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Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association Elects New Board of Directors, Announces New Member Companies at Annual Meeting

Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association Elects New Board of Directors, Announces New Member Companies at Annual Meeting

Industry-leading forum continues to attract leading telcos and broadband vendors at recent Annual General Meeting held in Newport Beach, CA.

Biloxi, MS (PRWEB) May 14, 2010

The Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA), an international organization dedicated to helping telephone companies advance the adoption and use of broadband services, recently elected its Board of Directors for 2010-2011 and admitted its newest member companies, TBayTel and teleNetwork.

"By being able to identify key industry success factors and sharing best practice marketing and other industry information, the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association allows TBayTel to gain insight and ideas on how we are performing relative to the rest of the industry," said Kevin Burns, VP Strategy & Customer Solutions at TBayTel. "Membership in the BMMA gives TBayTel the opportunity to learn how to best meet the challenges that all telcos face relative to technology, operations and marketing interacting with other industry experts."

"teleNetwork recognized the BMMA as a leading organization for broadband marketing professionals and is looking forward to contributing its expertise and collaborating with telecomm industry leaders," said Gabe Kenyon, Vice President of Sales for teleNetwork.

The BMMA Board of Directors for 2010-2011 includes:
Eric Wolbach of AT&T, Co-Chair John Walsh of Bell Aliant, Co-Chair Al Hewett of Bell Canada, Treasurer Brett Cousins of SaskTel, Secretary Michael Gondar of Actiontec, BoD Member At Large Shane Kaatz of TDS Telecom, BoD Member At Large Greg Owens of Alcatel-Lucent, BoD Member At Large

"The BMMA is dedicated to helping its member companies understand the technological drivers, industry trends and market conditions that allow us to deliver the best consumer experience possible," said Eric Wolbach, the newly re-elected Co-Chair of the BMMA and Director, Broadband Data Product Management, for AT&T.

"One of the main benefits of BMMA membership is the unique networking opportunities, where the members endeavor to help each other succeed," added John Walsh, responsible for Internet Product Management at Bell Aliant and BMMA's newly elected Co-Chair. "Creating an environment that encourages open and interactive discussions among technology suppliers and service providers is crucial for the development of new broadband-enabled markets and provides the basis for a win-win scenario for all parties involved."

The BMMA would like to thank the outgoing members of the BMMA BoD -- Brian Farley of MTS Allstream, Wendy Kirkpatrick of CenturyLink, and Larry McClanahan of Cincinnati Bell -- for their valuable contributions and ongoing commitment to the organization. During their respective terms, their dedication and leadership contributed significantly to the success of the BMMA.

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About TBayTel
As a leading telecommunications provider in Northern Ontario, TBayTel (www. tbaytel. com) is dedicated to delivering advanced, competitively priced telecom solutions that ensure people, businesses and communities of Northern Ontario have multiple points of access to the global communications highway. TBayTel offers the region's largest digital cellular coverage with extensive products and services that include data, voice, wireless, internet and security. With over a century of contributing to the quality of life, infrastructure and economic health of the north, TBayTel's understanding and commitment to Northern Ontario is unparalleled.

About teleNetwork Partners Ltd.
TeleNetwork is a leading provider of outsourced technical support services and help desk solutions for industry leaders in telecommunications including ILECs, wireless carriers, and cable MSOs. teleNetwork has been recognized by Boardwatch magazine for providing "Excellence in Customer Service," with over 25,000,000 end users, teleNetwork services are leveraged to improve customer experience while reducing operational costs. By partnering with teleNetwork, broadband service providers have increased ARPU, decreased churn, and improved customer satisfaction.

BMMA member companies
2Wire, Actiontec Electronics, Afni, Inc., Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Bell Aliant, Bell Canada, Cincinnati Bell, Frontier Communications, GVTC, Harrisonville Telephone, Hawaiian Telcom, Hostopia, MTS Allstream, North State Communications, Netsweeper, Occam Networks, Research First Consulting, Inc., SaskTel, SureWest Communications, Synacor, TBayTel, TDS Telecom, teleNetwork, TELUS, and ZoneAlarm.


IPCPR Spreads Truth to Head Off Wisconsin Smoking Ban

IPCPR Spreads Truth to Head Off Wisconsin Smoking Ban

Wisconsin's local and state legislators need to wake up to the truth about smoking bans before it is too late, according to Chris McCalla, legislative director of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association. According to McCalla, smoking bans are bad for business, defile the constitutional rights of business owners and are based on erroneous assumptions regarding secondhand smoke.

Madison, WI (PRWEB) October 19, 2008

Wisconsin's local and state legislators need to wake up to the truth about smoking bans before it is too late, according to Chris McCalla, legislative director of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association.

According to McCalla, smoking bans are bad for business, defile the constitutional rights of business owners and are based on erroneous assumptions regarding secondhand smoke.

Nearly 30 of IPCPR's 2,000 members are Wisconsin-based owners of neighborhood smoke shops that pay millions of dollars annually in payroll, sales and excise taxes.

"History has shown that legislatively imposed smoking bans often lead to lower tax revenues from these businesses, widespread layoffs and even forced closings," he explained.

McCalla also challenged erroneous information provided by anti-smoking groups.

"People should stop blaming secondhand smoke for every ailment under the sun. That's what led to bans in Madison, Appleton and other Wisconsin cities and that's what is influencing cities like La Crosse and Kenosha to consider their own bans while the state is said to be gearing up to confront the controversial issue after the winter holidays," McCalla said.

"Here's the truth: The 2006 Surgeon General's Report clearly concluded that secondhand smoke should not be considered a legitimate health or environmental hazard," he said.

"That's why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration isn't anywhere near citing second-hand smoke as problematic in the workplace or elsewhere," McCalla pointed out.

According to McCalla, OSHA has established safe exposure levels for secondhand smoke and says that "field studies of environmental tobacco smoke indicate that it would be very rare to find a workplace with so much smoking that (those levels would be exceeded)."

McCalla also pointed to Oak Ridge National Laboratory testing of air with secondhand smoke in bars and restaurants that proved to be, in their words, "considerably below limits established by OSHA."

"Our nation's founders opposed government intervention into matters of private property - like businesses - where owners have the right to decide whether or not to allow smoking on their premises. Customers and employees then have the right to patronize or work at those businesses," he pointed out.

Tony Tortorici
Tony @ tortoricipr. com


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The Financial Industry's Customer Loyalty Tactics Must Change - Again

The Financial Industry's Customer Loyalty Tactics Must Change - Again

By Stephen Schwab, SVP of Professional Services, Loyalty Matrix, Inc. Costly customer retention calls for deeper relationships to keep loyal customers. But first companies must identify their most loyal customers

(PRWEB) July 2, 2004

Costly customer retention calls for deeper relationships to keep loyal customers. But first companies must identify their most loyal customers.

It costs up to seven times more to acquire one new customer than to retain one, and in the financial industry, the costs reach another stratosphere: acquiring one new customer can exceed $350. Of these, 20 percent are very profitable, 20 percent cost money to retain, and the remaining 60 percent pay for themselves while generating marginal revenue, according to Harvard Business Review.

With statistics like these, a customer engagement and retention plan based on extensive data collection and analysis is imperative for the long-term health of companies in the financial industry.

Financial institutions must find a way to retain profitable customers, turn marginally unprofitable customers profitable, and reduce marketing dollars spent on costly customers. However, before firms can address these issues and take action, they must closely monitor customer behavior to develop insights that enable them to target the right customer segment with a relevant, compelling offer at a time when the customer is most open to receiving the message.

To determine which customers to keep, which to try to move to a profitable customer segment and which to let go, financial institutions must turn to new marketing strategies.

There are new customer relationship rules for the financial industry:

1.Identify customer segments and define how the firm interacts with each segment

Loyalty Matrix has developed a robust set of proprietary models that build a “Customer Engagement Index,” which accurately reflects the breadth, depth, and quality of interaction between a company and its customers. Index data allows firms to understand and predict customer behavior. Examples of data -- pulled from corporate internal and external sources -- are a customer’s total number of financial services, frequency, and volume of use, and his or her level of satisfaction with each service.

2.Communicate only relevant, compelling offers to customers

Leading companies dramatically increase customer value by sending customers information based on past purchasing behavior and on marketing insights derived from predictive algorithms. Robust customer intelligence models with sophisticated rules engines can deliver the kind of detailed customer insight that enable firms to communicate effectively with customers based on variables such as their life stage, product usage, and consumer attitudes.

3.Adopt comprehensive customer relationship solutions

Leading financial firms already are moving away from pure points-based programs. A credit card-based rewards program is no longer a competitive advantage; it is simply a routine offering customers expect. TodayÂ’s industry leaders have developed customer relationship programs that incorporate regular communication of relevant offers, in addition to points. However, any real longer-term competitive advantage depends on a comprehensive relationship program based on data from a Customer Engagement Index.

Financial firms that incorporate these rules will deepen their relationships with customers -- and ultimately increase the value and revenue they reap from all customer portfolios.

The first step is to create a Customer Engagement Index rich with customer data. The resulting marketing insights enable companies to invest their marketing dollars wisely.

Detailed, comprehensive analysis of customer data (“customer intelligence”) generates an average five-year return on investment of 431 percent compared to a ROI of 55 percent generated from a pure customer strategy, according to a recent study by research firm IDC.

Case Studies:

Here is how two financial industry leaders leveraged a Customer Engagement Index from Loyalty Matrix to provide customers with relevant communication.

