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Life and Health Insurance in Personal Financial Planning

Life and Health Insurance in Personal Financial Planning

Overview on life insurance possibilities.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 27, 2006

Life and health insurance have long been recognized as necessary and essential elements in an individual's or a family financial program. In a modern society, a sense of family responsibility meant that life and health insurance would grow in importance.

And still today life and health insurance continue to occupy an important role in the financial planning process.

This article has the purpose to provide an introduction to this process and highlights the means by which life and health insurance can assist in accomplishing one's financial plans.

A personal financial planning can be considered the process where an individual or a family decided to develop and implement an integrated plan to accomplish their objectives. The essential elements of this financial planning concept are the identification of financial goals and the development of an integrated plan to accomplish the objectives.

As all of us know humans are exposed to many serious perils, such as property losses from fire and windstorm, and personal losses from disability and death. Although individuals can not predict or prevent completely the occurrence of these dangerous events, they can provide against thier financial effects. The function of insurance is to safeguard against such misfortunes by having the losses of the unfortunate few paid by the contributions of the many who are exposed to the same peril.

The essence of of insurance is the sharing of losses and, in the process, the substitution of a certain small loss ( that is to say the premium payment ) for an uncertain, large loss.

In the peril under consideration is that of the death, the financial loss suffered can be reduced through life insurance. If the peril is instead disability, the financial loss can be compensated by the health insurance.

Insurance may be defined from two perspectives: that of the society and that of the individual. From the society's point of view, life or health insurance may be defined as a social device where individuals transfer the financial risks associated with loss of life or health to the group of individuals, and which involves the accumulation of funds: and this concept means that the insurance exists when there is a transfer of the risk from the individual to the group.

From the individual's point of view, life or health insurance may be defined as an agreement where one party pays a stipulated consideration ( the premium ) to the other party ( the insurer ), in return for which the insurer agrees to pay a defined amount of money if the person whose life is insured dies or suffers an illness to a stated time.

Stefano Sandano is a life insurance expert and you can get more information about life insurance tips on his online resource at http://www. ourbestselves. com (http://www. ourbestselves. com).


Self Help Plan for Small Companies to Avoid Labor Law Problems in California

Self Help Plan for Small Companies to Avoid Labor Law Problems in California

Internet links and resources for small and medium sized businesses to get their HR house in order to avoid the increased scrutiny by California state agencies in employment matters.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 26, 2006

California's labor laws have given it a reputation as a "non business friendly" state that makes life difficult for employers. As consultants, we find many California small businesses seriously non-compliant with many state employment standards and regulations. New laws in 2005 and this year have increased penalties and fines for businesses that neglect their Human Resources obligations.

A business owner could face serious fines or disruption if a government agency finds his or her company in violation of California's labor code regulations. The plaintiff bar attorneys have prospered from this state's confusion of rules and regulations and have targeted and threatened many small businesses with litigation. This has become more of a problem for employers since the passage of the California Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) in 2004 which allows private lawsuits on compliance issues from third parties. Since the changes and new restrictions on workers compensation litigation, which took effect in 2005, many plaintiff lawyers are focusing on basic compliance issues to make up for the loss of their injured worker cases.

For small California business employers, it is in their best interests to take the steps necessary to ensure they are compliant with the state's labor laws. The guidelines outlined here are intended for use by employers with under 50 employees. (Larger businesses must also comply with other regulations). Here are the primary five areas on which a business owner will need to focus:

#1 Update Employment Law Posters! -- The California Labor Dept. and the federal governments require employers to post information related to wages, hours and working conditions in an area frequented by employees where it may be easily read during the workday. The number of posters required is determined by the size and nature of your business but could total up to ten or more. An employer can obtain the required California and federal posters through these websites: http://www. dir. ca. gov/WP. asp (http://www. dir. ca. gov/WP. asp) and http://www. dol. gov/osbp/sbrefa/poster/matrix. htm (http://www. dol. gov/osbp/sbrefa/poster/matrix. htm). The business owner may want to consider purchasing an approved "combination" poster which condenses and combines all the necessary posters. These can be found online at http://allinoneposters. com (http://allinoneposters. com) or http://www. ihrsource. com (http://www. ihrsource. com) or similar sites on the Internet.

Employers should study and make sure they understand the regulations on these posters to determine which regulations are applicable to their business so they can answer questions from employees.

#2 Businesses must be compliant with all safety and health regulations -- In California, every employer has a legal requirement to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, according to the California Occupational Safety and Health department standards. As of 1991, each employer must have in place a written, effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). This does not have to be a complex document but must encompass certain elements. An employer can get an outline from the state for developing a plan for their work site at http://www. dir. ca. gov/dosh/dosh_publications/iipp. html (http://www. dir. ca. gov/dosh/dosh_publications/iipp. html). Besides developing a plan, there is a requirement that businesses train their workers on preventing workplace hazards (and document that training). The IIPP plan must be updated every time a business changes their operations where the hazards involved also change. In addition, all employers with over ten employees must also keep an accident and injury log (OSHA 300). This can be downloaded with instructions at http://www. dir. ca. gov/dosh/dosh_publications/RecKeepOverview. pdf (http://www. dir. ca. gov/dosh/dosh_publications/RecKeepOverview. pdf).

#3 Employers must pay closer attention to how they pay their employees - In California; most state employment regulations "trump" federal regulations because state standards are usually stricter. Many small business owners make the mistake of paying all or many of their employees a straight salary to keep payroll a simple process. This can be a very perilous approach as they most probably will violate overtime rules which have very stiff penalties. We advise that every business study the CA Industry Wage Commission (IWC) orders applicable for their particular industry at http://www. dir. ca. gov/IWC/WageOrderIndustries. htm (http://www. dir. ca. gov/IWC/WageOrderIndustries. htm) to know the legal requirements for overtime wages, breaks and lunch periods for that firm's workers.

A critical area many small businesses fail to recognize is the proper classification of employees, as they apply to mandatory overtime pay -- exempt from overtime or not exempt. This can be an area which the employer may need some professional advice, but the general rule is that every employee should be paid hourly and paid overtime according to the IWC orders unless the proper testing is done to make a case for an exemption which usually only applies to top managers or certain professional employees. Some guidelines are available at http://www. management-advantage. com/products/overtime-exempt. html (http://www. management-advantage. com/products/overtime-exempt. html).

#4 Employers must Respect Employees' Privacy and secure personnel files -- Today the law protects the privacy of employees with some pretty severe sanctions against employers who violate a person's medical privacy or identity, even if unintentional. The employer should separate personnel information into two files -- a personnel file (with payroll tax forms, or basic job information in it such as training documents, performance reviews and disciplinary or commendation notices) and a separate confidential file with medical, credit, benefits and personal family or dependent information. Supervisors or other interested management must be restricted in their access to the personnel file only. Only the person designated as the human resources record keeper is to be entrusted with the access to the confidential file. Also the employer must make sure these files are always secured. For a more thorough discussion on employer's responsibilities on employee privacy, businesses can download this article at http://www. hunton. com/files/tbl_s47Details%5CFileUpload265%5C1513%5CSotto_workplaceprivacy. pdf (http://www. hunton. com/files/tbl_s47Details%5CFileUpload265%5C1513%5CSotto_workplaceprivacy. pdf)

#5 Employers must verify their employees' legal work status -- The immigration authorities are under increasing pressure to enforce the current laws, and experts agree that enforcement will increase in the coming years as the debate wears on this issue. There have been some well publicized raids all over the country. The I-9 employment form must be completed properly by every employer on every employee, even US citizens. These documents must be completed properly and kept up to date if certain documents are presented on an employee's legal status to work in the US. Attached are two good primers and forms on the employer's responsibilities in that area which can be found at http://www. ahmcp. com/articles/employer_records. html (http://www. ahmcp. com/articles/employer_records. html) or http://www. twmlaw. com/resources/formI9.html (http://www. twmlaw. com/resources/formI9.html).

As a further measure, an employer should also use the government's free service to verify that the social security numbers being presented by applicants are valid, which will reduce the chances that they are hiring an illegal alien. Instructions for verification online are available at http://www. socialsecurity. gov/employer/ssnv. htm (http://www. socialsecurity. gov/employer/ssnv. htm). This may become a requirement soon as the immigration service cracks down on employers. The government is now using tax filings with mismatched or invalid social security numbers to look for employer who knowingly hire workers who are in the US without proper labor authorization.

While this article is not inclusive of every labor code issue employers may face, it does cover the "hot" areas which will give a small business owner a running head start to being compliant with California state and the federal laws. It might be a prudent investment for every business owner with more than five employees to have a human resource and payroll audit done periodically by an HR professional to help them spot areas of vulnerability and non compliance so they can address those issues now, rather than in crisis or litigation.

Copyright 2006 -- Daniel Curtin, Curtin & Associates

Daniel Curtin, SPHR is the Principal of Curtin & Associates; a Los Angeles based human resources consulting firm and a WEHO chamber member. An award winning professional, he has over 28 years of corporate and executive level experience in his field. He has contributed to scholarly books and articles and has been interviewed by local print and TV media. More information on Curtin & Associates is available at http://www. hrsolutions-socal. com (http://www. hrsolutions-socal. com).

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AP9 PremierHealthPlus Shares Six Steps to Avoid Skin Cancer

AP9 PremierHealthPlus Shares Six Steps to Avoid Skin Cancer

AP9 PremierHealthPlus Offers Members Savings on Health Services, Health Products, Fitness and Wellness Needs and More

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) June 17, 2005

The summer sun is finally back to brighten the days and heighten outdoor activities. Members of AP9 PremierHealthPlus (http://www. premierhealthplus-program. com/), a leading discount membership program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, are sure to take some protective measures so that they can enjoy a happy, healthy summer.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are the primary cause of skin cancer, a preventable illness that affects about a million Americans each year. Most types of skin cancers appear after age 50, but the sunÂ’s harmful effects can begin at an early age, so you need to protect yourself against the sun from childhood on. AP9 PremierHealthPlus (http://www. premierhealthplus-program. com/) members can log on to DealPass (http://www. dealpass. com) to access their benefits and get all the information they need, as well as discounts on a variety of healthcare benefits.

