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New PR-PRomoPRo. com Builds Customer Confidence Through Exposure in Family and Children's Magazines

New PR-PRomoPRo. com Builds Customer Confidence Through Exposure in Family and Children's Magazines

New PR-PRomoPRo. com website uniquely targets media outlets that appeal directly to family and children's magazines, proving a credible resource and content to its readers. It simplifies and helps to make the writer's or editor's job easier at the same time.

(Vocus) September 28, 2009

Heads of families are very shrewd when it comes to digesting material they read in magazines. They prefer to read facts outlined in an article. Educated consumers give more credence to information published in their favorite magazines. Articles filled with juicy and beneficial content have more value and credibility than fancy advertisements. New PR-PRomoPRo. com website facilitates the connection between businesses and esteemed family magazines to promote products and services in a way that speaks clearly to parents, while making the writer's or editor's job easier at the same time.

According to Jami Lin, developer of PR-PromoPRo, "There was a time that I couldn't afford to hire a publicist so through trial and error, I taught myself how to send press releases (http://www. pr-promopro. com/) and the benefits of publicity." "It doesn't matter how great the product or service, we all need to spread our message. I am making publicity accessible to everyone and through its electronic distribution, we are all being ecologically responsible."

A common belief amongst advertisers, business people, and consumers is that if it is published in a reputable magazines, it has to be good. Consumers have depended upon magazines for decades for quality, dependable, and trustworthy content. Without hiring a publicist or press agent that costs thousands of dollars a month, how does one contact magazine editors and writers, as well as attract them to content?

PR-PRomoPRo. com has an inside track to contacts at dozens of women's favorite publications. Instead of sending introductions to a generic email address, such as publicity(at)familymagazine(dot)com, have PR-PRomoPRo. com distribute it directly to the media contact (http://www. pr-promopro. com/) in charge of that area. Contact Jane Doe, marketing editor, directly with a concise, yet informative press release detailing the products and services, and how the reader will benefit.

Make a writer's job easy! Provide consumer-rich information for the editor to use the content verbatim. With quality content, writers can use the text to speak directly to their readers or be interested enough to request more information. Everybody wins. Magazines get the inside scoop to the benefit of their readers, and the business's message is spread through a credible source.

When the family magazines receive positive feedback on their pieces featuring advertised products and services, they will be more likely to seek out more information, and continue to expand upon the original release. They know the importance of maintaining the trust of their readers, and strive to do so. Other media outlets (http://www. pr-promopro. com/) may pick up on magazine articles, adding to the publicity (http://www. pr-promopro. com/) from just one press release.

Press releases can also be distributed to applicable newspapers, TV and radio, and online writers and bloggers, providing even more potential publicity. The more outlets reached, the more permanent exposure, all without having to pay for advertising! Free media exposure is the most valuable promotional tool to generate sales.

About us

PR-PromoPRo. com is a contact research and press release distribution service (http://www. pr-promopro. com/) committed to helping others create publicity and spread their message in the most affordable, effective, and eco-responsible way.

Jami's media section (http://www. jamilin. com/media/index. php) provides the press with valuable, tailor-made content in: Lifestyle/General Interest, Family/Children, Business Success, Home/Garden, Health: Body, Mind, Energy Medicine, Youth-Enhancing Secrets, and Human Spirit/Awareness.

Jami Lin (JamiLin. com) is a 30-year veteran of interior design. This expertise evolved into Feng Shui (Feng-Shui-Interior-Design. com), six best-selling books, an online home-study certification program, and star of a recent PBS pilot. Her new, award-winning ColorAlchemy book (ColorAlchemy. com), is heralded as "advanced thinking for infinite possibilities."

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