Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PacNet Services (Europe) Celebrates Achievement of Carbon Reduction Target

PacNet Services (Europe) Celebrates Achievement of Carbon Reduction Target

PacNet Services (Europe), a payment processing company located in Shannon, Ireland, reaches the first of three carbon reduction goals as set out in their Carbon Neutral Challenge, launched in May.

Shannon, Ireland (Vocus) October 21, 2009

PacNet Services (Europe) (http://www. pacnetservices. com/ireland/), a payment processing company located in Shannon, Ireland, is pausing to acknowledge and celebrate the fact that they have reached the first of three carbon reduction targets right on schedule. They have two more milestones to achieve now, with an aggressive plan to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon load by January 2010, and absolute carbon neutrality by January 1, 2011.

Since the May launch of their Carbon Neutral Challenge, through which they encouraged other Shannon companies to enter into a little earth-friendly competition, the company has attained a healthy 20% reduction in its carbon footprint. This 20% directly translates into a substantial reduction in tons: PacNet reduced its footprint from approximately 325 to 275. The success of the program is largely attributed to a well planned, comprehensive waste recycling program, along with a concentrated effort to decrease mileage in the air travel undertaken through their subsidiary, PacNet Air (http://www. pacnetair. com/).

Through a well executed recycling plan, PacNet has reduced the amount of waste going into a landfill by a minimum of 75%, and the future only looks greener for the emerald isle, as plans are now underway to further reduce carbon output, including an overhaul of the heating system in the PacNet offices. Another area targeted for positive change is car travel; PacNet plans to purchase a hybrid vehicle for use as a company car, and will introduce a staff commuter scheme, which will reward staff members who choose alternate forms of travel, such as car pooling, bicycle and pubic transit. With environmental concerns top of mind, the staff at PacNet have identified another use for the stationery and office equipment they no longer need; instead of sending it off to a landfill, they are distributing the material to local schools.

“This is a fantastic start; we are buoyed by the initial results, and we will maintain a steady pace toward our end goal of being carbon neutral by 2011” says R Paul Davis, spokesman for the PacNet Group of Companies, “Like any long term change, this initiative requires a sustained effort in order to be successful, and the PacNet team is prepared to meet the challenge. Everyone is on board”. The team at PacNet Europe’s office takes pride in the results they can measure, and look forward to those to come.

PacNet hopes the Carbon Neutral Challenge (http://www. pacnetservices. com/press_release. html) will help to define the future for the environment in West Ireland, and bring awareness to the many ways that local businesses can contribute. Davis restated his commitment to the initiative, “By taking the lead through designing and implementing our carbon reduction quest, I hoped to inspire other area businesses to adopt a conscious, engaged role in reducing their carbon footprint, which will have a positive impact on the future of our planet”.

About PacNet:
PacNet Services (Europe) Ltd. (http://www. pacnetservices. com/ireland/) is a payment processing company that offers a global range of inbound and outbound payment solutions. By working with PacNet, commercial and not-for-profit organizations can accept multi-currency payments by Visa, MasterCard, direct debit, cheque and bank transfer from customers in Europe, North America and around the world. Organizations can also rely on PacNet to issue and distribute multi-currency refunds, commission payments, rebates and more to beneficiaries in both major and developing markets.