Credit Card Issuer: focus on high-potential customers who are “at-risk”

Loyalty Matrix created a Customer Engagement Index for one credit card issuer that revealed customer needs, demographic variables and the likelihood that certain customer groups would leave or reduce their spend. The company quickly found it was spending millions of dollars to retain high-value customers who would keep the credit card regardless of the attention and special offers they received.

Result: The credit card issuer drastically reduced the money spent on special offers to retain this specific segment of loyal customers and instead extended offers to customers more inclined to cancel their credit cards. In the end, the Customer Engagement Index helped the credit card issuer retain loyal customers and gain new ones in a more cost-effective way.

Leading Commercial Bank: Optimizing campaign effectiveness:

Another leading financial institution asked Loyalty Matrix to use its MatrixOptimizer® software to analyze the firm’s customer data to ensure future marketing campaigns were the most effective and resulted in the greatest possible return on investment.

Result: The financial institution determined when to intervene with special offers to prevent customer attrition; defined specific marketing strategies for specific customer segments; identified cross-sell/up-sell potential among its customer groups so marketing dollars had the greatest impact; and developed “quick-hit” tactics to sweeten offers for customer segments nearing attrition.

Industry Experience:

By working with financial institutions, Loyalty Matrix has gained some marketing insights of its own:

• The key to profitable customer management is to identity the primary motivator that will lead to a more profitable company-customer relationship.

• Customer attributes, when tested and refined, can allow companies to develop direct marketing programs that can increase breadth and depth of communication with existing account holders by more than 18 percent.

• Extending special offers to the appropriate customers can increase retention of top-tier customers by more than 12 percent.

To increase customer loyalty, financial industry firms must constantly monitor their customer portfolio and actively mange their marketing efforts based on the changing behavior of their customers.

LOYALTY MATRIX as partner in customer intelligence

Loyalty Matrix is the leader in transforming complex customer data into actionable insights. Loyalty Matrix combines strategy, analytics, and technology to optimize communications, pricing, features and distribution for clients. Loyalty Matrix applies proprietary, customer-focused models in the areas of customer segmentation, attrition & migration, and value & growth.

For More Information:

Please contact Stephen Schwab at perspectives@loyaltymatrix. com

State Programs that Endorse Canadian Drugs are Good Medicine, says GlenWay Pharmacy

State Programs that Endorse Canadian Drugs are Good Medicine, says GlenWay Pharmacy

State inspection and licensing of Canadian online pharmacies offers a desperately needed solution for patients who can not afford their medications.

Winnipeg, Manitoba (PRWEB) June 24, 2005

Recent legislation from states like Nevada and Texas will help guide citizens to purchase affordable prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies voluntarily. The governors of both states have signed bills that will ensure a high level of safety and security for patients, many of whom already order drugs from Canada. The pharmaceutical industry and the FDA have vigorously protested these initiatives by trumpeting bogus warnings about drug quality and origin.

"Big Pharma and their front groups have created an elaborate smokescreen of doubt in hopes of scaring patients away from perfectly viable options," says Mark Scott, licensed pharmacist and part owner of GlenWay Pharmacy in Winnipeg, Canada. (http://www. glenwaypharmacy. com (http://www. glenwaypharmacy. com)) "These state initiatives will safely guide citizens to licensed Canadian pharmacies and protect them from illegitimate suppliers. That seems like a responsible approach with the best interest of patients in mind, a concept that apparently escapes the FDA."

The AARP's chief executive officer, Bill Novelli supports a controlled approach to drug importation when he said in a June 22nd interview, "It is no longer a question of whether we should allow the importation of drugs from abroad, it is already happening in a very big way. We need to legalize this and make sure that a system is in place to guarantee safety."

Pharmacists like Scott feel that state efforts are welcome news but that the human hardship story has been overshadowed by the interests of profit and politics. "It seems that we have lost sight of the real crisis here – seniors that can't afford adequate healthcare in the world's most developed country. That's just tragic and it's about time someone stood up for them," adds Scott.

Even Dr. Peter Rost, a vice-president with Pfizer agrees that U. S. patients are the real victims. "They don't go online to find Canadian pharmacies because they are too lazy to walk to their local pharmacy. They do this because they can't afford the high drug prices in the U. S. These are the people who built our country and we push them to leave the U. S. to survive and stay healthy. We should all be ashamed. But we should also be thankful that there are Canadians who help our weakest, when we do nothing."

GlenWay Pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (MPhA license # 32173) and has safely dispensed prescriptions to American patients for three years. Drugs shipped from Canada are approved by Health Canada. All orders are dispensed by licensed pharmacists.

For more information call 1-888-336-3424 or visit http://www. glenwaypharmacy. com (http://www. glenwaypharmacy. com)

Media Contact:

Mark Scott or

Brent Penner

Ph. (204) 336-3000

Glenwaypharmacy@mts. net

Brent. penner@mts. net

# # #

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TomoTherapy Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for TomoDirect™ Radiotherapy Technology : Innovative New Delivery Mode Boosts Efficiency and Versatility of Hi·Art® Treatment System

TomoTherapy Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for TomoDirect™ Radiotherapy Technology : Innovative New Delivery Mode Boosts Efficiency and Versatility of Hi·Art® Treatment System

TomoTherapy Incorporated (NASDAQ: TOMO) today announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its TomoDirect™ radiation therapy technology. TomoDirect is an innovative new discrete-angle, sliding-beam delivery mode for the Hi·Art® treatment system. With this capability, clinicians gain an efficient complement to helical TomoTherapySM, one that enables fast treatment planning and delivery, while broadening the spectrum of patients that can be optimally treated with the industry’s most advanced platform for cancer care.

MADISON, Wis. (PRWEB) August 26, 2008

"This is a major milestone for TomoTherapy and, in turn, for cancer centers of all sizes," said Fred Robertson, CEO of TomoTherapy. "TomoDirect significantly improves the throughput of our system, and widens the TomoTherapy treatment options available for clinical use. Now, more cancer patients can benefit from true, next-generation treatment technology."

TomoDirect was developed as a complement to helical TomoTherapy, with both modes utilizing the same binary multi-leaf collimator and CT-style gantry technology, and sharing a simple, consistent treatment planning and delivery process. The choice of which modality to use for a given case will depend on the nature of the tumor volume and surrounding organs at risk. TomoDirect allows clinicians to choose several discrete angles as well as the optimal modulation level required for delivery. It is expected to provide significant time savings in both the planning and delivery phases for several clinical scenarios, including whole breast irradiation and palliative treatments.

TomoDirect will be unveiled at the annual meetings of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO) in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sept. 14-18, 2008, and the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) in Boston, Mass., Sept. 21-25, 2008.

In addition to the added capabilities offered by TomoDirect, the Hi·Art system's treatment modes are being expanded to include 3D conformal delivery, thereby providing a comprehensive range of options for all clinical cases.

About TomoTherapy Incorporated

TomoTherapy Incorporated has developed, markets and sells the TomoTherapy® Hi·Art® treatment system, an advanced radiation therapy system for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers. The Hi·Art treatment system combines integrated CT imaging with conformal radiation therapy to deliver sophisticated radiation treatments with speed and precision while reducing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. The company's stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol TOMO. To learn more about TomoTherapy, please visit TomoTherapy. com.

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this release regarding future products, events, expectations and other similar matters, including but not limited to statements using the terms "will", "can", "is expected to", or "should" constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements contained in this press release are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated, including but not limited to factors such as our ability to gain customer acceptance, ability to complete development in a timely manner, ability to protect intellectual property, risks of interruption due to events beyond the company's control, and the other risks listed from time to time in TomoTherapy's filings with the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which by this reference are incorporated herein. These forward-looking statements represent TomoTherapy's judgments as of the date of this press release. TomoTherapy assumes no obligation to update or revise the forward-looking statements in this release because of new information, future events or otherwise.

©2008 TomoTherapy Incorporated. All rights reserved. TomoTherapy, TomoDirect, the TomoTherapy logo and Hi·Art are among trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of TomoTherapy Incorporated.

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Physician Leaders to Share Clinical Successes, Financial Innovations in Upcoming OB-Gyn Income Symposium

Physician Leaders to Share Clinical Successes, Financial Innovations in Upcoming OB-Gyn Income Symposium

Ob-Gyns and Family Practice physicians seeking more revenue and lower costs will be attending the first annual Ob-Gyn Income Symposium to be held September 16-17 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Spicewood, texas (PRWEB) August 21, 2006

Ob-Gyns and Family Practice physicians seeking more revenue and lower costs will be attending the first annual Ob-Gyn Income Symposium to be held September 16-17 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel.

Presentations will address priority issues in practice management. Included will be topics like these: Neil Rawlins. M. D. on the most effective new business models in ob-gyn private practice, Richard S. Cooper, Esq. on critical issues in structuring physician partner equity and compensation agreements, Ronald Watson, J. D., M. Ed. on recruiting and retaining top physicians, and more. See http://obgynincomesymposium. com for a complete program listing.

“This is the first-ever national gathering of the OB-GYN profession’s keenest minds in practice management and revenue enhancement,” states Robert L. Michel, Founder and Executive Director of the Grace OB-GYN Intelligence Group.

“We’ve invited successful OB-GYNS, Family Practioners and Practice Administrators to teach and share the management and financial success secrets now helping their practices stay ahead of the ongoing squeeze on reimbursement, spiraling malpractice costs, and other challenges eroding the financial security of every physician. Attendees can save $100 on tuition by registering early by August 21.

There will also be a special, pre-seminar workshop on medical spas, cosmetic surgery, and aesthetic services, to be held on the afternoon of September 15th. This session is designed to provide physicians and their practice administrators with all the nuts and bolts of planning, opening, and operating a profitable medical spa or cosmetic surgery service.

