Saturday, November 11, 2006

Choose Booze And Lose

Choose Booze And Lose

Do you know someone in your family, your circle of friends, or your place of work who suffers from alcoholism and needs help? A packet of inspirational messages that makes the perfect gift for that special person who needs motivation and help is available from GrandLifestyle. com.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 13, 2006

A packet of booklets and posters focusing on alcoholism and offering motivational messages, dubbed “Choose Booze And Lose,” has been announced by Grand Lifestyle Publisher.

The author, Dr. Heinz Dinter, explains the purpose of the publication packet: “Someone’s first-hand experience is always a useful guide and the packet’s intent is to be such a guide. It’s for your peace of mind helping and being helped.”

“Within the pages of the two booklets and nine inspirational posters I give the reader cause to think about the true worth of life and caring for those in need,” says the author. “As you turn the pages, I share with you my very sad and shocking experience trying to help someone who is in the clutches of this evil phenomenon called alcoholism and who refuses to see the abyss of miserable pain and suffering when the overabundance of alcohol has taken hold of what was once a body full of life.”

In addition to telling a brutally honest and revealing story, Dr. Dinter offers information to help understand and take the action necessary to slay the dragon and bring body and soul back to health and peace-of-mind living.

The gift packet contains the following:

(1) Booze Will Do You In is a 24-page booklet revealing real life experiences and includes the following topics: “Fighting Alcoholism and Other Perils” (a real-life story); “Their Take on the Matter” (what famous people say about alcoholism); and “Where You Find More Information and Help” (books, organizations and information).

(2) 101 Tips For Finding Peace Of Mind is a 24-page booklet of inspirational reading that opens eyes wide and motivates hearts.

(3) Nine colorful motivational FridgeTips™ posters (8½x11) are Combating Alcoholism: The CAGE Questionnaire; The Al-Anon Twelve Steps; Alcoholism Is a Progressive Disease; Wellness Tips We Can Learn From a Dog; Your Life Will Take On a New Flavor; Know the Difference Between a Real and a Simple Friend; Depression. Recognize the Warning Signs; Life Is Mostly Froth and Bubble; What Shall We Live By? The Golden Rule.

The booklets and FridgeTips are printed using a Xerox solid ink technology printer producing brilliant colors.

Any of the items are also available as a free download at GrandLifestyle. com.

Grand Lifestyle also offers its inspirational booklets to individuals, organizations and companies for quantity purchases including customization with special logos and messages.

For more information, please contact the author at phone 305-859-9695. Dr. Dinter urges those with similar experiences to contact him for possible inclusion in a future “Choose Booze and Lose” sequel. The author is a Miami-based online publisher at www. GrandLifestyle. com.