Monday, August 10, 2009

A True Success Story In New Natural Health, Energy, And Sexual Enhancement Product Markets

A True Success Story In New Natural Health, Energy, And Sexual Enhancement Product Markets.

A true highlighting moment for the company behind the new and natural products that are taking the health, energy, and sexual experience markets by surprise. This Florida based company is setting new standards in both quality and effectiveness of natural products.

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) March 9, 2006

The markets for natural energy, health, and sexual experience products have been taken by a company with strong standards for quality and effectiveness. This has been long overdue, for these kinds of products have not been as effective as the marketing behind them.

For the natural health, energy, and fat burning markets, Mr. Energy is a one of a kind product. It is the worlds first maximum strength energy boosting, fat burning, sexual enhancer, all-in-one to hit the shelves of high traffic locations.

A more potent and effective sexual enhancer, Vigor-EX is known to be a high-performance natural product. It is designed to provide an extreme sexual experience, but naturally, and that is why Vigor-EX is becoming so popular. It is a great alternative to over the counter products that are, for most, an embarrassing experience to obtain.

The great company behind these two competitive products is Bhelliom Enterprises Corp. Bhelliom has hit a home run with Mr. Energy and Vigor-EX, among other fantastically natural products. It is also comforting to know that Bhelliom takes the initiative to triple test all products. Each extract is tested for active alkaloids before encapsulation; it is also tested after encapsulation to make sure active alkaloid remains 100%, and after encapsulation each product is tested by humans to prove effectiveness.

With the news traveling quickly to so many distributors, all of their products are almost growing wings of their own.

One indication of the success of Bhelliom, is the rapid distribution of their products to all Flying J’s 168 travel plazas nationwide. This is a great achievement, as only the best make it this far. But it does not end there. A significant number of best quality C-store distributors have also picked up on the hot brands of Bhelliom.

Other quality products from Bhelliom include:

Muscle-Rx – All-in-one natural energy boosting, fat burning, pre-workout supplements.

Alcohol-X – Fast acting natural hangover relief and preventative.

More information about Bhelliom and their fine products can be found by visiting http://www. bhelliom. com (http://www. bhelliom. com) or calling toll free: 1-888-277-8169.