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InstallFree 7bridge Solves Application Compatibility Issues on Windows 7

InstallFree 7bridge Solves Application Compatibility Issues on Windows 7

Newest Product Addresses Biggest Customer Challenge in Windows 7 Migration by Preparing Applications for Rapid Deployment

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) June 14, 2010

InstallFree, Inc. (http://www. installfree. com/), a leading developer of desktop application virtualization and management solutions, today announced InstallFree 7bridge, its newest product designed to meet the demand for help with application compatibility issues on Windows 7 (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=5j5oELalNzc). With 7bridge, customers can have their mission-critical applications packaged and prepared for Windows 7 deployment by InstallFree, dramatically accelerating their implementation. Customers can later upgrade to the full InstallFree Bridge product, and expand their use of the technology to reduce the overall cost and complexity of desktop application management.

The core application virtualization technology in 7bridge eliminates desktop and web application compatibility issues, including conflicts with legacy Java applications (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=lV9pJZ9ZBds&feature=player_embedded) and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=XUk0dMHLygY&feature=player_embedded) on Windows 7.

InstallFree 7bridge is the only solution on the market today that can seamlessly run incompatible XP applications on Windows 7 — without requiring application reprogramming, or costly infrastructure and VM management. The InstallFree 7bridge is immediately available and customers can register for the solution on the 7bridge web site (http://www.

“We had terrific customer response earlier this year to our limited offer of application packaging with the purchase of the InstallFree Bridge product. It validated our view that customers have an urgent need to ease the immediate pain in Windows 7 migration, which is application compatibility,” said Yori Gabay, CEO at InstallFree. “It’s a market gap that InstallFree is uniquely positioned to fulfill, because our technology is designed to solve the root causes of application compatibility issues: system and component dependencies, operating system security and Internet Explorer conflicts. InstallFree 7bridge will stand apart in the market as a product that lets customers solve their critical problems right away. Instead of dealing with application packaging, they can simply specify their top incompatible applications, and let us prepare the applications for immediate deployment.”

Recent analyst research has reported application compatibility issues as one of the largest problems in Windows 7 migrations. Estimates vary by organization, but can range as high as 50% of deployed applications. The InstallFree 7bridge application virtualization solution can provide immediate resolution and does not require undertaking an expansive IT virtualization initiative.

“Application virtualization helps streamline PC application deployment, and can help address packaging and application coexistence problems in most organizations,” said Terrence Cosgrove, senior analyst at Gartner. “The technology can help solve tactical problems, such as specific application conflict issues or browser compatibility problems, but can also ultimately improve overall desktop application delivery and management”. [See: “Immature Desktop Management Groups Benefit Most From Application Virtualization,” by Terrence Cosgrove, May 13, 2010.

Many IT organizations are finding out that application compatibility issues are causing their Windows 7 migration projects to delay or fail. InstallFree enables IT to get out of the “application repackaging business” by creating isolated, modular and portable virtual applications that can run on any version of Windows and be updated on-the-fly. InstallFree Virtual Applications seamlessly integrate into the end-user’s environment and fully communicate with the OS and other applications without making any changes to the underlying OS file system or registry. They enable full end-user productivity in locked-down PC environments and create a fully portable end-user environment that can be easily migrated between computers and operating systems.

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InstallFree is a leading developer of application compatibility and portability solutions to help customers accelerate the adoption of new operating systems and applications, resolve conflicts and reduce the cost and complexity of delivering and managing their desktop applications. InstallFree stands alone in offering a virtualization approach that creates modular desktop elements that can be independently packaged, managed, configured and updated while leveraging the customer’s existing IT infrastructure.

InstallFree has technology alliance partnerships with BigFix, BMC Software and Red Hat, and solution partners serving the education, healthcare, financial services and the public sector. For more information, visit migrate2win7 (http://www. http://www. or call (203) 276-1460.

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