Joseph Feste, M. D., one of the nation’s first ob-gyns to apply his laparoscopic surgery skills to cosmetic surgery, will provide details about how ob-gyns; can enter the cosmetic and aesthetic service business with a relatively small investment, and earn significant profits in as little as six months. Solo practitioner Lori Abrams, D. O. and ob-gyn physician group business leader Richard Mooney, M. D. will present case studies on their financial success with medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers.

“What makes this OB-GYN Income Symposium unique is that attendees now have the opportunity to hear directly from OB-GYN physician business leaders who’ve ‘cracked the code’ and are moving their group practices forward, both clinically and financially,” notes Michel.

“Two things set our OB-GYN Income Symposium apart from other meetings in the ob-gyn profession. First, each speaker will share proven methods to boost physician income and reduce group practice costs. Second, the candor and straight talk from the podium means that attendees get the straight story about what works—and what doesn’t.

About the Grace OB-GYN Intelligence Group Inc. and the Grace Report Recognized as the nation’s leading source of high-level business intelligence about the ob-gyn profession, the Grace OB-GYN Intelligence Group serves a select group of ob-gyns, practice administrators and senior executives.

Through the Grace Report, timely audio conferences and special intelligence briefings, the Grace Group provides its clients with targeted business intelligence that helps them increase physician compensation, improve clinical outcomes, and more effectively manage their group practice. Membership in the Grace OB-GYN Intelligence Group is restricted to qualified individuals.

Details about the Grace Group and the OB-GYN Income Symposium can be found at http://www. gracereport. com or by calling: 877-636-3634. For sponsor inquiries, contact Noah Brockman, or call 503-287-3932.

Company Contact: 

Robert L. Michel 

Executive Director 



Medversant Technologies and Healthshare/THA Form Strategic Alliance

Medversant Technologies and Healthshare/THA Form Strategic Alliance

Texas Hospital Association and Healthshare choose Medversant Technologies to bring Encompass and WebCVO credentialing services solutions to Texas area hospitals.

Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2005

Medversant Technologies, and Healthshare/THA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Texas Hospital Association (THA), have formed a strategic alliance that brings credentialing, privileging and data solutions to Texas hospitals.

Vicki Pascasio, President and CEO of HealthShare/THA, said “One of our main goals is to find business partners that help hospitals improve their financial performance. The more support we provide to Texas hospitals in their day-to-day operations, the more they can focus on what’s important – their patients.”

Matt Haddad, CEO & President of Medversant Technologies stated "Medversant Technologies is delighted to join with Healthshare/THA to provide industry leading solutions that better define the objectives that surround credentialing, data and privileging. Healthshare/THAÂ’s mission to offer services that improve hospitalsÂ’ market position, community contribution and financial performance combined with Medversant Technologies drive and ambition to deliver performance tools for health care institutions will provide top quality resources with tangible rewards and benefits to Texas hospitals enabling them to maintain efficient and high quality operations."

Encompass Enterprise Software is a comprehensive medical staff management solution that completely automates all the processes involved in todayÂ’s medical staff operating environment. Encompass changes the paradigm. Now the vital information relating to a healthcare systemÂ’s most important assets-its practitioners-can be accessed and utilized throughout the organization. Encompass consists of an array of interconnected solutions designed to create a powerful central processing station for all practitioner related information. Credentialing, privileging, meeting tracking, continuing education, quality information and other processes are seamlessly connected and designed to efficiently integrate with operational systems through Web services.

WebCVO is MedversantÂ’s credentialing services solution that allows healthcare organizations to outsource all or any part of the medical staff management process while having access to MedversantÂ’s Encompass solution.

About Healthshare/THA.

Based in Austin, HealthShare/THA offers a wide variety of carefully selected products and services for Texas healthcare facilities. The company has been serving hospitals in Texas and surrounding states since 1969. As a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of the Texas Hospital Association (THA), HealthShare returns revenues to the association in support of its mission, goals and activities. Founded in 1930, THA is the leadership organization and principal advocate for the stateÂ’s hospitals and health care systems. THA enhances its membersÂ’ abilities to improve accessibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of health care for all Texans. One of the largest hospital associations in the country, THA member hospitals and health care systems employ some 320,000 health care professionals statewide.

About Medversant Technologies.

Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, Medversant provides medical staff management solutions as well as other Web based business applications to the healthcare industry. MedversantÂ’s solutions have been adopted by leading healthcare organizations throughout the US. The company can be found on the Web at www. medversant. com. Or more information may be obtained by calling 800-508-5799.


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Symfo announces that AstraZeneca has successfully completed a large-scale project using one of its ediary solutions

Symfo announces that AstraZeneca has successfully completed a large-scale project using one of its ediary solutions

Today Symfo, a leading provider of handheld electronic patient diary (EPD) products for clinical trials, announces that AstraZeneca Farmaceutica SA (Spain) has successfully completed a project using the SymPro (Symfo Patient Reported Outcome Diary) involving more than 8,500 patients, 3,000 sites, and 1,300,000 downloaded data elements. This project was part of a 12-month multi-centre international post-marketing project.

(PRWEB) September 21, 2004

The SymPro ediary and SymPort (the Symfo web-based reporting and management portal) were used to record each patient data for 4 weeks and to capture critical self-reported information about the efficiency of Symbicort® and Rilast® and to provide baseline information about patients’ habits. The patients received the SymPro at their doctors’ offices. They were required to record every symptom and dose of medication taken at the time an event occurred. Patients downloaded the recorded encrypted data through a unique wireless transmission (audio coupling with phone line). Patients performed this transfer once a week and the results were e-mailed to the authorized investigators for their review.

“We’re pleased to be continuing and further developing our collaboration with AstraZeneca,” said Serge Bodart, CEO of Symfo. “SymPro is a small, portable device that allows patients to record data in real time and send it using a standard telephone. The most innovative feature of the Symfo EPD solution is that it allows the transmission of patient data without wires using a standard telephone and Symfo’s innovative audio technology. Symfo’s validated web-based platform allows the sponsors to check patient data online as required. The SymPro device itself is very durable, and is far less expensive than a traditional PDA. We are very pleased to have achieved such a high compliance rate in this large-scale project.”

“We decided to work with Symfo (this was an international decision throughout countries) because we believe that they offer an innovative method for the daily monitoring of patients, a high technological added value, cost-effective and an easy to use diary, as well as superior user training and support services (audio data transmission, possibility to send e-mails with the results to the investigators, help desk in Spanish, etc.). Symfo has demonstrated through this project its efficiency. They offer a powerful web interface, highly competitive prices, and a talented project team. This project has successfully helped to enhance the benefits of Symbicort® and Rilast® in current medical practices among the medical community,” said Andrès Lafuente, Group Product Manager of AstraZeneca.

As the need for electronic patient diaries continues to grow, Symfo is convinced that its EPD solutions, including SymPro, SymQuest, SymVoice, and SymWeb, already used by thousands of patients internationally, are meeting and exceeding the market needs.

About SYMFO: (www. symfo. com)

Symfo is an international organization specializing in electronic patient diary solutions, including the SymPro electronic patient diary, the SymQuest Palm-based audio diary and the SymVoice IVR. They are all simple to use and affordable solutions enabling study participants to easily implement electronic patient diaries in all phases of clinical trials and post-marketing studies.

The method of audio transfer used by the Symfo solutions is the most reliable and easiest data transfer solution available in the market today. In fact, audio transmission is used regularly in hospitals to send data such as EKG data. To transmit data, the study subject simply picks up the handset of a regular household telephone, dials a toll-free number, places the ediary device next to the receiver and presses a button. The server answers the call using sounds that are interpreted by the ediaries, which in turn sends data. The entire transmission takes about one to three minutes, depending on the amount of data. Since the study participant dials a toll-free number, there is no charge to him or her to send data. The sponsor pays on a per-call basis. There is no additional modem equipment to purchase. Symfo, with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Brussels, Belgium, is the only vendor to currently offer this innovative data transmission option.

For more details please contact:

Erik Falvey

Sales Director

Symfo, Inc.

American Twine Office Park

222 Third Street, Suite 0342

Cambridge, MA 02142 - USA

Telephone: (617) 577-9484

Email: erik. falvey@symfo. com

About AstraZeneca: (www. astrazeneca. com)

AstraZeneca is a major international healthcare business engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals and the supply of healthcare services. It is one of the worldÂ’s leading pharmaceutical companies with healthcare sales of over $18.8 billion and leading positions in sales of gastrointestinal, oncology, cardiovascular, neuroscience and respiratory products. In the United States, AstraZeneca is an $8.7 billion healthcare business with more than 11,000 employees.

AstraZeneca is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Global and European) as well as the FTSE4Good Index.

AstraZeneca has revealed encouraging results for its asthma drug Symbicort®. A study has shown that it can be used and is effective in adjustable doses.

This means patients can vary the amount of the drug consumed according to the extent of the disease using a single inhaler.

The separate tests showed that Symbicort® significantly reduced the number of “exacerbations” in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and improved lung function for the same people.


Pond Magician® by Organic Environmental Technology selected by the City of Portland as Probiotic Freshwater Treatment for Laurelhurst Park Pond

Pond Magician® by Organic Environmental Technology selected by the City of Portland as Probiotic Freshwater Treatment for Laurelhurst Park Pond

Organic Environmental Technology announced the selection by the City of Portland of Pond Magician and Magic Sinkers, OET’s probiotic freshwater treatment as the biological treatment system to be used in Laurelhurst Park Pond.

