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CRC Health Group Licenses OneRecovery’s Addiction Recovery Platform

CRC Health Group Licenses OneRecovery’s Addiction Recovery Platform

CRC Treatment Facilities to Utilize OneRecovery to Help Extend Recovery

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2010

CRC Health Group, the largest provider of specialized behavioral health care services in the U. S., and OneRecovery, the first health care social networking platform to connect peers and professionals, today announced a licensing agreement whereby OneRecovery will be the exclusive provider for certain of CRC’s recovery division facilities of a closed recovery social network platform that integrates with CRC’s facility alumni engagement and aftercare support.

“CRC recognized the value of social networking as a new opportunity to support our clients’ ongoing recovery after they leave treatment,” said Jerry Rhodes, President of CRC Health Group’s Recovery Division. “We believe OneRecovery is the best solution for providing a safe, private and healthy online environment that will help support extended recovery for our clients.”

“CRC has proven their dedication to provide the highest quality treatment for addiction,” said David Metzler, CEO and Founder of OneRecovery. “This partnership will help as an extension of that quality, while also allowing OneRecovery to expand on our ultimate goal of saving lives through cutting edge methods available anywhere and anytime for a recovering alcoholic or addict needing support.”

Under the terms of the agreement, OneRecovery will create co-branded websites for CRC treatment facilities to include online meetings, peer-to-peer support as well as clinical tools to give CRC clinical staff additional opportunities to provide support.

About CRC Health Group
CRC Health Group offers the most comprehensive network of specialized behavioral care services in the nation. As a world-class specialty health organization, CRC has provided healing and hope in the lives of their patients and students. By offering the largest array of personalized treatment services, individuals, families and professionals can choose the most appropriate treatment setting for their behavioral, addiction, and therapeutic education needs. Every day, more than 30,000 people receive treatment from CRC programs making it the most trusted specialized behavioral health organization in the nation. CRC Health Group’s motivation for growth stems from a deep commitment to make their services widely and easily available to those in need, while maintaining passion for delivering advanced behavioral, addiction, and therapeutic education services. For over two decades, CRC programs have helped individuals and families reclaim and enrich their lives. For more information, visit http://www. crchealth. com or call (877) 637-6237.

About OneRecovery, Inc.
OneRecovery is a online behavioral modification platform that increases outcome-driven wellness and reduces the cost of health care by using social networking technologies to extend the reach and benefits of professional medical and clinical care. OneRecovery, Inc. was founded in 2007 and is located in Del Mar, CA. (http://www. onerecovery. com)

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