with a unique product and service portfolio, but we also intend to develop our technical cooperation to anticipate upcoming market requirements and quickly provide proven solutions to the market" - adds Birdstep EMEA Sales Manager, Luca Pagni.

About Auriga (http://www. auriga. com/)
Auriga is a software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider incorporated in the U. S. and operating development centers in Russia since 1990. Auriga focuses on satisfying the specific needs of software and hardware high-tech companies as its driving strategy. Included in Global Services 100 since 2006, Global Outsourcing 100 since 2008, and Top 10 Central/Eastern Europe Providers of the Black Book of Outsourcing since 2006, Auriga offers services covering all aspects of the product engineering area and expertise in a set of knowledge areas from embedded systems and OS internals to enterprise information systems and Web applications. Auriga's client list includes such industry majors and leaders in their segments as IBM, Draeger Medical, LynuxWorks, Dialogic, Actel, BroadVision and many others.

Gennadiy Mahov
Business Development Department, Director
Auriga Inc.
Web: http://www. auriga. com (http://www. auriga. com/)
Phone: +7 (495) 713-9900

About The Raima Database Manager Family (http://www. raima. com/products/)
Raima released the first version of the Raima embedded database in 1984. Since then the family has grown into three successful embedded database products. RDM Embedded pioneered the embedded market space under the name dbVista. Building on the success of RDM Embedded, Raima released the product in a client/server configuration under the name Velocis, now called RDM Server. Augmenting the two is RDM Mobile, ideally suited for consumer electronics and low cost mobile devices such as set-top boxes, mp3 players etc. Please find free SDK downloads of the RDM Products at http://www. raima. com/downloads/ (http://www. raima. com/downloads/).

About Birdstep Technology, Inc
Birdstep Technology, Inc. (http://www. raima. com/), a wholly owned subsidiary of Birdstep Technology ASA (http://www. birdstep. com/), is a leading provider of high-performance embedded database solutions known as the Raima Database Manager product-line. Since 1984, the company has been focused on solving data management problems in a wide variety of verticals such as Mil/Aero, Telecom, Financial, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial Automation, Business Automation and more. With over 20,000 application developers, resulting in over 20,000,000 deployments, Birdstep continues to lead in the worldwide demand for embedded database technology.

Paul Johnson
Marketing Manager - Raima Division
Birdstep Technology
Web: http://www. raima. com/ (http://www. raima. com/)
Phone: (206) 748-5300

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Expert Information on Standards Can Now be Found at Document Center’s Blog StandardsForum. com

Expert Information on Standards Can Now be Found at Document Center’s Blog StandardsForum. com

New Standards Blog provides insight into current issues in Standards and Standardization. Long time Standards Expert and Document Center President Claudia Bach answers questions generated by real standards users and also comments on hot topics in the field.

Belmont, CA. (PRWEB) May 19, 2010

Having trouble with finding expert answers to Standards Questions? Document Center Inc., a leader in the field of Standards Distribution, has just launched the blog for you.

President Claudia Bach is using www. StandardsForum. com to address the questions that customers ask most often and to highlight other standards issues of interest. “Over the last few years, customers increasingly need help with basic standards concepts and issues. The field of standardization is getting more costly and complex while in-house expertise has slowly been eroding.”

Standardization reaches far into the economic success of both companies and countries. With globalization has come a host of issues that can affect companies of all sizes. “Our customers want to know what standards they must meet in order to do business all over the world. They need to understand how regulation and standards work hand-in-hand and how to be sure they are using the documents required.”

StandardsForum. com has already tackled the issue of the proliferation of the widely used ISO standards, like the ISO-9000 series. With so many editions of these documents to choose from, understanding which is appropriate is challenging. Ms. Bach’s “Attack of the Clones – Why are there so many versions of some ISO standards?” helps shed light on this question, making it easier to decide whether ISO-9000, BS-EN-ISO-9000 or ASQ-Q9000 is your best choice.

Ms. Bach has also written about the “Classic Standards Tale” that is unfolding in the development of Electronic Medical Records. With the recent e-health initiative of the Federal Government here in the U. S., the standardization effort behind the scenes will surely affect our healthcare system for years to come.

Future topics include issues regarding the cost of standards, revision harmonization, and the unintended consequences of mil-spec reform.

About President Claudia Bach

Ms. Bach has owned Document Center Inc. since January 1985. During that time, she has presided over the development of Document Center from an idea in a garage into an internationally respected standards distribution service.

She is from Sacramento, CA, and got her high school degree from International School in Bangkok Thailand. With a degree in piano performance from the University of the Pacific, she found herself the owner of Document Center through a family connection.

The business has flourished under Ms. Bach’s direction, with a leadership role in the adoption of the Internet to distribute Standards and Standards information (on the web since 1993). Now, Ms. Bach is turning to social media outlets to humanize the business of standardization and to make information “created by engineers for engineers” accessible to all levels of employees in today’s marketplace.

Ms. Bach is a fellow of the Standards Engineering Society, a frequent speaker at engineering and library events and meetings, and a noted writer on standards topics. She lives in San Carlos with her husband.

About Document Center Inc.

Document Center Inc. is an information distributor based in Silicon Valley. Selling standards since 1982 and on the web at www. document-center. com since 1993, Document Center Inc. is a leader in the dissemination of conformance information for business. Document Center offers out-sourced management services for standards collections for regulatory compliance, as well as individual document sales. ISO-9000 and FDA support products cover document auditing, monitoring, and periodic reporting services. The company is in the top 3% of woman-owned businesses in the United States.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Go2dental Signs Agreement with Lincoln Financial Group

Go2dental Signs Agreement with Lincoln Financial Group

Go2dental adds Lincoln Financial Group as a client. go2dental provides online dental information and decision support tools to help members make informed choices about their oral health care.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) July 19, 2007

go2dental. com, Inc. (go2dental) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Lincoln Financial Group. Lincoln Financial contracted with go2dental to provide the Lincoln DentalConnectsm Web site for employees insured by a Lincoln Financial dental insurance policy.