Lake View Terrace, CA (Vocus) September 1, 2010

Organic Environmental Technology announced today that the City of Portland, Oregon has selected Pond Magician and Magic Sinkers as the biological treatment component of the Laurelhurst Park Pond restoration project currently underway.

“Laurelhurst is a 2.68 acre public pond in the City of Portland, Oregon that is undergoing a complete restoration, including moving away from chemical water treatments and adopting sustainable organic water treatment technology. Pond Magician and Magic Sinkers, OET’s probiotic biological treatment system was specifically selected because it effectively addresses both the water column and the sediment nutrient load, issues the City of Portland has been struggling with,” according to a statement made by Paul Scholz, one of the principals of OET.

Scholz continues, “We believe we became bidding candidates because of our work with the City of Los Angeles at Reseda Lake where we were successful in effectively addressing similar biological conditions including E. Coli with our probiotic water treatment system.”

Pond Magician safely restores freshwater ponds and lakes to their natural sustainable state by replenishing the population of Mother Nature’s naturally occurring healthy probiotic bacteria. This technology is not limited to freshwater environments. Pond Magician is also effective in brackish and salt water environments.

In a similar way to the probiotic bacteria in yogurt, Pond Magician rebuilds the natural health defenses of a water body. The probiotic bacteria in Pond Magician consume the toxins as food and convert them into beneficial nutrient such as enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, and vitamins. OET’s Magic Sinkers™ contains the same safe probiotic ingredients as Pond Magician but are weighted in organic material to allow the probiotic bacteria to penetrate the bottom sludge.

About Organic Environmental Technology Inc. and Effective Environmental Services:
Effective Environmental Services (http://www. effens. com/ ) is a d. b.a. of Organic Environmental Technology, a privately held company in Lake View Terrace, California. For more information, they can be contacted at 888-524-5000.


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Are Teens Getting Hooked on NRT?

Are Teens Getting Hooked on NRT?

A new study finds that three-quarters of surveyed Memphis high school juniors who used nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) did not do so for purposes of trying to quit. Even more alarming is the studyÂ’s revelation that among student NRT users 18% were never-smokers.

(PRWEB) June 12, 2003

A study published in the June 2003 edition of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine entitled "Use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy in Adolescent Smokers and Nonsmokers," reflects 1998 survey responses of 4,078 Memphis high school students who were primarily seventeen years of age, 84% of whom were minority students.

Among those responding, 258 (6%) reported being current smokers of at least one cigarette a day, while 216 students ( 5%) reported having used the nicotine patch or gum. A closer look at the 216 users shows that 16% currently use NRT every day, 20% use it several times a week, and 64% have used it at least once but less than weekly.

Although the study ignores smokeless tobacco use, its findings raise serious concerns that students may be establishing chemical dependency upon nicotine without ever using tobacco products. Among the 216 NRT users, 40 represented that they had "never smoked a cigarette, not even a few puffs." Yet, 11 of the same 40 report using NRT several times a week and 7 others say that they use it every day.

Amplifying such concerns are the September 2002 youth dependency study findings of Dr. Joseph DiFranza, published in Tobacco Control, announcing that teens are becoming hooked on tobacco much quicker than previously thought. According to Dr. DiFranza, the onset of loss of autonomy to simply turn and walk away often occurs in a matter of days and after only a few uses.

Although we know that the 21 mg. patch delivers the nicotine equivalent of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes, there is as yet no available research studying the patchÂ’s potential for establishing the onset of permanent chemical dependency in youth.

The Memphis youth NRT survey also raises concerns over the 17% of students who attempted to stop smoking with the aid of NRT but appear to have instead permanently transferred their chemical dependency to the patch or gum. The study shows that 35 of the 216 students who acknowledged using NRT described themselves of ex-smokers. Six of the 35 asserted "I use the nicotine patch [or gum] several times a week," while five additional ex-smokers declared "I use the nicotine patches [or gum] every day." But does NRT actually aid teens in quitting?

A January 2000 nicotine patch youth quit smoking study (also published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine) followed one hundred 13 to 17 year-olds who smoked at least ten cigarettes a day, and as a group averaged twenty a day. Each attempted to quit while using a 15mg. patch over a six-week period. Finding that 95% had relapsed to smoking within just six-months, the studyÂ’s authors concluded that the nicotine patch was not effective in treating adolescent smokers.

Other recent dismal NRT study results suggest that health policymakers may want to rethink plans to make a growing array of clean-nicotine devices more available than cigarettes, far less expensive, and much easier to obtain.

A California smoker survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in September 2002 concluded that "NRT appears no longer effective in increasing long-term successful cessation in California smokers." Even more shocking was a study published in Tobacco Control in March 2003 that combined the results of eight over-the-counter NRT studies and found that 93% of study participants had relapsed to smoking nicotine within six-months.

Attention is naturally beginning to focus upon the question of how the early gum and patch studies were able to appear "effective" while gaining FDA approval as quitting tools. NRT industry consultants respond that quitting is getting harder and that the remaining population of smokers represent the hard-core addicted. In support of their argument they point to recent odds ratio victories over placebo group performance rates in the 4% midyear range, that are vastly inferior to the 10% to 12% placebo and control group rates often seen during studies in the 1980's.

Others disagree citing even poorer NRT performance in youth cessation studies as evidence that the "hard-core addiction" argument is without merit. It is this cessation student's contention that placebo group rates have been seriously affected by study protocols ranging from participants having prior NRT use experience with "the real McCoy," to the practice of doctoring placebo devices with small amounts of nicotine for masking purposes (usually 1 to 3 mg.).

Although researchers "conventionally feel" that the practice does not effect placebo performance, there are no known studies pitting nicotine doctored placebos against nicotine free placebos. Chemical withdrawal symptoms normally begin pleaking in intensity within 72 hours of ending all nicotine use, as the brain reward pathways begin bathing in nicotine-free blood serum. Would small amounts of nicotine lock placebo quitters into an unnatural state of serious chronic withdrawal that eventually wears them down?

If the concept of quitting via gradual weaning with clean nicotine is an ineffective and cruel money-grabbing hoax upon smokers, what is effective? Although NRT industry consultants readily admit that local neighborhood quit smoking programs are on average twice as effective as NRT, it's their contention that smokers "do not want and will not use" such programs.

Advocates of such programs assert that massive NRT marketing campaigns - that have included the purchase and use of the trusted influence of most major health nonprofits as NRT storefronts - have all but buried the existence and effectiveness of high quality programs offering cessation education, dependency understanding, coping skills development, counseling, and/or group peer support. They contend that quality local and internet based programs are consistenly generating six-month cessation rates in excess of 30%.

As a rising tide of new nicotine delivery vehicles prepares to flood the market, concerns are shifting from clean nicotineÂ’s ineffectiveness as a gradual weaning tool to its use as a cleaner, less destructive and less deadly means of satisfying the nicotine addictÂ’s endless chemical need to feed.

Waiting in the wings are your local pharmacist's 27 flavors of nicotine suckers, nicotine water, nicotine cola, a new nicotine straw, nicotine lotion, nicotine wafers, and yes, even Nico-O-Tan! Most of the new delivery vehicles are not being marketed for quitting but as addictive weight-control programs, permanent adrenaline pick-me-ups, or for those times and places where selective indoor burning is neither accepted nor welcomed, such as high school classrooms and smoke-alarmed bathrooms.

Many sincere health officials today advocate a massive movement that attempts to transfer as many nicotine smokers as possible to smokeless tobacco, snuff, Swedish snus, the nicotine inhaler, or any of the new clean nicotine delivery vehicles, as a means to dramatically reduce smoking induced cancer and respiratory deaths by carcinogen reduction and elimination of the more than 500 gases present in each burning cigarette, including carbon monoxide.

In theory it's a wonderful lifesaving exchange yet any attempt at transition would require a massive marketing campaign having a core theme of a "safer" way to experience nicotine. Would the health benefit associated with the percentage of smokers successfully making the transfer exceed the impact that a "safer" message campaign might have on mushrooming the percentage of daily youth nicotine addicts seen in the Memphis study?

Smoking delivers its captivating cargo to the brain almost twice as fast as injected heroin. Unlike heroin that normally travels from an extremity to the heart, over to the lungs, back to the heart and then up to the brain, smoked nicotine is a straight shot into the lungs, over to the heart and into the brain, where it arrives within 8 to 10 seconds. Oral forms of delivery take minutes to reach peak blood serum levels and transdermal nicotine hours.

Will smokers make the transition? As shown in the Memphis study, a significant percentage of youth smokers appear willing to endure slower delivery while using clean-nicotine for the unapproved purpose of complying with urge commands associated with nicotineÂ’s two-hour chemical half-life, at least during those times when burning isnÂ’t possible.

The Memphis survey asked current smokers who had used NRT to declare whether they had used it to "try to quit smoking" or as a nicotine substitute for those times when they "couldn't smoke." Three of 27 who smoked less than one cigarette a week, 4 of 13 who smoked between one and six cigarettes a week, and 17 of 52 who smoked more than one cigarette daily, indicated that they used NRT when they couldnÂ’t smoke.

The authors state that "[e]xperimentation with NRT or use by never smokers is a potential harm of increased availability of these products." "More than half of the students surveyed reported that it is or would be easy to get NRT" which supports their unofficial local study findings that NRT can be "readily purchasable by minors without proof of age." Is the inducement to experiment being fueled by an inconsistent message and lack of warnings?

The pharmaceutical companies have labeled orange flavored nicotine gum as "medicine" and market its use as "therapy." Ironically, when neighborhood pharmacies started pouring syrups to create and sell unapproved orange flavored nicotine suckers, many of the health organizations that had actively helped the NRT industry push its orange flavored gum ran to the FDA arguing that orange suckers were untested, enticing, inherently dangerous and highly addictive.

