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Independent Audits Confirm that Doe Run Peru Meets Emissions Standards

Independent Audits Confirm that Doe Run Peru Meets Emissions Standards

Audit also finds compliance in environmental construction.

La Oroya (PRWEB) November 29, 2007

An independent audit of Doe Run Peru's (http://www. doerun. com. pe/) La Oroya metallurgical complex has confirmed that the facility is meeting the Peruvian government's emissions standards.

Two auditing firms, BO Consulting S. A. and D & E Desarrollo y Ecología S. A.C., were chosen and appointed by Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines to verify Doe Run Peru's compliance with its environmental operating agreement with the government, known by its Spanish acronym PAMA.

The auditors reported that air quality samples taken during the audit earlier this year met the monthly Air Quality Standards (AQS), while main stack emissions were below the maximum limits allowed by the law.

"Auditing is part of our commitment and independent auditors are verifying that progress is actually being made," said José Mogrovejo, Doe Run Peru's vice president of environmental affairs. The environmental improvement process is ongoing, Mogrovejo added, but real and concrete progress in La Oroya's environment can already be seen.

The auditor's report also showed that there is no variation in the quality of receptor bodies in the Mantaro River, based on results of samples taken from around Doe Run Peru facilities. The river is being monitored by the state health agency DIGESA in its ongoing water resources surveillance program. Mogrovejo said that this proves that the La Oroya metallurgical complex does not pollute or have any adverse effect on the Mantaro River.

The audit, which took place January 4-14, 2007 and was monitored by outside observers, also included the verification of compliance - including adherence to required timeframes -- in the construction and implementation of the following projects:
Completion of the sulfuric acid plant for the zinc circuit and advances in the construction of sulfuric acid plants for the lead and copper circuits, as well as a new reactor for the copper circuit. Verification of the operability and efficiency of the sulfuric acid plant for the zinc circuit. Installation of bag houses for the lead furnaces and other facilities to reduce the volume of dust that goes to the main stack. Closing off of lead furnaces, the foaming plant and anodic residues plants, and replacing humid-gas cleaning technology systems through the installation of bag houses in the lead agglomeration plant, with the aim of reducing fugitive emissions. Implementation of other complementary environmental projects to reduce fugitive emissions such as: paving of industrial areas, operation of street sweepers and tire washers. Installation of three domestic and one industrial water treatment plants to control total liquid effluents from the La Oroya metallurgical complex.

Mogrovejo also noted that, to date, the company has been complying with the PAMA as agreed to with the Peruvian government. He explained that the construction of the sulfuric acid plant for the lead circuit, which is scheduled for completion by September 2008, is already in progress and that engineering work for the sulfuric acid plant for the copper circuit, which is expected to be concluded by October 2009, has begun.

Doe Run Peru's original commitment to environmental improvements was $107 million, and that up to date over $132 million has been invested. By October 2009, the total investment in environmental improvement projects will total $244 million, 2.3 times more than the original commitment.

About Doe Run Peru
Doe Run Peru is a mining and metals company sitting on Peru's central mountain range. The company has run the La Oroya metallurgical complex since October 1997 and the Cobriza mine in Huancavelica since September 1998, producing high-quality refined metals while at the same time working to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

For more information visit: http://www. doerun. com. pe (http://www. doerun. com. pe).

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