Lincoln DentalConnect provides online information to their members to help them make more informed choices about their dental care and benefits. "Whether you need to find a dentist near your home or office, want to calculate the average cost of a procedure, or would like to learn more about the link between gum disease and pancreatic cancer, Lincoln DentalConnect can help," explains Julie Fried, vice president of marketing for Lincoln Employer Markets Group Protection segment. "It's a very user-friendly site and extremely robust. It is a valuable benefit for employees and their dependents, and it also benefits employers by enhancing their benefits package at no additional cost."

"We are excited about providing Lincoln Financial Group with a valuable online solution for their members," said Bret Guenther, go2dental CEO. "Our competitive advantage is our ability to get a customized solution quickly to the market by leveraging our IT resources. Our clients benefit by providing a valuable solution to improve member and client satisfaction."

About go2dental (www. go2dental. com)

Go2dental is the premier provider of decision support tools and information technology resources in the dental benefits marketplace. go2dental works with 17 of the leading dental benefit administrators. It was formed in 1999 to fill a niche in the dental insurance industry caused by escalating costs and a lack of consumer-based information resources. go2dental's decision support tools provide client's members with the information to make better choices in pursuit of improved oral health.

About Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates. With headquarters in Philadelphia, the companies of Lincoln Financial Group had consolidated assets under management of $237 billion as of March 31, 2007. Lincoln Financial Group recognizes the changing financial security needs of today's retirees as well as those still in the workforce, and focuses its products and services on making retirement income security a reality for its clients. Specifically, through its affiliated companies, Lincoln Financial Group offers: annuities; individual life insurance; group life, disability, and dental insurance; 401(k) and 403(b) plans; savings plans; mutual funds; managed accounts; institutional investments; and comprehensive financial planning and advisory services. Affiliates include: Delaware Investments, the marketing name for Delaware Management Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries; Lincoln Financial Media, which owns and operates three television stations, 18 radio stations, and the Lincoln Financial Sports production and syndication business; and Lincoln UK.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals Hitches A Ride On The Beauty Bus

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals Hitches A Ride On The Beauty Bus

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals Joins The Beauty Bus To Brighten The Day, And Skin, Of Those In Need.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) October 7, 2010

Giving back to the community is a focus for Los Angles based skincare company, Sircuit® Cosmeceuticals.

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals has partnered with local charity, the Beauty Bus Foundation, donating a large quantity of a best-selling product from their chirally correct, chemical, paraben & cruelty free skincare line.

Beauty Bus is a non-profit organization that provides in-home beauty and grooming services free of charge to home-bound, terminally or chronically ill individuals and their primary caregivers. The non-profit’s Co-founder and President Alicia Liotta explains the mission of Beauty Bus as being “dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for homebound, terminally or chronically ill individuals and their primary caregivers. It is our mission to help our clients maintain dignity, treat them to human touch that is pampering and non-medical and offer respite during life’s difficult times. We also feel it is extremely important to service the caregiver, who are rarely recognized or rewarded for the vital services they provide to our most vulnerable citizens.”

An industry leader in the natural skincare market, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals offers a 100% fresh, high performance skincare line utilizing the latest in Chiral technology and a commonsense "be good to yourself" approach. This approach makes the Beauty Bus and SIRCUIT a perfect partner for wellness. Not only will the recipients of these complimentary services be pampered, they will get to experience skincare that is healthy for the skin, body, and overall wellbeing.

“It’s a great fit!” says SIRCUIT® founder, Michael Wolfgeher, “the Beauty Bus is a wonderful foundation that embodies the true spirit of beauty.” Wolfgeher praises the foundation for their work and is optimistic about the budding partnership, “We look forward to the great success of the Beauty Bus, and will continue to support the efforts of this exciting non-profit.”

For more information about SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals and the Beauty Bus Foundation, visit http://www. sircuitskin. com, and http://www. BeautyBus. org

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Michael Wolfgeher, please call April Weiss at 888/661-4544 or e-mail April at impressed@sircuitskin. com

About SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals: Founded in 2001 by Michael Wolfgeher, and based in Los Angeles, CA, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals offers a complete line of professional, high-performance skincare products using the latest in Chiral Technology. At SIRCUIT® we give you the straight up facts, truthful marketing and list all of our ingredients proudly. Most importantly, SIRCUIT® formulations NEVER contain chemical parabens or preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and of course, everything we do is cruelty free. "Green" since our beginning...with full back bar innovation offering 100% fresh, high performance, result driven skin treatment solutions. With both retail and professional lines, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals has been building relationships with Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Resort Spas, Medical spas, Day Spas and Licensed Skin Care Specialists for 8 years strong and is shipped to retail customers worldwide.


Friday, February 16, 2007

TransTec Solutions Releases Its Medical Transcription Management and Document Retrieval Software

TransTec Solutions Releases Its Medical Transcription Management and Document Retrieval Software

After nearly three years of development and production trials, TransTec Solutions, today, announced the release of its transcription management and document retrieval software product, TranMan, designed for medical transcription businesses, hospitals, and group medical practices. “Having processed 20 million lines of transcription successfully, we’re definitely ready to go with the product,” says Dan Gaskin, founder of TransTec Solutions.

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) June 23, 2004

After nearly three years of development and production trials, TransTec Solutions, today, announced the release of its transcription management and document retrieval software product, TranMan, designed for medical transcription businesses, hospitals, and group medical practices. “Having processed 20 million lines of transcription successfully, we’re definitely ready to go with the product,” says Dan Gaskin, founder of TransTec Solutions.

