Sunday, October 22, 2006

HSA Place Announces Partnership Agreement with Insure Lane

HSA Place Announces Partnership Agreement with Insure Lane

Insure Lane, the web's premiere source for healthcare plan information and medical insurance quote services, announced today that it has added internet-based healthcare savings account resource HSA Place to its unique network of lead production affiliates with a formal cooperative partnership.

(PRWEB) February 13, 2005

Insure Lane, a leading provider of health and medical insurance quotes to consumers nationwide, adds to its web of lead production by announcing today that it has entered into a formal cooperative partnership with web-based health savings account Information resource HSA Place. This new agreement will enable both concerns to more effectively deploy their respective strengths to provide comprehensive general healthcare savings accounts expertise as well practical online quoting systems to a far greater number of nationwide consumers than either would have the potential to reach out to individually. This agreement will serve to cement the informal partnership between the two organizations that dates back to the first appearance of HSA Place on the world-wide-web.

As strategic marketing partners, HSA Place (www. hsa-place. com) and Insure Lane (www. insurelane. com) will be jointly developing and building a more wide-ranging online presence to lend an expanded level exposure to the various issues and controversies surrounding Health Savings Account Plans as well as provide creative development for an online campaign intended to generate greater public awareness of the relative benefits to consumers of Medical Savings Accounts. HSA Place, the internet's leading source for HSA related news and information, will continue to serve as an independent HSA Info source for prospective healthcare consumers by allowing them to review essential HSA related topics and gain insights as to the workings of specific varieties of HAS Plans as well as provide a doorway for consumers interesting in taking a leap into healthcareÂ’s future by pursing one.

“Partnering with HSA Place will allow us to benefit mutually from each other’s area of expertise as well as achieve our common objective of providing more useful information to and better healthcare for the nation’s consumers,” said Dave Thomas of Insure Lane. “Our formal partnership with our friends at HSA Place is merely the next logical step in the successful business relationship we’ve enjoyed for just over a year now.”

”HSA Place is quite proud be entering into this strategic marketing partnership with Insure Lane. The nature of our quorum will help to encourage and motivate individual consumers to seek out more info on health insurance alternatives in general and more affordable healthcare options specifically,” said James Beard of HSA Place. “Those goals are very much in synergy with HAS Pro's personal vision and guiding principles – we’d like to be at the forefront of an online revolution in reasonably priced medical insurance options in addition to being leaders in our present field.”

About HSA Place

HSA Place was designed and created to help provide net-based consumers nationwide with a non-politicized healthcare savings account news and information sources as well as a number of on-line HSA rate quoting options. Consumers interested in the subject of HSA Plans or in getting a fast-free health savings account quote are encouraged to visit them on the web at: www. hsa-place. com.

Insure-Lane has specialized in providing prospective healthcare patrons nationwide with affordable health and medical insurance quotes from a variety of nationally recognized carriers in addition to local independent insurance agency referrals services for many years. If you happen to be a consumer curious about free health-plan-quotes or an insurance agent interested in having your firm added to our local broker directory, donÂ’t hesitate to visit us at: www. insurelane. com.