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New Free Online Tools Help Consumers be Proactive About Debt Management with MyCareOne

New Free Online Tools Help Consumers be Proactive About Debt Management with MyCareOne

Credit counseling and debt management service providers of CareOne Credit Counseling Services have launched a collection of free Web-based financial tools and resources through their new MyCareOne platform (http://mycareone. careonecredit. com). Available to customers and non-customers alike, MyCareOne lets individuals take a proactive approach to reducing debt and managing finances through their own custom and interactive homepage.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) September 22, 2008

Budgeting, credit card debts, and trying to slowly build savings can be frustrating and stressful for many consumers. With the launch of MyCareOne (http://mycareone. careonecredit. com), providers of CareOne Credit Counseling Services aim to empower users with free financial tools and expert advice to find debt relief inspiration, start a savings plan, monitor their debt management program, and more.

The MyCareOne tools engage consumers in an easily-customized environment where they can move, add, or delete homepage features (called "gadgets") to access an assortment of financial planning resources tailored to their individual needs. Current gadgets available on the MyCareOne platform include a savings planner, a collection of debt management success stories, financial advice from the company's own Debt Diva, and access to the Straight Talk (http://community. careonecredit. com) community where they can discuss debt management, budgeting, and other personal finance issues with those facing similar situations and hurdles.

"Getting out from under debt or finally being able to save for that car, college education, or trip you've always wanted to take really are achievable goals," says CareOne Credit Counseling Services (http://www. careonecredit. com) Spokesperson Clarky Davis. "MyCareOne is designed to help consumers do just that, offering cutting-edge online tools allowing them to interact with like-minded people, access debt management plans and repayment details, and stay on top of the latest money saving tips from our own financial experts."

MyCareOne is a free service available to consumers, and all registered members will have access to the following financial planning tools and features:
MyCareOne's Message Center - Messages from CareOne Credit Counseling Services (such as new feature announcements) can be accessed from the user's home page.

Home Page Customization - All users can drag and drop (or add and remove) page elements to create their own user experience, placing their favorite tools in easy-to-access locations.

MySavings Gadget - The MySavings tool lets users create a variety of savings goals including deadlines and monthly savings estimates to reach those goals. It even keeps track of the individual's progress.

FreedomPointers - Users can access FreedomPointers tips on how to save money on a daily basis. Tips are contributed by site staff as well as members, and users can submit their own tips directly through a link in the FreedomPointers gadget.

Debt Diva Tips - Members will be able to view weekly money-saving tips (or browse archived tips) from CareOne Credit Counseling Services' Debt Diva.

All registered MyCareOne members can also view the latest posts in the CareOne blogs, debt relief news, and the most recent discussions happening in the Straight Talk community. Users will be able to easily add any future gadgets released by the company and they can manage newsletter subscriptions directly through the MyCareOne interface when logged in.

Customers of CareOne Credit Counseling Services' debt management plans can also access account information through their MyCareOne homepage including payment reminders, their debt management plan details, account information (which can be updated through MyCareOne), and more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A video tour of MyCareOne's gadgets, financial tools, and other interactive features can be viewed online through the MyCareOne Dashboard (https://mycareone. careonecredit. com/dashboard. aspx).

About CareOne Credit Counseling Services

CareOne Credit Counseling Services is a service mark of 3C Incorporated. CareOne agencies are industry leaders committed to providing consumers with education and debt management services related to improving and maintaining their financial health. CareOne agencies have helped over 4.5 million people pay down debts through their solid relationships with over 220,000 creditors.

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