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Love Sparks Fly on Winster: New Social Gaming Community Fosters Romance

Love Sparks Fly on Winster: New Social Gaming Community Fosters Romance

Thousands of men and women are interacting and playing everyday at Winster. com, an online gaming community where players cooperate, rather than compete, to win prizes. Winster's cooperative, community-focused approach helps people live happier, healthier and more socially active lives. And now, it's even helping people find love!

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) September 3, 2008

Thousands of men and women are interacting and playing everyday at Winster. com, an online gaming community where players cooperate, rather than compete, to win prizes. Winster'sn cooperative, community-focused approach helps people live happier, nhealthier and more socially active lives (http://www. winster. com). And now, it's even helping people find love!

Winster. com promotes social interaction though shared goals. Players help each other to win prizes, so they naturally make new friends as they play. This reflects the way most adults prefer to meet others in the real world - by engaging in activities of common interest. Playing a game together is a more comfortable way to get to know someone and to let a friendship blossom without the overt pressure typical of online dating or matchmaking sites (http://winster. com).

For one lucky couple, Charlene Mills of Brownsville, Texas, and Jonathan Bauman of Raleigh, North Carolina, Winster led to their engagement. Said Charlene, "I certainly wasn't expecting to meet my husband on Winster. I've been on dating sites (http://winster. com) before and never met anyone whom I wanted to get to know. But on Winster, we were just there to play games and it allowed us to get to know each other and share a mutual interest without thinking about love. It was the best prize I could have won and without Winster we may have never met and found the love of our lives."

Charlene and Jonathan's story is typical of the way Winster helps people make friends, by engaging with other like-minded men and women. Winster's cooperative games create a new type of community based on, mutual interests and shared goals.

"We've created a thriving community of avid online gamers (http://winster. com)," says Winster Co-founder Michelle Kaplan. "And naturally, when you work together, sparks can start to fly and romance can blossom. What's great about this couple's story is that they weren't looking for love. They just wanted to play games and have fun, but they found love where they least expected it. I'm sure there are many other relationships sprouting right now in Winster's game rooms!"

About Winster:
Winster, Inc. operates a new type of Internet game (http://winster) site that caters to people who play online games as a social outlet rather than a competitive one. The site offers innovative games designed to foster a sense of community and promote positive social interaction by enabling players to help each other win prizes. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

HOPSports, Inc. Adds SandBell® to Award-Winning Training System

HOPSports, Inc. Adds SandBell® to Award-Winning Training System

It's time to do something about the childhood obesity crisis in our nation. HOPSports and Hyper Wear are teaming up to reach Physical Education students by utilizing the dynamic media + digital platform of the HOPSports Training System® in cooperation with Hyper Wear's safe and effective SandBell® weights.

Valencia, CA and Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 28, 2010

Hyper Wear, LLC, a fitness, health and wellness startup, and HOPSports, Inc., an award-winning company dedicated to promoting healthy, active living in schools and community based organizations around the world, are pleased to announce that Hyper Wear’s safe and effective SandBell® weights have been selected to be included in the HOPSports Training System®.

HOPSports® delivers 21st century physical education by merging media with digital technology and celebrity trainers as well as offering cutting-edge training concepts that are interspersed with health, career and other ancillary educational content. Hyper Wear’s innovative, sand-filled, neoprene, sandbag weight, the SandBell, has proven to be a safe and effective alternative to dumbbells and medicine balls in the classroom setting.

“The SandBell is a fantastic addition to our training system,” said Cindy Sisson Hensley, President of HOPSports. “There is a dire need to include strength training as part of our effective program to get kids active. This is the one tool we found that is very safe and effective in a school or after school setting.”

Hyper Wear President and founder Cosmo Raines explains: “The SandBell is the most promising new strength and fitness tool to come to market in a very long time. It’s uniquely suited to use in schools and youth serving agencies since it’s soft and safe for students in the classroom or on gymnasium floors. It’s exciting to have a product that’s such a useful tool in the fight against childhood obesity, and we are proud to be associated with the cutting-edge content that HOPSports produces.”

HOPSports and Hyper Wear have entered into a long-term supply contract giving HOPSports the ability to include the SandBell in the HOPSports Training System. SandBells are available from 2 lb to 50 lb, but primarily the smaller weights will be used for the HOPSports Solution.

About HOPSports:
HOPSports, Inc.® is an award-winning educational media network, content library and production company. It has developed a novel solution for win-win partnerships within K-12 by developing a platform designed to restore and revitalize physical education and movement programs while delivering accelerated learning across all of the nation’s schools and after-school programs. The HOPSports Training Systems (HTS), which reflects HOPSports’ twenty years of leadership and experience in training elementary, middle and high school students, delivers 21st century physical education. HTS merges media with digital technology and celebrity trainers, offering cutting-edge training concepts that are interspersed with health, career and other ancillary educational content. In its first 36 months, HOPSports’ reach has gone from zero to approximately 1.5 million youth served on a weekly basis across the U. S. and beyond. Currently in 700 sites across 43 states, HOPSports projects to be in 1,000 sites by December 2010, thereupon anticipating an estimated 4 million youth served per week. For more information on HOPSports, www. hopsports. com or call toll free 866.762.4677.

About Hyper Wear:
Hyper Wear, LLC (Hyper Wear®), was founded to bring innovative products to market in the areas of fitness, health and wellness. Its innovative products include the Hyper Vest® Pro weight vest, Hyper Vest Cool™ ice vest for pre-cooling and recovery, SandBell® sandbag weights and SteelBell™ steel shot filled weights. In May 2009, Men’s Health Magazine described the Hyper Vest the best weight vest, and Hyper Wear’s products have also been featured in Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, the L. A. Times, and Chicago Tribune. Nationally recognized speed, strength, and agility coach and fitness expert, Jim Liston, M. Ed., CSCS, chairs the Hyper Wear Advisory Board, and is President and Co-Founder of CATZ (Competitive Athlete Training Zone – www. catzsports. com) and Advisor to Men’s Health Magazine and Children’s Health Magazine and the FitSchools Foundation mhfitschools. menshealth. com. For more information on Hyper Wear, www. hyperwear. com or call toll free 888-460-0628.


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NH Wedding and Portrait Photographer Holds Print Fundraiser for Haiti Earthquake Victims

NH Wedding and Portrait Photographer Holds Print Fundraiser for Haiti Earthquake Victims

Kevin Jacobus Photography of Nashua, NH is holding a fundraiser for Partners in Health, a Boston-based non-profit organization providing medical aid services to Haitian earthquake victims. The NH based photographer is providing a 50-34 inch mounted canvas print of a sunset scene he photographed while visiting the island of St. Lucia in November 2009 to the person or organization who makes the largest donation on his page for Partners in Health.

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) January 21, 2010

Kevin Jacobus Photography of Nashua, NH is holding a fundraiser for Partners in Health, a Boston-based non-profit organization providing medical aid services to Haitian earthquake victims. The NH based photographer is providing a 50-34 inch mounted canvas print of a sunset scene he photographed while visiting the island of St. Lucia in November 2009 to the person or organization who makes the largest donation on his page for Partners in Health. Donors may re-visit the page and make additional donations to in order to compete to be the highest donor in order to receive the print, which will be personally signed by Kevin Jacobus. Whoever has made the largest contribution by midnight January 31st will receive the print. If there is a tie for donation amount, a drawing will be held among the highest donors to determine a winner. Donations are securely processed by First Giving and are sent directly to Partners in Health.

About the Photograph

This image is an HDR image of a view of Jalousie Beach on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. This HDR (High-dynamic-range) photograph was achieved by capturing multiple standard photographs using exposure bracketing. The images were then merged into a single image and tone-mapped to reduce the dynamic range, or contrast ratio, of the entire image, while retaining localized contrast to match how the human eye perceives a scene-essentially to represent the whole dynamic range while retaining realistic color and contrast.

Help Bring Aid to Haiti

Thank you for joining Kevin Jacobus Photography to bring aid to the people of Haiti

The scope the disaster is truly enormous, and a tremendous influx of immediate aid is needed to avert an even greater loss of life. Partners In Health has been working in Haiti for nearly 25 years. Their local team is already working to ensure PIH’s coordinated relief efforts, leveraging the skills of more than 120 doctors and nearly 500 nurses and nursing assistants who work at established sites throughout Haiti.

How to Donate

Donating through the First Giving website link provided on the Kevin Jacobus Photography blog is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!


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Patented Nutritional Formula for Speech, "PharmaOmega Speak" Now in Production, Announces NourishLife

Patented Nutritional Formula for Speech, "PharmaOmega Speak" Now in Production, Announces NourishLife

NourishLife announces the production of "PharmaOmega Speak," a patented nutritional supplement designed to support normal speech and development. Developed by a pediatrician, the omega-3 / antioxidant-based formulation has shown promising results in children's speech and coordination.

Lake Forest, IL (Vocus) August 25, 2008

NourishLife has begun production of "PharmaOmega Speak," (http://www. speechnutrients. com) a nutritional product designed and formulated to support normal speech development and maintenance. The formulation is based upon a patent recently licensed to the firm.

Mark Nottoli, co-founder of NourishLife stated: "Our team has worked extensively with leading experts to finalize the exact formulation. We have been coordinating with our suppliers around the globe to source the purest, highest quality, hypo-allergenic and efficacious ingredients. We are now manufacturing the softgel capsules. In a short time, the consumer product 'PharmaOmega Speak' will be available for a limited number of families."

Nottoli continued: "As I've said in the past, the anecdotal evidence reported by a large number of parents is encouraging. The patented formulation that we have created has been developed with great attention to the latest science and research. Of course, we cannot expect this formulation to help every child. But it appears that a significant percentage of those being supplemented with this particular omega-3 / antioxidant formula are experiencing positive results. Due to our precise patented formulation and the convenient delivery form, we expect even better outcomes." Those interested in learning more can visit www. speechtrial. com and www. speechnutrients. com.

The patented formulation "PharmaOmega Speak" was developed by Dr. Claudia R. Morris, MD, a published researcher, pediatric emergency medicine physician and inventor of the nutrition cocktail. Dr. Morris has described promising observations of improved speech and coordination (http://www. speechnutrients. com) from hundreds of parents of children when consuming her omega-3 / antioxidant-based formulation. Dr. Morris is pursuing clinical validation from a controlled interventional clinical trial using her patented formula produced by NourishLife.