The European Union's new addiction warning label occupies the entire bottom half of the front face of random packs of cigarettes and in large black letters announces "Smoking is highly addictive, donÂ’t start." The entire top half of the pack face of Canada's addiction warning label reads "Warning - Cigarettes are highly addictive - studies have shown that tobacco can be harder to quit than heroin or cocaine." Who is responsible for keeping America's youth in addiction risk darkness?

As shown by the Memphis study, the nico-cat is already out of the bag. The question now is, will continued nicotine marketing and new products entice even greater numbers of youth to experiment with "safer" forms of permanent chemical captivity? One of the fudge factors in almost all NRT studies has been in counting all who remained hooked on the device being tested as having successfully quit. Isn't it time we told our youth the truth?



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National Contest Shines Spotlight on Social Responsibility Trend Among Millennials

National Contest Shines Spotlight on Social Responsibility Trend Among Millennials

First Winner of "It Girl Essentials" Contest Announced

Raritan, NJ (PRWEB) May 14, 2009

The first of three winners of a national contest to identify socially responsible "It Girls" of the millennial generation was announced today on http://www. thepill. com (http://www. thepill. com).

The millennial generation (those born between 1982-2003) has long been criticized as an "entitled" generation - one who is used to getting what they want, when they want it. However, research shows that many millennials are actually putting social responsibility first: 61% said they felt personally responsible for making a difference in the world and more than 72% have taken it upon themselves to educate family and friends on a social/environmental cause1. Millennials are intent on making the world a better place, and, in turn, they expect others to do the same.

As a result of this ongoing trend, the 2009 "It Girl Essentials" contest, now in its second year, was structured to celebrate millennial women who are active in the social responsibility space. Sponsored by Ortho Women's Health & Urology™, maker of ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN® LO (norgestimate/ethinyl estradiol), the contest was divided into three social responsibility-related categories (green/sustainability, health, arts), and was designed to recognize exceptional "It Girls," between the ages of 18-24, who embody the confidence, reliability and poise of their generation. The first winner of the contest - green/sustainability category - is no exception.

"Despite what you hear in the news today, personally, I feel that my generation has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to social responsibility," said Bridget Pitman (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=tQpu5MLFeT4), environmental enthusiast and first winner of the 2009 "It Girl Essentials" contest. "We are very aware of the world around us - and the issues that are playing out in it. As a result, we feel personally accountable to give back and make a difference on our own terms."

Meet Bridget Pitman: Winner of Green/Sustainability Category and Environmental Enthusiast

Born and raised in Idaho, 24-year-old Bridget Pitman is no stranger to the great outdoors. Whether she's snowboarding, fly fishing, cross-country skiing, hiking or backpacking, Bridget is the first to recognize the importance of conservation and sustainability.

"I am passionate about sustainability because it affects every aspect of my life," said Bridget. "I am thankful to live in such a beautiful place and I know that it is my responsibility to ensure that my children will be able to experience the same landscapes and nature I enjoy every day. By changing just a few habits of your daily life, you can have such a large impact on our environment."

After graduating from the University of Idaho, Bridget moved to Bozeman, MT to serve as Marketing Manager for Project WET - an organization devoted to global water education and conservation. She now works as a Volunteer Development Coordinator at AmeriCorps VISTA for a nonprofit that provides services for local homeless families with children. Bridget hopes to one day be able to establish her own nonprofit.

"It Girl Essentials" Moving Forward: Now Accepting Entries to Health Category

In addition to announcing the first winner of the "It Girl Essentials" contest, today also marks the launch of the next phase of the contest: health. Starting today, young women who are giving back within the health space can submit their entries on http://www. thepill. com (http://www. thepill. com). Have you started your own art therapy program or coordinated your local breast cancer awareness walk? If so, Ortho Women's Health & Urology™ wants to hear about it. Contestants are asked to submit a 1-2 minute video, or 500-word essay, describing what issue/cause matters to them, what they are doing to address that issue/cause in their community and how they are inspiring others to do the same.

To read more about Bridget and her tips for creating a greener environment, and to enter the "It Girl Essentials" contest, visit http://www. thepill. com (http://www. thepill. com) and click on the "It Girl Essentials" button.

About the Contest:
The 2009 "It Girl Essentials" contest kicked off on February 18, 2009. Contestants are asked to submit a 1-2 minute video, or 500-word essay, telling us what issue/cause matters to them, what they are doing to address that issue/cause in their community and how they are inspiring others to do the same.

Ortho Women's Health & Urology™ will select the top entries based on a contestant's ability to communicate the essence of reliability, predictability and confidence. The top entries will then be posted to http://www. thepill. com (http://www. thepill. com) for public voting. One final winner will be selected per category. Winners of the contest will win a $500 donation to a charity of their choice selected from a list of charitable organizations provided by Ortho Women's Health & Urology™ and will be featured on the "It Girl Essentials" Facebook and MySpace pages.

For contest updates, visit "It Girl Essentials" on Facebook (http://www. facebook. com/ItGirlEssentials? ref=ts) and MySpace (http://www. myspace. com/itgirlessentials).

ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN® LO is indicated for the prevention of pregnancy.
This product is available by prescription only.

Important Safety Information:
Serious as well as minor side effects have been reported with the use of oral contraceptives. Serious risks, which can be life threatening, include blood clots, stroke and heart attacks, and are increased if you smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious cardiovascular side effects, especially if you are over 35. Women who use oral contraceptives are strongly advised not to smoke. Some women should not use the Pill, including women who have blood clots, certain cancers, a history of heart attack or stroke, as well as those who are or may be pregnant. The Pill does not protect against HIV or sexually transmitted diseases.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit http://www. fda. gov/medwatch/ (http://www. fda. gov/medwatch/) or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Visit http://www. thepill. com (http://www. thepill. com) for full Product Information.

About Ortho Women's Health & Urology™:
Ortho Women's Health & Urology™, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a leader in the fields of women's health and urology, celebrating more than 75 years of partnering with women. Ortho Women's Health & Urology™ is committed to helping people live healthier lives and to meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and patients with products such as ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN® LO (norgestimate/ethinyl estradiol), ORTHO EVRA® (norelgestromin/ethinyl estradiol transdermal system) and ELMIRON® (pentosan polysulfate sodium). For more information on these products, birth control, bladder health or general women's health issues, please visit http://www. orthowomenshealth. com (http://www. orthowomenshealth. com)].

1 The 2006 Millennial Cause Study: The Millennial Generation: Pro-Social and Empowered to Change the World. By Cone Inc. in collaboration with AMP Insights. May 2006.


Legacy Data Access Debuts New Solution for Management of Audits

Legacy Data Access Debuts New Solution for Management of Audits

Legacy Data Access (LDA), an innovator in data storage and Web-based solutions, today announced the release of LegacyAuditAssist, a major new component to its LegacySuite of data retention and access products.

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) April 3, 2009

Legacy Data Access (LDA), an innovator in data storage and Web-based solutions, today announced the release of LegacyAuditAssist, a major new component to its LegacySuite of data retention and access products.

Designed to help manage and respond to all types of audits against data from applications utilizing LegacySuite, LegacyAuditAssist provides healthcare organizations with the tools to streamline the process to collect data from identified accounts, collate the data and package the consolidated information. The solution allows users to classify and track processes based on the type of audit, including RAC, MIC, third party and more, and identify accounts based on the reason for the audit. It also can identify and package all associated data from other retired systems including revenue cycle, radiology, pharmacy, surgery and other clinical systems.

"Although we already provide the most comprehensive set of tools for working with data from retired healthcare applications, LegacyAuditAssist gives our customers the tools to respond to pressures from new, more specific audits," explained Shelly Peters, CEO of Legacy Data Access. "LegacyAuditAssist will help our customers preserve their revenues from their legacy systems. Because all of the data is brought over intact, with no conversion, mapping or loss of detail, LegacyAuditAssist offers healthcare organizations the best possible audit defense."

About Legacy Data Access, Inc.
Legacy Data Access is an IT services organization providing the industry's most comprehensive set of software tools for working with data from retired systems. With a singular focus on the healthcare industry, Legacy Data Access stores data from systems that are being retired and provides secure, Web-based access to the information. LDA stores legacy revenue management, clinical and ERP application data from any platform. The company's offerings are designed to handle the data retention needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes, types and complexities. For more information, visit www. legacydataaccess. com.

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Central Florida Exercise Physiologist Reveals How he Lost an Astonishing 16 Pounds in 21 Days Without Diets, Drugs, Supplements, or Surgery in New E-Book

Central Florida Exercise Physiologist Reveals How he Lost an Astonishing 16 Pounds in 21 Days Without Diets, Drugs, Supplements, or Surgery in New E-Book

Long-time personal trainer retires fit then comes back to his profession overweight and out-of-shape, then rapidly takes the weight off using the principles of Set Point Training.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 9, 2006

After having helped numerous clients lose hundreds of pounds, exercise physiologist Adam Dudley retired from the profession of personal training to pursue other interests in March 2004. One year later, Dudley decided to return to the field only there was one important problem that he needed to overcome. He had gained 20 extra pounds of fat and had become physically unfit.

Dudley knew that his new prospective clients would not trust his advice being 20 pounds overweight, so he decided to take massive action. He put together all his knowledge of what he now calls “Set Point Training” to lose an astonishing 16 pounds in 21 days without diets, drugs, supplements, or surgery.

“All human beings are born with a genetic weight “set point” that can be tapped into, causing rapid weight loss, using certain principles that aren’t publicized simply because players in the weight loss industry don’t want consumers to know about them,” Dudley says.

