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Father's Tale of Witnessing Daughter's Life and Death Struggle; Proceeds Benefit March of Dimes

Father's Tale of Witnessing Daughter's Life and Death Struggle; Proceeds Benefit March of Dimes

Bestselling author, Jack Hatfield, is sharing not only his story, but the proceeds as well. The March of Dimes will benefit from the book "Blessed with Tragedy-A Father's Journey with his PreeMiracle"

Columbia, SC (PRWEB) April 21, 2009

Jack Hatfield of Columbia has authored "Blessed with Tragedy - A Father's Journey with his PreeMiracle." The story he shares is written in a day-by-day diary format. His daughter, Jonna was forced into the world prematurely. "Given only a minimal chance for survival, Jonna would teach us what survival really meant. From a little girl smaller than my hand came the greatest lessons in life. Stubbornly hanging on when the doctors said she couldn't, Jonna taught us all the power of inner strength and how to locate it ourselves. Her example continues to inspire as she beat the odds stacked against her one miraculous moment at a time" says Hatfield.

Through the words of her father, Jonna makes her story known. Too young to speak for herself, too young to understand how important she really is, Jonna's miraculous journey is transcribed by a witness to her accomplishments, bringing hope to others in similar situations. From the heartfelt words of her brightest Knight in Shining Armor, this little angel earns her wings on earth as she delivers salvation and hope to parents of preemies worldwide.

"Knowing that everyday, prematurity blessings are bestowed upon us every minute; I have to ensure that my little angel's lessons to me will not be reserved and I have vowed to show others how to spread their wings. With proceeds from this book going to help the March of Dimes, it is just another way I am out to change the world." Jack is spreading the word across the country to raise awareness as much as possible and also show people that true success is inside everyone. He is available for interviews, speeches and comments. More information can be found at Blessed with Tragedy Website (http://www. BlessedWithTragedy. com).

In 2008, March of Dimes issued a Report Card on Premature Birth, giving the nation a D and South Carolina an F. The rate of babies born preterm in South Carolina increased nearly 25% in just the past decade. Each week in the Palmetto State, 173 babies are born premature - that's one baby born every hour so small that many have to fight to survive. Babies born too soon are more likely to die or have disabilities and half of premature births occur for unknown reasons. The March of Dimes is committed to reducing this toll by funding research to find the answers to premature birth and providing comfort and information to families who are affected. Through research and community programs, the March of Dimes helps moms have full-term pregnancies and babies to begin healthy lives.

The largest fundraiser for the March of Dimes is March for Babies.
To register for March for Babies visit March For Babies (http://www. marchforbabies. org)

In 2009 national March for Babies sponsors are Kmart, the March of Dimes number one corporate supporter, CIGNA, Continental Airlines, Famous Footwear, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, FedEx, First Response, Liberty Tax Services, Mead Johnson Nutrition and Ther-Rx.

In Florence, March for Babies is sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, McLeod Health, QVC, Morning News, The Messenger and Miller Communications radio stations.

The South Carolina March of Dimes has invested millions of dollars in program services, including research grants and local community services.  Through these grants, the March of Dimes is seeking ways to prevent birth defects and infant death, reduce South Carolina's increasing premature birth rate, increase access to prenatal care and educate men and women about having healthy babies.

The March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health.  With chapters nationwide and its premier event, March for Babies the March of Dimes works to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. For the latest resources and information, visit March Of Dimes (http://www. marchofdimes. com)

About the Companies
PreeMiracles, LLC was founded to help parents of premature children obtain the information and support they need. They have started the world's first Social Network for PreeMiracles and those who love them.

March of Dimes researchers, volunteers, educators, outreach workers and advocates work together to give all babies a fighting chance against the threats to their health: prematurity, birth defects, low birthweight.


Children IQ Tests, Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements & School Food Trials a Red Herring says London Nutritionist

Children IQ Tests, Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements & School Food Trials a Red Herring says London Nutritionist

A leading London nutritionist has hit out at the hype surrounding using fish oil supplements and the supplementation of school children and in particular the Co Durham study of 5,000 children which claims to be boosting kids’ IQ with EYE Q an Omega 3 EPA fish oil supplement.

(PRWEB) September 10, 2006

Yvonne Bishop-Weston founder of Foods For Life says “We need to work harder to provide nutritious food. On one hand the DfES new interim guidelines announced by Education Secretary Alan Johnson on Monday 4th Sept 2006 say that oily fish should be provided at least once every 3 weeks with no other significant mention of essential fats, balancing omega 3 and omega 6 and addressing an omega 3 DHA / EPA shortage in diet. On the other hand 5,000 school children in Durham are being plied with EYE Q Fish oils which are an unsustainable solution both financially and environmentally.”

Whilst we have to congratulate the Government for banning rectum, testicles, spleen, udder and feet from school meals, the introduction of free water to drink and a reduction in foods rich in saturated fat and sugar there is still much work that needs to be done.

Guideline provision for vegetarians and vegans (who are much more likely to eat the guideline 5 fruit and vegetable portions a day) appear woefully inadequate although at least the Government does now insist vegetarian options should be made available.

The Caroline Walker Trust, advisors to The School Foods Trust and Government, suggest a vegetarian option of ‘Baked Bean Lasagne’ which, whilst it maybe marginally nutritionally ahead of chips and beans, sounds like clutching at straws, is low in protein and about as appetising as tripe and spam would be to a meat eater.

Even in the private sector it seems school children fare no better. “I’ve seen quite a few children from expensive private schools where, if they didn’t have food parcels sent from home, the children would be nutritionally bankrupt. Nothing more than toast and jam for supper is apparently quite normal and lunch is often lacking basic key nutrients” reports Yvonne.

“The simple truth is that we need to get back to basics and ensure our children’s food is more nutritious. Parents must be held responsible too as school lunch is just one meal a day. Many children leave home without any breakfast at all or else nothing more than assorted saturated fat and sugar”

But Yvonne questions UK chef, Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners out burst as he accused parents of being “A***holes and Tossers”. She says Jamie is lucky to be amongst the first generation of chefs who had a modicum of nutrition during their training. “It’s unfair to blame parents when the people they look to for guidance such as family doctors and schools have a limited understanding of nutrition”

On the increased pill popping trend she says “High quality supplements are great for restoring balance and useful for treating nutrition deficiencies but as a benchmark we should be aiming to get nutrients from food rather than pills.”

Fish oil supplements are a particular example of wasting both resources and money. Apart from the effort needed to catch the fish, extract and then purify the fish oil to remove illegal levels of dioxins, heavy metals and PCB’s there just aren’t enough of the right kinds of fish left in the sea to supplement everyone who needs extra long chain omega 3 DHA and EPA.

The solution could be re-discovered types of algae grown economically and safely in stainless steel tanks and rich in both EPA and DHA. A company in London, Eau + are investigating suitable foods such as bread that can be safely enriched with the innovative ancient food ingredient. Algae was a food of life for the Incas, Aztecs, ancient Chinese, and the Japanese and is the reason why fish are so rich in the long chain omega 3 fatty acids DHA or EPA.

Perhaps more visits to independent health food stores may save the nation?

Editors – more information.

Alan Johnson Education Secretary

Announcement on new guidelines

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School Food Trust

New Food-Based Requirements for School Lunches

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Teacher Net

Nutritional standards for school lunches and other school food and drink

Http://www. teachernet. gov. uk/wholeschool/healthyliving/ (http://www. teachernet. gov. uk/wholeschool/healthyliving/)

Tony Loftas is Founding Editor of the journal Marine Policy.

Not Enough Fish In The Sea

Http://www. ourplanet. com/imgversn/76/loftas. html (http://www. ourplanet. com/imgversn/76/loftas. html)

George Monbiot in The Guardian

Not enough fish in the sea – Algae is the answer

Http://www. monbiot. com/archives/2006/06/21/not-enough-fish-in-the-sea/ (http://www. monbiot. com/archives/2006/06/21/not-enough-fish-in-the-sea/)
Also at http://alternet. org/envirohealth/37862/ (http://alternet. org/envirohealth/37862/)

CBS News - John Heilprin - Associated Press

Commercial fishing has emptied the World’s seas.

Http://www. cbsnews. com/stories/2003/05/14/tech/main553902.shtml (http://www. cbsnews. com/stories/2003/05/14/tech/main553902.shtml)

V-Pure algae based fish oil free – long chain omega 3 fatty acids DHA EPA

Http://www. (http://www.

Foods For Life

Http://www. foodsforlife. org. uk (http://www. foodsforlife. org. uk)

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A new website was launched today. After 11 years of commercial vermiculture a pioneer of commercial wormgrowing in Australia finally put all his hard won secrets into a major information package on CD ROM

(PRWEB) November 18, 2002

"How to make a small fortune from your own backyard, or small acreage whether you own it or rent it."

By Darryl J Jones.

Managing Director of Vital Earth International

"How can I make a statement like the above with no exaggeration? Easily! I have done it myself, AND, trained many hundreds of others to do the same."

If you are like most people you are probably always looking for ways to make ends meet. Maybe you're looking for something that will be your own and no longer be an employee in a place where you are taken for granted and discarded for those who are younger. Many people find this out to their horror everyday. No longer are jobs and skills for life. This modern world is a place where jobs become obsolete instantly.

But did you ever consider that your own backyard, or small acreage can provide you a real income for minimal outlay and in a rapidly increasing industry? Do I now have your attention?

I have achieved this and can show you how you too can duplicate exactly the same thing. In YOUR backyard. Even if you only rent it.

Why am I qualified to write the above?

In 1990 I had a ten year old manufacturing business based in Australia. We were making high quality water purifiers for the world....shipped a lot of our product to the Middle East - Kuwait was our distribution point into Saudi Arabia, U. A.E. Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. We even sold into Iraq.  Unfortunately, the day Saddam Hussein's forces entered Kuwait was the starting day of the end of my very profitable, water purifier business.

