Friday, August 26, 2011

Local Chiropractic Marketing Expert Helps Doctors Flood Their Practices with New Patients

Local Chiropractic Marketing Expert Helps Doctors Flood Their Practices with New Patients

Through local chiropractic marketing on the internet, consultant Dr. Matthew Loop has been helping doctors get an extra 10-20 new patients per month for their chiropractic practices without spending money on advertising. He proudly and passionately serves this industry through his innovative website DCincome. com

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 29, 2010

Internet marketing consultant and mentor, Dr. Matthew Loop, is providing much needed local marketing services to an underserved constituency -- chiropractors. Loop, who is a chiropractor, knows first-hand the challenges that these healthcare professionals face. For Loop, the key to success for any skilled chiropractor is the ability to engage the internet in local chiropractic marketing. It's been his experience that this is an avenue that many chiropractors overlook or have little experience in, yet the web can bring doctors a flood of new patients if harnessed correctly.

"The thing is," said Loop from his office in Atlanta, "Chiropractors, like any healthcare professional, are dealing with paperwork, bureaucracy and bookkeeping issues while serving the public. The profession is time-consuming and leaves little time for doctors to increase the number of patients who come to them. That's why I created DCincome. com. Through this website I offer an informative blog and various products / services that allow individuals to utilize local chiropractic marketing (http://DCincome. com) strategies that have been proven to work across the internet."

As an internet marketing consultant and veteran, Loop works with clients teaching them how to use some of the most powerful advertising mediums society has ever known. His services focus on Web 2.0, social networking and the use of various forms of social media and methods designed to create mass online exposure, local market domination, and celebrity status. The end result being more new patients for doctors and substantial increases in income.

When asked about Web 2.0 and its importance, Loop replied, "Web 2.0 is the 'new' internet. For the first decade, the internet was known as a place where you could quickly find information and where people could sell things. And, although the web is still used in that manner, Web 2.0 focuses on the internet as a social networking platform, where people create connections, share information and resources." He noted, "A large part of marketing on the net, including local chiropractic marketing (http://www. DCincome. com), has nothing to do with the sales pitch and everything to do with becoming a trusted resource for information and for developing a community of people with the same interests."

Although the Internet is world-wide, it may be utilized effectively through search engines like Google and Yahoo and sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to create an effective, dynamic presence for local businesses. It has surpassed all other forms of information distribution to become the primary source for those seeking any type of information. This single source is what Loop teaches chiropractors to utilize to its fullest.

For more information on DCincome. com and how local chiropractic marketing will benefit your practice go to http://DCincome. com/blog (http://DCincome. com/blog). Along with the blog, you'll find information on Web 2.0, social media and video marketing as well as information regarding Dr. Loop and his consulting services.