Losing weight can be a grueling endeavor and Dudley is now one of the few fitness professionals that actually understand what it takes and what it feels like, first hand. You see, most fitness trainers have been physically fit for their entire adult lives and find it remarkably challenging to empathize at the expense of their clientele.

Dudley rarely accepts new in-person, private coaching clients anymore, but does accept select clients by application for phone and online weight loss coaching. Dudley has also taken his experience and knowledge in losing 16 pounds and 21 days and created an e-book and supplementary materials designed to help the reader lose weight rapidly and healthfully using the principles of Set Point Training.

Jimmy Vee, a marketing consultant with a weight loss goal, had this to say about the breakthrough e-book, “I finally feel confident and motivated that I can lose the extra weight and reach my goal.”

More information about Dudley and the e-book can be found at (

Contact: Adam Dudley

Company: ACD Enterprises, Inc.

Address: 2607 Edgewater Drive, Suite 314, Orlando, FL 32804

Phone: +1 (407) 264-8274

URL: (

# # #

AboveNet and University of Houston Further Education and Research With High Bandwidth Connectivity

AboveNet and University of Houston Further Education and Research With High Bandwidth Connectivity

Partnership Enables Massive Transfer of Data

New York (Vocus) January 29, 2010

AboveNet, Inc. (NYSE:ABVT), a leading provider of high bandwidth connectivity solutions, in partnership with the Texas Learning & Computation Center (TLC2) at the University of Houston (UH) has created the Research & Education Network of Houston. RENoH, as it is known, enables the collaboration of widely spaced environments and locations. This project includes HD video and data intensive research collaborations among Houston institutions of Higher Education and their collaborators in Texas, the U. S. and internationally.

Dr. Lennart Johnsson, director of TLC2 said, “RENoH is the ultra-high-capacity Houston metropolitan fiber optic network established by TLC2 and AboveNet to facilitate collaboration among UH faculty and collaborators at Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Medical Center, and collaborators elsewhere.” He added, “RENoH’s connection to the national high-speed networks for research and education, Internet2 and the National Lambda Rail (NLR), enables global data-intensive research and education collaborations through the international connectivity of those networks.”

RENoH allowed Houston institutions to participate in the multi-year preparation for the analysis infrastructure of data from the multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle accelerator built in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the next several months the LHC will produce in excess of 10,000 trillion bytes of data each year (about 10,000 state-of-the-art high density hard disks-worth of data each year), data to be shared among thousands of collaborating scientists globally, many in Texas.

“We are pleased to be able to provide our expertise in creating high performance networking to the University of Houston and their extended community,” said Bill LaPerch, AboveNet President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to be part of this cutting edge research and education effort.”

The AboveNet connectivity is a critical step in bringing high-speed low-latency bandwidth to UH and Houston institutions of higher education and research for this purpose. RENoH initially provided more than 500 miles of fiber optic connectivity linking the Houston area institutions of higher education with each other and with LEARN, Internet2 and NLR. It connects them to the critical research resources of the national and international high-performance backbone networks.

“The partnership with AboveNet to establish RENoH was critical to our ability to establish a network capability second to none. This network enables the University of Houston and collaborating Houston area institutions to participate in world leading research collaborations and provide our students with the best educational opportunities possible,” said Dr. Lennart Johnsson. “RENoH served as a catalyst for LEARN”, the state fiber-optic network established for 33 educational organizations throughout Texas”, Johnsson continued.

“AboveNet’s high bandwidth fiber enables the high performance computing, storage and visualization infrastructure that can help accelerate the transition of research into products and services. This will improve economic competitiveness, serve as a catalyst for enterprises in designing and operating their infrastructure and help secure the nation’s future competitiveness,” Dr. Johnsson added.

About AboveNet, Inc.
AboveNet, Inc. provides high bandwidth connectivity solutions for business and carriers. Its private optical network delivers key network and IP services in and among top U. S. metro markets and globally. AboveNet's network is widely used in demanding markets such as financial services, media, health care, retail and government. To learn more, go to www. above. net

Media contact:
MaryBeth Nance
Executive Director of Business Development & Marketing

About University of Houston
The University of Houston, Texas’ premier metropolitan research and teaching institution, is home to more than 40 research centers and institutes and sponsors more than 300 partnerships with corporate, civic and governmental entities. UH, the most diverse research university in the country with more than 36,000 students.

About the Texas Learning and Computation Center
The Texas Learning and Computation Center fosters and supports interdisciplinary research, education, and training in computational sciences and engineering and computer science and engineering. TLC² has state-of-the-art computation, visualization and educational facilities for environmental studies, biological, biomedical, and energy research, undergraduate and graduate education, and teacher training. To learn more, go to http://www. tlc2.uh. edu (http://www. tlc2.uh. edu)


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Growth Hormones Direct (GHD) Continues to Undergo Rigorous Certification

Growth Hormones Direct (GHD) Continues to Undergo Rigorous Certification

Growth Hormones Direct (GHD) continues to undergo rigorous certification.

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) July 14, 2010

Growth Hormones Direct (http://www. growthhormonesdirect. com) (a neutraceutical/pharmaceutical company) continues to undergo rigorous certification. The company is currently:

1. FDA established
2. Third party validated by Trust Gauge
3. Third party validated by Validated Site
4. Ranked by Ranking. com
5. Merchant certified by VeriSign
6. Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card inspected
7. Certified Authorize. net retailer
8. Inspected and certified by Optimized Health Organization

Ranking. com calculates the online popularity of high traffic sites like Growth Hormones Direct allowing consumers to see rankings of companies they are working with or considering working with as well as to compare multiple companies in similar categories. Trust Gauge and Validated Site both provide 3rd party evaluations of websites. Evaluations are based on unbiased information and statistics.

Certification (http://www. growthhormonesdirect. com/growth-hormone/growth-hormones-news/certificatio/) and inspection by VeriSign, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and Authorize. Net all assure consumers that the purchasing process at Growth Hormones Direct is safe and secure.

Optimized Health Organization inspects and certifies companies to ensure that products and procedures are up to the highest possible standards.

Clint Ethington of Growth Hormones Direct said, “We want our customers to feel comfortable. We know the quality of our product so we are more than agreeable to undergoing any sort of inspection or certification. We want our customers and potential customers to feel that they aren’t taking a chance on our product. They can be positive that they are going to receive what they paid for.”

Growth Hormones Direct urges consumers to watch “Science...Meet Nature” as they reap the benefits of optimizing their hormone levels through proper use of the homeopathic growth hormone formula (http://www. growthhormonesdirect. com/growth-hormone-about-gh. php). Optimal hormone levels allow individuals to enjoy increased general health. Growth Hormones Direct is an Arizona based distributor of quality health foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals.

To get further information on Growth Hormones Direct or the benefits of the homeopathic growth hormone formula contact:

Contact: Dr. J. Ronald Willis
Company: Growth Hormones Direct
Www. GrowthHormonesDirect. com
Phone: 480-281-7593


Universities Use High-Tech Massage Chairs To Help Their Faculty Unwind

Universities Use High-Tech Massage Chairs To Help Their Faculty Unwind

Many universities are now making massage chairs available to their faculty, both in an effort to reduce stress and improve work performance, but also as a novel teaching tool.

La Jolla, CA (PRWEB) March 31, 2006

Many universities are now making massage chairs available to their faculty, both in an effort to reduce stress and improve work performance, but also as a novel teaching tool. College faculty members are expected to fill many roles during the course of their day; they are friends, mentors and even surrogate parents, and wearing all of those hats can really wear a person out. In order to help their faculty stay energized, many schools have begun using a new breed of super-advanced massage chairs from companies like Premier Health Products and Panasonic to help reduce stress, and make their faculty more productive.

Faculty members are encouraged to take a massage between classes, or in the morning as they start their day. Many professors may not find the time in their busy schedules for traditional massage therapy, but massage chairs offer a quick way to get many of the same benefits with no sticky oils and no appointments.

At some institutions, massage chairs are being used not only to unwind faculty, but also as a way to build faculty student relationships. These institutions use advanced massage chairs as a way to get faculty and students together outside if the classroom on “neutral ground” by setting up special Relaxation Spaces, complete with soothing music and scented candles. These spaces are often study-free zones, where the relaxation mandate is strictly enforced. They give students a much needed place to unwind and maybe see their professors in a new light, but they can also perform a more important educational function.

Learning how to work hard in a demanding environment is what college is all about, but being able to relax in a healthy manner is also a big part of coping with the real world outside of school. The use of massage chairs and health-conscious relaxation rooms allow faculty to model what some educators would call “good relaxation skills”. Massage chairs and relaxation rooms are a fun and healthy way to cut loose, and they involve absolutely no vomiting and no fake ID’s. The idea of “teaching relaxation” is something that is gaining credence in the American education system as massage chairs and other health devices gain popularity, and as campus drinking becomes more and more problematic.

For more information, or to find discounted rates for institutions visit www. premiermassagechairs. org

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Change by Leake Re-Branded as execUchange

Change by Leake Re-Branded as execUchange

Linda Leake, President of CHANGE by Leake, has announced that the firm has changed its name to execUchange.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) February 5, 2006

Linda Leake, President of CHANGE by Leake, has announced that the firm has changed its name to execUchange. The new name reflects the firm’s expertise in the art of creating a healthy and profitable company through strategic positioning, the use of assessment tools, management intervention, conflict resolution, management and organizational development, recruitment, and selection of executives and sales professionals. Leake will continue to act as president of the firm, focusing on the major changes within an organization.

