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Medical/Surgical Procedure Volumes, Reimbursement Levels and Top Volume Hospital Data Reveal Growth, Opportunity in Key Medtech Sectors

Medical/Surgical Procedure Volumes, Reimbursement Levels and Top Volume Hospital Data Reveal Growth, Opportunity in Key Medtech Sectors

Data drawn from multiple sources, including Medicare, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, combined with insights from reimbursement consulting expert Medical Technology Partners and the medtech business focus of MedMarket Diligence, reveal trends and market opportunities in specific medical technology sectors. Detailed reports are available on abdominal aortic aneurysm graft, gastric bypass, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, carotid endarterectomy, laminectomy, spine fusion and many others to guide decisions in the medtech sector.

(PRWEB) October 14, 2004

Myths and rumors are often the norm when it comes to projecting procedural volume. “My mother’s surgeon says he performs 500 procedures per year and there are five other surgeons just as busy at his hospital”. While interesting information, it suffers from a lack of objectivity.

When it comes to knowing how many procedures are done, empirical data is useful, but could greatly mislead you. “Venture Capitalists or senior executives want to get involved in a hot area and talk themselves into an exhuberant state, and then invest at a valuation that is, in retrospect, unjustifiable. TrueData can throw some necessary cold reality into the investment decision.” says an senior analyst at a VC with over $200 million invested.

TrueData™ Reports is just what its name says it is – the True Data. Too often, perceptions of market sizes and industry growth rates have been clouded by rumors and speculations. Medical Technology Partners and MedMarket Diligence have examined a variety of different claims based data sources and put them together in one place to enable objective determinations of the size, growth rate and reimbursement for medtech markets. TrueData™ provides an inexpensive and unbiased source of procedural information. It not only provides information about the markets, but information about where many of the top hospitals are in the country.

Specific uses to which TrueData™ can be put include:

-Hospital selection for clinical trials.

-Trends in payer mix, age distribution and regional distribution reveal opportunities and challenges for product development and sales.

-Top volume hospitals by region reveal untapped market potential in specific sites. This data enables the Sales department to target their sales force and objectively evaluate sales performance.

-Strategic planning for new product launch or selection of test markets for new products.

-Trends in the aggregate U. S. volume of procedures illustrate the net effect of changes in clinical practice and technology utilization, revealing opportunities or challenges for market growth.

For more details, see www. mediligence. com/truedata. htm (http://www. mediligence. com/truedata. htm).

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Medical Technology Partners helps companies understand and work with the new reimbursement realities within the health care marketplace by way of reasonable and functional strategies and plans. MTP is committed to excellent customer service, advancing patient care, making timely and accurate recommendations, and reasonable and flexible pricing arrangements. President Jerry Stringham has spent much of the past sixteen years as a reimbursement strategy consultant. Beginning in December 1988, Mr. Stringham began providing reimbursement consulting to diverse medical and pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Stringham holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has been part of five medical device start-up organizations operating out of New England. Mr. Stringham founded Medical Technology Partners in 1998 to fill the growing need for business-oriented reimbursement consulting. Mr. Stringham's experience in industry, including as a Principal in the health economics practice of a major CRO, brings expertise to new technology reimbursement challenges.

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