Preparation and protection are your two best allies against short and long-term sun damage. Consider following these simple steps:

While skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body, the face, neck, hands and arms are most vulnerable to sunlight. To protect those areas, cover them with clothing or apply ample amounts of sunscreen.

Try to stay in the shade, especially between 10 am and 3 pm, when the sunÂ’s rays are the strongest. Apply sunscreen even on cloudy days. UV rays can penetrate clouds and cause damage to your skin.

Use the correct sunscreen lotion. The label SPF means “Sun Protection Factor,” and it’s always followed by a number the higher the number the higher the protection. Use sunscreen that offers protection against a broad spectrum of sunlight and is water-resistant.

Sunscreen lotion should be applied to dry skin 15 to 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, and it should be reapplied after swimming or sweating. Apply it all over the body, even on areas covered by your swimsuit or clothing. Make sure you cover your eyelids, ears, nose and neck.

Wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses with UV protection. A wide hat can help protect your face and shoulders as well as your hair. (Sunrays combined with pool chemicals or sea salt can spell disaster for your hair and scalp.) While most people tend to look upon sunglasses simply as fashion accessories these days, make sure yours protect your eyes first and foremost.

Carry along a leave-in conditioner or sun spray for your hair and medicated lip balm for your lips. You need to keep your lips moist to avoid burning and cracking.

After a day in the sun, be sure to exfoliate your skin and apply deep moisturizing creams all over your body. These simple steps can help prevent skin cancer and keep your skin looking more radiant and youthful.

About AP9 PremierHealthPlus

AP9 PremierHealthPlus (http://www. premierhealthplus-program. com/) is a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC (http://www. adaptivemarketing. com/). Headquartered in Stamford, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in both membership and loyalty programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Members may access their benefits at DealPass. com, an online portal for Adaptive Marketing membership programs. With broad online and offline distribution capabilities, Adaptive Marketing offers its corporate client partners effective tools to enhance market presence, strengthen customer affinity and generate additional value through programs, such as AP9 PremierHealthPlus.

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The Arrival of Aura: Exclusive Residential Enclave in Camelback Corridor

The Arrival of Aura: Exclusive Residential Enclave in Camelback Corridor

Catalyst Communities introduces Sustainable Luxury Living to residential real estate market

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) February 29, 2008

An industry-changing project under development in the prestigious Camelback Corridor will forever change the way people think about the way they live. Aura at Camelback, from Catalyst Communities, is a ground-breaking residential enclave in Phoenix designed to help residents live the life they have always dreamed, without compromise -- one that blends environmentally-sustainable homes with timeless luxury and a shared sense of community. It is a new paradigm Catalyst refers to as "Sustainable Luxury Living."

Aura at Camelback, located at 25th Street and Campbell and within walking distance to the Esplanade and the Biltmore area, carefully integrates three key elements: sustainability, luxury and community. "Sustainable luxury living is what sets Aura at Camelback apart from any other development existing or planned," says Chad Gifford, president of Catalyst Communities, the project's developer. "We strive to respect the environment and honor the health of both our planet and ourselves through energy efficient design without compromising the lifestyle we deserve."

The community is planned to be the largest LEED Silver for Homes certified project in Arizona. Aura at Camelback will deliver energy efficiency in a number of ways including solar-powered electricity systems on every home, water-saving measures and fixtures, sustainable materials, low-e window panes and numerous other eco-centered measures. LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a metric of the U. S. Green Building Council, signifies that a building has created and maintains a healthier living environment through better and more efficient use of key resources such as energy, water, materials and land. Gifford estimates that more than 80 percent of each residence will be powered with solar technology.

Aura at Camelback promotes "balanced luxury," the ability to combine outstanding creature comfort with responsible living. Views of the surrounding mountains, expansive rooms with two story height ceilings, private elevators in every home, private rooftop gardens, lush landscaping, extensive courtyards with water features, large backyards and private underground two-car garages with bonus rooms are just a few of the amenities residents will enjoy at Aura at Camelback. Community engagement will also be a key element of Aura at Camelback. "You'll know your neighbors, share stories and dine together," Gifford says. "It will truly feel like home."

Catalyst Communities has partnered with Prudential Arizona as the exclusive sales agency for this unique community. The Aura Sales Center is located at 3200 E. Camelback Road, Suite 103 in Phoenix, within Prudential's Camelback Sales Center.

Senior Rae Kristoff Architecture of Phoenix handled the unique design for Aura at Camelback while Urban Edge Builders of Scottsdale will be building the project. There are 36 residences ranging from 2,469 to 3,147 square feet. Prices range from the $900,000's to approximately $1.3 million. Aura at Camelback will break ground in May 2008 with completion scheduled for mid 2009. For more information about Aura at Camelback, please visit www. auraatcamelback. com.

Sales are conditioned upon buyer's receipt and acceptance of ADRE Public Report. Prices, plans, architectural renderings, specifications and availability are preliminary and subject to change without notice. Completion date is a good faith estimate but not guaranteed.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Catalyst Communities was formed in 2006 to promote a new approach to homebuilding called "sustainable luxury living" and branded "Aura." The first development, "Aura at Camelback" is Catalyst's flagship urban townhouse community being built in Phoenix's Camelback Corridor. Scheduled for completion in mid-2009, the development redefines how developers can creatively combine three key elements of a quality lifestyle: luxury living, environmentally conscious design and a close-knit community. With Aura at Camelback, Catalyst Communities has pledged to make an energy efficient property certified as a silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) residential community as determined by the U. S. Green Building Council and Zero Energy Homes as determined by the U. S. Department of Energy. For more information, please visit www. auraatcamelback. com.

Aura and Catalyst are trademarks of Catalyst Communities, LLC. Other names and brands are the property of their respective owners.


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Sales Letters: What length is best?

Sales Letters: What length is best?

How long should a sales letter be? The best length is contingent on what is being sold and to whom.

(PRWEB) October 7, 2001


By Paul Tracy

Sales letters come in many lengths, ranging from one page to several. Conventional copywriting wisdom holds that long copy most often will outperform short. The maxim is, "The more you tell, the more you sell."

Some copywriters have challenged this notion. They criticize much of the testing done on copywriting techniques. Testing for copywriting length is not a straightforward matter, they contend. Whenever copy length is varied, copy content will, of necessity, also vary. Therefore, controlling for just the variable of length is not possible.

Not a Scientific Method

The typical copywriting approach is to use the most successful direct mail copy for a particular product or service as the control against which other copy is tested. That is, the control's characteristics are considered optimal until other tested copy outperforms it.

Critics question whether what held true in the past applies to copywriting today. Anecdotal evidence demonstrating that people are less willing to spend time reading mail than in the past includes complaints from companies that their customers inadvertently toss out as solicitations some bills they receive.

In addition, people today generally are busy. They often cannot spend much time reading mail. When people find their mailboxes full of solicitations, they start looking for things to throw out. Television may also have played a role in shortening people's attention spans; people often discard mail they cannot quickly understand.

When to Use Shorter Text

The conventional wisdom is that a two-page letter using single sides of two sheets of paper will outperform the same letter using both sides of one sheet.

Scenarios in which such short copy is appropriate include letters sent to generate leads. In this case, the prospect's interest must be sparked. A more sustained sales effort can be made at the closing. In other situations, well-known brands do not require copy that is as long as that used for unfamiliar brands.

Products or services that are popularly considered "dry" (for example, banking services) generally should have short copy. Similarly, copy directed at busy people such as professionals should be mostly short. They do not have time to wade through pages of copy.

Useful techniques for short copy include a brief letter making major points, accompanied by an enclosure such as a fact sheet, flyer or brochure. A recent solicitation for a Visa card from Providian Financial included a good, short letter with the headline "No Annual Fee," certainly a major selling point. Subheads make the other major points and are followed by brief amplifications. A brochure also mentions more of the card's benefits.

The information needed to make a decision is all there in a compact package.

When to Use Longer Text

Of course, many situations call for longer text, such as a mailer touting or soliciting:

magazine subscriptions or book club memberships, because they're targeted to people who like to read;

high-involvement items, such as health products or investment newsletters, because people interested in such things want, and often need, a lot of information;

products used for special interests, such as car repair or golf--things about which prospects may like to learn more;

charitable donations; letters for a good cause can offer one compelling anecdote after another.

For multiple-page letters with pages joined along a vertical fold, an odd number of pages may be preferable because the sales close will fall on the right side where it may be more likely to get noticed.

There are examples of good copywriting, however, where this is not done. Looking at an American Association of Retired Persons package, I see the copywriter cleverly put closes on both page three and page four. The close of the letter's body is at the bottom of page three, and the postscript is on page four. This might help the chances of connecting with someone who is just scanning the letter.

There is no simple rule for copy length that applies to all situations. Copy should be as long as it needs to be to get across the points the copywriter has to make, without losing the reader's interest. Length is contingent on the specifics of what is being sold and to whom.

Paul Tracy is a freelance copywriter of such materials as direct and Internet mail, brochures, and press releases. His e-mail address is ptracy9@aol. com

(c) Paul Tracy. This article may be reproduced provided its author is acknowledged in the reproduction and notified.

