Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lauriston Crockett of TNT Brands of Dallas, Texas Gains Promotion to Vice President of New Product Development

Lauriston Crockett of TNT Brands of Dallas, Texas Gains Promotion to Vice President of New Product Development

After working 1 1/2 years with TNT Brands of Dallas, TX, Lauriston Crockett is promoted to Vice President of New Product Development through hard work.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 26, 2006

Last week TNT Brands, Inc. of Dallas Texas promoted Lauriston Crockett to the position of Vice President of New Product Development. The well-deserved promotion was awarded due to Crockett’s diligence to fulfill a job well done in securing new product and driving projects to completion.

Climbing up the corporate latter has not been a new thing for Crockett. From his first job as an interim loan officer in a large mortgage company, he found that hard work paid off. Crockett became the youngest branch manager of the 100 year-old mortgage department managing a staff of 8 loan officers, all the while keeping a 4.5 million dollar pipeline personally.

Crockett’s impressive resume of experience and leadership includes creations of billards franchizes, where he worked with celebrity talents; working with the Governor of Louisiana in salvage companies that cleared water ways in the state; creating advanced fishing technology, selling his products on Home Shoppers Network; executive director and host of the made for TV show, “15 Seconds,” a show that dealt with the issues of domestic abuse; a fitness advisor and trainer with certificates from Cooper Clinics and Parker College of Chiropractic; a designer of restaurants, such as Hurricane Jacks in Carrollton, Texas; and handling financing for the Showcase of Homes in Dallas.

Meeting Mr. Eddie Vakser of TNT Media and TNT Brands a year and a half ago, Crockett was hired. Immediately he went to work, bringing in the National 7-Eleven account for TNT Brands to help launch the Wrestling All Star Energy Drink. “We are very pleased with the way Lauriston has come into this business—he jumped right in there and made things happened,” says Vakser, Sr. VP of Product Development. Crockett has had great success in this competitive market by bringing Circle K and many other chains into the Wrestling All Star Family. Last week he signed the Walmart stores of Dallas, Texas district 106. Crockett is also working with TNT Media as an executive producer in the infomercials field launching new products for the TNT Family.

TNT Brands, Ltd. is dedicated to developing and providing high-end consumable nutritional and health products for worldwide distribution. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company specializes in providing unique energy drinks and specialty products and services to wholesalers, distributors, brokers/dealers, integrators, and resellers. TNT Brand’s experienced team hand-selects every product and service that they provide to ensure their clients are getting the best of the industry. TNT Brands, Ltd. is a majority women-owned company. For more information, visit www. TNTBrands. com.