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Northern Virginia Breast Enhancement Patients Opt for Younger Look

Northern Virginia Breast Enhancement Patients Opt for Younger Look

More breast enhancement patients are seeking plastic surgery techniques in Virginia that promise a dramatically younger look. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Andrew Goldberg and Dr. Mitchel Krieger highlight the top options for "age-defying" breast enhancement.

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB) August 23, 2009

Women have chosen breast augmentation in Virginia to enhance their breast volume for years, but for many women the focus is shifting away from "standard" procedures and toward more complex options that focus specifically on creating a more youthful look. Dr. Andrew Goldberg and Dr. Mitchel Krieger (www. virginiaplasticsurgery. com) explain the reasons so many women are choosing dual breast lift and breast augmentation procedures for a more comprehensive change.

"Lately, we've been hearing a lot more questions from patients who want to know why their breasts look 'old,' and what they can do to get a more slender, perky look that makes their body look younger," Dr. Krieger explains. "For some patients that means a 'younger' look means pairing a breast augmentation in Virginia with liposuction, tummy tuck, or breast lift, but in any case the demand for this kind of procedure is definitely growing."

While the "typical" lists of aging signs tend to focus more on facial features and skin quality, for many women considering plastic surgery in Virginia, sagging breasts take priority because they can so dramatically influence how feminine and attractive a woman looks and feels. Even women who are young and healthy can experience this problem due to genetics, pregnancy, significant weight loss, or simply due to gravity and time, and for younger patients especially breast procedures offer a chance to look and feel closer to their real age.

"Because of this focus on a younger shape, many more of our patients are having a breast lift to reverse some of the premature signs of aging early on," notes Dr. Goldberg. "Women are discovering that they can still take advantage of breast enhancement procedures even if their goal is only a smaller-scale adjustment."

A breast lift can be performed alone or in conjunction with another breast enhancement procedure such as breast augmentation, and typically involves removal of tissues either below or just above the areola to tighten the breasts and shift them upward.

"These procedures have to be customized very precisely to the needs of the patient - they are definitely not 'one size fits all' options," notes Dr. Krieger. "In the past, fewer surgeons performed breast lift with augmentation because of the extra level of skill these procedures required. At our practice, we offer a full range of options and strive to deliver results that are impressive - not only visually, but also in terms of how vibrant a patient feels. And in the end, it's that goal that matters the most."

Dr. Andrew Goldberg and Dr. Mitchel Krieger (www. virginiaplasticsurgery. com) are board-certified plastic surgeons serving cosmetic surgery patients in Fairfax County, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Dr. Andrew Goldberg received his medical doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey and has been performing plastic surgery in Virginia since 1991. He specializes in aesthetic and complex reconstructive surgical procedures, including breast and body contouring. Dr. Mitchel Krieger earned his medical degree at Albany Medical College, and completed his internship and general surgery residency in San Francisco. He specializes in aesthetic surgery and has co-authored a book on post-bariatric plastic surgery.


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