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Breaking The Mold: Hip, Modern Day Guru Riz Mirza

Breaking The Mold: Hip, Modern Day Guru Riz Mirza

" A rockstar of the psychic world brings a message of hope and love on a May 4th, 2010 Speaking Event at the Westin Los Angeles"

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2010

Riz Mirza has been called a "modern day guru," and " a hip, kick ass spiritual teacher," by many of his devoted clients. Not your ordinary guru, there is no long white beard, and no long robes. Riz is breaking all stereotypes in Los Angeles, California as he spreads light and love through his enchanted channeling circles at the most popular yoga studios and private locations in California.

Also bringing his message to celebrities and clients from around the world, he has captivated many with his powerful messages from the other side. With the future release of his Heartprints book, and companion spiritual CD, Riz is taking center stage at a 200 seat venue May 4th, 2010 at the Westin Hotel, Los Angeles to share a message of “going deep within, inspiring people to live a soul centered life where your level of compassion matches your level of passion. Awakening the love you are.”

He will then share personal psychic messages to individuals in the audience. A cross between John Edwards and Deepak Chopra, he can bring people to tears just as easily as he can make them laugh with his edgy playful demeanor.

With roots in India and New York City, Riz breaks the mold of New Age teachers with his rock star striking looks and unique approach to the spiritual world. His unmatched candor and ruthless authenticity leaves the audience spell bound as he receives and shares their personal messages from the other side.

As one of Los Angeles' most popular spiritual speakers and psychic mediums he is now expanding globally with his messages of love and compassion with his National "Heartprints " tour. "Heartprints was born out of the knowing of how our love infused imprint can leave an imprint on everything and everyone in the world. To heal and nurture the planet, its creatures and resources and to raise the level of humanity towards each other while understanding ‘The Universal Laws’ is the Heartprints message. To go deep, to live a soul centered life where our level of compassion matches our level of passion. It is to Awaken the love you are." - Riz Mirza

Filmed in front of a live audience for TV, the Heartprints speaking tour will bring joy and enlightenment to a population of people who are ready to hear a secular and current message that appeals strait to their heart. We are alive yet we seek how to live more fully, to feel more, work less, we love yet we struggle to stay in a loving mood throughout our day to day lives, smile more, get angry less. We know of many teachings that help us learn what it takes to live a better life, be a better human being, a more productive and creative happy person - yet there always seems to be a “But…” Doesn’t there?

Not only does Riz connect people with their “spirit guides” whom he says stand with every human being, and are loving, penetrating and often humorous, but he is extremely health conscious.

Riz is a devoted Raw foodist and follows a enlightened holistic lifestyle. In his many travels around the world he has gathered valuable information on living a high vibrational, energetic and youthful lifestyle from the masters. He has brought a foremost authority on health and rejuvenation to give an introduction to Riz’s Heartprints event and share how to combine science and spirituality in your body and mind.

Guest Speaker Dr. Lawrence Sosna

With distinguished Visionary Dr. Lawrence Sosna, Founder of the Myotherapy Institute of NYC. Specializing in Physical Medicine and Naturopathy, a twice PhD in Myology and Molecular Biochemistry from the Fairfield college of Myopractics, Naturopathy and from the NHI of Naturopathy, Larry teaches and practices Naturopathic Medicine. Inventing many formulations and protocols for advancing healing and regeneration, his laboratory of biochemicals comes from the one source which does not make mistakes, NATURE.

Dr. Sosna has invented over 200 natural protocols and formulations for the purpose of Cell repair and regeneration, and the natural treatment of virtually all disease states. Larry was responsible for the President of the National Advocacy for the Chronically Ill. Dr. Sosna helped invoked Presidential executive order and directed the Dept of USA Health & Human Services to make severe Fibromyalgia and CFIDs covered by SSI Disability. This one action is estimated to have saved 200 suicides a year among the groups affected severely by these illnesses.

Larry is a Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Member of the American Holistic Medical Society. Dr. Sosna’s scientific paper “Whey facts and Applications” has been cited by many hundreds of other scientists and many nutrition magazines, with regard to the regenerative powers of raw milk & non denatured whey proteins. Dr. Sosna’s scientific paper “Whey facts and Applications” has been cited by many hundreds of other scientists and many nutrition magazines, with regard to the regenerative powers of raw milk & non denatured whey proteins.

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