Every day, medical practitioners dictate millions of words providing clinical documentation required by Medicare, insurance companies, and legal statute. Transcription of these words to documents and their filing and distribution are highly labor intensive and have often been fraught with problems. TranMan reduces labor costs and improves document quality and timeliness by managing the workflow process from the time a transcriptionist finishes typing until the last copy of the document is printed, faxed, or emailed to its recipient.

Transcription files received from transcriptionists are stored in TranManÂ’s database and validated for correctness and consistency. As much as 100% of document validation is done without a person having to open and sight check the document. Any problems encountered by the transcriptionist or found by TranMan are displayed to Quality Assurance staff for resolution.

Documents satisfying the validation checks can be processed further, performing such functions as adding headers and footers, expanding keywords to standard paragraphs, and even retrieving text from previously transcribed documents. TranMan can add images for letterheads, watermarks, or forms to the document. Each copy is then automatically sent to its final destination whether printed, faxed, emailed, or electronically transmitted.

TranMan creates an archival copy of the document that is then immediately available for review through TranManÂ’s web based document retrieval. Password security is enforced and maintaining a record of each access to the individual documents guards patient record privacy. TranManÂ’s document retrieval is fully compliant with Federal (HIPPA) regulations.

TranMan provides automated calculation of transcriptionistsÂ’ payroll and dictatorsÂ’ transcription charges. Management reporting provides analyses of document quality, transcription volumes, and turnaround times to help improve the services offered by the transcription organization.

TranMan uses Microsoft Word® for transcription and document processing and the Oracle® relational database for document storage and retrieval. “This is a mission critical application,” says Dan Gaskin. “We had to choose the best of breed in both document processing and database. Word’s automation features give us powerful document processing under our own program’s control and Oracle’s speed, reliability, and stability make it the best choice of databases.”

TranMan’s production trials were conducted with MedLite, Inc., a Sarasota, Florida medical transcription business. According to Jim Bendel, President of MedLite, “TranMan, or the ‘Umbrella’ as we call it, has already greatly improved our document quality and turnaround times. And, it’s giving us added capacity without adding staff.” Doug Bendel, Chairman of MedLite, sees the future transcription company as a provider of electronic medical records services to the healthcare industry. “With TranMan, we’re already there – way ahead of our competition.”

For information:

Dan Gaskin 

TransTec Solutions 

2572 Sweetland Ave. 

Sarasota, FL 34232 

Phone: (941) 926-7749 

DanGa@TransTecSolutions. com

Www. TransTecSolutions. com

Jim Bendel/Doug Bendel

MedLite, Inc.

579 Interstate Blvd.

Sarasota, FL 34240

Phone: (941) 379-4479

JimB@MedLiteInc. com

Www. MedliteInc. com

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Leopardo Construction Completes 105,000-Square-Foot Build-Out of Komatsu's New North American Headquarters

Leopardo Construction Completes 105,000-Square-Foot Build-Out of Komatsu's New North American Headquarters

Leopardo Construction, a leading construction services firm, today announced the completion of the five-floor, 105,000-square-foot interior build-out of the North American headquarters for Komatsu America Corp., a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction and mining equipment.

Rolling Meadows, IL (PRWEB) November 21, 2006

Leopardo Construction, a leading construction services firm, today announced the completion of the five-floor, 105,000-square-foot interior build-out of the North American headquarters for Komatsu America Corp., a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction and mining equipment.

The new headquarters, located in the Continental Towers at 1701 West Golf Road in Rolling Meadows, Ill., is a consolidation of two suburban Chicago offices in Downers Grove and Vernon Hills, and provides office space for more than 300 Komatsu employees.

As general contractor, Leopardo built the space following an innovative and intricate design provided by the architect, Partners by Design. The first-floor reception area and elevator lobbies bear the stamp of Komatsu's corporate image with company history and product offerings displays.

The headquarters also includes a state-of-the-art training room, sophisticated computer server room, and an executive boardroom with high-end millwork, lighting and wall finishes. From an aerial perspective, circular and triangular-shaped rooms depict gears of construction equipment.

"With a great design in place, our team of interior construction experts worked extremely hard and ran all five floors simultaneously to deliver a high-class North American headquarters in less than four months," said Richard Underriner, senior project manager in Leopardo Construction's interiors group.

Continental Towers is a three-building, 923,000-square-foot office complex interconnected by a retail concourse that includes Magnum's Steakhouse, Metro Deli, Fifth Third Bank, a floral shop, dry cleaner, print shop, salon and travel agency.

About Leopardo Construction

Leopardo Construction is a leading construction firm providing pre-construction, general contracting, construction management, design-build and development services. In 2006, Leopardo Construction was recognized by Engineering News-Record magazine as one of the nation's largest 250 contractors. The company's team of 500 experts has specialized capabilities in interiors, healthcare, senior housing, retail, office, industrial, residential condominiums, aviation, hospitality and community-related projects such as libraries, churches and educational institutions.

For more than a quarter century, Leopardo's family of employees has been committed to quality construction, superior client service and tremendous value. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Leopardo Construction has offices in Chicago and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, as well as job sites across the nation. For more information, please visit Leopardo Construction (http://www. leopardo. com).

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Doctors Endorse Powerful New Vitamin for Better Health, Better Nutrition, Better Hair

Doctors Endorse Powerful New Vitamin for Better Health, Better Nutrition, Better Hair

There is no cure for hair loss, but doctors have discovered a new daily vitamin supplement blend can pave the way to better health and a better head of hair. No drugs, no chemicals... just patience, diligence and all the right ingredients.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 17, 2006

It’s sad but true. There is no cure for hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia, male and female pattern hair loss, is a progressive genetic disorder, when left untreated will always result in baldness. The rate and the extent of loss is completely dependent on one’s genetic predisposition. And once hair thinning has turned to loss, the hair follicle dies, and nothing can bring it back to life.

