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MDM Group, Inc. Joins the Girvan Institute as a Technology Affiliate

MDM Group, Inc. Joins the Girvan Institute as a Technology Affiliate

MDM Group, Inc. (Other OTC: MDDM. PK) has entered into an Enterprise Affiliate Agreement with the Girvan Institute of Technology, an organization chartered to foster public-private partnerships on a global scale.

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) June 4, 2004

MDM Group, Inc. (Other OTC: MDDM. PK) has entered into an Enterprise Affiliate Agreement with the Girvan Institute of Technology, an organization chartered to foster public-private partnerships on a global scale.

Girvan Institute of Technology Vice President and COO, Gopal Patwordhan stated: "We are delighted to welcome MDM Group as an Enterprise Affiliate Partner and look forward to continuing our involvement with the Company's ShockRounds™ project as well as being able to assist with the deployment and commercialization process of ShockRounds™ and other MDM Group technologies and services."

The Company's ShockRounds™ non-lethal and less-lethal technology is protected through pending Patents prepared and filed while the Technology was under development at the Girvan Business Venture Acceleration Network (B-VAN). See: www. girvan. org and search "MDM Group."

MDM Group Director of Strategy, Chris Nichols stated: "Our Company is excited about this opportunity to be working with the Girvan Institute where the Institute can assist in the market introduction and facilitation of MDM Group products that are positioned to contribute to many industry segments of national importance."

About Girvan Institute of Technology:

The Girvan Institute of Technology was established in January 2002, and is a non-profit public benefit corporation incorporated under the laws of the state of California.

The Institute functions as a catalyst to accelerate the development and application of cutting edge technologies into useful products and services on a global scale.

The Girvan Institute of Technology promotes real time collaboration and exchange between technology developers and potential exploiters of emerging technologies in the private and public sectors.

The Institute leverages the technological output of research & development enterprises in the private and public sectors labs to promote collaborative development of technology, transmission and dissemination of intellectual assets, and the development of commercial enterprise across the globe.

Girvan's affiliates and partners include research labs in the United States and abroad, fortune 1000 companies, small and medium sized hi-tech companies and a number of private equity and venture capital firms.

About MDM Group, Inc:

MDM Group is a development stage advanced technologies Research and Development Company focused on business risk management, IT security, software development and, security solutions for law enforcement agencies, military and Homeland Security.

MDM Group currently has two major business interests in development, the promising ShockRounds™ project and the Solutions International business -- which is already generating revenues.

ShockRounds™ are a potential breakthrough product for the law enforcement industry, the military, border control and anti-terrorism and Homeland Security initiatives, due to their versatility and multiple applications. When fired, a ShockRounds™ specialized bullet generates an extremely high voltage charge. This voltage discharges instantly upon impact causing immediate target incapacitation.

ShockRounds™ "electrified" standard bullets and rubber bullets are forecast to:

-- Dramatically increase effectiveness of law enforcement, military,

 border control, anti-terrorism and Homeland Security initiatives

-- Provide an effective anti terrorism and border control weapon

-- Increase the safety and certainty for Homeland Security, military, and law enforcement personnel

-- Save lives and ensure less collateral damage and civilian casualties

-- Enable far better control and effective enablement in aircraft, public

 places, arenas etc.

-- Reduce injuries and fatalities

-- Increase ability to collect vital intelligence from targeted personnel

-- Potential to decrease legal liability -- through reduced injuries and fatalities

As announced previously, MDM Group has entered into a conditional agreement with Harrington Group Limited (HGR), a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (HGR. AX) to commercialize the company's ShockRounds™ technology. See Press Release of February 24, 2004 and www. shockrounds. com

Solutions International focuses on delivering advanced business risk management services driven by world class trusted date, communications, security, and information technology solutions that address all areas of security, privacy and liability with a specific focus on legal compliance, HIPAA (healthcare), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (financial services) and Sarbanes-Oxley (public accounting). See: www. simdm. com

Solutions International is building strong revenue streams that are driven through specific industries obligated under new national security legislation to find strong IT security solutions to protect privacy and assets. Such strict regulation and mandates will support the demand for Solutions International's services and solutions where companies in specific industries will have few alternatives to avoid liability and to also comply with new U. S. laws and regulations.

Solutions International offers a full suite of integrated security solutions and services:

-- IT and Security Project Management and Strategic Planning

-- Enterprise Security Deployment

-- Security Architecture Design

-- Security Policy Development

-- Assessments -- compliance (HIPAA, GLB, SOx, Basel II, etc.), QOS


-- Network Protection

-- Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

-- Trusted Systems Design and Integration

-- Trusted Enabling Applications

-- Perimeter and Penetration Testing Services

-- Business Contingency Planning

-- Disaster Recovery Services (DRS)

-- The "Office of the Chief Security Officer" -- retainer based

-- Physical security design, integration, evaluation, and installation

Safe Harbor Statement:

The information in this release, other than historical information, may be considered forward-looking statements within the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Projection and other forward-looking statements and management expectations regarding future events and/or financial performance of the Company -- although given in good faith -- are inherently uncertain and actual events and/or results may differ materially.

For further information see: www. shockrounds. com and www. mdmgroupinc. com

MDM Group is featured on www. Homelanddefensestocks. com a global investment research portal for defense and security.


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