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New Sunscreen Mist Booth Provides Kids Sunscreen Coverage From Head to Toe

New Sunscreen Mist Booth Provides Kids Sunscreen Coverage From Head to Toe

The necessary, but time-consuming, hit-or-miss process of protecting kids with sunscreen just got easier for parents who visit locations that have added the Sun Treatment Center. The new Sunscreen Mist Booth completely covers users with 30 SPF sunblock in seconds. After 4 years of extensive development and field testing, Sunscreen Mist has launched the Sun Treatment Center. This breakthrough product has adapted their manufacturer's spray-on tanning technology to protect children and adults with tears-free, waterproof, broad spectrum, 30 SPF sunscreen in the outdoor environments in and around pools at hotels, resorts, camps and even community associations. The Sun Treatment Center is particularly well suited for users with children. Older kids can use the booth unassisted, while parents can easily help smaller children inside the transparent booth.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) November 28, 2006

The Sun Treatment Center, distributed by Sunscreen Mist of Newport Beach, CA, has taken its manufacturer's extensive expertise in spray-on tanning technology and developed a spray sunscreen vending booth to be placed in any area with a high concentration of sunbathers (pools, beachs, marinas, waterparks, and apartment communities).

The booth utilizes a virtually silent, state-of-the-art spray system which applies each user with 2 ounces of FDA approved 15 or 30 SPF Sunscreen (twice the FDA recommendation). In addition, the sunscreen formulation provides waterproof, UVA/UVB, PABA and alcohol free, and tears-free protection. "The formulations make the Sunscreen Mist Booth ideal for parents (who find it difficult to apply sunscreen to small children), adults with limited mobility, and people who just want to enjoy more of their vacation with the assurance that they are protected from sun damage and the potential for skin cancer," comments Jordan Lichman, Co-Founder of Sunscreen Mist, the exclusive distributor of the Sun Treatment Center.

Mr. Lichman was inspired to build a spray-on sunscreen booth after a week-long family trip to the Caribbean. "Everyone spent at least 15 minutes a day putting sunblock on themselves and each other. Despite our best efforts and using a variety of high SPF sunscreens, we ALL got sunburned. Some of us missed spots, others didn't use enough. And there was no way, with current Airline Regulations to pack enough sunblock for a week long family vacation. I knew there had to be a better way." After returning home, Lichman, who spent almost a decade in luxury hotel operations before his recent graduation from the University of Maryland's MBA Program, researched and found a manufacturer, Solar Sunblocker, that had recently launched the Sun Treatment Center after four years of development. By Fall 2006, Jordan, and a team of sales and legal executives, had signed on as the exclusive distributor for the Sun Treatment Center.

While there are a variety of high quality, broad spectrum sunscreens available, they all seem to suffer from one or more shortcomings in their delivery method. Those problems include: uneven application, difficulty for users applying in hard to reach areas without a mirror or assistance, eye irritation from alcohol based sunscreens, difficulty applying to young children (who are the most susceptible to sunburn), and simply not using the proper amount. Even the popular "Continuous Spray" aerosol sunscreen cans have problems. According to Tara Pope of the Wall Street Journal (June 20, 2006, Health Mailbox), "Because they spray on clear, it's not always easy to tell if every bit of exposed skin has been covered. The sprays can also be expensive. [A $10 bottle] can run out after as few as four to six uses. Spray sunscreens also typically contain alcohol, which allows them to spray on clear and dry quickly, but they can also [irritate] a rash or sunburn. They also aren't recommended for spraying on the face. Users can spray the sunscreen in the hands and rub on the face, but consumers may prefer to buy a second sun-protection stick or lotion formulated for faces." Even in mild breezy conditions more sunscreen can end up in the air than on your kids.

The Sunscreen Mist, Sun Treatment Center solves all the shortcomings of existing spray-on sunblocks. The Sun Treatment Center uses only Allevea™, Natural Suncare Products (http://www. sunscreenmist. com/aleva. html). The tears-free sunscreen causes no eye irritation, and the spray sunblock application takes only 15 seconds start to finish. The enclosed sunscreen booth assures that users are covered with well over the 1 oz. of 15 SPF sunblock the FDA recommends. The light sheen and mild aroma let parents know that the sunscreen was applied in hard to reach areas. Kids find the spray-on process fun and parents no longer have to struggle to apply suntan lotion to children. The broad spectrum and water-proof formulas stay on active kids longer than traditional products, and help prevent skin cancer and cosmetic skin damage

In addition, Sunscreen Mist provides a profit source for properties placing a Sun Treatment Center on their property. A 300 room hotel can easily NET over $25,000 per year. Property owners have been enthusiastic since the booth requires NO attendant and NO plumbing, provides a hygienic rinse before every use, uses only Allevea™, Spa Collection, Natural Suncare products, has slip-resistant flooring, and offers insurance, lease and finance options. Sunscreen Mist has seen strong initial demand for the Sun Treatment Center booth among water parks, hotels, spas, and multi-family properties with pools. These buyers see it as a wonderful amenity and a way of providing safety for kids and adults, while offering a new opportunity for operating income. An application will cost the user as little as $2, which they can pay with a credit/debit card, key card or cash (unless the property offers the Booth as a free amenity). "This price makes it competitive with aerosol sunscreens, but provides much greater value in terms of convenience and safety," Lichman added. For more information contact Jordan Lichman or visit Sunscreen Mist on the web at www. sunscreenmist. com.


Mercy Ship Sails On From Liberia After Four-Year Rebuilding Effort

Mercy Ship Sails On From Liberia After Four-Year Rebuilding Effort

Liberian leaders pay tribute to Africa Mercy crew and commit to continue progress. Broadcast video of President Sirleaf's speech onboard the Africa Mercy, hi-res photos and general Mercy Ships footage are available for download with registration at www. mercyshipsnews. org or upon request.

Monrovia Liberia (Vocus) December 17, 2008

The Africa Mercy pulled out of the Free Port of Monrovia, Liberia, this past weekend, wrapping up four years of assistance by Mercy Ships in the rebuilding of Liberia's infrastructure. The first visit of a Mercy Ship to the nation was in 2005 at the invitation of the United Nations, prior to free elections.

President Johnson Sirleaf and Vice President and Mrs. Boakai visited the ship prior to departure to thank the crew, to acknowledge the investment made by Mercy Ships and to pledge that progress will be continued.

"What we have seen, what we have experienced, what we have benefited from, is beyond what I could speak to," stated President Johnson Sirleaf. "We can only commit to you that we will try to ensure that what you started will be carried on, so it can forever be remembered that this came from a partner who brought resources, but also the caring," she added.

Over the past four years, Mercy Ships volunteer professionals offered free, specialized curative surgical intervention, health care infrastructure developmental assistance, and community based preventive health care programs benefiting thousands of individuals and many communities as the nation continues to recover from 14 years of conflict.

"We've made a significant impact on the surgical backlog from Liberia's civil war during our four years there. Our volunteer crew has helped to establish a strong health care infrastructure that will allow the country to flourish in the future," said Mercy Ships Founder/President Don Stephens.

"The mission of the charity to provide free world-class medical services to the "forgotten poor" has been improved by its term of service in Liberia," Stephens added.

Over the past four years, Mercy Ships professional volunteers provided nearly 3,000 reconstructive /plastics and general surgeries; saw more than 16,348 dental patients, trained 33 individuals in oral health to train others and 3 dental assistants; saw over 35,042 eye patients with 3,523 corrective surgeries, and trained two Liberian surgeons and eight eye workers; provided 401 surgeries for women needing VVF/gynecological repairs while training seven surgeons and six obstetric nurses, and provided 289 orthopaedic surgeries. Two clinics, a school, and demonstration farm were constructed, aspects of the city water supply repaired, wells and latrines dug and rehabilitated in many communities.

During the final 10 months, additional training programs were run for biomedical technicians, anesthesiologists, administrators, strategic health care workers, palliative caregivers, pastoral and mental health workers in the country. Wings of the JFK Medical Center were renovated, and a ship's dentist and team have stayed behind to continue training in a purpose built dental clinic.

Referring to the collaboration between Mercy Ships and the Liberian government over the past four years, President Sirleaf noted, "You've touched the lives of Liberians who could not be reached by their own government because of the lack of resources--human, financial, technical."

She went on to say, "We have lots of partners--bilateral, multilateral, private partners. And many of them have so many more resources to give us. But it's not so much the size of the assistance, the magnitude of the resources. It is what comes with it. Whom it touches, whom it reaches, whom it changes, that is what true partnership is all about."

According to the President's speech, thirty years ago Liberia was known to have one of the best referral hospitals in the West African sub-region, with hospitals, clinics, and services in all 15 counties. Years of turmoil had reduced those services down to one doctor to 61,000 persons, she noted, thanking Mercy Ships for their help to address that imbalance.

The Mercy Ship heads to Tenerife for yearly maintenance, survey, and repair, and to restock before sailing in February for 10 months of service in the port of Cotonou, Benin. 

For further information, contact:

Pauline Rick
U. S. Public Relations Manager
Mercy Ships
Phone: 903-939-7649
E-mail: rickp@mercyships. org
Www. mercyships. org

Diane Rickard, Director Media Relations
Mercy Ships International
Phone: 44. 1438.727 800
E-mail: rickardd@mercyships. org
Www. mercyships. org

Broadcast video of President Sirleaf's speech onboard the Africa Mercy, hi-res photos and general Mercy Ships footage are available for download with registration at www. mercyshipsnews. org or upon request. 


