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Retirement Media Inc. Embraces Social Media

Retirement Media Inc. Embraces Social Media

Boomers are using Social Media to Learn About their Retirement Options

Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) January 7, 2010

Boomers are a fast growing segment of the users of social media content like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs and are using this content to learn about retirement options, according to Robert Fowler, President of Retirement Media Inc.. According in the fourth quarter of last year, Retirement Media Inc. fully embraced Social Media and are using their existing websites for some of their social media content.

Retirement Media Inc. has web sites that focus on retirement communities, Boomer interests and even assisted living facilities with domains 55CommunityGuide. com, SmallTownRetirement. com, BoomerPlaces. com, SeniorCommunityGuide. com and AssistedLivingGuide. com.

Mr. Fowler says developing the social media has been a fun part of his job, much more so than developing web sites. I like the quickness of adding content and the interactivity that you get with social media. From my experiences with social media, I think Facebook is getting very popular with boomers but I have been most surprised with the usefulness and connectivity of Twitter.

Here are some of Retirement Media Inc. social media endeavors.

Facebook: is used by a lot of Boomers. Retirement Media has these Facebook pages:

Retirement Media
Http://www. facebook. com/RetirementMedia (http://www. facebook. com/RetirementMedia) provides information about retirement communities and the best small towns and cities to retire to as well as various issues for Baby Boomers. 

55 Retirement Communities Guide
Http://www. facebook. com/retirementcommunities (http://www. facebook. com/retirementcommunities) provides information about active adult communities, 55+ communities and retirement homes.

Boomer Places Portal for Baby Boomers http://www. facebook. com/BabyBoomers. BoomerPlaces (http://www. facebook. com/BabyBoomers. BoomerPlaces) Boomers resources for retirement, hobbies, news, having fun, health, travel, music, 55 communities and baby boomer social networking.

Assisted Living Guide
Http://www. facebook. com/assistedlivingfacilities (http://www. facebook. com/assistedlivingfacilities) To help guide seniors, families, and caregivers with information and issues about Senior living, personal care and Assisted Living facilities for your loved one.

Other Facebook pages are titled Small Town Retirement, City Retirement Living and Senior Community Guide.

Twitter: Tweets under topics #boomer and #retirement
Http://www. twitter. com/RetirementMedia (http://www. twitter. com/RetirementMedia) tweets about various Boomer interests including where to live, retirement communities, Boomer current news, health & related Boomer issues, senior communities, and assisted living matters. Twitter actually serves up more timely information than any other social medial. Some call Twitter micro blogging. People who have never tried Twitter can't understand how anything useful can be said in 160 characters, but use of the simple url shorteners a micro link can be placed in the tweet providing the visitors with huge amount of content on any subject.

Http://www. youtube. com/RetirementMedia (http://www. youtube. com/RetirementMedia) is the Retirement Communities channel on YouTube. There are play lists showing the best videos of retirement communities for each state. Other play list have information related to active adult and retirement community living. Each video selected is screened and chosen for it's content relative to the providing interesting information about a retirement community. This saves a lot of time for the visitor because they will not be wasting their time with a lot of non relevant videos.

Small Town Retirement http://www. smalltownretirement. com/wordpress/ (http://www. smalltownretirement. com/wordpress/) This blog covers the advantages of retiring to a small town. When you live in a small community, you can enjoy a better quality life than you will find in most large cities. This is largely because of the sense of community you will enjoy while living in a small town combined with the slower pace. The Small Town Retirement blog posts about attractive small towns you may want to consider in deciding where to live in retirement.

Fowler adds, Retirement Media’s social media content, even though enhanced by our web site content, is a useful destination on its own. We can highlight some of our retirement community listings but we provide much more relevant content on social media than we can provide on our web sites. It is really an extension of our business and we didn't realize the opportunity a year ago. Social media is enhancing our service and our business providing useful content to an audience who may not have seen our web sites.

About Retirement Media Inc.
Retirement Media Inc. family of sites includes 55CommunityGuide. com, SmallTownRetirement. com, SeniorCommunityGuide. com, AssistedLivingGuide. com, BoomerPlaces. com and others relating to retirement and Boomer interests.

55CommunityGuide. com is a national web site which provides a directory of retirement communities, 55 + communities, active adult communities, assisted living facilities and more. 55CommunityGuide. com is free for advertisers and prospects. No membership fee and no fee for adding your retirement community Photo Showcase listing.

Also the site provides retirement articles, classified ads for individual 55 plus properties, events and promotional advertising. Retirement Media Inc. is based in Johns Creek, Georgia.

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