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Movie Star and Singer ignites new interest in Working Out & Basic Self Defense

Movie Star and Singer ignites new interest in Working Out & Basic Self Defense

Constitution Staters can follow Jennifer Lopez’s lead from the new movie “Enough?”.

(PRWEB) May 25, 2002


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Movie Star and Singer ignites new interest in

Working Out & Basic Self Defense

DATELINE: Enfield, Glastonbury, North Haven, West Hartford, Windsor, CT, May 23, 2002Â

Wouldn’t you like to resemble the heroine in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie “Enough?” When things get out of control, Lopez takes things into her own hands by learning kickboxing to strengthen and defend herself, breaking the bonds of helpless victimization. Her toned and trained body is able to act and react in tune with her focused mind.

OrÂ… maybe you think you would just like to get a good cardio workout while learning basic self-defense, just in caseÂ… Either way, VillariÂ’s Cardio-kickboxing classes cover it all, and you just may surprise yourself by becoming more like LopezÂ’s character than you ever thought possible!

Five of the ten Villari studios in Connecticut offer Cardio-Kickboxing classes. The participating Villari studios include: Enfield, located at 249 Hazard Avenue, (860) 763-2136; Glastonbury, located at 103A New London Turnpike, (860) 657-8488; North Haven, located at 34 Broadway, (203) 239-4192; West Hartford, located at 1124 New Britain Avenue, (860) 236-5519; and Windsor, located at 645 Poquonock Avenue, (860) 688-3898.

Setting the Trend

With eight years of experience in teaching Cardio-Kickboxing programs, Villari is the established trendsetter, voted best in the Hartford area by the Hartford Advocate. Classes in VillariÂ’s time tested program are taught by a staff of certified instructors who meet the stringent certification standards of Villari, the worldÂ’s largest Karate organization.


Cardio-Kickboxing combines a vigorous workout of punches, kicks and self-defense moves followed by a long isometric cooldown. Participants determine their target heart rate and check their pulse at the end of each class to determine if their workout was too intense, too easy, or just right.

At VillariÂ’s, a key element of maximizing an individualÂ’s workout potential includes the simple act of paying attention, becoming aware of which muscle is being used and where a kick is targeted. The benefits include not only a toned body and improved cardiovascular health, but also a trained mind, enabling the body to react faster if the situation requires.

A Connecticut First

Villari has opened the first martial arts/fitness center in Connecticut, located at 645 Poquonock Avenue in Windsor, featuring a 4,000 square foot studio with two training rooms, state-of-the-art weight equipment, and a meditation room complete with relaxation chairs, and a variety of soothing music. The facility also features a nutrition counter with shakes and bars for a quick protein boost, or sports drinks to quench your thirst during a workout.

Strengthening both Body and Mind

VillariÂ’s Martial Arts Centers, with locations throughout Connecticut in Enfield, Fairfield, Glastonbury, Mansfield, Newington, North Haven, Simsbury, Torrington, West Hartford, and Windsor, offer an approach to karate instruction that goes beyond just technical expertise.

Three Rules

Three rules guide the teaching in Villari classes: self-control, respect, and self-discipline. Learning punches, kicks, blocks, forms and combinations are only a part of practicing Karate at VillariÂ’s. Students learn to control their behavior in a given situation; treat people the way they would like to be treated; and do the things they should do, without being told.

Colors of Character

Villari students have the opportunity to gain recognition for following the three rules of conduct at home and at school, using the Colors of Character worksheet. To test for the next level belt, a student must also demonstrate the importance of the three rules in their life.

When a student is taught self-defense at VillariÂ’s, character development comes first. As physical skills are developed to empower students to stand up for themselves against peer pressure and verbal or physical assaults, the development of a disciplined mind is also emphasized.

Martial Arts/Fitness

In addition to Shaolin Kempo Karate instruction, VillariÂ’s also offers fitness programs from Cardio to Tai Chi at selected Centers. For further information about VillariÂ’s programs for tots to seniors, please call 800-552-KICK.