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$75 Billion Worldwide Marketplace Blockbuster Event: International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies Convenes

$75 Billion Worldwide Marketplace Blockbuster Event: International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies Convenes

The Winter 2006 Session of the International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies convenes with a record-breaking audience of 6,000 physicians and scientists representing 90 countries.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) December 9, 2006

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the world's largest professional medical society dedicated to advancing research and clinical pursuits that enhance the quality, and extend the quantity, of the human lifespan, convenes the Winter 2006 Session of the 14th Annual International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies, December 7-10, 2006 at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

A record-breaking audience of more than 6,000 of the world's leading physicians and scientists representing 90 countries gather to learn the latest advancements in preventive medicine and emerging biomedical technologies. Presentations cover current topics in aging intervention and include:

~ New drug delivery systems for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

~ Novel approaches for the therapeutic administration of human growth hormone

~ Newest developments in antioxidant and vitamin therapies

~ Updates in stem cell therapeutics and human cloning

~ Latest advancements in genetic engineering and genomics

~ Innovations in nanotechnology and nano-biology

~ Latest technologies in aesthetic medicine including laser therapies, Botox®, fillers, and skin peels

Popular television and movie actress Ms. Suzanne Somers will speak on the subject of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, as touted in her new book, "Ageless" (Crown Publishers, 2006). In addition to Ms. Somers, the A4M welcomed to the Congress several of Hollywood's A-List of famous movie and television actors and actresses who already follow personalized anti-aging medical regimens administered by some of the leading pioneering physicians of the A4M.

More than 80 members of the press will cover the event for newspaper, magazine, television, radio, and website mediums. Media coverage extends from coast-to-coast in the United States and Canada, and to points as far as Australia, China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Japan, France, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

Since its founding in 1992, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has spearheaded the anti-aging medical movement and achieved international recognition. Anti-aging medicine is now practiced by tens of thousands of physicians beneficially impacting the well-being of millions of the most affluent and influential patients in private medical offices as well as some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals around the world.

The A4M continues to advance a new paradigm of proactive interventions for dysfunctions, disorders, disabilities, and diseases led by advanced biomedical technologies that usher in unprecedented innovations in preventive medicine. Observes Ronald Klatz, M. D., D. O., A4M President: "Thanks to anti-aging medical advancements, today's longest lived Baby Boomers are now able to realistically project potential healthy, vital, productive lifespans of 110 to 150 years." During the organization's fourteen-year history, the A4M has embraced the vast potential benefits of some of the most promising aspects of scientific advancements in progressive preventive healthcare, many of which are highlighted at the Winter 2006 Session of the 14th Annual International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies. Comments Robert Goldman, M. D., Ph. D., D. O., FAASP: "This is the largest event of its kind in the arena of human longevity and it is renowned around the world for the high caliber of speakers, delegates, and international government officials in attendance."

For more information, including the World Map of 2007-2008 Official Educational Programs in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine co-sponsored/co-supported by the A4M, visit The World Health Network, www. worldhealth. net, the Internet's leading portal for information on aging intervention and official educational website of the A4M.

Source: The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), Chicago, IL

Contact: Catherine Cebula

Phone: (877) 572-0608

Fax: (978) 742-9719

Website: www. worldhealth. net


Medication Reminders ... A Life Saver

Medication Reminders... A Life Saver

Medication Reminder Systems... Reliable, Easy To Use and Inexpensive.

(PRWEB) September 27, 2004

Pill Proof LLC introduces the first, easy to use, reliable and inexpensive medication reminder kits for consumers, medical professionals and health insurance companies. The PILL PROOF KIT consists of a large transparent 36 compartment hinged pill case, stickers for the time of day, two large erasable detailed medication charts and a pager size alarm with 12 alarms or vibrator settings per day. Also, included are a wallet medical chart, wallet ID and booklet of medical toll-free numbers.

Surprisingly nine out of every ten outpatients are taking prescribed medicines improperly, contributing to prolonged or additional illness. More than 125,000 Americans die each year due to prescription medication non compliance. 1,000,000 Americans are hospitalized each year due to medication errors. Pill Proof hopes to reduce those statistics. Their web site is at at www. sew-beautiful. us/pillproof (http://www. sew-beautiful. us/pillproof )


Pill Proof LLC

Jane Langdon, President

Suite 1010

5670 Pennwall Street

Madison, WI 53711-5421


1-877-355-7673 Toll Free

Email: pillproof@myway. com 

Website: www. sew-beautiful. us/pillproof (http://www. sew-beautiful. us/pillproof )

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Intervention Company Comments on the Recent death of Michael Jackson

Intervention Company Comments on the Recent death of Michael Jackson

Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. Founder explains his opinion as to the real reason for Michael Jackson’s death

Lowell, IN (PRWEB) September 16, 2009

Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc, a nationwide drug and alcohol intervention service provider located just 20 miles away from the birthplace of Michael Jackson, has released a statement in regards to the recent death of the pop idol.

Says the founder, David S. Lee:

“Many people are now asking the question ‘why is Michael Jackson dead?’ Many are quick to blame the doctors, his associates or even the celebrity lifestyle. However, it is important to understand the real reason that Michael Jackson is gone.

I have personally seen the worst of what can happen when people decide to wait. We speak with hundreds of family members each month and the story is usually the same. ‘Our loved one is addicted to drugs and won’t stop. How can we help him? How can we save him?’ Interestingly enough, almost 90% of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and have an intervention performed on them willingly agree to treatment. However less than 10% of families that we speak to decide to conduct an intervention. They have the concern, the need and the means for an intervention…and yet they wait. The question is why.

There are often many people that surround someone addicted to drugs. Sometimes there is a mother who feels the guilt that maybe somehow they are responsible, or a sibling who cares but is tired of the problem, maybe a father who wants to fix the problem themselves. Everyone wants the problem to go away, but few are on the same page as to how to go about it. They are stuck between hope and fear. Stuck between the false hope that maybe tomorrow things will change and the fear that if they push the issue maybe they will lose the tenuous connection they have with their loved one. They are unwilling to temporarily hurt their loved one in order to help them. Again, the question is why do they not conduct an intervention?

In order to understand the answer to these questions, we must first understand the substance abuser. Often times we focus on the substances as the problem. If only they would quit using drugs their problems would go away, we think. But, in actuality, the substances are but a symptom of an underlying problem. To understand the underlying problem, we need to reframe addiction. A substance abuser isn’t addicted to substances so much as he as addicted to seeking pleasure and avoiding uncomfortable feelings, things and situations. The substances are just one of many means to accomplish this. He tells himself and others he is going to quit using tomorrow to feel better today. He puts the uncomfortable pile of bills in the ‘I’ll pay them later’ pile, or has someone else deal with them instead. He draws into his life people that won’t confront him so harshly. He finds a doctor that will give him the ‘medicine’ that he needs. He shifts the blame onto others. He drinks or uses drugs. It becomes a life consumed with ‘What can I say or do to feel better right now?’

In addition to developing unhealthy skills to make uncomfortable feelings go away, a substance abuser will, over time, create a system around him that is an extension of his addiction...this addiction of comfort. He will change those that are closest to him to best serve his addiction, and those that won’t enable, he pushes away.

Our heart goes out to the Jackson family, for now comes the process of reflection and grief. Why didn’t we do something? Who is to blame? Why did this happen?

Why do over 90% of substance abusers that we intervene on willingly agree to go to treatment, and yet less than 10% of families decide to do an intervention?

Because the addict has taught them and those around him not to intervene.”

For additional information on interventions contact David S. Lee or visit www. InterventionServicesInc. com.

About Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.:
Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. is a nationwide drug and alcohol intervention service provider that conducts family based interventions for those connected with a substance abuser who is unwilling to face their problems in a healthy manner.

David S. Lee, CCDC, Founder
Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.
(877) 478-4621
Www. InterventionServicesInc. com


Real Estate Recovery Forecast

Real Estate Recovery Forecast

A new forecast by Housing Predictor shows how real estate markets will recover as a result of actions taken by the Fed and the Obama Administration's rescue package.

Destin, FL (PRWEB) March 23, 2009

A new forecast by Housing Predictor dot com details how the housing market will recover from its all-time unprecedented fall.

The forecast shows how the Obama Administration's efforts with Congress and the Fed will drive the housing market back to good health. But analysts contend it will take years for a full recovery to occur. Housing Predictor forecasted the foreclosure epidemic and the real estate crisis as the first real estate research firm to do so more than three years ago.

Foreclosures have topped more than 4-million homes and other properties in the U. S. and are projected to top at least 7-million before the crisis fully unwinds. The after shocks of the foreclosure epidemic have sent home values in the majority of the country to lows equal to at least 2001.

Housing Predictor forecasts more than 250 local housing markets in all 50 U. S. states and updates its forecasts as market conditions demand.

An online survey by Housing Predictor found that an overwhelming majority of 85% surveyed said they have been affected by the real estate crisis in some way. The nation's deepening recession is blamed on the crisis.

As real estate markets begin approach their bottoms and the inventory of foreclosures are bought up at bargain prices the crisis will begin to wither away.

Read the full report on how the housing recovery will develop and how the recovery will unwind, check your market forecast and search foreclosures at http://www. housingpredictor. com (http://www. housingpredictor. com)


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"The Health Story Project" Adopted as New Brand by CDA4CDT : New Brand Underscores Comprehensive Electronic Health Records

"The Health Story Project" Adopted as New Brand by CDA4CDT : New Brand Underscores Comprehensive Electronic Health Records

The Health Story Project was announced today as the new brand name for the project formerly known as “Clinical Document Architecture for Common Document Types” (CDA4CDT). CDA4CDT will continue as the label for the technical standards developed by the project and submitted to Health Level Seven (HL7) for ballot. The new name

CHICAGO (PRWEB) December 2, 2008

"Our group has been working with many partners in the industry to make comprehensive electronic health records a reality," said Liora Alschuler, project manager and co-founder of the project. "Health Story is a strong brand that will speak to our efforts to move the industry forward by developing and encouraging the adoption of new implementation guides for comprehensive and efficient sharing of electronic clinical information."