Concluded Nottoli: "I feel grateful that NourishLife has the opportunity to create this product. I am very pleased that PharmaOmega will soon make this potentially life-changing product available to families."

About NourishLife
NourishLife intends to contribute to a major improvement in health and wellness by addressing nutritional deficiencies. Founded by nutrition industry veterans, the firm employs expert scientists and nutritionists passionate about health. The PharmaOmega division of NourishLife, www. pharmaomega. com, is becoming the web's premier source of omega-3 information, research and news.

The firm holds an exclusive license to a patented nutritional formulation designed to support normal speech development. Preliminary anecdotal evidence shows promise with reports of benefits that include improved speech, imitation, coordination, eye contact, behavior and sensory issues. NourishLife formed a partnership with Croda, the maker's of Lorenzo's Oil, for the pharmaceutical grade omega 3 to be used in the product 'PharmaOmega Speak."

More information can be found at www. speechtrial. com and www. speechnutrients. com.

NourishLife is a privately held business located outside of Chicago.


Ten Strategies for Late Retirement Planning

Ten Strategies for Late Retirement Planning

“The Senior Financial Coach’s” playbook for retirement planning procrastinators; what to do (and not do) when retirement is ten or less years away.

BRENTWOOD, TN (PRWEB) November 18, 2005

Each and every day “fifty-something’s” throughout our nation come to the cold, hard and often sudden realization that not only is retirement merely a decade or less away, but also that they are not as financially prepared for their golden years as they had hoped to be. Far too many middle aged Americans are approaching senior citizenship without any financial nest egg to speak of - an understandable concern for those intending to maintain the same standard of living they had prior to retirement.

“If you are retired, or getting close to retirement, your goals are likely shifting away from asset and wealth accumulation. Now your needs are asset and wealth preservation and income generation,” said Senior Financial Coach Hank Parrott, President of Estate & Financial Strategies, Inc. “To achieve those goals and live the retirement lifestyle you want, you need to evaluate your financial resources in a very different way than you did during your working years.”

Those in the worrisome predicament of having relatively little time to get their financial ducks in a row before retirement is upon them, Parrott offers these five approaches for late retirement planning success and, as importantly, five distinct pitfalls to avoid:

Late Retirement Planning Strategies:

Take stock. Assess where you are - financially speaking - right now. What is your current income? What are your current expenses? What assets do you currently have and what, if any, debt? This information is imperative for mapping out your financial future, as you won’t know where to go if you don’t know where you are. Dig deeper. Next, attempt to identify income-generating opportunities and potential risks you may face. How can you eliminate any debt as quickly as possible? Do you anticipate any major increases or decreases in income or expenses? Are there any specific medical issues to deal with and/or plan for? Forecast. Look ahead to where you intend to be based on your current path or plan. What can you count on in ten years? Will you have pension, Social Security and/or other income and, if so, how much? How much income will be needed from investments to cover living expenses and when? Develop a financial game plan. Discern what available investment vehicles will improve the likelihood of having the lifestyle you desire with the least amount of risk? What is the minimal amount of return on our investments necessary to attain your goals? If you can attain your goals without, or with very little, risk, why put your retirement funds in jeopardy to chase higher returns? The best plan will account for inflation and taxes while preserving principle. Pull the trigger. Once you have developed a solid financial game plan, implement those strategies ASAP and stay the investment course – with just 10 or fewer years until retirement, time “is” of the essence, after all, and looking for greener grass is a sure-fire hazard. Monitor your investments regularly to ensure all stays on track toward your goal.

Late Retirement Planning Pitfalls:

Failing to make a plan. Any plan is better than no plan at all, even if it’s somewhat minimal and won’t necessarily get you where you had intended to be. In the end, it’s ultimately about survival, and having no retirement financial plan at all put your fate in the hands of others who may or may not share your same views on “quality of senior life.” Chasing the “golden carrot.” Chasing high returns at all costs, taking unnecessary risks, and speculating as opposed to investing – all sure-fire ways to watch your retirement dollars dwindle. Far too often we hear of those who lost their retirement nest egg and had to get back into the work force to survive. When done correctly, the high risk, high reward stock market is one good investment resource, but by no means should one put their retirement nest egg in that basket alone. Not foreseeing the unforeseen. Plan ahead for potential risks, such as high medical, insurance, prescription medication, and long term care expenses. Know what your options are with respect to Medicare and otherwise, which will be critically important once employer-based benefits are no longer available. Thinking a Will will suffice. Beyond the will, it’s also important to have a durable Power of Attorney to protect you from potential financial hardships of living probate. In addition, a Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Living Will can help you avoid heartache such as that publicly witnessed with the Terri Schiavo case. Going it alone. Those who have ten or less years before retirement and have not made any notable strides in securing their and their family’s, financial future should seek the advice of a credentialed investment expert who can create a solid and often custom-tailored financial plan. Optimally, choose a financial advisor with multiple designations who specializes in retirement-based investing and is expert at safely preserving, protecting and proliferating retirement assets.

Senior Financial Coach Hank Parrott, ChFC, RFC, CEP, CSA is President of Estate & Financial Strategies, Inc. (EFS) - a financial services firm dedicated to helping seniors safely preserve, protect and proliferate their assets. He can be reached through his Web site at www. SeniorFinancialCoach. com or via toll-free telephone at (800) 492-8102.


IPCPR Says 'Show Me' Missourians Won't be Pressured into Smoking Bans

IPCPR Says 'Show Me' Missourians Won't be Pressured into Smoking Bans

The 'Show-Me' state is showing it won't be pressured by anti-smoking activists into legislating unnecessary smoking bans, according to the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) February 15, 2009

The 'Show-Me' state is showing it won't be pressured by anti-smoking activists into legislating unnecessary smoking bans, according to the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association.

While some city, county and state legislators may be revisiting the possibility of new smoking bans in Missouri, smokers and non-smokers alike have been voicing their opposition to forced smoking bans, especially in places where children are not allowed or adults have an option to go elsewhere.

"The marketplace is deciding what businesses should allow smoking or not, and that's the way it should be. Government shouldn't be taking away the rights of business owners to run their enterprises as the market dictates, not big government" said Chris McCalla, legislative director of the IPCPR.

McCalla cited a 2007 survey by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services that showed only 13 percent of the state's adults avoided restaurants where smoking is allowed.

"That means there are plenty of restaurants that already have declared themselves smoke-free, so there's no need to take away the rights of other business owners by forcing them to ban smoking on their premises," he said.

When anti-tobacco activists make overstated claims regarding the health aspects of incidental secondhand smoke, McCalla points to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as the Surgeon General.

"OSHA - our federal government's watchdog agency over the health and safety of workers - puts the alleged health aspects of incidental secondhand smoke into perspective when it sets safe limits well outside of the range one would find in a typical bar or restaurant, for example" McCalla said. "And the Surgeon General's report says more than 100 times that evidence of the health aspects of incidental secondhand smoke is 'inconclusive.'"

McCalla cited the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding the proven negative effects on businesses from legislated smoking bans.

"The Fed has found that, based on impartial data generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, significant employment declines result from forced smoking bans, especially in bars and restaurants," he said.

McCalla explained his group's interest in issues dealing with legislated smoking bans.

"The IPCPR is a group of some 2,000 retailers, manufacturers and distributors of premium cigars, pipes and related items. Most of them are mom-and-pop operators - small business owners whose neighborhood businesses serve their respective communities. They have every right to sell their legal products and to allow their customers to enjoy those products on premise and off," McCalla said.

Tony Tortorici


Youth Athletes Can Learn a Lesson from Skateboarders

Youth Athletes Can Learn a Lesson from Skateboarders

Top trainers applaud boarders' athletic development. In their upcoming book, "Athletic Fitness for Kids" (© 2008, Human Kinetics), long-time NFL youth football director Scott Lancaster and celebrity trainer Radu Teodorescu stress the importance of developing overall fitness, an element that is often missing in sport-specific training.

Champaign, IL (PRWEB) November 13, 2007

Kickflips, bomb drops and 360 spins may look more like play, but skateboarders' non-traditional training environment promotes universal skill development. In their upcoming book, "Athletic Fitness for Kids" (© 2008, Human Kinetics), long-time NFL youth football director Scott Lancaster and celebrity trainer Radu Teodorescu stress the importance of developing overall fitness, an element that is often missing in sport-specific training.

"Skateboarders, snowboarders, and BMX riders have it right. These athletes focus on free-play with friends and on developing their creativity and athletic and fitness skills," Lancaster says. "These kids are now some of the most fundamentally sound and physically fit athletes among the new generation."

By practicing creative tricks and maneuvers, extreme athletes are able to develop all seven athletic components that Lancaster claims aid in a physically and mentally prepared athlete: agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, speed, stamina, and strength. According to Lancaster, many of these components are overlooked in sport-specific training, resulting in athletes who are great in their specialization, but still struggle to improve their overall athletic performance.

"Many athletes don't reach their natural athletic potential and never achieve their ultimate peak performance because they didn't learn the basics when they were young," Lancaster says.

Young athletes often focus on one sport, participating in school and travel teams throughout the year. The repeated practices and drills allow body parts little time for rest and recovery. According to Lancaster, youth athletes need to incorporate movement training from all areas of fitness into practices and training sessions to avoid overspecialization and overuse injuries.

"Including variations of drills and many options for improving all areas of fitness, provides a way to balance activities and competitions to better develop and prepare athletes' future performance, health, and fitness," Lancaster says.

"Athletic Fitness for Kids" provides games, drills and exercises for the entire body and focuses on noncontemporary fitness programs that will challenge and entertain young athletes. For more information on "Athletic Fitness for Kids" or other fitness books, visit www. HumanKinetics. com.


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Evansville, Indiana, Housing Market Stabilizing; Housing Inventory at Lowest Level Since June 2007

Evansville, Indiana, Housing Market Stabilizing; Housing Inventory at Lowest Level Since June 2007

The Evansville, Indiana housing market took a breather from five continuous months of increases. Home inventory, a positive indicator of how healthy the housing market is in Evnasville, is down from July, 2008. August homes sales in Evansville are expected to be up. Note: A copy of the full report with statistics is sent with this release via attachment.

