Monday, May 30, 2011

VentNation Officially Launches; Gives Users Platform to Vent Online

VentNation Officially Launches; Gives Users Platform to Vent Online

New website offers users a safe haven to vent their frustrations, rant about a variety of topics, and air their dirty laundry online.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (PRWEB) October 27, 2009

Internet users now have a new social media platform at their disposal - except this is not any ordinary social networking website. VentNation seeks to be the foremost online venue for individuals who want to either release stress, vent their anger and frustration about an individual or topic, or comment and rant about a hot button issue. Launched recently, VentNation takes anger management (http://www. ventnation. com) to a whole new level - if one has bottled-up emotions about a certain individual, group of individuals, or issue, he/she can simply visit VentNation and spill the beans.

The website features the catchy slogan, "Relax, Relate, Release", and is the brainchild of Alex Berhane in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Berhane explained his vision about VentNation: "What I wanted to do was create a place for people to vent their frustrations. I also wanted people to come to the site, read something that maybe they could relate to and add a post of their own." Berhane also delved into how VentNation was different than the typical websites. "Facebook, Twitter, MySpace...people can vent their feelings, but they often have to restrain themselves. VentNation removes that barrier. Users can let it rip, and be anonymous if they so choose."

Upon registering for a free membership, users can have at it and enjoy VentNation's numerous features. Individuals can post or "vent" about a variety of topics, ranging from the ordinary (politics, religion, products) to the more explicit (sex, relationships, "WTF"). Users in the VentNation community can rate each other's postings using a slider at the side of each post, and posts can be rated anywhere from "Sucks" to "Wow!". The higher a post's rating, the more prominently it gets featured on the VentNation homepage. The site also includes a section for anonymous posts, where, as stated previously, users can remain anonymous, preventing potentially harmful repercussions if the vent is about a boss, an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, or former friend.

Another distinguishing characteristic of VentNation (http://www. ventnation. com) is its social bookmarking functions. Explains Berhane: "We encourage users to not only vent about the usual, daily life happenings, but to post links to news stories or hot topics - the community could then rant about them, and create healthy dialogue." In addition, VentNation allows users to submit all types of links, videos, photos and blog articles that may pertain to their vent, or simply share an interesting link that the community may find of use.

Though VentNation has only been online for a short time, it is already garnering considerable press attention and has been a hit with thousands of users, who are finding the site as a useful tool to spew their anger and vent their frustrations. The site can be viewed as therapeutic for some, since it allows them a platform to manage their anger and release their stress safely and controllably.

If one is having relationship troubles, problems at work, or simply feels the need to vent about a news story or any other important topic, they have a new place to vent about it - VentNation.

Additional information can be found on VentNation's website, at ventnation. com (http://www. ventnation. com).