The Health Story Project develops and promotes data standards that support the flow of information between narrative documents and electronic health records. The standards, once completed and adopted, will unlock critical information from narrative documents and enlarge and enrich the flow of this information into the electronic health record, speeding the development of interoperable clinical document repositories serving the enterprise and the emerging national and regional networks.

HL7 Chair Ed Hammond welcomes the rebranding stating that, "this project has been a good partner with HL7, providing excellent input into our standard development process. We anticipate that their mission will continue to flourish and enrich the standards development community as the Health Story Project."

Today, approximately 600 million clinical documents are dictated in the United States each year, making up around 60% of all clinical information. While these documents contain the majority of physician-attested information and are used as the primary source of information for reimbursement and proof of service, this clinical information is grossly underutilized due to limitations in processing free-form narratives and data locked in narrative documents.

"Health Story facilitates a gradual transition from unstructured narrative documentation toward the structured, discrete, and computer-interpretable electronic documentation necessary to support standardized electronic health records." said Harry B. Rhodes, MBA, RHIA, CHPS, CPHIMS, FAHIMA, AHIMA, Director of Practice Leadership. He continued "Reduced time and cost of searching for key data, and improved consistency of documentation are direct benefits of the Health Story strategy. The Health Story specifications will make narrative notes interoperable with the electronic health records moving the industry closer to its goal of improved data quality; ultimately improving quality of care and patient safety."

"The Health Story vision of comprehensive, electronic medical records becomes achievable when guidelines that accelerate the adoption of accurate, shareable, and structured narrative documents are developed and embraced," said Michael Finke, CEO, M*Modal. "This is the reason M*Modal founded this group and has been working diligently with our partners to move the effort forward."

The Health Story Project, founded a little over two years ago, is a collaborative of healthcare vendors, providers and associations that holds an Associate Charter Agreement with Health Level Seven (HL7). This project develops HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Implementation Guides for common types of electronic healthcare documents, brings them through the HL7

ballot process and promotes their adoption within the industry. Over the previous two years, the initiative supported the development of four HL7 CDA Implementation Guides for standard electronic documents, including the Consultation Note, History and Physical, Operative Note and the recently-announced Diagnostic Imaging Report.

Under its new name, Health Story is launching a membership drive and five-year plan to ramp up development of implementation guides for additional types of clinical documents, conversion of the draft standards for trial use to normative specifications and promotion of their adoption within industry. Health Story will create a broad and diverse consortium that includes EHR vendors, associations and providers who share a common interest in making critical clinical information available to all participants in the healthcare process. Initial participation and support has come from a broad range of participants in the areas of natural language processing, document management and electronic health records.

Membership opportunities are available at the Promoter, Contributor and Participant levels with varying levels of membership fees and related benefits. Key benefits for Promoters includes the use of the logo and marketing materials and promotion on the consortium web site. http://www. healthstory. com/ (http://www. healthstory. com/)

Health Story Founders:

About M*Modal

M*Modal, based in Pittsburgh, PA, offers on-demand conversational documentation services that help healthcare providers capture discrete clinical information from dictation to generate complete and timely electronic medical records. The company's unique Speech Understanding technology platform, AnyModal CDS, is a vital tool that empowers physicians to capture clinical facts and orders from dictation without requiring any change to their normal dictation routine. M*Modal's focus is on providing hospitals, healthcare IT vendors, and medical transcription service providers with the industry's most comprehensive yet most adaptable solution for creating highly accurate, structured, encoded, and shareable medical documents to increase patient safety, promote continuity of patient care, and reduce cost. For more information on M*Modal, visit its Web site at: www. mmodal. com.


AHIMA is the premier association of health information management (HIM) professionals. AHIMA's 53,000 members are dedicated to the effective management of the personal health information needed to maintain a quality national healthcare delivery system. Founded in 1928 to improve the quality of medical records, AHIMA is committed to advancing the HIM profession in an increasingly electronic and global environment through leadership in advocacy, education, certification, and lifelong learning. For more information about the Association, go to www. ahima. org

About AHDI

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), formerly AAMT, has been the professional organization representing medical transcriptionists since 1978. AHDI sets standards of practice and education for medical transcriptionists, administers a dual credentialing program, has established a code of ethics, and advocates on behalf of the profession. There are nearly 100 component associations of AHDI, each of which holds regular educational meetings and symposia. For more information, visit www. ahdionline. org.

About MTIA

The not-for-profit Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA) is the world's largest trade association serving medical transcription service operators. Its mission is to create an environment in which medical transcription companies can prosper, grow, and deliver the highest level of healthcare documentation services. For more information, visit www. mtia. com. The two associations formed a strategic legal partnership in 2007 to pool critical resources and collaborate on key initiatives focused on optimizing healthcare delivery by providing timely, accurate and relevant clinical information.

Arden Hills Raises the Bar For Healthy Living With Innovative New Wellness Programs

Arden Hills Raises the Bar For Healthy Living With Innovative New Wellness Programs

Arden Hills introduces exciting new offerings ranging from one day "stay & play packages" to comprehensive 12-week complete programs including the following: Change (weight loss); Nourish (nutrition & food); Balance (mind & body); Empower (strength & conditioning) and Restore (relax & unwind).

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2010

Already a sought-after destination for exquisite weddings, award-winning spa services and exemplary swim and tennis instruction, Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa is setting a new standard of wellness with innovative new Wellness Programs designed to enable guests to fulfill their individual health-minded goals. With exciting new offerings ranging from one day “stay & play packages” to comprehensive 12-week complete programs, these new Wellness Programs focus on five primary thematic areas, including: Change (weight loss (http://www. ardenhills-wellness. com)); Nourish (nutrition & food); Balance (mind & body); Empower (strength & conditioning) and Restore (relax & unwind).

“Our exciting new Wellness Programs raise the level of expert instruction, education and hands-on demonstration to entirely new heights as we guide and motivate people to achieve their fitness, nutrition and overall wellness goals,” said General Manager Scott Sharrow. “Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve your diet (http://www. ardenhills-wellness. com) or simply enhance your life through healthy choices, Arden Hills is -- quite simply -- your wellness destination.”

Depending on the personalized program, the activities range from one-on-one nutrition and fitness consultations to elaborate kitchen overhauls and even hands-on trips to the grocery store and local farmers’ markets. Some are designed on a per day or week basis while other programs offer overnight accommodations at the luxurious on-site Villas. The new Wellness Programs are designed not only to educate and instruct guests about how to achieve their health-minded goals, but literally walk them through the process while helping to establish healthy and life-long habits.

Timed to coincide with the new Wellness Programs, Arden Hills will soon offer nutritious, delicious and convenient pre-packaged meals to-go that were developed and are prepared at the resort by the top-notch on-site culinary team. Nearly 40 gourmet meals are available for pick up when ordered in advance -- in conjunction with a Wellness Program or individually by meal -- that include breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well.

All Wellness Programs are open to resort guests and members alike. For more detailed information about the Wellness Programs visit www. ardenhills-wellness. com; for general information about Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa, visit www. ardenhills. net or call 916-482-6111 to speak with the concierge.


KnowledgeTree™ Document Management Signs Software Licensing Agreement With VircoSoft™ Corporation

KnowledgeTree™ Document Management Signs Software Licensing Agreement With VircoSoft™ Corporation

VircoSoft Corporation, Fairfax, VA, licenses KnowledgeTree Document Management System under KnowledgeTree's "Powered by KnowledgeTree" OEM programme for use in VircoSoft's Pinnacle Document Management Solution.

Cape Town, South Africa (PRWEB) May 10, 2007

KnowledgeTree™, the leading commercial open source document management software vendor for small to medium-sized organizations, today announced the licensing of the KnowledgeTree Document Management System to VircoSoft Corporation, a Virginia, USA-based document management solutions provider with a base of authorized resellers spanning the United States.

The KnowledgeTree Enterprise Edition document management software, licensed under KnowledgeTree's "Powered by KnowledgeTree" licensing programme, will be bundled with VircoSoft's vFiler™ document capture workflow technology. The bundled and co-branded product, called Pinnacle, will be sold through VircoSoft's expanding network of 85 authorized resellers.

"We had been evaluating document management platforms for over a year and were pleasantly surprised to find such a simple to use and feature-rich commercial open source document management application in KnowledgeTree. KnowledgeTree's features and open architecture made it a natural fit for our vFiler document capture and indexing solution," said Steven Breault, Chief Executive Officer of VircoSoft.

"Partnering with VircoSoft is an exciting milestone for KnowledgeTree. We look forward to leveraging their growing dealer network to reach new customers, and expect our relationship to bring increased innovation to our commercial open source document management system," said Daniel Chalef, Chief Operating Officer, KnowledgeTree.

KnowledgeTree's vision is to make document management simple. The web-based and AJAX-enabled application is built on the popular open source LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack. KnowledgeTree has significant community traction and has been downloaded more than 300 000 times to date. KnowledgeTree is used by small and big business alike, with users including Fortune 500 companies, community organizations, local and state governments and educational and scientific institutions around the world.

KnowledgeTree is available in three editions: KnowledgeTree Enterprise, KnowledgeTree SMB and KnowledgeTree Open Source. The commercial editions of KnowledgeTree are sold with access to priority support and offer additional functionality that provides a familiar Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office interface into the document repository and direct-to-repository scanning capability.

About KnowledgeTree - Document Management Made Simple (http://www. knowledgetree. com/)
Product website: http://www. knowledgetree. com (http://www. knowledgetree. com)

KnowledgeTree™ is a simple yet powerful, free, commercial open source and Web-based document management system built on the popular open source LAMP stack. It is the leading commercial open source document management system designed for the SMB and departmental user.

The application is available in three editions: KnowledgeTree Enterprise, KnowledgeTree SMB and KnowledgeTree Open Source. The commercial editions of KnowledgeTree are sold with access to priority support and offer additional functionality that provides a familiar Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office interface into the document repository and direct-to-repository scanning capability.

