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AmeriPlan - Supplemental Discount Health Benefits Company Unveils Its Consumer Driven Health Care Discount Plan – CDHC (Ameriplan Health)

AmeriPlan - Supplemental Discount Health Benefits Company Unveils Its Consumer Driven Health Care Discount Plan – CDHC (Ameriplan Health)

AmeriPlan/AmeriPlan Health, nations fastest growing supplemental health care company provides affordable health care at discounted prices.

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 14, 2004

The Texas based company is targeted as the nations leading provider of health care services. The strength of the organization is built on its dental services. Also known as a Provider Access Organization (PAO) AmeriPlanÂ’s provider base of over 30,000 dentist nation wide service millions of American families.

According to itÂ’s founders, (Dennis & Daniel Bloom) the new AmeriPlan Health puts the health care relationship back into the hands of the physician and the patient, while removing or diminishing the third party. This method of accessing health care allows for the delivery of better care while significantly decreasing cost.

AmeriPlan has established partnership alliances with some of the major retailers nation wide to provide quality care at an affordable price. With over 7,000 Chiropractors in the network, and partnering with over 50,000 retail pharmacies and vision care providers a consumer can save on Vision Care, Prescription Drugs, & Chiropractic Care.

The expected savings can range from up to 20% to up to 60%, statistics show that 7 out of 10 people would like to have the luxury of these savings and better health care, AmeriPlan is providing the solution for thousands of American families.

The AmeriPlan motto is “delivering on the promise”, and that is delivering to millions of Americans quality care at an affordable price. For $19.95 or $11.95 per month an entire Household or an Individual can have access to quality care with out the usual restrictions of traditional coverage. The new AmeriPlan Health product is offered for $59.95 & $49.95 per month.

Straight, white teeth signify not only good physical health but also high social class. A nice set of choppers makes you look more employable, giving new meaning to the phrase putting your money where your mouth is. But for those segments of [the] population without access to healthcare, bad teeth have economic and physical consequences. A policy report from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ Health Policy Institute in Washington, D. C. shows how the disparity in dental care hurts one group, African –American males. This study can be found: “Visible Differences: Improving the Oral Health of African American Males.” Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies 2004. (Ro. M. and Treadwell, H. M.)

According to Health-Reuters, Germs found in dental plaque can make their way into the lungs and cause potentially fatal pneumonia in elderly nursing home patients. A small study was conducted (49 patient) and according to the researchers it is noted that “ Though the study was small, the researchers found clear evidence in eight patients who developed pneumonia while in the hospital that had originated from their own dental plaque.”

“This is the first study to establish unequivocally a link between dental hygiene and respiratory infection”, according to Dr. Ali El-Solh of the University at Buffalo in New York who led the study.”

In addition to tackling the issues of health, AmeriPlan is helping individuals establish a home based business that provides true residual income, life style change and financial freedom.

The AmeriPlan business opportunity offers long-term success. With a 12year track record of proven success and a minimal investment of just $95.00 willing investors could be on there way to living the dreams theyÂ’ve always had but never found a way to uncover. Daily pay and monthly residuals are keys to building lifetime repeat income for partners. The business system has been developed to assist business partners in marketing on or off the Internet. The 5 management positions lend itself to multiple streams of income (commission, bonus and overrides).

According to it founders, it’s a simple plan, (Dental, Vision, Prescription Drugs, Chiropractic & Ameriplan Health) that is changing the lives of millions and is truly “Delivering on the promise”

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