Sometimes life has very strange new turns

When the Gulf war broke out we struggled on under fairly desperate conditions. Somehow, we even got new countries started in Asia. But the big volume was lost to the principal Middle East markets, permanently.

My company was in tatters.

Up until that fateful invasion, things could not have been better. We had won several small business awards, an exporter of the year award and an Australian design council award, in fact it was a very healthy and vibrant company. But Saddam's brutal assault on Kuwait half way around the world from Australia was the beginning of the end.

What to do next?

From king rooster to feather duster in just six months. If you think you have ever been desperate, try matching money for money for fuel......debt collectors arriving hourly......the phone rang constantly. No, not with orders, just more demands. And more demands. And more. But I did have one asset left backyard on the property where I lived

Yet the bank was even trying take that off me. Plus,.....there was more than, ......$250,000 in debts still to pay! (though all paid back in only 18 months from the new business endeavour I am about to describe here.)

But I fought on long enough to keep my home and property when I made the following important decision........

I fell back on something that had worked well for me once before.

I had grown compost worms some 30 years earlier from my parents home in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. They were a handy source of income to support my night school studies for five years. So I knew at least that I could get enough cash from worm growing to put food on the table until I could figure out my next move.

You can easily do it from your own home!

I put in some very simple backyard systems comprising of tank rings just like I had used years before. The cash started coming in. We had food. And electricity. Took the car out on the road. Fuel. The photo to the right here shows the original eight tanks rings, Tank rings cost less than $100.00 each and these are still producing worms and constant income today - nearly 12 years later!

We show you a proven early system you can have operating in just days for only a few hundred dollars.

I had to make another decision. Do I get a job? or was there a chance to make more money than a job could offer if I developed the worm business into something serious? I took a job for six weeks. I was thoroughly and totally depressed everyday for six weeks. Hey! the pay was great and the prospects brilliant. But,......because I had spent the previous 25 years as a self employed person I did not enjoy the new disciplines of filling out the daily wishes of my employer. I resigned.

I resolved to give the worm business my best shot. I had to try.

It turned out to be one of the better decisions I'd made in the whole of my life.

You can duplicate what I have done NOW.

But how do you make a simple small worm farm in a small backyard into a serious business? Fortunately it was one of those rare moments of timing. Consumers were starting to switch their buying priorities to organically grown produce. A faint glimmer, true. But, I could see the glimmering light. THIS was a wave of opportunity. If only I could figure out how. One peculiar culture in worm growing at that time was that worm growers were offering nothing more than a bunch of worms in broken foam boxes held together with packaging or electricians tape. No information was offered to help the buyer and no applications to utilise compost worms were offered.

It was time to introduce real know how.

I knew the power of the compost worm was there, but knew equally well that without applications, first class support, knowledge and training, very few people would be prepared to invest more than a few dollars to experiment. What was needed was a system to grow worms, to transport worms so that the end user had a real system to help him grow them. En masse. To make "the worm-grower" money. Earn a good living. Plus use compost worms commercially in an environment that was safe for them and able to maximise their incredible abilities.

The glimmering light goes ON!

Brilliant ideas often comes to those at sleep, who let their sub-conscious mind work in the background much like a computer tasked to defrag at midnight. At 3am one morning, in my backyard, the Vital Earth modular pit was created. Take a look at it on our web site www. vitalearth. com. au....yes, it looks like a long box, but it's really a money-tree! I knew that the industry had to graduate from foam boxes to something BIG. The Vital Earth worm pit is 3 metres long [over 7 feet] or 50 foam boxes worth of worms. A chance to make REAL money, deliver worms anywhere and get them to work the very next day reducing organic waste to value added product.

Is this all about worms to go fishing?

I can almost hear you saying, "Are you trying to tell me there is a serious business selling bait worms to fishermen?" I still have people to this day who know me well and assume that is what I do because we grow and sell worms. But nothing could be further from the truth. Why sell a $10.00 bucket of worms to go fishing when you can sell a ton of worms for $30,000.00 to eliminate organic waste? Or sell the value-added by-products at $6,00 a litre for liquid cast and $500.00 a ton for solid cast?

Getting the real message out to make serious dollars

I followed up fast with the training seminars that brought vital know-how to those who also could see a future emerging for the compost worm. Darwin, a remarkable scientist at times ahead of all others had identified the compost worm many years before as a most unlikely, but equally, the most important creature on earth for the continuation of food from a living soil. In our FREE REPORT we show you what Darwin discovered 150 years ago. Amazingly, his theory is impacting in reality today, in ways no one could have imagined way back then. Compost worms can eliminate all organic waste thus bypassing landfill options and at the same time create valuable by-products such as solid and liquid fertilizers. Today.....there are many of the Vital Earth modular pit systems Australia wide,....AND some overseas on properties and backyards already.

There is now a huge government supported groundswell that you can be part of worldwide.

Now, even governments worldwide are turning to the humble worm to solve the huge waste mess that man has created world wide. Governments are also providing substantial grants to participants in the Vermiculture industry. Go to our company website at www. vitalearth. com. au for links to some of these government programs and see for yourself.

Now just for a moment, think about this.

As governments world wide turn to the expertise of Vermiculturist's to solve organic waste elimination and conversion. Some governments are even driving sales for products like our Vermi-Converter and vermiculture consultation. YOU can be part of that opportunity, and take a ride with YOUR government man as YOUR assistant and promoter. We'll show you how.

Who can benefit most with this information?

Just about anyone with a backyard and the determination to make substantially extra money, plus the desire to develop a long term highly profitable business.

Certainly farmers looking to make their own organic fertilizers on site and save major dollars on chemical fertilizer, plus get a premium on the organically grown produce will gain enormously.

Our information can be used by schools and even municipal governments looking for alternatives to land fill, or factories that need to dispose of organic waste.

It might be a holiday resort or even an island resort that could benefit greatly from converting organic waste to a value added organic fertilizer suitable for a beautification program at the resort gardens.

Where ever there is a need for organic waste elimination, plus organic fertilizers then our hard won information is a must.

It could be a factory owner or a restaurateur with a waste problem.

There is no need to buy the $7,000.00 worth of mostly useless books like I did to re-learn the hard way what I already know and offer for such a low price.

There is no need to spend eleven years learning what I had to learn to be able to get it all down onto a low cost CD ROM. I have already done it for you.

There is no need to make the costly mistakes I made early in the learning curve because you will have a proven system from the beginning.

There is also no need to come to one of our "one on one" seminars as we have put this information down in an easily learnable and understandable form and we support you with six months free email support for as many questions as you need to ask. Even dumb ones!

There is no need to spend huge dollars like we did with a business plan developer as we offer you a fully customised business pan and spreadsheets just for Vermiculture.

There is no need to hire an accountant to develop an Excel spreadsheet to study cost benefits and business performance as we include that as well.

Our commercial worm growing manual includes formulas and marketing methods for all your products.

Finally our comprehensive PowerPoint slide show has slides you in turn not only learn from, but can use to close your own deals and do your own sparkling presentations like the professional you will be when you employ our methods of growing worms. And our methods for making quality highly saleable by-products and marketing all these products with proven methods fully explained.

Johnny Green Mart. Tomorrows Wal-Mart And Nothing Like Them."THINK GREEN NEWS"

Johnny Green Mart. Tomorrows Wal-Mart And Nothing Like Them."THINK GREEN NEWS"

The future of retailing turns green. Times changes and so does retail. There just may be a new rising star in the midstÂ…. There always is.

(PRWEB) November 24, 2003

The www. johnnygreenmart. com concept is in about the same place Wal-Mart was when Sam Walton was aggressively pursuing just what it would take to create the retail giant of his tomorrow. Those were the times when K-mart was the king of the Blue Light Special and Sears and Roebuck owned the hearts and pocket books of America.

Who would have ever guessed that this man with such a grand vision would come to own the market place and become the retail giant of all time. Times changes and so does retail. There just may be a new rising star in the midstÂ…. There always is.

The up and rising Johnny Green Mart concept is as new and different for what it is doing as Wal-Mart was in its early beginnings: A lot of new ideas and approaches with a deep understanding of the future and doing it like no one has ever done before. Quite possibly, Johnny Green Mart is realistically at the same stage as Sam Walton was in when K-Mart ruled America

"Swim upstream. Go the other way. Ignore the conventional wisdom. If everybody else is doing it one way, there's a good chance you can find your niche by going in exactly the opposite direction. But be prepared for a lot of folks to wave you down and tell you you're headed the wrong way."

By Sam Walton

The interesting part of the Johnny Green Mart concept is that the approach is definitely much more efficient than the current Wal-Marts in a way that will make it tremendously hard for them to compete in the future. They would have to dump all those physical stores and then become partially co-op based. This could get interesting.

The founder stated you couldnÂ’t truly be the most efficient retailer tomorrow when you have 3000 stores spread across the U. S. The infrastructure for this alone is in the billions and billions of dollars and someone has got to pay for it. You add in the cost of employeeÂ’s not to mention the executiveÂ’s salaries - and someone has got to pay for that.

The kickbacks from the government may hide some of the true building costs (creating a better accounting ratio of expense to sales). But in reality, it is a still a bottom line cost and the local taxpayer shells it out regardless of how it is calculated. These facts can only be hidden so long before public information technologies begin to detail and chronicle the true cost of everything made, sold and disposed of, all encompassing.

The cost of those goods is generally much higher than the retail price you are paying. As the Government becomes more accountable due to the advances in information technology, these actual costs will play strongly in the future pricing of those same stores.