As is the case with most medical and physiological conditions, prevention is the best treatment protocol when fighting androgenetic alopecia, and doctors have discovered a new premium daily multi-vitamin blended with an array of clinically proven, pharmaceutical-grade herbs, botanicals and nutrients may just hold the key to better nutrition, better health and better hair.

“ViTrichol® addresses the body’s need for basic, premium nutrition as well as the hair follicles’ need for healing, essential nutrients, DHT-blocking, increased vascular function, improved oxygenation, reduced inflammation and more.” says Dr. Gregory Van Dyke, an internal medicine specialist in Mission Viejo, California. “No other product, natural or not, addresses this as effectively as ViTrichol®.” Dr. Van Dyke, continues.

Dr. Randall Sword, a nationally recognized hair restoration surgeon and a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, says, “Hair loss takes time… so does hair restoration. And when it comes to fighting hair loss, prevention is key. A successful preventative plan has to include basic overall nutrition as well as hair follicle protection and repair. Nothing else compares… ViTrichol® is the only natural hair restoration product I recommend, and it’s the best daily vitamin I’ve come across.”

Dr. Van Dyke concludes, “Whether it’s your health or your hair loss, you’ve got to take it seriously. You need to get started on an ongoing daily nutritional plan like ViTrichol® right now. I believe in it so much, I take ViTrichol® myself, every day."

To learn more about ViTrichol®, the causes of hair loss and the treatment options available, you’re invited to visit the ViTrichol® website at www. vitrichol. com.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Top Quality Paintbrush That Cleans in Seconds

A Top Quality Paintbrush That Cleans in Seconds

The number one complaint about painting is the clean-up. This innovative new brush produces a high quality finish and then cleans up in seconds.

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) September 28, 2007

The number one concern for every painter when choosing a paintbrush is how well it does the job. Painters can be fiercely loyal to brands of brushes such as Purdy because they are known and produce dependable results.

As a professional painter for over 20 years, John Geigle had exactly the same concern when he set out to make a new paintbrush that solves a fundamental flaw of even the best brushes: how they're cleaned.

The EZ Clean Paint Brush flushes the brush clean from the inside out, forcing paint away from the hard-to-reach heel of the brush by running water through its hollow handle. The cap at the end of the handle unscrews to connect the brush with a standard garden hose. Simply turning the water on gently, massage the bristles and the brush will be completely clean in under a minute.

But John knew the genius of his innovation would mean nothing if the brush wasn't up to snuff.

John chose the best synthetic bristles on the market for the EZ Clean Paint Brush. The ends are tapered rather than frayed, as is in many low quality brushes, to give a smooth finish to the paint. Detailed attention was paid to securing the bristles in the heel of the brush because they needed to withstand the flow of water during a lifetime of cleaning.

Even though the heel has holes to allow water to flow, the bristles are tightly packed. The EZ Clean Paint Brush stores a healthy amount of paint and releases it evenly during strokes for an easy, professional job.

To accommodate the water flow, the handle had to be shaped differently than a conventional paintbrush. John saw this as an opportunity to improve on the thin wood handles used for most paintbrushes. The round handle, made from recyclable ABS plastic, is something that many painters find more comfortable once they open their minds to something new.

But John didn't just want to make a brush that was as good as anything on the market. He made a brush that paints as well as anything on the market, cleans faster and lasts longer. The best painter takes about five minutes to clean a brush, but still some paint is left in the center bristles and heel. Over time, paint accumulates, making the brush useless for painting. The EZ Clean Paint Brush cleans in under a minute, and leaves no paint to accumulate and destroy its usefulness.

EZ Clean Paint Brushes come in five sizes from 2" to 4" with either straight or angle shapes for a total of 10 different brushes. You can find more information about the brushes at www. ezpainttools. com. EZ Clean Paint Brushes can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in the U. S. Prices range from $9.99 - $14.99.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Food Network Host and New York Based Journalist, Marlie Hall, to Travel to Haiti on Medical/Humanitarian Mission

Food Network Host and New York Based Journalist, Marlie Hall, to Travel to Haiti on Medical/Humanitarian Mission

Former WCBS-TV and Black Entertainment Television reporter and current host of Food Networks "Recipe For Success" Marlie Hall, will be traveling to Jeremie, Haiti accompanying medical personnel on a 10 day humanitarian mission beginning February 25, 2005. The mission is sponsored by the Glencoe, IL based Parish Twinning Program of America's Sacred Heart Haiti Ministry. The ministry's goal for this trip is to administer medical care and treatment to Jeremie's citizens, as well as to deliver 800-900 pounds of medical supplies. For Hall, who is of Haitian descent and whose family emigrated to the U. S. from Haiti it is a chance to focus attention not only on the ministry's work, but also on the plight of the Haitian people who have been affected by political violence and weather related devastation.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 23, 2005

Marlie Hall, a New York based journalist and host of Food Network’s “Recipe For Success”, will be accompanying a delegation of doctors and health care professionals from the U. S. to Jeremie, Haiti from February 25 to March 5, 2005. The 10-day humanitarian mission is sponsored by The Parish Twinning Program of America’s Sacred Heart Haiti Ministry.

The Parish Twinning Program of America, based in Glencoe, Illinois and operated by Gerald Keenan, is an international organization that pairs catholic churches in the U. S. with catholic churches in impoverished nations to conduct medical missions.

Within the last year, the U. S. State Department issued a travel warning urging U. S. citizens to avoid traveling to Haiti due to the countryÂ’s volatile political situation. Aid workers from various humanitarian organizations have left the country months ago, making the people of Jeremie, one of HaitiÂ’s most isolated areas, desperately needing assistance.

The ministryÂ’s goal for this trip to rural Sassier and Voldrogue, near Jeremie, is to provide medical care and treatment for approximately 100-140 people per day and to bring 800-900 pounds of medical supplies to the area.