About VircoSoft Corporation
VircoSoft Corporation was founded in 2000 to bring affordable document management solutions, training, education and support to the office equipment and IT dealer channels. VircoSoft is headquartered in Fairfax, VA 15 miles outside Washington, DC.

VircoSoft's nationally acclaimed vFiler™ product is a powerful document capture and indexing solution. The vFiler product provides sophisticated device-independant batch imaging workflow and optical character recognition (OCR). vFiler supports full page, bar code and forms-based OCR. Forms recognition is one of vFiler's strengths and the product provides means to identify and categorize different documents according to the form type. vFiler also provides ODBC look-up capabilities, allowing for the querying of 3rd-party datasources during the imaging workflow.

About KnowledgeTree
Jam Warehouse, the developers of KnowledgeTree, build business process management and web-based document management solutions for world-benchmarked organizations including international retailers, pre-press companies, newspaper groups, government entities, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and even estate agencies. Jam Warehouse is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa with an office in London, United Kingdom.
Editorial details

Steve Breault, CEO
VircoSoft Corporation
Email: info(at)vircosoft. com
Http://www. vicrosoft. com/ (http://www. vicrosoft. com/)
Phone: +1 703-385-0101 (Virginia, USA, GMT-5)
Fax: +1 703-385-0101

Jacqui Woolfson, Director of Marketing
Email: marketing(at)knowledgetree. com
Phone: +27 21 447 7440 (South Africa, GMT+2)
KnowledgeTree website: http://www. knowledgetree. com/ (http://www. knowledgetree. com/)


Monday, March 20, 2006

Comments about former employees are better left unsaid

Comments about former employees are better left unsaid

You get a call about a former employee who was fired from your company. The potential new employer, unaware of the employeeÂ’s past, is calling to verify the personÂ’s employment. Do you also offer information about the former employerÂ’s terrible work ethic? If you do, you might be accused of defamation and possibly sued. MedZilla explores how employers can respond to questions about former employees, while avoiding defamation lawsuits.

(PRWEB) December 12, 2003

For Immediate Release

Comments about former employees are better left unsaid

Marysville, WA - December 12, 2003-- In the old sitcom HoganÂ’s Heroes, Sgt. Schultz was known for claiming to see nothing, even though things were happening before his eyes. SchultzÂ’s approach, it turns out, is the recommended party line for employers who want to avoid defamation lawsuits. Other than to confirm a few basic employment facts, experts advise employers to say nothing "good or bad" about a former employeeÂ’s job performance or personality.

"It might be tempting to throw in a comment about the employeeÂ’s personality or poor performance, but these things are better left unsaid in this day and age," says Frank Heasley, president and CEO of MedZilla. com, a leading Internet recruitment and professional community that serves biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and science.

Defamation: the nuts and bolts

Defamation can occur during the job hiring process or in the workplace. Defamation of character can be either written (including via e-mail), in which case it would be libel, or verbal, in which case it can be slander. ItÂ’s a false statement of fact "in other words, an opinion that injures the individual subject of the statement because it disparages his or her character, says Patricia S. Eyres, president of Litigation Management and Training Services, a consulting service for managing within legal limits.

Avoiding lawsuits

According to Miami, Fla.-based employment lawyer April L. Boyer, of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP, most legal issues with defamation arise when employers give out too much information or false information about former employees. As a result, she says, todayÂ’s prudent employers implement a policy whereby they might only confirm dates of employment, salary and positions held. They refrain from personal statements about former employees and their work ethics.

Employers that are inclined to provide recommendations need to ensure that they keep to the absolute truth, and, even then, they can find themselves embroiled in a lawsuit. A classic example would be if an employer terminates an employee for embezzlement and tells a potential future employer why the employee was fired.

"While you might be able to substantiate the allegations of embezzlement, the more prudent course would be to say that is your companyÂ’s policy not to comment on employees and just confirm the basics," Boyer says. "The truth is an absolute defense to defamation; however, there is a difference between exposing yourself to liability and exposing yourself to risk. You canÂ’t commit defamation by telling the truth; however, that doesnÂ’t mean you donÂ’t expose yourself to getting sued and being forced to defend a baseless lawsuit, which will result in unnecessary cost to the employer."

One option for the employer is to ask all employees to sign a release allowing the employer to provide more than statistical information for the job recommendation. A savvy HR person might be clued in when a former employer says company policy is only to release information when the employee gives it permission to do so. The fact that an employee refuses to have information released might send a red flag to a future employer to do more investigating.

Draft a policy, stick to it and consider a background check

Because their hands are tied when it comes to asking about candidatesÂ’ previous work performance, more employers emphasize other informational-gathering tools, including the application and background verification. Employers can ask on the application if an employee has been fired from a previous job and then follow up with an investigation, says Robert C. Kneip, President and CEO of The Oasis Group, a professional employer organization and temporary staffing company, in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. "You can terminate someone if they lie on an application."

Still, he says, the decision to do a background check should be made on cost-benefit basis. All employers, however, should have policies addressing defamation and how to respond to job verifications. Many employers who are extremely familiar with well-publicized topics, including hostile work environments and gender discrimination, might not be so focused on defamation -- especially the potential for it when revealing information about former employees. ItÂ’s important that all employers who receive employment verification calls know how to handle them, he says, and understand the consequences of releasing too much information.

"The policy to remain tight-lipped about former employees is fair in the long run," Dr. Heasley says. "For example, there might be a manager who is bitter about an employeeÂ’s departure. With a strict company policy forbidding the release of any information other than the basics, the manager would be less likely to try and sabotage the former employeeÂ’s chances of landing a job. In that case and others, the policy protects the employer and job candidate. And the new employer is generally protected, too. Anyway, there are other, more effective ways in which the new employer can find out about a job candidateÂ’s past."

About MedZilla. com

Established in mid 1994, MedZilla is the original web site to serve career and hiring needs for professionals and employers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, science and healthcare. MedZilla databases contain about 10,000 open positions, 11,000 resumes from candidates actively seeking new positions and 38,000 archived resumes. These resources have been characterized as the largest, most comprehensive databases of their kind on the web in the industries served.

Medzilla® is a Registered Trademark owned by Medzilla Inc. Copyright ©2003, MedZilla, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce and distribute this text in its entirety, and if electronically, with a link to the URL www. medzilla. com. For permission to quote from or reproduce any portion of this message, please contact Michele Groutage, Director of Marketing and Development, MedZilla, Inc. Email: mgroutage@medzilla. com.

Press Inquiries:

Contact: Michele Groutage

Company: MedZilla, Inc.

Title: Director of Marketing & Development

Phone: 360-657-5681

Email: mgroutage@medzilla. com

URL: http://www. medzilla. com (http://www. medzilla. com)

Free "GreenShifters" Teleseries Features Leading Sustainability Pioneers, Nov. 15-18

Free "GreenShifters" Teleseries Features Leading Sustainability Pioneers, Nov. 15-18

Online dialogues will provide tools and learning to help individuals make the shift to green. Featured speakers include green innovators and experts such as Kevin Danaher, Majora Carter, Randy Hayes, Simran Sethi and Vicki Robin.

San Rafael, CA (PRWEB) November 15, 2010

The shift to sustainability may be the single greatest challenge humanity now faces, as we press up against our planet’s limited resources. That’s why The Shift Network, an online education company, is offering a free teleseries called GreenShifters (http://greenshifters. info/), November 15-18, 2010, with leading innovative green pioneers and experts.

Featured sustainability leaders include Kevin Danaher, Green Festival founder and Global Exchange co-founder; Majora Carter, founder of Sustainable South Bronx; Randy Hayes, World Futures Council US Liaison Director and Rainforest Action Network founder; Simran Sethi, Emmy award-winning journalist who’s been featured as a “green expert” on Oprah and the Ellen DeGeneres Show; and best-selling author and leading voice for sustainable consumption, Vicki Robin.

“These leading sustainability experts are charting the way to a new revolution, one in which we can thrive without eroding our world’s life support systems,” says Stephen Dinan, CEO of The Shift Network. “Each of us needs to be part of this shift in how we live our lives, run our businesses, and engage our communities. We all need to be ‘GreenShifters’ and this powerful teleseries will help us do so more effectively -- and creatively.”

Headline speakers will discuss the latest green innovations from renewable energy and electric cars to personal consumption and sustainable food systems. They will address questions such as “How do we shift to a psychology of enough?” and “How can we create sustainable development for everyone?” Participants will be able to ask live questions and dialogue with each other about how we can leave a healthy, clean, and vibrant planet for our grandchildren.

“While going green is proving better for business, for our communities and for the planet," Dinan says, "it also improves the quality of our individual lives.”

Registration is completely free and includes access to the recordings. To register for this free event and for more details, visit: http://greenshifters. info/.

About The Shift Network, Inc.
Founded in February 2010, The Shift Network has attracted more than 100,000 participants to its virtual educational events. It aims to empower a global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of sustainability, peace, health, and prosperity. Its September event, PeaceWeek, was the largest virtual peace summit ever created. For more information, see http://www. theshiftnetwork. com.

# # #

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Guard RFID Releases the First Ever Tamper Resistant Umbilical Tag for its TotGuard™ System

Guard RFID Releases the First Ever Tamper Resistant Umbilical Tag for its TotGuard™ System

Leading-edge TotGuard™ Infant Protection solution now has an active RFID based tamper resistant umbilical tag, with a built-in tamper alert mechanism. The first, and only tamper-detecting umbilicus tag on the market, the tag is designed to thwart infant abduction attempts, by sensing the removal of the tag placed on the umbilicus of a newborn.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) June 27, 2009

Guard RFID Solutions Inc., announced today that its leading-edge TotGuard™ Infant Protection (http://guardrfid. com/healthcare/3/infant-protection-solutions) solution now has an active RFID based tamper resistant umbilical tag, with a built-in tamper alert mechanism. The tag is designed to thwart infant abduction attempts, by sensing the removal of the tag placed on the umbilicus of a newborn. This is the first, and only, tamper-detecting umbilical tag in the market.

