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Books on Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MI)

Books on Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MI)

Midentistry. com has launched “MI book”, an online book store with access to over 200 MI related text books, published conference proceedings or dissertations on: midentistry. com/mibook. html

(PRWEB) March 31, 2005

Midentistry. com has launched “MI book”, an online book store with access to over 200 MI related text books, published conference proceedings or dissertations on: http://www. midentistry. com/mibook. html

MI is a philosophy of professional care, concerned with the first-occurrence, earliest detection and earliest possible treatment of disease on micro (molecular) levels, followed by the most minimal invasive and patient friendly options to repair irreversible damages caused by such disease. MI aims to empower patients (through information, skills and motivation) to be in charge of their own oral health, so that they only require minimal intervention from the dental profession.

MI book contains listings to the MI topics

-Disease diagnosis & risk assessment

-Disease control

-Minimal invasive treatment

Detailed subtopics include so far Chlorhexidine, Dental chewing gum, and Fluoride, Ozone, Laser and Glass ionomers. The content is periodically reviewed and more topics will be added in time.

MI book further provides on http://www. midentistry. com/journals. html access to international dental journals subscriptions, as well as dental journals from:


-North America


-Developing countries

MI book is also linked to MI search, which offers the miseeq - powered Search directory for MI. The Directory offers keyword search to scientific publications in the categories: Early diagnosis, MI disease control, General overview (over MI), Minimal invasive treatment, MI Classification, MI disease concept.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Projects In Knowledge® Launches Free iPhone® App of Living Medical Textbook Neurology: Parkinson’s Disease Edition

Projects In Knowledge® Launches Free iPhone® App of Living Medical Textbook Neurology: Parkinson’s Disease Edition

Up-to-Date Education and Information at Clinicians’ Fingertips at the Point of Care or Anywhere

Little Falls, New Jersey (PRWEB) May 27, 2010

Projects In Knowledge (www. projectsinknowledge. com), a fully accredited provider of continuing medical education (CME/CE) activities, has just launched Living Medical Textbook Neurology: Parkinson’s Disease Edition as a free iPhone app, offering physicians and other clinicians added convenience and on-the-go access to this high-quality CME/CE activity and reference tool.

With its move to the iPhone platform, this outstanding educational program becomes an even more timely, convenient, and dynamic daily resource in the clinician’s workflow, at the point of care or anywhere. “Living Medical Textbook Neurology: Parkinson’s Disease Edition is a truly living source of knowledge and information for time-pressed neurologists and other clinicians,” said Patty Peterson, CCMEP, Senior Vice President at Projects In Knowledge. “The free iPhone app now puts this information immediately into their hands wherever they happen to be, enabling them to stay current on the latest news, research data, and treatment advances on Parkinson’s disease that they can incorporate into daily practice.”

Utilizing Projects In Knowledge’s proprietary electronic platform, Living Medical Textbook is an educational resource focused on a single specialty area and organized into a progressive series of chapters that enable easy navigation and reference. Supportive hyperlinks within each chapter page provide access to illustrations, videos, journal articles, podcasts, glossary terms, online textbooks, and other multimedia resources to enhance understanding of relevant issues, adding clarity and depth of expertise that could never be presented in a printed textbook. Updated as new data emerge and having undergone the scientific rigor of peer review, Living Medical Textbook provides timely accuracy unsurpassed by traditional textbooks.

The unique ability to be current at a moment’s notice is what sets Living Medical Textbook free iPhone app apart from printed medical books. When new data are reported from medical conferences, scientific journals, or media outlets, the hyperlinks can be revised and the content can be updated to ensure that the learner receives the most current information.

The iPhone app can be downloaded for free on the Living Medical Textbook Neurology: Parkinson’s Disease Edition website (http://www. livingmedicaltextbook. org/1947 (http://www. livingmedicaltextbook. org/1947)).

Projects In Knowledge also offers a free iPhone app for Living Medical Textbook Neurology: Multiple Sclerosis 2010 Edition. The app for Living Medical Textbook Hematology: Insights into Managing Leukemia & MDS Edition will be released shortly, and apps for additional editions are in development. All Living Medical Textbooks, including the iPhone versions, offer free CME/CE/CPE credit.

About Projects In Knowledge
Projects In Knowledge is a fully accredited provider of cutting-edge, innovative educational activities for physicians and other clinicians. Since its founding in 1980, the company’s mission has been to improve the quality of healthcare in the United States and abroad by delivering the highest quality professional education, with demonstrated results, to physicians and other clinical professionals using creative, effective, and easily accessible instructional modalities. To learn more about us and to view all of our CME/CE programs, please visit our website: www. projectsinknowledge. com.

Projects In Knowledge is a registered trademark of Projects In Knowledge, Inc.

Patty Peterson
Senior Vice President
Projects In Knowledge

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A Financial Services Advisor Offers His Take On The Largest Deficit In History

A Financial Services Advisor Offers His Take On The Largest Deficit In History

With the recent passage of a $3.5 trillion budget in the House of Representatives, the U. S. could face a budget deficit of $1.2 trillion. Noted financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen offers insight about what this deficit may mean for investors.

Grand Rapids, MI (PRWEB) May 21, 2009

The U. S. House of Representatives just recently approved a $3.5 trillion budget - the largest budget in U. S. history. The new budget also establishes the largest deficit in the nation's history, at $1.2 trillion, according to an April 30 Wall Street Journal report.

Dennis Tubbergen reviews and analyzes our nation's latest deficit mark on his financial services blog, http://www. dennistubbergen. com (http://www. dennistubbergen. com), and specifically focuses on its impact on investors. "We're in a hole and trying to get out by digging deeper," according to Tubbergen.

The national debt clock is approaching $11.2 trillion, according to The Metro Daily News in an article published on April 27.

If you take that current debt figure and pile on the $1.2 trillion from the present budget, the U. S. could be facing a national debt of $12.4 trillion just one year from now.

There is no light at the end of this tunnel. The Democrats in Congress who voted in favor of the current budget vowed the deficit would be cut in half within five years, despite the fact the current budget proposes new entitlements and social programs, according to the same Wall Street Journal article cited earlier.

Also outlined in the article, there was a provision known as 'reconciliation' inserted into the budget by Democrats that would enable the Senate to approve a health-care overhaul with just 51 votes, as opposed to the 60 votes normally required.

In Tubbergen's view, it's simply a matter of time before nationalized healthcare is at our doorstep. Considering the present financial state of Medicare and Social Security, Tubbergen is not enthusiastic about the prospect of such a program.

Tubbergen explains his method for calculating the deficit's effect:

The U. S. Census Bureau reports a U. S. population of 304 million, so a $3.5 trillion budget means there is $11,600 available to spend annually for every man, woman and child in the country. This also equates to about $31,818 per household as there are about 110 million households in the U. S. The median household income in 2007 was $50,233 per the U. S. Census Bureau.

Now what might those figures mean to you and your wealth?
Earlier this year, Tubbergen released a market update where he forecast that the U. S. dollar may lose value eventually and interest rates may increase. Historically safe investments, such as the U. S. dollar and U. S. Government Bonds are therefore likely to lose value, and possibly be a great deal.

A free copy of Tubbergen's market update can be obtained at: http://www. usawealthmanagement. com (http://www. usawealthmanagement. com).

Advisory services offered through USA Wealth Management, LLC, a federally registered investment advisor. The opinions expressed herein are those of the writer and not necessarily that of the above noted company. This update may contain forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, statements as to future events that involve various risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause actual events or results to differ materially from those that were forecasted.
Investing involves a risk of principal loss. Prior to making any investment decision, the services of an appropriate professional should be sought as investment related recommendations are dependent upon the personal financial situation of each individual investor.


Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance, Smart Energy Capital Announce National Relationship to Market Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance, Smart Energy Capital Announce National Relationship to Market Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance (Tremco), a leading provider of sustainable roofing and building envelope solutions for high-performance buildings, and Smart Energy Capital (SEC), a solar finance, development and advisory firm, today announced that they are joining forces to bring turnkey rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems and power purchase agreements (PPAs) to customers in education, healthcare, government, commercial and other markets nationwide. The goal of this collaboration is to help customers lower both their energy costs and their carbon output.

Beachwood, Ohio (PRWEB) April 28, 2010

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance (Tremco), a leading provider of sustainable roofing and building envelope solutions for high-performance buildings, and Smart Energy Capital (SEC), a solar finance, development and advisory firm, today announced that they are joining forces to bring turnkey rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems and power purchase agreements (PPAs) to customers in education, healthcare, government, commercial and other markets nationwide. The goal of this collaboration is to help customers lower both their energy costs and their carbon output.

Customers will have enormous flexibility in choosing and financing the rooftop photovoltaic system that is right for them, since the system can be customized to meet the customer’s needs. To ensure smooth functionality between the roof and the PV equipment, Tremco can use the expertise gained in 80-plus years of providing exceptional roofing systems to manage any roof renovations necessary before the system is installed. Smart Energy Capital finances the systems and will sell power to the customer under a long-term power purchase agreement. SEC also helps customers get the full benefit of all applicable state and federal financial incentives, such as the solar investment tax credit.

According to Brian Weisman, managing partner of SEC, “This is an excellent option for those who want to move toward ‘green power’ at minimal risk. They do not need to commit any up-front capital, nor do they have to deal with the hassles of building and maintaining the PV system. The PPA is a hedge against future electricity rate increases.

“We are delighted to work with Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance in bringing affordable solar solutions to organizations throughout North America,” Weisman continued. “The combination of our finance and solar industry experience together with Tremco’s exceptional roofing and service capabilities will positively impact the growth of the market for distributed solar generation.”

Ralph Velasquez, director of Tremco Roofing’s Sustainable Technologies Group, said, “Our relationship with Smart Energy Capital benefits our customers in so many ways. Customers can select the rooftop photovoltaic system that best matches their requirements. They do not need to worry about installation, maintenance, upgrades or other concerns common to PV systems; that’s all handled for them. SEC’s power purchase agreements provide a buffer against rising energy spend. Finally, the use of clean, renewable solar energy reduces the use of fossil fuels, which lowers overall operating costs and can significantly reduce carbon output. We see the relationship between Tremco Roofing and Smart Energy Capital as another important step in helping our customers develop sustainable, high-performance buildings.”

About Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance
Headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance helps manage building life cycles while providing roofing and weatherproofing peace of mind to customers in education, healthcare, government, manufacturing and many other industries. In business since 1928, Tremco Roofing and its subsidiary WTI are ISO 9001:2000 certified; WTI provides general contracting and roofing services. Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is a division of Tremco Incorporated, which is itself part of the RPM Building Solutions Group, an international leader in the construction, maintenance and repair markets. To learn more about Tremco, visit www. tremcoroofing. com or call toll-free at 800-562-2728. 

About Smart Energy Capital
Smart Energy Capital is a finance and investment company focused exclusively on the North American solar photovoltaic industry. The principals of SEC have a deep background and successful track record in structuring and arranging innovative financing solutions and developing renewable energy projects. They have managed a portfolio of over 300 megawatts of solar projects and raised in excess of $200 billion of innovative financings, and bring extensive global relationships with a wide range of entities, including equipment manufacturers, installers, developers, real estate and building services companies, construction companies, real estate owners and power purchase agreement providers. Please visit our website at www. smartenergycapital. com.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

American Soldiers Can Send Free Online Greeting Cards to Their Kids with a Personalized Letter and Video from Santa Claus from Now through Christmas

American Soldiers Can Send Free Online Greeting Cards to Their Kids with a Personalized Letter and Video from Santa Claus from Now through Christmas

Jinglegram. com Makes Offer in Honor of Veterans Day

(PRWEB) November 11, 2004

Kingston, NY (PRWEB) November 11, 2004 –American soldiers overseas can send their kids back home free online greeting cards with a personalized letter and streaming video delivered via the internet by none other than Santa Claus himself. Dream Big Media, Inc. is offering this unique way for families to connect during the Christmas season in honor of Veterans Day.

Through “Operation G. I. Jingle," military moms and dads can send heartfelt holiday sentiments and well wishes to their kids with a free "Jinglegram™ Greeting". This enables members of the U. S. Armed Forces to give their kids a unique gift and a memory they’ll treasure forever this Christmas.

The professionally produced G. I. Jingle Video was designed especially for children of military parents and contains an uplifting holiday video message from Santa Claus that will reassure them they’re in their parents’ thoughts and prayers. Along with the video, military moms and dads can send a letter from Santa that they help to personalize – or can even write from scratch themselves – intended to help holiday hearts be light even in the face of difficult times. To see a preview of the video and a sample of the written message, click on letter from Santa.

Mark Shilensky, CFO of Dream Big Media, Inc., and co-creator of Jinglegram™ Greetings, stated that: "Operation G. I. Jingle is a small way that we can thank the men and women of the U. S. Armed Forces who devote their lives to defending our country for the honorable work they do every day.” He went on to say that the company “hopes that creating a G. I. Jingle will bring comfort to the hearts of our service-men and –women, and joy to the hearts of the children who they love and miss so very much.”

As the holiday season approaches, American soldiers can reach out and touch the hearts of their kids back home (recommended for ages 2-12) with a special G. I. Jingle delivered for free on their behalf - by none other than Santa Claus himself. If you are a member of the U. S. Armed Forces, then click on free online greeting cards to register for your special Coupon Code.

Shilensky added, “Just imagine the look on your child's face when they see Santa delivering a message meant for them and only them - from you, their strong and brave military mom or dad! We hope that the receipt of your G. I. Jingle will find your family happy, healthy and eager for your safe return.”

American soldiers stationed overseas can learn more about Operation G. I. Jingle by going to http://www. jinglegram. com, or contacting Mark Shilensky at 845.336.7500. Military moms and dads can obtain a coupon voucher for their free online greeting cards by visiting http://www. jinglegram. com//gijingle. cfm.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rauland-Borg Addresses Patient Safety Concern Over Pillow Speakers in Oxygen-Enriched Healthcare Environments

Rauland-Borg Addresses Patient Safety Concern Over Pillow Speakers in Oxygen-Enriched Healthcare Environments

One of the primary patient safety issues when using non-approved pillow speakers in an oxygen-enriched environment is a fire hazard. This creates a potentially unsafe environment for patients in a healthcare facility. Rauland-Borg is the first and only current manufacturer of healthcare communications products to obtain this UL approval.

Skokie, IL (PRWEB) July 14, 2004

Rauland-Borg, the leader in nurse call communications, offers pillow speakers for the Responder® nurse call systems that are approved for use in oxygen-enriched environments by Underwriter Laboratories in accordance with the Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment standard (UL-1069). Rauland-Borg is the only nurse call vendor to currently offer this safety feature to healthcare facilities.

One of the primary patient safety issues when using non-approved pillow speakers in an oxygen-enriched environment is a fire hazard. This creates a potentially unsafe environment for patients in a healthcare facility.

Pillow speakers not deemed safe in oxygen rich environments contain the following caution: "CAUTION – Not For Use By Patients Undergoing Oxygen Therapy – Hang On Hook When Not in Use."

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) states the following when considering patients receiving oxygen:

"Regardless of the method of oxygen administration employed, electrically operated pendant controls and call cords, including but not limited to those that carry the above caution statement, should not be used by patients undergoing oxygen therapy, unless the pendant control is specifically labeled for use by patients undergoing oxygen therapy."

From a risk management perspective, Carl Cox, Vice President of Engineering for Rauland-Borg states, "Rauland-Borg's unique ability to offer this feature addresses an important patient safety concern. Hospitals have the reassurance that their patients who are receiving oxygen treatment can safely use the pillow speakers to control the television, lights, and call and speak to the nursing staff."

Rauland-Borg is the first and only current manufacturer of healthcare communications products to obtain this UL approval.

About Rauland-Borg Corporation

For over 70 years, Rauland-Borg has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of communications and life-safety equipment for institutional environments. RaulandÂ’s Responder combines traditional nurse call with the latest technology and management tools. Responder systems offer fast and flexible solutions for staff-to-staff and staff-to-patient communication, resulting in increased productivity and quality of patient care. For more information please visit www. rauland. com

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Modern, Green Lifestyle Radio Show to Debut on the VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness Channel

Modern, Green Lifestyle Radio Show to Debut on the VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness Channel

Vivavi. com Founder, Josh Dorfman will host “The Lazy Environmentalist” starting June 6th

(PRWEB) June 6, 2005

Beginning June 6, 2005, a new internet talk radio show will explore the emerging possibilities for effortlessly greening our modern lifestyles. “The Lazy Environmentalist” will air on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/)), the destination for live internet talk radio, as a source for style savvy consumers interested in protecting the planet without skimping on design. With topics including alternative and complimentary care, mental health, anti-aging, food and nutrition, weight loss, kids’ and teen’s health, women’s health, men’s health and sexuality, the VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness Channel provides education, interaction and advice on key issues in a variety of health related topics.

From eco-fashion and sustainable furniture, to hybrid cars and solar charging backpacks, the last few years HAVE witnessed an explosion of ecologically-minded activity within the design community. “The Lazy Environmentalist” will highlight the products and services as well as the designers and entrepreneurs who are making the modern green lifestyle a reality. Josh Dorfman, founder and CEO of Vivavi. com, a destination for contemporary, eco-friendly fashion, furniture and furnishings, is the host and co-creator of the show.

“Most of us care strongly about the environment and most of us are pretty lazy when it comes to doing something about it,” says Dorfman. “Now it’s not only easy, but totally cool and design-driven.”

The Lazy Environmentalist will air live on Mondays at 4 pm. Eastern (1pm Pacific) at http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/) The show begins on Monday, June 6th with initial guests to include Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger. com, a fast-growing web magazine that is the definitive source for modern, green lifestyle trends. TreehuggerÂ’s network of global writers continually combs the planet for cutting-edge, environmentally responsible products and ideas.

The first show will also feature David Hermance, Executive Engineer for Environmental Engineering at Toyota Technical Center U. S.A. Representing one of The Lazy Environmentalist’s key themes – sustainable transportation -- David will discuss hybrid automobile developments at Toyota and throughout the automobile industry and offer a glimpse into the nation’s sustainable driving future.

The show can be heard live on the VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness Channel by logging onto http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/) every Monday at 1PM Pacific (4PM Eastern), with re-broadcast at 1AM Pacific (4am Eastern). Listeners with questions, comments or opinions are encouraged to call in live, toll-free at 1-866-369-3742. Archives of his past interviews will be available On Demand at http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/) or at http://www. vivavi. com/ (http://www. vivavi. com/)

Each week the hour long talk radio show will cover a different aspect of contemporary green living including eco-fashion, sustainable furniture, green building and architecture, eco-travel, and sustainable transportation. DorfmanÂ’s guests will be the designers and entrepreneurs who are actively pushing sustainable living into the mainstream.

“This intense conversation has been going on within the design community for a long time about how to integrate environmental principles into mainstream products and services,” says Dorfman. “However, it’s just within the last couple of years that the forces of technology, commerce and environmental necessity have begun to align in ways that are enabling more and more eco-designers to move from concept to prototype to saleable product, be it a shirt or sofa or luxury high-rise apartment building. Through “The Lazy Environmentalist” we’re sharing these innovative developments with a wider audience.”

Aligning contemporary design with environmental responsibility is a focal point for Dorfman who launched Vivavi. com in 2003 for that express purpose. As more and more opportunities abound for consumers to bring these two interests together, Dorfman is at the forefront of a profound shift towards a modern green lifestyle.

About Vivavi:

Vivavi is the destination for eco-luxury - a new term for a new way of life - the fusion of the ultimate in design with the best of environmental awareness. Through its website, http://www. vivavi. com/ (http://www. vivavi. com/), Vivavi offers contemporary collections from cutting-edge sustainable designers, making it easy for consumers to green their modern lifestyles.

About SurfNet Media Group, Inc.

