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The Next Generation of Addiction - Why Are We Addicting our Children on Mind Altering Drugs?

The Next Generation of Addiction - Why Are We Addicting our Children on Mind Altering Drugs?

When did "Speed Kills" become "Speed Heals?"

(PRWEB) January 4, 2005

America has been lulled into believing that doctor-prescribed pills are the answer to what ails our children. Kids used to be told, “speed kills” only to be prescribed amphetamine class drugs to control symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). When did this contradiction become the norm? How do we explain to our children that they shouldn’t try crack cocaine or meth-amphetamine when they are consuming similar agents daily as a normal course of treatment?

The overuse of prescription drugs such as stimulants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills and anti-depressants is the focus of Label Me Sane, a California not-for-profit organization. Label Me Sane, was established by Alesandra Rain and Andrea Crocker after recognizing that few drug education lectures provided the truth about the war on drugs.

Rain, a survivor of addiction to the anti-anxiety class of psychiatric drugs, is angered about the widespread use of psychotropic and behavioral drugs. She contends that the general public does not know the true history of illegal drugs and their connection to past psychiatric use. Rain claims that most illegal drugs were used in the psychiatric profession for years but were discarded after the dangers were recognized. “Cocaine and heroin were considered the ‘wonder drugs’ of their time, just like many of the new mood altering drugs marketed today. Explains Rain.

“Most parents feel they are helping their children by drugging them.” States Rain. “Parents buy on to the belief that prescription medications are safe, and have no idea they are putting their children at risk.” Rain continues.

“It is a known fact that amphetamine based drugs can cause depression, delusions, weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, and tics (repetitive movement) and a whole range of other complications.” Warns Rain. “Yet when these adverse effects surface, frequently other mood stabilizers are prescribed to treat what is mistakenly concluded as other forms of mental illness, rather than the fact that the drugs are causing the symptoms.” explains Rain.

Over 8.5 million children in the United States have been prescribed drugs to treat ADHD while the underlying causes may remain untreated. Allergies, nutritional deficiencies, lead poisoning and various health conditions mimic the identical symptoms of many mental disorders yet our society seems quick to turn to drugs as the only solution.

“My symptoms of depression and anxiety stemmed in large part to a severe vitamin and mineral deficiency. Instead of treating me with proper nutrition, I was put on a cocktail of drugs that made me feel like I was no longer living. The side effects were horrific and I thought I was losing my mind. Once I was off all the drugs and dealt with the underlying nutritional deficiencies, the depression and anxiety immediately lifted. It saddens and angers me that untold numbers of people may suffer the same road needlessly.” Rain concluded.

Heroin and Cocaine were on the market for decades before they were deemed unsafe. How long will the psychotropic drugs be prescribed before the reality about their devastating effects are recognized? Far more people are taking these “safe” drugs thinking they are best serving themselves and their family. How many people will lose their lives or suffer addiction before the dangers are addressed?

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