Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The "Cold" Facts About The Flu: Your Best Defense Is Offense!

The "Cold" Facts About The Flu: Your Best Defense Is Offense!

Flu season is here! Learn about prevention, getting the immune system in tip-top shape and how you can get and stay outrageously healthy all year long without pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter meds!!

(PRWEB) November 5, 2003

A new, free report has recently been released that reveals five simple secrets to offensively “sail through” the flu season. In a given year, nearly 40% of the United States population will develop influenza, or the flu. This year the numbers will likely be much higher.

“I feel it is my obligation to get the word out so that people can start to it's never too late! That's why I send it out free of charge to any person who requests it”, says Dr. Edward F. Group III, of Houston, TX, and author of the free Flu Report entitled, Surviving The Flu Season: Five Secrets You MUST Know!

Dr. Group is a powerful, entertaining interview. HeÂ’ll tell your audience:

How to start feeling much better within 3-4 days

The first and most important step in preventing the flu.

The worse thing you can do to your body when treating the flu.

The enormous mistake people make "before" getting the flu.

How to get your body outrageously healthy and keep it healthy all year long.

The advantages of natural medicine over conventional when treating the flu.

By the end of your interview, youÂ’ll be convinced that Dr. Group has the answers. HeÂ’s an excellent interview that will thrill you and your audience. To schedule an interview or to learn more information on how your listeners can get a FREE copy of Dr. GroupÂ’s Flu Report, call 713.476.0016Â…and keep that number handy. You never know when youÂ’ll have a question about the fluÂ…or when youÂ’ll need an excellent interview!!