SurfNet Media Group (http://www. surfnetmedia. com/ (http://www. surfnetmedia. com/)), founded in 1999, is an on-demand media company-- the leading producer and distributor of online, talk radio content, streaming over 100 programs weekly to targeted audiences on its flagship VoiceAmerica™ Channel (http://www. voice. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. voice. voiceamerica. com/)), VoiceAmerica™ Business Channel (http://www. business. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. business. voiceamerica. com/)) and VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness

Channel (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/)).

SurfNet is also pioneering a unique, next generation content distribution model based on its patented Metaphor® iportal, creating innovative “community centers” that can transform virtually any web site into a broadcast portal for the syndication of online content, including on-demand libraries, webcasts, MP3 downloads, podcasts, ecommerce, community links, blogs and email.

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Les' Wines & Vines Celebrates Fourth Year Anniversary

Les' Wines & Vines Celebrates Fourth Year Anniversary

America's First wine show to have a live audience and actually taste three wines on-air during the broadcast. Originating in a restaurant each week we pair food with the wines as well.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 2, 2005

(http://www. leskincaid. com (http://www. leskincaid. com) http://www. leskincaid. com (http://www. leskincaid. com)), the nationally syndicated radio wine broadcast that features a winery and 3 of its wines each week with a live audience is celebrating its fourth year this week (Thursday evening September 1, 2005 from 7 to 8 PM).

This is AmericaÂ’s first wine show to have a live audience and actually taste three wines on-air during our broadcast. *Les Kincaid* always presents his listeners and the live audience with stimulating, pro-vocative information and great interviews or discussions with interesting, intelligent, knowledgeable guests all within the wine industry. Whether they are vintners, winery owners, Sommeliers or Master Sommeliers or other representatives they can all talk about wine with authority. The show offers interesting invited guests that taste and discuss the three featured wines during the broadcast. There is no non-sense or snobbish attitude when you listen to* Les Kincaid *and discuss wines from anywhere around the world. Always offering information you want to and should know. The list of provocative topics goes on and on.

*LesÂ’ Wines & Vines* is committed to ethical behavior and social responsibility in every aspect of the food & wine business. Most people enjoy a glass or two of wine with their main meal daily. In fact, there is a conscientious scientific view that moderate drinking is beneficial to your health. Les believes that the vast majority of our listenerÂ’s drink sensibly and with moderation at a level that gives enjoyment and, according to some leading authorities, health and social benefits as well.

Don't miss the opportunity to listen* *to* *the incredibly popular* Les' Wines & Vines *premier radio every Thursday evening on CRN Radio Network at www. crni. net. Available in over 25+ million households across America on Thursdays from 7-8 PM. Replayed in *Las Vegas* on_ *klav 1230 AM *"The New Talk 1230 KLAV" *Thursday evenings from 9 to 10 PM.

LesÂ’ Wines & Vines longevity has to be a testament to the durability, resiliency and flywheel effect of the nationÂ’s quest to learn and enjoy more wine. Wine is food.

Donna Lee-Show producer

Les Kincaid


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New Studies Suggest that Nutritional Deficiencies in Early Years May Lead to Low IQ and Aggressive Behavior

New Studies Suggest that Nutritional Deficiencies in Early Years May Lead to Low IQ and Aggressive Behavior

A new website soon to release a nutritional survey which could uncover nutritional deficiencies possibly associated with low IQ, behavioral problems, not to mention a host of other diseases and symptoms.

Middleburg, FL (PRWEB) March 1, 2006

A new website soon to release a nutritional survey which could uncover nutritional deficiency's possibly associated with low IQ, behavioral problems, not to mention a host of other diseases and symptoms.

Acting on information from a number of different sources, herbalist Natalie Vickery, on her website, "the familyherbalist", is getting the jump on what could become an epidemic in this country -- preventable diseases. By launching a nutritional survey which may pin point certain nutritional deficiencies, Mrs. Vickery hopes to help others identify and correct the problems in their diets before they lead to chronic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. Mrs. Vickery says, "Despite the fact that we as a nation spent approximately $1.7 trillion on health care in 2003 alone, people are still dying from preventable diseases; this is unacceptable."

Mrs. Vickery stated that based on studies she had read, such as the one by the University of Southern California which linked nutritional deficiency's in the early years to low IQ and aggressive behavior, she had to act. "It is out of hand... when children in this country are suffering from preventable diseases, we have to act. Because we have become a nation whose diets revolve around fast food and convenience foods, we are gradually depleting ourselves and our children of the essential nutrients of life."

"The survey should be up and running no later than March, 1, 2006. We are hoping that based on the results of this survey, more people will focus in on the necessary changes needed in their diets to help save their lives and the lives of their children", says Vickery.

For more information on this critical nutrional survey, visit "thefamilyherbalist. com".

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Stroke Survivor is Awarded Pink High Heels and Green Gatorade

Stroke Survivor is Awarded Pink High Heels and Green Gatorade

Most people are not aware how often strokes affect young people. Kate Adamson a physically fit and vital mother of two toddlers suffered a massive stroke at the young age of 33. She was trapped in her totally paralyzed body, unable to do anything, screaming silently for help.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 28, 2004

In 1995, Kate Adamson was a beautiful, vibrant, physically fit mother of two precious green eyed little girls. She went to sleep one night in her beautiful five bedroom home in an exclusive California neighborhood. She awoke the next morning experiencing the beginnings of a massive stroke. She was bewildered and frightened. Within twenty minutes she was trapped in her totally paralyzed body, unable to do anything, screaming silently for help.

Did you know that 700,000 people suffer strokes each year in the United States? Did you know that it is the number one cause of adult disability in this country? And that it doesnÂ’t just impact the elderly. Most people do not realize how often strokes affect young people.

It was at the young age of 33, in the peak of health and physical condition, Kate Adamson suffered her brain stem stroke. Her only means of communication was blinking her eyes. “I had been experiencing migraine headaches for a month prior to the stroke,” Adamson said. Unwavering determination and years of rehabilitation restored her to a relatively normal life. She is still partially paralyzed, but this quietly dynamic professional speaker is inspiring new direction and determination in individuals and corporations who THINK they are paralyzed by circumstances beyond their control.

When asked what she focused on to help her recovery from paralysis, Adamson replied, ”You would think I would focus on something important like being able to hug my children or to hike again or drive down the coast by myself or something like that. But sometimes it is the simpler things that get us through. All I could focus on is how good it would feel to drink lime Gatorade and walk again in fancy high heeled shoes”- hence the theme for her speech on personal focus and motivation. “Green Gatorade, and Pink Pumps.”

An outpatient physical therapist informed her that she would never wear heels again only safe sensible tennis shoes. "It may seem silly to you, but I was devastated. I cried when I gave away all of my favorite heels," Adamson explained. At a recent event, she was awarded a pair of pink high heeled shoes. “I may not be able to walk in heels but there is no reason why I can’t wear them,” Adamson said. While seated in her wheelchair, she slipped on the first pair of heels she has worn since her stroke a decade ago. She then asked for Gatorade but no one in the audience had any. Sorry, maybe next time, Kate!

Kate Adamson is an International speaker, award-winning author of KateÂ’s Journey; Triumph over Adversity. She has been featured on national wide media including The OÂ’Reilly Factor, Abrams report, Fox News, 700 club and Lifetime TV.

Her story has appeared in numerous national magazines including Redbook.

What Kate advises people to look for, is to be educated and know the five warnings of stroke.

1. Sudden weakness or numbness of the face, arm or leg on one side of the body.

2. Sudden dimness or loss of vision (particularly in one eye)

3. Loss of speech, trouble talking or understanding speech.

4. Sudden, severe headaches with no apparent cause.

5. Unexplained dizziness, unsteadiness or sudden falls.

Contact Information

Www. katesjourney. com

1-800-641-KATE (5283)

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Novogradac & Company LLP Partner Honored as One of Crain’s Cleveland Forty Under 40

Novogradac & Company LLP Partner Honored as One of Crain’s Cleveland Forty Under 40

Annette Stevenson of Novogradac & Company LLP’s Cleveland, Ohio Office Recognized for Outstanding Achievement in the New Markets Tax Credit Industry

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 13, 2010

Annette Stevenson (http://www. novoco. com/company/partners. php#astevenson), a partner in Novogradac & Company’s (http://www. novoco. com) Cleveland, Ohio office, was honored by Crain’s Cleveland Business as one of the recipients of the publication’s Forty Under 40 award. The recipients, who are chosen from throughout Northeast Ohio, are aged 40 or younger and have established and proven themselves as leaders, actively guiding the region’s business community. As in years past, the distinguished group of 2009 awardees was recognized for its outstanding achievements and for the critical role it plays in Northeast Ohio’s business development vision as it competes on the world stage.

Ms. Stevenson, who has 15 years of public accounting and business advisory experience with an emphasis on complex financing for community development real estate projects, has carved out a national reputation as an expert in new markets tax credits. “I chose early in my career to work in areas that would be both challenging and rewarding. Working with the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program has provided me with exactly that. I am very fortunate to work in a field that provides the intellectual challenges of complex financing and tax structures, along with the rewards of creating businesses and providing jobs in communities of greatest need. The dedication of the individuals that I work with and the impacts that these projects have had on the low-income areas are nothing short of astonishing.”

The NMTC program, enacted in 2000 and created to encourage investment in low-income communities, has spurred the investment of more than $14 billion of private-sector capital into urban and rural communities throughout the country. “Annette is one of the few people in the country technically versed in new markets tax credits and we are all very fortunate she's working on Cleveland projects," said Renee Beaver, one of Ms. Stevenson’s fellow partners in the Novogradac & Company Cleveland office.

Ms. Stevenson became involved in the NMTC industry in 2002, the year in which she collaborated with the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority to obtain a $47 million NMTC allocation. Recently, she worked on the NMTC financing for the new Evergreen Cooperative Laundry in Cleveland. The laundry, which will be owned by the area’s residents, will create 50 jobs for community residents. “These transactions are inevitably full of challenges and complexities — but when I see the incredible positive impact these projects have on a community and its residents, it’s all worth it.”