"Control your expenses better than your competition. This is where you can always find the competitive advantage. For 25 years running - long before Wal-Mart was known as the nation's largest retailer - we ranked No. 1 in our industry for the lowest ratio of expenses to sales. You can make a lot of different mistakes and still recover if you run an efficient operation. Or you can be brilliant and still go out of business if you're too inefficient."

As quoted by Sam Walton

The founders of Johnny Green Mart also stated they will never build more that 60 super stores across the U. S. The ultimate goal is to get the goods from natural resources to the consumer at the lowest cost achievable. They seem to be a convergence of Wal-MartÂ’s efficiency, Trader JoeÂ’s unique and savvy local buying with a competitiveness like U. P.S and Amazon merging to maximize distribution efficiencies and then some.

The stores are planned be located generally in the most ideal spot per State and the consumer will either have to travel the distance or order from a web site that is already growing into the Industrial Light and Magic of cyber space. The majority of Green Goods will be delivered (By a fleet of alternative fueled vehicles) or picked up at one of these stores. Green goods by nature are investment value as opposed to most synthetic based disposable goods.

Green Goods? The concept is founded on achieving a 100% green based line of goods marketed and sold just like any other product you find in a large department store. To make it even more challenging the focus is to be 100% green from raw material, manufacturing all the way into the hands of the consumer.

They also have a solid plan of action for all products and packaging to be managed from the creation to end of life cycles. They have a strong interest in managing these goods all the way through to recycling and conversion of materials to compost and bio-fuels which they intend to turn into an additional revenue source.

The co-op stores themselves will be created more to showcase the up and coming green goods and will be owned by the people that work there. It is a very cost effective strategy and allows management cost to be cut dramatically through a natural set of checks and balances inherent to co-ops.

They said the wholesale division would be the backend of the retail stores and serve as a pickup and routing point for products. The front-end of these stores will have an emphasis on entertainment and education with events that support charities and showcase local artisans and manufacturers in that state.

The actual (Front end) stores will be modeled after the Glamorous department stores of the early 20th century using sustainable building strategies. The concept operates as part co-op working in collaboration with parts corporate. A kind of merging of B2B and B2C for maximum efficiency.

The backend (distribution) will be run as a cutting edge distribution center to facilitate the movement of goods. The goal is to cut the cost for green goods and to achieve the same volume as several thousand stores in under a hundred nationwide. With those numbers they expect some very satisfied co-op partners. Only companies owned by the people that work in them can achieve the old fashioned customer service that has been lost for the last several decades.

The founder admitted the challenge and commented that it was only a few hundred years ago that the entire society of the world was basically green based. He stated if we can go to the moon, then we can take the only planet we know of that supports life - and figure a way to creatively and profitably make the natural environment the main economy.

While we have made tremendous advances with machinery and technology, we have overlooked some basic realities. We do need a healthy environment or we have nothing. You do need good air to breathe. We just basically merged the environmental issues with our plans to become the retailing giant of tomorrow. And we will. The founder of Johnny Green Mart commented we are simply, “ Taking the best from the past into future, today”.

While we are aggressively building our business model, we are dealing with the extreme challenges of finding the green goods and variety of products that can compete with the current retail line of non-green goods. Our new online virtual department store is cutting edge, but our 100% green-based products line is currently limited.

That will change as people realize that every single product created can be made100% green and cost competitive. In a way, we are a very grass roots retailing operation that favors small companies, especially co-op owned. We are working with every manufacturer to help them attain the infrastructure to produce the variety of green goods we will need to be cost competitive.

The current pricing of green goods is generally unacceptable especially when you take into consideration that the reality is that it actually takes a lot less to make these goods. Somehow, an infrastructure has been built to create the perception that synthetic based products are less expensive - but the real cost through the entire process is tremendously higher. We intend to bring that to light through some very dynamic communications as we grow to become the largest retailer (co-op) in the world.

The Johnny Green Mart concept is big on co-ops and community owned retail stores. The future holds new ways a company must earn its income in the future. They have a focus that money earned in that community should stay in that community. It looks like they are putting mom & pop back in business in a big kind of way.

They seem to have found a strategy to take back the market that the big box retailers took away from the mom & pops, tweak it out and put the mom & pops on an even playing field with a lot more advantages. (Green ones too) This should also create a lot more advantages for Johnny Green Mart to use in becoming the biggest retailer in America.

The concept is extremely aggressive, but anyone who has seen and viewed the refreshing and innovative plans of this company soon realizes they are very focused and determined. This reporter has no doubts who the number one retailer of tomorrow will be, and is thrilled to have just met them.

BMI of Texas Offers Free Educational Seminars in San Antonio for People Considering Weight Loss Surgery

BMI of Texas Offers Free Educational Seminars in San Antonio for People Considering Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgeons Terive Duperier, MD, and Michael Seger, MD help patients achieve weight loss goals through a variety of bariatric surgery procedures at the Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas

(PRWEB) April 7, 2010

The Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas (BMI of Texas), (http://www. bmioftexascom) which specializes in a variety of weight loss surgery procedures in Texas, today announced its schedule (http://www. bmioftexas. com/default/get-started/seminar-schedule) of upcoming seminars for people considering bariatric surgery. The free seminars, conducted by two of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in San Antonio, serve as an important educational tool to guide obesity surgery patients on their journey towards better health.

During these seminars, BMI of Texas bariatric surgeons Terive Duperier (http://www. bmioftexas. com/default/our-expert-team/frank), MD, and Michael Seger (http://www. bmioftexas. com/default/our-expert-team/michael), MD, discuss various obesity surgery options, answer questions, and offer patients support and guidance for their weight-loss journey. Many insurance plans cover weight loss surgery, and BMI of Texas patient concierges are available during the seminars to discuss attendees’ insurance coverage. The free seminars, being held in San Antonio, begin on April 10, 2010 and continue through July 15, 2010. To view a complete seminar schedule and register online, visit the Website at bmioftexas. com.

"Numerous studies have proven the efficacy of weight loss surgery. With new advances in bariatric surgery procedures, it’s important for anyone considering weight loss surgery to fully understand the various types of surgeries available,” said Dr. Duperier. “At BMI of Texas, we require all prospective patients to attend a seminar and learn about the variety of weight loss surgeries we perform. In addition, attendees hear from our post-op patients, who share their personal experiences and weight loss journey so that potential patients will have a thorough understanding of the surgical process.”

BMI of Texas, located in San Antonio's Medical Center area, helps patients achieve their weight loss goals through various surgical procedures (http://www. bmioftexas. com/default/our-expert-team/your-options) including gastric bypass (http://www. bmioftexas. com/default/your-options/laparoscopic-gastric-bypass), adjustable gastric band and sleeve gastrectomy. Additionally, the surgeons perform a full spectrum of advanced laparoscopic procedures, including laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication (anti-reflux surgery), laparoscopic colon surgery, laparoscopic pancreatic surgery, and laparoscopic hernia surgeries.

BMI of Texas assists patients throughout their entire weight loss journey. After attending the free, educational seminar, patients are then assigned a patient advocate to help coordinate the extensive paperwork and insurance stipulations necessary for surgical intervention. Post-operatively, the doctors continue to follow their patients to ensure long-term weight loss success. As part of its comprehensive program, BMI of Texas offers an on-site dietitian for nutritional counseling and hosts support groups where post-op patients can discuss a wide variety of issues, such as relationships and dietary concerns. In addition, the practice’s Web site includes a calculator for prospective patients to calculate their BMI at www. bmioftexas. com/default/bmi-calculator (http://www. bmioftexas. com/default/bmi-calculator).

Dr. Seger and Dr. Duperier were recently recognized by the American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery for high-quality care in bariatric surgery when the ASMBS renewed their designation as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.® The designation recognizes surgical programs with a demonstrated track record of favorable outcomes in bariatric surgery.

About BMI of Texas:
Founded in 2008, the Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas is focused on helping patients achieve their long-term weight loss goals. More information on the practice can be found online at bmioftexas. com.

# # #

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Soundview Healthcare Network Opens Extended Hours Center

Soundview Healthcare Network Opens Extended Hours Center

Soundview Healthcare Network has opened an Extended Hours Center that provides non-emergency healthcare for patients of all ages when regular medical clinics are closed or when individuals and families are unable to get a timely appointment with their own physician.

(PRWEB) April 1, 2004

Soundview Healthcare Network has opened an Extended Hours Center that provides non-emergency healthcare for patients of all ages when regular medical clinics are closed or when individuals and families are unable to get a timely appointment with their own physician.

SoundviewÂ’s Extended Hours Center is located at 731 White Plains Road, in the Bronx, New York, and is open from 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday and on Saturdays from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Laboratory and diagnostic X-ray services are available and an on-site pharmacy is also available for Extended Hours Center patients.

“Soundview Extended Hours Center is for non-emergency medical problems such as sore throats, ear infections, cuts and bruises, wound care, colds, fevers, and mild to moderate asthma attacks,” said Augustine Alifo, MD, Director of Soundview Extended Hours Center. “Other more serious injuries and illnesses are best treated at a hospital’s emergency department.” “You do not need to be a regular Soundview patient,” Dr. Alifo added, “just walk in and receive medical treatment when you need it most.”

Pedro Espada Jr., President of Soundview Healthcare Network said, “Our aim is to provide convenient healthcare services that benefit the community and to provide that care whenever it is needed. There is no reason why quality primary care should be available only from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Soundview’s five centers will soon become the place where Bronx residents can be seen in the evening for their medical care, and not have to be absent from work or school the following day.”