Evansville, IN (PRWEB) August 12, 2009

The local real estate market took a breather in July after 5 continuous months of increases in the number of homes sold. In July 2009, 305 homes closed, down 6.7% from July 2008. "Buyer activity, especially among first time home buyers deciding to take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit and low interest rates, continues to be very active" says Ray LaGrange, RE/MAX Services of Evansville.

The average sales price for July was $124,993 up 2% from 2008's average of $122,786, but down 5% from July 2008's average price of $131,869. However homes are still selling at 94% to 96% of their list price for July 2009, indicating some small discounting of the homes list price.

Currently there are 7.2 months of inventory in the marketplace, the lowest since June 2007. Prior to 2008 the absorption rate for the four county area was 6 or below. The average for 2007 was 7.8 months and the average for 2008 was 9.2 months.

"Buyers remain in an excellent position to purchase, the first time home buyer incentive of $8,000 tax credit is creating demand for housing. Interest rates still remain affordable but are edging up. Yet mortgage programs are still plentiful for buyers with acceptable credit scores", states Ray LaGrange.

Stacy Gillen, RE/MAX of Indiana, Director of Marketing:
(p) 317.845.2005 x 204
9963 Crosspoint Boulevard | Indianapolis, IN|46256
Http://www. remax-indiana. com (http://www. remax-indiana. com)

(Detailed statistical reports were generated from data supplied by the Evansville Area Assoc. of Realtors which is available upon request.)


Renovating An Old House Can Yield Tax Breaks Says Forum Post at OldHouseWeb. com

Renovating An Old House Can Yield Tax Breaks Says Forum Post at OldHouseWeb. com

Costs for remodeling old houses can be offset by tax breaks in many states, according to a new forum post on OldHouseWeb. com, a how-to site offering ideas, articles and resources to old-house enthusiasts. The article is just one example of how forum members share resources with other members.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) July 30, 2007

A new forum post on OldHouseWeb. com, a how-to site offering ideas, articles and resources to old-house enthusiasts, tells how the cost of remodeling old houses in many states can be offset by tax credits. The Old House Journal article "The State of Old-House Real Estate" is one of many resources that forum members share with one another through the forums at OldHouseWeb. com (http://www. oldhouseweb. com/newBB/topic-14113.shtml (http://www. oldhouseweb. com/newBB/topic-14113.shtml)).

S Melissa, an active forum member with almost 2,000 posts to the OldHouseWeb. com community forum, posted a link to the article knowing that other forum members would find the information useful: "While my impression is that most of us will be carried out rolled up in our Oriental rugs we bought from eBay with a toe tag … It does bear thinking about in terms of what kind of mess we leave our ever-loving children or heirs. And if the circumstances should occur that any of us have to sell for financial or health reasons--things that "come up"--I thought you might find this general information of interest (http://www. oldhouseweb. com/newBB/topic-14113.shtml (http://www. oldhouseweb. com/newBB/topic-14113.shtml)). 

According to the article posted to the forum, a total of 23 states offer such credits which can be used to offset state income tax liability for renovations of eligible homes in historic districts. Some states offer at least a 20 percent tax credit with caps in excess of $40,000 for properties in historic districts, and other states permit homeowners to sell unused credits to third parties. Maryland topped the list of states with best tax incentives and even refunds unused portions of credit to homeowners. The article points out that qualifying criteria and conditions differ from state to state and also warns, "Few states guarantee that funding will be there even for homeowners who qualify, and to qualify you'll probably need to spend money hiring an expert who can ensure that the restoration is done properly."

The OldHouseWeb. com forum is an invaluable and constantly expanding dynamic resource. There, old-house owners can post questions or search for ready-made answers amongst the thousands of archived 'threads.' Subjects range from how to update electrical wiring and fix slate roofs to getting rid of bats. Proud homeowners can also show off their properties by posting photographs to the forum, providing visible inspiration and ideas for others.

OldHouseWeb. com is a complete old-house remodeling interactive Web site offering old-house enthusiasts how-to resources spanning several industries from cabinetry to architecture. OldHouseWeb. com includes before and after renovation pictures, feature articles, a product showcase and an active forum featuring thousands of questions, solutions and successes.


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Single Sign-On Feature Now Available in WebCOBRA

Single Sign-On Feature Now Available in WebCOBRA

Travis Software enables users to log in via their own website or intranet

Houston, Tex. (PRWEB) February 24, 2009

Travis Software Corp., a market leader of advanced employee benefits software administration, announced today the addition of Single Sign-On to the WebCOBRA. com features list.

With the Single Sign-On feature, users can now log into WebCOBRA from their own website without having to remember an additional password. Users can integrate the sign-in and sign-out functions of WebCOBRA via their own website, intranet, or Windows login.

“Security was the top priority when we were developing the Single Sign On feature,” said Jesse Wolgamott, president and COO of Travis, “In order to allow a user to log into WebCOBRA from their own website, we used the same technology that Amazon. com uses in their web services. We create a random secret key that only the user and their programmers will use, so that they can “Sign In” to the system and WebCOBRA knows to trust them.”

For more information about the Single Sign-On capability offered by WebCOBRA, please visit our website at www. webcobra. com or log onto the Travis Blog at http://blog. travisoft. com (http://blog. travisoft. com).

About Travis Software Corp.
Travis Software Corp., based in Houston, Texas, was founded in June 1986, shortly after the enactment of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, COBRA, which mandated group health continuation for the first time and created the market opportunity for the company's COBRA administration software system, TravisCobra, and its Web-based system for COBRA, WebCOBRA. com.

For more information about the Travis Software, please contact us at (281) 496-3737, or visit us at www. webcobra. com.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


Nephrologists Get Temporary Staffing Stress Relief

Nephrologists Get Temporary Staffing Stress Relief

Foundation Physician Staffing makes taking a vacation easier with locum tenens physicians.

Oklahoma City (PRWEB) August 21, 2008

Finding a way to spend time away from the office has often presented a dilemma for nephrologists, the doctors who specialize in kidney and dialysis-related health issues; those who take vacations to improve their work-life balance often face the reality that their practice will lose money while they're gone.

Traditionally, the typical coverage options doctors have had include reciprocal coverage (asking a physician from another practice to cover, and then returning the favor when that physician wants time off); scheduling a heavier patient load around vacation time to make up for lost revenue; or hiring an additional permanent physician. These three options require careful planning and additional costs and still might result in a loss of profit.

The other option for healthcare facilities in need of a doctor is to go through a staffing firm to get a locum tenens nephrologist. Although health systems have historically budgeted for temporary help during physician absences or peak periods of the year, using locum tenens - temporary physician staffing - is relatively new to the nephrology specialty. Using a healthcare staffing firm to find a physician makes sense; these physicians only work during the times they're needed, making them cost cost-effective. Staffing firms cover the provider's personal benefits and malpractice insurance, taking that financial burden off the shoulders of the hiring practice.

While securing a locum tenens physician does some preliminary costs, practices often end up making a profit; by maintaining the ability to have a specialist on staff to treat a full schedule of patients, the practice can fully maximize its reimbursements. Locum tenens nephrologists also help lighten the work schedule for physicians who manage more than one clinic. Sometimes time or distance can prevent a doctor from making the maximum number of visits to multiple clinics, thereby losing out on patients and revenue. A locum tenens can not only visit the additional sites, but they can perform duties only a doctor can handle, such as writing prescriptions. 

For some practices, hiring an additional full-time physician is ultimately the best solution. These practices can take advantage of using locum tenens nephrologists to maintain a normal patient schedule during the candidate search. This benefits both practices and locum tenens looking for permanent placement, as they both have time to evaluate each other before making a long-term decision.

"Many physicians use locum tenens as a way in which to find their ideal practice opportunity," said Kyle Rampey, division manager at Foundation Physician Staffing. "Practices who utilize locum tenens have the opportunity to work with and observe a possible candidate. It's a win-win for both parties involved."

Foundation Physician Staffing is currently the only healthcare staffing firm that specializes exclusively in placing locum tenens nephrologists. Foundation works on behalf of the practice by verifying that all providers have the appropriate credentials and experience to ensure the placement of a reputable professional, saving the practice both time and money. It works on behalf of the locum tenens nephrologist by contacting employers, screening opportunities, scheduling interviews and making travel arrangements. Foundation does everything possible to ensure that both practice and provider feel good about their working relationship.

For the complete article, including a side-by-side cost comparison of hiring a permanent employee versus locum tenens, please visit www. foundationphysician. com to read "Can Nephrologists Afford to Take Time Off?"

More about Foundation Physician Staffing …
Foundation Physician Staffing focuses on temporary and permanent placement of nephrologists to hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. For more information, please visit http://www. foundationphysician. com (http://www. foundationphysician. com)..

More about CHG Healthcare Services …
Founded in 1979, CHG Healthcare Services is one of the nation's oldest and largest healthcare staffing firms. The company provides a comprehensive service offering that includes temporary and permanent placement of physicians, allied health professionals and nurses to hospitals and healthcare organizations in all 50 states through such trusted brands as CompHealth, Weatherby Locums, Destination Healthcare Staffing, RN Network and Foundation Medical Staffing. For more information, visit www. chghealthcare. com.


Springs Action Alliance Denounces KKCS Suspensions over Dixie Chicks Music

Springs Action Alliance Denounces KKCS Suspensions over Dixie Chicks Music

Peace Activist Group Takes Action Against More Folly in Hometown Colorado Springs

(PRWEB) May 8, 2003

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – May 7, 2003 (PRWEB) – From the Washington Post to Billboard magazine, Colorado Springs once again makes the headlines nationally with yet more folly from small quarters. A local radio station, KKCS, suspended two of the station’s most prominent disc jockeys for playing the Dixie Chicks on the air. Outraged, a local organization, Springs Action Alliance (SAA), sprang into action to take the

Tarnish off this mountain townÂ’s lode.