For Hall, a former reporter with WCBS-TV and Black Entertainment Television, who is of Haitian descent, the trip is intensely personal. HallÂ’s family emigrated from Haiti to the U. S. in the early 1970Â’s for political as well as economic reasons.

Hall said “The last time I was in Haiti was in 1987 and for me, the trip’s mission is to focus attention on the plight of the Haitian people, who have been ravaged by political violence and weather related devastation, but also on the wonderful work performed by medical professionals associated with the Sacred Heart Haiti Ministry.” Hall added that she plans to journal and document her trip on video, and will be available for interviews / photo opportunities before and after her trip to the area.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

MINERAL TREASURES PURE MINERAL COSMETICS launches it's new look! In business now for just over 2 years, Mineral Treasures has gone international!

MINERAL TREASURES PURE MINERAL COSMETICS launches it's new look! In business now for just over 2 years, Mineral Treasures has gone international!

Mineral Treasures Pure Mineral Makeup has blossomed from a small company in southern Utah to a worldwide company in just 2 short years. Mineral Treasures cosmetics are now in Australia, England and Singapore as well as the United States. The mineral makeup industry is booming and time has proven that mineral makeup is not a fad but it is here to stay!

(PRWEB) September 1, 2004

Mineral Treasures Pure Mineral Cosmetics is headquartered in Hurricane, Utah, a small rural community in Southern Utah. Originally from California, Kathy Longhurst developed Mineral Treasures as a healthy alternative to traditional make-up. Kathy is dedicated not only to offering high quality mineral cosmetics but also in educating people about the harmful ingredients in their cosmetic and personal care products.

Kathy's main goal in creating her own line of loose mineral cosmetics was to be preservative free. "Mineral makeup is inert and cannot support bacteria and therefore does not need chemical preservatives", she says. 

Mineral Treasures Pure Mineral Makeup can be found online at www. mineraltreasures. net and is also sold private label to salons and spas worldwide. The mineral makeup is top quality, the same quality as the larger mineral makeup companies such as Jane Iredale and Bare Escentuals. In Kathy's opinion, top quality mineral makeup must include micronized titanium dioxide, boron nitride and silica, these ingredients help provide a fantastic coverage as well as a luxurious texture to the makeup.

Kathy's customers absolutely love how the makeup feels on their skin. The fact that Mineral Treasures formula gives a nearly matte finish - a perfect finish so that the setting powders are almost never needed has given Kathy's company an edge in the extremely competitive market on mineral cosmetics.

To contact Mineral Treasures Pure Mineral Makeup you may visit mineraltreasures. net or call 435-467-4987 for personalized help in choosing the right colors!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mathnasium Seeks to Improve AIMS Test Results Through Early Intervention

Mathnasium Seeks to Improve AIMS Test Results Through Early Intervention

Less that stellar results on the standardized AIMS tests in Arizona schools are creating a gap in education. The director of Mathnasium of Chandler, a math-only learning center, feels that early intervention and partnership with parents and educators can close that gap and give students mathematical skills that will not only improve test results but academic excellence overall.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 13, 2006

At this time of year, it becomes popular to make New Years resolutions. Most often they deal with physical health, fitness and lifestyle changes. One educator in Chandler, Arizona is pushing for a different kind of well-being – mathematic fitness for students in local schools. With a reported 18,000+ Arizona High School Seniors yet to pass the standardized AIMS test, the question of effective education measurement remains a hot topic. Unfortunately, adding to this dilemma is the regular practice of placing failing students in classes specifically designed to teach AIMS requirements. Snehal Patel, director of Mathnasium of Chandler, believes that by partnering with educators, parents and tutors can positively impact academic success through early identification of learning obstacles and improve mathematic performance.

“By placing failing students in a class that teaches them the curriculum of the standardized test, educators are merely applying a quick fix. This negates any benefit the AIMS test offers by way of measuring scholastic achievement.” states Mr. Patel. He adds, “It is the student that suffers since they have never really learned the mathematic skills they need to function.” There is no “quick-fix” for the current issues Arizona schools are experiencing with the level of AIMS success, or lack thereof. However, as Arizona schools continue to struggle with balanced education versus state-mandated testing, it seems that supplemental education programs can offer students and parents a long-term solution. Mathnasium of Chandler intends to help facilitate that solution -- one student at a time.

According to Mr. Patel most school systems struggle with a fundamental tenet of education, which is to address the root of the problem at the first sign and establish healthy education habits from the start. As he believes, “ A much more effective and realistic approach to solving this problem requires parents and educators to determine the reasons why our kids are doing poorly in math and address those frustrations and deficiencies as early as possible.” By getting help earlier, which could be as early as 1st or 2nd grade depending on when a child displays frustration and misunderstanding, students will be able to identify and overcome math and reasoning challenges as they occur rather than trying to conquer up to 10+ years of misunderstanding and inability during high school with a 3 month class focused solely on passing a test.

Mathnasium outlines its mission as ‘a way to instruct children in mathematics that makes sense to them and in a way that is fun’. Students who attend sessions at the learning center are known as “Mathletes” and through individual and group instruction they develop number sense and the ability to think mathematically which becomes useful throughout life in problem solving and critical thinking.”

Mathnasium offers student members a foundation of mathematic education that inspires self-confidence which spills over into other subjects as well helping to create a well-rounded student and that is a resolution Arizona students can live with!

For more information on Mathnasium of Chandler contact Mr. Snehal Patel at (480) 782-1924


Friday, February 9, 2007

Mesa Nursing School Hires Program Director

Mesa Nursing School Hires Program Director

Pima Medical Institute, 957 S. Dobson Road in Mesa has announced Kitty Rogers, MSN has been hired as the Program Director for their nursing program. The 30 men and women who make up the first nursing class began their education at the career college on Aug. 22.