“I am excited about our new name,” said Leake. “I believe that this new name will better reflect our company and the work that we do, with this change we will still provide top-quality hiring and business development services to our clients. As our services have evolved over the years I feel that it is important for us to have a name the properly represents who we are and what we do.”

About execUchange:

Linda Leake is President of execUchange, a national firm that helps clients grow their companies, hold employees accountable and make changes that make a difference. execUchange specializes in behavior assessments, management intervention, conflict resolution, management and organizational development, recruitment, and selection of executives and sales professionals. With more than 15 years of proven results for clients, Leake has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to solve employee issues, reduce turnover and resolve conflict. Executives learn how to handle management challenges by changing how they hire and how they manage, transforming the way they do business. Located at 4601 Six Forks Road, Suite 500 in Raleigh, the company can be contacted by calling 919-787-7861 or by visiting http://www. execuchange. com (http://www. execuchange. com).

Media and Press Contacts:

MMI Associates, Inc.

Patty Briguglio


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Doctors, Beauty Parlour Owners, Beautycians, Beauty conscious girls / ladies, gents too, and Entrepreneurs in Mumbai and all over India are invited to use these Miraculous products of Nature, in fact Natures Divine Gifts to Mankind, which will boost your Career, Prestige and Respect in the society and will develope Magnetic Personality for you and your Customers, too.

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(PRWEB) July 3, 2004

Experience the essence of perfect health by using NatureÂ’s Divine Gifts of Ganoderma, Aloe Vera and Wheat Grass.

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Ganoderma, Aloe Vera and Wheat Grass are researched, developed and manufactured in Pune, India by Biocare Pvt Ltd and marketed in India and abroad in 16 countries worldwide, by Healthy Living (India) Pvt Ltd. Its head office is situated in Vasai Road (W) , Dist Thane.

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** 1) What is Ganoderma?

It is known as God’s miracle herb - Sanjivani of 21st Century – Sarva Rog Nivarak. It is rare, red, high valued medicinal mushroom with potent components of medicinal properties like polysaccharides, Adennosines, Triterpenoides, Organic germanium, Proteins.,Fibres, Vitamins, Minerals etc. It is used extensively in USA, UK, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Rusia and other countries worldwide.

Ganoderma Products:

Gano Plus tabs / Caps ( For longevity, immunity and mild Diseases) , Gano Caps ( for Chronic diseases) , Gano Forte (for cancer, Hepatitis, and HIV ) , Gano Protein powder(for physical and mental growth) , Gano Biscuits, Gano Recharge Cofee, Gano Refresh Tea, Gano mouth care paste.

Usefulness of Ganoderma Products:

By using Ganoderma, you will get miraculous results for the following ailments:

Diabetes, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Cirrhosis of Lever, Kidney Diseases, Kidney Stone, Coronary Heart Diseases, Hypo/Hyper Thyroidism, Fatigue Sress Syndrom, Hyperacidity, Indigestion, Gall/Bladder Stone, Infertility, Asthama, Allergy, Arthritis, Lever Diseases, Hepatitis A/B/C, Renal Failure, High/Low Blood Pressure, Harmonal Imbalance, Mental Retardation, Diseases of Gastro Intestinal Track, Gastritis, Piles, Gynaecological Diseases, Impotency.

Concentrated Extracts control all types of Tumours and Cancers and HIV( AIDS ), All Non-Traceable and Non-diagnoseable diseases.

** 2) Aloe Vera :

There are 200 species of AloeVera plants, but Barbadensis is the most medicinally potent species. It is called Kuvaroatha or Grithkumari in India and is being used since ancient tiems for youthfulness and treatment of various diseases.

Aloe Vera products:

Aloe Vera Juice, Glow-up gel, Aloe Vera all purpose wash, Aloe Jaswant Hair Gel, Aloe Honey and Milk Dew Premium Soap.

Usefulness of Aloe Vera products:

These are very useful for Beauticians also as Anti-Age, Anti-Pimple, Anti-Wrinkles Treatment, to remove dark circle below eyes, for Glow up of face, for long, silky, shining hair, to remove dandudruff etc.

They are also useful for prevention and control of all digestive disorders, Arthiritis, Body and Muscular pains, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Lever Disease, Ulcers, Varicos Veins, High Cholesterol, Constipation, Eczema, AlzheimerÂ’s Disease, Acidity, Rheumatism, Asthama, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Piles, Hardening of Arteries, cardiac problems, Diarrhea, Psorasis, Alcoholism.

** 3) Wheat Grass :

Wheat is the popular staple food in India. It is known source of Vitamin A, B,C, and E. It has over 90 Natural Minerals, essential to maintain the metabolism of the body. It is rich Natural source of Chlorophyil, a compound of Proteins found in the green Laeves. It is potent blood purifier, Promotes Hemoglobin formation, controls Blood sugar disorders, , Promotes Blood circulation, neutralizes toxins., Removes heavy metals from the body, increases energy level and Vitality. Helps to maintain supple joints and flexible muscles.

Wheat Grass Products: Wheat Grass Caps.

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Doctors, Beauty Parlour Owners, Beautycians, Beauty conscious girls / ladies, gents too, and Entrepreneurs in any country are invited to use these miraculous products of Nature, in fact Natures Divine Gifts to Mankind, which will boost your Career, Prestige and Respect in the society and will give you miraculous results without any side effects. These are 100 % safe and will eliminate the root cause of any disease. Give the experience of Perfect Health and Magnetic Personality to yourself and to your customers, too.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

“Talk About It” Theme for National Coming Out Day ’06 New Book to Talk About Relationships

“Talk About It” Theme for National Coming Out Day ’06 New Book to Talk About Relationships

Announces latest book by international relationship expert Dr. Laurie Weiss. Being Happy Together brings Dr. Weiss's 34 years of experience to gay and lesbian couples for the first time. The book offers practical tools for gay couples to improve their relationships with only an hour a week.

Las Cruces, NM (PRWEB) September 18, 2006

Since 1987 the 11th of October has been promoted by the Human Rights Campaign as National Coming Out Day. A day designed to expand the understanding of the GLBT community by making gays and lesbians more visible to their families, friends and neighbors. “Talk About It” is the theme of this year’s National Coming Out Day, October 11, 2006. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Coming Out Project, the sponsor of NCOD, is an on-going campaign to empower gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and allied Americans to live openly and honestly about their lives. Relationship expert Dr. Laurie Weiss wants the GLBT community to talk about their relationships, and her new eBook Being Happy Together to be released October 11th is designed to stimulate that conversation. Being Happy Together is a treasure trove of information, insights and tools to make any same-sex relationship better with just a little effort each week.

Dr. Weiss holds a Ph. D. in Health and Human Services from Columbia Pacific University and is the author of several books including: What is the Emperor Wearing? Truth-Telling in Business Relationships, I Don't Need Therapy But...Where Do I Turn for Answers, An Action Plan for Your Inner Child: Parenting Each Other and Recovery from Co-dependency: It's Never Too Late to Reclaim Your Childhood (with Jonathan B. Weiss). Dr. Weiss is an international authority on relationships having presented her work in England, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Turkey and throughout the USA.

In Being Happy Together Dr. Weiss offers gay and lesbian couples effective tools that in about an hour each week will improve their relationships. Relationships take work, but this eBook makes that work fun and convenient. According to Dr. Weiss, “ after over 30 years as a counselor I can honestly say; It only takes a few minutes a week and each time you practice using my secret, you become closer to each other. I will show you exactly how to do it in this new eBook.”

Dr. Weiss continues, “As you’re reading this you may be thinking, “We've tried other stuff and nothing seems to work. I think we need counseling to really change, and we don’t have the time or money for that. I don’t think an hour a week is enough to make any difference at all."

“You know that I can’t really tell you whether or not you need counseling. What I can tell you is that the information I have for you comes directly from my own counseling practice!”

Dr. Weiss says of the new book, “One morning I was so tired of saying the same things over and over again that I sat down and started writing down everything I told almost every couple I worked with. Eventually I had pages and pages of tips that I asked other people to help me organize and refine. I wound up with a book that over 1000 people have used and loved.”

You can join the priority notification list to get information about great new eBook Program on relationships, Being Happy Together as it becomes available, go to http://www. beinghappybook. com/glbt/Priority/?af=425193 (http://www. beinghappybook. com/glbt/Priority/?af=425193)


The Pediatric Proton Foundation Launches Today in Virginia Beach

The Pediatric Proton Foundation Launches Today in Virginia Beach

New Pediatric Proton Foundation to focus on advocacy for pediatric proton.


In 2007, Susan and Jim Ralston received the news every parent dreads: their 2-year-old son was diagnosed with spinal Ewing's sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. This heart-breaking report was followed by a discovery from relatives that offered some comfort and hope: a relatively new radiation treatment, proton beam therapy. The Ralstons began a quest for more information and learned proton therapy could help their son improve his odds of beating cancer.

As a result of this first-hand experience and months of research, the Ralstons are launching the Pediatric Proton Foundation. Their mission in founding the Pediatric Proton Foundation is a simple one: to provide education, advocacy, and assistance to families in need of pediatric proton. Said founder Susan Ralston, "I am proud that we will be able to help other families and their children with cancer gain access to proton treatment across the country." The first phase of the Foundation's rollout plan includes a parent-friendly website loaded with everything a parent needs to help determine if proton is an appropriate treatment for their child and then how to quickly get to it. The next phase involves working to raise money to help researchers with pediatric proton studies and also to help families with the huge financial burden that comes with traveling to get proton beam treatment.

