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Hundreds of extreme fitness enthusiasts will flex their collective muscle at the 1st Annual Fitness & Model Expo (FAME)!

The launch of the 1st Annual Fitness and Model Expo Canada (FAME), an all-

TORONTO, ON – The World Natural Sports Organization (PRWEB) January 10, 2003

Fitness extravaganza May 2 & 3, 2003 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre that will provide body-proud athletes of all levels the opportunity to compete, and advance, in their sport. The defining caveat: they must be drug and substance-free.

  The policy raises the bar on fitness competitions in Canada. “At a time when the sporting world is filled with controversy over banned substances, it is important to find athletic heroes and role models who steer clear of performance-enhancing drugs,” says Toronto-based WNSO co-founder Jeff Kippel. “Our athletes have stretched the boundaries of human performance to

Get to where they are – naturally – and they’re proud of it.”

  The inaugural event will be headlined by the 5th Annual Fitness Model Search

Championships and will play host to the Fitness Canada Pageant Centrals and Musclemania Canada Centrals, which are part of a cross-country series that comes to a head in July with a national competition. Topping it all off is an exciting – and star-studded – line-up of nutrition, conditioning and high-performance specialists, headed by business leader and fitness innovator

Shawn Phillips, author of New York Times best seller ABSolution: The Practical Solution for Building Your Best ABS. A series of advanced seminars revealing the art and science behind body transformations will be addressed by respected industry experts, including Clark Bartram,

Harley Pasternak, Dr. Michael Colgan, Dr. Ken Kinakin, Brad J. King and Don Lemmon.

WNSOÂ’s own Ian Walling, the top ranked professional natural bodybuilder in the world, and Sylvia Tremblay, winner of the Fitness Canada and Fitness America Pageants, will also lead a number of competition training, posing and choreographing workshops.

  The WNSO goes to great lengths to maintain fairness in their bodybuilding and fitness events by screening athletes for banned substances. Athletes must sign sworn statements, undergo lie detector tests and are subject to mandatory drug testing. New for FAME: a Physique Screening Panel that will screen entrants for signs of steroid use before they even compete. Besides

Superhuman muscles and dangerously low levels of body fat, some of the visible effects include: prominent vascularity (veins), gynecomastia (the development of female breast tissue in males), a swollen abdomen, and signs of masculinity in women such as excessive hair growth

And deepening of the voice.

  “Our athletes demonstrate what old-fashioned determination and sweat can actually accomplish, and that almost anyone can attain a fit and muscular physique,” says WNSO co-founder and partner Mindy Blackstien. “FAME will show them how.”

  FAME is more than just a showcase for natural talent – it is a recruiting ground for companies, a place for casting and modeling agencies looking for the next face of fitness, and a large-scale consumer show dedicated to helping body-conscious individuals break through their plateaus and reach the next level in fitness. The two-day event, which is presented in part by

Supplement retailer GNC Canada, EAS performance nutrition products, and Grizzly Fitness Accessories, is expected to attract over 10,000 people. The show will unveil the latest in fitness products, services, certifications and techniques, including: sports supplements, clothing, tanning products, fitness gear and equipment; and featuring some of the industryÂ’s top trainers, health practitioners, choreographers, photographers, and model and casting agencies. In addition, an array of fun and interactive mini-challenges will be open to all attendees. Included:

A Best Routines Competition, ProlabÂ’s Dip Contest, Grizzly Fitness Push-up Contest, Cytodyne Curl Challenge and the Lean System 7 Best Abs Contest hosted by Shawn Phillips!

For more information on the events visit: www. famecanada. com  www. worldnaturalsports. com



SHAWN PHILLIPS - Business leader, physical fitness innovator, physique model, and author

Of ABSolution: The Practical Solution for Building Your Best ABS. Working side by side

With his younger brother Bill Phillips, best-selling author of Body-for-LIFE, Shawn Phillips has quietly amassed a record of personal achievements and business successes in the fitness field. He is a regular contributor to fitness magazines such as Muscle Media, a company spokesperson for EAS and founder of the acclaimed "supplement-solutions" website, Nutros. com. Shawn will lead an advanced seminar at FAME revealing the training methods that gave him one of the most recognizable physiques, and abs, in the world. He will also host and judge the highly-anticipated Best Abs Contest!

