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TheBodyShapeFitness. com Debuts to Promote Easy, At-Home Fitness Equipment

TheBodyShapeFitness. com Debuts to Promote Easy, At-Home Fitness Equipment

Founder of TheBodyShapeFitness. com, C. A. Ornellas is pleased to announce the launch of her new website. Shoppers will discover a premium variety of at-home fitness equipment designed to provide simple and affordable exercises at a relaxed and enjoyable pace. Choose from a collection of tools for yoga, Pilates and much more. Visit the site’s new blog to read-up on short and simple exercise routines.

Honolulu, HI (Vocus) August 12, 2010

Web entrepreneur C. A. Ornellas is pleased to announce the publication of her new website, http://www. TheBodyShapeFitness. com. Launched in April 2010, the online business was developed to provide shoppers with a premium selection of at-home fitness resources and accessories that promote simple and relaxed exercise routines.

“My interest in at-home fitness equipment started just after my recent back surgery,” Ornellas said. “I wanted to get back in shape and was looking for easy and relaxed ways to tone my abdominal muscles, strengthen my core and support my back.”

At TheBodyShapeFitness. com shoppers are invited to browse a quality assortment of exercise equipment designed to provide fitness seekers with a collection of simple and affordable at-home exercise strategies. Choose from an abundance of yoga supplies such as mats, blocks and sandbags as well as an assortment of Pilates equipment like exercise balls, toning cords and fitness circles.

“Pilates is a great exercise for expecting mothers to prepare for childbirth; shoppers will find a book on my site about planning for this experience,” Ornellas said. “Additionally, I’ve provided a collection of serenity-promoting CDs that enhance the tranquility and peace of a yoga or Pilates workout.”

The web store also distributes the basics for at-home fitness with abdominal boards, sit-up benches and more. Plus, shoppers may choose from a collection of body support braces for the back, knee and elbow as well as camping and hiking equipment such as tents and backpacks.

Keep an eye out for new products as Ornellas will continue to update her web store with new merchandise. Just on the horizon, shoppers can look forward to the introduction of pure and refreshing skincare products.

To learn more about the specific products available at TheBodyShapeFitness. com, visit the website’s newly formulated blog, http://www. TheBodyShapeFitnessBlog. com. This social platform will also be used to highlight at-home workout routines to complement the gym equipment as well as tips on general health and nutrition.

“My exercise equipment is great for men and women because it promotes endurance and flexibility. Plus, regular exercise is important because it keeps the body’s immune system strong and healthy,” she said.

About the Company:
TheBodyShapeFitness. com is owned and operated by web entrepreneur and fitness guru C. A. Ornellas.

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