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

IQMax to Showcase Solutions at TEPR+ 2009

IQMax to Showcase Solutions at TEPR+ 2009

IQMax is pleased to announce that it will be showcasing its suite of intelligent mobile solutions to the healthcare community at the TEPR+ 2009 conference to be held in Palm Springs from February 2-5. During the conference, Paul Adkison, the CEO and Founder of IQMax, will be speaking on the benefits of mobility in healthcare during the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. He will be discussing how IQMax's mobile solutions increased one clinic's revenues by nearly 20%, lowered their administrative costs, and improved the quality of care given to their patients, using IQMax software on their Windows Mobile phones.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) February 4, 2009

IQMax is pleased to announce that it will be showcasing its suite of intelligent mobile solutions to the healthcare community at the TEPR+ 2009 conference to be held in Palm Springs from February 2-5. During the conference, Paul Adkison, the CEO and Founder of IQMax, will be speaking on the benefits of mobility in healthcare during the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. He will be discussing how IQMax's mobile solutions increased one clinic's revenues by nearly 20%, lowered their administrative costs, and improved the quality of care given to their patients, using IQMax software on their Windows Mobile phones.

"IQMax is pleased to be attending the TEPR+ 2009 conference. TEPR+ is without question the premier conference for discussing Healthcare IT issues. The emerging mobile healthcare market is extremely relevant as cellular technologies have become extremely popular in the consumer market. Many of these devices have powerful platforms that allow them to be used very effectively in the healthcare environment, to improve the delivery of care, increase efficiency, and lower costs throughout the healthcare system. IQMax is pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate how its mobile software can significantly benefit any healthcare organization", said Paul Adkison, CEO and Founder of IQMax. 

Cellular phones have become powerful computing devices and can be used to improve patient care, lower healthcare costs, and make healthcare organizations much more efficient. IQMax's mobile solutions utilize a robust healthcare platform connecting physicians with patient information and clinical data at the point of care in any environment, whether at the hospital or clinic. With IQMax, physicians can save 30 minutes or more per day, increase revenue by up to $25,000 per user, and lower administrative costs by up to $3,000 per user per year. IQMax solutions include IQRounds for mobile access to lab results and medical reports, IQCharge for capture of billable charges, and IQSpeak for the dictation and documentation of patient encounters. Together, these solutions provide caregivers with a powerful set of workflow tools that allow caregivers to render better patient care and reduce medical errors in any healthcare setting. IQMax allows caregivers to render patient care anytime, anywhere utilizing any internet enabled cell phone or mobile device, featuring virtually any operating system, including Windows Mobile, RIM, Palm, or even the iPhone.

IQMax solutions allow healthcare to be delivered efficiently and cost effectively, because physicians do not have to rely on paper based charts and billing systems which are inefficient, subject to medical errors, and add costs to the process of rendering care. Any healthcare provider can capture charges at the point of care regardless of the care setting on their mobile device using IQCharge, a mobile charge capture solution. By using their mobile device rather than relying on paper based notes, the physician can generate up to $25,000 or more in increased revenue per year. This increase in revenue stems from the elimination of lost charge notes, the ability to capture charges for every rounding visit the physician makes, and the ability to more accurately document patient visits providing for higher E&M levels.

IQRounds and IQPatient List, keep physicians connected to the latest patient and clinical information anytime, anywhere, and allow physicians to save 30 minutes per day on their daily rounds preparation. Instead of having to waste time searching through paper based records which may not have the most recent clinical information, physicians can become connected to the latest and most accurate rounding information on their mobile device, ensuring that care is rendered with the latest, most accurate rounding information in hand. With IQMax, physicians are always connected to lab results, vitals, meds, alerts, allergies, pathology, microbiology, radiology, and transcribed reports for their patients, allowing them to render patient care based on the latest and most accurate information, eliminating costly, inefficient paper-based systems.

"Technology is transforming the entire healthcare community. Physicians require powerful mobile point of care tools that will provide them with the right information at the right time, and that is flexible enough to fit their daily schedule, whether the physician is rendering care at the hospital, clinic or anywhere in between. IQMax is leading the way with innovative solutions that have the promise of revolutionizing the process of healthcare delivery", stated Paul Adkison.


AmeriPlan USA Inc. -- Expands Nationwide With Over 500,000 Providers; Nation's Largest Health Benefits Discounted Fee-for-Service Plan in America

AmeriPlan USA Inc. -- Expands Nationwide With Over 500,000 Providers; Nation's Largest Health Benefits Discounted Fee-for-Service Plan in America

AmeriPlan USA® Corporation has been the leader in providing affordable discounted healthcare benefits.

Joliet, IL (PRWEB) March 21, 2006

For more than a decade, AmeriPlan USA® Corporation has been the leader in providing affordable discounted healthcare benefits. To the millions of uninsured and underinsured Americans, AmeriPlan® offers a very affordable, comprehensive, medical alternative. AmeriPlan’s® membership base includes in excess of 1 million individuals, a growing provider base which includes dental providers, optical providers, retail pharmacies and chiropractors. In addition to the traditional Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic benefits, AmeriPlan® most recently added additional services for its members, including those of medical physicians, hospitals and even a veterinary plan (available in limited markets).

Founders, identical twins, Dennis & Daniel Bloom, have chosen a unique system to market their product, that of network marketing. AmeriPlan® Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) sign up members who want to take advantage of the discount fee-for-service product, as well as other IBO’s, who want to take advantage of the unique money-making opportunities available to those interested in building their own business.

AmeriPlan® has more than 250 corporate employees, working toward the common goal of providing outstanding service for Independent Business Owners, members and providers. AmeriPlan’s impressive new 106,000 square-foot facility, located in Plano, Texas, represents the strength and promise of AmeriPlan®. Dennis and Daniel Bloom commissioned the facility with the highest quality standards in mind. Their state-of-the-art Customer Service Center accommodates 180 representatives who field calls from Independent Business Owners, members and providers. The printing and distribution facility houses an impressive selection of high-performance equipment to produce all high-impact marketing materials. AmeriPlan® has been profitable every year since coming into existence and is a debt-free company. In 2004, their revenues exceeded $100 million.

Dennis & Daniel Bloom comment, “We are so very proud of our company, our employees, our Independent Sales Force, our members and our providers. This mission of providing quality, affordable healthcare is a partnership. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of millions of individuals in the coming years."

AmeriPlan® Benefits:

Members have no waiting periods, immediate savings, no limit on number of visits, all ongoing dental/medical problems are accepted, except orthodontics in-progress.

AmeriPlan USA® saves members up to: 80% on dental services, 40% on vision services, 50% on chiropractic services, 50% on generic and 25% on brand name prescriptions.

AmeriPlan® also contains the only national discount eyewear plan endorsed by the Opticians Association of America.

Members have access to more than 25,000 dentists, 12,000 optical providers, 50,000 retail pharmacy locations, 7,000 chiropractors and an extensive network of physicians who offer their services to members at a discount.

More than 70,000 Independent Business Owners across the United States market the plans to individuals and groups.

In recognition of the pressing healthcare crises, twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom, saw the need for a value-oriented, discount fee-for-service, comprehensive medical plan and proceeded to develop one. Providing quality, affordable supplemental healthcare became the company’s mission. AmeriPlan® has more than fulfilled their mission.

For more information on AmeriPlan® visit

Www. deliveringonthepromise. com/AJacobs3 (http://www. deliveringonthepromise. com/AJacobs3 )

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Athena Software new Appointment Adds Fortune 500 Sales and Marketing Experience to Integrated Case Management Software Team

Athena Software new Appointment Adds Fortune 500 Sales and Marketing Experience to Integrated Case Management Software Team

Athena Software is excited to announce the addition of Mr. Dana Fox as Director of Business Development. In his new role, Fox will support existing customers and develop new markets for one of the worldÂ’s most powerful and fully integrated case management and client information solutions.

(PRWEB) June 22, 2005

Greg Stanley Horn, President Athena Software. net, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dana Fox to the position of Director of Business Development.

Dana Fox is former Director of Sales of Fuji Graphic Systems Canada and has held senior-level positions at fortune 500 corporations Polaroid Corporation, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Zenon Environmental and Uniroyal Goodrich.

Athena SoftwareÂ’s aggressive plans for worldwide expansion combine ecommerce strategies with strong personal relationships. Fox is uniquely qualified to lead that initiative with proven experience implementing successful multinational sales and marketing campaigns. 

About athena software. net

Athena software is one of the world's most powerful and fully integrated case management and client information solutions designed for counseling, social work, mental health centers and EAP providers. Athena helps its customers reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service by integrating human resources, notes, outcome evaluation and billing into one system. Athena solutions combine decades of combined experience with the power of server-based and open-source database technology. Athena gives the power to innovate and customize the system back to the customer without the cost. We make systems integration easy and affordable for people helping others.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Political 'sex worker football' screws with the Australian HIV/AIDS policy

Political 'sex worker football' screws with the Australian HIV/AIDS policy

Sydney sex workers accuse local political 'football players' of screwing around with the Australian HIV/AIDS policy. Sex workers feel bound by duty to the Public Health to respond to the way NSW Planning Minister Dr Refshauge, has gutlessly handled the Labour Marrickville Council backflip on their sex worker home occupation policy...

(PRWEB) March 1, 2003


Political 'football players' screw with the Australian HIV/AIDS policy

The Private Worker Alliance, a sex worker organisation dedicated to the urgent implementation of the Australian HIV Prevention Strategy for the Sex Industry, is today calling on politicians to stop playing games with the public health.

Sex work is not illegal in NSW, having been decriminalised through the Disorderly Houses Amendment Act in 1995. Australia and NSW in particular have been internationally recognised as leaders in reforming sex industry laws and maintaining one of the lowest HIV rates of any sex industry in the world.

That the NSW Government endorsed a Sydney local council's decision to discriminate against home based sex workers, shows that despite our international leadership not all is well on the home front.

"It is now time that the State Government and its Ministers for Health and Planning took responsibility in this area and provided the leadership based on evidence and best practice, which is required under the National Strategies which their government has already endorsed. Perhaps we will find principles and spines there - looking for them in Marrickville is a dead loss," Chris Puplick, the chair of the Australian National Council on AIDS and Related Diseases said today in response.

