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NFI Consumer Products Announces the Release of DietFizz™

NFI Consumer Products Announces the Release of DietFizz™

NFI Consumer Products announces the release of DietFizz with Hoodia, an effervescent portable pink lemonade diet drink that mixes with water to create a powerful weight loss aid.

Fayetteville, NC (PRWEB) February 22, 2006

NFI Consumer Products (www. nfiproducts. com) makers of EnergyFizz™ and other health, nutrition, and fitness products has announced the launch of DietFizz™ with Hoodia (www. dietfizz. net), a new pink lemonade effervescent hoodia weight loss/weight control food supplement that turns everyday water into a powerful weight loss aid. NFI Consumer Products provides a variety of dietary supplements to consumers that offer flexible weight loss and weight control solutions to obese and overweight individuals.

“DietFizz™ with Hoodia offers a cutting edge delivery system unique and flexible to the consumer by allowing an easy carry, mix, and consume formula that transforms ordinary water. This transformed water helps alleviate hunger cravings and improves energy without jittery side effects. Adding DietFizz™ with Hoodia provides us with an extended ability to offer real time solutions to obesity for people who may be desperate to lose weight or need additional help to lose unwanted pounds,” said Larry Chriscoe, CEO of NFI Consumer Products “We continue to focus on providing quality products that deliver specific results. Our customers benefit directly by purchasing products that work as intended from online and national retail locations they know and trust.”

“DietFizz™ with Hoodia is available online with a special introductory offer so that consumers can try it,” said Richard Guy, Chairman of NFI Consumer Products “DietFizz™ with Hoodia is similar to our EnergyFizz™ drink in that you mix it with water, allow it to effervesce, and then drink. This fast acting formula delivers the powerful appetite suppressing features of Hoodia quickly but without sugar and only 2 carbs and 10 calories.”

Richard adds, “The key ingredient of DietFizz™ is the reknown Hoodia gordonii cactus. The South African San Bushmen have been using Hoodia gordonii for centuries to curb appetite and lose weight. The difficult part of bringing this product to market is having a marketable supply of genuine Hoodia to meet the incredible demand that surrounds Hoodia. There are too many products on the market that make extraordinary claims yet fall short of providing the physical benefits genuine Hoodia can provide to overweight and obese individuals. Providing products that work as intended is our number one goal.”

NFI Consumer Products (www. nfiproducts. com), established in 1988, is a rapidly growing consumer products’ company headquartered in Fayetteville, NC. NFI Consumer Products is recognized by leading national retailers as one of the most innovative and visionary companies in the consumer products industry. NFI Consumer Products is committed to providing consumers with exceptional products in three core areas of Pain Relief, Diet, and Energy.

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