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Shenzhen, China, is Going to Build Trust e-Commerce Model City, Tradetuber has Laid out in Advance

Shenzhen, China, is Going to Build Trust e-Commerce Model City, Tradetuber has Laid out in Advance

More trust, More business Via http://www. tradetuber. com by trust index ranking priority instead of money ranking priority of tradetional b2b sites

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 4, 2010

Shenzhen, in solving lack of credibility of e-commerce will take action to break the ice. Currently, China SMEs(small and medium enterprises) Association, the electronic commerce credit management center officially located in Shenzhen. The center will build the electronic commerce credit management system from standard research, technology development, and application etc. Meanwhile, Shenzhen will also build a public service platform includes identity verification, product information verification etc. to preliminarily establish the network credit system. And, as the first to make the credit ranking e-commerce platform, Tradetuber (http://www. tradetuber. com) settles in Shenzhen now.

Chinese SMEs Association’s leader, Lizibin indicated at e-commerce credit management center open ceremony that Shenzhen is creating the first model city of e-commerce. To reach the goal, the first thing is to make Shenzhen to the capital of trust e-commerce. Tradetuber has treated creditability development as its essence, it began to layout the network two years ago, until now, it has gathered 1,000 international verified suppliers and gold buyers of more than 5,000.

Liziben revealed the new center will introduce professionals, establish data center and promote platform, simultaneously evaluate the standard of credit. When the time does, there will draw up laws and regulations for e-commerce industry.

Through survey, credit problem has hindered e-commerce development, many websites using false name, address, product information cheated and mislead our consumers, so it makes users do not think highly of e-commerce not speak of take participation. To encourage more enterprises and individuals getting in e-commerce, Shenzhen is trying to build credit e-commerce system. Market supervision and administration officials told reporters after investigation, their department start to connect other departments to join building e-commerce public service platform, through basic level, supporting service, application system, constructing a three-level relatively perfect credit management system.

Trust, as the soul of e-commerce, has become the core module of improvement of e-commerce development system, only in a healthy environment and system, e-commerce can get a high-speed and effective development, and provide real, accurate information to domestic and foreign trade partners, promote orderly development of international trade.

About Tradetuber
Tradetuber (global) Technology Co.,LTD. is a Sino-German joint investment, creates the first credit e-commerce service platform with integration network purchase and consumption custom of Asian and European merchant. Tradetuber’s own developed independently credit e-commerce index system (note: has applied for patents) will put e-commerce into a new level, break traditional e-commerce (B2B. B2C. C2C) promotion way of money come first.

Tradetuber combines existing global online trade condition, through revolution and innovation of traditional online trade; create a more integrity, freedom, justice, and more open and competitive environment for global businessmen, provides conditions with more business and trade opportunities. It promotes healthy and orderly development of global trade, and the progress of human civilization.

“trust first, business great ” is the historical mission for Tradetuber, that why Tradetuber comes into the world.

Tradetuber. com is created by Tradetuber and began to offer service to global businessmen in March, 2008, the Tradetuber (global) in Asia-pacific operating center in Shenzhen on 18th, May,2010, officially provides service to greater China region. Tradetuber provides free trade platform Tradetuber. com credit index system, buyer support center and seller global broadcast system and other services to global suppliers and buyers, as to improve international trade credit environment process.

Tradetuber. com is a global oriented online B2B platform; it overthrows existing B2B platform’s membership and competitive ranking system, inaugurates lifelong free member system and credit ranking system. Tradetuber combines BVāD&BāAFAQāKRT and so on many most famous and global buyers international authentication institutions, third-party authentication, to verify members on the spot. It really offers a global trade platform evading fraud trade risk.

Tradetuber creates global five first
1. First credit index as a standard to prioritize the B2B network service platform
2. First use of "credit passport” B2B network services platform
3. First creative use of buyer/seller credit system authentication services between the B2B network service platform,
4. First commit to donate 1% ~ 5% income of platform to excellent college students, enterprise development/innovative network science and technology company, fully embodies enterprise's social responsibility,
5. First solemn to put partners benefit above, put own interests behind the rapid development of network technology.