The recent decision of Marrickville council to continue with a requirement for home based sex workers to apply for development consent is ignoring National HIV/AIDS strategy and the findings of the Ministerial Taskforce on brothel report, which states that:

"The identification of individual sex workers through the development application process is also contrary to the recommendations of the Legal Working Party of the Intergovernmental Committee on AIDS, and the policies of the Australian Federation AIDS Organisations (AFAO) and the AIDS Council Of New South Wales (ACON). Such requirements are also counter to the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS 2001."

Since the famous Australian "Grim Reaper" Ad from years ago, the Government has not invested resources to educate the heterosexual community about HIV/AIDS. Sex workers in NSW have taken on the responsibility of educating their clients on safer sex, which flows on into clients private lives. Sex workers play a significant role in prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) and education aimed at heterosexuals in NSW, which has maintained the low infection rate in the wider community.

"I am deeply disappointed that Dr Refshauge has endorsed Marrickville councils backflip, because as a Doctor and former Health Minister he should know better. Instead of patting us on the back for keeping the heterosexual community safe from HIV and STIÂ’s, he has stabbed us in the back," Erica Red a spokesperson for the Private Worker Alliance said.

Contact for the Private Worker Alliance, Sydney Australia

Saul on 61 2 9517 4979 - Ph and Fax line

Timeless Presentations Goal of Holistic Health DVD Series

Timeless Presentations Goal of Holistic Health DVD Series

Deep healing wisdom is always contemporary says Victor Demko, Founding Director of The Center for Healing Arts. A member based healing arts center that delivers an exclusive DVD encounter with a carefully selected healing arts practitioner to people's homes every other month. Members are encouraged to watch and share each DVD with friends to make their wellness journey both enjoyable and meaningful.

Pickering, ON (PRWEB) December 17, 2007

Deep healing wisdom is always contemporary says Victor Demko, Founding Director of The Center for Healing Arts. A member based healing arts center that delivers an exclusive DVD encounter with a carefully selected healing arts practitioner to people's homes every other month. Members are encouraged to watch and share each DVD with friends to make their wellness journey both enjoyable and meaningful.

"Humanity continues to evolve and people want and need access to holistic practices and wisdom as never before. The body, mind, spirit, connection needs continual nurturing and support," notes Mr. Demko who is also the film making director of the series and who has himself studied and meditated with Sufi meditation master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and the Dali Lama.

"Themes are already emerging out of the series. The use of breath and sound, energy, prayer and attitude, as healing tools, each healing arts modality puts more or less emphasis on these areas and uses them in different ways, yet it's remarkable to be brought to a place of greater understanding by seeing the vastness of use of some of these fundamental principles and how they might apply to any individual person" says Mr. Demko.

By exposure to a wide range of holistic health modalities, individuals will feel supported in finding the path that is best for them. "Some times we just need a blessing for our wellness journey and that's what each of our guest practitioners offers," notes Mr. Demko.

Those who either aren't sure where to go and those who want in depth exposure for their own healing, may find the wide range of DVD offerings, anchored in the great holistic health traditions, will make for an interesting get together and sharing time with friends, both in the watching and in the dialogue the viewing hopes to inspire.

"Wellness is a journey, a process we are always going through, it's important to have support tools on hand for our own, our family and friend's wellness journey". The web center has a member's forum where members will also be able to interact with each other, share views, and make new friends.

For each person that will be different. That's why it's most beneficial to have a very wide exposure to different types of practitioners and holistic health practices. The long shelf life of each fully chaptered DVD can be reached for any time. Making it easy and enjoyable to share scenes now or find topic information later.

To receive this exclusive DVD series, visit http://www. thecenterforhealingarts. com (http://www. thecenterforhealingarts. com) to become a member for only $24 every other month. Members also have full access to the member's only forum. Sample clips are also available at the site.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

A Deep Breath of O2: Westchester County Holistic Wellness Center Announces Opening of Breathtaking Spa

A Deep Breath of O2: Westchester County Holistic Wellness Center Announces Opening of Breathtaking Spa

Westchester County, N. Y., can breathe easier as a holistic wellness center opens its full-service spa. Headquartered in Cross River in the quaint Yellow Monkey Village, O2 Living (www. o2living. me) is an all embracing community dedicated to lifestyle/wellness that encourages people to live, learn and connect. The upscale health spa is the newest addition to the wellness center, which also features a retail boutique, Live Food Café and yoga classes.

Cross River, N. Y. (PRWEB) May 22, 2010

Westchester County, N. Y., can breathe easier as a holistic wellness center opens its full-service spa. Headquartered in Cross River in the quaint Yellow Monkey Village, O2 Living (www. o2living. me) is an all embracing community dedicated to lifestyle/wellness that encourages people to live, learn and connect. The upscale health spa is the newest addition to the wellness center, which also features a retail boutique, Live Food Café and yoga classes.

The new facility, nestled among rustic wood cottages in a serene setting, is an extension of O2 Living’s philosophy and commitment to integrating the body, mind and spirit for overall health, natural beauty and well-being. Guests will immediately feel at ease in the peaceful surroundings as they approach O2 Living.

“We are thrilled to debut our spa and expand the O2 Living community,” said Rosemary Devlin, owner of O2 Living. “The spa is a place for guests to unwind, de-stress and get healthy; and they can do so with our wide range services.”

When building the spa, O2 Living and its architect, Andrew Wynnyk, paid careful attention to the details, including architectural features that made the spa feel open, inviting and integrated the spa’s picturesque surroundings.

As guests enter the spa, they will transition from the lush outdoor surroundings into a tranquil oasis, nestled in the corner of O2 Living’s holistic wellness center. Upon entering the spa, guests will note the clean lines, curved ceiling, neutral color palette, fountain, candles and photo mural of water, all of which evoke feelings of calmness and serenity. Windows offer panoramic views of nature, including O2 Living’s garden courtyard, while a combination of indirect lighting and natural light give the spa a soft glow.

Experts at the spa will pamper guests with holistic services and ecologically-sound products to help them achieve balance. Spa services include: a body cleanse; deep tissue, hot stone and Swedish massage; hand and foot renewal; natural beauty facial; and, reflexology.

O2 Living also offers its signature Oxygen treatments, including the O2 Essence Oxygen Inhalation Therapy and Oxygenating Facials. The Oxygen Inhalation Therapy is a unique treatment that enhances the flow of your breath by using therapeutic grade oxygen, to nourish, cleanse and vitalize every cell in your body. O2 Living’s Oxygenating Facials plump, lift and firm your skin. A pure oxygen infusion of plant-based rejuvenation serum smoothes hydrates and firms your entire face and neck, softening lines and giving skin a healthy glow.

O2 Living offers a complimentary O2 Yoga class on the day of any spa treatment and also encourages patrons to visit the O2 Live Food Café to end their spa experience.

“Our new spa takes our clientele’s O2 Living experience to the next level, offering relaxation and renewal,” Devlin said. “Stress relief and relaxation can and should be part of everyone’s routine to achieve a healthful state of being.”

For more information, call 914.763.6320 or visit O2 Living online at O2Living. me or @O2living on Twitter. Visit in person at 6 Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River, N. Y.

About O2 Living (www. o2living. me)
Headquartered in Cross River, New York, O2 Living is an all embracing community dedicated to lifestyle/wellness. Established as Cross River Wellness, LLC (d/b/a O2 Living,) this holistic spa and wellness center encourages people to live, learn and connect. It offers yoga, spa services, including signature Oxygen treatments, a retail boutique and Live Food Café nestled in Cross River’s quaint Yellow Monkey Village. The wellness community also features an online destination, O2Living. me, where members can connect and communicate about their experiences and build a greater sense of community with those who share their passion for and commitment to health and well-being. A second location is scheduled to open in Hastings, New York in 2011.

Kate Ottavio

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More than 500 Breast Cancer Survivors and Community Supporters to Attend Annual 'Praise is The Cure' Event

More than 500 Breast Cancer Survivors and Community Supporters to Attend Annual 'Praise is The Cure' Event

Keystone Mercy Health Plan Joins Anita T. Conner and Mount Airy Church of God in Christ for A Day of Breast Health Awareness, Education and Screenings

Philadelphia, Pa. (Vocus) October 2, 2009

Keystone Mercy Health Plan, the largest Medical Assistance managed care organization in Pennsylvania, in conjunction with Praise is The Cure and the Health Ministry Program will have a day-long celebration of breast cancer awareness, which will include a "pamper party" reception for more than 500 breast cancer survivors. Throughout the day there will be mammograms, health screenings and informative workshops focused on cancer prevention, detection and treatment. In addition, there will be a Gospel Concert featuring Grammy nominated gospel artist Byron Cage, Lonnie Hunter and the Brockington Ensemble.

The event is part of the Praise is The Cure Weekend, which is a George E. Thorne Development Center (GETDC) project centered on cancer awareness and is hosted by the Mount Airy Church of God in Christ. The Health Ministry Program is celebrating its tenth year. The program was developed by Keystone Mercy Health Plan, as part of a faith based initiative to address the health care needs of the communities they serve.