Today, SAA launched a local campaign to have the DJs reinstated with no loss of pay and the Dixie ChicksÂ’ repertoire restored to the stationÂ’s playlist. They also insisted that the station manager issue an on-air apology to the DJs and to Colorado Springs. SAA is targeting the stationÂ’s advertisers with a boycott, as well as blitzing the station itself with email, phone calls, and hand-delivered letters. The AP has reported that most of the stationÂ’s callers actually want to hear the station play the Dixie Chicks.

“It is not terrorism to voice your opinion,” says SAA organizer, Criz Stoddard, “The Dixie Chicks voiced their opinion, and dissent is what democracy at times looks like. We already believed it to be an egregious error on the part of radio stations to ban the Dixie Chicks. However, suspending the DJs that spin the records is a farce. This censorship is home-grown terrorism. Now we are scared just to play music? Well, Goodbye, Earl.”

“Colorado Springs as a whole is not the bastion of lunacy that you read about in the national media,” continues Ms. Stoddard, “SAA will make every effort to rectify this mess.” Ms. Stoddard was referring to the national press coverage that the city of Colorado Springs has received in 2003. On February 15, an established international day of protest, Colorado Springs was one of only two cities in the world (the other being Athens, Greece) whose police force used tear gas against peace rally participants. Most recently, the Springs’ newly elected City Council repealed health benefits for the same-sex partners of city workers, paying no heed to the majority of people in attendance at the council meeting who were in favor of retaining the benefits. These events both received press coverage nationwide.

About Springs Action Alliance

On Saturday, May 3, 2003, SAA was officially founded by former members of the Southern Colorado Coalition Against the War in Iraq (SCCAWI); SAAÂ’s membership has a long history of populist activism toward the greater common good. SAAÂ’s focus is to end the US occupation of Iraq, prevent other "preemptive wars" by the current administration, and to also address civil

Rights issues such as the validity of Patriot Acts I & II. SAAÂ’s website is located at http://www. csaction. org (http://www. csaction. org).

# # #

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stark State College selects Computing OptionÂ’s Regent 4 Student Information System and Financial Aid Software

Stark State College selects Computing OptionÂ’s Regent 4 Student Information System and Financial Aid Software

Stark State College selects Computing OptionÂ’s Regent 4 Student Information System and Financial Aid Software

FREDERICK, MD (PRWEB) August 21, 2004

Computing Options, operating as Computing Options Company, Inc., announced today that Stark State College in Canton, Ohio, has selected the Regent 4 Student Information System module and Financial Aid Management Module to manage part of the administrative function of the College. Stark’s selection of Regent 4 is the result of 3 years of evaluation of several administrative ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions costing several times more than Regent 4 with no additional functionality. “Deciding factors leading us to choose Regent 4 were its easy-to-use web-based functionality, the interoperability and stability that its pure java architecture provides, and it’s rich business functionality”, said Greg Lanka, Director of Computer Services for Stark State College. “We have the same business needs as a College with 50,000 students, but can’t afford to spend $3 million or more for administrative software when we only have 6000 students. Computing Options’ Regent 4 administrative software provides us a solution we can afford with no compromise in functionality”, says Lanka.

About Computing Options Inc.

Computing Options Company, Inc. has been providing enterprise application software exclusively to the Higher Education market since 1979. The Company’s product line consists of 4 software modules that can be deployed stand-alone or integrated as a suite, and can be integrated to existing “back-end” administrative systems. The modules are Financial Aid Management, Student Information System, Financial & General Ledger, and Human Resources/Payroll. Computing Options’ clients include mainly small two and four-year colleges in the United States. Computing Options is privately held, debt free and profitable and headquartered in Frederick, Maryland.

About Stark State College

Stark State College is located in Canton, Ohio and offers 42 associate degree programs in the areas of business technologies, engineering technologies, health technologies, information technologies, and public service technologies. In addition, the College offers six one-year certificate programs in administrative information, bookkeeping, job and family services, massage therapy, medical coding specialist and medical transcription.

For more information:

Contact: Bryan Chaney, Vice President of Sales, Computing Options Company Inc.

301-662-5592 x 25, bryan. chaney@computingoptions. com

Www. computingoptions. com


Friday, June 19, 2009

UnisourceDirect™ Web Site Now Offering Products to Maintain a Healthy School Environment

UnisourceDirect™ Web Site Now Offering Products to Maintain a Healthy School Environment

Items Available To Help Control Spread of H1N1 Influenza; Free Shipping To Eligible Customers

Norcross, GA (Vocus) September 11, 2009

Unisource Worldwide, Inc. one of the leading distributors of paper, packaging and facility supplies in North America, has upgraded its UnisourceDirect Web site with many new products, including hand sanitizers and disinfectants. These items are currently needed by schools and other large facilities to assist them in maintaining a clean and healthy environment to guard against highly contagious diseases, including Influenza Type-A and 2009 H1N1 flu-related illness (commonly known as Swine Flu).

"There are many health and hygiene products available on www. unisourcedirect. com] that can be used by school maintenance staffs as they routinely clean areas that students and staff come in contact with," said Nancy Geisler, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability for Unisource. "These products can help to ensure that school buildings are clean, healthy places to learn and work," she said. Among the products available through the unisourcedirect. com Web Site are; Instant Hand Sanitizers, Surface Disinfectants, Germicidal Wipes, Disposable Cleaning Gloves, Touchless Towel and Soap Systems, and various Cleaning Chemicals. In addition, visitors to the site can shop for many eco-friendly products.

Unisource is committed to promoting sustainable green cleaning practices, and the company has received national recognition from the Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) for its support in helping to publish the organization's Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools. "Our company is focused on delivering best practices information that schools can use to maintain cleaner, healthier and safer facilities," said Geisler. "On unisourcedirect. com users will also find links to other educational resources."

The Web site also includes an offer of free shipping - for a limited time - to customers who order more than $150 of merchandise. In addition, customers can use the site's "Tax Exempt" link to directly submit their tax exemption certificate to UnisourceDirect.

With UnisourceDirect, customers are able to directly purchase Unisource products using a state-of-the-art Web site designed to enhance their experience through an easy ordering process. And with "no minimum quantities" on all products, there are no contracts. Customers can directly link to www. unisourcedirect. com] and gain access to the wide variety of business supplies that Unisource offers. The UnisourceDirect Web site also provides a one-stop business supplies portal for small businesses looking for eco-friendly products to meet their green needs.

For more information about UnisourceDirect products or services, please call 1-866-993-0186.

About Unisource Worldwide, Inc.
Unisource Worldwide, Inc., (unisourcelink. com) is a leading independent marketer and distributor of commercial printing and business imaging papers, packaging systems and facility supplies and equipment in North America. Headquartered in Norcross, Ga., Unisource is one of the largest private companies in the United States and offers the most comprehensive suite of products and services in the industry. With more than 6,000 team members - including sales, customer service and technical support specialists; approximately 85 distribution centers; and a fleet of "Big Red" trucks - Unisource can deliver what your business needs when and where you want it - locally, regionally and nationally.

For more information contact:
Kevin Feeney
Senior Director, Corporate Communications
Unisource Worldwide, Inc.
(770) 209-6552

# # #

Pharmacy OneSource Acquires ScheduleRx Application from Maplewood Software

Pharmacy OneSource Acquires ScheduleRx Application from Maplewood Software

Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., pharmacy's #1 documentation and formulary application service provider, and Maplewood Software, a provider of online, departmental-level scheduling solutions, announced today Pharmacy OneSource's acquisition of Maplewood Software's ScheduleRx product.

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) May 26, 2006

Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., pharmacy’s #1 documentation and formulary application service provider, and Maplewood Software, a provider of online, departmental-level scheduling solutions, announced today Pharmacy OneSource’s acquisition of Maplewood Software’s ScheduleRx product. The acquisition includes Maplewood’s ScheduleRx software and existing pharmacy customer base.

“We are very pleased with the agreement. ScheduleRx dovetails with Pharmacy OneSource’s existing product line and sales model,” said Nancy Janzen, CEO of Maplewood Software. “We believe Pharmacy OneSource, maximizing their excellent marketing and sales channels, will take ScheduleRx to an even higher level of market penetration.”

ScheduleRx is the only pharmacy-specific, web-based, staff scheduling solution available today designed specifically to meet the needs of pharmacies. Skill-based scheduling is fully automated with ScheduleRx. It greatly reduces time used in the creation and editing of schedules to save pharmacy directors frustration and money. Maplewood Software currently has 45 U. S. pharmacy departments using ScheduleRx.

“We are very pleased to have acquired this superb pharmacy application,” said Keith Streckenbach, Executive Vice President of Pharmacy OneSource. “Together with our other applications, Accupedia, Amplifi, DIOne, Quantifi, Simplifi 797 and UnitStock, this new product solidifies Pharmacy OneSource’s commitment to high performance pharmacy standardized.”

Pharmacy OneSource will be responsible for the further development of ScheduleRx and its marketing, sales and full-service support.

“Mutual customers mentioned the Pharmacy OneSource name on several occasions and after initial discussions, it was obvious there was an excellent synergy between our companies and product lines,” said Janzen. “This business arrangement promises to work well for both companies and more importantly, our customers.”

About Pharmacy OneSource:

Pharmacy OneSource is pharmacy's #1 documentation and formulary application service provider. More than 1,000 healthcare organizations in the U. S. utilize one or more of our HIPAA compliant web-based applications: Accupedia, Amplifi, DIOne, Quantifi, Simplifi 797, and UnitStock.

Our applications address challenges with: JCAHO medication management and USP 797 compliance, clinical documentation, financial performance, communications, formulary management, clinical decisions and patient safety.

About Maplewood Software:

Maplewood Software is a privately held company founded in 1996. The company will move forward with a continued focus on releasing other web-based applications in its ScheduleWise suite of department-specific scheduling and regulatory compliance solutions. Recently released ScheduleWise applications include ScheduleLabs, ScheduleRad, and ScheduleRn and address enterprise-wide scheduling needs in the hospital market.

For more information, please visit http://www. pharmacyonesource. com (http://www. pharmacyonesource. com) or http://www. maplewoodsoftware. com (http://www. maplewoodsoftware. com).