There are currently 5 proton centers operating in the United States with 5 others in some stage of development. Hampton University, near Virginia Beach, Virginia is developing a proton center expected to open in August 2010. "Proton beam treatment delivers targeted radiation to the cancerous site and avoids surrounding healthy tissue. This is critically important when treating children with cancer, since they are growing and many tissues are still developing" said Ralston. There are an estimated 13,000 children diagnosed annually in the United States with cancer and half of those cases are some type of bone, soft tissue or organ cancer, which means many of these cases could potentially be treated with proton therapy. "Dealing with cancer is one nightmare, and then dealing with the after effects of the actual cancer treatment is yet another nightmare. Anything we can do to improve cancer survival rates and reduce the after effects from the treatment needs to be pursued. These are America's children - they deserve the best we have to offer here," continued Ralston.

In mid-April, the Foundation was a first-time exhibitor at the "Pediatric Neuro-oncology in the Proton Era" meeting that was sponsored by Massachusetts General Hospital - the site with the world's greatest cumulative experience with pediatric proton neuro-oncology. The Foundation will be an exhibitor at the 51st Annual ASTRO (American Society for Radiation Oncology) meeting at McCormick Place West in Chicago November 1-5, 2009 with over 12,000 attendees expected from all over the world. "We hope that through our active involvement in the pediatric oncology world, we can bring more attention to this treatment option for children and therefore, more supporters to our cause of helping appropriate pediatric cancer cases access proton therapy," said Ralston.

About the Foundation:
The Pediatric Proton Foundation is uniquely positioned as an independent, nonprofit charity that relies on voluntary funding from a variety of sources to be able to provide the most objective information available about pediatric cancer treatment at each proton center in the U. S. The dollars given are used to help support our mission of providing education, advocacy and assistance to families in need of pediatric proton. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. You may be able to deduct some or the entire amount of your donation for tax purposes. Please consult your professional tax advisor.

For more information, visit the Pediatric Proton Foundation's website at: http://www. pediatricprotonfoundation. org (http://www. pediatricprotonfoundation. org).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cabera LLC Extends Offer of MyCheckPro Check-By-Phone Software to Nonprofit Organizations

Cabera LLC Extends Offer of MyCheckPro Check-By-Phone Software to Nonprofit Organizations

Cabera LLC is making its popular check-by-phone software, MyCheckPro, available to a limited number of nonprofits for the purpose of collecting donations.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 5, 2006

Cabera LLC, a leading provider of financial services software, today announced a giveaway of its MyCheckPro 2.0 check-by-phone software package to qualifying nonprofit organizations. The software, for the Windows operating system platform, allows the nonprofit to accept checks as payments or donations from their patrons or clients via telephone or fax. The nonprofit then print what is known as a "demand draft" and submit it to any U. S. bank for deposit. By using check-by-phone, the nonprofit can avoid incurring the 2-3% fee normally charged by credit card processors for similar transactions. Additionally, the recurring payment feature can make donations more palatable for patrons by breaking a larger donation into several small donations.

"We understand that in the nonprofit sector, the ability to get funding can be hampered sometimes by the administrative costs of doing so. Two or three percent of a such a transaction can really make a difference to the health of an organization in the long run. MyCheckPro is a great tool for fulfilling that need."

Cabera LLC is providing 500 copies of the software, available by download from the company's web site.

About Cabera LLC:

Cabera LLC is a developer of innovative financial tools and services for business owners. Its MyCheckPro platform is used by telecommunication providers, law firms, debt recovery agencies, and the insurance industry. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., the company continues to accept the challenge of creating effective solutions for business in a quickly-changing global marketplace.


Eco-Entrepreneurs Launch Fun Web Play to Change the World

Eco-Entrepreneurs Launch Fun Web Play to Change the World

An innovative e-newsletter launched today. Ideal Bite is the ultimate online source of clever ideas that are good for both people and the planet. Ideal Bite empowers consumers through tips, opinionated editorial and lively interaction. Tips on food, travel, products, services, and more are spoon-fed daily via email, and the editorsÂ’ personal stories about using those tips are found in daily blog postings.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) June 22, 2005

Jennifer Boulden, president of the Anavo Group, and Heather Stephenson, president of Urban Sage, have joined together to create Ideal Bite, Inc. (www. idealbite. com), a web company that provides daily email tips and personal editorial for the consumer who wants to make a positive impact on the world. Unlike much of the overwhelming “green” communications to date, the Ideal Bite’s daily tips will keep the tone very real and upbeat. The idea is that small changes – done en masse – can add up to big results.

“So many people want to do something to make the world a healthier place for themselves and their children, but very few of us want to drastically change our lifestyle or daily routines,” notes Stephenson. Boulden adds, “The Ideal Bite strives to offer well-researched and simple-to-adopt tips for green living, and we guarantee that our message will be positive, pithy and maybe even somewhat irreverent.”

In addition to daily email tips, Stephenson and Boulden add a very personal perspective in corresponding daily blog writings. The personality-driven blog will engage readers and encourage both humor and debate, as well as give readers the inside scoop as to how the founders have integrated the tip into their own daily lives. As Business Week stated in the April 22, 2005 cover article on blogs, “The measure of success in that world [blogging] is not a finished product. The winners will be those who host the very best conversations.” And through pleasant conversation - not preaching - the Ideal Bite plans to gain traction.

The founders developed the idea for the Ideal Bite while working together as marketing consultants to green businesses. They realized that there was not one place for environmentally-minded companies (such as Aveda and Patagonia) to advertise to “conscientious consumers” on the Internet. Fortunately, both Boulden and Stephenson have backgrounds in launching web companies as well as a burning passion for making “green” more hip by sharing their advice on how to align daily decisions with personal values.

The Ideal Bite launches in the U. S. on June 20, 2005, and has plans for quick international expansion. To join the blog discussion, sign up for the email tip, and learn more about the company, visit www. idealbite. com. Conscientious consumer

About the Ideal Bite, Inc.

Ideal Bite is the ultimate online source of clever ideas that are good for both people and the planet. Ideal Bite empowers consumers through tips, opinionated editorial and lively interaction. Tips on food, travel, products, services, and more are spoon-fed daily via email, and the editorsÂ’ personal stories about using those tips are found in daily blog postings. The mission is to create a sustainable economy. The approach is real, and really fun. Ideal Bite is a sassier shade of green.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Order the official hotdog of the Buffalo Bills for your next NFL Sunday celebration

Order the official hotdog of the Buffalo Bills for your next NFL Sunday celebration

White-hots, inc. announces that you can now have the official hotdog of the Buffalo Bills (ZweigleÂ’s) delivered to all 50 states and Puerto Rico in time for next NFL Sunday by ordering online at www. white-hots. com

Rochester, New York (PRWEB) October 6, 2003 -

Hots, inc. announces that NFL fans across the United States and Puerto Rico can now order the official hotdogs of the Buffalo Bills and best hotdogs in America online at www. white-hots. com for next NFL Sunday.

Since 1999 the best hotdogs in America (ZweigleÂ’s) have been the official hotdog of the NFLÂ’s Buffalo Bills Football Team. This gives local Bills fans one tasty reason to attend home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium, while distant fans across the country have long suffered the indignity of eating anything else on game day. But now Buffalo Bills fans and other NFL Team fans across America can celebrate NFL Sundays deliciously with ZweigleÂ’s incredible hotdogs and fully cooked Italian sausage being available for online ordering and next-day delivery at www. white-hots. com!

In Western New York, for a long time there have been two things that you can get that are better than anyplace in the world. One of them is Zweigle's hotdogs (aka “hot dogs” and just “hots” as in “white hots”). Not only would no Buffalo Bills tailgating party be complete without Zweigle’s, but these hotdogs are so special that out-of-towners lug coolers full of them home, beg their family and friends to pack them in dry ice and ship them across the Country, and now more conveniently order from the Company online across the fifty states and Puerto Rico at www. white-hots. com for next-day delivery in most instances.

White-hots, inc. (www. white-hots. com) is one of only 15 listed members of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (www. hot-dog. org). The Company has brought ZweigleÂ’s to lucky communities as far away from home as California and Oregon, and is having discussions with buyers across America and in Europe to bring Zweigle's hotdogs the global acclaim they deserve.

The Company recently obtained approval from the Feingold Association of the United States (www. feingold. org) for Zweigle's white hotdogs to be used by those who follow the Feingold Program diet. (Zweigle’s white hotdogs do not have sodium nitrite or nitrate added thus their white color). Why is this important? Company president, Nicholas Capanna states: "While, we are not scientists or physicians, it's our understanding that sodium nitrite and/or nitrate additive consumption may cause some serious health problems including cancers.”

In 1880, C. Wilhelm Zweigle and his wife Josephine opened a small sausage shop in Rochester, New York. That was the humble beginning of what would lead five generations of family to dedicate their lives to making Zweigle’s a Rochester institution. In 1925, Zweigle’s, Inc. introduced their first “white hotdog” product, which created quite a local buzz. And, in the generations since, Rochestarians have made Zweigle’s hotdogs not only a favorite food but also a source of local pride (and one they were perfectly content to secretly enjoy as a benefit of living in their city by Lake Ontario while lesser red wieners enjoyed the limelight and became America’s favorite food with an unknowing American public).

The survival and growth of ZweigleÂ’s Inc. from a small sausage shop into a multi-million dollar company nearly 125 years old is a testament to the ZweigleÂ’s family, their sensational innovation of AmericaÂ’s favorite food, and their dedication to old-fashioned quality and wholesomeness in a world of mass merchandised, inferior franks. With local consumers never being able to get enough ZweigleÂ’s hotdogs, the company has until recently been content to focus its energies on making the finest hotdogs in the world while keeping its world-class products a best-kept secret of Rochester, New York.