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) December 1, 2005

Pima Medical Institute, 957 S. Dobson Road in Mesa has announced Kitty Rogers, MSN has been hired as the Program Director for their nursing program. The 30 men and women who make up the first nursing class began their education at the career college on Aug. 22nd.

Rogers has many years of experience in Nursing and Nursing education. Prior to joining PMI she served as the director of the nursing program at Long Technical College in Phoenix where she designed RN career college nursing education programs to meet Arizona State Board of Nursing rules, developed curriculum, oversaw lab design and equipment and recruited nursing faculty. She has also worked as a nurse consultant for Banner Health in Phoenix and the Nursing Home Administration in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.

Rogers received her M. S.N in nursing administration from Arizona State University where she graduated Phi Kappa Phi with the Thesis title: “What Type II Diabetes Means to Gila River Pima Indians. She also has a B. S. in nursing from the University of Phoenix in Arizona where she earned a grade point average of 3.98.

“There is a critical shortage of nurses and we want to graduate the best trained nurses in the state,” said Chris Luebke, campus director for the career college. “Kitty’s vast experience, desire to help students excel, and her deep passion for nursing is going to be a great asset for our students and the public at large.”

PMI is one of the premiere medical career colleges in the western United States. The privately owned, nationally accredited school provides students with a well-rounded education embracing theoretical classroom studies, as well as on-site training at medical facilities that mirror the working environment they will pursue after graduation.

Founded in Tucson, PMI has been educating students since 1972, with campuses in: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Chula Vista, CA; Denver and Colorado Springs, CO; Seattle and Renton, WA; Las Vegas, NV and in Tucson and Mesa, AZ. Additional information is available at http://www. pmi. edu (http://www. pmi. edu) or by calling 1-888-442-5998.

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Branding Expert Hilton Tackles "Holy Grail of Marketing" at Expo East

Branding Expert Hilton Tackles "Holy Grail of Marketing" at Expo East

Jeff Hilton, Integrated Marketing Group president and co-founder, will discuss advanced branding strategies with Natural Products Expo East attendees on September 15, 2005 at the Washington, DC Convention Center.

SALT LAKE CITY, (PRWEB) August 25, 2005

Jeff Hilton, president and co-founder of Integrated Marketing Group (IMG), a marketing and branding agency servicing a national and international clientele, will speak at the Natural Products Expo East tradeshow and conference, September 15-18, 2005, at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Hilton will co-present "Advanced Perspectives on Branding" with fellow marketing expert, Jeff Spear, on Thursday, September 15, 2005, from 1-2:15 p. m. in room 152A.

"Every manufacturer, supplier and retailer wants to achieve the 'holy grail of marketing' – customer brand loyalty," states Hilton. "Our presentation will examine how and why customers move from brand awareness to brand acceptance to brand preference. This session will provide participants with a clearer and more advanced understanding of branding strategy and impart concrete ideas on ways to improve their results."

Hilton has been recognized by Advertising Age magazine as one of the nation's Top 100 Marketers and has guided the national brand-building efforts of numerous recognized consumer products. Through Hilton's leadership, IMG was the first agency in the United States to certify in the Federal Trade Commission Advertising Compliance Course for dietary supplements.

Spear is currently president of Studio Spear, www. studiospear. com, a marketing and creative services consultancy. Specializing in strategic planning and various marketing-related activities, Spear provides consumer companies with effective brand-building strategies.

Natural Products Expo East, www. expoeast. com, held each fall in Washington, DC, features more than 1,700 exhibiting companies and 20,000 attendees. It has served the industry for more than 20 years by bringing the leaders in every field to educate participants on the latest trends, products and information concerning natural and organic products. It offers buyers easy access to the world's best natural products, product pavilions and networking events.

Integrated Marketing Group, www. imgbranding. com, is a marketing and brand consultancy created to optimize all aspects of marketing communications including: corporate identity, advertising, public relations, internet marketing, research, packaging, merchandising, sales promotion, educational programs, trade show presence and direct marketing. Its principals have created a marketing firm with a diverse background of creative development and strategic planning skills to serve the healthy lifestyles industry.

For more information on Hilton's presentation, or to schedule an interview, please contact Amanda Holty at 801.538.0777 ext. 106.

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Harnessing the Internet to Combat Youth Substance Abuse

Harnessing the Internet to Combat Youth Substance Abuse

TRI and Unyos join forces to address the escalating issues of web content and drug abuse.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 3, 2009

The Treatment Research Institute (TRI) and Unyos, a Maryland-based software developer, announced today they will collaboratively develop a software platform to help parents, professionals and others address the danger of teenage access to rogue Internet pharmacies.

Due for release September 2009 at www. websafeparent. com, the novel TRI/Unyos website will offer a mix of downloadable, science-based information, other multi-media resources, and an on-line community network, to help concerned parents, patients and professionals understand and manage the dangers that Internet access to prescription drugs poses to cyber-savvy teen-agers and young adults. The resource will build upon "WebSafe," an existing TRI training for parents based on its own research into Internet pharmacies, where "no questions asked" purchase of dangerous prescription drugs - some just as lethal as heroin and other street drugs - is commonly available.

"Drug addiction is a major problem of our society. It destroys human potential and community and has led to an overburdened criminal justice system. We are excited by the opportunity to help TRI address this misunderstood health care problem and continue the shift to prevention and treatment." stated Mr. Carey Kriz, the CEO of Unyos. "We were looking for a partner to help us explore how the Internet could be used to enhance social communication and support in health care, and TRI, with its experience with WebSafe and more generally the addiction community, stood out as best-of-breed".

Constance Pechura, Ph. D., TRI Executive Director, applauded the potential of the alliance to propel dissemination of science-based information, particularly to parents. "TRI conducts some of the best addiction research in the nation and is committed to increasing the impact of our findings by communicating them as broadly as possible. Unyos understands how to use modern technology to rapidly disseminate targeted information," Pechura said. "The TRI/Unyos collaboration has the potential to extend the reach of our discoveries to the very people who need but otherwise might not get them," she said.

