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Alabama Father Hopes That New Retail Additions Will Help With His Family's Fight with Leukemia

Alabama Father Hopes That New Retail Additions Will Help With His Family's Fight with Leukemia

A web-based store owned by a dad in Alambama has added over 20,000 electronics products, and over 900 gifts and collectibles to its inventory. Colyn Luchterhand, the owner, started the store to help offset costs associated with his daughter's fight with leukemia.

Gardendale, AL (PRWEB) December 15, 2005

2002 was not a very good year for the Luchterhand family. That was the year their oldest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL, the most common form of the disease). They didn't have health insurance, they had no family in the area, and they were scared.

"Our daughter's fight was successful," says Colyn Luchterhand. "Everything went well, and she was in remission for over two years. Recently, however, she relapsed, and we are once again facing a long treatment process. She's doing okay. Treatment is a long, tedious, and scary process, but she's doing okay."

Chemotherapy treatment is also expensive in many ways. Colyn and his family end up picking up food on the run to and from the hospital. He and his wife miss work sometimes. They get bills for the amounts their insurance doesn't cover. That's one reason why Colyn decided to open www. dads-deals. com, an Internet based store selling thousands of items of all types. "We have to do something. Our friends and family have been generous, but we still need to generate an income to cover some of these extra expenses."

Dad's Deals (www. dads-deals. com) sells electronics items like GPS units, mp3 players, DVD players, etc., as well as everything from leather jackets to toys and computer accessories. "Our supplier has just added over 20,000 electronic products, and over 900 new gifts and collectibles." That's going to help to reach a broader base of customers, and will help to add to the bottom line.

"I use the store myself," says Luchterhand. "I know for a fact that the fragrances section has a ton of name-brand designer perfumes and colognes that are a lot cheaper than major retailers."

Dad's Deals hopes to increase awareness about the store, and hopes that you'll find electronics, leather jackets, fragrances, or whatever you're looking for at prices that you can afford. "We aren't trying to get rich. We just want to pay those extra bills, and hopefully, save you some money or add convenience to your shopping experience."

Dad's Deals is a home-based business, which helps the family to work and to take care of their daughter. If you wish to contact them, you may email them at: or visit Dad's Deals at www. dads-deals. com to check out the store.