Largest Hospitals in Panama Sign with Leading Medical Tourism Company

Largest Hospitals in Panama Sign with Leading Medical Tourism Company

As Medical Tourism booms in Panama, largest Hospitals in the country join leading Medical Tourism group. These alliances promise to have a great impact on this country's fast growing industry.

Panama (PRWEB) October 31, 2007

Pana-Health, Corp., Panama's premier Medical Tourism Company, have recently signed affiliation contracts with the two largest, and most experienced Hospitals in Panama, Clinica Hospital San Fernando and Centro Medico Paitilla. These two Hospitals have over 30 years of experience in the medical arena, are equipped with state of the art technology, and have affiliations to highly distinguished international Institutions such as Cleveland Clinic, Tulane University Medical Center of New Orleans, Baptist Hospital South Florida and Miami Children's Hospital, among others.

These alliances strengthen Panama's medical choices to patients looking for first class medical services that are, both, closer to home and affordable.

Pana-Health was founded in 2003 by a small group of doctors and has rapidly grown to become a Company with over 150 of the best doctors in Panama. Membership is by invitation only, and after peer recommendation and review. Pana-Health brings personalized attention to all medical travelers, helping them to find the best doctors in Panama for their specific needs, as well as handle consultations and appointment scheduling. Its alliance with Pesantez Tours, the largest tour operator in Panama, gives Pana-Health the capacity to take care of transportation, lodging and any type of tourism that the patient wishes to do while visiting the country.

For more information, visit www. pana-health. com


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Achieve Sustainable Sales Growth and High ROI with Online Lead Generation and CPA Networks

Achieve Sustainable Sales Growth and High ROI with Online Lead Generation and CPA Networks

How to use online lead generation channels to capture customers early in the buying cycle whilst still achieving monthly ROI and a positive cash flow. Status Media, a specialist online advertising agency, delivers over 3,000 online sales leads in the month of July 2009. Optimisation of sponsored prize draws, competition and survey paths yields great results.

(PRWEB) August 15, 2009

According to figures released by Status Media today, CPA publisher networks including, competition offers and survey paths, are delivering large numbers of qualified sales leads and, if managed correctly, delivering substantial long term ROI.

Status Media, an online marketing (http://www. statusmediaplc. com) specialist based in Norwich, UK, delivered over 3,000 qualified sales leads to health and beauty sector in the month of July 2009. According to their latest press release; saturation in the Google PPC advertising channel and overall higher sales costs in other channels have led to an increase in demand for alternative lead generation resources to reduce cost and increase sales.

Whilst pay per click advertising budgets have remained consistent with companies such as Transforming Lives and Spire Healthcare retaining top three positions in Google Adwords, hungry competitors are buying inventory on a cost per lead basis to boost sales and "free consultations".

Gary Collins, CEO at Status Media commented, "we have noticed higher than average conversion rates and measurable increase in ROI for sales leads acquired through targeted offers and online conversion paths where campaign optimisation has been applied".

Of course, CPA, affiliate and lead generation (http://www. statusmediaplc. com/lead-generation. html) companies and have been around for quite some time however many co-registration and incentified offer campaigns have either failed to deliver any serious volume or have led to poor quality sales leads (http://www. statusmediaplc. com/lead-generation. html) resulting in low level conversions.

The new approach taken by companies like Status Media (http://www. statusmediaplc. com) involves deeper optimisation and strategy development. Pre-qualifying customers with strategically written "opt in" questions reduces wastage whilst getting the right call to market and high performing traffic sources attracts consumers later in the buying cycle and achieves higher sales conversion rates.

The latest trend in online lead generation involves buying publisher inventory on an eCPM basis. Ads are placed on relevant, high value publisher sites driving high traffic volume and a cross section of internet users. Consumers are able to "opt in" to a range of client offers using a self selection process. This gives the client or advertiser the best of both worlds; high lead volume and a low cost per lead.

The true value of lead generation is the realisation of a growing database over time. Capturing users early in the buying cycle enables education and brand awareness. With ongoing strategy development, optimisation of traffic sources along with the right call to action, advertisers can achieve a high return on investment and increased revenue month on month.

Freelance consultant, Barrie Le Gall (http://www., who works with some of the UK's leading automotive dealerships states that, "the key to a successful lead generation campaign is to set out your goals and budget. With SEO the process starts with keyword selection and setting realistic search engine targets, next you need accurate tracking tools, which will enable you to track your lead generation channels including search, display and affiliate."

You can find out more about online lead generation and internet marketing at www. statusmediaplc. com] or for strategic advice and cost per lead prices contact Gary Collins, CEO at Status Media Plc on 0845 054 2529.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fledgling menÂ’s cosmetics dotcom signs Canadian distribution agreement with California North

Fledgling menÂ’s cosmetics dotcom signs Canadian distribution agreement with California North

Startup Canadian online retailer, Menessentials. com, today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement to import and distribute California North skincare and fragrances for men in Canada. The agreement includes supplier relationships with 22 stores and spas across the country, and signals an expansion of Menessentials. comÂ’s business from online retail into wholesale distribution.

(PRWEB) November 22, 2001

OTTAWA, CANADA. Menessentials. com today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with cosmetics vendor California North to distribute the companyÂ’s skincare and fragrance lines for men in Canada. The agreement signals an expansion of Menessentials. comÂ’s business from online retail into wholesale distribution.

"This is the kind of deal dotcom startups dream about," said Menessentials. com president, James Whittall. "It puts us in a stronger competitive position for our Internet retail operations and allows us to expand into brick-and-mortar sales without diluting our key strengths, which are marketing and logistics."

The agreement announced today includes supplier relationships with 22 stores and spas across Canada. Mr. Whittall expects to triple the California North distribution network within three months. "California North has been available worldwide for almost a decade," Whittall said. "It has a loyal following, particularly among sports enthusiasts, and will sell very well here in Canada."

To support the brand, Menessentials. com launched a new web site (www. californianorth. ca) that features a business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce system, product information, retail store locator, and password-protected merchantÂ’s area with online purchase order and RMA processing.

"WeÂ’re very pleased and excited about our new relationship with Menessentials. com," said California North president, Jim Miller. "Menessentials. com was the first online menÂ’s cosmetics retailer, and has developed a strong presence in a very short time. We look forward to long and intelligent growth in Canada, and expect the Canadian market to perform well in the coming months."

About California North

Based in Sausalito, CA, California North develops contemporary skincare, hair care, sun care, and spa products for men. Designed to deliver a wide range of visible results for grooming, shaving, and dehydrated sensitive skin, California North extends its capabilities with complementary fragrances and botanically enriched air and body sprays. These luxurious requisites are sold worldwide on cruise liners and at fine retail stores, health clubs, spas, salons, and resorts.

About Menessentials. com

Founded in October 2000, Menessentials. com was the first online retailer of premium quality skincare, hair care, shave and shower products for men only. The company's pioneering marketing concepts have been featured in major North American newspapers and periodicals, and on nationally syndicated television programs. Chatelaine magazine recently selected Menessentials. com as a "Beginner's Choice" site (i. e., an ideal starting point for the uninitiated) in its second annual Essential Web Guide.

For additional information, please contact:

James Whittall 

Menessentials. com


Jwhittall@menessentials. com

Jim Miller

California North


Jmiller@californianorth. com

Or visit the Menessentials. com and Californianorth. ca web sites.

Additions to CDR-Web Product Suite Provide Prescription Order Entry and Handheld, Wireless Access to the Patient Record Where and When It is Needed New Functionality Reduces Medication Errors and

Additions to CDR-Web Product Suite Provide Prescription Order Entry and Handheld, Wireless Access to the Patient Record Where and When It is Needed New Functionality Reduces Medication Errors and

New Functionality Reduces Medication Errors and Further Improves a Dynamic Clinical Integration Tool

(PRWEB) August 2, 2001

July 15, 2001 New Hudson, Michigan The latest additions to the product suite of CDR-WebTM bring secure prescription order entry and convenient, wireless access to an already robust clinical integration tool. CDR-RxTM offers secure, digitally signed medication orders with drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interaction warnings. CDR-PocketTM, the PocketPC based patient record module of CDR-Web, couples wireless access with the strength of the clinical data repository. This web-based, handheld access to a clinical data repository is the first of its kind.

CDR-Rx, in addition to drug and allergy interaction warnings, provides decision support for medication orders related to protocols and pathways. It also supports timely signing of verbal orders, to further comply with JCAHO requirements CDR-Rx easily integrates with HBOC Series 2000 Pharmacy systems and can be easily customized to support other systems. The high level of customization within the CDR-Web product suite carries over to CDR-Rx to best fulfill the needs of each and every healthcare organization.

CDR-Pocket provides secure wireless access to the same extensive patient record that is available through CDR-Web. CDR-Pocket combines secure web-based access, configurable time-outs, audit trails and more to exceed HIPAA requirements and protect patient confidentiality.

“The recent additions to our clinical data repository product suite bring unparalleled flexibility and portability to clinical information for hospitals, health systems and IDNs,” says Reliance Software Systems President, Alicia Brown. “Both CDR-Rx and CDR-Pocket strongly support efforts to reduce medication errors and gain easy access to a comprehensive patient record. Our innovations, coupled with the strength of Microsoft software and Compaq clustered servers and iPaqs, bring extraordinary 24x7 enterprise access to the patient record.”

These additional modules further round out the CDR-Web suite. CDR-Web itself is a robust, clinical data repository that collects and permanently stores a wealth of information from HL7 systems. Its innovative, web-based interface is secure and easy to use. CDR-AdminTM, provides easy, web-based administration, configuration and reporting to your administrators. CDR-PatientTM, allows physicians to share clinical results and e-messages with their patients anytime, anywhere. The comprehensive information and decision support provided through this extraordinary product suite moves CDR-Web toward the EMR of the future, today.

About Reliance Software Systems, Inc.

Reliance Software Systems is a privately held Internet technologies company. Their products support and enhance the way physicians, clinicians and their enterprise healthcare organizations work. Reliance Software Systems brings new expectations to healthcare with innovative design, rapid implementations and cost effective solutions. For information about the product suite, please visit http://www. cdr-web. com (http://www. cdr-web. com).

