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A Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

A Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Author with Spiritual Muscle to Sign Copies of His Book at Publishing Industry Event

BLOOMINGTON, IN (PRWEB) May 26, 2004 -

– Renowned celebrity trainer and bodyguard Antonio Almeida will sign copies of his new book, Building Spiritual Muscle/Fortalezca Mente y espiritu (now available through AuthorHouse), at the 2004 BookExpo America in Chicago from June 4 through 6. 

Written in five parts, Building Spiritual Muscle invites readers to witness AlmeidaÂ’s personal journey toward physical and spiritual health and inspires them to begin their own path toward improvement. Part I discusses how his encounters with different people during his world travels put years of metaphysical studies into perspective. Part II covers pivotal points in his early life, when the seeds of metaphysical thought processes were sown. Part III offers advice for developing physical strength and endurance based on his many years of body building and his work as a personal trainer. Part IV shares insights and guidelines for techniques in building spiritual strength. Part V highlights essential metaphysical guidelines that can expand oneÂ’s capacity for inner peace.

“This book is not a traditional ‘how-to’ book,” writes Almeida. “I believe that each individual must find his or her own path to happiness and peace of mind. My belief is that sharing my personal experiences and revelations will motivate others on their journey to peace of mind.”

With simple candor, Almeida reveals how the power of mental, spiritual and physical health helped him with intense challenges in life, such as caring for his child with DownÂ’s syndrome and overcoming a failed marriage. This journey of self-discovery also led to travels and adventures, both on his own and as a bodyguard and trainer for Gloria Estefan. By illuminating his own struggles and triumphs, Almeida encourages readers to begin a more enlightening and enriching way of life.

Born on a small island off the coast of Portugal, Almeida discovered at an early age that he wanted something different out of life. Skeptical of the messages he received from political leaders and his own Catholic faith, he decided to travel and seek his own answers. He also began a lifelong study of body building and Aikido, a Japanese martial art that emphasizes unity and peace. Building Spiritual Muscle is his first book. He currently lives in Miami Beach, Fla.

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