Ms. Stevenson, who has helped in closing more than $1 billion of NMTC transactions, worked recently on the restored historic Capitol Theatre project in Cleveland, Ohio; Green Park Broadway, an industrial brownfield redevelopment in St. Louis, Missouri; and Health East ambulatory facility in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Prior to joining Novogradac & Company LLP, Ms. Stevenson was partner in charge of Cohen & Company CPA’s Real Estate Services Group, where she provided accounting, tax compliance and planning, audit and business advisory services to real estate developers, property owners, not-for-profit organizations, property managers, construction contractors and homebuilders. She graduated from Cleveland State University and is licensed in Ohio as a certified public accountant. Ms. Stevenson has become a nationally recognized NMTC expert and speaker, and has presented to audiences across the nation.

Novogradac & Company LLP, a national certified public accounting and consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., has consistently been named by Accounting Today and Public Accounting Report as one of the top accounting firms in the country. Inside Public Accounting named it as one of the 25 best managed accounting firms and the San Francisco Business Times recognizes it as one of only five companies that for five consecutive years has made its list of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Bay Area.

In addition to its headquarters in San Francisco, Calif., the firm has offices in metro Atlanta, Ga., Washington, D. C. and Kansas City, Mo., as well as in Austin, Texas, Boston, Mass., Dover, Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, Portland, Ore., New York, N. Y. and Long Beach, Calif. The firm maintains clients in a broad range of industries with major emphasis in the real estate sector, providing publicly and privately held national and multinational enterprises with a full spectrum of audit, tax, valuation, trust and litigation support, computer consulting and general consulting services.

For more information about Novogradac & Company LLP, visit our web site at www. novoco. com or phone Jane Bowar Zastrow at (415) 356-8034.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lorman Education Services Presents a 'Confidentiality Of Medical Records' Seminar on October 27, 2005

Lorman Education Services Presents a 'Confidentiality Of Medical Records' Seminar on October 27, 2005

This "Confidentiality Of Medical Records" seminar will cover the overview of administrative simplification.

(PRWEB) September 16, 2005

Lorman Education Services will present a "Confidentiality Of Medical Records" seminar on October 27. This program will cover the overview of administrative simplification, including privacy, security, transaction and code sets, and national provider identifier. It will also cover auditing and maintenance suggestions for ongoing compliance.

Lesley Berkeyheiser is principal and founder of The Clayton Group, LLC, an independent health care management consulting company. She has over 20 yearsÂ’ experience in the healthcare industry. She actively participates as security and privacy co-chair for WEDi SNIP (Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange Strategic National Implementation Process).

Ms. Berkeyheiser is also content contributor and vice president of Clayton-MacBain, LLC, creator of HIPAA privacy policy and procedure templates, and creator of The Clayton Group HIPAA templates, security edition.

David J. Lozier, Esq., is an attorney residing in Beaver County and maintains his principal office in Pittsburgh, with the law firm of Harry S. Cohen and Associates PC. His practice has included general corporate and personal injury litigation, but primarily involves representing patients in medical malpractice suits against physicians, hospitals and HMOs. Mr. LozierÂ’s plaintiff practice has taken him to almost every county court in the western half of Pennsylvania.

He obtained his B. A. degree from William and Mary, spent six years in the Army as an infantry officer and helicopter pilot, left active duty as a captain, and returned to William and Mary for Law School. Mr. Lozier is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar, and has argued before the State Superior and Commonwealth Courts and 3rd United States Circuit Court of Appeals. His most familiar appellate case is the Superior Court case of Shannon vs. McNulty and HealthAmerica, 718 A.2d 828 (Pa. Superior 1999), which was the first Pennsylvania appellate decision, and one of the first cases in the country, holding that an HMO managing patient care may be held liable for medical malpractice.

This seminar is designed for medical records directors, business managers, office

Managers, health information directors, hospital administrators, nurses, clinic coordinators, release of records professionals and attorneys.

To register for this event please click http://www. lorman. com/info/357549 (http://www. lorman. com/info/357549) or please call 866-352-9539 to speak with a Lorman Education customer service representative. Reference number for this event is 18189.

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Pharmacy Brokers International announces launch of new consumer web portal; CONSUMERS. PHARMACYBROKERS. COM revolutionalizes online prescription drug ordering while saving consumers up to 80%

Pharmacy Brokers International announces launch of new consumer web portal; CONSUMERS. PHARMACYBROKERS. COM revolutionalizes online prescription drug ordering while saving consumers up to 80%

With the launch of CONSUMERS. PHARMACYBROKERS. COM, a business to consumer web portal enabling consumers to place order for their prescription and non-prescription medications and supplies, a new era in online pharmaceutical sales has begun. The exclusive Pharmacy Brokers network of international pharmacies and suppliers allows them to source and provide the highest quality medications and supplies at substantial savings over retail U. S. pharmacies.

(PRWEB) April 4, 2003

MISSISSAUGA, Apr. 2 -- Pharmacy Brokers International today unveiled its new B2C portal, CONSUMERS. PHARMACYBROKERS. COMCONSUMERS. PHARMACYBROKERS. COM

"We are very excited to be able to offer direct consumer access to high quality, low priced prescription and non-prescription medications and supplies," explains Marshall Lansdowne, Director eBusiness Services, Pharmacy Brokers International. "Our focus has always been on procurement and supply on the wholesale level, but given the ever rising costs of retail pharmaceuticals, we knew we had to do something to help the average consumer."

The new web portal truly enables customers to easily find the information they need, and quickly place an order online, by phone, by fax, or even by postal mail. By combining leading edge technology and process, Pharmacy Brokers is able to source suppliers across the globe thereby offering the highest quality medications and supplies at the lowest possible price. Orders are typically processed and sent to a member of Pharmacy Brokers international network of pharmacies for fulfillment within 24 hours of receiving a customers order with the necessary documentation. But just filling the customers order isn't the end of the story. Pharmacy Brokers has placed a strong emphasis on customer service, and believes the relationship they are building with their customers are personal and of the utmost importance in their customers overall health care solution.

"By truly shopping the globe for the highest quality medications coupled with the best price, we are able to offer tremendous value to the consumer," said John Dufferin, Director Product Development, Pharmacy Brokers International. "We believe that we are providing an invaluable service to all Americans, especially those on limited or fixed incomes that find the current cost of prescription drugs to be out of their reach. Affordable access to medications should be a right of every consumer."

Pharmacy Brokers International continues to search the globe for the highest quality, best value medications and is now pleased to offer them direct to the consumer. With the B2C portal successfully launched, what is next for Pharmacy Brokers? The sky is the limit, and as Richard Miller, Director Business Development, Pharmacy Brokers International explains, "We are developing a partnership and affiliate strategy that will allow us to expand our model further into the communities we serve, thereby facilitating even easier access. We are looking at a number of options, including simple web based affiliations, seperate web portals utilizing our exclusive back office technology, and even into the brick-and-mortar aspects such as storefronts, kiosks, and other mainstream retail centers."


Pharmacy Brokers International is the premier provider of pharmaceuticals and supplies to both the wholesale and retail marketplace. Currently serving the international market with wholesale solutions, the launch of the new B2C portal, CONSUMERS. PHARMACYBROKERS. COMCONSUMERS. PHARMACYBROKERS. COM

You can visit Pharmacy Brokers International at http://consumers. pharmacybrokers. comhttp://consumers. pharmacybrokers. com


For further information: Media, Analysts/Investors: Pharmacy Brokers International, (866) 438-7444, pr@pharmacybrokers. com

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

'Steak' Claim To The Perfect Father's Day Gift; A Last Minute Gift a Dad is Sure to Enjoy

'Steak' Claim To The Perfect Father's Day Gift; A Last Minute Gift a Dad is Sure to Enjoy

Every year Father’s Day comes barreling down as the pressure mounts to find the perfect gift. And then time runs out. A Last Minute Gift Your Dad Is Sure To Enjoy.

Dillon, MT (PRWEB) June 7, 2006

It’s an inevitability. Every year Father’s Day comes barreling down as the pressure mounts to find the perfect gift. And then time runs out.

As evidence that a fair percentage of Americans simply have no idea what to buy for dad, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2006 Father’s Day Consumer Intentions Survey, 27% say they will in essence throw up their hands this year and get their father a gift certificate.

But think of dad’s favorite way to spend his day – by the grill – and maybe a unique father’s day gift (http://www. lacensebeef. com) will come to mind. How about buying dad something to grill!

With the growing popularity of buying steak online, this Father’s Day options abound for a truly tasty gift. And the increasing availability of natural beef and gourmet steaks (http://www. lacensebeef. com) now gives you the opportunity to help your dad become a master griller.

Introduced just in time for Father’s Day, La Cense Beef® is a natural, grass fed and grass finished beef produced from select Black Angus cattle raised on the pastures of the La Cense ranch in Dillon, Montana.

La Cense Beef is a unique product, crafted by the skill and experience of master ranchers whose sole focus during each step of the production process is to develop a grass fed beef (http://www. lacensebeef. com) that is superior in flavor, texture and nutritional benefits.

The select Black Angus cattle of La Cense are raised for a period of approximately 18 months in a humane, stress-free, environment and feed upon the natural bluebunch wheatgrass and plants found on the 88,000 acre La Cense ranch. La Cense cattle are raised without added hormones or proactively given antibiotics, and spend their entire lives grazing a pesticide-free natural environment. La Cense Beef is dry-aged for 19 days and then hand cut and trimmed to enhance tenderness and round out flavor. La Cense Beef is also lower in calories and cholesterol and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and beta carotene than grain fed beef, making this a healthy option for dad as well.

“The increasing sophistication of the American palate is spurring consumers to seek out high-quality natural ingredients that are reminiscent of the way food used to taste before it became mass-produced,” says Peter Hoffman, owner and head chef of Savoy in New York City and La Cense Beef Master Chef spokesperson. “La Cense Beef offers consumers the opportunity to have not only a healthier beef, but a true artisanal product, crafted specifically with flavor in mind, which will dramatically enhance the quality of their favorite beef recipes.”

In honor of Father’s Day and for all the fathers who will be celebrating this holiday at their grill, La Cense Beef has created a Father’s Day Special to make your gift buying easy.

