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Reflexology Class Touts Benefits, Teacher Best Case Study

Reflexology Class Touts Benefits, Teacher Best Case Study

Former Indianapolis journalist used alternative therapies to heal herself, learned reflexology and decided to make it her life's work. Now she is teaching others how to heal their bodies naturally through a September class at IUPUI.

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) August 14, 2004

Five years ago Indianapolis journalist Thomacine Haywood could hardly drag herself out of bed in the morning and drive the 12 miles to her part-time job without going to sleep behind the wheel.

She had made the round of doctors who prescribed everything from Prozac to hormone replacement therapy as the answer for her unremitting fatigue and the pain in her lower back and legs.

Today she works full-time writing, teaching and running a thriving reflexology and massage therapy practice on IndianapolisÂ’ far eastside, Restore Bodywork & Holistic Services. In September she will be teaching an introductory reflexology course about the history, theory and basic reflex locations through Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI.)

She is admittedly one of her best case studies. “I am the poster child for the benefits of reflexology and alternative therapies,” she said. “Alternative therapies helped me recover my health and now I can teach others how to help themselves or a loved one.”

During her own recovery she employed the use of a variety of alternative healing modalities including reflexology, massage therapy, Reiki energy work, herbal, homeopathic and vitamin supplement therapies. Eventually she returned to full-time work and began a reflexology certification class through the Academy of Reflexology and Healthcare International, Indianapolis.

“I had some misgivings when I started the class. I had returned to working full time and was feeling a hundred percent better but had some concerns about whether my energy levels would hold up with the demands of a full-time job, family and classes,” she related.

What she learned about reflexology and other alternative healing modalities inspired her to expand her education to include massage therapy, esoteric healing and sound/vibration therapy. She opened her own practice and now teaches on a variety of topics throughout Indianapolis. Her upcoming class, Heel Yourself With Reflexology Foot Massage is planned 6-9 p. m., Weds., Sept. 22 and 29 at IUPUIÂ’s Glendale campus. Cost is $69. To register, call IUPUI call center at 317-278-7600 or Loreane Kegeris at 317-278-1637.

For additional information about the benefits of reflexology, you can access a recent article authored by Haywood in the alternative and complementary medicine division of about. com website at http://healing. about. com/od/reflexology/a/stress_reflex. htm (http://healing. about. com/od/reflexology/a/stress_reflex. htm) or contact her at 317-403-5051 or www. restore-inc. com

Haywood is a certified reflexology who trained at the Academy of Reflexology and Healthcare, Indianapolis. She is a Reiki Master, massage therapist and certified as a SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality practitioner. She has offered classes throughout Indianapolis including the Academy of Reflexology and Healthcare International, Pyramid of Enlightenment, Michaels, Irvington Massage Center and others.

She stresses that people be aware that reflexology does not take the place of traditional medical care and that reflexologists do not diagnose or prescribe. She urges people seek professional medical diagnosis and advice for persistent medical problems and use alternative therapies in a collaborative manner with traditional medical care.


Thomacine Haywood, C. R., M. T.

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