Monday, September 21, 2009

Madigan Pratt & Associates Launches Marketing Tracker

Madigan Pratt & Associates Launches Marketing Tracker

New marketing tracking product helps businesses identify what efforts drive results and get the best marketing return on investment.

Williamsburg, Virginia (PRWEB) December 10, 2009

Madigan Pratt & Associates (http://www. madiganpratt. com/), a customer relationship marketing agency, has launched Marketing Tracker. The cost-effective marketing tracking (http://www. mktgtracker. com/?vsrefdom=mtpr) product helps businesses pinpoint what efforts are working.

“In today’s current economic climate, both large and small organizations are challenged to generate business and improve their bottom line with an increasingly limited marketing budget,” says Madigan Pratt, Managing Director at Madigan Pratt & Associates. “Organizations need detailed data so they can measure the impact of their communications and make more informed decisions. Marketing Tracker allows organizations to know exactly what is or is not working to generate consumer response – so they can spend their dollars wisely and get better marketing results.”

Marketing Tracker leverages the agency’s direct marketing expertise. The agency’s seasoned professionals have extensive experience in generating marketing results in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, luxury services and hospitality industries.

By integrating unique phone numbers and Web site URLs into print and online advertising efforts, Marketing Tracker lets businesses see what advertising is driving responses, getting marketing results (http://www. mktgtracker. com/?_vsrefdom=mtpr) and generating the best return on investment. Madigan Pratt & Associates issues customized reports with detailed call center data and Web analytics. The comprehensive real-time call data can also help organizations improve call center management by monitoring sales call effectiveness and adjusting call staffing and hours to meet demand.

Several of Madigan Pratt & Associates clients have already begun gaining insights into their marketing campaigns by using Marketing Tracker. The proprietary marketing tracking product is available to any organization looking to be more effective in their advertising programs.

For more information about Marketing Tracker, visit http://www. mktgtracker. com (http://www. mktgtracker. com) or call (757) 941-5559.

About Madigan Pratt & Associates, Inc.
A customer relationship marketing agency specializing in the luxury services market, Madigan Pratt & Associates creates programs that help clients get marketing results by attracting and retaining profitable customers. Principals with more than 30 years experience at some of the world’s largest advertising and direct marketing companies lead the agency’s team of marketing, creative, public relations and social media professionals.

For more information, visit http://www. MadiganPratt. com (http://www. MadiganPratt. com).

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