Wednesday, May 30, 2007

GFT Applauds PacifiCareÂ’s Court Victory Today

GFT Applauds PacifiCareÂ’s Court Victory Today

The Attorney General, in Superior Court of Guam Civil Case NO. CV1203-04, sought to enjoin the very kind of competition among health insurers which he claims to favor by attempting to tinker with the right of GFT members to select the health care plan of their choice. However, the Superior Court of Guam ruled in favor of PacifiCare and GFT. GFT and PacifiCare are encouraging all eligible members of the GFTÂ’s bargaining groups to come in next week to enroll. The GFT office will be open until 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday to enroll eligible individuals the PacifiCare Health Plan.

(PRWEB) December 4, 2004

GFT’s President Matt Rector stated after hearing the courts decision in Superior Court of Guam Civil Case NO. CV1203-04, “Justice has prevailed and now our members can enroll in an excellent affordable health plan without fear.”

GFT is offering a health plan provided by PacifiCare Asia Pacific. PacifiCare Asia Pacific is a part of the PacifiCare Health Systems. PacifiCare serves more than 3 million health plan members and approximately 9 million specialty plan members nationwide with annual revenues of more than $11 billion.

If you are an active member of the GFT, eligible to join or a Working person on Guam contact the GFT office for information on how you can take advantage of the new GFT/PacifiCare Health Plan. GFT’s President Matt Rector stated, “ After 39 years on Guam it is time that the GFT stand up and provided a health benefit that not only is affordable, but offers its members COBRA coverage, the ability to keep their insurance for up to 18 months, even if they lose their job or end up in a none pay status. The GFT plan also provides a two party rate to help single parents with one child and includes a plan with an affordable co-payment for big families.

GFT’s Vice President Tim Fedenko stated that he views this effort by GFT as a natural extension of GFT’s “community first' philosophy."

GFT also has a free checking account offer by First Hawaiian Bank. First Hawaiian Bank was founded in 1858 and is the oldest financial institution in Hawaii. First Hawaiian has 56 branches throughout Hawaii, three in Guam and two in Saipan. Principal subsidiaries include First Hawaiian Insurance, Inc. and First Hawaiian Leasing, Inc. First Hawaiian has been helping Hawai‘i’s labor unions longer than any other trust company in Hawai‘i. We handle $3 billion of union fund assets.

We also have a special offer from AM/ MoylanÂ’s insurance on home and automobile insurance. AMÂ’s as part of this effort has AFLAC representatives on site.

Our offices will be open for enrollment until December 15th from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. Call our office for information at 735-4390.