CLARK BARTRAM – Clark has appeared on the cover of more than 100 fitness magazines, is

The host of the popular TV show American Health & Fitness, and the author of You Too Can Be A Fitness Model. Together with SEVAG SAGHERIAN, president of Elite Athlete

Management, and executive producer EMMERSON DENNY, the president of the Canadian

Society of Professional Agents, they give a behind-the-scenes look into the fitness modeling and acting industries; and expose the secrets to success. [TORONTO]

DR. MICHAEL COLGAN (Ph. D, CCN) – One of the world's most popular scientific experts

In sports nutrition, the president of The Colgan Institute of Nutritional Science, and the best-selling author of Optimum Sports Nutrition: Your Competitive Edge and The New

Nutrition: Medicine for the Millennium. Dr. Colgan has personally advised hundreds of

Athletes, including: track and field Olympian Donovan Bailey; three-time world boxing champion Bobby Czyz, and will lecture on feeding your body for optimum performance and results. [VANCOUVER]

HARLEY PASTERNAK (MSc., H. Kin., ACSM) - A leader in the field of fitness conditioning

And performance nutrition, and the father of Multi-Variable Training™ (MVT). He was

Recently named Hollywood North's Personal Fitness Guru by The National Post, one of

Canada's national newspapers. Harley has worked with celebrities and entertainment

Personalities – like Angela Bassett and Stephen Dorff - dramatically transforming their physiques for specific film and television projects. Harley will lead an intensive workshop based on his MVT secrets to help you look like a star. [TORONTO]

DON LEMMON – A radio show and television personality, exercise specialist and online

Nutritionist. Don is the author of KNOW HOW: the TRUTH about Exercise and Nutrition

And is sought after by celebrities, pro athletes, physicians, specialists, and everyday people to reveal the truth behind such fad diets as The Zone or AtkinÂ’s Diet. His specialty is setting the record straight, while explaining how to make any program or routine work for everyone, from

The average to the excellent.

DR. KEN KINAKIN (D. C., C. S.C. S.) – Chiropractor, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and the president of the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists (SWIS). Dr. Kinakin will demonstrate advanced techniques for the prevention and treatment of fitness injuries, so you can work out safely and more effectively. [TORONTO]

BRAD J. KING (M. S., M. F.S.) - Author of the Canadian best-seller Fat Wars: 45 Days to

Transform Your Body, will discuss various exercise protocols designed to improve health, boost athletic performance and aid in fat loss. [VANCOUVER]

IAN WALLING - Ian is the top ranking Professional Natural Bodybuilder in the world after just winning the Professional Division at the Musclemania Worlds. With numerous other Championship titles under his belt, including the 1999 Musclemania Canada and the 2000 WNSO World Championships Pro Class Overall Winner, Ian is also one of the industry's top trainers. [TORONTO]

SYLVIA TREMBLAY - The reigning Fitness Canada Pageant Champion (& 3 time winner),

The Fitness Model Search Champion '02, and the winner of the Fitness America Pageant! She authors a regular column in Oxygen Magazine and will lead WNSOÂ’s Competition Training Workshops together with Ian Walling, WNSO head judge Daryl Gazey and Fitness America Pageant judge Jeanette Robinson. [TORONTO/ MONTREAL]



Want to interview one of WNSO's industry experts, local athletes, fitness models or

First-time competitors? Interested in following a fitness enthusiast as he/she prepares to step on stage for the first time in hopes of being the next Fitness Pageant, Model or MuscleMania Champion? For more information and a full list of story ideas, call Tara Rose at (416) 402-9237 or email trose@brandxconsulting. com


  Musclemania Canada / Fitness Canada Pageant West [Vancouver] April 12

Musclemania Canada / Fitness Canada Pageant Central [FAME EXPO - Toronto] May 2-3

  Musclemania Canada / Fitness Canada Pageant East [Montreal] June 7

  Musclemania Canada / Fitness Canada Pageant Nationals [Toronto] July 17-19

  Musclemania Canada / Fitness Canada Pageant Worlds [California] Nov 13-16

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