The La Cense Beef Father’s Day Special includes:

8 six-ounce La Cense Beef Steak Burger Patties

2 eight-ounce La Cense Beef Ribeye Steaks (http://www. lacensebeef. com)

2 eight-ounce La Cense Beef New York Strip Steaks

La Cense beef is available on-line at www. lacensebeef. com or by calling toll free 1-866-442-BEEF (2333) and, most importantly, it makes the perfect last minute gift as overnight shipping is provided to ensure delivery for Father’s Day.

And yes, La Cense Beef offers gift certificates, too.


Ultrathin Nitrile Gloves Stop the Risk of Latex Allergy

Ultrathin Nitrile Gloves Stop the Risk of Latex Allergy

Authorities and companies in the UK are becoming increasingly concerned about exposing their staff to the risk of latex allergy when using latex gloves, but until now have lacked a genuinely alternative to offer them in the workplace. The launch of the new Pro Ultrathin Nitrile gloves by Hygiene Depot is designed precisely to fulfil that need.

(PRWEB) October 18, 2006

Authorities and companies in the UK are becoming increasingly concerned about exposing their staff to the risk of latex allergy when using latex gloves, but until now have lacked a genuinely alternative to offer them in the workplace. The launch of the new Pro Ultrathin Nitrile gloves by Hygiene Depot is designed precisely to fulfil that need.

By far the glove of choice among health professionals, latex gloves have always offered the best combination of dexterity, comfort and cost. The challenge for glove manufacturers has therefore been to develop a synthetic alternative, that is free of any latex proteins, but with all the performance attributes of a latex glove. Hygiene Depot is convinced that its new nitrile glove offers superior comfort and improved barrier protection in use compared to latex, for a minimal price premium.

Over the last 12 months latex prices have risen by more than 20%, narrowing the price gap with nitrile, which traditionally has been a considerably more expensive material.

The new Ultrathin gloves are the result of 5 years’ development by Hygiene Depot’s supplier, who, as a manufacturer of latex, realised that latex allergies were about to become a serious issue, and decided to change the company focus towards developing much more sophisticated nitrile gloves in a variety of specifications.

The aim was to combine the inherent high tensile strength, durability, puncture and chemical resistance of nitrile, in a glove that was as elastic and comfortable as latex, which would appeal to health professionals everywhere.

The resulting glove has been very successful since its launch in the U. S. last year, and Hygiene Depot expects its UK version, Pro Ultrathin to do equally well. The company’s promotional material urges users to try a sample on one hand, while wearing their favourite latex glove on the other, so that they can appreciate the superior comfort of Ultrathin to the full. Free samples can be requested from the website, in the size and colour preferred (they come in a choice of Blue or White).

The company hope that once people realise that they can now obtain the superior barrier protection of a nitrile glove, with no compromise on comfort and dexterity ( always a weakness of the nitrile gloves currently on the market), and at prices lower than many types of latex glove (around £3.40 per 100 gloves), they will give the gloves a trial.

Hygiene Depot’s new website has recently been launched, offering a full range of disposable gloves, as well as paper towels, soaps, tissues, medical and catering disposables and protective clothing.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Unique Guidebook Gives Tips for Expectant Moms and Dads Dealing with Preeclampsia

Unique Guidebook Gives Tips for Expectant Moms and Dads Dealing with Preeclampsia

A distinctive new book is offering guidance about preeclampsia from a mom and dad’s point of view. Entitled “A Mom and Dad’s Guide to Preeclampsia,” the book features useful tips, strategies and real stories to help others deal with the condition. First-time author David Papandreas is donating 10 percent of all profits to preeclampsia research.

Port Saint Lucie, FL (PRWEB) August 3, 2010

Expectant mothers and fathers who are struggling with preeclampsia can find valuable advice from a new book by David Papandreas. Appropriately entitled “A Mom and Dad’s Guide to Preeclampsia,” it is the first guidebook written for the 400,000 pregnant women who are stricken by preeclampsia every year in the United States and want to know what to expect. The insightful book includes a variety of helpful chapters, including Blood Pressure, Proper Eating, Laugh Often, Romance, Coping with Numbness and Tips for Sleeping. It also features healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as desserts, snacks and smoothies.

Available in English and Spanish, “A Mom and Dad’s Guide to Preeclampsia” takes a unique approach by covering the subject from a mom and dad’s perspective. According to Papandreas, it is the only book of its kind to offer such guidance on dealing with preeclampsia. “It was written using real stories and examples of how we, personally, did it,” Papandreas says. “We know if we can do it, so can others.”

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-related condition marked by elevated blood pressure and excess protein in the urine. It typically occurs in women after 20 weeks of gestation and causes symptoms ranging from swelling to liver function abnormalities. If not properly treated, preeclampsia can develop into eclampsia—a potentially fatal condition involving coma and convulsions. Each year, 5 to 10 percent of pregnant women develop preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is as common in the United States as breast cancer, according to Papandreas. However, he says, in the past 2,000 years little has been discovered about how to prevent and/or cure it. That’s why he is donating 10 percent of all profits from the sale of his book to support preeclampsia research.

Papandreas wrote “A Mom and Dad’s Guide to Preeclampsia” to provide detailed information about how to deal with the diagnosis of preeclampsia. The book offers helpful tips, principles and real-life stories to illustrate how he and his wife successfully battled the disease. “Over the months, we developed a wonderful system for getting things done,” Papandreas says, recounting their experience. “We found ways to stay positive and grateful the entire time. Now, nine months after our baby is born—healthy and whole—this book is coming out to help other families with their struggle with preeclampsia.”

A first-time author, Papandreas was motivated to write the book because of the shortage of helpful information on the topic of preeclampsia. Despite all the books out there, he and his wife could not find any practical information to show them how other people dealt with the condition. “The only books available were medical journals and books for doctors,” Papandreas explains. “There were no books for regular people who wanted to know what to expect.”

“A Mom and Dad’s Guide to Preeclampsia,” is available online at MyPreeclampsia. com and Lulu. com. In the coming months, the book can also be acquired from Amazon. com, BarnesandNoble. com, Apple iBookstore and other distribution points. For more information, please contact David Papandreas directly at 407-340-7518.


DuPont Congratulates David K. Hula for Highest Overall Yield With Pioneer® Brand Hybrid P1615HR in 2010 NCGA Corn Yield Contest

DuPont Congratulates David K. Hula for Highest Overall Yield With Pioneer® Brand Hybrid P1615HR in 2010 NCGA Corn Yield Contest

Among Seven Growers Breaking 300 Bu/Ac Barrier, Six Win with Pioneer Hybrids

Des Moines, Iowa (Vocus) December 17, 2010

DuPont congratulates David K. Hula of Charles City, Va., and nine other growers planting Pioneer® brand corn hybrids who won national titles in the 2010 National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Corn Yield Contest announced today.

Among all entries in the national contest, Hula attained the highest overall yield of 368.44 bushels per acre with Pioneer hybrid P1615HR. He won first place in the No Till/Strip Till Irrigated category.

Among the seven growers placing in the national contest who achieved yields above 300 bushels, six of those won with Pioneer hybrids. The ten growers who placed in the national contest with Pioneer hybrids did so with nine different Pioneer products, showing the broad genetic diversity among the company’s high-yielding corn hybrids.

“Growers who plant Pioneer corn hybrids continue to succeed in the NCGA Corn Yield contest year over year, and we’re thrilled to congratulate these growers who choose Pioneer products for their winning yields,” said Pioneer President Paul E. Schickler. “These results continue to demonstrate the impressive yield potential that Pioneer genetics bring to our customers, and it also demonstrates what growers can achieve by planting the right product on the right acre. Congratulations to all the winners.”

The NCGA Corn Yield contest is an annual national competition among corn growers with the goal of producing the highest yields. Growers compete in eight corn production classes, including non-irrigated (A and AA), no-till/strip-till non-irrigated (A and AA), no-till/strip-till irrigated, ridge-till non-irrigated, ridge-till irrigated and irrigated classes.

For a list of national winners, yield totals and hybrids numbers, go to http://www. pioneer. com/ncga].

Pioneer Hi-Bred (http://www. pioneer. com]), a DuPont business headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. Pioneer provides agronomic support and services to help increase farmer productivity and profitability and strives to develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Science with Service Delivering Success(TM).

DuPont (http://www. dupont. com]) is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 90 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.

Pioneer® is a registered trademark of DuPont or its affiliates.

For additional information about our company or our products, check our worldwide websites: http://www. dupont. com or http://www. pioneer. com.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Groundbreaking Music for Kids That Sounds as Good as it Feels

Groundbreaking Music for Kids That Sounds as Good as it Feels

‘The Feeling Good Concert’ starring Dr. Cool and Pride New Direct-to-Video DVD/VHS and CD Available March 16, 2004 from The Good Life Solution, Inc.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 8, 2004

There's a fresh exciting sound in the universe of kid's music and it's called Dr. Cool and Pride. This hot black and white singer-songwriter team from Chicago is taking their unique mix of hip-hop, pop and conscious rap to a worldwide audience with The Feeling Good Concert, their first CD and DVD/VHS release.

This interactive MTV-style concert, performed before an audience of rocking 5-11 year olds, features ten original songs that turn kids on to themselves and their world. Dr. Cool and Pride inspire girls and boys to laugh, think, get up and dance, and even write songs of their own.

"Our music helps kids feel good about themselves," says Dr. Cool, "and when you feel good, great things can happen." For the past several years, Dr. Cool (Jeff Bizar) and Pride (Famos Guider) have devoted themselves to encouraging kids to make healthy choices, respect others, and accept themselves just the way they are. Their music and lyrics are hip and contemporary, in tune with today's kids, but their messages are Golden Oldies—character-building values that parents everywhere appreciate and applaud.

Here's what we mean:

“The Pledge”-- I pledge allegiance to myself/And to being the best I can be/And to my dreams, for which I stand/One person, showing pride, dreaming big/With sharing and love for all.

“Stop and Think”-- Stop and think before you act/You'll make the right decision, that's a fact.

“Celebrate”-- Celebrate all the colors of the world/ Celebrate all religions of the world/ Celebrate all the people of the world/ Celebrate every boy and every girl.