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Mammography Screenings: 9:00am-4pm
Health Fair/Workshops: 3:00pm-6:00pm
Cancer Survivors "Pamper Party" Reception: 4:00pm-6:30pm
Welcoming Remarks: 6:30pm-7pm
Gospel Concert: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Mount Airy Church of God in Christ
6401 Ogontz Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19126

Gospel Artists, Byron Cage, Lonnie Hunter and the Brockington Ensemble Maria Pajil Battle, senior vice president, Public Affairs, Marketing, Keystone Mercy Health Plan Anita T. Conner, founder, George E. Thorne Development Center and Praise is The Cure Bishop Ernest Morris, pastor, Mount Airy Church of God in Christ Mel Donaldson, actor, playwright, Freedom Theatre


Saturday, February 19, 2005

WomenÂ’s Business Casual Line Launched by Socially and Environmentally Responsible Clothing Company

WomenÂ’s Business Casual Line Launched by Socially and Environmentally Responsible Clothing Company

Daly City, CA (PRWEB) September 18, 2004

Terra Verde Clothing, a socially and environmentally responsible women’s clothing company, has launched its business casual clothing line for women. “In developing Terra Verde Clothing’s product line, we integrated our desire for beautiful, well-made clothes with our need to create socially and environmentally responsible products,” says Anna Bell who co-owns the company with Larisa Margulis. Margulis adds, “All of Terra Verde Clothing's garments are made in the USA, and we only source fabric and trims from companies that provide healthy and safe work environments, living wages and do not use child or forced labor.” Terra Verde Clothing uses materials made from sustainable crops, like hemp and organic cotton, that are processed with low-impact reactive dyes and finishes.

Terra Verde Clothing was founded in late 2003 by Anna Bell and Larisa Margulis to fill a gap in the organic and sustainable women’s fashion market, the women’s business casual market. “We saw a need for progressive clothing options for working women, and having done some research decided to target our line to that market,” says Bell.

Terra Verde Clothing launches its fall line with tailored blouses in hemp-silk and hemp-Tencel® blends and a three-season hemp-silk suit. The coordinated suit pieces include a tailored jacket, trousers and a skirt, and are all machine washable. Terra Verde Clothing offers women’s sizes 6 through 14 in trousers and skirts and small through extra large in jackets and blouses. “We focused on tailored styling and exceptional construction; our blouses and jackets, for example, have French seams, closed plackets and finished facings for the highest quality product,” says Margulis. Prices range from $62 to $110.

Terra Verde Clothing sells its line through its storefront at www. terraverdeclothing. com, a fully functional e-commerce website. “We learned through market research that women want to see styles in all sizes offered, so we have front, back, side and candid views of all of our products in all of the sizes we sell,” says Margulis. Bell adds, “we work with wonderful real-life models from size 6 to 14 and have had a very positive response to this product marketing strategy. Women want a realistic idea of how they will look in clothing, and by showing them their size on our website we are able to market to women who might not otherwise make an online clothing purchase.”

Terra Verde Clothing will offer holiday and winter specials, like organic cotton pajamas, and full spring-summer and fall-winter lines each year.

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Frank Forencich of Exuberant Animal Releases New Book – Change Your Body, Change the World

Frank Forencich of Exuberant Animal Releases New Book – Change Your Body, Change the World

Introducing "Big Health": the connection between individual, social, and environmental health in today’s world.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) August 5, 2010

Frank Forencich releases his latest book, "Change Your Body, Change the World", in September 2010. The timely release explores the innovative idea that individual, social, and environmental health are complementary reflections of one another. He’s coined this theory “Big Health”.

“We’ve been looking at the body in isolation for far too long,” commented Frank. “What we need now more than ever is a sense of integration, integration not only of mind, body and spirit, but also of land, habitat and community.”

"Change Your Body, Change the World" is a collection of essays, each reflecting one aspect of the contemporary human predicament and the state of the body. Frank shared with us a few sentences from the first chapter:

The body is set to make a comeback, and not a moment too soon….We’ve medicalized every dimension of physical living: birth, exercise, food and death…But there’s a change in the air and on the ground….It’s time for the body to get back into the act.

This is just the start. "Change Your Body, Change the World" is ahead of its time and digs farther into this place of full integration more than any other book or concept before.

Frank will be sharing much of his book through readings and other promotions this summer and fall, and has a launch party planned for September 25th that is open to the public at the Mountaineers lodge in Seattle. For more information on various events and to pre-order the book, visit http://www. exuberantanimal. com (http://www. exuberantanimal. com).

About the Author
Frank Forencich is an internationally-recognized leader in health education, fitness and performance training. His diverse studies drive his philosophy, vision and commitment to change the way people live and work. Most recently, he founded the innovative health organization, Exuberant Animal. In addition to Change Your Body, Change the World, he has authored three books, Play as if Your Life Depends on It, Exuberant Animal, and The Exuberant Animal Play Book. He is also available for speaking opportunities, team building seminars, inspirations keynotes, and movement workshops.


Losing Weight with Chocolate on Valentine's Day

Losing Weight with Chocolate on Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day unprocessed cacao is being used with low glycemic index sweeteners and berries to produce a new type of chocolate, which may enhance it's weight loss properties. Dieting and the benefits of berry antioxidants and probiotics are also discussed with comments from an Anti-Aging Doctor.

Fleetwood, PA (PRWEB) February 6, 2009

Chocolate has long been regarded as a sweet and sinful indulgence. Everyone knows that it tastes good, makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face. But in the past we've all had to live with the specters of fat, sugar, chemical processing and weight gain that were associated with typical chocolates. But in the past year or two the health benefits of chocolate the real pure unadulterated kind have been researched and exposed.

Anti-aging and supplement guru Dr. Dave Woynarowski, MD makes this comment on the current state of chocolate:

"It is truly amazing but now you can have your chocolate and eat it too. Manufacturers are now using unprocessed cacao, natural low to moderate glycemic index sweeteners and boosting the already formidable antioxidant power of chocolates with berries like the Acai berry and blueberries."

And it's working.

"I have had people tell me that the richness and flavor of the chocolate satisfies their cravings fast so they don't overeat junk foods. It's been easy for them to stick with one or two pieces of low calorie natural chocolate and that is all they need. Now dieting does not have to be such drudgery and sacrifice," says Woynarowski who specializes in fat loss.

The key features of healthy chocolate are the following:

1) High cacao content with special cold processing to maintain the huge natural antioxidant content.

2) Low added sugar content and reliance on natural sweeteners like Agave, brown rice syrup and natural sugar cane so that people with diabetes or other sugar problems can eat them without problems.

3) In cookies and bars the same kinds of chocolates can be combined with high natural fiber content to enhance the cleansing and detoxifying properties of chocolate and the various berries like Acai as well.

4) A decent portion size for the amount of calories. One piece of dense rich chocolate may be enough to satisfy the sweet tooth if it's a decent size. This can actually enhance the weight loss properties of chocolate.

5) A higher than normal antioxidant content. Research is on going but suggests that chocolate is a great way to deliver the added antioxidant benefits of berries and perhaps other healthy additives like probiotics. In some cases it appears to be the superior way to get these into your body.

Dr. Woynarowski says, "This is good news for chocoholics especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner."

Now you can give your loved one something sweet that won't ruin their diet, make them fat, and may very well make the much healthier.

How sweet it is.

For more information on healthy chocolates, visit Dr. Dave's Best website (http://www. drdavesbest. com/Xocai_Chocolate).


3Cinteractive® Surpasses Two Billion Mobile Transactions Processed for 2010

3Cinteractive® Surpasses Two Billion Mobile Transactions Processed for 2010

Leading mobile platform company currently processes more then 300 million text messages, voice calls and mobile web page hits per month.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) November 11, 2010

3Cinteractive®, a leading mobile platform company, announced that its proprietary Switchblade™ platform has processed its two billionth mobile transaction for 2010. Switchblade™ currently processes more then 300 million text messages, voice calls and mobile web page hits per month, many of which support mission critical processes for the biggest brands in the world.

"Mobile is now a significant component of business to consumer communications for Fortune 1000 companies," said John Duffy, 3Cinteractive Founder and CEO. "To date, our platform has enabled our clients to interact with more than 60 million of their consumers on their mobile device - we are proud to have helped them do that. Businesses are embracing mobile as a natural extension to traditional enterprise applications, and an efficient, cost effective way to improve those processes."

3Ci's Switchblade™ platform is a high-availability, high-throughput mobile platform leveraged by over 125 3Ci clients - including leaders across industries from retail to healthcare. This enterprise-grade platform enables businesses to communicate with consumers using mobile messaging, voice, mobile web and smartphone applications - regardless of carrier or device. Switchblade™ is highly extensible and is easily integrated into third-party systems - enabling almost any business to extend their existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business processes to the mobile device.

In 2011, 3Ci estimates that the Switchblade platform will process four-times more mobile transactions than in 2010, putting the company on track to continue its run of five consecutive years with revenue growth in excess of 200%. Demand for mobile in industries such as healthcare and enterprise software are driving this growth.

About 3Cinteractive®
3Cinteractive® (http://www.3Cinteractive. com) is an industry leading mobile platform company. 3Ci helps companies develop and deploy powerful mobile strategies and increases the effectiveness of initiatives already in progress. 3Ci's enterprise-class platform makes it possible for businesses to access billions of mobile users worldwide--regardless of device or network. 3Ci's mobile solutions help companies solve business challenges, increase revenue, streamline processes and thrive in the digital marketplace. 3Ci's technology and services platform, Switchblade, includes a suite of mobile messaging, voice, mobile web and mobile applications technologies-as well as carrier implementation, campaign management, and compliance/audit management services. 3Ci is an active member of the CTIA and Mobile Marketing Association and is listed as one of the top ASPs by the Common Short Code Administration. 3Ci also recently ranked 28th on the 2010 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the U. S.

Media Contact:  
Vinnie Fiordelisi
561-443-5505 x158

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Dining Together - The Key to Raising Happier Children

Dining Together - The Key to Raising Happier Children

We’re all aware that communication is key to all relationships, but according to one parent coach, it’s actually a lot simpler than that. Although talking is definitely important in creating healthy, happy kids, another joint activity is no less important: eating.

North Wales, PA (PRWEB) February 3, 2006

We’re all aware that communication is key to all relationships, but according to one parent coach, it’s actually a lot simpler than that. Although talking is definitely important in creating healthy, happy kids, another joint activity is no less important: eating.

