Monday, July 2, 2007

MedSave. com Announces New Low Cost Health Insurance

MedSave. com Announces New Low Cost Health Insurance

A new generation of low cost health insuance policies are launched at MedSave. com.

Narberth, PA (PRWEB) September 11, 2006

MedSave. com announced the launch of three new low cost health insurance products. The polices are referred to as "mini-meds" because they specifically limit the maximum benefits are spelled out in the policy. "These are the wave of the future", according to Tony Novak, enrollment adviser for MedSave. com. "Many people simply cannot afford the type of multi-million dollar coverage we had in the past. Most people are not millionaires; they do not need insurance that covers millions of dollars of expenses". While the average cost of traditional individual major medical insurance nationally is about $400 per month, mini-med policies are often priced under $100.

Novak expect these alternative insurance plans to be widely available across the U. S. as more state insurance departments approve the new insurance products. "Residents of New York and New Jersey have not had an affordable insurance alternative for more than a decade, so this is a big deal there"." One of the policies called "Value Health" is currently available in New York state and is expected to be approved for sale in New Jersey in the near future. Some of these policies can be combined with other low cost insurance policies to boost the overall level of coverage while still keeping the cost at a reasonable level.

MedSave. com reviews and assists applicants in low cost health insurance in all states and participates in the "Cover the Uninsured" program that is based on grass roots political activism. Novak has long believed that this limited dollar benefit approach is the best way to address our nation's health insurance affordability issue. This limited benefit insurance does not solve all of our nation's health care crisis, but takes a giant step forward toward universal health care.

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