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Frequensea Customer Testimonials on VideoEmails Cause Surge in Sales

Frequensea Customer Testimonials on VideoEmails Cause Surge in Sales

A Global Team of frequensea representatives put together a Website containing VideoTestimonials of extremely satisfied customers.

(PRWEB) December 13, 2005

In a MLM era of clutter and confusion, the most important task a professional networker does is bring a clear product message to their prospects.

The public at large is in a time famine. Today they want fast, clear, concise information regarding a product and an opportunity. And, they especially don’t want to be filled with hype, hopium and empty promises. Sadly, most MLM sites are out of sync with their prospects.

Top Frequensea members have been experiencing a surge in sales when using the healthreunited. com website.

The healthreunited. com site features a 10-minute video interview with Tom Harper, Who discoverd how to bring marine phytoplankton to the world in a whole food ionic tonic. The 21st century super food.

Plus 6 Video Testimonials upto 5 minutes in length, covering Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, Downsyndrome/joint pain/dandruff/bad skin, and General well being.

The frequently asked questions were carefully chosen after hundreds of recruiting calls by seasoned and new Frequensea distributors.

With more enhancements in development for frequensea. com, planktonhealth. com healthreunited. com leaders expect to see their sales and sponsoring numbers and checks continue to rise rapidly.

“The proprietary tools and prospecting methods in place now and in development will help insure our team is on the cutting edge of sales and sponsoring effectiveness and time efficiency,”

Building an MLM dynasty today that will pay you residuals for a lifetime is determined by many factors. The most important is the clarity of your prospecting site. What does your product do? Can you tell me without the hype? Does your website look credible? frequensea. com does just that.

We encourage serious Networkers looking for a long-term home with a global team to contact one of our team members.

John Bowyer

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