“Families who eat together, stay together,” says Terri Levine, a personal coach who has been helping stressed parents for more than twenty-five years. ‘When you sit down to dinner as a family, you create a unique setting in which nothing else concerns you, you have a communal understanding and you get time to talk to your children as well. It’s no coincidence that the happiest children I’ve seen all have dinner with their parents at the family dinner table at least once a week.”

And it’s not just the eating that’s important, says Terri. If the family can also cook and clean up together, that’s even better.

“The more things you do together as a family, the more successful you will be in raising happy children,” she declares.

Although eating together provides the greatest combination of benefits from planning the meal through chatting to doing the washing and drying, other joint activities can also be very effective. Long walks, church-going and singing all help in raising happy children.

For more information and for a fun, informative interview, call Terri Levine at 215-527-0634.

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Leading Food Industry Economist Jean Kinsey to Address Soyfoods2010

Leading Food Industry Economist Jean Kinsey to Address Soyfoods2010

Soyatech, LLC, the leading soyfoods industry intelligence resource, announced today that economist Jean Kinsey, a professor at the University of Minnesota and director of The Food Industry Center, will deliver a keynote address at Soyfoods2010: Anticipating Potential for Growth. Soyfoods2010 will be held in conjunction with Nutracon and SupplyExpo on March 10-11, 2010 at the Anaheim Hilton in Anaheim, California.

Southwest Harbor, ME (PRWEB) January 19, 2010

Soyatech, LLC, the leading soyfoods industry intelligence resource, announced today that economist Jean Kinsey, a professor at the University of Minnesota and director of The Food Industry Center, will deliver a keynote address at Soyfoods2010: Anticipating Potential for Growth. Soyfoods2010 will be held in conjunction with Nutracon and SupplyExpo on March 10-11, 2010 at the Anaheim Hilton in Anaheim, California.

Dr. Kinsey will open the Wednesday afternoon session of Soyfoods2010 with a keynote presentation, “Meeting the Demands of a Rapidly Changing Retail Marketplace,” focusing on how trends in the U. S. and global food industry will continue to have an impact on manufacturers and marketers of soy-based and other healthful foods.

Dr. Jean Kinsey is a Professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota, where she has been on the faculty since 1976. She is also the Director of The Food Industry Center, a University-wide center funded by the Sloan Foundation. She has served on boards of the American Council on Consumer Interests, the American Agricultural Economics Association and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, among others. Dr. Kinsey co-authored the 1991 book Food Trends and the Changing Consumer.

Other sessions planned for Soyfoods2010 will address topics such as:
 determining how consumer trends are influencing the U. S. soyfoods market;  understanding and communicating the realities of the link between soy and health – and how this affects market demand;  identifying opportunities for growth of the non-dairy and meat alternatives categories;  anticipating supply and demand trends in organic and non-GMO soybeans, and  evaluating the role that soy plays in developing new solutions in world nutrition.

The program for Soyfoods2010 is specifically designed for soyfoods manufacturers and marketers; manufacturers of healthful food ingredients; nutritionists and dieticians; retail food buyers; healthful foods’ manufacturers and marketers and food processing equipment manufacturers.

Speakers and other program participants at Soyfoods2010 include:

 Bob Burke, President, Natural Products Consulting;  Dan Burke, President, Pacific Soybean & Grain;  Rhonda Cole, Director of Grain and Oil Sales, SunOpta Grains & Foods Group;  Philippe de Lapérouse, Managing Director of Global Food, Agribusiness and Biofuels, HighQuest Partners;  Shawn Edwards, Director of Consumer Insights, WhiteWave Foods Company;  Dave Ellis, President, Sports Alliance, Inc.;  Jim Hershey, Executive Director, World Initiative for Soy in Human Health;  Joe Jordan, Content Director, Soyatech LLC;  Stacey Krawczyk, Research Dietician, National Soybean Research Laboratory;  Suman Lawrence, Living Well Business Manager, Market Street/United Supermarkets;  Suley Muratoglu, Vice President – Market and Product Management, Tetra Pak;  Martin Schweizer, Vice President – Technical Development, Burcon NutraScience  Steve Walton, General Manager, HealthFocus International;  Megan Westgate, Executive Director, The Non-GMO Project and  Patricia Williamson-Hughes, Nutrition Scientist, ADM.

For more information about Soyfoods2010 or to register, call 800-424-SOYA or visit: http://events. soyatech. com/conferences/SF2010.htm (http://events. soyatech. com/conferences/SF2010.htm). The early bird registration deadline is February 5, 2010, and special regular rates apply for not-for-profit organizations and universities.

About Soyatech, LLC

Soyatech (www. soyatech. com) is a global media, marketing, and event company that helps companies and investors in the food, oilseed, agribusiness, and agri-transportation sectors to assess and develop market opportunities through its publications, conferences, webinars, and widely used internet platform. Founded in 1985, the company publishes the annual Soya & Oilseed Bluebook, the industry’s leading source of information on oilseed and agribusiness companies and products, an industry-focused email newsletter (in daily and weekly editions), and Soyatech. com, the award-winning business-to-business online resource for the industry. Soyatech’s information services are referred to by tens of thousands of the world’s leading commodity, food and biofuels companies in over 100 countries every week. Soyatech, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HighQuest Partners.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

ICC "Plunges" Into First World Plumbing Day

ICC "Plunges" Into First World Plumbing Day

ICC supports World Plumbing Day on March 11 and other initiatives that help communities protect the environment and natural resources.

Whittier, CA (PRWEB) March 3, 2010

Everyone in the building industry knows that plumbers play a huge and critical role to protect public health and safety. But many consumers take for granted what the plumbing industry does to provide ever-better plumbing solutions, while being mindful of conserving resources.

The World Plumbing Council seeks to change that. March 11 has been officially designated World Plumbing Day. Construction professionals, the public and even schoolchildren around the globe are banding together to learn how the plumbing industry continually improves the products and services the industry offers for both commercial and residential projects. A huge part of their efforts and education program includes conserving resources and reducing the environmental footprint, along with other important work conducted by the plumbing industry, as well as the entire building industry.

The International Code Council works with organizations like the World Plumbing Council to build upon each other’s expertise and strengths to advance these goals faster and more effectively. In fact, the Code Council is highly engaged in helping communities large and small to implement ever-better plumbing applications that are more effective, while always being mindful of the environment. The March 15 release of the Public Version of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) is perfectly timed to coincide with World Plumbing Day.

With the possible exception of environmental organizations, the plumbing industry understands first-hand the need to continually develop ever-better solutions for water conservation without sacrificing convenience and safety.

The IGCC does just that and so much more. Of course, this highly-anticipated new code meets rating systems such as LEED and Green Globes. But it also offers a tremendous range of green building applications for every industry, a large portion of which covers plumbing provisions that focus on conservation of water and other resources, without compromising efficiency, quality, cost and safety.

The Code Council’s involvement with water-related issues goes well beyond offering superior codes. The organization is also using its extensive expertise to help global organizations in their efforts to provide access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation, working towards the ultimate goal of eradicating illness and death caused by waterborne illnesses.

Help spread the word about the important contributions the plumbing industry makes towards protecting public health and safety, and helping to conserve our natural resources. Support World Plumbing Day in any way you can. Log onto www. worldplumbingday. org to learn more.

The International Code Council (ICC) publishes building safety, energy efficiency and fire prevention codes that are used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Most U. S. cities, counties and states choose the I-Codes based on their outstanding quality. The ICC’s Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas (PMG) Group is devoted exclusively to providing PMG products and support to jurisdictions and construction industry professionals across the country and around the globe, with one or more PMG code adopted in 49 states. The over 200 superior products and related services were developed specifically by and for plumbing and mechanical professionals. Contact the PMG Group for additional information at 1-888-ICC-SAFE, x4PMG, PMGResourceCenter@iccsafe. org, or visit iccsafe. org (http://iccsafe. org).


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dr. Robert N. Butler Appointed to Board of Directors of BioTime, Inc

Dr. Robert N. Butler Appointed to Board of Directors of BioTime, Inc.

BioTime, Inc. (OTCBB:BTIM) announced today that Robert N. Butler, M. D., has been elected to BioTime’s Board of Directors. Dr. Butler is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of the International Longevity Center-USA, a non-profit international research, policy, and education organization formed to educate individuals on how to live longer and better, and advise society on how to maximize the benefits of today's age boom. Dr. Butler received his B. A. degree from Columbia College in 1949 and a M. D. Degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in 1952. He was the founding director of the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health, and from 1975-1982 he led that institute educating the nation about the need for innovative therapies for Alzheimer’s disease. At the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, he founded the nation’s first department of geriatrics where he is Professor of Geriatrics and Adult Development. He is a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences and of the National Academy of Social Insurance. He was a member of the Physician Payment Review Commission, an agency of the U. S. Congress, from 1986-89. He is a founding Fellow of the American Geriatrics Society and vice chairman of the Alliance for Aging Research. He served as Chair, Advisory Committee, 1995, for the White House Conference on Aging. He was a member of the Advisory Committee for the Project on Death in America by the Open Society Institute. He has been a consultant to the U. S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, the Commonwealth Fund, the Brookdale Foundation, the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation and numerous other organizations. He has served on the National Advisory Committees of the Physicians for Human Rights, the National Women's Health Resource Center and the Mildred and Claude Pepper Foundation, among other organizations. He also served as medical editor-in-chief of Geriatrics, a journal for primary care physicians, for 14 years and has authored approximately 300 scientific and medical articles. Dr. Butler won the Pulitzer Prize for his book Why Survive? Being Old in America. His latest book is The Longevity Revolution.

