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OrderMotion Announces Latest Version of its Market Leading On-Demand Direct Commerce Solution

OrderMotion Announces Latest Version of its Market Leading On-Demand Direct Commerce Solution

The 9.0 SaaS platform provides new eBay integration and warehouse expansion, enabling online retailers and multi-channel merchants to significantly increase sales productivity.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 4, 2007

OrderMotion, Inc., an award-winning provider of an on-demand direct commerce solution for multi-channel merchants, online retailers and direct marketers has announced the release of OrderMotion version 9.0. Version 9.0 is a major enhancement from previous versions, and follows along with OrderMotion's promise to provide timely releases of high quality, community-driven software services that are fully configurable and continuously upgraded.

As the largest upgrade in OrderMotion's 10-year history, version 9.0 has a broad functional scope and is designed to address the needs of the OrderMotion merchant community. In addition, OrderMotion has reinforced its commitment to this community by sponsoring new events and extensive training webinars, as well as the new "OrderMotion Idea Exchange" that will enable future enhancements to the support interface, and a host of additional tools to assist the business owner in taking full advantage of the many benefits of OrderMotion 9.0.

"With this new version 9.0, we feel that we have really taken our customers' interests to heart and have incorporated many in-demand innovations into the new functionality," said Donny Askin, CEO, OrderMotion. "With several new features such as eBay integration and expanded warehouse features, our customers now have the ability to take their sales to the next level by increasing their revenue channels and gaining tighter coordination of all accounting and customer reporting. This is but the beginning of more community focused development."

New Features in OrderMotion 9.0 Include:

EBay Integration
With this enhancement, OrderMotion now provides the ability to post items to eBay USA or Canada. eBay orders can be seamlessly processed through OrderMotion and the new Auction Management feature will enable merchants to post, revise, re-list and cancel an auction directly from the OrderMotion application. Auction analytics also provide the capability to analyze auction results from both an order and buyer perspective.

Warehousing Expansion
Improved location management provides the ability to associate an item with multiple locations in a merchant's warehouse and to manage the movement of an item between its pick location and other secondary locations; while maintaining complete visibility into stock levels, whether salable or non-salable. The new auto-replenishment process will automatically replenish the primary location based on demand and quantity on hand, producing a Replenish Report.

Taxation Enhancement
OrderMotion now enables its customers to assign more flexible taxation rules to manage complex compliance regulations such as item-level exemptions, tax events and luxury taxes. Tax amounts are recorded at a more granular level down to the jurisdiction (federal, state, county and/or city) for improved financial tracking and tax reporting.

Accounting Fundamentals
OrderMotion has greatly expanded the accounting capability in the application to enable merchants to easily post, track, audit and summarize the financial transactions processed through the OrderMotion application. OrderMotion supports this capability with a flexible financial period close process, basic financial reporting and the ability to extract into Microsoft Excel to upload your information to an external general ledger system.

Merchandising Reports
OrderMotion has delivered enhanced key merchandising reports. These reports give the user the ability to analyze product performance by various methods in order to determine what items to reorder and how much of an item to reorder based on order volume and seasonality. The three reports that are to be delivered to reflect different capabilities and views of product performance are:
 Retail Hierarchy  Gross Margin Report  Buyer's Report 

New OrderMotion User Experience
The entire User Interface has had an upgrade, including the color and layout of Smart Labels, forms and reports. OrderMotion 9.0 introduces a number of new interface elements, updated colors and fonts, and streamlined screens and forms. The new UI is the foundation for further interface enhancement planned for the near future.

"We're on our ninth version of the OrderMotion platform and find that this version provides further enhancements that will enable us to streamline our core business operations even more," said Neil Kugelman, CEO of e-commerce jeweler, Goldspeed. com. "In addition to an improved user interface, the new accounting functions of 9.0 are informative and detailed, speeding up our bookkeeping functionality significantly and providing easy access to granular information which enables us to make more informative decisions. Additionally, the new buyers' reports allow us to make more prudent inventory forecasting determinations now that we are able to easily track sales and costs of precious goods from our 50+ manufacturers and distributors. With over 20,000 jewelry items on line, this is a critical element in the jewelry business. With OrderMotion, we have been able to gain significant traction across all of our sites, Goldspeed. com, TrueBling. com and Presora. com."

About OrderMotion
OrderMotion, with offices in Boston, New York and Toronto, provides an on-demand direct commerce solution for e/businesses, direct marketers and multi-channel retailers. The company's software service enables merchants to easily process customer orders for multiple brands, from any channel, without costly, up-front investments in staff, software and infrastructure. OrderMotion has supported the growth of over 1000 brands, including Ronco, Zabar's, Wolfgang Puck, Goldspeed. com, Warrior Custom Golf, Sundance Spas, e-Diamonds, Healthy Pets, Metro Kitchens, NapaStyle and more. For more information about OrderMotion, please visit http://www. ordermotion. com (http://www. ordermotion. com).