“Readers are Leaders” -- It's so important to stay in school/ 'Cause knowledge is power and power is cool/ It's so important to challenge your brain/ So work hard, and you'll be in the right lane/ On the road to success if you believe it/And if you believe it, you can achieve it.

Dr. Cool and Pride also write songs that inspire kids to get up, to get active, and to dance. “Hands Up” is a four - minute full body workout and “Freeze Dance” is another fun song guaranteed to get kids off the couch.

Another highlight of The Feeling Good Concert DVD is the “Song Inside of You” online songwriting contest. Dr. Cool and Pride encourage kids to use their imagination to write songs of their own. Their web site - www. drcoolandpride. com - teaches the basics of songwriting and invites kids to share their lyrics in an interactive environment. "Every kid is creative, " says Pride. "We've always given them crayons and paint to tell their stories. Let's give them words and music too."

The Feeling Good Concert is the first in a series of live action programs that will feature the music and messages of Dr. Cool and Pride. In the works are a national concert tour, books, more videos, and a television series, which presents the performers in an innovative, interactive format and involves kids in writing their own songs.

Recommended for kids 11 and under (and their parents,) The Feeling Good Concert DVD is approximately 30 minutes, includes 10 original songs and will be available March 16, 2004 for a suggested retail price of $14.95. DVD extras include a bonus track music video version of "See Ya," a question-and-answer session with the stars, funny behind-the-scenes clips, and Dr. Cool and Pride's pitch for The Song Inside of You online songwriting contest. The VHS suggested retail price is $12.95, and the CD is $12.95 and includes lyrics. Appearing with Dr. Cool and Pride are the groovinÂ’ DJ Sunshine (Sarin Brandwein), and spectacular dancers Hip (Mike Stagliano) and Hop (Steve Stagliano).

The Feeling Good Concert is a production of The Good Life Solution, Inc. Executive Producers of the DVD/VHS are Jeff Bizar, President of The Good Life Solution, Inc. and Emmy award-winning writer-producer Marilynn Preston. For more information about Dr. Cool and Pride products and projects visit www. drcoolandpride. com.


Dr. Cool: Jeff Bizar's purpose is to be a positive influence in kids' lives. The two most positive influences in his life – his mother and father – were both teachers and Jeff felt inspired to be a teacher too. But he decided to reach out to kids in a more entertaining way. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a business degree, he started Bizar Entertainment, Inc., a family-run business that specializes in providing live entertainment for adults and kids in a variety of venues. Years later, Jeff founded The Good Life Solution, Inc., to focus specifically on creating and implementing programs for children. These programs promote self-acceptance and creativity, and teach kids conflict resolution, character development, and how to make healthy choices. Over the past 10 years he has done thousands of school programs, workshops and parties. His fan mail attests to his immense popularity with kids, parents and teachers. "How am I going to change the world?" says Jeff. "One kid at a time."

Pride: Famos Guider is a multi-talented musician composer performer whose passion for music has been aimed at improving the lives of kids. He has been a mentor and speaker at numerous elementary schools and educational conventions. Kids love Famos for his super cool music, his supercharged dancing and his supersonic beat-boxing. He walks his talk wherever he goes. "Be proud of who you are," says Famos, "and be confident in yourself every day of your life."

Press Information:

Andrea Blain

Andrea Blain Public Relations

9750 Crawford Avenue

Skokie, IL 60076

847-933-9884 (phone)

847-673-5836 (fax)

Ablain@aol. com 

Contact ablain@aol. com for package art.

Talent available for interviews.

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What Kept Employees from Their Duties in 2008? What Is Their Greatest Work/Life Challenge in 2009?

What Kept Employees from Their Duties in 2008? What Is Their Greatest Work/Life Challenge in 2009?

This release shares the results of a recent poll by LifeCare, Inc., asking respondents to cite their greatest challenges in accomplishing their job responsibilities during 2008. The poll also asked them to cite their greatest work/life challenges for the year ahead.

Shelton, CT (PRWEB) March 4, 2009

During 2008, personal issues -- not work-related issues -- were the number one challenge workers faced in carrying out their job responsibilities, according to a poll by LifeCare® (http://www. lifecare. com), Inc., a leading provider of health and productivity solutions (http://www. lifecare. com/news/index. html) for employers nationwide. The poll also asked respondents to anticipate their greatest work/life challenges for the year ahead and financial issues topped that list.

The two-part poll was conducted throughout the month of January on LifeCare's private web site, where employees of the company's 1,500 client organizations were invited to respond. Here are the full results of the poll:

Looking back over the past year, what was the single biggest challenge you faced in fulfilling your job responsibilities?
Personal issues – 38% Pay/rewards not appropriate – 20% Didn't have the proper tools or resources – 19% Politics/personal conflicts – 9% Basic job expectations weren't made clear – 9% Child or elder care issues – 5%

What do you anticipate your greatest work/life challenge will be in 2009?

Financial issues – 55% Balancing work demands and time with my family – 23% Health issues – 7% Adult or child care issues – 6% Job-related issues – 5%

Another four percent cited a variety of other challenges for 2009, each representing less than one percent. These included retirement, job security and office politics.

"Employers would do well to get a jump on the specific challenges employees anticipate for 2009," said Peter G. Burki, LifeCare's CEO. "Their work/life providers should be delivering a wide range of tools and resources to address financial issues, health and wellness issues, caregiving challenges, and work/life balance."

As a result of workers' growing financial concerns, for example, LifeCare is now delivering a series of 15 new seminars created by award-winning journalist and nationally recognized financial expert, Jean Chatzky. The seminars, available exclusively through LifeCare, focus on debt, financial planning and successful money management. They offer practical strategies for reducing debt, living within a budget, shopping for mortgages, improving credit, planning for retirement, investing wisely and more. LifeCare also provides organizations with a broad range of leading-edge programs devoted to health and wellness, caregiving and work/life balance.

Each month, LifeCare posts a poll on its private web site, asking individuals to share their thoughts and opinions on the latest issues and work/life trends. Past polls have addressed topics such as productivity, work/life balance (http://www. lifecare. com/news/connection. html), health and wellness (http://www. lifecare. com/index. html), flexible work arrangements, and child and elder care needs.

About LifeCare®, Inc.
LifeCare offers cost-saving benefits that help clients reduce their most pervasive absenteeism and productivity drains, including child and elder care, caregiving support, health and wellness issues, and more. For more than two decades, LifeCare has led the work/life industry in the creation of high-quality, results-oriented programs designed to improve clients' bottom line. LifeCare serves 1,500 client companies with 4.5 million individuals within corporations, health plans, government agencies and unions. For more information, visit www. lifecare. com.

Notes to Editors

LifeCare's CEO, Peter G. Burki, is available for interview.
Media contact: Michael Civiello; 203-556-8827

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Healthy Beef Cookbook Unveiled To American Dieticians

Healthy Beef Cookbook Unveiled To American Dieticians

“The Healthy Beef Cookbook,” made its debut at the American Dietetic Association annual Food and Nutrition Conference held in St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) October 25, 2005

“Healthy” and “Beef” are two words that go together well, and a new cookbook has 130 new ways to combine them to deliver great-tasting, health-promoting, lean beef dishes to the dinner table. “The Healthy Beef Cookbook,” made its debut at the American Dietetic Association annual Food and Nutrition Conference being held this week in St. Louis, MO.

According to Alane Lidolph, director of consumer information for the Missouri Beef Industry Council (MBIC), the cookbook was developed as a joint effort between the American Dietetic Association and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, on behalf of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. “And this cookbook contains 130 recipes that really apply directly to USDA guidelines, MyPyramid. So it has great nutrition information and also some culinary tips for consumers and health professionals to use.”

Lidolph says the cookbook provides information about the health benefits of lean beef, especially when combined in recipes with other food groups such as fruits and vegetables and whole grains. “In fact, 66 percent of the recipes in “The Healthy Beef Cookbook” are excellent sources of fiber and since beef itself is not a natural source of fiber that really exemplifies how the cookbook implements other food groups to make a really complete meal.”

One example of a high-fiber recipe in the cookbook is Steak with Ginger Plum Barbeque sauce, which combines marinated top round steak, carrots, pea pods and jasmine rice. The cookbook was just introduced, but Lidolph says it is already available for purchase. “Definitely. You can purchase the cookbook at www. beefitswhatsfordinner. com or www. amazon. com and it will make a great holiday gift for friends and family.”

The book was written by a registered dietitian and the recipes were developed by a popular Dallas chef. Richard Chamberlain is the owner and head chef of Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House in Dallas, TX. He currently sits on the board of directors for the Dallas chapter of the American Heart Association. Betsy Hornick, MS, RD is an experienced writer, editor, and educator specializing in food, nutrition, and health-related topics who lives in Poplar Grove, IL. Missouri beef producers helped to fund development of the cookbook through their one dollar per head beef checkoff that pays for research and promotion efforts.


Steak with Ginger Plum Barbeque Sauce

Total preparation and cooking time: 35 minutes

Marinating time: 6 hours or overnight

1 beef top round steak, cut 3/4 inch

Thick (about1 pound)

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

2 cups thinly sliced carrots

3 cups fresh pea pods, strings removed

1 clove garlic, minced

Salt and black pepper

3 cups hot cooked jasmine rice,

Prepared without butter or salt

Chopped fresh cilantro


1/2 cup prepared plum sauce

2 tablespoons minced fresh ginger

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons soy sauce

2 tablespoons ketchup

1 tablespoon minced garlic

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper

1. Combine marinade ingredients in small bowl. Place beef steak

And1/2 cup marinade in food-safe plastic bag; turn steak to

Coat. Close bag securely and marinate in refrigerator 6 hours

Or as long as overnight, turning occasionally. Cover and reserve

Remaining marinade in refrigerator.

2. Remove steak from marinade; discard marinade. Place steak

On grid over medium, ash-covered coals. Grill, uncovered,

8 to 9 minutes for medium rare doneness, turning occasionally

And basting with some of the reserved marinade during last

2 to 3 minutes of grilling. Remove; keep warm.

3. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until

Hot. Add carrots; stir-fry 5 minutes. Add pea pods and garlic;

Stir-fry 2 minutes.

4. Carve steak into thin slices. Season with salt and black pepper,

As desired. Place remaining marinade in small saucepan; heat

Until warm. Serve with steak, vegetables and rice. Garnish with

Cilantro, if desired.

Makes 4 servings

Nutrition information per serving: 496 calories; 9g fat (2g saturated fat;

4g monounsaturated fat); 61mg cholesterol; 531mg sodium; 66g carbohydrate;

6.2g fiber; 36g protein; 8.4mg niacin; 0.8mg vitamin B6; 1.5mcg vitamin B12;

6.9mg iron; 43.0mcg selenium; 6.1mg zinc.

This recipe is an excellent source of fiber, protein, niacin, vitamin B6,

Vitamin B12, iron, selenium and zinc.

About the Beef Checkoff Program

The Beef Checkoff Program was established as part of the 1985 Farm Bill. The checkoff assesses $1 per head on the sale of live domestic and imported cattle, in addition to a comparable assessment on imported beef and beef products. States retain up to 50 cents on the dollar and forward the other 50 cents per head to the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board, which administers the national checkoff program, subject to USDA approval.

Savannah, Georgia, Insurance Agency Celebrates Over 30 Years of Service

Savannah, Georgia, Insurance Agency Celebrates Over 30 Years of Service

Georgia-based Edwards Insurance Agency is celebrating its 31st year in Savannah, Georgia. Founded by Joe Edwards in 1979, it is now led by his daughter Carla Edwards and wife Annette Edwards. "My mother and I love carrying on my father’s mission of serving the local Savannah community along with all of Georgia and South Carolina.”

Savannah, GA (PRWEB) March 16, 2010

"We are just so thankful to all of our clients in Georgia and South Carolina who make being an insurance agent fun!" said Carla Edwards, who owns Edwards Insurance Agency along with her mother, Annette. "The past 30 years have been amazing and I can’t wait to see what the next 30 years hold for us!”

Edwards Insurance Agency (http://www. theedwardsagency. com) was originally founded in 1979 in Savannah, Georgia, by Joe Edwards. Through the years they have become an integral part of the Savannah community. Carla Edwards, Joe's daughter, brags about her local community of Savannah sharing that it is really something special. "Our loyal clients and our supportive community have made the last 30 years possible. We just can't thank them enough," said Carla.

Both Carla and her mother are devoted to their clients and the Savannah community. Their agency is focused on providing each and every client with individual and personalized service through a close examination of the risks each of their clients face. “The bottom line is this," Edwards began, “Our agency is dedicated to taking care of our clients with care and compassion, regardless of their needs, requirements or special circumstances.” She continued, “It would be our pleasure to help anybody from Georgia or South Carolina with their next insurance quote (http://www. theedwardsagency. com) or question! We hope that all of Savannah will give us a call so we can make sure they are protected correctly!”

As an independent agency Edwards says they have access to many different companies which allows them to serve a wider variety of Savannah insurance clients. With this large pool of options, Carla and her staff can compare multiple companies and various coverage solutions to find and quickly recommend a mix of cost and coverage so their clients can stay within budget along with getting the protection they need.

One of Edwards' clients, Dr. McPhail had this to say "Since moving to Savannah almost twenty-one years ago, they have given us service second to none. Like her parents before her, Carla Edwards has demonstrated her absolute dedication to us as clients. She and her most efficient staff have always "walked the extra mile" in providing us with excellent advice and guidance in insurance matters."

Since its inception in 1979 Savannah, Georgia-based Edwards Insurance Agency www. TheEdwardsAgency. com (http://www. theedwardsagency. com) has been committed to serving the people of Georgia, providing them with a variety of insurance policy types. Open Monday through Friday, the Edwards Insurance Agency is a full service agency and can provide auto Insurance (http://www. theedwardsagency. com) along with home, commercial, life, boat, renters and health insurance. They can also provide bonds.

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Imagine LAN Enhances Leave No Trace™ Security within P. I. Protector™ Mobility Suite

Imagine LAN Enhances Leave No Trace™ Security within P. I. Protector™ Mobility Suite

Leave No Trace Powerful Privacy Protection Technology Ensures Total Security for USB Flash Drive Users - When Using Shared PCs for Internet Browsing, Portable Email and File Access

(PRWEB) November 10, 2003

Nashua, NH,(PRWEB) November 10, 2003 – imagine LAN, Inc., a leading provider of mobility, system health and security solutions for mobile professionals and “on the go” users of USB flash drives, today announced a major enhancement to its Leave No Trace™ privacy protection technology. Leave No Trace, a key component of the company’s P. I. Protector Mobility Suite, now offers additional protection against identity theft by prohibiting spy ware programs such as Registry-based key logging software from intercepting and capturing keystroke data such as passwords and account information.

Imagine LAN’s P. I. Protector Mobility Suite is a set of software components that enable mobile professionals and multiple PC users to create a portable PC environment—one in which a USB flash drive loaded with the appropriate software can turn any PC into their own “virtual system.” Using this approach, a user can take the their flash drive, plug it into any Internet-connected system and operate the guest PC as if it were their own, with access to their entire personal computing environment—files, email, Internet, and other settings, with full security and protection of their personal information. All data throughout the entire session that would normally be stored on the hard drive—such as cookies, passwords, URLs, etc.—is redirected to the USB flash drive, which prevents any information from reaching the hard drive of the system being used. However, in the past, Registry-based key loggers posed a threat to privacy protection because they were able to capture keystroke data being entered during a guest session.

“P. I. Protector was initially developed, in part, to combat the risks and dangers of using public Internet terminals at cyber cafes, airports, libraries and other establishments,” says Jan Olsen, vice president of marketing and sales at imagine LAN. “The expanded technologies in our enhanced Leave No Trace feature now offer extremely reliable protection against identity theft because it eliminates the exposure to many of the typical risks, especially Registry-based key loggers, that can often lead to identity theft.”

About imagine LAN, Inc.

Founded in 1992, imagine LAN, Inc. develops mobility, system health and security applications designed to take advantage of the compact, portable nature of the USB flash drive and other portable storage devices. Designed for Microsoft® Windows® users with multiple PCs and people with “on-the-go” lifestyles, imagine LAN provides innovative solutions that help flash drive users work more efficiently, productively, and with greater privacy and security. Currently, there are more than 30 million users of imagine LAN products worldwide. Customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Fortune 1000 corporations, government and educational institutions, resellers, small/home office and individual end users.

For more information about Leave No Trace™, P. I. Protector™ and other imagine LAN products, visit the company’s Web site at http://www. imaginelan. com (http://www. imaginelan. com). imagine LAN is located at 74 Northeastern Blvd., Suite 12, Nashua, NH, 03062. The company can be contacted by phone at (800) 372-9776 or (603) 889-3883 or via email at ilisales@imaginelan. com.

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PowerSteering Software Congratulates Customers for Outstanding Six Sigma Achievements

PowerSteering Software Congratulates Customers for Outstanding Six Sigma Achievements

Clients Win CEO and Deployment Leader of the Year Honors at The Global Six Sigma and Business Improvement Awards

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) October 27, 2009

PowerSteering Software, the leader in on-demand project & portfolio management (PPM) solutions (http://www. powersteeringsoftware. com/ppm-solutions) for managing Lean Six Sigma, IT, New Product Development, Corporate PMOs and other enterprise initiatives, today announced that several of its customers were among the organizations recognized at The 2009 Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Awards:
Thomas F Farrell II of Dominion was named the Six Sigma & Business Improvement CEO of the Year. Colonel Robert C Morris Jr. of the US Army received the Six Sigma & Business Improvement Deployment Leader of the Year Award. The US Army's Distributed Learning Directorate was a Joint Winner of The Platinum Award for Process Excellence Project. Numerous other PowerSteering customers, including Merck, Raytheon, and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, were named as finalists in several award categories.

"We are fortunate to count such world-class Six Sigma practitioners among our customer community," stated Stephen Sharp, CEO of PowerSteering. "Their excellence in Six Sigma program management drives us to continually improve our software and helps guide our product roadmap."

The Awards were presented as part of WCBF's recent Global Lean, Six Sigma and Business Improvement Summit. At the Summit, Randy Clark, PowerSteering's Director of Six Sigma, discussed the concept of "Applying Six Sigma to Six Sigma" - improving results through applying data-driven analysis to Six Sigma deployment processes - in both a plenary discussion on "Successful Deployments in a Global Recession" and during the Deployment Champion & VP of Six Sigma Benchmarking Forum. Mr. Clark elaborated on this topic during a recent webcast as part of PowerSteering's Practical Insights Series. A recording (http://info. powersteeringsoftware. com/ApplyingSixSigmatoSixSigma. html? description=applying-six-sigma-to-six-sigma-webcast) of that session may be viewed online at PowerSteering's website.

About The Global Six Sigma and Business Improvement Awards:
The Global Six Sigma and Business Improvement Awards are given to the most outstanding organizational achievements through the deployment of business improvement programs. Judged annually by an independent panel of leading business improvement practitioners and experts, the focus of this elite awards program is to demonstrate to the global business community the real results and excellence which organizations achieve through the successful deployment of Six Sigma and other business excellence programs. For more information, please visit http://www. tgssa. com (http://www. tgssa. com)].

About PowerSteering Software:
PowerSteering Software is the leader in Enterprise PPM software for managing Lean Six Sigma, IT, New Product Development and other enterprise initiatives. Its easy-to-use software provides executives at the Clorox, Ingersoll-Rand, the US Department of Defense, PolyOne, United Health Group, and over 140 other customers with executive visibility, strategy alignment, and enhanced team productivity to drive strategy and accelerate results across the enterprise. For additional information, please visit http://www. powersteeringsoftware. com (http://www. powersteeringsoftware. com)] or call 1-866-390-9088.