All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Customer Satisfaction is High Among Celebros's More Than 150 International Online Retailing Customers

Customer Satisfaction is High Among Celebros's More Than 150 International Online Retailing Customers

According to a recent survey, Celebros found that high satisfaction was the norm amongst its growing number of customers: 93.3% would recommend Qwiser™ Salesperson Self-Learning Search & Navigation to other companies.

Santa Barbara, CA and London (PRWEB) December 14, 2006

According to a recent survey, Celebros found that high satisfaction was the norm amongst its growing number of customers.

The survey, carried out in June of this year, gave Celebros high to very high marks, showing that the overwhelming majority of customers (online stores) are very satisfied with the solution as well as the service they receive.

Survey highlights

Satisfaction with the Qwiser Salesperson solution:

94.4% of customers are satisfied with the quality of Celebros search 92% of customers see Celebros products as being of high value to their site 93.3% would recommend Qwiser Salesperson to other companies


93% of customers found the Qwiser Salesperson implementation process a smooth experience commending the integration team for being: o "professional and great to work with"

O "helpful and cooperative"

O "performing their work well"

Communication, Support & Service

94% of customers stated that Celebros support was easy to reach and are satisfied with the amount of communication they have with Celebros More than 90% of customers are very satisfied with the quality of customer service they receive

Merchandising and Celebros Managed Services

The survey also included questions about Celebros's Managed Services (MS) program that customers can engage to, on an ongoing basis, track sites' merchandising needs and implement changes to front-end search in response. In fact:

100% of MS users say the service saves much time for the business 90% believe that it makes a positive contribution to their business Over 90% of MS users feel that their relationship with their dedicated MS account manager (included as part of the package) is personalized and they are getting good service

Celebros customers are able to implement changes to Qwiser search on their own using the Salesperson Desktop (SPD) module. Changes include new merchandise available in the shop, special promotions for holidays, clearance sales and the like, which, as in a bricks and mortar, are closely tied to the salesperson's ability to sell at top efficiency.

Customer-centric development

Reflected in the survey, respondents expressed a desire to have Celebros's Salesperson Desktop (SPD) - the merchandising tool - available for use by internal business users from their Internet browsers. This was in line with other customer requests heard in the recent past. In response, Celebros is happy to announce a soon-to-be launched web-based component called "Studio," developed with ease-of-use in mind and at the same time, powerful and still laden with the same and more functional features as the existing module.

In summary. Celebros is in business for the benefit of its customers' businesses and to that end invests substantial resources in R&D and in training its customer-facing teams. As such, the company views the survey results seriously and is very pleased that the overall picture presented is healthy. At the same time, remedies to certain needs are already underway. Celebros plans to carry out formal customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis.

About Celebros

Celebros (www. celebros. com) is the leading international provider of self-learning search and navigation for online shops. Through rewarding online search and navigation, Celebros solutions increase sales at e-commerce sites worldwide such as Avon, Burlington, Cotswold, Ice, Promod, T-Online, and more. The company has offices in California, London, Paris and Munich.


Melody King

Director of Sales - Celebros USA

Tel: +1 (877) 428 0496

Simon Peirson

UK Sales Manager

Tel: +44 (0)870 366 5274


National Survey Findings: Buttery Spreads Are the Toast of the Town

National Survey Findings: Buttery Spreads Are the Toast of the Town

"Buttery spreads," the new term for today's margarine products, are preferred by consumers interested in their heart health, according to a just-released national survey.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 12, 2009

Based on just-released findings from a national consumer survey, the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers has proclaimed that "there's a new spread in town."

In the national survey just completed by Kelton Research, 45 percent of consumers said the tablespread they use most often at mealtime is a buttery spread or soft margarine spread, compared to 24 percent who rated stick butter as their favorite.

The association explains: "Actually, margarine spreads are not new but keep getting better over time and are extremely popular among health-conscious grocery shoppers nationwide. Consumers use them on toast, muffins, pancakes, stove-top cooking, frying, baking and as a topping on vegetables. Today's margarine is a buttery spread, which is not your mother's margarine."

As the margarine product category has evolved and consumer preferences have expanded beyond traditional stick margarine, the term "margarine" has become outdated, according to industry experts. "Margarine" has gone the way of the "information superhighway" (now known as the Internet), "prune" (now "dried plum"), and "stewardess" (now "flight attendant"). And just as "fat-free milk" is a better descriptor than "skim milk," "buttery spreads" better defines today's margarine products.

"The term 'buttery spreads' depicts the new generation of margarine products. Buttery spreads are preferred by consumers interested in their heart health," explains Richard Cristol, president of the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers (NAMM). NAMM is the industry's long-standing trade association, which was formed in 1936.

Buttery spreads are typically made with a blend of nutritious, natural plant oils like soybean, canola, and olive. Today's buttery spreads are much lower in total fat and saturated fat than the margarines of yesterday, have no cholesterol and are rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats compared with animal fats, such as butter and lard.

The national survey also found that in terms of the most heart-healthy choice, consumers indicated strong awareness of the recommendations of health experts -- more than half (54%) recognize that buttery spreads and soft margarine spreads are the most heart-healthy choice, compared to 18 percent who thought stick butter is the more healthy option.

The risk of heart disease can be significantly reduced by adapting a heart-healthy lifestyle that includes maintaining a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet which is low in total cholesterol and saturated fat. The U. S. Dietary Guidelines, American Heart Association and other major health organizations recommend that consumers choose soft margarine spreads instead of butter for heart health.

Choosing buttery spreads in place of butter can have a major impact. In fact, 10 scientific studies have directly evaluated the health benefits of soft margarine spreads versus butter, and all have confirmed that buttery spreads are the healthier choice. One groundbreaking study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that making the simple switch from butter to soft margarine spreads lowered levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol by nine percent in children and eleven percent in adults.

This is not surprising, as the nutrition label on a typical buttery spread shows that it has no cholesterol, 0 grams of trans fat, and less than 2 grams of saturated fat per serving. In contrast, butter has 7 grams saturated fat and 30 milligrams of cholesterol per serving. NAMM notes that using a buttery spread instead of butter over a week's time can cut an entire day's worth of saturated fat.

Popular brands include Promise, Country Crock, Imperial, Brummel & Brown, Smart Balance, Parkay, Fleischmann's, Blue Bonnet, Olivio, Saffola, Gold-n-Soft, and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

For more information, including heart-healthy recipes, visit www. butteryspreads. org.

Note to Editors: The nationally representative survey of 1,000 adults was conducted by Kelton Research September 14-21, 2009 using an online methodology. Quotas were set to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the total U. S population ages 18 and older. The margin of error is +/- 3.1%. The survey was commissioned by the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers.


FGIworld Delivers Online Tool for Enhanced Cultural Development

FGIworld Delivers Online Tool for Enhanced Cultural Development

The growing diversity and mobility of todayÂ’s workforce creates cross-cultural challenges and opportunities in every work environment. FGIworld, a North American-based provider of employee and employer support services worldwide, is pleased to announce that it will be delivering TMCÂ’s (Training Management Corporation) Cultural Navigator online tool to its clients.

Parsippany, NJ (PRWEB) April 22, 2005

FGIworld, a North American-based provider of employee and employer support services worldwide, is pleased to announce that it will be delivering TMCÂ’s (Training Management Corporation) Cultural Navigator online tool to its clients.

The growing diversity and mobility of todayÂ’s workforce creates cross-cultural challenges and opportunities in every work environment. The Cultural Navigator is a cutting edge technology platform that provides access to a wide range of content, training, and best practice. It is designed to help business people develop awareness of various cultural behaviours and attitudes and to understand how these elements impact management style, expectations and practices. The Cultural Navigator is now available within FGIworldÂ’s suite of services, to all FGIworld clients who wish to enhance the development of employees and managers working across time zones, geography, language and cultures.

Louise O’Grady, Vice President, Global Services for FGIworld, said that, “We’re very excited about adding this valuable resource to our suite of Cross-Cultural Solutions. It enables us to provide effective blended learning options to maximize the effectiveness of the culturally diverse workforce. Users can generate their own cultural profile and access an extensive database of country-specific management information on more than 100 countries – all via the Internet. The competitive advantage of this tool is that it allows an organization’s employees to develop action plans to improve their business interactions in a cross-cultural context, no matter where they’re located or the cross-cultural make-up of the environment they’re working in. Taking a consistent approach to global diversity and multiculturalism can close competency gaps across all levels of an organization.”

Danielle Walker, President & Chief Executive Officer of TMC, described the partnership between TMC and FGIworld: “We’re very pleased to work with FGIworld on this initiative. The Cultural Navigator allows them to provide their clients employees with easy access to just-in-time information on critical issues in global business management.”

FGIworld is dedicated to providing leading-edge, health and productivity services in the areas of Employee and Organizational Wellness, Total Absence and Disability Management and Cross-Cultural Solutions for global workforces worldwide. FGIworldÂ’s 2,200 clients employ 4 million people around the world. www. fgiworld. com

Training Management Corporation (“TMC”) established in 1984, provides practical, dynamic business solutions to address and resolve the individual, team and organizational leadership challenges inherent in the implementation of globalization initiatives or characteristic of dealing with diverse multicultural operations within a single country. www. tmcorp. com


Rachel Azzopardi, FGIworld

415-359-0338 or 415-282-0338 after 04/21

Razzopar@fgiworld. com

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leading Foodservice Distributor Glazier Foods Selects Blue Ridge Replenishment Solution to Improve Customer Service While Retaining Margins

Leading Foodservice Distributor Glazier Foods Selects Blue Ridge Replenishment Solution to Improve Customer Service While Retaining Margins

Texas foodservice distributor selects inventory replenishment software from Blue Ridge to improve their industry-leading service excellence to customers while reducing spoilage to retain margins.

Marietta, GA (Vocus) November 9, 2010

Blue Ridge, a global leader in profit-driven forecasting and inventory replenishment solutions, announced today that Glazier Foods Company of Houston, Texas has selected CLARITY Replenish from Blue Ridge to optimize fill-rates and inventory levels. Glazier Foods is a leading foodservice supplier serving some 4,300 customers, including restaurants, schools, and sports and entertainment operators, as well as daycare centers, hospitals, and other health care facilities. The company distributes both food and non-food products, as well as foodservice equipment. C. R. "Bob" Glazier started the business in 1936.