As part of the alliance, Unyos will bundle its secure collaboration platform with TRI-reviewed content to establish a single web destination helping parents and other individuals and organizations create a defensive and protective strategy against unacceptable drug content from the Internet. Their new web site will include a mixture of downloadable software and is designed to become the leading destination for help in managing damaging Internet content.

For more information, contact Mr. Larry Jones at Unyos at 1-301-641-8334, or Bonnie Catone, TRI Director of Communications.

TRI is an independent, non-profit research and development organization dedicated to science-driven transformation of addiction policy and treatment. TRI conducts original research and adapts scientific findings into products and services helping treatment providers, policy makers and parents. For more information, visit the TRI website at www. tresearch. org.

Unyos is a Maryland-based L. L.C. focused on the design, development and implementation of interactive content communities. With a board headed by Mr. Clarence Chandran (former Nortel COO), and a management team directed by Mr. Kriz (former Johns Hopkins/IBM executive), Unyos is committed to helping create a new model of communication and data sharing within the Internet and health care. The founders and leadership of Unyos bring decades of experience and leadership in the technology, communications and health care industries. 


FITaccess Launches New Subsidiary

FITaccess Launches New Subsidiary

FITacccess launches new subsidiary providing interactive online training packages for individuals, corporations, sports teams and elite athletes.

(PRWEB) March 28, 2002


FITaccess Launches FITaccess Pro

March 26, 2002

Vancouver, BC - FITaccess Technologies Inc. has announced the launch of a new subsidiary dedicated to providing complete customized training / coaching packages and information to those individuals, corporations or teams seeking more from their fitness / wellness or athletic programs.

FA Pro Athletics Inc. is a Vancouver based company providing physical performance solutions through its core group of certified personal trainers and coaches available online and in person providing the combined benefits of top quality one on one training sessions with an unparalleled online fitness programming and tracking software.

The FA Pro system is also available to trainers / coaches and wellness supervisors seeking a management tool for their own training systems which can enhance their ability to service their athletes / clients on a more personal level.

FA Pro will be available in the coming weeks and will be developed to include an online fitness store, and information sources in addition to updated fitness news and studies.

"The FA Pro product adds to our core business as a fitness technology company allowing us to become more directly involved applying our product to a broader target audience including sports and corporations which can benefit dramatically from regular use of the system", said Peter Kanis, VP Marketing and Sales for FITaccess Technologies.

"We will be developing a key board of advisors all of whom have extensive coaching and training experience ranging in focus from elite level athletes to beginner fitness enthusiasts. Almost all sports require conditioning specific training to maintain a competitive edge at the amateur or professional level. FA Pro can assist these athletes in reaching their goals or, alternatively the system can assist the beginner fitness enthusiast in simply becoming involved in physical fitness. Our in-house trainers can also provide corporate packages to those companies seeking an affordable way in which to increase employee productivity and general wellness through personal training."

About FITaccess

FITaccess is committed to providing the most convenient personal fitness experience available to enthusiasts around the world. With its innovative fitness application and its partnerships with health and fitness providers, FITaccess is helping set new standards in motivation, personal service and communication.

Company Contact

FITaccess Technologies Inc.

Suite 202 – 1768 West 3rd Avenue

Vancouver, BC

Canada V6J 1K4

Tel: (604) 733-6652

Fax: (604) 733-6631

Email: info@fitaccess. com

Www. fitaccess. com

Www. fitaccesspro. com

Former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop to Address Anchor & Caduceus Society Luncheon

Former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop to Address Anchor & Caduceus Society Luncheon

Former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop will be addressing the Anchor & Caduceus Society annual luncheon to commemorate the 116th Anniversary of the founding of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. The luncheon, scheduled for Tuesday, January 4th, 2005 in Rockville MD, is open to all persons interested in public health. Space is limited and reservations must be made by 30 December 2004 to guarantee seating. VADM Michael Cowan, MC, USN (Ret.), former Surgeon General of the Navy, will deliver the 13th Annual C. Everett Koop Honorary Lecture. Details are as follows.

(PRWEB) December 5, 2004

The PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation for the Advancement of Public Health is pleased to join with the Anchor and Caduceus Society and the DC Metro Branch of the Public Health Service Commissioned Officers Association to present the annual luncheon commemorating the 116th Anniversary of the founding of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. The luncheon, on Tuesday, January 4th, 2005, will be held at the Doubletree Hotel in Rockville, MD from 11:30AM to 1:30PM. VADM Michael Cowan, MC, USN (Ret.), former Surgeon General of the Navy, will deliver the 13th Annual C. Everett Koop Honorary Lecture. Legendary U. S. Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop will offer opening remarks. Dr. Koop was Surgeon General and Commander of the PHS Commissioned Corps from 1981 to 1989 during the Reagan administration.

The luncheon is open to all persons interested in public health. Cost is $25 per person and reservations are being accepted by the Commissioned Officers Foundation. Checks may be made out to the Anchor and Caduceus Society or the Commissioned Officers Foundation and mailed to the PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation, 8201 Corporate Drive – Suite 200, Landover, MD 20785. Credit card payments may also be used to secure a reservation by calling the Foundation at 301-731-9080. Space is limited and reservations must be made by 30 December 2004 to guarantee seating.

The PHS Commissioned Corps is a highly trained cadre of 6,000 uniformed officers who are experienced, mobile health professionals working in the eight agencies of the Public Health Service as well as other federal agencies that require their expertise.