Californai Cruise & CME

Californai Cruise & CME

Medical CME Cruise California Coast June 13, 2004

Los Angeles (PRWEB) January 30, 2004

Join Medical Destination Hawaii (MDH) on the Pride of Aloha sailing from Los Angeles on her maiden voyage offering CME delegates the opportunity to sail this luxury ship. “This is a U. S.-flagged ship sailing & visiting U. S. ports, which means that conferences & meetings on board can qualify for both corporate & individual tax deductibility for meeting expenses up to the IRS allowable of $2,000,” says M. Steven Grant, CEO of MDH, organizing the event.

“Medical-Legal Practice Excellence,” features John Chase, M. D., of Benchmark Medical Consultants; providing updated & necessary CME credits & networking opportunities to national & international medical professionals.

Depart from Los Angeles June 13, 2004; 5-night cruise takes in six California cities: San Diego, Catalina, Santa Barbara & Monterey & San Francisco. Every modern amenity expected from a brand new, state-of-the-art U. S. cruise ship. Day-long stays at several cities; no repacking luggage or transferring to & from airports.

Cabins start @ $1,225 per person, based on double occupancy. Course is $495.

Benchmark Medical Consultants orients, trains & provides administrative support to practicing physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, therapists & other healthcare professionals as independent consultants to law firms, insurance companies, claims adjusters & self-insured companies in finding highly-qualified, knowledgeable healthcare consultants.

Benchmark Medical Consultants is a Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) & an accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) provider. They educate healthcare, legal & insurance professionals in all aspects of the medical-legal process. They have been serving consultants & clients nationwide since 1986. Benchmark Medical Consultants was reaccredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education in 2002 with exemplary compliance in the essential area of educational planning & evaluation.

This activity has been planned & implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas & policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education through joint sponsorship of Benchmark Medical Consultants & Medical Destination Hawaii. Benchmark Medical Consultants is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Benchmark Medical Consultants designates this education activity a maximum of 7 hours in Category 1 Credit towards the AMA Physicians Recognition Award. Each physician should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.

MDH also offers 7-night Hawaiian inter-island CME cruises.

Contact Steven Grant : 1-888-923-4004.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Douglas Ash, Lockheed Martin Vice President, Elected Vice Chair of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum

Douglas Ash, Lockheed Martin Vice President, Elected Vice Chair of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum

The Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) is proud to announce the recent election of Douglas Ash as Vice Chair for the 2010 – 2011 calendar years. As Vice Chair, Douglas will be directly responsible for assisting the ITSMF board and its 180+ members in strategic growth and operational performance.

Westchester, IL (PRWEB) February 3, 2010

The Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) is proud to announce the recent election of Douglas Ash as Vice Chair for the 2010 – 2011 calendar years. As Vice Chair, Douglas will be directly responsible for assisting the ITSMF board and its 180+ members in strategic growth and operational performance. In addition, Douglas will lead the ITSMF alumni program, assist in forming industry partnerships and alliances, and develop programs to improve the organization’s overall value. “Douglas has provided valued executive leadership to ITSMF for over seven years. We look forward to his strong leadership commitment, his ability to produce successful results, and his unique ability to establish shared visions to advance ITSMF into the future” said Viola Thompson, ITSMF Executive Director.

Douglas is a twenty-six year information technology professional with over twenty years in various management and executive leadership positions. Douglas is currently the Vice President of Health and Civil IT programs at Lockheed Martin’s Washington Operations. He has served on several boards of directors including the Howard University Board of Visitors, and he is the co-founder the For Kids’ Sake Foundation. 

About the Information Technology Senior Management Forum:
The Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to fostering senior-level executive talent among African-American IT professionals. ITSMF provides a supportive network for enhancing the leadership skills of the IT executives that make up the membership; its formal mentoring program assists dedicated mid-level managers to grow into executive level positions. ITSMF draws its strength from two major sources: senior IT executives from corporations, governmental bodies, and universities or owners of well-established technology businesses, who share the knowledge and skills that have enabled them to arrive and thrive in key management roles; and the funding and expertise provided by our corporate partners interested in fostering and recruiting diverse executive talent.

For more information about ITSMF, visit www. itsmfonline. org.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Disabled World Disability Community Introduces a New Employment Section

Disabled World Disability Community Introduces a New Employment Section

Disabled World has introduced a new employment section in the Disability Community area aimed at presentation of employment opportunities to people seeking jobs related to a variety of occupations. The areas of employment are focused on everyone in society, as well as persons with disabilities.

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) April 29, 2009

Disabled World (http://www. disabled-world. com) has introduced a new employment section in the Disability Community area aimed at presentation of employment opportunities to people seeking jobs related to a variety of occupations. The areas of employment are focused on everyone in society, as well as persons with disabilities.

The new Employment section at Disabled World (http://community. disabled-world. com/jobs/) offers jobs through more than twenty-five pre-set categories, and a search utility, which are available to visitors from around the globe. Disabled World also offers News, Health Information, a Community Area and many additional services to persons with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and persons with health issues.

Disabled World is dedicated to building the most informative Disability Community website online. The Social Model of Disability is one that Disabled World follows, providing an abundance of information to persons with disabilities, seniors, family members, friends, and other members of societies around the world.

The new Employment section at Disabled World provides the capability to search through many categories of job listings via an established search engine, making the process of finding work both user-friendly and convenient. Family members, friends, seniors, and other members and visitors to the Disabled World website have found the new Employment section to be a highly worthy contribution to the site as a whole. Combined with the great variety of additional services available at Disabled World, the new Employment section builds further opportunity for everyone who visits the site.

The Disabled Word website continues to work towards greater social inclusion of persons with disabilities in society through providing services and information. Members at Disabled World also have the benefit of participating in the Disability Community (http://community. disabled-world. com) Area where there are many people who meet for friendship, shared good times, games and fun, as well as access to the immense amount of health-related information available at Disabled World which grows daily.

The staff at Disabled World, when approached about the new Employment section available on the site stated, "Employment is crucial to the well-being of people in society. It is our hope that this new Employment section will help others to find the employment they need."


PMDsoft Releases Charge Capture Solution for the BlackBerry

PMDsoft Releases Charge Capture Solution for the BlackBerry

PMDsoft 4.0 revolutionizes mobile charge capture by allowing doctors to enter charges anywhere and sync wirelessly automatically. This release responds to providers' needs for a realtime system that not only simplifies their billing, but also improves their practices by streamlining communication and organizing information.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 7, 2008

pMDsoft, Inc. (http://www. pmdsoft. com/ChargeCapture/) announced today that it has released a new version of its mobile charge capture software for health care providers (http://www. pmdsoft. com/ChargeCapture/our_solution/overview. html). pMDsoft 4.0 for the BlackBerry improves on earlier versions' easy and powerful charge entry, adding effortless, automatic wireless synchronization. Charges are pushed to the Web-based system where billing staff can process them; or, with the assistance of pMDsoft's industrial-strength HL7 interfaces, the charges can be sent directly to billing software.

Philippe d'Offay, CEO of pMDsoft, says, "By listening to our customers, we've discovered that none of the charge capture products that have been on the market are as mobile or as complete as doctors need them to be. That's why we've taken this extra step to provide an utterly seamless offline experience. We're setting a higher bar for charge capture: it's dead simple, it's wherever you are, and it just works."

Other advantages of this upgrade include full-text search of referrals, diagnoses, and procedures; complete visit history for each patient; and more information at-a-glance without ever leaving the census (http://www. pmdsoft. com/ChargeCapture/our_solution/blackBerry. html). Meanwhile, the features that made pMDsoft 3.0 for Palm great have been included and improved in the new BlackBerry version: a complete patient list for your entire practice, available no matter where you are or whether you're connected; a simple workflow that makes entering charges fast and easy (http://www. pmdsoft. com/ChargeCapture/in_the_news/company_news. html#blackberry_visit); and seamless support for sharing patients between rounding doctors, enhanced by the new auto-sync to allow nearly instantaneous flow of information.

Our Customers Respond:
Doctors who have used pre-release versions of pMDsoft 4.0 love its simplicity and minimal data entry. Gary H. Friedman, MD, of Interventional Cardiac Consultants has found that "it made communication between partners in the practice very seamless and efficient because you do not need to sync with a computer," while Henry S. Cunningham, MD, of Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants has said that "adding patients and charges is a breeze - I recommend pMDsoft for the BlackBerry highly."

Providers also rave about the switch from Palm to BlackBerry: Dr. Cunningham "used a palm for years, so switching to a device on which a stylus is not used took a little time. After getting used to the BlackBerry I've loved it." Andrew E. Lituchy, MD, found that "it was easy to convert over my address book, calendar, tasks, etc. Within a few minutes I was able to use pMDsoft and enter names and visits rapidly. Finally, the device itself is awesome and addictive. I intend to use it to replace my Palm, my phone and my beepers."

Despite the additions and improvements to the software, the cost to customers -- typically far less than they save by using charge capture -- is unchanged. pMDsoft is committed to building and supporting the most innovative charge capture software on the market, and the incredible power and mobility of the BlackBerry platform will send customer satisfaction higher than ever and pave the way for future advances.

The future of charge capture is bright: Brian Dickover, MD, of Maurice Ndukwu, PC, has realized that "pMDsoft has allowed me to keep better track of my patients' billing, which has liberated time that I can now use for clinical concerns. Our office manager is now able to manage my billing so quickly and accurately as to possibly eliminate the need for more full time employees."

About pMDsoft:
Headquartered in New York City, pMDsoft develops wireless applications that help physicians streamline and automate their entire practice from point-of-care through reimbursement. The company was started in 1999 to address physicians' need for an effective, mobile alternative to their paper-based method for recording patient encounters. pMDsoft developed the powerful, flexible, reliable and easy-to-use mobile charge capture solution physicians were seeking. By providing real-time access to patient information anywhere, at any time via handheld devices or desktop computers, pMDsoft's medical billing program enables physicians to automate charge capture; view hospital census and office schedules; create a centralized patient information resource for the practice; and more. Through it all, we protect your patient data by adhering to the highest standards for performance, security and reliability.

Today, pMDsoft's customers include individual physicians, physician practice groups, managed care organizations, hospitals, and billing companies located across the country. We attribute our success to our unwavering commitment to developing the best solution on the market and to our superior customer service.