The Blue Ridge inventory replenishment solution is already in widespread use in the foodservice and food wholesale industries. Leading companies in the industry utilize Blue Ridge software to reduce inventory 10% or more while reducing stockouts and managing the uniqueness of perishable products to reduce spoilage. "We were looking for a partner with the right software solution and the ability to assure a successful implementation," stated Lance Wilson, Senior Director of Marketing at Glazier. "The Blue Ridge solution and team came highly recommended by the top players in our industry, which made our selection that much easier."

This client acquisition continues the rapid growth of Blue Ridge in the foodservice, grocery and beverage industries. Over the last 2 years, the company has added over a dozen customers in the industry, including 7 of the ID Top 50. Blue Ridge solutions are also in use with prominent wine and spirits distributors, along with grocery 3PLs, wholesalers and retailers in North America and Europe.

Blue Ridge has developed a uniquely complete solution that focuses on the inventory replenishment issues in food and beverage. "The needs of the food industries are unique due to their extremely thin margins and perishable product," stated Greg White, CEO of Blue Ridge, "The vision is to add a full point to the bottom line of these companies with optimized inventory replenishment, forward buys and perishable management solutions."

Glazier has begun the integration process and expects to complete their implementation by the last week in November, culminating with the training of their buyers on the Blue RIdge software and best-practice buying.
"Blue Ridge has demonstrated the true meaning of partnership with the purchasing community not only through the development of their software, but with their dedication to fostering long term educational development for individuals in the field of purchasing," stated Shelley Hoffman, Director of Merchandising at Glazier, "I have full confidence that our implementation will be a true success with Blue Ridge by our side."

About Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge is the leader in next-generation inventory replenishment and demand planning solutions. The Blue Ridge global team believes in the philosophy that selling generates revenue, but buying right generates profit. The Blue Ridge vision is for Replenishment, Freight Optimization, SKU Rationalization and other solutions to provide an Income Statement BreakThrough by adding one full point to the bottom-line of every distribution and retail organization. Over 125 customers worldwide take advantage of Blue Ridge software and education offerings to manage their inventory as an investment that increases cash flow and drives strategic initiatives. The Blue Ridge suite of products implement easily to replace or augment a company’s current Demand Forecasting, Replenishment or DRP solutions. The advanced solutions improve inventory management using profit-driven functionality along with today’s leading technology. For more information, visit Blue Ridge on the Web at brinv. com


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Jackson Healthcare Solutions Is Among 'Atlanta's Best Places to Work' -- Employee Survey Places JHS Eighth in Atlanta Business Chronicle Competition

Jackson Healthcare Solutions Is Among 'Atlanta's Best Places to Work' -- Employee Survey Places JHS Eighth in Atlanta Business Chronicle Competition

Atlanta Business Chronicle has named Jackson Healthcare Solutions (JHS) one of "Atlanta's Best Places to Work" for 2007, based on responses to an independent employee survey. The healthcare staffing and technology company ranked eighth among 20 medium-size companies (101-500 employees), according to the weekly newspaper's September 28-October 4, 2007 issue.

Alpharetta, Ga. (PRWEB) October 4, 2007

Atlanta Business Chronicle has named Jackson Healthcare Solutions (JHS) one of "Atlanta's Best Places to Work" for 2007, based on responses to an independent employee satisfaction survey. The healthcare staffing and technology company ranked eighth among 20 medium-size companies (101-500 employees), according to the weekly newspaper's September 28-October 4, 2007 issue.

The employee surveys were conducted for Atlanta Business Chronicle during the months of June, July and August by Quantum Market Research of Wichita, Kan. Ten large companies (501 employees) and 20 small companies (10-100 employees) also made the list from among more than 300 companies applying.

"We are in the people business, and I recognize that our greatest assets walk out the door every evening," Jackson Healthcare Solutions Chief Executive Officer Richard L. Jackson said. "We try to create an environment that encourages associates to be the best that they can be, and so far that has worked well for us."

Atlanta Business Chronicle honored 'A Employer' representatives with a breakfast in the Oceans Ballroom of the Georgia Aquarium on Friday, September 28. This year's breakfast featured a panel discussion among alumni Best Places to Work winners moderated by our Chronicle Publisher Ed Baker. Panel members included: Donna Hyland, chief operating officer for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta; Dave Fitzgerald, president and CEO of Fitzgerald Company and Dion DeLoof, president of Anteo Group.

Making the List
From July 1 through August employees of nominated companies answered an online opinion survey conducted by Quantum Market Research (QMR) of Wichita, Kansas. To reach a 95-percent confidence level with a margin of error of plus or minus five percent, participating company employees had to respond in numbers proportional to their local employee base--from 85% of employees in companies of 50 employees or fewer to five percent of employees in companies with 5,000 or more employees. Fifty percent of employees in companies with 151 to 500 employees, including JHS with approximately 300 Atlanta-based associates, had to log on and complete the survey for their employers to make the list.

Respondents answered questions covering 10 categories on a six-point scale from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree." JHS scored highest in areas including individual contribution (94%), trust in senior leaders (93%), and alignment with goals (93%).

About Jackson Healthcare Solutions
Founded by healthcare pioneer Richard L. Jackson, Jackson Healthcare Solutions addresses the two biggest challenges facing healthcare today: finding the right people and delivering the right information at the right time. The JHS family of companies provides credentialed clinicians, and also develops healthcare software applications that can help hospitals improve clinical and financial outcomes and increase operational efficiency.

With approximately 300 associates in Alpharetta, Ga., and 400 nationally, JHS serves more than three million patients in some 1,000 hospitals each year. With a 62-percent compound annual growth rate between its founding in 2000 and year-end 2006, the company ranked seventh on Atlanta Business Chronicle's "Pacesetters" list of Atlanta's fastest-growing companies in April 2007. JHS was included among the Chronicle's top 50 "Pacesetters" in both 2005 and 2006.

The firm's operating entities include LocumTenens. com (http://www. locumtenens. com/2007best-employers (http://www. locumtenens. com/2007best-employers)), Premier Anesthesia (http://www. premieranesthesia. com/ (http://www. premieranesthesia. com/)), Jackson & Coker (http://www. jacksoncoker. com/ (http://www. jacksoncoker. com/)), Travel Nurse Solutions (http://www. tnsnurse. com/ (http://www. tnsnurse. com/)), Jackson Therapy Partners (http://www. jacksontherapy. com/ (http://www. jacksontherapy. com/)), StatCom (http://www. statcom. com/ (http://www. statcom. com/)) and Patient Placement Systems (http://www. patientplacement. com/default. aspx (http://www. patientplacement. com/default. aspx)).


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The Weight Loss Grail Diet Program Has Been Released

The Weight Loss Grail Diet Program Has Been Released

The Weight Loss Grail is the new weight loss diet program available online that claims to show overweight people how to safely lose weight quickly at home without having to battle with their appetite or feel constantly hungry by following healthy nutritional and exercise advice.

Perth, WA (PRWEB) September 1, 2009

The Weight Loss Grail (http://www. theweightlossgrail. com/) is the new weight loss diet program available online that claims to show overweight people how to safely lose weight quickly at home without expensive pills or products and without having to battle with their appetite or feel constantly hungry by following safe and healthy nutritional and exercise advice.

The Weight Loss Grail method steers away from the traditional low calorie, low carb and low fat diets that are currently flooding the dieting world and instead focuses more on a more natural and balanced approach that does not require cutting out any particular food group from your diet nor does it ask you to give up any particular foods that you enjoy including junk-food and sweets!

They claim that restrictive diets are very hard to maintain in the long-term and promote the loss of lean muscle mass, which is known to cause your metabolic rate to drop and distorts your appearance and creates the dreaded "Yo-Yo" dieting effect. Not only that, but they are also claimed to increase the risk of certain diseases and health problems in the obese.

The fast diet program primarily focuses on the theme of eating smaller meals but at more regular intervals rather than the traditional 3 meal approach and by eating a certain percentage of proteins-carbs-fats with each meal. This method of eating is claimed to speed up the body's metabolism and promote fat loss while preserving and building new muscle tissues. The program also puts emphasis on weight training and claims it to be superior to cardio exercises such as aerobics, walking and running for burning fat and building new muscle.

Another important part of the diet plan is what it calls Vitappetite (http://www. theweightlossgrail. com/index3.html), which is a term they coined and according to the author means, "Hunger brought about by a vital nutritional deficiency". This concept is based on the idea that the human body gets hungry for both energy and essential nutrients including pure water.

The Weight Loss Grail contains cutting-edge yet easy dieting information and secrets about losing unwanted body fat quick that anyone can apply to their current diet or lifestyle. Not only does the site contain proven weight loss methods and powerful tips, it also provides free access to an online weight loss diary (http://www. theweightlossgrail. com/index5.html) as part of it's membership that allows users to keep track of what foods they eat and what exercise or activity they do each day. It also allows users to upload photos to keep a visual record of their weight loss journey.

One of the users of The Weight Loss Grail are quoted as saying, "Just want to give you a progress report. I have been following your plan for several weeks now and am amazed at how effective it is. I feel very healthy, much more relaxed, my clothes are fitting more loosely, I am sleeping better, and I am not hungry."

For more information, to read more success stories or to purchase this new dieting system online, please visit The Weight Loss Grail website:

Http://www. theweightlossgrail. com/ (http://www. theweightlossgrail. com/)


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FROM CRIME TO DIVINE - Prison Yoga an alternative solution to anger, fear and violence

FROM CRIME TO DIVINE - Prison Yoga an alternative solution to anger, fear and violence.

South Indian Yoga Master Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is conducting yoga programs in prisons in the United States and India that transforms hardened criminals into beings becoming aware of their divine nature. One prisoner says, "I came in after committing a murder. had I gone out, I would have committed two more. Now I see all as a part of me."