Vice President of Sales, Beth Bandi said, "Our exclusive tamper mechanism alerts caregivers if a tag has been altered, tampered with or removed, allowing them to take immediate action to keep the infant secure". Guard RFID's tamper resistant umbilical tag is designed to sit unobtrusively on the infant's umbilicus, where it does not obstruct care.

Bandi explains, "The tag is placed within a pod that is attached to the umbilical clamp, which is clipped on the newborn's umbilicus at birth. The Pod protects the tag, so that it can be cleaned easily. The pod is disposed after use, and so is not required to go through any costly sterilization and disinfecting processes. This is yet another step we have taken towards assisting healthcare facilities in their efforts to try and eliminate cross-infection between patients."

Bandi continued, "We have added another level of security to ensure TotGuard offers the most complete and reliable infant protection available". The TotGuard Infant Security system uses the only Disposable tamper-detecting Infant Tags on the market.

About Guard RFID Solutions (http://guardrfid. com/company/)

Guard RFID develops Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and products for Healthcare and Enterprise applications. Guard RFID's products can accurately track and locate assets (http://guardrfid. com/industrial/21/solutions) and people, and are used for enhanced automation, workflow, monitoring and security solutions. Guard RFID's ability to support multiple applications on its platform positions the company to be able to offer combined people and asset solutions all on the same active RFID infrastructure (http://guardrfid. com/healthcare/45/how-it-works). Founded in early 2007, Guard RFID introduced the first low-cost disposable Active RFID tags to the market, eliminating the need to recycle tags, and allowing for mass deployment for a reasonable investment. Guard RFID Solutions is federally incorporated in Canada, with its head office in the Province of British Columbia, and its Sales office in Atlanta, GA.

Additional information regarding Guard RFID products and services can be found on its website www. guardrfid. com.

Guard RFID Contact:  
Beth Bandi, Vice-President of Sales
Tel: 404.281.0064


Saturday, March 18, 2006

People are Seeing the Benifits of Kanosis

People are Seeing the Benifits of Kanosis

Kanosis offers great benifits to any one who wants to work from home. Kanosis will be known as one of the best home businesses of all time.

Vacherie, LA (PRWEB) April 6, 2006

If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own business from home, whether on a full or part-time basis...and are good with people but have very little business knowledge, then Kanosis may be for you. This is especially true if you have a minimal amount of start-up cash.

Kanosis provides a product or service to the consumer via a network of “independent” distributors, who usually work from their home.

Kanosis also provide a low start-up cost, all the training you need, advertising in one form or another, and supply you with a product line-up or service to sell. They also allow you to recruit other distributors and make commissions on their total sales.

The United States Federal Trade Commission, however, cautions anyone from joining a MLM company that pays you for each distributor you recruit, as opposed to only paying a commission on the total sales they generate. This is called ‘Pyramiding’ and is illegal.

The U. S. FTC also encourages you to thoroughly research a MLM company before signing on the dotted line, and not to sign anything under pressure, but instead, take time to consider all the details.

Research is always an important component of any business venture and considering a distributorship with a MLM company is no exception.

Searching the Internet under “Multilevel Marketing” returns a recipe of results. These range from government agencies, general information web sites, encyclopedia type sites to a host of disgruntled, former MLM distributors. People who are “pro” MLM don’t write web sites on the topic because they’re usually too busy building their network.


Here are some of the benefits of finding a reputable MLM company:

They have an established and very marketable product line or service, and strive to improve or add to the existing line-up. Recruiting new distributors will be a streamlined process, and the company will not be involved in Pyramiding. As a company, they will have a solid track record and good work ethics. No experience will be required. A good MLM company will provide one-on-one training, as well as motivational seminars and a full compliment of training materials. After all, in Multilevel marketing, when one succeeds all succeed. A reputable MLM company will be “Family” rated, meaning that crude conduct is not tolerated. They will provide an excellent bonus plan with many incentives for those who excel. Well-established MLM companies should be able to provide you with resource material to aid you in not only product sales but in recruiting. They will have minimal start-up fees. A strong support system. You will be led by example. Healthy team competition. There will be a successful business and marketing plan in place that can be successfully duplicated by others, assuming they apply themselves to the plan and are motivated to succeed. There exists the possibility of full-time or part-time commitment.

These attributes would definitely belong to an ideal Multilevel Marketing Company, however not all reputable companies excel in all these areas. Some companies will be better in certain areas than others. Do research on the company. Don’t just accept the motivational hype used by most MLM companies in order to recruit.

Some MLM distributors are so highly trained that they have a “come-back” for almost every statement you make or concern you have. This would be considered a ‘high-pressure’ invitation to join. Always take time away to cool off – especially if you’re excited by what you heard. Sit on your decision for a while and do research. If the company is good, they will still be there when you wake up tomorrow; and yes, you will get a follow-up phone call.

Kanosis is going to set records for having the most in demand product of the year. The model that kanosis has in place for its distributors will be producing wealth for people from every background.


Friday, March 17, 2006

The Natural Whole Food Bars Given Out at the Oprah Winfrey Show

The Natural Whole Food Bars Given Out at the Oprah Winfrey Show

Delicious Natural Whole Food Bars enjoyed by all at special Oprah Winfrey show.

Oceanside, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2006

The Natural Whole Food Bars (The Natural Bars-TNB) were enjoyed by the cast, crew and studio audience at the February 25, 2006 special taping of the “Oprah Winfrey” show regarding Ms. Winfrey’s life story. The show was taped in Charleston, SC and was an exclusive event for those lucky enough to obtain tickets. The Natural Whole Food Bar, Inc. was contacted and asked to supply bars for the event.

“This is truly an honor and a once in a lifetime opportunity to introduce The Natural Bar to Ms. Winfrey’s audience up close and personal” said TNB President, CEO & founder Dan Armentrout.

According to those conducting the special event “The Natural Bar’s were really enjoyed by all and everyone was happily munching away, they taste delicious!” was the status report from the show. Mr. Armentrout went on to say “this was great exposure and a true testament to the merits of The Natural Bars that they were asked to be included in this event. I believe it further signifies that consumers want healthier products including nutrition bars.”

The Natural Whole Food Bars are sold throughout the US and Canada at fine retailers like Wild Oats, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Meijer’s and Bally Total Fitness to name a few. Flavors include Crunchy Peanut, Crunchy Almond, Crunchy Cashew, Apple Dapple Crunch, Soyberry Crunch, Asci Crunch and more flavors soon to be announced. The Natural Bars have a nutritional profile that is unmatched in the industry. The products are Vegan, Kosher, Low Glycemic, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Cholesterol Free, have no Trans fats and are GMO Free. Additionally the products have between 20-25 grams of protein, not more than 25 grams of carbs (low glycemic), between 5-7 grams of soluble fiber and between 9-14 grams of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and they taste delicious. The Natural Whole Food Bar, Inc. is a privately held company with its corporate offices located in Oceanside, CA. You may contact them at (760) 435-1128.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dr. Batra’s Ties Up with Stevens’ Trichology Practices of UK to Bring Worldclass Hair Treatment to Bangalore

Dr. Batra’s Ties Up with Stevens’ Trichology Practices of UK to Bring Worldclass Hair Treatment to Bangalore

Dr. Batra’sSM Positive Health Clinics, the leader in homeopathic practices and research has tied up with Stevens’ Trichology Practices, a leader in the UK market. As part of the partnership, Stevens Trichology Practices will keep Dr Batra’sSM updated on the latest technology and breakthroughs in the field of tricology, which will be integrated into the treatment at Dr Batra’sSM.

Bangalore (PRWEB) August 24, 2006

Dr. Batra’sSM Positive Health Clinics, the leader in homeopathic practices and research has tied up with Stevens’ Trichology Practices, a leader in the UK market. As part of the partnership, Stevens Trichology Practices will keep Dr Batra’sSM updated on the latest technology and breakthroughs in the field of tricology, which will be integrated into the treatment at Dr Batra’sSM.

Specialists from Stevens’ Trichology will regularly train the doctors at Dr Batra’sSM and provide special consultation in the field of Trichology which is a specialised science and study of the hair and scalp. Current clients of Dr Batra’sSM can also avail paid for, fast track consultation with the specialists at Stevens’ Trichology Practices in London.

Speaking about the partnership Dr Mukesh Batra, CMD, Dr Batra’sSM said, “As hair problems grow and become more complex it is imperative that the practice of trichology in India keeps it abreast of the latest worldwide which would be achieved through this unique partnership. We are happy to bring the very best in hair treatment to India.”

Added, Dr Fatima Anees, City Head, Dr Batra’sSM Bangalore,“Concern for hair problems is increasing in Bangalore and patients use the internet to research their ailment. This has resulted in higher expectations from the doctors and the partnership with Steven’s Trichology will help us fulfill this expectation and update our clinics with the latest technology in trichology. This technology, integrated with the hair treatment offered at Dr. Batra’sSM, will be of great benefit to our patients in Bangalore.”

About Steven’s Trichology Practices - The founder of Steven’s Tricology Practices Mr. Barry Stevens has over 40 years experience in the field. He is the Founder and Registrar of The Trichological Society of London, as well as a member of the UK All Parliamentary Group on Skin. A pioneer in mini and micro graft surgical hair redistribution techniques He is also advisor on hair related matters to BBC Watchdog and Which magazine as well as lecturer in hair sciences at Ware College.

