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Denver PR Consultancy, Absolutely Public Relations, Announces Its Third Contract Agreement with Baxa Corporation for Media Relations and Details Campaign Results

Denver PR Consultancy, Absolutely Public Relations, Announces Its Third Contract Agreement with Baxa Corporation for Media Relations and Details Campaign Results.

As of January 1, 2005, Absolutely PR embarked on its third contract with Baxa Corporation for media relations services. In 2004, Baxa CorporationÂ’s media relations campaign yielded 50 trade press placements; approximately 4.16 per month on the average. Publications covering Baxa Corporation last year included: Denver Business Journal, Rocky Mountain News, Pharmacy Practice News, Drug Topics, For The Record, U. S. Pharmacist, Health Management Technology, Hematology Oncology News & Issues, Nursing Management, Houston Business Journal, The Manufacturer Magazine, Journal of Infusion Nursing, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products, Pharmacy Times, Packaging News (UK) and The Medical Post.

Lakewood, CO (PRWEB) January 19, 2005

Denver public relations resource, Absolutely Public Relations, will again provide media relations consulting services to Englewood-based Baxa Corporation. The announcement is made by Absolutely PR owner, Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, who says this is the third contract her consultancy has engaged in with Baxa since 2003.

"Baxa Corporation's media relations campaign has yielded an ad value equivalency exceeding $116,000 and a circulation exposure of 3.2 million thus far. We've been able to keep up the momentum of an ongoing media relations campaign and, certainly in 2004, have seen the very positive results of the consistent ongoing activity," Holben says.

Since Absolutely PRÂ’s first contract with Baxa Corporation in 2003, exposure has occurred in the following publications:

Denver Business Journal (four placements)

Rocky Mountain News (three placements)

Managing Infection Control

RN Magazine

Pharmacy Practice News (five placements)


Drug Topics (four placements)

For The Record (two placements)

U. S. Pharmacist

Health Management Technology

Hematology Oncology News & Issues

Nursing Management

Houston Business Journal

The Manufacturer Magazine

Journal of Infusion Nursing

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products (three placements)

Pharmacy Times (two placements)

Packaging News (UK)

The Medical Post

In addition to the ongoing news release program, Absolutely PR has also posted two experts on behalf of Baxa Corporation (James Jorgenson, RPh, MS, and Martha Polovich, MN, RN, AOCN) on its "Expert Information For Journalists" website at http://www. (http://www. covering the safe handling of hazardous drugs. Baxa distributes the innovative PhaSeal® closed system for the safe handling of hazardous medications. In 2005, additional postings are anticipated at either www. or Absolutely PR’s national newsroom (http://www. PublicRelationsNewsroom. com (http://www. PublicRelationsNewsroom. com)) on behalf of Baxa Corporation.

Absolutely Public Relations has been in business since April 1999 and specializes in media relations. Media relations is a combination of strategy and tactics that yield impactful editorial media placements. Holben is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America and is also a member of the organizationÂ’s Counselors Academy. The ideal client for Absolutely PR is one that needs three to ten hours per week of media relations consulting services and can sustain at least a six-month campaign, preferably 12 months, with plenty of news hooks for the media.

Your can learn more about news hooks at the website: http://www. absolutelypr. com (http://www. absolutelypr. com).

Holben also offers these other websites to help her clients achieve media exposure:

Http://www. PublicRelationsNewsroom. com (http://www. PublicRelationsNewsroom. com)
Http://www. (http://www.
Http://www. DenverPRNewsroom. com (http://www. DenverPRNewsroom. com)
Http://www. Online-Presskit. com (http://www. Online-Presskit. com)

Results for several Absolutely PR campaigns are posted as PDF attachments to this news release for those readers curious about what to expect from a media relations program. Links are found at the column to the right detailing the following media relations campaigns:

Trade Media Campaign – New Product Environmental Remediation

Bylined Article Campaign for New Pricing Model – Military Trade Press

Denver Media Campaign – Key Executive Announcement

National/Trade/Local Campaign – 25th Anniversary in Business

Trade & Local Campaign – Community Issue Awareness

National Awareness Campaign – Innovative Contact Lens Product

National Awareness Campaign – New Product for Pain Management

Denver Media Campaign – National Expansion Into Denver Market

Trade Media Campaign – Medical Device Company

Holben recently announced that Absolutely Public Relations achieved numerous national, trade and local editorial placements in 2004. Results were recapped in a "yearend review" news release:

Http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/12/prweb192321.php (http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/12/prweb192321.php)

First quarter, a national placement occurred in the Discover Financial Services “Inside Biz” newsletter that circulates to 1.3 million recipients:

Http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/DiscoverCardInsideBizfinal. pdf (http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/DiscoverCardInsideBizfinal. pdf)

Also first quarter, Absolutely PRÂ’s contact lens client was featured on a segment for the E! Style Network, reaching some 33 million subscribers:

Http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/APRNewsReleaseAICTonStyle. pdf (http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/APRNewsReleaseAICTonStyle. pdf)

Holben was interviewed about crisis management on 850 KOA Radio for the morning drive segment:

Http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/APRNewsReleaseKOAInterview. pdf (http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/APRNewsReleaseKOAInterview. pdf)

National placements were also achieved in Inc. Magazine:

Http://www. prweb. com/releases/2003/12/prweb92273.php (http://www. prweb. com/releases/2003/12/prweb92273.php)

Washington Times:

Http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/ClippingDailyNewspaperDCMarket08January2004.pdf (http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/ClippingDailyNewspaperDCMarket08January2004.pdf)

And, WomanÂ’s World during the year:

Http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/ClippingNationalPlacementConsumerWomensMagApril2004.pdf (http://www. prweb. com/prfiles/2004/12/28/192321/ClippingNationalPlacementConsumerWomensMagApril2004.pdf)

Further, a Fortune 500 company using Absolutely PR services for Denver localization in 2004 achieved six placements with its Metro Denver announcement exceeding 1.4 million in circulation reach and $16,000 in ad value equivalency.

For more information about Denver PR resource Absolutely Public Relations, go to http://www. absolutelypr. com (http://www. absolutelypr. com). For further information about Maggie Chamberlin Holben go to http://www. maggieholben. com (http://www. maggieholben. com). Call Holben's office at 303-984-9801 or e-mail maggie@absolutelypr. com.

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About Baxa Corporation:

As a leading provider of devices and systems for the preparation, handling, packaging, and administration of liquid medications, Baxa manufactures and markets a wide range of healthcare products for use in hospitals, critical care units and alternate-site pharmacies. Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Baxa has subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at http://www. baxa. com (http://www. baxa. com).