(PRWEB) July 25, 2002


A non-profit organization advancing physical, mental and spiritual health through yoga science



Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned yoga programs debut in Pennsylvania, Kentucky prisons to offer alternative solution to anger, fear, stress and violence

For Immediate Release

Contact: Linda Wright 615-665-1714

[Nashville]“Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned” prison yoga programs are being offered for the first time in two American correctional facilities this summer: The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections at SCI-Dallas from June 10-14 and at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in LaGrange, Kentucky from July 30-August 04. The programs are sponsored by non-profit Isha Foundation, whose founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of South India also teaches the 20-hour classes that offer an alternative solution to dealing with fear, anger, stress and violence. Since Sadhguru offered his first yoga program in India in 1992, thousands of inmates once considered outcasts and burdens to society are now considered exemplary prisoners. But getting yoga into prisons was not easy.

Even the country credited with the development of the ancient science of yoga resisted opening its prison doors to the practice – at first. But the longing to offer himself to an often forgotten segment of humanity propelled Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a yogi, realized master and mystic from South India, to persist in an eight-month vigil in 1992 to obtain the opportunity to conduct his first yoga program in the Coimbatore Central Prison. From the amazing results of his initial contact with 67 life-term criminals grew the successful yoga programs that are currently offered in all prisons in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu at the request of prison authorities. Mr. Rajkumar, the Jail Superintendent of Madurai Central Prison confirmed, “The prisoners had starting showing tremendous transformation mentally.” Disciplinary levels had improved in the jail and even relatives who came to visit the prisoners were able to observe positive changes.

American prison officials are hoping to see similar results. Betty Kassulke, a former warden of Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in LaGrange, KY was instrumental in securing approval for the Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned yoga program there. She said, “If I were still managing a prison and had the power to make choices about new programs I would be excited about this one.”

Practices taught in the yoga program are based on a holistic approach to health, and have proven that once a person’s inner energies are in balance and full flow, he can live in inner peace and “freedom” regardless of his outer environment. By focusing on inner transformation, Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned yoga programs help inmates develop emotional and mental balance, responsibility, acceptance and communications skills they can use to improve the quality of life during incarceration and increase their chance of a successful return to society once they are released. Participants are given tools to go inward and help them examine the roots of their violent behavior and learn alternatives for coping with stress and anger. The program provides prisoners with the possibility of an ongoing yoga practice they can follow independently for the rest of their lives.

Although the word yoga conjures images of people in complex physical postures, this is only a small aspect of the ancient science of yoga, which is about being in union with existence and finding the divinity within. SadhguruÂ’s yoga program is a dynamic combination of breathing techniques and meditation, which stimulates the release of physical, mental and emotional blocks and activates spontaneous expression of oneÂ’s vital energy. Yoga begins with a practice but is actually a subtle process that leads to a change in oneÂ’s inner chemistry. Science today has proven that emotional states have biological chemical basis. The success of Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned programs rests on this fact: If a person transforms his inner chemistry, his behavior will naturally change.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is the founder of Isha Foundation (Isha means "Formless Divine"), a non-profit organization devoted to advancing physical, mental and spiritual health through yoga science. The master’s humanitarian initiatives with the United Nations for world peace and his outreach programs for life-term prisoners and destitute children have received international attention. He was among the world’s preeminent spiritual leaders attending the Millennium World Peace Conference at the United Nations and stands as a unique advocate for world peace, in that his approach is through inner peace of the individual. His work with prisoners is based on love and humanitarian outreach, and focuses on the innate divinity within all human beings. Participants in the Isha Foundation’s yoga programs have experienced Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev as an enlightened being, whose very presence and energy is a source of inspiration. He says, “The practice of yoga plays a crucial role in cleansing restless minds and bringing peace to the heart.”

The practice of yoga has brought amazing transformation to thousands of prisoners in South Indian prisons. Isha Foundation has collected approximately 1700 quotes and poems penned by inmates formerly considered among the most violent offenders to express the changes within their inner being. A Coimbatore Central Prisoner says, “Now I donÂ’t experience this place as a prison, but as a place for reflecting on my life. This prison is not a mirage, it is a thirst quenching pond.” Another inmate practicing yoga says, “I came in after committing a murder. Had I gone out, I would have committed two more. Now I see all as a part of me.” 

Isha Foundation is currently providing 100% funding for Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned to USA prisons, but is seeking partnerships with other non-profit organizations and government agencies to help sponsor programs and expand the project to a greater number of correctional facilities in America. For more information, contact Isha FoundationÂ’s USA office at 615-665-1714.


Southeastern Council of Foundations Elects New Trustees

Southeastern Council of Foundations Elects New Trustees

The Southeastern Council of Foundations has elected six new trustees to its board for three-year terms.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 23, 2006

The Southeastern Council of Foundations, a membership association of grantmaking foundations and programs representing 11 southeastern states and approximately $30 billion in philanthropic assets, has elected six new trustees to its board for three-year terms. The new trustees are:

Ted Alexander, chief executive officer, Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation, Picayune, MS;

H. Scott Davis, Jr., trustee, Mildred V. Horn Foundation, Louisville, KY;

Byron Harrell, president, Baptist Community Ministries. New Orleans, LA;

Handy L. Lindsey, Jr., executive director, Cameron Foundation, Petersburg, VA;

Suzanne Ward, executive director, CommunityCare Foundation and the Northwest Arkansas Community Foundation, Springdale, AR; and

Jan Young, executive director, Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Memphis, TN

Alan Rothschild, Jr., trustee, Mildred Miller Fort Foundation, Columbus, GA was elected to a second term. Dennis Riggs is completing the term of Andrea Reynolds, vice president and chief operating officer, Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, Memphis, TN.

About the New Trustees

In June of 2000, Ted J. Alexander completed his 43rd year of service in the field of education for the state of Mississippi. He has worked as a science teacher, English teacher, coach, counselor, assistant principal, principal and superintendent. For 14 years, he served as president of Pearl River Community College.

In July 2000, Alexander became the first president and chief executive officer of the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation. Under his leadership, 80 health-related proposal approved and funded by the foundation have provided $2.8 million to enhance the health and well-being of residents of the Lower Pearl River Valley area.

Alexander is a graduate of Millsaps College in Jackson, MS, and holds a master’s degree from Mississippi College, and a doctorate from the University of Mississippi.

Scott Davis has been a trustee of the Mildred V. Horn Foundation since 1987. Other foundations for which he has served as trustee include the Lanier Mansion Foundation and the May Wetherby Jones Foundation. He has been treasurer and board member of the University of Louisville Foundation since 1996.

Davis has worked for Banc One Kentucky for almost 40 years. He is senior vice president and manager in the bank’s trust investment division.

Davis has served as president of the Louisville Donors Forum and of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence Among the many other organizations he has served are the Arthritis Foundation of Kentucky; the Lanier Mansion Association; the National Arthritis Foundation; the Metro United Way of Louisville ; the Kentucky Foundation for Women; and the Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc.

Dr. Byron Harrell is president and CEO of Baptist Community Ministries, a private health-legacy foundation in New Orleans.

He has nearly 30 years of experience in health systems management, hospitals, HMOs and related fields. His career has included serving as president of Christian Health Ministries and of Southern Baptist Hospital, both in New Orleans; as CEO of Baptist Medical Center-Princeton in Birmingham, AL and of Baptist Medical Center-DeKalb in Fort Payne, AL; and as vice president at Baptist Medical Center-Montclair in Birmingham.

Harrell serves on the boards of the Rotary Club of New Orleans, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, the School Leadership Center, and the United Way Community Data Center.

He holds a doctorate in health services research from Tulane University, a master’s degree in science from Trinity University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from West Texas A&M University.

Handy Lindsey has spent 25 years in professional philanthropy. Before joining the Cameron Foundation in 2004, he served as executive director and treasurer of the Field Foundation of Illinois from 1988 until 1997, when he was named president. Prior to that, he was assistant director of the Chicago Community Trust. From 1980 to 1986, he held positions ranging from staff associate to executive director at the Chicago Area Foundation for Legal Services.

Lindsey was instrumental in developing the East St. Louis Community Foundation, where he was interim executive director in 1985-86. He served on the board and the executive committee of the Donors Forum of Chicago, and for two years as chairman. He has also served on the board and management committee of the Council on Foundations.

Lindsey holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Chicago.

Suzanne Ward served as an aide for health and social service issues to Governor David Pryor and then opened the Levi Strauss Foundation office in Little Rock in 1979. Ward then moved to San Francisco to become the Levi Strauss Foundation’s director of national giving programs. She also served as director of public relations for Syntex Corporation, a Palo Alto pharmaceutical firm, and as a consultant to new corporate foundations in Silicon Valley.

In 1998, Ward returned to Arkansas. In June 1999, she joined the CommunityCare Foundation, where she led the planning process that established the Northwest Arkansas Community Foundation.

Ward earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas and a master’s degree from Pennsylvania State University

Since 1995, Jan Young has served in various positions at the Assisi Foundation of Memphis. She became executive director of the foundation in January 2005.

Since 1998, Young has practiced complementary medicine at the Healing Arts Medical Group. From 1991-1994, she was senior vice president of operations at St. Joseph Hospital in Memphis. From 1987-1991, she was associate chief of nursing service and extended care at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Memphis. She served as assistant head nurse at St. Joseph Hospital from 1982-1986.

Young holds a bachelor’s degree from Memphis State University, a master’s degree from the University of Tennessee and a nursing degree from the St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing. She is a brigadier general in the Tennessee Air National Guard.

C. Dennis Riggs has been president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc. in Louisville, KY since 1991. He has served in many other community leadership and non-profit roles, including executive director of the Louisville Fund for the Arts, vice president of Bellarmine University and vice president at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Riggs serves on the board of the Council on Foundations and is a past chairman of that organization’s Community Foundations Leadership Team. He is a member of the University of Kentucky’s Nonprofit Leadership Initiative Advisory Council, of the Thomas Merton Foundation and of the board of the Foundation for the Institute for Cellular Therapeutics. For three terms, he was chair of CARITAS Health Services. He is a retired member of the officiating staff of the NFL and currently serves as league officiating observer and scout.

The Southeastern Council of Foundations is a membership association of approximately 350 grantmaking foundations and programs in 12 states representing more than $30 billion in assets. SECF promotes excellence throughout the field of philanthropy and the creation of new philanthropic resources to benefit the Southeast. For more information, contact Helen M. Ishii, Director of Communications at 404-524-0911, or visit SECF’s Web site at www. secf. org