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QualityBeddingStore. com Announces Debut of Company Blog

QualityBeddingStore. com Announces Debut of Company Blog

A site dedicated to comforters, duvet covers, memory foam pads, and linens has recently launched an informational blog, which will provide posts concerning both their products and bedding in general.

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) November 1, 2008

QualityBeddingStore. com sells a variety of bedding options such as comforters, linens, memory foam pads, and duvet covers. Providing an informational venue for their customers, the site recently launched a company blog, located at www. DuvetComforterBedding. com.

QualityBeddingStore. com was founded by Ron Kukko in December 2007. Since, the site has been steadily accruing its inventory of various bedding products.

"Our site offers a lot of variety," said Kukko. "In that way, we're really a one-stop shop. Now you can get your memory foam pad from the same place you can get your comforter."

The blog, which debuted in September 2008, will contain a series of informational posts, all of which are related to various issues about bedding.

"The blog will be a great place for people to learn what makes bedding high quality," said Kukko. "There are a lot of little things, like thread count, that people might ignore. But they make a big difference in the quality of product you're purchasing."

Posts will also discuss how high quality bedding is more than just a matter of luxury or comfort. There are also some very serious benefits associated with certain types of bedding.

"The right kind of bedding can alleviate all kinds of health problems," said Kukko. "The right sheets can help with allergies, and memory foam pads can provide relief from sleep apnea and back pain. Your bedding is definitely an important part of a good night's rest."

While the blog discusses the facts of the available products, Kukko is quick to point out the value of his inventory.

"I sell quality products at quality prices," said Kukko. "And I'm always looking for better prices, so that I can pass that along to my customers. It's my belief that you don't have to gouge people to make money."

If you would like more information about the bedding options provided by this site, please visit www. QualityBeddingStore. com.

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QualityBeddingStore. com launched in December 2007 and was founded by Ron Kukko. Carrying a diverse inventory related to the bedding industry, the site has recently added a company blog that will address the informational end of the business.

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