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Niambi Jarvis, CEO of Hiyaah Power Inc., Spotlighted on AOL Black Voices

Niambi Jarvis, CEO of Hiyaah Power Inc., Spotlighted on AOL Black Voices

Niambi Jarvis formed a community of women using her skills as an information technology consultant and the most important tool of her generation: a computer.

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) August 3, 2005

Hiyaah Power was created to facilitate Revelation, Resolution, and Restoration resulting in empowerment for women. Hiyaah Power also offers an online support community, book club, teleseminars, blogs, internet radio and podcast interviews with industry leaders, and an online store that offers support materials, including 100 Word of Wisdom for Women, affirmation cards, and other related materials. Hiyaah Power's national member base consists of prominent women in 40 states who convene online to share relevant business and personal resources and events with the national Hiyaah Power community. Visit www. hiyaahpower. com for more information.

The August 1, 2005 “The Good News” segment of AOL Black Voices highlights the mission and current projects that Jarvis has initiated with Hiyaah Power. (http://blackvoices. aol. com/goodnews/canvas_directory/good_news? id=20050727101109990001 (http://blackvoices. aol. com/goodnews/canvas_directory/good_news? id=20050727101109990001)) "If a woman does not possess a sense of empowerment, I strive to provide access to resources and people who can help that sister on her path to empowerment," said Jarvis, 33. "Hiyaah Power is a double entendre, a play on words. I am acknowledging the Hiyaah Power that exists in the universe and within each of us."

The article is timely as Jarvis was interviewed on July 30th on The Voices, hosted by Queen Jefferson on WOL, a Radio One station. “We are excited that the community is ready to support the empowerment of women of color. Hiyaah Power has labored to provide its members and visitors with access to some of today’s top experts.”

Hiyaah Power is gearing up for the release of its anticipated 100 Words of Wisdom for Women: A 31-Day Exercise in Empowerment. Affectionately known as OH WOW!™, Niambi Jarvis and Lisa Bartley-Lacey have assembled the wisdom of 40 powerhouse women from the US, Caribbean and West Africa. George C. Fraser, networking guru and author of Success Runs in Our Race, states, “This exercise in empowerment is a must read for all women who are serious about leading a fulfilling and productive life. Bravo to Lisa and Niambi for such a wonderful contribution to humankind.” As an affiliate of the Black Women's Health Imperative, Hiyaah Power strives to generate discussions on domestic violence and a woman's empowerment in communities of color.

In its inaugural year, Hiyaah Power launched the Lend Me Your Hand domestic violence advocacy campaign. At the core of each 100 Words of Wisdom for Women ContributorÂ’s dedication to this project is her desire to support the 'Lend Me Your Hand" mission to provide valuable resources to women and children who are fleeing abusive situations across the country. Through education and a dynamic network of sponsorship, this mission has grown in scope and in its influence since inception with the addition of an impressive number of dynamic new strategic partners. (See: http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/7/prweb144751.htm (http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/7/prweb144751.htm)) Lend Me Your Hand, promises to broaden its influence and help more domestic violence survivors with the national and international release of OH WOW! Hiyaah PowerÂ’s domestic violence outreach will be featured on BET. com in August. Proceeds from 100 Words of Wisdom for Women will support Lend Me Your Hand. To learn more about the project, please visit http://www.100WordsofWisdom. com (http://www.100WordsofWisdom. com).

Hiyaah Power remains busy preparing for another outreach event with its Vision Power 2005 Virtual Empowerment Conference (November 4-5, 2005). The virtual conference will include teleseminars, webconferences and chats hosted by the heads of dynamic organizations such as Vision Manifest, Women-CEO Network, Berry Communications and the Give ‘N Take Network. In keeping with its belief in the power of collaboration, Hiyaah Power is looking to expand its member and visitors’ empowerment base through the access of information technology. “We want people of color to become more comfortable with utilizing technology for more productive reasons. If you can shop or chat online, why not do it to build your own professional or personal arsenal of self-empowerment tools.”

To view a list of upcoming Hiyaah Power events visit http://www. HiyaahPower. com (http://www. HiyaahPower. com).