Members of the Commissioned Corps serve wherever there is a need for their specialized skills. Officers are stationed in all 50 states, at more than 550 locations including remote Indian reservations and Federal prisons. Corps officers can be called to duty 24 hours a day and have responded on numerous occasions to public health emergencies. Hundreds of PHS officers were ordered to assist with hurricane relief operations in Florida in September, 2004 and PHS officers serve today alongside their Armed Services comrades in both Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world.

The PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation is non-profit charitable organization dedicated to advancing public health through education and activities supporting the mission of the PHS Commissioned Corps.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007




(PRWEB) August 1, 2003

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July, 2003 – Improved quality of life, increased mobility, and stronger communication skills are three aims of a new rehabilitation study for people with Parkinson’s disease. The three-year, million dollar, NIH funded study will be undertaken by Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Its innovative design combines rehabilitation for self management and exercise training sessions in an intensive, six-week format that researchers say will provide people with ParkinsonÂ’s disease with better skills for successful long-term management of their condition.

Current programs separate rehabilitation sessions, focusing either on movement disorders or communication problems. These sessions are usually few in number. They often treat problems associated with an advanced stage or they address injuries that result from disease-related complications. Consequently, individuals must rely on medication and infrequent doctors visits to help them deal with their condition.

The Sargent College program involves participants in simultaneous sessions of occupational, physical and speech therapy and helps them develop coping skills within an intensive period of six weeks. Participants are engaged in therapeutic intervention when they experience problems in their activities of daily living.

“We have designed the optimal kind of rehabilitation,” explains Linda Tickle-Degnen, co-investigator on the study and an occupational therapy professor at Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. “We are going to take the best of rehabilitation, make it very powerful, and use it when patients are experiencing problems in moving around and speaking. The long term goal is to slow the decline in mobility and communication.”

Other investigators include, Sargent CollegeÂ’s Robert Wagenaar, PhD, principal investigator and chairman of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, and Terry (Theresa) Ellis, a rehabilitation science professor specializing in physical therapy.

Boston UniversityÂ’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is an institution of higher education and research whose premier academic programs prepare dynamic health care professionals and whose research and leadership in the health and rehabilitation sciences is actively shaping health care.

For more information about Sargent College and to learn about their degree programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, communication disorders, health sciences, athletic training, nutrition and rehabilitation counseling, visit http://www. bu. edu/sargent (http://www. bu. edu/sargent).


NetProspex Releases Free Sales Lead Validation Tools

NetProspex Releases Free Sales Lead Validation Tools

NetProspex, a leader in providing accurate sales information, has released a new set of free sales lead tools to helps sales professionals validate their contact information.

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) March 28, 2008

Reaching the right person with the right offer is the key to effective selling. Now, a new set of sales lead tools from NetProspex, a leader in providing accurate sales information, helps sales professionals validate their contact information. The tools are free, and available on the NetProspex (http://www. netprospex. com/screen_toolkit. php? action=initialize) web site.

"The new suite of sales lead tools increases NetProspex's value as a time management tool for sales," says Gary Halliwell, CEO of NetProspex. "The goal of NetProspex is to reduce the time sales people spend digging for accurate, targeted information so they can spend more time selling, which has a direct impact on sales cycles."

"Our core competency is ensuring data accuracy of user-contributed content," continues Halliwell, "which we achieve through several layers of quality control. No one else in the industry is doing this, so we can go deeper into mid-management and provide a higher level of confidence in our data". Customer David Haas, vice president of strategic exhibitor services at BDMetrics agrees. "NetProspex's deep coverage into mid-management level contacts augments our database significantly."

The NetProspex Sales Lead Toolkit:
 Got a contact name but need an email address? NetProspex Company Email Pattern Lookup (http://www. netprospex. com/screen_toolkit. php? action=start_tool&tool=companyEmailPattern) fills an important gap in sales contact information. Use this tool to select a company, and NetProspex will return the email pattern for that organization.  Want to be sure the email address for a prospect is valid? NetProspex Email Checker (http://www. netprospex. com/screen_toolkit. php? action=start_tool&tool=emailChecker) evaluates an email address without actually sending email to a recipient. This is useful to check individual emails for validity or to verify a group of email addresses, to evaluate the overall health of a campaign list.  Got a list of target company URLs? The NetProspex Leads by URL (http://www. netprospex. com/screen_toolkit. php? action=start_tool&tool=leadsByURL) tool maps available executive contacts in target companies. Simply input a target company URL, and NetProspex returns any matching records from their database of over 2.4 million contacts.  Find the contacts you need using the NetProspex Custom Search (http://www. netprospex. com/screen_search. php) function. The NetProspex search interface allows sales professionals to easily evaluate NetProspex coverage by sales territory. Specify job function, title, industry, company type and size, geographic location, and more.

NetProspex is a database of sales information, including over 2 million contacts that go deep into mid-management decision-makers at over 350,000 companies across North America, complete with title, phone, address and email address. What sets the Netprospex model apart is adding value to community-contributed content by actively ensuring data accuracy with rigorous quality control measures before the data is published to the database.

NetProspex offers both subscription membership (http://www. netprospex. com/subscriptions. php) to its database of business executive contacts (for as little as $25 per month) as well as the free NetProspex Exchange (http://www. netprospex. com/exchange. php) service, for users who wish to trade in existing contact information in return for new contacts.

About NetProspex
Founded in 2006, NetProspex understands that effective sales efforts require the most in-depth and accurate prospect data. The company's core product line overlays user-contributed and commercial sales lead data with layers of quality control to produce an entirely unique and highly effective sales and marketing contact database. With over 2.5 million accurate business contacts across 350,000 companies, NetProspex is a major new source of contacts - including difficult-to-find mid-management decision makers across North American businesses.

In its first year of business, the company has seen significant sales growth and already has over 300 enterprise clients (http://www. netprospex. com/customers. php) across a range of industries including technology, media, business services and financial markets. The company recently secured Series A funding from angel investors. For more information or a free trial, visit www. netprospex. com. (http://www. netprospex. com)