About Dr Batra’sSM - Founded by Dr. Mukesh Batra in 1982, Dr BatrasSM' Positive Health Clinic Private Limited (DBPHC) is India's largest chain of homeopathic clinics with 44 Super Speciality Clinics spread across 17 cities in India, U. K and Mauritius. DBPHC is also World’s first Chain of Homeopathic Clinics to receive ISO 9001-2000 Certification. Dr. Batra was recently honored with an honorary membership of the Tricological Society of London in recognition of his pioneering work in haircare for over 30 years.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kingdom Financial Principles Says “We Can End Poverty”

Kingdom Financial Principles Says “We Can End Poverty”

A recent news release, Nearly 36 Million Americans Live in Poverty, by Andrea Hopkins, gives us the bare facts that poverty is a real concern and is on the rise. Hopkins states that in 2003 the number of Americans living in poverty had risen to 35.9 million and the number of U. S. residents trying to survive without health care coverage reached 45 million.

Groton, VT (PRWEB) August 31, 2004

Poverty is a menace to society or at least it should be, yet statistics like these continue to show a widening gap between the wealthy and poor of America. Many fear the decline of the middle class will give way to a two class system where segregation of a new order will promote human suffering. Gene Jolley, President of Kingdom Financial Principles (KFP) and creator of the Rapid Debt Reducer software, says: “It doesn't have to be this way.”

Jolley is concerned about the financial prosperity of every American family stating: “We can end poverty but we need to change our lifestyle.” What Jolley wishes to get across is the correlation between responsibility and lifestyle. If poverty is a menace to society then it stands to reason that it becomes the responsibility of society to end poverty. But Jolley knows that helping the poor is more complex then being a simple matter of giving.

The system we live in is money driven and whereas money in and of itself is not evil; the system is designed to make the rich richer. Jolley could quote “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” but seriously wonders how good and sincere Americans can give to their fellow struggling Americans if they themselves are overburdened with debt? “Americans are carrying over 800 Billion dollars in credit card debt! Just imagine the monthly payment that is going to service that credit. Then consider that 90 percent of that payment is going to creditors’ interest.” Jolley’s message:

The rich are getting richer

The middle class is overburdened in debt

The middle class is shrinking

The poor are getting poorer

Jolley is passionate over his convictions: “If Americans would just stop credit card spending they would have more than enough money to end world poverty! Let alone help these 36 million Americans”

Gene Jolley’s motto “Helping people to achieve True Financial Freedom,” is like a voice crying in the wilderness to the middle class of America: repent for the poor are at hand and prepare ye the way of the poor. Jolley is not slighting the importance of John the Baptist message “Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” and “Prepare ye the way of the Lord” but simply wants to emphasize the responsibility of helping our neighbor in need. If it is true that poverty is a menace to society then debt of the middle class is the worsening of that menace.


Gene Jolley

Kingdom Financial Principles


Http://www. solongbills. com (http://www. solongbills. com)

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Legislators Take Aim at Reducing Methamphetamine Use and Manufacturing

Legislators Take Aim at Reducing Methamphetamine Use and Manufacturing

Oklahoma leads the way in anti-meth legislation with several states following suit and the Combat Meth Act is making its way through the U. S. House and Senate

(PRWEB) March 16, 2005

Methamphetamine is one of the nationÂ’s fastest growing drugs of abuse and now more than a million Americans are addicted to the highly debilitating substance. Due to the increased prevalence throughout the U. S., meth use and manufacturing has drawn the attention of state and national legislators.

Oklahoma recently passed a law that requires pseudoephedrine to be sold behind the counter at pharmacies where each consumer must sign for the sale of medications containing the chemical.

Pseudoephedrine is one of the main ingredients in making methamphetamine. According to state officials, meth lab busts have been reportedly down by nearly 80% over the last year.

This success in curbing the sale of products containing the ingredient and the reduction in meth labs found has other states seeking similar action. On a national level, there is the introduction of the Combat Meth Act, which has co-sponsors from Senators and Representatives from around the country.

According to the Mothers Against Methamphetamine website “Retailers and drug companies oppose this measure and are lobbying against it. They claim that the costs associated with restricting the availability of the vast numbers of products containing [pseudoephedrine] is excessive and constitutes a burden on their industry.” However, with the federal grants more money can be saved by preventing the production and use of methamphetamine and its associated costs to society.

An alarming number of the individuals that have been arrested and convicted for meth manufacturing and distribution are repeat offenders. Equally disturbing is the high recidivism rate of meth addicts seeking recovery.

Drug rehabilitation programs in general are having a difficult time in effectively dealing with methamphetamine addiction. An HBO documentary a couple years ago reported that only 3% of meth addicts regain control of their lives again through traditional treatment practices.

There are alternative solutions available though, such as an organization called Narconon Arrowhead, which is one if the nationÂ’s largest and most successful drug rehabilitation and education programs and is continually gaining more attention and support for its effectiveness in helping individuals addicted to methamphetamine and other substances. Narconon attributes its success to the organizationÂ’s use of the drug-free rehabilitation technology researched and developed by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

There are hundreds of former meth addicts that are now living healthy lives again due to completing the program at Narconon Arrowhead. To find out more about meth or the effective drug rehabilitation and education program, call 1-800-468-6933 today or log on to www. methamphetamineaddiction. com.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

No Place Like Home TV Presents "Indoor Air Quality In Your Home"

No Place Like Home TV Presents "Indoor Air Quality In Your Home"

No Place Like Home TV is proud to partner with Procter & Gamble and the Febreze brand to bring you this informative segment.

(PRWEB) May 13, 2005

Scents are known to affect almost all aspects of our lives. They are all around us all of the time whether outdoors, at work or at home. Our homes are loaded with odors. Every activity – from eating takeout to smoking to exercising – produces scents in the home…some pleasant and some not so pleasant. In addition to scents, every home is permeated with household allergens, the two most common sources being dust mites and pets. Tune into the next edition of No Place Like Home as we, with our special guest from Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., discuss how our homes are a direct extension of ourselves, equal part self-identification and ego. A clean home is a source of pride. With a collective obsession about what the eye can see, Americans frequently neglect an important aspect of total home freshness…the odors of the home…and what the eye cannot see…pet and dust mite allergens. A clean home should not only look clean, it should be clean of unwelcome odors and allergens.

No Place Like Home is an eclectic, fast paced, half-hour television series that addresses the most important topics facing families today. No Place Like Home offers ideas and solutions for families of every variety, working their way through some of the happiest, most exciting, and perhaps most challenging times of life.

There are thousands of interesting stories in the midst of our homes and No Place Like Home is committing its television resources to bringing the best of these stories to the American public. No Place Like Home covers a wide range of topics such as parenting issues, health and wellness, women's issues, home decor, home renovation and construction, cooking, nutrition, travel and leisure, automotive, financial, and technology.

Whether you're a family of one, or a house full of people of all ages, No Place Like Home will provide practical suggestions on how life can be lived more creatively and inclusively, regardless of age, health, or family budget.

Don't miss the next episode of No Place Like Home! To learn more about No Place Like Home prior to airing, visit us on the web at www. NoPlaceLikeHomeTV. com.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Prostate Cancer: Your Decision Notebook® Wins Freddie Award For Men's Health: Prestigious medical media award recognizes product excellence

Prostate Cancer: Your Decision Notebook® Wins Freddie Award For Men's Health: Prestigious medical media award recognizes product excellence

The 2003 FREDDIE Award for Men’s Health has been awarded to HealthMark Multimedia’s Prostate Cancer: Your Decision Notebook®. This product helps men with the difficult initial treatment decision.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) January 24, 2004

The 2003 FREDDIE Award for Men’s Health has been awarded to HealthMark Multimedia’s Prostate Cancer: Your Decision Notebook®. The interactive CD-ROM focuses on the difficult treatment decisions faced by prostate cancer patients and was judged based on excellence and creativity. The FREDDIE Awards, also known as the International Health and Medical Media Awards, is the preeminent competition for health and medical audiovisuals.

Prostate Cancer: Your Decision Notebook® is designed to help newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients understand their diagnosis, communicate more effectively with their doctors and participate in the treatment decision-making process. With more than 6 hours of information, this CD-ROM includes expert-reviewed medical content, patient input, extensive graphics and narration, candid patient and partner interviews, interactive tools and personal decision-making aids and more. Its development was funded with a grant from the National Cancer Institute’s Small Business Innovation Research Program.

The FREDDIE Awards competition was started in 1974 as the John Muir Medical Film Festival and is now in its 29th year. The competitionÂ’s goal is to encourage and celebrate medical and health media excellence and includes feature-length films, documentaries, series, shorts, videos, Web sites and CD-ROMs from all over the world. Entries are rated on five areas: content, education, production quality, originality and communication. Medical and production professionals throughout the country perform the judging.

HealthMark Multimedia, LLC uses a combination of graphics, audio, video and text to develop interactive, user-friendly software and Web sites for patients to make treatment and self-care decisions, health care professionals for continuing education and parents and children to learn about prevention and staying healthy. The company uses a unique network of medical experts, patients and family members to review product information so that it is accurate, relevant and useful. HealthMark Multimedia also develops customized multimedia projects for companies and other organizations needing specialized health communications.

Prostate Cancer: Your Decision Notebook® may be ordered for $39.95 (individual copies) plus shipping and handling by going to www. YourDecisionNotebook. com or by calling toll-free 1-877-722-2255. Multi-copy pricing and professional and organizational licenses are also available. For further information about the company or its products, contact HealthMark Multimedia: 1201 Connecticut Avenue NW, #250, Washington, DC 20036; Telephone: 202-265-0033; Fax: 202-728-0284. HealthMark Multimedia's home page can be found at www. HealthMarkMultimedia. com.