ALAMEDA, Calif. (PRWEB) August 6, 2008

"The aging of the baby boom generation is the most significant demographic trend of our time," said Michael D. West, Ph. D., BioTime's Chief Executive Officer. "We look forward in working with Dr. Butler in focusing the emerging technologies of regenerative medicine on the large and growing markets in age-related degenerative disease."

Dr. Butler said, "It is exciting to be elected to the board of BioTime, an innovative company built for this era of longevity."

About BioTime, Inc. (BTIM. OB):

BioTime, headquartered in Alameda, California, develops blood plasma volume expanders, blood replacement solutions for hypothermic (low temperature) surgery, organ preservation solutions, and technology for use in surgery, emergency trauma treatment and other applications. BioTime's lead product Hextend is manufactured and distributed in the U. S. by Hospira, Inc. and in South Korea by CJ Corp. under exclusive licensing agreements. BioTime has recently entered the field of regenerative medicine through its wholly owned subsidiary Embryome Sciences, Inc. where it plans to develop new medical and research products using embryonic stem cell technology. Additional information about BioTime can be found on the web at www. biotimeinc. com. Hextend®, PentaLyte®, HetaCool®, EmbryomicsTM, ESpyTM, and ESpanTM are trademarks of BioTime, Inc.

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements pertaining to future financial and/or operating results, future growth in research, technology, clinical development and potential opportunities for the company and its subsidiary, along with other statements about the future expectations, beliefs, goals, plans, or prospects expressed by management constitute forward-looking statements. Any statements that are not historical fact (including, but not limited to statements that contain words such as "will," "believes," "plans," "anticipates," "expects," "estimates,") should also be considered to be forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, risks inherent in the development and/or commercialization of potential products, uncertainty in the results of clinical trials or regulatory approvals, need and ability to obtain future capital, and maintenance of intellectual property rights. Actual results may differ materially from the results anticipated in these forward-looking statements and as such should be evaluated together with the many uncertainties that affect the company's business, particularly those mentioned in the cautionary statements found in the company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings. The company disclaims any intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

To receive ongoing BioTime corporate communications, please click on the following link to join our email alert list: http://www. b2i. us/irpass. asp? BzID=1152&to=ea&s=0 (http://www. b2i. us/irpass. asp? BzID=1152&to=ea&s=0)

Vocus Named to Software Magazine's 25th Annual Software 500

Vocus Named to Software Magazine's 25th Annual Software 500

Leading On Demand Public Relations Management Company Named One of the World's Largest Software Companies for 8th Consecutive Year

Lanham, MD (Vocus) October 10, 2007

Vocus, Inc., (NASDAQ: VOCS) a leading provider of on-demand software for public relations management, today announced that for the 8th consecutive year it has been included on Software Magazine's Software 500 ranking of the world's largest software and service providers, now in its 25th year.

"We are honored the Software 500 has recognized our growth for the eighth consecutive year," said Bill Wagner, chief marketing officer at Vocus, Inc. "As one of the early pioneers of the SaaS model, our continued growth validates our vision to create the first on-demand solution designed specifically to meet the growing demands of the PR industry (http://www. vocus. com/content/productsservices. asp)."

"The 2007 Software 500 results show that growth in the software and services industry was healthy from 2006 to 2007, the ranking year," says John P. Desmond, editor of Software Magazine and Softwaremag. com. "The top four business sectors this year are System Integration Services/IT Consulting, Application Development, Financial Applications and Security Tools/Systems.

Vocus' PR management platform optimizes the way organizations communicate with the media and the public. Its on-demand solution enables PR professionals to create targeted media lists, distribute press releases and news, monitor and analyze coverage and manage PR efforts from one application.

The Software 500 is a revenue-based ranking of the world's largest software and services suppliers targeting medium to large enterprises, their IT professionals, software developers and business managers involved in software and services purchasing. The ranking is based on total worldwide software and services revenue for 2006. Visit www. myswmag. com to subscribe to digital Software Magazine and be among the first to see the 2007 Software 500 and get additional details regarding the ranking.

About Digital Software Magazine, the Software Decision Journal, and Softwaremag. com
Digital Software Magazine, the Software Decision Journal, has been a brand name in the high-tech industry for nearly 30 years. Softwaremag. com, its Web counterpart, is the online catalog to enterprise software and the home of the Software 500 ranking of the world's largest software and services companies, now in its 25th year. Software Magazine and Softwaremag. com are owned and operated by King Content Co.

About King Content Co. and the Software Marketing Perspectives Conference & Expo
King Content Co., owner of Software Magazine, is holding a one-day Software Marketing Perspectives Seminar & Expo at the Hyatt Regency Austin on Town Lake, on Oct. 23, 2007. To register, go to www. smpevent. com. The event offers a spin-free zone where VPs and directors of technology product management, primarily from the software industry, can share experiences and network with each other.

The fourth annual Software Marketing Perspectives Conference & Expo will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, Calif., from May 7-9, 2008. Watch the event Web site for program information.

About Vocus, Inc.
Vocus, Inc. (NASDAQ: VOCS) is a leading provider of on-demand software for public relations management. Our web-based software suite helps organizations of all sizes to fundamentally change the way they communicate with both the media and the public, optimizing their public relations and increasing their ability to measure its impact. Our on-demand software addresses the critical functions of public relations including media relations, news distribution and news monitoring. We deliver our solutions over the Internet using a secure, scalable application and system architecture, which allows our customers to eliminate expensive up-front hardware and software costs and to quickly deploy and adopt our on-demand software. Vocus is used by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide and is available in five languages. Vocus is based in Lanham, MD with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information please visit www. vocus. com or call 800.345.5572.


Monday, February 14, 2005

NCQA Awards BlueCross MCO Accreditation Status of Excellent

NCQA Awards BlueCross MCO Accreditation Status of Excellent

Accreditation Fulfills TennCare Bureau Mandate for all MCOs

Chattanooga, Tenn. (Vocus) December 22, 2006

Volunteer State Health Plan (VSHP), a licensed HMO affiliate of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Inc. (http://www. bcbst. com/ (http://www. bcbst. com/)), announced today it has been awarded an accreditation status of 'Excellent' from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), an independent, non-profit organization that assesses and reports on the quality of the nation's managed care plans.

VSHP's accreditation status of Excellent - the highest possible level - is based on a voluntary review of how a health plan ensures that its members are receiving high quality care. VSHP scored 93.20 out of a possible 100.00 points. The accreditation is valid through Feb. 11, 2009.

"Our MCO has always strived to provide the highest-quality clinical care and member satisfaction to those Tennesseans relying on us for Medicaid services, and this NCQA accreditation validates those efforts," said VSHP Vice President Sonya Nelson. "The confirmation of our excellence is good news for not only us, but also our members."

The achievement meets the TennCare Bureau's NCQA accreditation requirement for any managed care organization participating in the TennCare program. TennCare is the first Medicaid program in the nation to adopt such a mandate.

"Achieving an accreditation status of Excellent is a significant achievement for a health plan," said Margaret E. O'Kane, president of NCQA. "It is only awarded to those plans that meet or exceed NCQA's rigorous requirements for consumer protection and quality improvement and have HEDIS results in the highest range of national performance."

The NCQA accreditation survey process includes on and off-site evaluations of over 60 standards and selected HEDIS performance measures conducted by a team of physicians and managed care experts. A committee of physicians analyzes the team's finding and assigns an accreditation level based on the performance level of the plan being evaluated to NCQA's standards.

The NCQA accreditation process evaluates how well a health plan manages quality throughout every part of its delivery system - physicians, hospitals, affiliated providers, and administrative services - to continuously improve health care for its members.

VSHP, a licensed HMO of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Inc., was the first managed care organization to commit to Tennessee's Medicaid program (TennCare) in 1993. Through its BlueCare and TennCare Select programs, VSHP serves more than 600,000 TennCare beneficiaries. Services provided include claims processing, care coordination, disease management and case management.


Mary Thompson

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Inc


Http://www. bcbst. com/ (http://www. bcbst. com/)


Simplicity is the Key to Improving Health and Energy Levels

Simplicity is the Key to Improving Health and Energy Levels

Readers who learn to Touch Life will improve their general well being, according to author Craig Blewett

Durban, South Africa (PRWEB) November 19, 2006

Author Craig Blewett's new book, Touch Life, is both a word of warning and a life-changing inspiration. Based on a realization that adults frequently use sight, hearing, taste, and smell but overlook their sense of touch, Blewett's theory encourages readers to revert back to their barefoot days of finger food and watch their energy and happiness skyrocket.

Blewett defines touch as anything that is "basically physical." Exercise falls under the touch category; so does walking in the rain, gardening, or simply eating outside. Children naturally "touch life" in these ways, exploring their sense of touch to the fullest. Adults, however, need a little help, especially in this day and age of climate control, comfort, and convenience. In the book, Blewett suggests activities to assist readers with returning to a fuller experience of their own lives.

Touch Life encourages not the elimination of technology and convenience in daily life but the reintegration of physical experience. Its goal encompasses physical and mental health by means as simple as getting readers to turn off the computer, remove their shoes, and take their fast food outside for a lunch break on the grass.

For more information or to request a free review copy, please contact the author at craig@touch-life. org. Touch Life is available for sale online at Amazon. com, Borders. com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author

Working in information technology for 20 years makes Craig Blewett no stranger to the world of modern convenience. However, his own children and the young people he works with in university and youth camp settings have inspired him to learn to "touch life" again. A public speaker, teacher, and writer, Blewett has published several books in the IT genre, won awards for academic writing, and is certified in True-Colors personality assessment. He lives in South Africa with his wife and three children.

About BookSurge

BookSurge LLC, an Amazon. com company, is a pioneer in self-publishing and print-on-demand services. Offering unique publishing opportunities and access for authors, BookSurge boasts an unprecedented number of authors whose work has resulted in book deals with traditional publishers as well as successful authorpreneurs who enhance or build a business from their professional expertise.