Thursday, October 5, 2006

Synergy Healthcare Resources Opens Office to Ease Physicians Office Burdens

Synergy Healthcare Resources Opens Office to Ease Physicians Office Burdens

Synergy Healthcare Resources announces the opening of their new Medical Billing Center in the Eastport Office Park near the Valparaiso Airport.

Valparaiso, In. (PRWEB) January 27, 2006

Duane Johnson, Synergy’s Director of Marketing said, “There is a growing need for our Medical Billing Center because billing has become one of the major issues complicating the lives of physicians. Over the past few years, regulations imposed by insurance companies and government agencies have increased the complexity of handling the business side of the medical practice. Billing for the medical practice has become so technical and so detailed that it has much more efficient for physicians to outsource this function to experts who specialize in the doing just one thing – billing for the medical practice.”

“Our medical billing used to be the “choke point” of our practice because of unpaid invoices, the expense and effort spent in constant training time, and funs tied up in Accounts Receivable. Now everything is smoother and easier to manage. An additional bonus, one I never expected, is that the cost of managing our billing has actually gone down while positive cash flow has increased,” said Dr. Nayana Trivedi, a Synergy client from Encinitas, CA.

Aside from the “people” issues, the complexity of all the forms and complying with all the regulations has increased the probability of billing errors. This causes insurance claims to be denied for improper coding until the errors are rectified. The payment stream is slowed, stress is increased, and the total is a practice that becomes more difficult to manage. In the office of the typical medical practice, the cycle of claim-to-payment is 40 to 60 days while Synergy’s billing system usually receives payment in 10 – 14 days. Since all the accounts receivable functions in the Synergy billing system are electronic, it creates a virtual “paperless” off ice and the physician does not have to purchase and then keep current, an expensive software suite. There are also large savings in training the practices office staff also.

Synergy currently employs 21 people in sales, support, and billing activities and is in the process of increasing their office space to accommodate more people as the Billing Center expands. Synergy

Healthcare Resources is an extension of Synergy Medical Information Systems, a 25 year-old medical software company that relocated to Valparaiso, Indiana from California in the late ‘90’s. Over 2300 independent businesses in the medical billing field have purchased Synergy’s software and utilize it to provide local medical billing services throughout the nation. Many of these businesspeople come to Valparaiso to be trained in the use of this software.

Synergy utilizes the latest in practice management software and highly trained data technicians to retrieve the billing information from the physician’s office then creates invoices to the proper agency such as health insurance companies and Medicare. Johnson said, “If it’s done right it is a fast, easy process, but you can’t be talking to a patient or scheduling a lab test, then go back to the billing and expect to “get it right.” Since that’s all we do at Synergy, we get it right the first time. We don’t get paid until the physician gets paid so we are very good at getting it right. Our tag line says it all, Synergy Healthcare Resources… optimizing financial success. That’s our mission, that’s what we do.”

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